Saltillo City Cemetery 1980 - 2007

Contributed: March 2007

Recorded and submitted by Milton Copeland

Located at Cemetery Road and North Second Street. Well maintained old cemetery with most of the newer graves located in the north section.

I surveyed this cemetery in January and March 2007, digitally photographing all stones from 1980 to date. You are welcome to an email copy of your ancestor's grave photo.

Earlier burials are listed in the "Lee County Cemetery Records 1820-1979". I will gladly do lookups as time permits.
Please let me know if you find errors or have additional information.

S/S = same stone

Saltillo cemetery

Saltillo Cemetery

Surname First Name Birth Death Notes
Akin Ira Mae     see Ira Mae Lesley
Akin Juanita Cowley 11-19-1925   s/s as John
Akin John James 6-4-1923 7-4-1986 s/s as Juanita
Allen Marshall (George) 10-28-1910 11-15-2001 husband of Mary Ruth Arnold, son of W. F. & Elizabeth Duke Allen
Allen Johnnie Edith 12-31-1903 11-11-1981  
Armstrong Frances Katherine     see Frances Ferrero
Arnold Clarence E. 5-27-1912 11-16-1980 Sgt US Army WW II
Arnold Bernice Brown 1-25-1913 9-27-2001 stone next to Clarence Arnold
Bailey Doris Pyle 2-22-1907 12-26-1995 s/s as Everett
Bailey Everett Leo 9-16-1904 4-15-1965 s/s as Doris
Barnes William Andrew 9-17-1950   s/s as Judy Lorraine wed 3-7-1981
Barnes Judy Lorraine Gibson 1-28-1960 10-22-2004 s/s as William, daughter of Robert & Emogene Hankins Gibson
Barnes Lula     see Lula Scruggs
Barnett Marvin E. 1-2-1909 4-30-1995 s/s as Gertha
Barnett Gertha M. (Sanders) 7-12-1914 7-10-2001 s/s as Marvin, daughter of Oscar & Pearl Sanders
Barnett Marvin E. "Gene" 7-30-1936 4-23-2005 PFC US Army, son of Marvin & Gertha Sanders Barnett
Bean M. Hollis 8-18-1908 7-20-1985 s/s as Helen
Bean Helen M. 1-2-1915   s/s as Hollis
Bedford Agnes K. 1-25-1910 5-9-1983 s/s as Archer
Bedford Archer 10-27-1904 11-10-1980 s/s as Agnes
Blackwell Kathryn     see Kathryn Vallarian
Blaylock Mary E. (Elizabeth Long) 5-14-1910 4-25-2006 s/s as McCarley
Blaylock McCarley M. (Mack) 6-15-1907 1-27-1985 s/s as Mary
Blizzard James Wesley, Sr. 4-27-1922 8-7-2004 s/s as Betty
Blizzard Betty McNutt 9-24-1928   s/s as James
Blizzard Oma Burns 1-18-1885 3-11-1989  
Bolton Evelyn Burrow 1904 1993 s/s as Ben Robert
Bolton Ben robert 1896 1975 s/s as Evelyn
Bostic Cecil B. 8-5-1902 4-3-1958 s/s as Keron
Bostic Keron C. (Cribbs) 1-4-1902 7-8-2004 s/s as Cecil, daughter of James Lee & Virginia Thompson Cribbs
Bradley Lucille W. 12-20-1927   s/s as James wed 4-27-1946
Bradley James Paul 5-27-1919 12-10-1990 s/s as Lucille
Brown Bernice     see Bernice Arnold
Brown Callie M. 4-11-1937 10-30-1999  
Bryan William L. 6-17-1955 4-17-1996 s/s as Wanda
Bryan Wanda G. 12-4-1955   s/s as William
Bryson Charles C. "Tobe" 3-16-1899 4-5-1951 s/s as Gladys
Bryson Gladys F. 8-1-1899 2-14-1992 s/s as Charles Tobe
Bucy Joe Dillard 8-21-1933 1-19-2004 son of Charles Clifford & Lucille Dillard Bucy
Bucy Charles Clifford III 6-29-1965 8-31-1990 stone next to Charles Jr.
Bucy Charles Clifford Jr. 12-18-1938 12-4-1989 stone next to Charle III
Bunyard Lois     see Lois Edge
Burks Jennie Loraine Winders 12-30-1914 7-6-2006 s/s as John, daughter of Joseph & Pet Jolly Winders
Burks John A. 7-13-1913 4-27-1978 s/s as Loraine
Burns Nora     see Nora Wilson
Burns Oma     see Oma Blizzard
Burrow Evelyn     see Evelyn Bolton
Burrow Carl 12-26-1914 1-26-1999 husb of Billie, TSgt US Army WW II
Burrow Mildred     see Mildred Conlee
Buse Mary D. (Davis) 6-16-1929 3-23-2006 s/s as John, daughter of Dennis & Pearl Webb Davis
Buse John A. (Allen) 1925 1971 s/s as Mary
Caldwell Ruby     see Ruby Raines
Carlock Ruby L. 2-27-1925 4-18-1999 s/s as Eugene
Carlock Eugene W. 9-7-1921 10-7-1983 s/s as Ruby, son of John & Emma Davis Carlock
Caviness Charles Robert 7-4-1908 2-6-1993 s/s as Blanche
Caviness Blanche Jones 4-29-1908   s/s as Charles
Cherry Betty     see Betty Roper
Cherry Nell     see Nell Wages
Cherry G. R. 3-2-1903 5-30-1985 s/s as Mittie
Cherry Mittie M. 7-3-1902 4-18-1980 s/s as G. R.
