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Charleston N.E.Ward



This cemetery and one or two others had several hundred folks missing. We do not know what or how it happened, but when they were typed some of them dropped from the disk, and that is why they were not discovered when proofed. Electronics are wonderful, but problems like this can and will happen.

This cemetery was proofed by Mrs. Betty Jean Staten Sandefer February 1999.
Nick Denley and Helen Staten


Adams, Jennie C./02-27-1883/02-08-1963
Adams, Joe C./12-14-1871/08-07-1943
Adams, Joe Hayden, Sr./10-31-1908/02-01-1975
Adams, T.O., Jr./1914-1933
Adams, Charlotte Hendrix/age 71/01-22-1935/04-01-2006/interned 04-05-2006
Double Marker
Adams, Clyde M./11-14-1916/12-25-1994
Adams, Ruby Green/10-18-1916/07-12-1999
Double Marker
Adams, Kate J./09-25-1887/09-04-1952
Adams, Walter L., Sr./01-17-1892/08-12-1980
Double Marker
Adams, Benjamin Phillip/09-22-1876/12-11-1969
Adams, Walter B. Allen/08-11-1888/10-03-1978
Double Marker
Adams, Harriett "Bess" Helms/12-19-1885/08-23-1956
Adams, Thomas Oscar/02-19-1884/01-11-1969
Double Marker-Wed-06-28-1946
Adams, Joe C./07-21-1922/11-18-1966
Adams, Loudell Carter/11-04-1918/09-04-1985
Double Marker
Adams, Floyd H./02-03-1897/10-15-1947
Adams, Ouida S./10-17-1902
Double Marker
Ahrens, Nell Muse/02-15-1931
Ahrens, Walter Norris/04-20-1929/08-10-1990
Alford, Hunter Laughlin "DUMP"/03-30-1915/07-24-1937
Alford, Johnny W./10-27-1912/01-19-1992
Double Marker/Wed 08-13-1947
Alford, George Lucille/08-10-1918
Alford, Joe Lynn/04-29-1921/05-06-1980
Double Marker
Alford, Hunter D./03-13-1883/11-19-1954
Alford, Margaret L./02-25-1882/03-23-1965
Allen, Arnold P./1909/1969
Allison, Mrs. A.V./1861/1934
Allison, James Stanley/1923/06-27-1966
Allison, Louis Addie/Son of Mr.& Mrs. L.A./12-10-1927/06-29-1935
Double Marker
Allison, Lee Russell/08-16-1915/01-24-1964
Allison, Verda Coleman/12-25-1918
Double Marker
Allison, Adell Newton/09-14-1895/07-24-1971
Allison, James Andrew/03-16-1885/06-27-1966
Ammons, Emma Steele/1895-1973
Ammons, Jesse/1894/1951
Ammons, William J. Jr./02-07-1947/09-08-1994
Double Marker
Ammons, Emily "Baby"/03-03-1919/06-06-1993
Ammons, William J./TSgt US Army WWII/06-08-1916/12-07-1980
Anderson, Bessie Harris/04-15-1883/12-15-1966
Anderson, Charles E./09-06-1878/03-06-1973
Double Marker
Anderson, Ronald W./07-20-1900/08-26-1979
Anderson, Zana B./01-10-1902/02-26-1994
Arnold, Herman Alexander Jr./06-26-1921/08-09-1998
Arnold, Joann Gunn/age 73/died 06-7-2000
Double Marker
Arnold, Elanor W./08-25-1898/06-09-1991
Arnold, Herman A.,Sr./09-19-1897/03-06-1980
Ayers, Debra "Debbie"Manuel"/died 02-18-2012/interred 02-18-2012
Bagwell, P.F./08-03-1829/12-22-1899
Bailey, Hattie Polk/01-22-1872/05-29-1948
Bailey, Lucy M./1895/1925
Bailey, Mattie G./Wyf of J.M./01-20-1870/12-14-1924
Double Marker
Bailey, John Allen/12-25-1872/04-01-1927
Bailey, Ora Lee/11-23-1874/02-23-1976
Baker, Addie L./11-23-1890/02-18-1937
Baker, A.V., Jr./07-20-1919/02-xx-1920
Baker, B.M./01-12-1845/09-19-1908
Baker, Mary Ursula Massey/Wyf of Sam P./06-07-1870/08-17-1943
Baker, Sam P./01-19-1865/04-06-1955
Baker, S.J./02-07-1862/06-03-1936
Baker, Mattie Walter/Wyf of S.J.Baker/07-15-1863/11-11-1902
Baker, Infant Son Stillborn/1920
Baker, Infant Son Stillborn/1921
Baker, Infant Son Stillborn/1924
Baker, Lillian Cooley/06-07-1900/04-20-1963
Baker, Robert T./03-06-1900/10-30-1976
Double Marker
Baker, Albert Vincent/1889/1950
Baker, Cora Rowland/1886/1958
Double Marker
Baker, Dora W./06-15-1897/09-14-1978
Baker, Everett G./11-05-1892/06-12-1938
Bardwell, David Guyon, M.D./08-03-1878/08-10-1948
Bardwell, Morris Neely/01-24-1895/10-01-1981
Barnes, Ida Marshall/05-28-1886/02-12-1976
Barnes, William Robert/11-09-1904/02-01-1979
Barnhill, Louise Steele/11-03-1902/12-20-1983
Barnhill, Milton Richard/06-07-1902/08-29-1956
Barns, David L./02-18-1934/01-13-1983
Barns, S.N.E./12-13-1839/02-09-1924
Double Marker
Barns, Shade H./1903/1974
Barns, Willie L./1912/1981
Double Marker
Barns, Shade H.,Jr./03-13-1930/05-01-1993
Barns, Eula V./10-08-1929/02-14-1990
Double Marker
Barnes, Maude Tatum/02-12-1884/01-07-1965
Barnes, Robert Lee/03-14-1882/01-21-1951
Barnett, John Ball Sr./age 77/10-12-1930/ 02-09-2008
Bartholomew, Jerry L./1937/03-06-1999
Beach, Amelia T./Widow of Charles Henry Beach/03-07-1915/11-12-1998
Beard, Valley Jo Ford/1934/01-18-1995
Beasnett, Harry Lee/03-15-1914/03-06-1978
Beasnett, Lois S./09-26-1910/11-25-1992
Double Marker
Best, Avnis Lee/08-25-1896
Best, Eva Smith/09-27-1901/09-26-1982
Double Marker
Bevill, Ivy Thomas/02-16-1915/08-13-1960
Bevill, Jimmie Hamilton/01-28-1916/09-20-2000
Double Marker/Wed./11-23-1930
Bevill, L.V./03-23-1910/04-24-1981
Bevill, Ozel Hamilton/age 98/05-03-1912/01-06-2009
Double Marker
Bing, John R.P./01-09-1905/11-11-1966
Bing, Kathryn Hey/08-23-1905/12-09-1999/widow of John R.P. Bing
Blalack, Freddie L./01-18-1904/05-02-1923
Blaylock, Gladys Sullivan/Dau of Mr.& Mrs. Jeff/06-28-1897/08-27-1981
Blaylock, Lee Offie/US Army WWI/05-11-1890/06-10-1974
Blalack, Marion H./02-01-1879/06-16-1973
Blalack, Thomas E. Sr./09-26-1873/11-04-1920
Double Marker
Blount, Ethel Harvey/1884/1967
Blount, James Andrew/1884/1974
Bogue, Lalla Wright/11-22-1850/06-17-1934
Bouge, R.E.L./08-26-1870/05-06-1912
Bogue, Thomas J./03-10-1833/06-14-1906
Bonds, Charlie P., Sr./04-06-1896/03-27-1967
Bonds, Eddie Lee-01-21-1900-10-24-1979
Bonds, Helen May/03-21-1916/01-23-1918
Bonds, Lonnie F./10-14-1881/11-29-1920
Bonds, Lonnie/03-21-1914?/02-21-1918?
