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Ashland Cemetery Est. 1871

From Charleston you go South on Hwy 35 to Cascilla Rd. Go East on Cascilla road. When You get to Cascilla turn South, go Approx, .3 mile, At the intersection turn left onto Cascilla Granada County grave road, continue approx. .5 miles turn left at first gravel road (Ashland Cemetery sign is there). Go approximately 1 mile Ashland Cemetery road is the first road to the left after you turn onto the Cemetery road. It is about .2 miles to the Cemetery.

There are many graves that are unmarked, and many you can not read. Every effort has been made to make this cemetery as accurate as possible.

In England Wyf is used to indicate that this is the Wyf of a certain Man. This is the old English way of doing it, and I have chosen to use this in the Cemeteries we have indexed.

This cemetery was proofed and corrections and additions done February 1999

This Cemetery Indexed by Nick Denley of Charleston Mississippi-September 1997.


Allbritton, Albert L./1862-1926
Allbritton, Bryan L./MS Pvt. HQ Co 5 Inf. WWI/08-09-1896/02-04-1963
LRA Infant/No Dates
Allbritton, Billy Gene/01-12-1939-04-12-1939
Allbritton, Betty Louise/12-07-1920/01-19-1987
Allbritton, Ronnie Dean/01-06-1956/07-15-1964
Allbritton, Samuel Meer/Son of AL&AD Allbritton/02-21-1888/05-15-1902
Allbritton, Jessie/1910/1932
Allbritton, Ruby Lee/11-04-1901/07-25-1913
Double Marker
Allbritton, Leslie Franklin/06-28-1902/04-05-1973
Allbritton, Myrtle Winters/03-07-1903/11-29-1965
Bartleson, Lyde Bloodworth/09-26-1912/11-08-2003
Barnett, Alma,/Son of Ed & Mammie Barnett/11-18-1895/02-05-1919
Barnett, Eugile,/dau. of Ed & Mammie Barnett/03-15-1897/08-06-1916/ Wed 09-15-1915 to Herbert Kittle
Bloodworth, Alma Moore/09-17-1880/11-08-1969
Bloodworth, Andrew N./12-28-1876/07-08-1976
Bloodworth, Blanchie/Wyf of McSwine Bloodworth/02-08-1886/10-09-1959
Bloodworth, Harmon Hayes/Co C.-14 Miss LA C.S.A./No Dates
Bloodworth, Sally Pressgrove/Wyf of Harmon Bloodworth/1852/1929
Bloodworth, Joe Bridges/01-31-1891/08-31-1966
Bloodworth, Lena May/Dau. of Andrew & Alma Bloodworth/08-31-1910/09-10-1912
Bloodworth, Mary Ellett/08-28-1888/09-06-1975
Bloodworth, Mary H./12-09-1856/09-26-1910
Bloodworth, Napolean/07-01-1851/02-01-1907
Brown, Betty Thomas/04-18-1867/03-10-1923
Brown, J.W./11-13-1854/08-31-1910
Brown, McHenry/02-14-1892/04-04-1916
Brown, G.W./06-15-1828/06-24-1910
Brown, Sadie Whitten/Infant of J.H. & Ione Brown/06-02-1898/10-07-1897
Brown, Little Buddy/Infant Son of J.H. & Ione Brown/10-14-1883/10-14-1883
Double Marker
Brown, Minnie F. /1920/1990
Brown, Gustaf E. /1919/1992
Double Marker
Brown, Eugene T. /1884/1944
Brown, Mary Harris /1860/1943
Brunson, Anna D./04-16-1868/11-06-1947
Brunson, Charlie/08-19-1905/02-15-1967/MS Pvt US Army
Brunson, Charles S./10-03-1895/07-12-1996/Son of G.W.& M. Brunson
Double Marker
Brunson, William M. /1854/1943
Brunson, L. Theodocia /1861/1927
Double Marker
Burkhalter, Robert D. /04-29-1859/09-11-1915
Burkhalter, Mary Alice /02-16-1889/10-14-1914
Burt, Earlene/09-09-1887/07-10-1903
Burt, Fannie/09-09-1897/07-10-1903
Double Marker
Burt, John W./1852/1926
Burt, Jennie H./1858/1942
Campbell, Jesse A./02-27-1892/05-15-1963
Carter, Willie /10-19-1879/11-18-1888
