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Mentor Program Project

The mentor program is specifically targeted at members helping members.   For this project to be successful, members need to be surveyed to determine what their needs are and then they need to be matched up with other members who can attempt to fulfill those needs. They may only need a little help getting started. Providing them with some of the prepared “how to” guides and lesson plans may be all that is needed.

See the membership application form under “ Meetings & Membership ”.

Click on Membership Application Form .

Mentor Program – If you live locally, the mentor program is helpful to new and current members.  Some “mentees” need or want only an hour or two of assistance (e.g. assistance with a computer or in the library) others need or want more time.  It is important to have a current list of members that wish to participate in the program plus enough volunteers so that this activity does not become burdensome for a few.

Everyone , please check “Yes” or “No” for this Question:

Wish to be a mentor:   Yes_______         No_______

            If you check “Yes”, indicate the areas you feel comfortable in:

 Getting started (basics) ______                General (overall) genealogy ________

 Computer programs _________               Computer internet searches ________

 Genealogy literature _________               Local area search __________

 Birth/Death Certificates _______              Land Records ___________

 Comments __________________________________________________________

If you are a beginner, perhaps you can help other beginners as you learn.

So much about current genealogy research involves the internet. There is a good chance that you have some skills and/or experience to share.   If you are more experienced, this is your opportunity to sharpen your skills and teach what you know to others.


If you would like to participate in this project as a coordinator, mentor or “mentee”, please contact the society.