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The Chancery Court Record of JACKSON COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI" Will books 1875-1925,
Minute Books (Administrative Settlements and Guardianships) 1875-1900. This book contains
genealogical data extracted from wills recorded in Will Books # 1 and 2 between August 1876 and
December 1925.  It also contains administrative settlements and guardianships extracted from
Chancery Court Minute Book #1 through # 4 (pages 1 through 58) daated from April 1875 through
December 1900. Court Cases and actions that contain no data of a genealogical value were not
extracted or recorded here. This book is  $25.00 post paid

 A. The standard Disclaimer applies to copy(ing) names as they are entered, we do not guarantee
the spelling of surnames is correct nor the accuracy of data herein. Early entries (1875-1905) in both
Will and Minute Books are handwritten and in many cases very difficult to read.

    B. This book is indexed by SURNAME and the ENTRY NUMBER where the name appears in the
text. Researchers should check each entry in which the surname they are looking for appears.  In
many cases a person may have been mentioned in court on different cases for different causes.  Some
entries may contain genealogical data and others do not. Select index below to screen for surname

Wilkerson                       124
Williams                         104, 408, 462, 505, 
                                       512, 599, 699
Williamson                     365 
Wing                              64 
Wing                              65 
Winkler                          153 
Winston                          227 
Wirth                              152  
Wischman                       640 
Wood                             14, 322, 392, 577, 
Woodcock                      26 
Woodham                      196 
Woodriff                        184 
Woods                            596
Wright                            417, 627 
Yates                              424, 661 
Yelverton                       320