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Master Data Base Project


1. Collect a copy of the data base from each member willing to participate.
This will provide a back up for that member in case their files are lost.

2. Provide an additional research source for searching a combined data base.

3. Protect that data from being copied and sold on line unless the member gives permission for passing it on.

4. Provide feed back to the member on variations in the data or identify other members with similar interests.

5. Provide one or more back up repositories.

6. Explore ways to develop a saleable product from this such as a list of surnames cross-referenced to members.

7. Data base manager may need to set a schedule for copying data from members who are actively adding to their data base.

Process: Collect data base from each individual willing to participate.
Maintain an unchanged copy of that data.
Compile a combined master data base. This step would involve data conversion via GEDCOM to a common format. The holder of the data base would need to maintain the date of the original data base received so that if a member lost their data and there is more than one copy in back up files that they would be sure to get the latest back up copy.

This effort will require a large computer hard drive and skills with GED COM conversions.

Project coordinator: to be assigned