Chisum Dorothy Y. 1-12-1927 3-12-2001  
Christopher John L. 8-6-1927 10-20-1996 s/s as Virginia
Christopher Virginia 7-24-1933   s/s as John wed 4-24-1953
Clark Morine     see Morine Webb
Clark Annie Bell 4-1-1893 7-3-1985  
Clark Mary Elizabeth     see Mary Roper
Clark Hazel     see Hazel Waldrip
Clayton Thomas K. 1-7-1937 3-14-1993  
Clayton Betsy Jo 11-1-1962   s/s as Thomas A.
Clayton Thomas Allen 9-18-1959 8-12-1990 s/s as Betsy wed 9-5-1980
Cole Bertha B. 1898 1981  
Cole Mary     see Mary Prather
Conlee Mildred Burrow Wishard 1905 1996  
Cook Viola Grace Summerlin 6-3-1910 9-1-1995  
Cowley Juanita     see Juanita Akin
Cowley N. Elizabeth (Nannie Easterling) 1-19-1927 12-24-2006 daughter of E.C. & Eloise Mixon Easterling
Cox Justin Alexander 4-26-2004 9-13-2004 son of Donna & Anthony Cox
Crawford Jewel Turner 4-1-1915 12-21-1998 wife of Ransom, daughter of Arthur David & Pearl Lindsey Turner
Cribbs Keron     see Keron Bostic
Crimm Hortense     see Hortense Means
Crowder Johnnie     see Johnnie Thompson
Cunningham Mary     see Mary Foster
Dallas Johnnie Fay Rice 9-11-1912 1-28-1997  
Davis Dennis A. 3-11-1905 11-29-1987 s/s as Pearl
Davis Pearl M. (Webb) 7-20-1909 8-28-1983 s/s as Dennis
Davis Mary     see Mary Buse
Diaz Robert, Rev. 4-28-1937 6-27-1993 s/s as Gladys
Diaz Gladys 8-16-1938   s/s as Robert
Dickens Allen Blake 6-18-1995 11-9-1995  
Dill Willard Jean 8-20-1930   s/s as Beland wed 10-29-1955
Dill Beland, Jr. 3-17-1930 12-30-1989 s/s as Willard
Dillard Laurene     see Laurene Easterling
Dobson Bettye B. 2-14-1939 9-22-1983  
Dodson Milvia E. 1-30-1911 2-25-1996  
Duderstadt Fay 4-13-1931 5-19-1998 wife of Phillip
Dunaway Iva Nell (Watts) 7-15-1940   s/s as Herman
Dunaway Herman 2-17-1936 6-22-2005 s/s as Iva Nell, son of Joseph & Icie Elgin Dunaway
Dunaway Benjamin Franklin "Ben" 2-13-1910 6-15-1992 s/s as Ressie, son of James Franklin & Mary E. "Fannie" Smith Dunaway
Dunaway Ressie Mae (Mink) 1-27-1918 7-22-1997 s/s as Ben, daughter of Lewis Alexander & Nancy Hall Mink
Dunn Louise     see Louise Richey
Eanes Thomas E. 8-16-1921 8-28-2006 husband of Agnes, son of James Edward & Tomme Bell Eanes
Easterling Wayne T. 4-27-1928 1-14-2001 s/s as Laurene, son of James L. & Maggie Crowder Easterling
Easterling Laurene Dillard 12-1-1931   s/s as Wayne
Easterling Allene Means 11-22-1926 9-28-1998  
Easterling Elizabeth     see Elizabeth Nannie Cowley
Edge Lala     see Lala Hopkins
Edge James Clyde Sr. 12-30-1908 2-1-1992 s/s as Lois wed 12-21-1946
Edge Lois Bunyard 2-17-1918 12-18-2003 s/s as James, daughter of John & Eula Bunyard
Elder Clarice     see Clarice Knight
Eubanks Andrew Jackson 5-9-1930 9-19-1993 PH2 US Navy Korea & Vietnam
Farrar Billie     see Billie Tennison
Farrar Annie     see Annie Scott
Ferrero Frances Katherine Armstrong 1922 2002  
Ferrero Angelynn Kay 1949   stone next to Frances
Flanagan Dorothy Means 3-15-1920   s/s as Bernis
Flanagan Bernis A. 3-9-1917 1-17-1981 s/s as Dorothy wed 9-26-1946
Ford Mabel     see Mabel Pyle
Foster Mary F. Cunningham 2-8-1912 7-15-1999 s/s as Lewis
Foster Lewis Knox, Rev. 7-25-1912 4-17-1991 s/s as Mary
Fowler Robert L. 1-1-1933 8-7-2001 s/s as Bessie, son of Arthur & Sula, US Army & US Navy
Fowler Bessie J. 9-18-1930   s/s as Robert wed 11-3-1956
Francis Jewell 9-1-1909 8-11-1987  
Franks Henry Grady 12-23-1903 5-4-1970 s/s as Georgia
Franks Georgia Horton 2-22-1909 4-20-2000 s/s as Henry
Franks Lois C. 8-31-1937 3-12-1991 s/s as Fred
Franks Fred T. 9-5-1934   s/s as Lois
Frost Sula     see Sula Jones
Fuller Betty     see Betty Herndon
Gardner Ruby     see Ruby Wesson
Garrison J. T. 3-17-1927 3-25-1995 s/s as Ruby
Garrison Ruby 1-7-1933   s/s as J. T.
