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Brazil Baptist Church


This Cemetery Indexed by Nick Denley, Chancery Clerk of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi-September 1997. Every Effort has been made to make this Cemetery as accurate as possible

Directions: Take 32 East of Webb Mississippi to Hwy 321 North.
Go North on Hwy 321 to Brazil, turn right at Brazil and go to the
Church and Cemetery.


Brazil is located seven miles North East of Sumner Mississippi. This site was settled in the mid-1800's and called Lay for the man who owned the land, but later changed to Bessie for his daughter. The railroad was built in 1906 . Smith Murphree now owned the land, and it was called Murphree's Spur. For some unknown reason the name was changed to Brazil in 1915.

This Cemetery corrected, and updated February 1999.

Avens, Roy Lee/Husb of Elsie Fay Boothe/Age 57/died 07-19-2000

Aven, Jessica Marie/age 15/died in Auto accident/12-15-1987/10-18-2003
Bell, Maude/09-07-1886/10-26-1977
Double Marker
Bell, Adelene E./09-16-1921
Bell, John G./07-22-1912/11-26-1994
Bledsoe, George C. "Buddy"/02-25-1932/09-02-1997
Bledsoe, Wanda Gail/03-06-1961/07-28-1962
Boothe, William Thomas/01-12-1976/01-12-1996Br> Brooks, Edna M./09-19-1930/09-16-1979
Busby, Charles Wade/age 75/ Army Ntl Guard Vet./03-28-1935/09-10-2010
Busby, Clay Fleton/08-31-1938/service 10-28-1998
Busby, Elon Thomas/07-10-1926/01-22-1988
Busby, Mona Raye/age 66/02-28-1938/12-18-2004
Busby, Broken Marker/Illegible - per Janie Mailhes this marker should read; Susan Charlene Busby Nelson born Aug. 4, 1958 died July ?, 1979.  She is the daughter of Lucy and Wade Busby of Brazil. Busby, Shirley/age 45/03-01-1958/11-13-2003

Double Marker
Campbell, Carl S./11-02-1928/08-20-1993
Campbell, Vera Earlene-01-16-1931-11-02-1987
Double Marker
Campbell, Milus C., Sr./02-02-1905/07-31-1978
Campbell, Ruby P./11-11-1909/09-28-1995
Childress, Stacy Giles/age 67/06-30-1939/06-28-2007
Copleand, Fannie Mae/10-28-1946/04-20-1995

Darby, Joan McGee/1950/1992

Goodson, H.B./xx-xx-xx/03-16-1940
Green, Bobby Gene/08-17-1946/07-25-1996
Green, Juanita R./1927/1988
Green, Linnie Ray/1954/1991

Hardy, James Allen, Sr./10-23-1941/03-04-1992
Hardy, Joseph Aaron/04-05-1991/05-29-1991
Hardy, Michael Anthony/01-24-1965/05-04-1996
Hardy, Roger Dale/age 50/died June 29, 2004
Double Marker
Hardy, Frances "Fran" P./04-04-1928/07-30-1997
Hardy, John Lewis/06-06-1922/07-04-1982
Hawkins, Jimmie Dee/08-20-1982
Hawkins, Mazil K./08-09-1919/11-06-1972
Hawkins, Patricia/05-22-1955/09-05-1982
Hawkins, Reuben-08/10-1953/09-05-1982
Hendon, Cleveland R./US Army Korea/01-29-1929/05-29-1994
Hendon, John O'Neal/02-17-1943/08-10-1979
Double Marker
Higgenbotham, James Ira/10-30-1901/05-05-1987
Higgenbotham, Mallie L./06-23-1902/12-17-1986
Howell, Era Mae/1914/1988
Howell, James Allen, Sr./10-23-1941/03-04-1994
Howell, James Henry/PFC US Army WWII/05-08-1916/10-12-1978
Howell, Era Mae Clolinger/Wyf of James Henry/07-31-1914/03-18-1988/no marker-Info from Death Certificate

Kiihln, Tammy Renee/age 44/died 05-19-2012/interred 05-22-2012
Looney, Teresa Lynn/B&D-10-07-1980
Luckie, W. A./1885/12-17-1936

Melton, Elizabeth Ann/age 68/09-10-1940/01-18-2009
Melton, Garland G./1907/1962
Melton, John David/Sgt US Army WWII/07-14-1925/08-06-1988
Melton, Josie Raymond/02-13-1958/04-09-1994
Melton, Myrtis Bloodworth/Wyf Of Garland G./1922/1979
Melton, Ronny/04-02-1965/05-19-1993
Melton, Sudie K./06-07-1898/04-14-1975
Melton, Infant Dau of Jimmy & Neva Melton, Jr./11-05-1984
Double Marker
Melton, Audrey Mae/06-06-1925
Melton, Billy Robert/02-18-1929/02-04-1984
Miller, Janie Lou Busby/age 47/11-10-1955/07-27-2003
Mooney, Walter/1825-1977
Morris, John A./07-25-1916/12-18-1980

Outlaw, Willie, Jr./1979/05-04-1997

Double Marker
Pennington, Mary Ann/03-31-1940/04-03-1984
Pennington, Kenneth Ray/09-11-1937/11-10-1981
Phillips, Mrs. Carrie/1868/04-15-1949
Porter, Barbara Criswell/age 50/died 02-11-2012/interred 02-25-2012
Porter, Dana Sue/age 35/died in auto accident/02-16-1968/10-18-2003
Porter, Eric Dywayne/01-25-1966/09-23-1983 Porter, Sam Everett "Chicken"/age 74/07-12-1935/05-22-2010

Rodgers, Frances Jenkins/age 75/10-14-1931/03-09-2007/interned 03-11-2007
Rodgers, Lindsy B./age 86/07-06-1920/12-01-2006/WWII Vet

Shaffer, Dale Eugene/1937/01-23-1999
Shaffer, Mildred J./09-06-1931/05-20-1977

Whites, Rena Mae/10-05-1931/01-14-1990
Winters, John Wayne, Jr./1966/01-22-1999
Double Marker/Wed.-11-21-1939
Winters, Juanita M./05-08-1924
Winters, V.L./03-14-1917/10-13-1983
Double Marker
Winters, John Wayne/07-10-1945/03-15-1980
Winters, Joan Inez-03-23-1950-10-24-1992
Double Marker
Winters, Mary B./07-31-1905
Winters, Wardell S./02-14-1900/02-25-1980

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