Union Cemetery 1980-2003

Contributed: January 2004

Transcribed by Milton H. Copeland

Union Cemetery is an old and well maintained cemetery located near the Macedonia Community on County Road 203 about one mile north of McCullough Blvd. and north of Belden, Lee county, Ms. I surveyed this cemetery in late January 2004 and digitally photographed  all grave markers from 1980 to the present. I will gladly furnish an email copy of your relative’s grave photo. Corrections and/or additions are welcome. Also, I have finally been able to purchase a copy of  the “Lee County Cemetery Records 1820-1979” book and will be glad to look up earlier records for you. Milton H. Copeland.



Surname First Name Birth Death Notes
Adams Doris P. 12-27-1920 10-2-1999  
Addison Marion Ted 7-15-1904 12-26-1960 s/s as Mary Velvia
Addison Mary Velvia 7-16-1901 1-30-1998 s/s as Marion Ted
Addison Cleo Vinson 9-24-1910   s/s as Alton A. wed 12-7-1929
Addison Alton A. 8-19-1909 5-17-1992 s/s as Cleo Vinson
Addison Lottie M. 7-18-1913   s/s as W. L. Laudie
Addison W. L. "Laudie" 3-5-1911 6-15-1999 s/s as Lottie M.
Alfreds Dorothy L. 4-12-1917 9-23-1980  
Allen Dorothy Taylor 12-21-1919   s/s as Lee Nash
Allen Lee Nash 12-10-1914 12-28-1992 s/s as Dorothy Taylor
Archer Myrtle Heatherly 4-20-1904 3-26-1988  
Ballard Judy Green 11-13-1947   s/s as James T. JIm
Ballard James T. "Jim" 10-1-1946 3-7-1997 s/s as Judy Green wed 4-26-1968
Banks Lillie Bell 4-3-1900 7-4-1994 s/s as Charlie
Banks Charlie 4-16-1896 10-31-1953 s/s as Lillie Bell
Bannister Allen 10-29-1904 7-12-1980 s/s as Ethel
Bannister Ethel 12-11-1908 3-19-1999 s/s as Allen
Bethay James A. (Andrew) "Bee" 7-4-1903 6-2-1975 s/s as Lola B. Odie son of James Lee "Jim" & Lula Bethay
Bethay Lola B. (Bishop) "Odie" 5-26-1914 5-15-1994 s/s as James A. Bee daughter of Robert & Mary Ann Gatewood Bishop
Bishop Lola B. "Odie"     see Lola B. Odie Bethay
Bishop Mary Ann (Gatewood) 6-10-1879 11-24-1964 stone next to James & Lola Bethay daughter of Andrew Jack & Rebecca Narcissus "Ciss" Busby Gatewood
Bishop Quillar     see Quillar Millwood
Blackwood Howard A. "Troy" 4-8-1917 1-25-1983 s/s as Pearl VanHoy
Blackwood Pearl VanHoy 1-27-1917 6-13-1980 s/s as Howard A. Troy
Blalock Charlie Robert 12-18-1919 7-3-1987 SFC US Army WW II Korea Vietnam son of Van Richard & Lela Irene Bishop Blalock
Boland Ruby Palmer 10-25-1913   s/s as Lewis Elmo
Boland Lewis Elmo 10-24-1909 12-8-1998 s/s as Ruby Palmer
Brazeal Haden Edward 6-28-1919 1-19-2001 S1 US Navy WW II
Brazeal Earline Yeager 11-9-1922 3-14-1989  
Brisco Lawrence Hanson, MD 7-29-1915 2-26-2000  
Brown Evie 3-18-1893 11-17-1978 s/s as S. J.
Brown S. J. 8-30-1890 8-8-1985 s/s as Evie
Caldwell Eric Cooper 10-10-1981 3-27-2001  
Caldwell Notie L. 1-4-1900 2-23-1989 s/s as Chester C.
Caldwell Chester C. 1-9-1898 8-7-1991 s/s as Notie L.