Bonds, Mable Ann/09-20-1898/04-14-1980
Double Marker
Bonds, Aylne W./03-01-1902/07-30-1984
Bonds, Lloyd L./09-12-1898/02-29-1988
Double Marker
Bonds, Bobby L./11-24-1928/06-14-1978/ONE SIDE BLANK
Double Marker
Bonds, Lewis B./09-23-1875/02-06-1919
Bonds, Louise C./07-20-1875/02-14-1923
Boone, Bessie "Bess" Houston/08-25-1915/02-19-2005
Boone, John Curlee Jr./Sgt.US Army Air Corps, WWII/02-02-1913/06-24-1992
Double Marker
Boone, John Curlee, Sr./07-03-1875/07-02-1953
Boone, Mollie Lamb/08-27-1886/02-03-1976
Bowen, Nancy Thompson/1847/1913
Box, Runen L., Jr./age 76/Wyf Lora Joy Smith Box/08-31-1928/08-01-2005
Double Marker
Box, Susie P./02-23-1897/04-06-1985
Box, Ruben L., Sr./10-01-1892/01-22-1953
Boyd, Emma Dear/09-09-1879/01-18-1975
Bragg, Agnes J./03-23-1929/11-23-1976
Bramlett, Margaret Porter/1881/1987
Branch, Ann/Sister of Mrs. M.E.Whitten/died 01-08-1918/near Batsville, Ms
Brannon, DeWitt B./01-30-1887/03-26-1946
Brannon, Gentry Marett/03-05-1893/07-20-1979
Brannon, Gentry Marett, Jr./10-01-1920/03-08-1964
Brannon, Jaylee Brunson/09-03-1894/09-11-1986
Brannon, Laurah Massey-died 09-16-1954/Age 91 Yrs. 8 Mos. 29 Days
Brannon, Nettie Browning/01-12-1893/08-05-1980
Brasher, Hubert Clinton/05-11-1906/10-31-1975
Brasher, Hugh Rayford/Shelby Co. Tn/08-28-1941/08-29-1959
Double Marker
Brasher, Minnie A./05-31-1888/08-30-1972
Brasher, William Sam/06-12-1881/09-09-1945
Double Marker
Brasher, Ernest/07-11-1892/08-14-1972
Brasher, Katherine B./03-29-1904/08-03-1986
Double Marker
Brasher, Garrie/10-17-1894/08-15-1975
Brasher, Maggie Tribble/09-16-1902/04-11-1993
Double Marker
Brasher, James/06-06-1858/03-27-1925
Brasher, Laura/03-16-1858
Double Marker
Breedlove, Harold Raymond/1913/1987
Breedlove, Janette Laughlin/age 94/1915/04-14-2010
Double Marker
Brewer, David Jumper/06-07-1915/06-19-1993
Brewer, Kathryn Henderson/01-01-1918/09-27-1984
Brokaw, Bernard B./MS Sgt 482 Base Unit AAF WWII/01-06-1923/05-08-1965
Double Marker
Brokaw, Annie Lindsay/1892/1967
Brokaw, Bernard B./1886/1961
Brooks, Mildred Amelia/10-03-1908/02-21-1992
Double Marker
Brooks, Betty L./07-22-1878/10-01-1958
Brooks, William B./12-25-1871/06-09-1926
Brower, George W./02-10-1876/02-16-1948
Brown, Dorothy Dean/12-23-1906/01-23-1995
Brown, Iva Inez/03-11-1909/06-20-1995
Brown, James Alexander/08-10-1907/01-06-1964
Brown, Kimberly W./09-30-1965/03-25-1997
Brown, Marjorie Davis/age 79/08-27-1026/11-22-2005/interned 11-25-2005
Brown, Mary Anise/age 57/04-03-1949/12-14-2006/interned 12-16-2006
Brown, Mary Lou Shelton/age 77/03-09-1924/03-25-2001
Double Marker/Wed-03-05-1924
Brown, Jessie A./08-08-1906/07-26-1994
Brown, Pate E./01-14-1896/10-12-1978
Brown, Pate E., Jr./09-06-1925/12-12-2012/Military vet wwII./
Brown, Infant Dau of Mr.& Mrs. P.E. Jr./12-21-1955
Double Marker
Brown, Eugenia Floride/12-15-1880/11-05-1961
Brown, William Davis/01-31-1882/07-09-1964
Double Marker
Brown, Louise Hobson/02-12-1906/02-23-1992
Brown, William Davis Jr./06-20-1906/08-30-1977
Brunson, Annie L.P./12-30-1897/02-03-1994
Brunson, Charlie M./02-09-1897/06-26-1970
Double Marker/Wed-05-15-1943
Brunson, W.T./Tec. 5 US Army WWII/08-23-1918/07-26-1993
Brunson, Genevia Champion/08-11-1926/age 80/05-01-2007
Brunt, W Allen Cox Forest/age 79/died 11-12-2012/interred 11-14-2012
Buchanan, Lorene Darby/11-17-1894/10-15-1957
Buntin, Annie Cooper/1905/02-01-1995
Buntin, James C. "Bill", Sr./Husb. Betty Estridge Buntin/09-11-1908/04-28-1908/age 72/WWII Vet.
Buntin, Zula Davie/11-16-1874/03-01-1934
Buntin, Robert/04-27-1857/09-08-1899
Burkley, Louis S./09-01-1909/12-28-1989
Burnett, Ewel A. "Pete"/04-16-1896/11-27-1950
Burnett, Excell/Son of Mr. & Mrs. Harrison/01-06-1917/03-24-1920
Burnett, Mrs. G.H./08-15-1889/02-25-1919
Double Marker
Burnett, Elbert Andrew/04-26-1871/05-24-1966
Burnett, Mary Sullivant/09-27-1872/01-23-1939
Double Marker
Burnett, Florence B./06-07-1904/04-05-1974
Burnett, Jesse L./12-23-1897/03-13-1965
Double Marker
Burnett, Lowell H./10-15-1918/08-31-1976
Burnett, Margaret S./06-04-1925
Double Marker
Burnett, Daisy Bonds/07-23-1893/08-11-1996
Burnett, Ed Lee/01-06-1893/03-08-1949
Double Marker
Burns, Eloise L./10-17-1913/05-02-1980
Burns, Ira Bedford/09-28-1905/01-24-1984
Burns, William Robert/1905/02-01-1979
Burt, John White/1812/1902
Burt, Nancy A./1823/1896
Double Marker
Byars, Roy DeWitt, M.D./09-27-1884/09-03-1963
Byars, Ruth Rice/11-27-1892/04-30-1973

Calder, Banjamin/1956/1956
Caldwell, George Donald/03-07-1929/12-02-1985
Caldwell, James Hamilton/1870/1950
Caldwell, James Hamilton, Jr./01-27-1898/09-03-1962
Caldwell, May Matthews/05-10-1874/10-18-1962
Caldwell, Sara Petterson/12-09-1895/02-28-1990
Caldwell, Wydelle Reed/01-12-1931/06-19-1954
Carithers, Mary H./1871/1957
Carithers, Pat/MS Pvt 29 REPL BN WWII/12-18-1904/06-18-1945
Carithers, Thomas E./1874/1931
Tripple Marker
Carlisle, Coleman/no dates
Carlisle, Wesley, Jr./No dates
Carlisle, Andrew/04-12-1927
Carlisle, Coleman W./Husband of Jane Lee/06-01-1898/11-18-1951
Carlisle, Jane L./Wyf of Coleman W./01-10-1897/10-30-1965
Carr, Sa, Boswell/US Navy Vet./age 80/12-04-1925/08-17-2006