Gibson Judy Lorraine     see Judy Barnes
Gladney Birdie M. (McAlister) 7-13-1911 5-4-2003 s/s as Richard daughter of Loucilla & Hettye Cook McAlister
Gladney Richard D. (Darling) 11-5-1902 2-16-1980 s/s as Birdie, Major US Army WW II
Gladney Mary     see Mary Sandlin
Glass C. W. 3-21-1928 7-20-2006 husband of Evelyn Thompson, son of Willie & Coy Glass
Glass Hazel P. 8-15-1911 1-9-1992  
Godwin Iva     see Iva Means
Goodin R. Forrest 1925 1998 s/s as Pauline
Goodin Pauline "Polly" 1928 1986 s/s as Forrest
Goodson Boyd 12-2-1916 6-16-1995 s/s as Minnie
Goodson Minnie 2-14-1920 10-19-1994 s/s as Boyd
Grammer Gladys     see Gladys Means
Grisham Marshall Dean, Rev. 11-21-1913 8-31-1994 s/s as BettyMarie wed 10-12-1940 S1 US Navy WW II
Grisham Bettymarie, Rev. (Westerman) 6-25-1920 9-1-2005 s/s as Marshall, daughter of Austin & Ruth Westerman
Hall George M. 9-24-1935 3-11-1985  
Hall Mary Potter 12-7-1907 7-4-2002 wife of Mel Hall
Hallmark William R. 1-15-1917 9-11-1999 s/s as Liller
Hallmark Liller T. (Thrasher) 1-22-1919   s/s as William
Hamm James W. 10-31-1923 10-11-1983  
Hamm Zula Pearl (Stevens) 6-14-1905 3-15-1991 s/s as Leonard
Hamm Leonard R. 1-11-1903 4-16-1973 s/s as Zula, son of George W. & Ruthie Jane Copeland Hamm
Hamm Virginia Ann (Ryan) 1-5-1937 5-20-2003 s/s as Billy, daughter of Samuel Leroy & Edna Alice Raines Ryan
Hamm Billy Wayne 9-7-1932   s/s as Virginia
Hamm Sharon J.     see Sharon Presley
Hankins G. L. 4-7-1930 1-13-2000 s/s as Shelby, son of George & Myrtle Taylor Hankins
Hankins Shelby J. (Stanford) 10-23-1938   s/s as G. L. wed 1-5-1957
Hatchard George B. 4-7-1896 4-9-1981 s/s as Rita
Hatchard Rita T. 6-30-1918 11-16-1995 s/s as George
Helms Irenen     see Irene Kyle
Herndon Betty Ann Fuller 11-4-1940 8-30-1996 s/s as Johnny
Herndon Johnny Wesley 3-11-1933   s/s as Betty
Herndon Willie Wiseman 12-7-1905   s/s as John
Herndon John W. "Bud" 4-2-1903 3-9-1991 s/s as Willie
Herndon Rex 12-3-1927 1102401992 s/s as Corine wed 6-11-1972
Herndon Corine Meeks 6-23-1925   s/s as Rex
Herring Ruby M. 6-10-1911 5-11-1998 stone next to Claude
Herring Claude M. 2-16-1910 12-17-1982 CPL US Army WW II
Herring Willie     see Willie McCulley
Hester Stokes 2-26-1929 8-18-1992 s/s as Virgie
Hester Virgie (Mae Roper) 12-18-1926   s/s as Stokes, daughter of John Dillard & Lynne Markham Roper
Hicks Joann McNabb 5-28-1938   s/s as Clingmin
Hicks Clingmin E. 2-16-1930 7-15-2002 s/s as Joann, son of Grace Ellen Paul
Holland Jimmie Kyle 10-15-1897 9-21-1982 s/s as Whit
Holland Whit 7-21-1894   s/s as Jimmie
Homan Amber L. (Leigh) 3-20-1996 6-27-1999 s/s as Sharon, daughter of Ronald Clifton & Sharon Walters Homan
Homan Sharon L. (Leigh Walters) 1978   s/s as Amber
Hopkins Lala Edge 3-4-1891 6-8-1991 stone next to Hubert L.
Hughes Nolen B. 5-13-1914 2-9-1991  
Hutcheson James L. (Hutch) 6-26-1929 10-26-1997 s/s as Elsie, son of Luther & Mabel Morgan Hutcheson, Sgt US Army Korea
Hutcheson Elsie R. 4-14-1931   s/s as James, wed 5-6-1950
Johnson Nana Faye     see Nana Faye
Johnson Charles 1898 1973 s/s as Lucille
Johnson Lucille 1898 1984 s/s as Charles
Johnson Hazel K. (Kellum) 1-6-1913   s/s as Buck
Johnson Buck 7-2-1915 12-20-2001 s/s as Hazel, US Navy WW II, son of William & Ressie Johnson
Johnson Sarah Frances Norton 10-4-1910 5-29-1980 wife of Barney
Johnson Barney Triplett 8-24-1909 9-21-1981 husband of Sarah Frances
Jones Herman E. 4-12-1905 8-26-1998 s/s as Adeline
Jones Adeline Read 9-6-1906 9-29-1993 s/s as Herman
Jones Ethel     see Ethel McCullar
Jones Blanche     see Blanche Caviness
Jones Sula Frost 1895 1988 s/s as James Alvin
Jones James Alvin 1891 1966 s/s as Sula
Jones Thomas Roper, Jr. 12-8-1974 3-16-1993  
Jones William M. 7-10-1917 1-7-1992 s/s as Alice
Jones Alice Aileen 10-27-1916 3-24-2001 s/s as William
Jones Stephanie P. (Walters) 3-7-1972 6-18-1999 s/s as Larry, daughter of Walter Eugene & Joyce Frances Walters
Jones Larry R. (Randy) 8-24-1965   s/s as Stephanie, wed 8-22-1986
Jowers Robert (Lemuel) 3-4-1934 10-5-2004 s/s as Earlene, son of Doctor Lemuel & Alma Pearlie Copeland Jowers
Jowers Earlene (Stanford) 10-9-1931   s/s as Robert, daughter of Earl & Zelma Smith Stanford
Kellum Hazel     see Hazel Johnson
Kellum Jessie B. 1889 1982 s/s as William
Kellum William A. 1883 1968 s/s as Jessie wed 12-15-1907
Kennedy Rickey Wayne 11-13-1966 5-4-1996 stone near Reba Kennedy
Key Maggie B. 1900 1975 s/s as James
Key James B. 1902 1981 s/s as Maggie
Keyes Martha     see Martha Taylor
Keyes Jimmie     see Jimmie Morgan
Keys Ruth     see Ruth Smith
King John H. 12 28 1921 9-10-1992 s/s as Janet
King Janet J. 7-28-1921   s/s as John
King Thomas Alan 9-16-1976 2-14-1995  
Kirkpatrick Frankie R. 8-25-1920   s/s as Charles Robert, daughter of Robert A. & Dollie Kirkpatrick
Kirkpatrick Charles Robert 7-12-1927 4-11-2001 s/s as Frankie, son of Robert A. & Dollie Kirkpatrick
Knight Inez McGuff 3-23-1919 2-16-2002 s/s as Harry, daughter of James A. & Jesse McGuff
Knight Harry F. 8-29-1920   s/s as Inez
Knight B. T. "Tode" 10-1-1887 10-12-1968 s/s as Sallie
Knight Sallie F. (Frances) 12-6-1890 4-29-1994 s/s as Tode
Knight Clarice (Elder) 8-27-1911   s/s as Eugene
Knight Eugene (Gene) 11-23-1909 4-11-2005 s/s as Clarice, son of B.T. & Sallie
Kyle Irene Helms 1-5-1898 4-14-1981 s/s as Henry Aubrey
Kyle Henry Aubrey 5-11-1891 1-14-1977 s/s as Irene
Kyle Mary     see Mary Waters
Kyle Jimmie     see Jimmie Holland
Langston James Earl 7-28-1907 1-19-1988  
Lee Alice     see Alice Rice
Lee Bessie     see Bessie Richey
Lesley Ira Mae Akin 12-18-1914 10-10-1995 s/s as Robert
Lesley Robert Edd 2-28-1918   s/s as Ira Mae
Long Leonard Carroll 12-22-1902 8-9-1935 s/s as Clarice
Long Clarice Means 6-16-1905 2-29-1992 s/s as Leonard
Long Mary E.     see Mary E. Blaylock
Long Doria     see Doris Mabry
Long John Marley 4-30-1889 12-30-1965 s/s as Lena
Long Lena Sory 9-17-1891 4-24-1983 s/s as John
Mabry Bobbie Sue     see Bobbie Russell
Mabry Doris L. (Long) 3-23-1925 2-23-1999 s/s as Archie, daughter of John Marley & Lena Long
Mabry Archie 8-6-1919 10-5-2001 s/s as Doris, Tec 5 US Army
Marks Lottie Fay 4-11-1922   s/s as William
Marks William Henderson 6-30-1917 2-15-1989 s/s as Lottie wed 12-21-1940
Marz Wyluna Threlkeld 1894 1983 wife of George A. Marz
McAlister Birdie     see Birdie Gladney
McAlpin Jean     see Jean Payne
McBrayer Eugene C. (Clifton) 7-25-1924 11-23-2000 husband of Pat, "PFC US Army
McCullar Ethel Jones 11-20-1910 8-16-1992  
McCulley Robert Evans 10-13-1905 8-5-1982 stone next to Willie, Tec 4 US Army WW II
McCulley Willie Herring 9-12-1908 9-29-1996 stone next to Robert
McCulley Carmen Turner 9-22-1913   s/s as Jerry T.