Carroll Dewey Jr. 8-2-1937 10-19-1983  
Carroll Mary F. 6-9-1915 3-19-1995  
Carter Mary Lewis 8-23-1906 8-8-1987 s/s as James Roy
Carter James Roy 10-13-1905 2-10-1986 s/s as Mary Lewis
Clayton M. W. "Jimmie" 8-25-1912 6-2-1961 s/s as Mable
Clayton Mable 8-22-1914 2-17-1995 s/s as M.W. Jimmie
Clayton Betty 12-9-1937   s/s as Noah Gene wed 6-22-1956
Clayton Noah Gene 1-18-1935 1-23-1996 s/s as Betty Robison
Clayton Annie M. 8-6-1915   s/s as Ben H. wed 3-18-1933
Clayton Ben H. 7-25-1915 7-27-1995 s/s as Annie M.
Cochran Mark M. 5-23-1901 11-8-1965 s/s as Carrie Frost
Cochran Carrie Frost 9-29-1903 7-7-1980 s/s as Mark M.
Cochran Mark McKinley, Jr. "Kenny" 7-5-1941 7-5-1993 s/s as Judith Ann
Cochran Judith Ann "Judy" 3-14-1953 3-21-1998 s/s as Mark McKinley, Jr.
Cooper Howard C. 12-29-1909 9-17-1994 s/s as Loreda C. wed 3-2-1934
Cooper Loreda C. 10-12-1914   s/s as Howard C.
Croft Lynn Allen 2-7-1934 3-11-1984  
Crump Gladys 9-20-1924   s/s as Samuel J. wed 12-18-1954
Crump Samuel J. (James) 10-19-1928 12-6-1991 s/s as Gladys Cpl US Army Korea
Dean John W."Grand Pa Dean" 1-27-1912 11-9-1986  
Deaton Launa     see Launa Pierce
Dillard Carrie Ewing "Baa" 11-20-1904 6-23-1979 s/s as James Leonard
Dillard James Leonard 4-26-1904 12-2-1992 s/s as Carrie Ewing
Dillard Parlee     see Parlee Vinson
Duke Carolyn E. 3-17-1892 6-10-1983 s/s as Lee Luther
Duke Lee Luther 10-5-1888 5-19-1974 s/s as Carolyn E.
Dye Shelah Michelle 7-18-1970 9-11-1989  
Edwards Nancy E. 11-4-1931   s/s as William T.
Edwards William T. 3-10-1925 9-16-1990 s/s as Nancy E.
Ellis Tulon Rudy 12-12-1934 3-14-2000 s/s as Patsy Lou
Ellis Patsy Lou 12-23-1938   s/s as Tulon Rudy
Ethridge Ruby J. Watson 1-22-1920 3-28-1996 s/s as Horace F. stone next to Bonnie Watson
Ethridge Horace F. Sr. 7-9-1912 4-26-1991 s/s as Ruby Watson
Ewing Carrie     see Carrie Dillard
Frost Carrie     see Carrie Cochran
Gambrell Cora R. 4-21-1913 1-3-1999 s/s as H. Ross
Gambrell H. Ross 5-7-1908 11-20-1970 s/s as Cora R.
Gambrell Nona K. 6-24-1908 8-25-1999 s/s as Morris M.
Gambrell Morris M. 6-6-1905 9-10-1971 s/s as Nona K.
Gambrell Garland "Bud" 1-15-1932 3-6-1999  
Gambrell Nannie R. Hunter 3-27-1909 1-23-1997 s/s as Franklin Foote
Gambrell Franklin Foote 10-10-1909 7-30-1980 s/s as Nannie R. Hunter
Gatewood Mary Ann     see Mary Ann Bishop
Gibson Virginia E. Vinson 3-23-1934   s/s as Thomas Ashcraft
Gibson Thomas Ashcraft, Jr. 6-5-1934 4-24-1990 s/s as Virginia E. Vinson
Gibson Linda     see Linda Sartain
Gilliam Nannie 11-17-1907 11-22-1993 s/s as Ella Faye Willis mother
Green Minnie Maudine 7-22-1909 5-1-1981  
Green Judy     see Judy Ballard
Green Emogene H. 3-19-1913 10-1-1987 s/s as Oscar T.
Green Oscar T. 6-26-1907 9-9-1972 s/s as Emogene H.
Green Lottie A.     see Lottie Rice
Heatherly Mary Madgelene 12-9-1914 11-13-1980  
Heatherly Myrtle     see Myrtle Archer
Heatherly Cliffer 6-22-1914 3-25-1999 s/s as Marion wed 6-10-1933
Heatherly Marion 8-12-1914 7-25-2000 s/s as Cliffer
Herring R. A. 12-28-1891 11-21-1988  
Herring Alva     see Alva Stokes
Herring N. Dixon 11-16-1912 4-2-1988 s/s as Ida Bessie
Herring Ida Bessie 4-22-1913 10-29-1984 s/s as N. Dixon
Hill A.J. (Andrew Jackson) "Jack" 8-7-1839 3-26-1914 s/s as Mary Jane son of Green Berry & Nancy Neilson Hicks Hill
Hill Mary Jane (Parvin) 6-1841 1923 s/s as A. J. wife of Andrew Jackson
Holloman William R. 2-14-1924 4-4-1990 US Army
Horton Sally 3-20-1902 3-12-1980 s/s as George W.
Horton George W. 12-3-1904 9-7-1959 s/s as Sally
Huffstatler Jimmy W. 6-15-1933 7-26-2000 s/s as Marjorie T.
Huffstatler Marjorie T. 10-6-1936   s/s as Jimmy W.
Hughes L. Alton 3-25-1908 5-24-1988  
Hughes Azalee H. 10-9-1918 10-29-1999 s/s as William E.
Hughes William E. 5-30-1912 8-20-1987 s/s as Azalee H.
Hughes Hilda 5-28-1913 9-17-1995 s/s as Roy Lee
Hughes Roy Lee 3-4-1910 1-10-1980 s/s as Hilda
Hunter Nannie R.     see Nannie Gambrell
Hunter Jennie L. 4-28-1916 5-15-1997 s/s as Bennie L.
Hunter Bennie L. 8-23-1911 5-24-1975 s/s as Jennie L.
Johnson Mattie     see Mattie Robinson
Kelley Annie Ruth 9-8-1925 5-16-1997 s/s as Hubert C.
Kelley Hubert C. 5-24-1919 7-12-1972 s/s as Annie Ruth
Kelley T. J. 2-10-1917 5-5-1988  
Kelly David W. 11-15-1947   s/s as Patricia R.
Kelly Patricia R. 6-6-1952   s/s as David W. wed 11-14-1971
Kelly Jewel I. 12-11-1914   s/s as Norbin B.
Kelly Norbin B. 9-10-1906 4-13-1987 s/s as Jewel I.
Kelly James N. 10-7-1939 11-9-1987  
Kelly Thomas W., Sr. 7-24-1937 1-24-1999  
Laney John T. "Buddy" 8-17-1935   s/s as Charlotte Evelyn
Laney Charlotte Evelyn Owens 4-22-1951   s/s as John T. Buddy wed 3-4-1986
Lewis Mary     see Mary Carter
Lind Hyon Cha 10-8-1937   s/s as Leslie Joel
Lind Leslie Joel 6-6-1941 9-23-1986 s/s as Hyon Cha
Lindley Mary K. 7-13-1940 9-4-1992 s/s as Joel E. wed 9-2-1958
Lindley Joel E. 6-17-1938   s/s as Mary K.
Martin Pauline E. 2-2-1907 5-30-1994  
Martin Elizabeth C. 7-14-1918   s/s as Bonnie B. wed 10-22-1938
Martin Bonnie B. 5-25-1918 7-27-1989 s/s as Elizabeth C.
Martin Nettie Ola     see Nettie Owens
McBrayer Nora Lee 4-21-1928   s/s as Merle wed 2-10-1945
McBrayer Merle 2-18-1927 9-24-1983 s/s as Nora Lee
McCollum Onie G. 8-29-1911 6-9-1991 s/s as Norbin
McCollum Norbin 7-23-1909 2-4-1974 s/s as Onie G.
McCollum William Aubrey "Bill" 9-30-1946 3-21-1995  
McCollum Orbie Jr. "Skee" 8-2-1935 12-22-1996  
McCollum Mary B. 3-8-1911   s/s as Orbie
McCollum Orbie 7-23-1909 3-14-1980 s/s as Mary B.
Mills Eula Vinson 8-6-1896 7-2-1985 s/s as James Alton
Mills James Alton 6-26-1896 8-23-1986 s/s as Eula Vinson
Mills Nellie R. 2-1-1916 4-18-2001 s/s as J. Raymond
Mills J. Raymond 6-23-1911 1-2-1971 s/s as Nellie R.
