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Vertical File Project Index

There is a large volume of loose papers in the library called the “vertical file”.

The file collection is miscellaneous family files donated over the years and ranges from single pages to booklets. The material is several thousand pages and occupies a volume of several cubic feet.

In order to be retrievable, this information needs to be indexed and bound in such a manner that names can be looked up and the corresponding material located in a short period of time.

The file may contain just what you are looking for but if it is not indexed and organized, how will you find it?

An index has been typed and this project needs to be finalized. The material needs to be placed in volumes with provisions to accommodate the addition of more volumes.

Consideration should also be given to merging this project with the centennial project. An index of the surnames needs to be published on the website and/or published in a saleable book or electronic media format.