Double Marker
Carr, Helen L./04-21-1922
Carr, Victor J./11-20-1922/07-12-1963
Carter, Josie Denman/1866/1943
Carter, Mary Frances/Wyf of J.W./03-10-1857/04-27-1926
Cayce, John M./11-11-1828/03-10-1903
Cayce, Virginia/Wyf of John M./11-23-1841/03-17-1902
Champion, Julie/10-17-1961/10-21-1961
Champion, Mary Landis Sykes/age 88/07-02-1919/07-04-2007
Double Marker
Champion, Sidney Lee, Sr./10-09-1913/12-26-1977(ONE SIDE BLANK)
Double Marker
Champion, E.C./09-14-1929/01/15-1994
Champion, Hedy S./04-10-1929
Double Marker
Champion, Emma L./05-22-1895/05-28-1964
Champion, Robert L./05-04-1890/02-22-1959
Double Marker
Champion, Eleanor H./07-10-1920/01-20-1973
Champion, William P./08-01-1915/09-07-1973
Double Marker
Champion, Johnnie P./09-24-1919/04-25-1972
Champion, Marcelle/age 89/ R./04-10-1921/12-27-2011
Double Marker
Chapman, Calvin L./12-20-1910/04-01-1983
Chapman, Gladys M./12-13-1910/10-13-1978
Chennault,Joe Young/age 93/06-09-1914/08-21-2007/USMC Vet
Chin, Jung Su/age 102/08-12-1904 in Toyshun China/07-05-2007
Chin, Yoke Chin/age 85/died 04-07-2011/Veteran
Chitwood, Eleanor Searcy/Dau of J.W.& Mary Jinkins Searcy/03-23-1915/01-01-1991
Choate, J.D./no Dates
Choate, Ruth/Dau of J.D.& G.W. Choate/04-07-1896/06-29-1896
Double Marker
Clardy, Samuel Byrd/08-25-1876/06-04-1957
Clardy, Lettie Israel/10-23-1881/03-24-1973
Double Marker/Wed-10-06-1944
Clark, Garland/age 92/09-27-1914/05-26-2007/interned 05-29-2007
Clark, Lorna Doone Opitz/06-16-1911/10-31-1979
Double Marker
Clark, Joe Buford/Sgt. US Army Air Corps. WWII/04-23-1921/06-13-1994
Clark, Betty Ward/06-07-1930
Cocke, Carroll Alton/07-28-1907/12-27-1963
Cocke, Katherine Sayle/Dau of Kenneth & Carroll/12-28-1945/08-27-1946
Cocke, Kenneth Sayle/03-14-1910/02-08-1973
Double Marker
Coggins, James Willie/04-06-1909/01-20-1977/has 2 markers
Coggins, Wilene H./08-05-1915/11-20-1993
Coker, Inez Owens/08-08-1910/06-12-1985
Coker, Jessie W./11-24-1888/03-24-1928
Cole, Julia Gregory/12-09-1925/09-12-1989
Cole, William Norris/Cpl US Army WWII, Korea/03-27-1923/08-12-1980
Double Marker
Cole, Mary L./10-28-1888/06-12-1967
Cole, Thomas J./01-31-1887/11-28-1963
Coleman, Alice C.11-08-1854/06-26-1939
Coleman, Earl David/06-13-1931/02-18-1995
Coleman, L.W./08-29-1879/03-02-1920
Coleman. Ura V./01-05-1893/04-02-1925
Coleman, Walter L./04-19-1853/02-25-1920
Double Marker
Coleman, Bessie B./04-22-1911
Coleman, Freeman C./02-20-1907/05-17-1980
Double Marker
Coley, Anna E./12-25-1852/11-17-1927
Coley, E.H./11-11-1852/06-12-1926
Collier, Mary Susan/01-18-1854/12-05-1944
Collier, Thomas J./11-11-1881/12-23-1957
Collins, Sarah Boone/01-05-1911
Colter, John Howard/03-19-1889/06-25-1960
Double Marker
Colter, Annie C./07-01-1886
Colter, Andrew I./11-02-1893/05-26-1965
Double Marker
Conerly, Henry A./08-10-1887/02-29-1976
Conerly, Katie C./01-29-1895/05-16-1977
Cook, Lila G./09-23-1892/12-15-1969
Cooper, Ida Colter/02-17-1903/11-01-1979
Cooper, William Edward/03-03-1883/10-29-1956
Cossar, John Harper/12-25-1872/02-11-1943
Cossar, John Harper, Jr./12-26-1897/10-22-1960
Cossar, Lottie Thompson/07-14-1878/02-17-1941
Double Marker
Cossar, Elizabeth Finney/05-29-1910/12-31-1992
Cossar, George Payne/08-26-1907/05-01-1992/Served MS Legislature 32 Yrs
Double Marker/"Sisters"
Cotton, Ada Jane/07-08-1907/03-14-1992
Dunn, Mamie Cotton/08-09-1909/08-14-1999/See Dunn
Cowart, Dave Brooks/01-01-1876/08-05-1948
Cowart, Mrs. Dave/09-20-1876/12-28-1934
Cox, Charlie Henry/09-27-1901/10-26-1959
Cox, Florence Reese/Wyf of J.A. Cox/1887/1939
Cox, Harriet "Billie" Lay/04-22-1905/01-11-1991
Cox, Jack H./Husband of Harriet "Billie"Lay/07-03-1902/11-07-1998
Cox, Joseph M./ son of Sam J.& Mamie Cox/06-28-1907/08-11-1929
Cox, Millard F./1857/1920
Cox, Mollie Hall/1856/1936
Cox, Sam Jones, Jr./07-11-1919/04-18-2000
Cox, Ann Whitten/age79/12-18-1925/12-08-2005
Double Marker
Cox, Sam Jones, Sr./1887/1958
Cox, Mamie Lee Thompson/Wyf of Sam Jones Cox/1887/09-21-1950,
Double Marker
Cox, Dimple Webb/06-13-1928
Cox, Ray Denman/Capt. US Army WWII/11-22-1921/11-05-1990
Double Marker
Cox, Alice Dean/age 93/04-22-1908/04-01-2002
Cox, Spencer G./03-14-1909/06-12-1973
Double Marker
Cozart, Ida E./06-03-1887
Cozart, Jesse C./01-26-1888/10-09-1968
Craig, Annie Laurie/Wyf of John W. Craig/06-28-1879/06-06-1919
Craig, James A./04-15-1875/12-17-1952
Craig, Sarah Jane/1852/1930
Double Marker
Craig, Ivalou Walters/01-17-1893/12-11-1988
Craig, Reuben B./07-13-1882/10-03-1959
Cranford, Barbara Catherine/Dau of Rev.& Mrs. David T./01-13-1942/09-18-1945
Crenshaw, Addie Fonda/1872/1934
Crenshaw, William R./1874/1939
Double Marker
Criss, Doris Pollan/09-10-1906/11-18-1980
Criss, James Jasper/06-11-1903/07-04-1972
Double Marker
Criss, Alpheus Bailey/07-22-1907/07-20-1993
Criss, Eva Sayle/03-08-1912/11-19-1978
Crisswell, Phillip Wayne, Sr./age 77/02-15-1932/01-01-2010
Crow, Asa L./08-16-1847/06-19-1908
Crow, Abel Betts/03-04-1872/03-02-1925
Crow, Bessie Harrison/1894/1984
Crow, David Reid/01-04-1868/03-14-1943
Crow, Florida S./Wyf of Dr. J.R./07-06-1860/11-08-1893
Crow, Florrie Ann/07-22-1890/05-26-1908