Chandler, Annebelle Yelverton/03-20-1914/03-18-1995
Cox, Evvie Rigers/Dau of N.B.& K.L. Cox/11-23-1902/04-01-1904
Denham, Dr. William F./Veterinarian/07-17-1873/03-11-1933
Double Marker
Denham, Nannie/1876//1959
Denham, Vernon/1899/1968
Dilliangham, Miss Matt/10-22-1840/01-01-1929
Double Marker
Dillingham, E.F. Wyf of B.D./mother of I.H.Wolfe/obit 1901/06-14-1812/12-23-1900
Dillingham, B. 05/12-1812/06-10-1892
Dogan, John H./09-19-1849/06-04-1896
Dogan, Lent Y./01-02-1878/04-17-1904
Dogan, Paul J./01-05-1889/07-29-1912
Early, Quinn A./1894/1980
Early, Jackson, Sr./1891/1950
Early, Jackson, Jr./Sgt. 7540 Maint Ms G.P.A.F.WWII//07-26-1917/05-12-1961
Early, Thelma Lowe/1914/1916
Ellett, Millicent H./1858/1948
Ethridge, Mary Whitten/08-25-1893/11-26-1933
Foster, Charles W."Chuck"/12-18-1967/09-29-1981
Franklin, Betty King/age 55/08-28-1946//04-22-2002
Franklin, Dovlee/07-03-1904/07-01-1920
Franklin G.R./Illegible
Franklin, Ina T./12-31-1912/01-07-1956
Franklin, Johnny Clay/07-14-1945/01-19-1993
Franklin, Sarah E./Died 04-15-1896
Gentry, Nettie B./09-04-1910/12-09-1967
Goodwin, Mary Amanda Hudgins/03-24-1871/12-27-1955
Goodwin, Eugene Dee/07-14-1918/12-27-1920
Double Marker
Goodwin, Martin Dee/05-03-1861/07-26-1944
Goodwin, Fannie Harris/09-05-1862/10-10-1946
Double Marker
Goodwin, Mary Rivers Goodwin/07-25-1908/08-13-1988
Goodwin, Henry D.,Sr./10-25-1902/12-30-1987
Double Marker
Goodwin, Margaret A./02-07-1893/04-17-1956
Goodwin, Thomas W.,Sr./01-07-1892/01-02-1970
Double Marker
Gore, Joel B./07-24-1917/10-01-1985
Gore, Shirley A./04-15-1938/10-06-1982
Grammer, Dennis Ray/age 42/02-26-1964/10-17-2007
Grammer, Patricia Simmons/age 47/Wyf of Dennis Grammer/died 11-24-2006/interned 11-26-2006
Hanks, Miss Armetus/01-16-1881/11-18-1919
Hanks, J.B./Co D. 2BnB LA HV ARTY C.S.A./Died 02-09-1936
Hanks, Leland S./12-15-1885/10-08-1958
Hanks, Mary Alice/11-25-1855/09-04-XXXX/Marker Broken
Hanks, Maude M./07-04-1885
Hankins, Geneva McCammon/06-03-1923/05-22-1986
Harris, Herbert Lee/02-25-1871/08-09-1935
Harris, Joseph H./03-25-1865/12-25-1910
Harris, Annie N./Dates not legible
Harris, John Frank, Jr./age 91/WWII Army Vet/died 12-05-2008/interred 12-09-2008
Harris, Inf. Dau. of W.C.& W.E. Harris/09-17-1884/09-17-1884
Harris, Walter Edward "Ed"/SSgt. US Army Air Corps WWII/04-30-1920/03-06-1993
Harris, Frances Effie/07-04-1914/10-12-1914
Harris, William E./Confederate Soldier/02-02-1848/06-06-1932
Harris, Martha Speck/age 81/died 03-01-2007/interned 03-03-2007
Double Marker
Harris, Emily/1826/01-13-1899
Harris, H.A./1826/01-19-1899
Double Marker
Harris, Jennie B./11-04-1864/12-28-1924
Harris, Walter/04-23-1858/08-18-1915
Double Marker
Harris, John Major/11-19-1830/01-29-1910
Harris, Fannie/Wyf of J.M. Harris/05-30-1827/11-18-1904
Double Marker
Harris, Ammie Whitten/1891/1965
Harris, John Frank/1888/1957
Hartman, Andrew/06-30-1916/06-30-1916
Hey, Claud Hiram/02-26-1894/02-19-1915
Hey, Lucy A./ Wyf of M. Hey/05-XX-1851/08-11-1907
Hey, Michael/05-XX-1847/02-XX-1927
Hey, William Henry/09-07-1883/12-19-1937
Double Marker
Hicks, Connie W./10-06-1899/06-19-1976
Hicks, Will J./09-25-1866/08-30-1959
Higdon, Minnie Brown/01-06-1898/03-06-1918
Double Marker
Hoop, Louis Bly/03-06-1889/08-07-1946
Hoop, Clara Goodson/02-18-1891/12-15-1966