Millwood Quillar (Bishop) 11-29-1895 7-30-1987 s/s as William Tip daughter of Robert & Mary Ann Gatewood Bishop
Millwood William T. (Timothy) "Tip" 7-13-1887 10-2-1973 s/s as Quillar son of William Wade Hampton & Mary Ann Gibbs Millwood
Minor Lendia Caledonia     see Lendia Wade
Morgan Fay     see Fay Wade
Morrison Roger I. 6-21-1918 8-13-1979 Capt US Army WW II
Owens Charlotte Evelyn     see Charlotte Laney
Owens Orbie Leaton 6-3-1916 9-23-1997 s/s as Nettie Ola M/Sgt 9th US Air Force 368th F G P ETO WW II
Owens Nettie Ola Martin 6-21-1920 12-1-1990 s/s as Orbie Leaton
Palmer Ruby     see Ruby Boland
Pannell Pattie G. 3-5-1900 6-27-1982 s/s as True R.
Pannell True R. 11-25-1903 2-25-1967 s/s as Pattie G.
Parvin Mary Jane     see Mary Jane Hill
Pettey Earl Dee 5-8-1926 12-21-1992  
Pettey Addie Mae 1-12-1898 8-31-1997  
Phillips Vernon Washington 8-11-1908 6-22-1982  
Phillips Jettie L. 1-19-1913 2-22-1999 s/s as Harvey M.
Phillips Harvey M. 1-23-1902 3-10-1960 s/s as Jettie L.
Pierce Launa (Lou) Deaton 1-26-1895 9-1-1991 s/s as John Alcie wife of John Alcie
Pierce John Alcie 3-16-1888 7-27-1945 s/s as Launa Deaton son of James M. & Margaret Jane Birch Pierce
Rakestraw Willie D. 11-13-1900 9-25-1987 s/s as Redge A. wed 8-6-1917
Rakestraw Redge A. 3-7-1898 4-20-1986 s/s as Willie D.
Rakestraw Effie L. 10-1-1900 12-4-1981 s/s as Dewey M.
Rakestraw Dewey M. 12-23-1900 11-15-1990 s/s as Effie L.
Rakestraw Tincie 6-24-1924 11-25-1998 Father
Raper Pauline C. "Nee-Nee" 4-11-1914 8-12-1979 s/s as Lawrence
Raper Lawrence "Da-Da" 8-4-1915   s/s as Pauline C.
Raper Mary Ethel 8-11-1916   s/s as Jason Elage
Raper Jason Elage 1-6-1918 9-18-1995 s/s as Mary Ethel
Rice Lottie A. Green 4-9-1914 11-21-1995 s/s as C. D. Dab
Rice C. D. "Dab" 8-17-1910 9-23-1986 s/s as Lottie A. Green
Rickman James Lee III 1-12-1974 6-13-1990  
Robinson Mattie Johnson 9-9-1919 11-4-1997 s/s as Charles Morgan
Robinson Charles Morgan 8-15-1921 7-21-1967 s/s as Mattie Johnson
Robison Amy E. 7-10-1903 8-30-1994 s/s as E. G. Pat
Robison E. G. "Pat" 8-20-1910 8-12-1963 s/s as Amy E.
Robison Noel 2-2-1931 8-3-1997 Dad
Robison Betty     see Betty Clayton
Robison Leonard 11-9-1923 11-5-2000 s/s as Juanita wed 6-25-1961
Robison Juanita 9-15-1928   s/s as Leonard
Robison Brad A. 12-31-1966 6-3-1982  
Rodgers William Forrest 4-10-1887 1-25-1981 s/s as Alma
Rodgers Alma 1-18-1899   s/s as William Forrest
Sartain Judith LeAnn   1-15-1987 Infant daughter of Rodney & Linda
Sartain Linda Gibson 11-10-1961 12-17-1994  
Smith Louise W. (Wallis) 8-31-1921   s/s as Chester P. daughter of Leonard & Lona "Bug" Morris Wallis
Smith Chester P. 3-13-1918 8-28-2000 s/s as Louise W. wed 2-3-1939
Smith Louise     see Louise Vinson
Stanford Cora Lee 9-14-1913 5-9-1992  
Stanford Jessie Wallace 10-12-1919   s/s as Virgil O'Neal
Stanford Virgil O'Neal 2-19-1923 9-21-1981 s/s as Jessie Wallace
Stanford Ethel B. 4-20-1903 6-6-1999 s/s as Edward Troy
Stanford Edward Troy 8-10-1902 5-13-1975 s/s as Ethel B.