Crow, George Hereford/1885/1927
Crow, George Hereford, Jr./1918/1982
Crow, Hiram C./08-09-1883/09/xx-1896
Crow, Dr. J.R./01-01-1852/03-19-1915
Crow, James Riley/09-25-1883/01-18-1948
Crow, Jennie Russell/Wyf of Asa L./02-06-1862/09-13-1915
Crow, Katie Betts/01-01-1871/02-07-1931
Crow, Lindsey Russell/Husb of Leone Liebkeman/07-09-1893/06-06-1951
Crow, Mable Matthews/Wyf of J.R.,Jr./12-14-1892/03-01-1918

Dailey, Maurita S./07-08-1904/01-26-1993
Dailey, Robertson/05-21-1899/07-08-1949
Darby, Ben E./1930/1952
Darby, Claude B./1904/1944
Darby, Dora Armstrong/Wyf of R.E. Darby/01-17-1886/09-29-1905
Darby, Jesse B./1863/1937
Darby, Minnie Young/Wyf of Jesse B. Darby/1874/1942
Darby, Mary Ladd/04-06-1883/06-05-1962
Darby, Mae/Dau of W.H.H. & M.E. Darby/04-12-1867/04-01-1903
Darby, R. Eldridge/11-22-1873/07-05-1962
Darby, Robert E./son of R.E.& Dora Darby/06-11-1905/12-06-1905
Darby, Mrs. W.H.H./1845/1938
Darby, Mr. W.H.H./11-07-1841/07-17-1922
Darby, William Kennon/1922
Double Marker
Darby, Alma Ousley/07-02-1907/06-24-1965
Darby, William E./05-18-1906/04-23-1974
Double Marker
Darby, Eula S./1877/1968
Darby, Walter/1869/1961
Double Marker
Darby, Lester/1882/1952
Darby, Lynne/1886/1957
Davis, Arthur Talmadge/US Army WWII/02-13-1910/05-27-1991
Davis, Elgenia/1920/1932
Davis, Fay Shores/09-02-1909/11-27-1995
Davis, Jessie Lee/07-31-1903/04-17-1963
Davis, T. Kenneth "Skimp"/1934/1997
Davis, Thomas O./11-28-1868/01-23-1948
Davis, William E. "Billy"/04-19-1928/05-28-1998
Davis, Willie Elizabeth Brunson/03-18-1906/09-06-1992/Dau of Susie
Melton & J.J.Brunson & Wyf of Jessie Lee Davis
Davis, Gloria Wall/age 72/died 12-23-2011/interred 12-27-2011
Double Marker
Davis, Clara Leslie/03-01-1891/02-12-1978
Davis, Tracy/02-10-1890/09-26-1967
Dawkins, Annie D./1901-1956
Dean, Douglas D."Shot"/husb of Mable Thompson/Free Mason/1916/05-12-1999
Deane,Frances H.age 85/died 02-17-2008 Delta Regional Medical Centre
Dean, Joseph William/02-11-1900/07-01-1980
Dean, Lillie S./08-25-1879/01-11-1965
Dean, Robert Lee/01-21-1906/06-16-1988
Dean, William Ezra/02-05-1875/03-25-1950
Dean, Mable Thompson/08-07-1916/08-04/1990
DeLap, Edgar/MS Cpl HQ Co 140 Fld Arty WWI/09-24-1895/05-15-1969
DeLap, Henrietta E./09-01-1880/10-17-1944
DeLap, H.G./03-12-1873/06-23-1907
DeLap, James L./08-23-1883/11-26-1914
DeLap, John F./MS Pvt 152-INF 38 Div./06-25-1924
DeLap, Mary Sheley/02-28-1890/03-07-1982
DeLap, Milton Lucile/08-15-1911/02-22-1980
DeLap, Milton/04-07-1886/12-10-1913
DeLap, Zelma/06-28-1903/10-30-1983
Double Marker
DeLap, George W./04-07-1850/07-24-1930
DeLap, Ida Sarah/06-05-1856/03-27-1927
Double Marker
DeLap, G.B. "Dick"/10-02-1876/05-26-1958
DeLap, Lottie Long/07-14-1876/03-09-1961
Denman, Annie M./11-19-1895/09-13-1996
Denman, Clyde W./MS Pvt 10 Co Recruit Depot WWI/11-22-1892/01-26-1949
Denman, D. Evins/08-20-1887/06-21-1951
Denman, Duke Evins/age 76/husb of Eunive Vivian Powers/died 06-03-2000
Denman, Elizabeth Lambert/Inf Dau of Ernest & Jessie/06-08-1916/06-08-1916
Denman, Gertrude/03-02-1910/08-13-1823
Denman, George W./02-04-1902/01-23-1956
Denman, Idell Carter/Wyf of Stannie/10-21-1894/04-01-1924
Denman, J.R.M./1857/1940
Denman, Kathleen/Wyf of K.A. Denman/12-24-1899/01-24-1919
Denman, Mrs. Lessie Duke/01-02-1891/06-29-1968
Denman, Robert E./1884/1951
Denman, Robert E./MS 1Sgt Quartermaster Corps WWII/07-03-1915/07-23-1967
Denman, Sallie P./10-11-1869/06-24-1938
Denman, Sarah Gipson/1898/1938
Denman, Stannie, Jr./Son of S& D.I./06-18-1919/02-01-1920
Denman, Stewart G.,Sr./06-8-1922/04-22-2000/Husb of Joyce Hewlett Denman, Mason/WWII US Air Force/Eagle Scout
Denman, Vicie Ann/Wyf of Brooks/06-17-1848/01-06-1924
Denman, Virginia Leigh Brunson/Wyf of J.R.M/08-31-1864/12-10-1937
Denman, W.E. "Bill"/03-26-1914/03-22-1955
Denman, William Luther/02-22-1866/03-09-1917
Double Marker
Denman, Andrew L./07-10-1854/11-11-1937
Denman, Mary E./01-04-1860/03-19-1952
Double Marker
Denman, Ada Crenshaw/04-25-1864/02-28-1923
Denman, Dr. Thomas Jefferson/02-03-1858/03-03-1923
Double Marker
Denman, Allene Sheley/10-26-1898/11-10-1968
Denman, Joe M., Jr./08-24-1920/03-21-1941
Double Marker
Denman, Eva Bufkin/Wyf of Joseph Madison Denman/04-17-1896/03-23-1958
Denman, Joseph Madison/06-07-1894/02-20-1977
Double Marker
Denman, Daniel W./1899/1963
Denman, Louise N./1902/1994
DeSomery, David L./11-30-1924/12-03-1924
Double Marker
DeSomery, Anna C./01-17-1903/09-22-1990
DeSomery, Laurence J./08-21-1899/08-22-1970
Dew, Anna Beth/1920/1985
Dew, Frances Dale/1938/1952
Dew, Lucy J./10-14-1886/01-17-1959
Double Marker
Dew, Annie Day/1913/04-28-1998
Dew, Wilton W./1911/1966
Dibble, Winnie Crenshaw/1907/1992
Double Marker
Dickey, Anne Powers/age 78/1923/08-09-2002
Dickey, Dan J./1921/1983
Dickson, Sara/1895/1972
Double Marker/03-31-1928
Dillard, Amnon/11-09-1909/03-28-1988
Dillard, Mae B./05-23-1910/11-2011
Dogan, Ellett Rice/08-24-1922/01-27-1991
Dogan, Elizabeth Link/1892/1959
Dogan, Hamp/1876/1940
Dogan, Harry H./08-27-1895/12-23-1959
Dogan, Janie J./07-26-1902/11-16-1983
Dogan, Mary Link/1859/1946
Dogan, Vera B./01-22-1887/04-24-1975
Double Marker
