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Adams Arbor Cemetery

This cemetery is located about three miles South of Charleston (Paynes Community) at the Adams Arbor Church of God, on HWY 35. Nick Denley completely Indexed it September 1997. Every Effort has been made to make this Cemetery as accurate as possible.

February 22, 1999 this cemetery proofed, and additions and corrections made.

Adams,Jayden/age 4/06-09-2012/08-06-2012
Aldy, Jonathan David/08-24-1974/07-03-1990
Baker, James H./1894/1951
Baker, Infant Son of J.T.& Arvella/01-17-1947/01-18-1947

Double Marker-Mother & Son
Bond, Kenneth Guy- 1943-09-13-1999/ son
Bond, Mary Lou Lomax- 12-15-1917- /mother
Booth, Doris Thelma/age 86/06-12-1917/10-10-2003
Bratton, Fannie A./01-11-1885/11-16-1955
Bratton, William H./05-21-1877/01-11-1960
Bratton, Charlie/07-27-1907/11-23-1974
Bratton, James Cecil/1934/1994
Braton, Keith/01-03-1965/04-24-1989
Bratton, Lawrence E."Buck"/08-05-1943/04-13-1967
Bratton, Curtis Ray/Pvt US Army/07-30-1938/09-13-1975
Browning, Charlie W./09-24-1872/09-12-1961
Browning, Londie L. Jane/09-22-1878/01-30-1950
Double Marker
Burns, Ellen Stone/07-07-1875/12-31-1954
Burns, Edgar C./01-22-1887-05/26-1952
Cervenka, Nina Flynn/age 91/died/11-27-2011
Chandler, John "Bill"/1927/1987
Clolinger, J.E./No dates
Double Marker
Clolinger, Clyde D./10-09-1909/10-21-1996
Clolinger, J. Clarence/05-26-1905/06-05-1969
Collins, Guy J./12-05-1907/12-23-1953
Collins, Lula Mae/1914/10-23-1998
Double Marker
Cole, Bessie Beatrice /02-16-1911/06-26-2005
Cole, Jessie Thomas/09-07-1903/06-11-1985
Double Marker
Cook, G.T./02-29-1880/01-16-1943
Cook, Ida C./04-18-1885/04-26-1971
Double Marker
Cook, Thomas Andrew/08-04-1920/04-27-1994
Cook, Gertrude Dewberry/09-11-1919/04-27-1994
Double Marker
Cook, Nita/02-07-1927
Cook, James/06-06-1925/02-18-1986
Double Marker
Cooper, Vernie Cole/10-29-1883/10-14-1954
Cooper, Claude C./02-05-1885/07-29-1959
Cox, Cassidy Leann/06-26-1986/06-28-1986
Cunningham, Louis B./Tech-MS Med Det-562 SGI AW BN 5-WWII/12-01-1919/02-15-1949
Dahl, Calvin "Buddy" Jr./age 79/06-02-1029/05-13-2009
Daniel, Montie/08-07-1902/01-05-1960
Double Marker
Denley, David "Cap"/12-28-1872/10-26-1951
Denley, Zennie Arbuckle/09-10-1893/04-23-1964
Denley, Charlie/no date
Dewberry, Purvis Dalie-/8-05-1926/10-08-1984
Dewberry, Minnie V./08-16-1898/05-12-1952
Dewberry, Archie F./02-03-1897/05-20-1971
Dewberry,Bradford E./1932/1955
Dewberry, Noble G./MSgt US Air Force/12-01-1935/04-08-1994
Dorris, Bessie Teddy/08-12-1888/11-15-1942
Emerson, James Goodlett/04-08-1880/10-09-1957
Emerson, Lillian V./01-03-1904/02-20-1941
Flynn, Miles M./11-23-1911/05-03-1991
Flynn, Nina/01-10-1920
Double Marker
Flynn, James H./08-20-1889/08-25-1955
Flynn, Ruth L./10-13-1890/01-14-1975