McCulley Jerry Thompson 11-10-1907 9-16-1991 s/s as Carmen, PFC US Army WWII
McCulley Marguerite E. 5-23-1909 10-23-1985 s/s as Milford
McCulley Milford R. 8-16-1914 3-22-2005 s/s as Marguerite
McCullough Victoria Ann "Tori" 4-20-1991 4-20-1991 daughter of Sonya & Boyce
McCustion Nancy W. (Walker) 9-8-1940 4-16-2002 s/s as Bob, daughter of Aubrey Earl & Nancy Agnes Walker
McCustion Bob 4-30-1939   s/s as Nancy wed 8-21-1960
McGuff Inez     see Inez Knight
McNabb Joann     see Joann Hicks
McVay Ruby J. 1-7-1915 8-21-1992 s/s as Orville
McVay Orville K. 2-20-1914 8-31-1981 s/s as Ruby
Means Clarice     see Clarice Long
Means Iva Godwin 11-17-1910 7-17-2002 s/s as William Earl
Means William Earl 5-14-1907 4-23-1971 s/s as Iva
Means Gladys G. (Grammer) 11-21-1916 12-19-2000 s/s as Thomas Ben, dau of William & Alice Grammer, Ha1 US Navy WW II
Means Thomas Ben 6-17-1911 7-18-1990 s/s as Gladys, Tec 5 US Army WWII
Means Tom Philip 1-27-1879 12-30-1944 s/s as Elsie
Means Elsie P. 3-12-1888 2-12-1980 s/s as Tom
Means Ralph Eugene 10-24-1908 1-12-1989 s/s as Mary
Means Mary Tanner 8-12-1914 1-2-2003 s/s as Ralph
Means Tom E., Jr. 2-27-1925 2-17-2000 son of Tom Sr. & Blufie Francis Means
Means Dorothy     see Dorothy Flanagan
Means Allene     see Allene Easterling
Means Hortense Crimm 1-21-1920 11-30-1999 s/s as John
Means John Watt Jr. 1-11-1916 9-19-1981 s/s as Hortense
Meeks Corine     see Corine Herndon
Mink Ressie     see Ressie Dunaway
Monts Jimmie     see Jimmie Payne
Moore Margaret (Velsor) 1-4-1927 6-6-2005 funeral marker, wife of A.W. Moore, dau of Edward & Mary Welch Velsor
Morgan Jimmie Keyes 9-27-1944 3-4-1992  
Myhand Rolen D. 4-3-1914   s/s as Mable, son of James Luther & Daisy Elizabeth Justice Myhand
Myhand Mable C. 7-13-1914 7-23-1984 s/s as Rolen
Nanney Sondra Marie (Walters) 9-1-1973 11-16-2003 wife of Charles, daughter of Walter & Joyce Walters
Newman Jeff Bobby 10-18-1930 10-16-1991 PFC US Army Korea
Norton Sarah Frances     see Sarah Johnson
Palmer Anderson "Andy" 3-23-1939 11-5-1986  
Palmer Maggie 10-10-1909 1-14-2004 wife of Donald
Palmer William Luther "Bill" 12-29-1956 6-3-2001 s/s as Connie, son of Glen Allen & Birdie Palmer
Palmer Connie Usry 6-30-1948   s/s as William
Palmer Thomas G. (Gatlin) 3-9-1931 1-4-2007 funeral marker, husband of Narisa, son of George & Gertie Brock Palmer
Parker Evans D. 8-16-1907 May 1981 s/s as Edith
Parker Edith I. 6-3-1916 9-1995 s/s as Evans
Patterson Linda     see Linda Wells
Payne Charles N. Jr. 9-8-1925   s/s as Jean
Payne Jean McAlpin 2-6-1933 12-18-1992 s/s as Charles
Payne Charlie N. 6-22-1883 4-12-1968 s/s as Jimmie
Payne Jimmie Monts 1-21-1891 3-5-1984 s/s as Charlie
Payne James T. "Tommy" 4-27-1946 11-3-2002  
Payne Laura Lee (Scott) 5-4-1926 9-1-2003 s/s as James R., daughter of Charlie & Ella House Scott
Payne James R. "T-Boy" 4-20-1924 9-14-1992 s/s as Laura
Phillips William F. 5-29-1908 4-18-1988 s/s as Ruby
Phillips Ruby C. 5-16-1914 10-17-2000 s/s as William
Pierce Bonnie     see Bonnie Stevens
Potter Mary     see Mary Hall
Powell Jeremy Dewayne 4-23-1980 8-24-2003  
Powers Colleen Marie 7-18-1937 4-5-1992  
Prather Mary (Evelyn) Cole 2-2-1908 4-3-1998 s/s as Robert
Prather Robert Stacy 9-8-1906 12-30-1970 s/s as Mary
Presley Cecil J. 2-1-1923 8-25-1985 PFC US Army WW II
Presley Sharon J. Hamm 4-20-1954 3-19-2002 daughter of Billy Wayne & Virginia Ann Ryan Hamm
Prout William Wade 10-31-1889 12-20-1964 s/s as Grace
Prout Grace Francis 12-2-1895 4-16-1990 s/s as William W.