Dogan, Albert Hampton/08-14-1910/11-24-1970/One Side Blank
Dogan, Vivian Bobds/age 83/11-15-1920/07-17-2004
Dollahite, Eugene R./1882/1929
Dollahite, Frances Melease/1920/1921
Dollahite, Wayland Cox/1918/1992
Double Marker
Double Marker/Wed-07-09-1948
Dowdle, James Leigh/US Navy WWII/02-07-1922/06-04-1991
Dowdle, Martha Johnson/04-17-1921
Double Marker
Dozier, Edgar M./1871/1936
Dozier, Ophelia B./1876/1969
Double Marker
Draper, Eugene H./10-03-1885/01-02-1954
Draper, Dela Vivian/04-05-1889/08-05-1987
Drew, Robbie D./age 77/died 11-22-2010/interred 11-24-2010
Drew, Wilton Winfield, Jr/age 70/06-28-1932/10-13-2002
Driskell, Earl Benjamin/1888/1963
Driskell, Eula Priddy/1866/1954
Double Marker
Driskell, Henry Frank/1907/1985
Driskell, Mary Ousley/1910/1968
DuBard, Clara Bell/Dau of C.R.& B.S./09-22-1887/02-23-1918
DuBard, Mary Laura/04-09-1893/07-29-1976
Double Marker
DuBard, Charles R./1857/1922
DuBard, Celia E./1859/1953
Duke, Bethany Isaiah/Son of Mr.& Mrs. Eric/07-16-1905/09-29-1907
Duke, Buil B./Tec 5 US Army WWII/09-08-1916/09-19-1981
Duke, Valentine Moore/Donated Body to Emory University Atlanta Ga/Remains
to be buried next to Husb. Buil Duke/02-14-1911/05-03-1993
Duke, Forrest Ray/MS Cpl CoA MP BN WWII/12-21-1923/12-05-1968
Duke, Lillian Dianne/Dau of Kelly& Lilly/10-20-1945/11-04-1945
Duke, Vann Erie/Son of Kelly& Lilly/11-12-1948/11-15-1948
Double Marker
Duke, Daisy Sturkie/1882/1956
Duke, Prince Erie/1879/1953
Double Marker
Duke, Jessie B./11-02-1896/12-13-1970
Duke, Trannie G./09-02-1896/07-19-1983
Double Marker
Duke, Travis Clinton/02-05-1980/04-01-1966
Duke, Velma Carithers/02-10-1908/10-02-2000/age 92
Dunklin, Lucy Gay/01-29-1903/04-03-1990
Dunklin, William Bryan/06-29-1892/02-21-1950
Dunn, Clara E./Wyf of J.G./died 01-20-1905/53 Yrs, 3 Mos, 17 Days
Dunn, J.G./08-28-1840/01-28-1920
Dunn, Sallie/1853/1928
Double Marker/"Sisters"
Cotton, Ada Jane/07-08-1907/03-14-1992
Dunn, Mamie Cotton/08-09-1909/08-14-1999/See Cotton
Double Marker
Dye, Bradford J./1907/1968/other side blank

Earley, Albert Forrest/08-17-1895/06-07-1918
Earley, Ida Lee/12-27-1893/09-29-1896
Earley, Joshua S./08-30-1860/12-23-1914
Double Marker
Earley, Minnie Rowland/1877/1941
Earley, William Hardy/1875/1937
Ellett, Maxine Hale/06-13-1946/03-22-1949
Double Marker
Ellett, Tom J./1904/1957
Ellett, Ada Lou Mullins/08-06-1904/04-29-2002
Embry, Edwin W./08-06-1934/08-27-1992
Embry, John Allison/MS A1C 57 Mat Sq AF/10-21-1937/06-16-1964
Etheridge, Arnie Jeffrey/10-22-1899/03-16-1974
Etheridge, Calvin Brian/Son of Harvey & Emily Smith/09-04-1957/04-11-1981
Etheridge, Dupree/05-16-1891/07-09-1955
Etheridge, Harvey, Jr./1925/07-09-1998
Euart, Etta Whitten/03-04-1886/02-13-1950
Euart, Frances Kuykendall/11-21-1918/01-06-1999
Euart, Henry M./11-04-1879/06-09-1945
Euart, Henry McCamy, Jr./09-02-1913/08-18-1950
Double Marker
Evans, Dill/01-20-1895/04-12-1977
Evans, Elizabeth/05-08-1907/02-09-1977
Double Marker
Evans, Emma Hill/06-16-1906/06-15-1999
Evans, William J./1890/1961

Double Marker
Farley, Charles Henry/05-09-1871/03-16-1928
Farley, Samuella Blanche/04-21-1875/02-15-1958
Farr, James H./1901/1946
Farris, Willie Mae/1922/1996
Double Marker
Faught, Lillie Duke/09-09-1882/08-21-1969
Faught, William John/01-04-1882/11-06-1971
Fedric, Caniel R./09-04-1876/10-26-1949
Fedric, Edward Mayes/age 88/05-25-1912/04-29-2001
Fedric, Missie Denman/1878/1921
Fedric, Daniel R./09-04-1876/10-26-1949
Fedric, Daniel Scott/03-27-1893/07-07-1927
Fedric, Florrie Denman/B-05-10-xxxx
Double Marker
Fedric, Louvinia D./12-05-1847/12-30-1925
Fedric, R. David/01-06-1852/12-05-1928
Quad Marker
Fedric, Carrie Cook/1887/1984
Fedric, Jones Edward/1885/1931
Fedric, James Eldred/1916/1931
Fedric, Wanda W./04-21-1915/02-27-1992
Double Marker
Fedric, Dan Luther/1923/08-24-2005
Fedric, Mary Elizabeth Houston/1919/1993
Ferguson, Mildred Hackman/Wyf of El Eugene Ferguson /age 75/04-17-1926/11-25-2001
Fielder, James Paul/CM3 U.S. Coast Guard WWII/11-10-1920/09-28-1989
Fielder, Richard Abner/07-06-1873/01-30-1953
Fielder, Ruth Laster/12-09-1891/07-21-1975
Fielder, Samuel S./01-28-1874/06-11-1960
Fielder, Son of S.S.& B.R./09-22-1912/09-23-1922
Fielder, Zola Belle/age 73/died 01-30-2004
Finke, Larry Lane,Jr./04-07-1972/12-28-1974
Finke, Donna Elisa/1983/1983
Finke, Mark/Age 26/died 05-23-2001/Motocycle Accident
Fink,Iola "Ollie"/age 93/died 07-08-2012
Double Marker/WED-01-04-1946
Finke, Sidney Carl/10-07-1920/02-27-2005
Finke, Helen Lane/09-27-1924/07-23-1996
Double Marker
Finney, Jane Cook/09-04-1888/01-15-1961
Finney, William Lamar/10-31-1886/01-15-1964
Fischer, Elizabeth Lay/10-06-1901/01-14-1991
Fisher, Howard/03-12-1874/01-21-1942
Fisher, Elizabeth Lay/10-06-1901/08-14-1991
Double Marker/Wed. 07-18-1929
Fisher, Charles Scott/04-05-1909/11-04-1991
Fisher, Margaret Darby/age 92/02-01-1911/11-14-2003
Fonda, Charles H./1850/1934
Fonda, Corrina/Inf. Dau of Mr. & Mrs. James V. Fonda/03-06-1910
Fonda, Julia B./1851/1929
Fonda, Marion B./1879/1946
Fonda, Richard C./1888/1956
Ford, Son/of L.G. & Ida Ford/No dates
Ford, Inf of P.H. & Roxie Ford/10-24-1943