Stanford Ernestine "Tina"     see Ernestine Whitten
Stokes Alva Herring 6-29-1910 1-23-1993 s/s as Lester Juan
Stokes Lester Juan 12-4-1908 7-10-1987 s/s as Alva Herring
Taylor Dorothy     see Dorothy Allen
Terry Morris E. 2-18-1906 1-12-1998 US Army WW II
Tollison Ruby Vinson 2-18-1915 1-7-1999 s/s as William J.
Tollison William J. 3-4-1912 11-30-1989 s/s as Ruby Vinson
Towery Shirley Wages 7-22-1938 10-13-1985 stone next to Robert & Myrtle Wages
VanHoy Pearl     see Pearl Blackwood
Vinson Eula     see Eula Mills
Vinson Pat 6-3-1922 11-6-1992  
Vinson Josh W. 12-4-1907 8-5-1973 s/s as Ida
Vinson Ida 1-21-1909 7-23-1989 s/s as Josh W.
Vinson Joann M. 11-12-1937   s/s as Jimm W. wed 9-17-1958
Vinson Jimmy W. 6-25-1937 12-19-1983 s/s as Joann M.
Vinson Louise Smith 11-20-1925   s/s as John E. (Red)
Vinson John E. (Red) 4-9-1920 7-21-1982 s.s as Louise Smith
Vinson Holland 2-9-1913 3-12-1991 s/s as Flossie A.
Vinson Flossie A. 10-29-1913   s/s as Holland
Vinson Cleo     see Cleo Addison
Vinson James O. 7-4-1890 8-21-1977 s/s as Betsy J. wed 4-2-1922
Vinson Betsy J. 10-28-1902 7-16-2000 s/s as James O.
Vinson Ruby     see Ruby Tollison
Vinson Kernith W. 4-14-1916 8-14-2003 s/s as Woodrow W. wed 4-27-1941
Vinson Woodrow W. 3-12-1917 9-2-1999 s/s as Kernith W.
Vinson Gregory Wayne 8-22-1966 3-22-2001  
Vinson Virginia E.     see Virginia Gibson
Vinson Parlee Dillard 9-2-1891 2-2-1980 s/s as William Henry
Vinson William Henry 9-5-1879 3-16-1950 s/s as Parlee Dillard
Vinson Richard 8-20-1910 3-25-1980 s/s as Mildred
Vinson Mildred 11-30-1915 2-26-1994 s/s as Richard
Wade Lendia Caledonia Minor 12-11-1895 12-25-1989 Precious are the Memories of Callie
Wade Fay Morgan 3-5-1930 9-22-1948 s/s as Robert Chester
Wade Robert Chester 3-13-1924 12-13-2001 s/s as Fay Morgan
Wages Myrtle Alma 4-15-1918 11-1-1989 s/s as Robert Hoyle
Wages Robert Hoyle 4 29 1916 1-20-1993 s/s as Myrtle Alma
Wages Shirley     see Shirley Towery
Wallace Jessie     see Jessie Stanford
Wallis Ernie Ruby 1-29-1915 6-11-1971 s/s as Walter Lee
Wallis Walter Lee 2-22-1906 10-24-1995 s/s as Ernie Ruby
Warren James Bradley 10-10-1993 12-28-1993  
Warren Maggie Inez 11-19-1916 8-30-1988 s/s as James Alex
Warren James Alex 7-23-1906 1-26-1998 s/s as Maggie Inez
Watson Bonnie L. 4-23-1921 4-18-1984 Father, Husband, Grandfather
Watson Ruby J.     see Ruby J. Ethridge
Whitten Ernestine "Tina" Stanford 7-4-1941 10-22-1999 s/s as Jimmie Square
Whitten Jimmie "Square" Dartwell 12-31-1937   s/s as Ernestine "Tina"
Willis Ella Faye 5-29-1938 4-2-2002 s/s as Nannie Gilliam daughter
Windham Doris Frances 1-18-1940 2-20-1980  
Yeager Earline     see Earline Brazeal
Young Veatrice 6-12-1906 5-1-1994 s/s as Joseph C. wed 5-22-1921
Young Joseph C. 9-29-1901 6-17-1976 s/s as Veatrice