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Auxiliary Library Project

How to double the size of our library?

At one time, we had about 600 books in our genealogy collection in the Ocean Springs Library.   It was then hypothesized that if each of 30 members had 20 books in their home library, we could effectively double the size of our library collection by including those books as an extension or auxiliary to the actual library.   The term “book” should also be interpreted to cover: maps, photographs, software, periodicals, manuscripts or other genealogical materials.

The attached file is a first step in that effort. OSGS member Frank Cannon has graciously begun a list of the approximately 200 books in his personal home library. NOTE: The file is in PDF format and you will need to select a larger font size when viewing it.

If you are thinking of buying a book to donate to the library, you should look at this list first.   If the book is already available, perhaps the money could be better spent on another purchase.

If you would like to borrow this book or visit the member's home and view the book there, you should make arrangements with the member.   You might also consider trading or exchanging books with the member if you both have books or other material on the same area.

Postal book rates are quite reasonable.   You might also consider borrowing the book by mail.   A deposit to cover the value of replacing the item might be considered. A fee to cover postage and handling should also be considered.

However, some genealogy books are out of print and may not be replaceable. You should also consider interlibrary loan as a possible source for obtaining the book.

Refer to the attached lists and if you identify a book of interest to you, contact the member who submitted this list.