Prout William Ennis 2-24-1922 3-7-1988 s/s as Virginia
Prout Virginia Reese 12-2-1922   s/s as William E.
Putt James R. 8-8-1941   stone near Robert & Mildred Putt
Putt Robert M. 8-8-1918 6-19-1992 s/s as Mildred, TSGT US Air Force WW II
Putt Mildred F. 6-12-1922   s/s as Robert
Pyle Charles Dudley 11-12-1904 1-21-1984 s/s as Mabel
Pyle Mabel Ford 8-1-1907 9-12-1998 s/s as Charles
Pyle Charles Ray 12-7-1931 5-18-1999 s/s as Anna
Pyle Anna Faye 8-6-1932   s/s as Charles
Pyle Doris     see Doris Bailey
Raines Hazel (Webb) 4-11-1945   s/s as Jimmy
Raines Jimmy C. (Windy) 3-11-1939 1-5-1998 s/s as Hazel
Raines Ruby Caldwell 2-8-1911 3-15-1983 s/s as Dump
Raines J. L. "Dump" 2-10-1901 2-11-1949 s/s as Ruby
Raines Donald Lee, Sr. 2-28-1937 1-15-1981 SSG US Army Vietnam
Read Adeline     see Adeline Jones
Reese Virginia     see Virginia Prout
Reynolds Charlotte Elaine 1-7-1986 8-3-1988  
Rice James R. "Jim" 7-11-1944 8-13-1984 s/s as Alice wed 9-13-1964
Rice Alice F. Lee 4-10-1944   s/s as James
Rice Reggie A. 4-25-1908 12-27-1988 s/s as Virginia wed 12-27-1931
Rice Virginia R. (Richey) 9-15-1911 12-23-2000 s/s as Reggie, daughter of Fletcher & Bessie Lee Richey
Rice Johnnie Fay     see Johnnie Dallas
Rice Gladys L. 5-14-1918 9-28-1983  
Richey Bessie H. (Lee) 1-27-1889 6-30-1988 s/s as Fletcher
Richey Fletcher (James) 5-14-1880 6-27-1963 s/s as Bessie, son of James Michael & Sallie Lassiter Richie/Richey
Richey Virginia     see Virginia Rice
Richey Louise Dunn 10-8-1909 4-18-1986 s/s as Lee
Richey Lee Joyner 11-8-1904 5-25-1963 s/s as Louise, son of James Michael & Mary Alice Parks Richey
Richey Eddie Wayne 12-12-1936 9-21-1986  
Richey Ruby Nell 1-10-1910 7-18-1994 s/s as Andrew, wed 5-13-1933
Richey Andrew Parks 11-14-1906 3-14-1977 s/s as Ruby, son of James Michael & Mary Alice Parks Richey
Riley Elizabeth T. 5-12-1912 9-22-1996 s/s as Aubrey
Riley Aubrey H. 9-6-1910 1-11-1985 s/s as Elizabeth
Robinson Steve Richard 11-2-1984 6-24-2000 son of Steve & Mary Robinson
Robinson Daisy S. 4-10-1911 10-26-2000 s/s as Velton
Robinson Velton A. 11-23-1908 4-24-1989 s/s as Daisy
Robison Albert Sidney 11-2-1934 1-18-1985 stone near Ray & Sula Robison
Robison Ray M. 3-20-1903 7-8-1970 s/s as Sula
Robison Sula S. 5-16-1906 7-25-1995 s/s as Ray
Roper Virgie Mae     see Virgie Hester
Roper Lyda T. 10-15-1888 11-25-1982 s/s as Jack
Roper Jack 6-28-1891 5-16-1971 s/s as Lyda
Roper Lera A. 4-29-1905 12-31-2001 daughter of F. M. & Ada Brooks Roper
Roper Betty Guyn Cherry 11-18-1928 5-26-2000 wife of Thomas Neal, daughter of G. R. & Mittie Cherry
Roper Michael Karl 1-10-1930 12-29-2006 s/s as Mary, husband of Beth Clark & Sybil Walters, son of John Dillard & Lynne Markham Roper
Roper Mary Elizabeth (Beth Clark) 7-11-1933 7-26-1995 s/s as Michael
Russell James M. 6-14-1930 6-11-2001 s/s as Bobbie, son of Wilburn & Lovie Russell
Russell Bobbie Sue (Mabry) 8-30-1930   s/s as James wed 12-23-1948
Sanderford Opal L. 1-12-1928 8-1-2005  
Sanderford Sandra Kay 9-27-1981 2-27-1994  
Sanders W. L. 8-14-1918 6-25-1985 s/s as Muriel
Sanders Muriel 9-24-1921 10-16-1995 s/s as W. L.