Hoop, John Willaim/Sgt Tank Co. 19 PRCHT Inf WWII/01-23-1926/01-29-1962
Howell, A.M./1885/1962
Howell, ABB B./07-23-1866/02-22-1914
Howell, Martha P./1851/1947
Howell, Jeffie E./Dau. of A.B.& M.R. Howell/06-12-1889/12-04-1918
Jones, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Jones/11-01-1950/11-01-1950
Kendall, Allie/1888/1962
Kendall, Asberry/age 86/09-24-1916/07-21-2003
Kendall, Brenda Sue/07-04-1955/07-08-1955
Kendall, Barbara Johnson/12-15-1942/03-20-1988
Kendall, C.V./No dates
Kendall, Charles F./Pfc US Army/WWII/1927/1976
Kendall, Charles W./Co H 15 MS Inf C.S.A./No dates
Kendall, Dorothy/03-11-1918/02-18-1943
Kendall, Elijah Oscar/Died 12-15-1959/Age 78 yrs. 8 mos. 13 days
Kendall, Elizabeth, Wyf of James A. Kendall/03-31-1850/06-30-1929
Kendall, Ethel C.M./12-27-1922/10-04-1990
Kendall, James C./Miss/Pfc Col 16 Inf/05-19-1929/08-27-1961
Kendall, J.T./08-04-1904/07-21-1968
Kendall, Lester Vester/No Dates
Kendall, Otis/age 76 /02-01-1932/06-11-2008/interred 06-12-2008
Kendall, Sammie D. Sr./01-02-1919/08-06-1987
Kendall, Spencer E./01-05-1908/10-17-1969
Kendall, Virginia Sue/04-06-1951/12-18-1994
Kendall, Wanda Carol/06-06-1957/01-27-1971
Kendall, Willie/Miss Pvt US Army WWI/12-20-1896/11-23-1968
Double Marker
Kendall, Hinds C. /07-02-1897/09-12-1971
Kendall, Thomas W./03-15-1880/02-12-1952
Tripple Marker
Kendall, Robert Spicy/09-01-1869/11-17-1926
Kendall, Reed Melton/04-14-1873/12-11-1967
Kendall, Victoria/ Infant/No Dates
Double Marker
Kendall, Vinnie K./07-18-1907/02-08-1975
Kendall, John D./05-17-1898/02-21-1955
Double Marker
Kendall, Nellie M./10-04-1918
Kendall, Andrew T /09-15-1911/07-19-1966
Double Marker
Kendall, Ida Mae/06-20-1886/08-01-1963
Kendall, John Henry/04-10-1881/06-10-1957
Double Marker
Kendall, Fannie Mae/01-02-1911/12-20-1979
Kendall, Robet Weston/11-18-1904/11-28-1963
Double Marker
Kendall, Mary Frances Winters/08-15-1938/11-04-2008/interred 11-07-2008
Kendall, John Preston ,Sr./04-16-1922/05-19-1985
Double Marker/Married 04-19-1926
Kendall, William H./12-20-1896/11-23-1969
Franklin, Betty King/age 55/08-28-1946//04-22-2002 (my aunt, Tommy's mother)
Kendall, Vadie M./Wyf of William Henry Kendall/01-16-1906/11-12-1998
Kittle, Eugile, Dau of Ed & Mammie Barnett/Wed Herbert Kittle/ 09-15-1915/03-15-1897/08-06-1916
LRA infant no dates
Leggett, Wyatt ,infant Son of C.W. & H.C. Leggett/05-05-1901/03-05-1901
Lovell, Sarah/08-08-1892/10-24-1892
Lovell, James R./Husband of Mollie B. Lovell/03-20-1862/02-25-1900
McCammon, Charlie L./08-03-1916/12-06-1977
McKenzie, Willis Autley/1944/1944
Double Marker
McKenzie, Willie W./04-22-1907/07-17-1980
McKenzie, Myrtle S./08-02-1918/04-12-1990
Manuel, S.A./04-21-1814/02-12-1905
Double Marker
Marshall, Jesse R./05-25-1897/03-18-1975
Marshall, Sadie Rice/02-22-1893/04-07-1973
Melton, Bobby Charles/age 43/03-07-1966/07-09-2009
Melton, Etol/02-14-1907/01-11-1975
Melton, Jimmy Gail/11-22-1945/04-06-1995
Melton, Jim/04-26-1903/02-15-1986
Melton, John D./11-02-1941/02-05-1979
Melton, Mary Gail/02-28-1977/03-02-1977
Melton, Ruth Lenise/12-14-1932/08-22-1967
Melton, Tommy Edward/09-14-1967/01-19-1993
Melton, George E./05-19-1942/07-01-1991
Melton, Luther R./09-22-1936/04-16-1995
Melton, Lillie Pearl/02-26-1945/11-03-1988
