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Query Project

We need a process for receiving, handling, recording, distributing and responding to queries submitted by members and the general public.

If you would like to participate in this project let us know.

Key elements of this project are:
1. Sample query with guidelines
2. Query file (this may involve a link to the MSGENWEB site).
3. Permission to publish the requestors query including their contact information is also essential.

Sample query:


Dave KUHL, 210 Glen Eagles Drive, Ocean Springs, MS 39564-9041, e-mail:
is descended from Jacob MOSS (born before 1760) of Pennsylvania whose daughter Hannah Moss (13 Jun 1779 – 25 Dec 1865) married William WOODFORD (1769-1836) on 6 Nov 1795 in Rockingham County, VA. Woodford descendants came to Gilmer County about 1850. Did their Moss cousins and in-laws also come to Gilmer County? If you are connected to these lines, Dave would love to hear from you and exchange information.

You have my permission to publish any or all of the information above

As the sample indicates, surnames should be in boldface and full capital letters so they can be easily spotted and should be arranged in the initial part of the query for emphasis. Queries also need to be focused and specific. “Tell me everything you know about anyone named Smith who lived in the area.” is obviously too general and not likely to produce desirable results. For the convenience of editors, all essential elements should be mentioned first so that if the query has to be shortened, that nothing essential will be lost.
Include name, date and location to fully identify any individual.

Sample permission statements:
“You have my permission to publish any or all of the information above.”

“Please do not publish any contact information except for the name and e-mail address.”

Select and copy a statement to place in your query or compile your own. Remember that the more information that you provide, the more likely that we will find a match for you.

E-mail your query to Dave Kuhl at: