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Tourist Brochure

If you have some talents in writing or graphics, there is a need to develop a tourist brochure.

Some states have brochures in their welcome centers which list information for tourists who are interested in genealogy in the area.

One concept would be to display a map of I-10 and locate each library site.
Then list detailed location, library contents, hours of operation, contact information, etc.

The state tourist bureau has money to print the brochures, but someone has to develop the material.

Grant money may also be available for putting this project over the top.

Are you the person who can take charge, get this organized and move it forward?

Another concept might be to list cemeteries, courthouses, or other sites of interest to genealogists.

A brochure titled “The Mississippi Coast in 1800” might show locations of prominent families of the time. The possibilities are endless.

Partnering efforts with the casino industry are also to be considered. Casino operators may be very receptive to a pitch that one spouse may be a genealogist and the other would prefer to visit a casino. This effort could grow into developing literature, tours or other projects.