Ford Ida Stauffer/09-23-1880/06-06-1968
Ford, L.G./11-08-1871/04-05-1937
Double Marker
Ford, Nona Earp/05-02-1912
Ford, Robert Stauffer/09-18-1908/03-04-1976
Double Marker
Ford, Marietta/11-11-1906/08-04-1966
Ford, Nick/09-23-1904/02-27-1981
Forrest, Terry Regina/08-19-1955/06-15-1966
Double Marker
Forrest, Reginald Eugene/04-08-1930/02-18-1978/ONE SIDE BLANK
Fox, Bady/02-07-1914
Fox, George W./1860/1929
Fox, Edgar Harlin/1928/03-24-1999
Fox, June Denman/age 84/06-27-1928/07-13-2012
Fox, Hasel Elizabeth/05-22-1910/06-12-1912
Fox, Isabel L./1863/1915
Double Marker
Fox, Claude E./1887/1961
Fox, Fannie H./1886/1957
Double Marker
Fox, Claude Earl,Jr./1915
Fox, Shirley Houston/1925-1964
Double Marker
Fox, Sallie Fonda/12-29-1885/03-07-1969
Fox, Owen L./04-04-1885/02-04-1972
Freeman, Lula Bertha/08-12-1884/06-14-1971
Fritts, Phillip Elam/11-20-1904/10-13-1918
Double Marker
Fulks, Jerry J./1882/1943
Fulks, Dora L./1888/1945
Double Marker
Fulks, Marion E./01-25-1916/04-01-1982
Fulks, Kathleen M./01-21-1914/11-10-1973

Gaskins,Peggy Wright/age 71/wyf of Russell Gaskins/03-11-2004
Double Marker
Garrett, Evie L./1889-19xx
Garrett, Thomas L./1884/1952
Gillespie, Emy L. Price/12-30-1902/10-02-1996
Gillespie, Meek/04-14-1895/09-25-1969
Goins, Leanora Thomas/11-26-1862/03-24-1904
Gong, Chong Lak/10-29-1888/01-16-1967
Gong, Sik Lu/12-07-1910/02-19-1968
Double Marker
Gong, Gum Lan Huie/03-28-1893/05-06-1973
Gong, Yok Lum/aka/Fat Kee Lee/11-09-1892/11-18-1973
Double Marker
Gong, Jack Sai/02-16-1911/06-29-1996
Gong, May Y. Chan/07-26-1912/07-14-2003
Googe, Corine Colbert/Wyf of Dr. Paul R./10-26-1902/12-01-1991
Googe, Paul R., M.D./12-14-1905/11-14-1984
Graham, Rev. J.T./02-09-1859/09-12-1903
Gray, Joe W./10-09-1868/10-10-1950
Gray, Mary F./04-11-1873/11-04-1947
Double Marker
Gray, Malcolm A./12-31-1814/06-12-1993
Gray, O'Belle Chapman/06-07-1919/09-27-1983
Double Marker
Graves, Ruth Ellington/10-02-1892/11-13-1994
Graves, William Henry Jr./10-17-1885/09-02-1955
Graves, Bradford Lyn/09-27-1963/11-28-1970
Graves, John Scott/07-27-1961/06-14-1991
Green, Baby/Son of S.E.& Dessie/02-12-1956/02-13-1956
Green, Jackie/1958/1989
Green, Robert Allen/12-29-1934/12-17-1951
Green, Sherman E. Jr./03-29-1933/04-13-1981
Green, William L. Jr./Son of W.L.& A.B./01-09-1919/04-11-1919
Double Marker
Green, Annie Cole/1879/1952
Green, James Paul/1874/1951
Double Marker
Green, Allie B./1900/1988
Green, William L./1898/1975
Greer, Katherine E./04-04-1901/10-13-1985
Greer, Dorothy Jean/age 72/died 04-11-2009/interred 04-13-2009
Double Marker
Green, S. Elmer/10-17-1910/07-26-1974/ONE SIDE BLANK
Greer, Bobby/age 73/ died 03-02-2009
Gressett, Frances Dollahite/1888/1988
Double Marker
Groves, Ethel Wilbourn/04-14-1882/06-01-1965
Groves, Weldon Person/11-18-1879/01-09-1979
Gunn, Lorah Dill/09-06-1894/03-18-1968
Gunn, William Walter/06-13-1890/01-03-1981
Double Marker
Guthrie, David S./1878/1948
Guthrie, Iula C./1896/1976
Guyton, Norman W./1933/1997

Hackman, Dorothy Evelyn Worley/age 73/10-07-1931/06-30-2005/wyf of George O. Hackman Sr.
Hackman, Infant Son of Geo. & W.M-B&D/07-22-1919
Hackman, George O./age 80/died 09-07-2008/interned 09-10-2008
Hackman, Theodore C./son of Geo & W.M./07-26-1914/09-13-1915
Hackman, William/03-25-1912/06-30-1913
Double Marker
Hackman, Henry A./Pvt US Army WWI/09-20-1892/08-24-1984
Hackman, Myrtle M./05-26-1899/11-20-1991
Double Marker
Hackman, George A./03-16-1866/07-21-1942
Hackman, Willie D./10-05-1889/12-05-1982
Hailey, Amanda Jane/Dau of George & Lillian/09-26-1929
Halfacre, Lavera Biggers/age 93/02-08-1912/04-20-2005/interned 04-23-2005
Hall, Claude/10-08-1885/01-28-1956
Hall, Earline/10-24-1917/02-05-1992
Hall, Ola M./09-04-1896/08-10-1977
Ham, Mrs. E.A./03-30-1835/01-14-1929
Hammond, Carrie H./1871/1956
Hankins, H.B., Jr./03-22-1929/11-02-1956
Double Marker
Hankins, Hayden B./05-22-1906/06-11-1979
Hankins, Marie S./02-15-1909/08-19-2000
Hanks, James Gaden, Jr./06-22-1877/06-23-1965
Hanks, Linda A./01-24-1881/02-20-1920
Hardy, Flora Porter/11-10-1884/08-15-1982
Hardy, James W./09-23-1905/06-28-1980
Hardy, John Porter/03-06-1912/10-20-1980
Hardy, Katie P./03-30-1902/11-21-1978
Hardy, Lena/08-21-1896/04-16-1923
Hardy, Mary C./1935/1970
Hargett, Condry/1909/11-19-1997
Hargett, Maggie C./82 Yo/1918/01-18-2000
Double Marker/Wed-08-02-1927
Hargett, Barney Flynn/08-09-1900/10-29-1994
Hargett, Frankie Champion/09-28-1912/07-13-1995
Double Marker/Wed-10-10-1961
Hargett, Billy Dare/05-16-1940/07-05-1990
Hargett, Linda Mills/04-24-1942
Harrelson, Alice Harris/1882/1971
Harrelson, Charles M./1879/1957
Harris, Anthony Kuykendall/1895/1986
Harris, Blanche Burt/09-07-1881/07-29-1934
Harris, C.E./01-29-1872/05-04-1939
Harris, Elizabeth W./07-08-1874/05-06-1948
Harris, George Spencer/10-13-1880/12-03-1962
Harris, Louis J./son of L.H.& Annie L. Harris, 05-02-1908/08-26-1912
Harris, Louise Ross/Wyf of Thomas Marion/11-16-1860/01-12-1927
Harris, Lula/10-28-1864 07-04-1953
Harris, Myrtle S./08-08-1895/03-14-1986
Harris, Margaret dau./of L.H.& Annie L. Harris/12-09-1909/08-28-1933
Harris, Thomas/1848/09-22-1899/age 51 yrs.