Sanders Curtis 8-29-1897 6-21-1984 s/s as Elsie, PFC US Army WW I
Sanders Elsie Y. 3-14-1909 7-29-1996 s/s as Curtis
Sanders Gertha     see Gertha Barnett
Sanders Jimmy Dale "Jim" 3-7-1938   s/s as Mary Liz
Sanders Mary Eliazbeth "Liz" 3-10-1938 11-8-1995 s/s as Jimmy
Sanders Joseph Wesson   7-26-1984 infant
Sandlin William Clifton 8-20-1893 10-13-1958 s/s as Mary wed 10-18-1925
Sandlin Mary Gladney 2-16-1904 2-9-2004 s/s as William
Scott Hareston 1-30-1930 11-13-1992 s/s as Nana Faye
Scott Nana Faye Johnson 4-16-1939 4-18-1983 s/s as Hareston
Scott Laura Lee     see Laura Payne
Scott Robert B. 4-6-1930 9-18-1996 s/s as Geneva
Scott Geneva C. 3-31-1937   s/s as Robert
Scott Harse 10-1-1906 5-6-1999 s/s as Annie, wed 12-24-1927
Scott Annie Doris (Farrar) 5-26-1913 8-12-2000 s/s as Harse, wed 71 yrs, daughter of Hubie & Edna Braden Farrar
Scott Gregory Allen 9-16-1962 1-5-2001 son of Jerry and Mary Lou Scott
Scott Jerry Allen 12-27-1938   s/s as Mary
Scott Mary Lou (Westmoreland) 12-2-1940 12-7-2001 s/s as Jerry, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Westmoreland
Scruggs Lula Lee Barnes 1-7-1927 11-2-2001 wife of Elton Leon Scruggs
Seavey Elnor Ann (Ellie) 7-26-1931 1-25-2004  
Short Gearldine 5-30-1935 12-11-1987 name is spelled Gearldine on marker
Simmons Dorothy     see Dorothy Smith
Simmons Betty     see Betty Westmoreland
Smith Zelma     see Zelma Stanford
Smith D. Glenn 1921 11-13-1976 s/s as Dorothy
Smith Dorothy D. (Dale Simmons) 2-8-1921 7-9-2003 s/s as D. Glenn, daughter of Josh & Bertha Simmons
Smith John Gilbert 2-1-1943 11-21-1979 stone near Ruth & John R. Smith
Smith Ruth Keys 4-10-1909 1-28-2002 wife of John R.
Smith John R. (Raymond) 9-29-1906 7-7-2002 husband of Ruth
Smith Ara H. 7-17-1890 8-27-1970 s/s as Shelby
Smith Shelby 6-24-1894 3-16-1980 s/s as Ara
Smith Harold C. 2-5-1924 5-14-2004 husband of Mary Ann, MSgt US Air Force WW II
Smith Oscar V. 4-17-1921 12-9-1997 s/s as Mary Kate, Tec 5 US Army WW II
Smith Mary Kate 1924   s/s as Oscar
Sory Lena     see Lena Long
Stanford Earl 11-21-1912 1-21-1992 s/s as Zelma
Stanford Zelma (Smith) 10-7-1913 5-26-2001 s/s as Earl, daughter of Henry & Ruth Long Smith
Stanford Burma 9-21-1927   s/s as Elsie
Stanford Elsie M. 5-18-1933 6-30-1977 s/s as Burma
Stanford George D. 2-4-1882 5-30-1980 s/s as Zera
Stanford Zera 9-24-1886 11-14-1967 s/s as George
Stanford Lillian B. 4-7-1907 11-29-2002 stone near George & Zera Stanford
Stanford Guy 9-7-1917 2-28-1996 s/s as Mae
Stanford Mae P. 9-24-1921   s/s as Guy
Stanford Shelby     see Shelby Hankins
Stanford Earlene     see Earlene Jowers
Stevens Bonnie Pierce 1-26-1939 6-22-2003 s/s as Jerry, daughter of E.D. & Irene Haas Pierce
Stevens Jerry W. 11-25-1932 2-16-1997 s/s as Bonnie
Stogner Marshall L. 12-4-1928 12-29-1991 s/s as Bertie
Stogner Bertie L. 12-4-1932   s/s as Marshall
Summerlin Viola Grace     see Viola Cook
Swanger Virginia E. 1-24-1920 10-24-1992 s/s as Clarence
Swanger Clarence L. 9-7-1914 12-12-1990 s/s as Virginia
Tanner Mary     see Mary Means
Taylor Martha Jean Keyes 1-14-1932   s/s as Merle
Taylor Merle Franklin "Red" 5-19-1927 5-3-1987 s/s as Martha, son of James Monroe & Mary Lillian Dunaway Taylor
Tennison Billie G. (Farrar) 6-11-1928 8-16-2005 s/s as Robert, daughter of Hubert & Mary Edna Braden Farrar
Tennison Robert A. (Allen) 8-12-1927   s/s as Billie
Thompson Johnnie Crowder 4-20-1899 1-1-1980 s/s as Roger
Thompson Roger Edwin 12-6-1891 9-25-1986 s/s as Johnnie
Thornton Pat     see Pat Warren
Thrasher Liller     see Liller Hallmark
Threlkeld Wyluna     see Wyluna Marz
Towery Paul J. 1-19-1947 7-23-2002  
Towery C. Elizabeth 8-7-1924   s/s as William
Towery William D. 10-1-1918 4-27-1991 s/s as Elizabeth
Towery Bertie     see Bertie Watson
Turner Carmen     see Carmen McCulley
Turner Willie 9-20-1898 6-28-1993 daughter of Thomas & Luella Turner
Turner Arthur G. 1921 1979 stone next to Pearl Turner, US Army
Turner Pearl Lindsey 2-11-1891 8-14-1979 stone next to Arthur D. Turner, Mother
Turner Arthur David 10-1-1891 1-15-1980 stone next to Pearl Turner
Turner Jewel     see Jewel Crawford
Usry Connie     see Connie Usry
Vallarian Kathryn Blackwell 6-16-1923 12-25-1983  
Velsor Margaret     see Margaret Moore
Wages Thomas A. 1-7-1889 5-21-1961 s/s as Nell
Wages Nell Cherry 8-20-1909 6-9-1994 s/s as Thomas A.