Melton, Lillie Fay/02-14-1962/09-27-1994
Melton, Tommy Edward/09-14-1967/01-19-1993 (my cousin)
Melton,Randall (Randy)
Melton, Infant/Born 1967/d-unk
Minchew, Joyce Ann(Melton) -06-19-1942-09-11-2008/ wyf of Paul Minchew/ dau of James Henry & Etoil Winters Melton***
Minchew,Paul Johnson/age 71/10-10-1939/12-20-2011 Double Marker
Mullen, Bettie Denman/05-02-1878/10-03-1964
Mullen, James Henry/01-20-1875/02-16-1964
Mullen, J.H./07-17-1830/09-29-1877
Double Marker
Mullen, William B. Mullen/1877/1955
Mullen, Willie Early Mullen/1886/1954
Murphree, Ollie T./Wyf of R.J. Murphree/02-02-1877/02-18-1967
Murphree, Dora Ruth/Dau of Hayse & Sybil Murphree/04-02-1934/10-15-1934
Double Marker
Newsom, Willie/1858/1926
Newsom, Vick/1865/1952
O'Bryant, Annie Lois Kendall/07-30-1902/01-26-1982
Oswald, Ann Elizabeth/Wyf of J.H. Oswald/03-07-1841/10-08-1911
Page, Fannie/Dau. of T.M. & E.T. Page/03-14-1907/02-12-1908
Payne, McSwine A./03-06-1884/02-25-1925
Double Marker
Pressgrove, Alice Hanks/1883/19XX
Pressgrove, William Pet/1879/1945
Double Marker
Pressgrove, Dorothy Whitten /01-26-1893/08-22-1973
Pressgrove, Alvin Lewis/09-20-1887/05-02-1961
Double Marker
Pressgrove, Mary Frances/1853/1919
Pressgrove, Arnold Monroe/1851/1936
Pressgrove, Mary L. Ross/Wyf of W.N."Sonny" Pressgrove/02-15-1863/05-11-1933
Pressgrove, Mildred/11-13-1914/04-21-1923
Pressgrove, Robert Lee/Son of A.M. & M.P. Pressgrove/08-20-1880/06-06-1899
Pressgrove, Walter Scott/Son of A.M. & M.P Pressgrove/07-12-1898/01-29-1919
Rice, Joel D./09-24-1843/12-15-1922
Rice, Temperance Alwilda/Wyf of Dr. Joel D. Rice/02-02-1842/12-18-1917
Rice, J.D.Jr./Infant son of Dr.& Mrs. R.D. Byars Rice/05-18-1920/07-24-1928
Rice, Fannie A./11-20-1858/11-26-1921
Rice, Sadie L./10-11-1877/02-03-1955
Rice, Thomas Autry/09-05-1882/07-22-1946
Rice, Green P. Sr./01-29-1835/07-26-1894
Double Marker
Rice, Annie/Wyf of L.I. Rice/07-03-1863/01-19-1894
Rice, Baby Pet-01-15-1894/01-15-1894
Ross, Susana /Wyf of William Ross/03-30-1802/09-09-1881
Double Marker
Ross, Mable/10-11-1835/09-24-1897
Ross, D.S./10-18-1828/02-17-1911
Russell, George Edward/BM3 US Navy/Vietnam/06-27-1940/01-23-1977
Sanford, George T./03-16-1864/12-31-1894
Two Double Markers/with 09-27-1917/02-09-1997 in the middle of the Marker. Marker Has Shackelford on both sides with out names. The Marker behind this one has on it/
Shackelford, Joseph Arnold/03-04-1878/10-04-1962
Shackelford, Daisy Brunson/02-12-1882/09-26-1920
Shackelford, Alice Brunson/11-22-1880/01-07-1960
Shackelford, Charles Arthur/03-04-1873/03-15-1966
Shepherd, J.H./12-14-1843/01-25-1890
Sherrell, Polly Shackelford/09-27-1916/02-08-1997
Sullivan, Sallie/Wyf of W.B.Sullivan/05-22-1857/08-14-1883
Sykes, Susan Alice Mullen/Wyf of I. Jefferson Sykes/1854/1905
Sykes, Isiah, Joshua "JAY" Sykes Jr./09-30-1846/1901
Tatum, Lela R./1880/1928
Double Marker
Thomas, H.S./07-28-1868/12-05-1921
Thomas, M.A./Wyf Of H.S. Thomas/07-30-1868/02-03-1896
Thomas, Bulah/ Wyf of H.M. Thomas/07-10-1884/07-02-1905
Thomas, Edgar/Arkansas Pvt. 478 AERO Sq/02-26-1920
Thomas, G.E."EM"/1860/1918
Thomas, G.H./06-04-1830/04-21-1898
Thomas, Marcy/Dau. of G.E. & A.L. Thomas/02-13-1895/10-03-1899
Thomas, Vade Ray/10-21-1891/09-11-1900
Trusty, Ada T./Dau of George & Fostana Harris Trusty/05-13-1886/05-24-1979.
Trusty, George Reed/12-02-1890/03-09-1954
Trusty, Gerald A./01-26-1932/02-03-1932
Trusty, G.W./01-01-1854/06-22-1912
Trusty, Harold M./Pvt.121 Inf. 8 Div. WWII/08-21-1920/11-28-1944
Trusty, Martha F./1854/1930
Trusty, Myrtle/05-28-1888/12-05-1962
Trusty, Modie/09-03-1893/07-03-1980
Trusty, Sarah Ruth/03-11-1951/08-19-1953
Double Marker
Trusty, Mary India/02-18-1874/09-19-1929
Trusty, John Elam/Husband of M.I. Trusty/11-25-1874/08-25-1905
Warren, Lucy Mullen Joiner/Mother of Diane J. Cole and Marion J. Staten/ 03-12-1910/08-31-1987
Double Marker
Webster, Tobitha /Died 07-18-1903/Age 82 Yrs.
Webster, T.M./1849/06-09-1882
White, Bibb/MS PFC US Army WWII/03-24-1908/02-14-1974
White, Edith Scott/1919/1993
Whitten, Alymer Guy/06-19-1890/06-24-1944
Whitten, Annie Mullen/01-20-1870/04-19-1960
Whitten, Betty Payne Bernard/age 72/wyf of James P. Buster Whitten/04-07-1933/06-23-2005/interned 06-25-2005
Whitten, Dell Durham/Wyf of William Curtis Whitten/Died 12-12-1949
Whitten, George L./1857/1897
Whitten, George/From Obit.died/1901
Whitten, George Morgan/04-05-1907/01-10-1959
Whitten, Harris Ray/12-24-1952/07-07-1991
Whitten, Nettie Early/10-30-1889/03-15-1965
Whitten, Robert Martin/09-XX-1858/02-XX-1912
Whitten, Sarah E./1856/1942
Whitten, William C./07-10-1896/08-05-1944
Double Marker
Whitten, Ocean S. Whitten/01-29-1903/11-07-1995
Whitten, Harris R. Whitten/09-25-1903/05-26-1979
Williams, Maybell "Billie" Kendall/02-04-1939/01-21-1990
Wilson, Mary B./04-07-1884/06-30-1968
Winter, Terry Lewis/08-29-1956/09-02-1956
Double Marker
Winter, Sarah Mildred /05-15-1926
Winter, Luther Edward/US Navy/01-21-1924/01-02-1986
Winters, Kenneth Earl/01-20-1954/02-03-1990
Winters, Michale Lewis/01-28-1969/03-07-1970
Wolfe, Audry Shon/12-08-1887/09-11-1906
Wolfe, Hettie Dean/Dau. of I.H.& E.C.Wolfe/07-20-1892/09-11-1896
Wolfe, Claude Trusty/12-02-1892/09-27-1972
Wolfe, Louise T./02-11-1913/11-01-1975
Double Marker
Wolfe, Eula C./05-21-1887/03-11-1931
Wolfe, AC Hilles T./09-17-1885/11-15-1957
Double Marker
Wolfe, I.H./03-04-1859/05-17-1934
Wolfe, E.C./03-19-1856/04-13-1936
Wolfe, Ulysees L./Son of I.H. & E.C.Wolfe/08-20-1891/09-20-1891
Woodards, Ottis K./02-01-1932/11-27-1877

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