Harris, Richard Pickens/1887/1956
Harris, R.F."Bill"/age 94/died 03-302010/interred 04-01-2010
Harris, Sydney Bernard/1880/1953
Harris, Thomas Marion/10-13-1849/06-02-1915
Harris, W.R./03-15-1869/04-25-1914
Harris, Infant dau/ of G.S.& B.E. Harris/10-06-1912
Double Marker
Harris, Evelyn Rolley/12-02-1915/03-13-1998
Harris, George Spencer "Dick" Jr./T-Sgt. U.S.Army, WWII, Purple Heart/05-24-1914/06-11-1996
Double Marker
Harris, Aline K./11-18-1917
Harris, Richard F./02-24-1916
Double Marker
Harris, A.B. "Hammer"/04-01-1910-01-15-1994
Harris, Mamie Lee/11-22-1910/12-25-1991
Double Marker
Harris, Tom Ernest/02-20-1905/12-16-1989
Harris, Myrtle Groves/age 95/03-25-1906/03-08-2002<BR>
Harrison, Ada Florence/01-06-1877/05-01-1934
Harrison, Dr. Andrew Clinton/1866/1938
Harrison, Birdie/1894/1987
Harrison, Daisy Saunders/no date
Harrison, James Glenn/02-08-1883/03-25-1943
Harrison, Jos B., Jr./ 1st Lt. "B"B' Try 674 ABN F.A.B.N. 187ABN. R.C.T. died in service of his country.
Harrison, Katherine D./06-12-1904/09-27-1968
Harrison, Robert H./11-16-1880/07-05-1938
Harrison, Rubie/dau. of J.B.& Sarah Harrison/1900/ 1900
Harrison, Sarah Caroline/04-10-1858/11-19-1947
Harrison, Travis Larkin/04-03-1893/01-12-1947
Harrison, Joseph Barton/08-11-1898/02-24-1964
Double Marker
Harrison, Tandy Barto W. M.D./1862/1939/
Harrison, Sarah Edna/1862/1940
Double Marker
Harvey, Kate McMullen/1861/1938
Harvey, William George/1855/1919
Havens, Roland/Gra-Son of Bobby & Jo/01-27-1962/04-19-1979
Hawkins, Bessie Pattison/04-24-1890/01-29-1987
Hawkins, Norfleet M./11-02-1924/11-15-1989
Hawthorne, Thomas Kent/09-20-1925/09-17-1970
Haynes, Efford Glyde/Son of M.S. & Lula Haynes/02-21-1910/08-25-1915
Double Marker
Hays, Augusta C./1905
Hays, Jesse L./1891/1980
Heafner, Lawrence L./MS.Sgt.139 Engr.Tdwy Brg Co WWII PH/04-29-1917/09-01-1957
Double Marker
Heafner, Vickery Karen/05-12-1951/05-13-1951
Heafner, Nancy Jane/05-01-1949/05-01-1949
Double Marker
Heafner, William L./03-06-1887/09-08-1958
Heafner, Annie Belle/01-24-1892/12-12-1967
Heins, Charles/01-14-1846/09-15-1917
Henderson, Bulah E./12-05-1852/02-06-1932
Double Marker
Henderson, Clyde Harvey-06-11-1886-11-27-1971
Hendreson, David Simuel-07-06-1876-07-13-1929
Double Marker
Hendrix, Charles Lafayette/07-11-1908/02-08-1970
Hendrix, Florence (Brown) - 09-16-1912- 09-01-2008/ wyf of Charles L. Hendrix/ dau of Wm Davis & Floride Hutton Brown***
Henson, Finisse Ewin,Jr./12-15-1919/07-31-1984
Henson, Rachel Rowland/09-02-1922/05-01-2010
Finisse Ewin/10-21-1895/07-27-1954
Henson, Rachel Rowland/09-02-1922/05-01-2010
Mable Morgan/10-14-1896/09-25-1968
Double Marker
Henson, James A./1870/1946
Henson, Addie Johnston/1880/1935
Henry, Lillie Neely/1889/1979
Hester, Sadie Hefner/age 90/died 10-19-2004/Services 10-21-2004
Hewlett, Marjorie/10-16-1911/11-01-1919
Hewlett, J.R.G./10-26-1870/10-25-1945
Hewlett, Dollie P./02-13-1879/03-07-1962
Lay, Hattie Murphey/1876/1969
Lay, John Henry/1865/1941
Hey, John Henry, Jr./1897/1917
Hey, John Phenis, Jr./02-20-1915/05-31-1996
Hey, Margaret Lay/01-18-1917
Double Marker
Hey, Brooksie D./06-21-1884/08-22-1949
Hey, John Phenis/06-10-1876/04-29-1964
Double Marker
Hey, Mary Denman/1884/1966
Hey, Mike/1879/1954
Double Marker
Hey, Morris R./03-25-1912/01-23-1980
Hey, Sammie Allison/05-18-1911/09-27-2001/Age 90
Hill, George W./Co G-33 MS Inf. C.S.A./01-12-1838/01-21-1920
Hitt, Callie V./1891/1933
Holder, Infant Dau /of Harvey & Dora/05-14-1927
Holland, Alma C./10-19-1886/12-15-1940
Holland, D.C."Doug"/09-26-1911/02-05-1935
Holland, Erna Lester/05-28-1890/10-13-1939
Holland, Erna May/09-13-1917/10-01-1918
Holland, Hazel/06-03-1916/02-01-1918
Holland, Infant of Alma & Erna/08-30-1949
Holland, Ruby A./11-17-1914/05-25-1973
Double Marker
Holland, Morris R./03-25-1912/01-23-1980
Holland, Sammie A./05-18-1911
Double Marker
Holland, Alice Coleman/04-27-1923
Holland, Jessie Ervin/11-02-1917/12-13-2008
Houston, Anne Lynn Walker/age 75/died 10-08-2012/graveside 10-12-2012
Houston, Byrd Tillman/01-26-1897/02-26-1991
Houston, Emma Laura/11-05-1916/02-15-1923
Houston, George P./1st Lt. Army Air Force WWII/11-26-1920/03-26-1945
Houston, Herbert Glen/12-02-1894/03-18-1970
Houston, Karen Lynn/01-23-1962/05-16-1982
Houston, Llewellyn Lafayete/11-16-1887/10-25-1925
Houston, Mary Murphey/01-31-1898/09-14-1975
Houston, Raymond Lee/age75/09-23-1930/01-21-2008 Batesville Ms
Houston, Susan Baker/10-15-1870/01-27-1968
Houston, Infant/son of Mr.& Mrs. Marshall Houston/1917
Houston, Lizzie Marshall/Wyf of Marshall Houston/1890/1937/Wyf of Marshall Houston
Houston, Marshall Lee/1889/1937
Double Marker
Houston, Jane Marshall/1893/1970
Houston, William Noble/1883/1962
Double, Marker
Houston, Ben Frank/08-03-1899/01-01-1975
Houston Hallie Harris/07-18-1900/08-06-1987
Double Marker
Howarth, John Lee/Penn SSgt 568 Base Unit AAF WWII/03-04-1914/11-20-1968
Howarth, Mamie Inez Lehr/Nee Pressgrove/04-01-1919-Cascilla MS/01-12-1992/Columbia Mo.