Waldrip Hazel L. Clark 1-15-1921   s/s as Thomas
Waldrip Thomas Benton III 11-15-1919 12-6-1995 s/s as Hazel
Walker Etta Lee 7-29-1907 7-21-1977 s/s as James
Walker James D. 10-1-1904 12-14-1995 s/s as Etta
Walker Nancy     see Nancy McCustion
Walters Sondra     see Sondra Nanney
Walters Walter E. 4-15-1930 7-30-1986 PFC US Army Korea, son of Sammie Clifton & Maggie Bishop Walters
Walters Timothy Lee 2-22-1965 11-3-1992 s/s as Joyce & Stephen
Walters Joyce 7-11-1943 2-21-1995 s/s as Timothy & Stephen
Walters Stephen E. 11-1-1956 9-24-1999 s/s as Timothy & Joyce
Walters Stephanie     see Stephanie Jones
Walters Sharon     see Sharon Homan
Warren James R. (Ray) "Jim" 6-3-1920 1-13-2007 s/s as Pat , son of Joe & Effie Wren
Warren Pat T. (Thornton) 10-8-1922 2-10-2006 s/s as James, wed 3-25-1939, dau of Joe & Maudie Fortenberry Thornton
Waters Mary Kyle 9-16-1918 7-14-1992 s/s as Harold wed 5-6-1942
Waters Harold 8-8-1922 3-3-2000 s/s as Mary, son of Jack & Effie Tapp Waters, Coxwain US Navy WW II
Watson Tyson Broom 1-27-1913 6-4-1993  
Watson Bertie Towery 8-1-1911 11-26-1955 stone next to Tyson
Watts Iva Nell     see Iva Nell Dunaway
Webb Bonnie Holland 5-14-1914 1-8-1988 s/s as Morine
Webb Morine Clark 8-14-1929 2-19-1996 s/s as Bonnie
Webb Ernest "Duck" 1-1-1919 9-26-1992 s/s as Sarah
Webb Sarah Alice 7-13-1927   s/s as Ernest
Webb Elzy C. 4-27-1918 5-2-2001 s/s as Myrtle
Webb Myrtle L. 3-9-1925 9-5-1997 s/s/ as Elzy
Webb Alma L. 10-12-1906 7-27-1984 s/s as Noel
Webb Noel S. 8-8-1903 5-7-1987 s/s as Alma
Webb Lawrence S. 9-7-1926 2-16-1994 stone near Noel & Alma Webb
Webb Robert Wilson 11-27-1912 9-1-1988 Tec 5 US Army WW II
Webb Archie Troy 3-7-1929 7-27-2000  
Webb Robert Maurice III 8-19-1957 9-7-1981  
Webb Hazel     see Hazel Raines
Webb Pearl     see Pearl Davis
Wells Linda Patterson 6-3-1902 4-7-1998 s/s as Oscar
Wells Oscar 6-7-1898 8-28-1956 s/s as Linda
Wesson Lucy O. 3-30-1909 12-11-1998 s/s as Louis
Wesson Louis K. 5-15-1893 1-29-1970 s/s as Lucy
Wesson John Julius 2-18-1904 4-6-1960 s/s as Ruby
Wesson Ruby Gardner 11-6-1907 10-5-1999 s/s as John
Westerman Bettymarie     see Bettymarie Grisham
Westmoreland Thomas H. 4-5-1932 6-3-2004 s/s as Betty, AE2 US Navy Korea, son of George & Lissie Westmoreland
Westmoreland Betty S. (Simmons) 10-6-1929   s/s as Thomas
Westmoreland Mary Lou     see Mary Lou Scott
White Dalton Robert 11-22-1908 9-9-1979 US Army WW II
Wilson Nora Burns (6-6-1892) 1-25-1990  
Wilson Claude Keyes 8-27-1909 1-16-1981  
Winders Jennie Loraine     see Jennie Loraine Burks
Wiseman Willie     see Willie Herndon
Wishard Mildred     see Mildred Conlee
Wright Peter E. 12-17-1912 9-6-1994 WT3 US Navy WW II