Double Marker
Freeman, Viola Marie (Porter)- 08-02-1927-
Freeman, William R. - 04-21-1928
Futhey, Olene Allison/age 82/04-08-1919/05-31-2001
Double Marker
Garner, Linda Carol (Collins)- 02-25-1952-11-02-2004
Garner, Robert Earl- 08-10-1943-
Gentry, Courtney Breann- 09-09-1995-01-31-2000/dau of Angela Dawn Gentry & James Wayne Gentry ( BR> Double Marker. )
Goodwin, Charles N./04-26-1938/04-23-1950
Goodwin, Lillian /Age 96/died 11-13-2012/no Cemetery listed
Double Marker
Goodwin, Lillian Nichols/10-24-1916
Goodwin, John David/09-08-1913/09-04-1973
Gentry, Willie Thomas "Billy"/Age 80/03-31-1931/09-23-2011
Hardin, James Russell/SP5 MS TRP D 10 RECON CAV, Vietnam/01-15-1948/12-01-1970
Hardin, F.L./09-16-1901/05-04-1971
Hardin, Rose/11-09-1908/06-09-1956
Double Marker
Hardin, Virginia Ann Bery/05-07-1873/11-21-1947
Hardin, Samuel J./04-23-1862/07-21-1945
Double Marker
Hardin, Blanch Marie (Wolfe)/09-30-1922/07-16-1997
Hardin, Carl C./05-09-1911/07-18-1974
Double Marker
Harper, Willie Lee/12-05-1938
Harper, Hazel Arbuckle/03-19-1942/11-15-1986
Henry, Leslie/1St. Sgt/WWII/02-01-1917/07-23-1943
Henson, Leon/1920/1993
Double Marker
Henson, John Henry/1916/1980
Henson, Birtie Rodgers/1896/1979
Double Marker
Henson, Alice O'Neal/11-08-1910
Henson, Allie Welborn/12-15-1910/1995
Howard, Infant- 05-26-1978-/ 05-26-1978/ daughter of Kathy (Cunningham) & Bobby Howard
Double Marker
Howell, Willie Mae/12-13-1921/09-08-2001
Howell, Guy E./07-21-1920/05-15-1967
Double Marker
Howell, Lera V./09-01-1900/06-16-1962
Howell, Corbett M./05-10-1897/06-19-1973
Howell, Gregory Scott/08-17-1966/08-15-1967
Hudson, Bonnie B./04-16-1946/07-23-1987
James, Jerry Lee/1939/1984
Johnson, Arthur/09-1917/01-1988
Double Marker
Johnson, Mattie R./1890/1972
Johnson, Willie E./1880/1963
Kendall, Lucille N./12-24-1907
Double Marker
Kennedy, Lola Pearl/08-10-1908/09-24-1983
Kennedy, William D./01-13-1904/03-22-1987
Kennedy, James Robert/01-05-1941/01-17-1994
Kennedy, William L./US AIR FORCE-KOREA/06-04-1930/01-14-1987
Latham, Jewel/SCE MS USNR-WWII/05-23-1915/04-04-1952
Lawson, Roy G./A2C MS 93 FTR INTCO SO AF/08-27-1931/05-21-1956
Lick, Mollie (Cook)- d- 08-01-2008/ age 97 yrs.
Lindsey, Jennifer- 02-26-1974- 11-08-1977/dau of Guy & Wanda Cunningham Lindsey
Little, Infant- Larry Stephen "Steve"/ son of Carson & Nell Little
Double Marker
Little, Eva J./1896/1963
Little, Joe H./1889/1956
Double Marker/Wed/05-13-1947
Little, Nell B./08-08-1927
Little, Carson, Sr./12-31-1926/01-11-1982
Little, Hamp, Jr./10-21-1925/06-21-1987
Double Marker
Little, Hamp, Sr./04-27-1903/08-16-1975
Little, Annie Lou/01-14-1909/10-31-1997
McCullough, Marvin Wesley, Jr./07-17-1964/07-27-1964
Double Marker
McCartney, William M.,Jr./12-18-1926/05-29-1996
McCartney, Joan Moorman/03-24-1940
McGarrity, Floy Kerr/age 88/died 10-23-2011/interred 10-25-2011
McFerrin, John Robert, Sr./Husb. Shirley Ann Wheeler McFerrin/age 76/05-25-2005
Double Marker
McFerrin, Myrtle Porter/07-03-1897/06-22-1967
McFerrin, Iry Clayton/12-15-1898/05-09-1955
Mcgarrity, Benny Fred/age 62/died 02-17-2007/interned 02-19-2007
McGarrity, E.C./08-05-1900/07-08-1947/Son of S.E. & L.B.McGarrity
McGarrity, Morris, Jr./09-04-1949/10-25-1949
McGarrity, Sam /11-22-1877/04-07-1952/Son of W.R.& E.A. McGarrity

Double Marker
McGarrity, Jesse C. "J.C"- 09-11-1937-
McGarrity, June Gay (Worsham)- 06-01-1940-
Double Marker/Wed/06-24-1939
McGarrity, Floy Kerr/01-12-1923
McGarrity, Benford "Pete"/10-19-1918/04-30-1994
Double Marker
McGarrity, Margaret C./10-16-1882/05-31-1944
McGarrity, Benjamin F./06-10-1883/02-24-1949
Double Marker
McGarrity, Essie/04-23-1922/01-08-2008
McGarrity, Clyde L./03-18-1916/10-11-1998
Moorman, James “Twin”- b.-ca 1924- d.-No Marker  /child of Dexter and Nellie (Jones) Moorman.<BR>

Moorman, Jessie “Twin”- b.-ca 1924- d.-   /child of Dexter and Nellie (Jones) Moorman.<BR>No Marker

Moorman, Betty Gail- B.-1945- D.-08-07-1945/ child of Dexter and Nellie (Jones)No Marker Moorman.<BR

Moorman, Henry Winn- B.- 1870- D.- 10-10-1952<BR>

Morris, Betran L., Jr./age 56/12-31-1944/08-17-2001
Morris, Martha J./02-02-1925/08-26-1955
Moorman, Alvie D./1899/1977
Moorman, W.T./1873/1946
Double Marker/Wed/03-18-1938
Moorman, Altha P. Tapley/12-22-1913/03-09-1992
Moorman, John Frank/12-11-1907/age 98/04-23-2006
Mounce, John Marvin/buried Greenhill cem-Sapulpa Ok/10-15-1908/01-26-1998
Mounce, Myrtice Brunson/buried Greenhill Cem-Sapulpa Ok/05-04-1913/11-26-1994/
Mounce, Willis V.Jr./Husb of Jessie Dean Cole/1930/11-02-1998
Mounce, Vardaman/1905/02-22-1998
Double Marker/Wed/11-26-1928
Mounce, Freda Hall/05-08-1913/11-13-1991
Mounce, Willis V./09-26-1906/03-08-1985
Murphy, Joe Earl,Sr./Age 64/08-17-1944/01-11-2009>BR> Double Marker/Wed/11-28-1937
Murphy, Clyde Lorene/Age 87/03-29-1915/04-06-2002
Murphy, Thomas Houston/06-05-1916/09-12-1982
Newsom, Russell Howell/age 85/husb of Frances Allison Newsom/WWII Navy Vet./12-06-1918/07-13-2004
Newsom, Frances Kathleen (Allison) "Seby"- 01-05-1918-/ 11-08-2009
Double Marker
Newsom, Modie C. Wolfe/09-16-1903/02-07-1997
Newsom, Johnny D. Sr./09-05-1900/09-10-1983
Double Marker
Newsom, Jessie Mae Flynn/age 80/07-19-1923/05-26-2004
Newsom, Johnny.D. Jr,/10-21-1922/08-05-1988
Double Marker
Newsom, Afton/11-13-1912/11-10-1991
Newsom, Mildred E./age 88/04-16-1916/05/10-2004
Tripple Marker
Newsom, Rita Faye/04-23-1956
Newsom, Margaret/05-14-1927/03-14-1992
Newsom, Frank Perry/12-29-1921/05-12-1993
Double Marker
Newsom, Frank/09-12-1887/02-29-1980
Newsom, Beatrice/09-16-1892/10-04-1982
Double Marker
Newton, Alice/1875/1954
Newton, Rose White/07-26-1900/01-10-1949
Newton, Furman/10-07-1920/08-30-1955
Double Marker
Nichols, Katie Pearl/11-28-1894/10-28-1964
Nichols, Charles, Jr./03-19-1887/10-11-1951
Norris, John Everett/Infant Son of Louise & Pleas Norris/01-07-1948/01-08-1948
Norris, Pleas M./05-06-1899/10-10-1963
Norris, Fred A./FN US Navy Korea/12-13-1929/06-13-1970
Double Marker
Norris, Katherine H./06-05-1891/12-14-1983
Norris, John H./10-25-1891/04-07-1972
Osbarn, Ogar Clyde/1880-1965
Osbarn, Lillie Mae/10-01-1881/04-27-1956
Osborn, Martha Sue/age 76/died 04-16-2009/interred 04-18-2009
Double Marker
Osbarn, Lelar Myrtle/08-09-1906/05-31-1984
Osbarn, William Henry/F3 US Navy/WWII/07-31-1897/02-24-1975
Double Marker
Osbarn, Sue C./05-01-1932
Osbarn, William H., Jr./07-30-1924/01-07-1989

Payne, William Junior/03-17-1938/06-20-1958
Double Marker
Petrie, Cynthia L./1882/1974
Petrie, George T./1878/1952
Porter, James Alton/PVT WWII TN/CoA/25 QMTNGBN/03-30-1923/09-09-1961
Porter, Ruby A./12-11-1925/03-14-1970
Porter, Sarah Mae/06-14-1945/06-17-1945
Porter, William A./08-02-1944/08-09-1944
Double Marker
Porter, Margaret Fay/03-02-1928
Porter, W.V.Jr./05-22-1925
Double Marker
Porter, Bessie M./03-01-1902/01-16-1984
Porter, W. Vernon/09-26-1899/03-03-1986
Roberson, Claudie B.W./05-28-1915/age 85/11-24-2000
Roberson, Pete H./09-07-1910
Rogers, Earl Brewer/1908-1950
Rodgers, John Almer/ 01-03-1906/08-24-1979
Rodgers, Ruby Ashmore/03-22-1910/07-27-1952
Russell, Myrtle/06-16-1927/02-02-1993
Russell, Eldren L./08-30-1921/01-12-1976
Russell, Maybell Taylor/1905/1993
Double Marker
Russell, Ruby Andrews/02-07-1931/04-02-1980
Russell, James Luther/04-05-1928/01-06-1988
Scallions, Georgia S./04-29-1874/02-04-1957
Scallions, Martha Louise/age85/06-08-1919/05-26-2005
Double Marker
Scallions, William/03-15-1889/05-24-1961
Scallions, Littie/06-18-1893/12-24-1950
Sherman, Angel/dau of Chris H. & Vicki W. Sherman/B&D 06-25-1998
Double Marker
Simmons, Johnnie Mae Moorman/05-13-1903/03-27-1948
Stack, Mary Kathryn/06-08-1926/04-09-1949
Starnes, Hunter Wade- 1989- 02-01-2000/ son of Billy Ray Starnes Jr. & Angla D. Gentry
Staten, Cecil Ray Eugene/12-23-1983/12-23-1983
Staten, Ocie McGarity/September 19, 1908/September 1971
Staten, T.B./04-12-1904/07-25-1965
Sullivan, Leola I./1888/1993
Trusty, Ruth Elder Hardin-/88 Yo/02-07-1928/05-19-2011
Tapley, Jewel (Whitten)- d.-04-01-2007/age 86 yrs./wife of Clarence Tapley, Sr.
Tapley, Clarence W./06-24-1921/05-10-1956
Thorn, Leroy Q./03-11-1938/04-10-1970
Tyler, Buler Clark/1920/1985
Warner, John Henry/1938/1984
Washington, George T. Jr./TEC 4-US Army WWII/08-13-1923/11-01-1980
Double Marker
White, Brenda/10-30-1957/06-16-1974
White, Benjamin O. Jr. /09-04-1951
Double Marker
Wilkerson, Ruben Neil/TECH5/US ARMY WWII/09-08-1926/07-15-1991
Wilkerson, Joyce Pierce/age 76/05-19-1928/09-18-2004
Williams, JoAnn McGarrity/age 55/07-16-1947/01-23-2003
Williams, Lorene/1879/1952
Williams, Lonzo F./07-10-1885/10-19-1976
Winter, Jimmy Dale/1949/1949
Winter, Paul/10-15-1942/07-11-1958
Winters, Jerry Dean/age55/US Army Vet/05-03-1955/03-09-2011
Winters, Brenda Joyce/age 49/07-17-1952/04-26-2002
Winters, James Jackson/1921/09-27-1998
Winters, Delorece Osbarn/age 81/died 02-24-2010
Double Marker
Winters, Geneva C./WYF of Rev. Louie Winters/08-21-1928/11-6-1998
Winters, Louie/08-25-1925/09-04-1990
Double Marker
Winters, Betty Lou/08-12-1900/01-15-1964
Winters, Winter S./01-09-1894/10-19-1977
Double Marker/Wed/ 07-03-1943
Winters, Maurine Osbarn/05-02-1926
Winters, Henry G./02-07-1924/07-20-1996
Woods, Charles E., Jr./10-03-1948/04-07-1949
Woods, Terry Frank/08-08-1958
Woods, Marion Gail/04-17-1955/07-24-1956

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