Howard, Clifford Pritchard/1870/1944
Howell, Ruby Crenshaw-10-26-1904-11-25-1986
Double Marker
Hubbert, Homer G./Cpl US Army Air Corps WWII/1906/1985
Hubbert, Lois L./age 88/09-08-1918/04-20-2007
Hudson, Edith Duke/age 84/03-02-2928/03-23-2002
Hughes, Carson, Jr./01-19-1923/01-27-1981
Hughes, Morella K./01-09-1924/06-30-1978
Hulett, Daisy Houston/07-19-1969
Double Marker
Hulett, Dr. Alexander Wirt/07-17-1922/03-04-1981
Hulett, Mary Edna Brown/age 08/09-08-1922/08-02-2004
Double Marker
Hunt, Bessie/07-31-1907/03-02-1990
Hunt, Rube/10-15-1903/11-30-1966
Hurst, Infant Dau /of Mr.& Mrs. A.L./06-14-1926
Huselton, Donald Wayne/age 56/died 06-03-2006/interned 06-07-2006
Hutchins, Harold Hammond, Jr./MS SSgt US Marine Corps Res/11-05-1921/05-16-1966
Double Marker
Hutchins, Eleanor Robinson/03-23-1897/12-03-1983
Hutchins, Harold Hammond/03-05-1893/10-02-1964
Hutton, David E./12-14-1883/10-29-1920
Hutton, Florence Montgomery/08-22-1851/01-25-1914
Hyde, Joseph Turner/age 89/09-17-1911/06-30-2001
Hyde, Mamie Lou/02-05-1915/03-20-1918
Hyde, Henry Alexander/03-23-1922/11-10-1999/WWII Navy Vet./husb of Gisela Modersitki Hyde
Double Marker
Hyde, Joe S./1875/1952
Hyde, Mary E./1892/1976

Hyde,Willie Johnnie "Billy"/Age 83/Korea Vet/died 08-17-2012/internment 08-19-2012

Jackson, Charley/12-31-1893/09-11-1897
Double Marker
James, Jefferson W./03-08-1912/03-02-1968
James, Ruth Nyblad/01-14-1918/01-06-1993
Jameson, Dula B./03-03-1885/03-22-1966
Double Marker
Jensen, Hazel Dickey/07-19-1918/03-31-2001/age 82
Jensen, O. Elroy/US Army WWII/04-26-1919/12-07-1993
Jinkins, Nellie/Wyf of W.E./died 03-09-1922
Double Marker
Jinkins, Jane Walters/1887/1972
Jinkins, William Elias/1866/1939
Jinkins, Mary J. Searcy/Dau of Dr. & Mrs. W.E. Jinkins/08-19-1892/12-26-1922
Johnson, Carrie Lou/09-01-1919/10-25-1967
Johnson, John S./AMMZ US Army WWII/12-27-1916/04-25-1995
Johnson, Leslie B./age 81/03-12-1922/09-24-2003
Johnson, Matthew Taylor/02-20-1979/09-06-1979
Johnson, Frances Jean "Jeannie"/02-16-1952/04-04-1983
Johnson, Myrtle Hawkins/age 97/died 10-19-2010
Jones, Anice L./ 06-06-1896/08-20-1988
Jones, Ella/1889/1971
Jones, Hugh C./07-13-1890/04-01-1955
Jones, James Norris/12-26-1912/03-15-1981
Jones, Josh/08-19-1889/03-08-1974
Jones, Lizzie Lavender/05-16-1887/10-26-1970
Jones, Luther R./04-13-1876/09-07-1919
Jones, Lula M./1873/1970
Jones, Ollie Sturkie/Wyf of Luther R./03-14-1876/07-19-1909
Jones, Will G./1874/1950
Jones, Wm. Mayfield "Bubber"/1910/1935
Double Marker
Jones, Katy G./04-04-1908/12-23-1966
Jones, Russell R./03-20-1903/11-21-1962
Double Marker
Jones, Annie McFiern/10-25-1900/06-08-1986
Jones, John Milton/03-28-1892/10-04-1978
Double Marker
Jones, Chrystene Hey/03-17-1904/02-21-1997
Jones, Ottie Roberts/07-19-1899/05-20-1967
Double Marker
Jones, S.C./07-31-1849/10-30-1912
Jones, William C./07-22-1846/10-11-1909
Double Marker
Jones, Mae E./09-01-1926/04-18-1983
Jones, James W./03-09-1921

Kahn, Cora Bell/Wyf of Henry/02-01-1869/05-01-1919
Kahn, Leonard Richard/12-16-1919/11-24-1937
Double Marker
Kahn, Henry/1867/1945
Kahn, Mary Estelle/1876/1943
Kellum, Eva Henley/09-25-1880/09-02-1964
Kellum, Floyd Nason/age 56/05-01-1944/02-08-2001/Husb of Judy Roberson Kellum
Kellum, Joseph Wesley/10-27-1880/03-21-1948
Kellum, Joseph C./06-20-1939/03-03-1983
Kellum, Adrian Nicole/infant dau Joe and Alicia Kellum/born and died 11-14-2004
Double Marker
Kellum, Barbara Osborn/06-12-1942/02-11-1975
Kellum, James Wade, Jr./03-03-1936
Double Marker
Kellum, James Wade/10-23-1909/05-26-1964
Kellum, Sarah Frances/07-15-1908/02-09-1991
Double Marker
Kennedy, Mary Jo/08-08-1906/03-11-1987
Kennedy, William E./07-22-1902/06-06-1978
Kernodle, Myra J./Age89/died 02-09-2005
Kidwell, Jane Brooks/09-30-1913/06-26-1993
Killebrew, Eva H./03-15-1919/04-04-1970
Kimbrough, James B./01-01-1910/01-24-1961
Double Marker
King, Addie/12-27-1881/01-14-1960
King, D. Riley/10-12-1885/02-17-1959
Double Marker
Kirby, Edward H./07-18-1873/01-09-1951
Kirby, Mary/03-03-1879/02-26-1960
Knight, James W./03-30-1903/08-25-1905/son of A.C.& Nellie Knight
Knight, Maude E./09-04-1900/09-11-1914/dau. of A.C.& Nellie Knight
Koonce, Janie/09-30-1914/10-19-2003
Double Marker
Koonce, Isaac W./03-07-1886/10-01-1976
Koonce, Ina Bobbitt/12-11-1893/11-27-1956
Kuykendall, Lottie Bell/08-11-1908/03-20-1990
Kuykendall, Morella W./03-01-1890/08-17-1974
Kuykendall, John McClain/ no date
Double Marker
Kuykendall, Johnnie A./08-22-1880/08-29-1971
Kuykendall, Thomas D./04-11-1869/11-22-1933

Ladd, Cora A./01-11-1890/03-11-1952
Ladd, Cora Allen/10-19-1852/09-20-1919
Ladd, Robert A./12-21-1879/03-25-1937
Ladd, Sam S./01-26-1856/09-20-1921
Double Marker
Lamastus, Guy Edward/10-12-1905/10-21-1973
Lamastus, Kathryn Barnes/02-01-1907/05-17-1990
Lambert, Carrie/08-16-1875/07-09-1974
Lambert, Pauline/05-03-1906/05-07-1916
Lambert, Robert/08-08-1908/01-11-1967
Lambert, Velma/08-05-1899/04-23-1916
Lambert, W.F./12-27-1869/08-16-1926
Lane, George Clifton/son of A.M.& Ella Lane/09-25-1894/10-13-1919
Laney, Donna Marie/12-30-1921/04-06-1997
Double Marker
Laney, Ernest L./1885/1967
Laney, Minnie W./1880/1964
Laster, Ben E./1877/1932
Laster, Bernard Beamus/06-04-1888/11-26-1954
Laster, Clara Scott/01-01-1885/10-04-1983
Laster, Emma Ely/08-08-1854/07-18-1933
Laster, Richard Abner/07-06-1873/01-30-1953
Laster, Ruth E./09-05-1894/03-21-1979
Laster, William M./03-05-1847/09-11-1914
Laster, William T./MS Sgt 420- Base Unit AAF WWII/03-23-1914/04-02-1969
Laughlin, Andrew T./11-04-1862/12-27-1909
Laughlin, Alice/11-07-1913/12-26-1916
Laughlin, Ann Lyle/06-24-1911/12-18-1937
Laughlin, Benj.Allen/01-28-1878/12-19-1958
Laughlin, Joseph Charles/10-04-1868/12-03-1921
Laughlin, Margaret H./11-04-1872/12-27-1947
Laughlin, Mattie A./1858/1930
Laughlin, Willie E./12-22-1885/12-24-1972
Double Marker
Laughlin, Andrew Thomas/10-01-1828/11-14-1862
Laughlin, Harriet E./02-02-1833/09-13-1924
Double Marker
Laughlin, William M./1877/1939
Laughlin, Maude Lyon/1883/1934
Parents of Ineita, Mary, Marcus, Janette
Lavender, Maurice, