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Sunflower County, MS

Early Land Grants
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Early Land Grants- Sunflower County, Mississippi

Transcribed from Bureau of Land Management files
and contributed by Marjorie Norris.
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Year Name
1835 Dorsey, Owings
1836 No listed grants
1837 No listed grants
1838 No listed grants
1839 Elexson, Jeremiah
Ellis, Powhatan
Jaudon, Samuel
1840 Bookout, Benjamin R.
Boyd, Thomas P.
Chism, Claiborne
Compton, William H.
Cooper, Langston
Crane, Catherine M.
Crane, James W.
Crane, Robert E.
Crane, Salome A.
Creath, Albert G.
Daniell, Smith C.
Dawson, Henry S.
Downing, Alexander
Downs, Alfred C.
Dunlap, Hugh
Ferguson, Thomas
Fitz, Gideon
Folkes, Miles C.
Folkes, Samuel
Ford, James C.
Ford, Nicholas W.
Ford, Stephen
Freeland, Thomas
Gloyd, Spencer
Gray, Emmet
Gray, Nicholas
Haynes, Andrew
Hearne, Davidson
Henderson, Alexander C.
Henderson, Thomas
Herring, Redding B.
Hill, Parley
Hoopes, Passmore
Hord, Lewis
Hyde, Ezekiel
Kimball, Loring
Kline, Sarah
Lake, William A.
Martin, John
McNutt, Alexander G.
Mellen, William P.
Merrill, Ayres P.
Miller, Anderson
Moore, Joseph H.
Murdock, Francis
Patrick, Isham T.
Paxton, William H.
Payne, Jacob U.
Pescod, William
Poindexter, George
Poyntz, Moses
Poyntz, Nathaniel
Poyntz, William M.
Puckkett, Walter R.
Putnam, Albigence W.
Riddle, Robert
Saul, James
Savage, John
Sims, Ferdinand
Speer, William
Stark, Theodore O.
Stevens, James H.
Thrasher, John B.
Valentine, Richard
Vick, John W.
Wilcox, Jacob
Woodhouse, John
1841 Ball, George W.
Crockett, George
Daniel, William E.
Denton, Gabriel W.
Downing, Alexander
Fisher, George
Ford, James C.
Harrison, Abner G.
Hord, Lewis
Noe, James
Patrick, Isham T.
Porter, John A.
Thomas, John
1842 No listed grants
1843 No listed grants
1844 Bookout, Benjamin R.
1845 No listed grants
1846 No listed grants
1847 Cowherd, Benjamin R.
Morris, William
1848 Clark, John
1849 No listed grants
1850 Crockett, George
Crump, Armstad
Elsberry, Thomas G.
Estes, Archibald H.
Fisher, George
Harrison, Abner G.
Jones, Mary B.
Marr, George W.
Noe, James
Porter, John A.
Wilder, Mary B.
1851 Byrne, James W.
Gerson, Benjamin
Hirsh, Salegman
1852 Vick, John W.
1853 Estes, Archibald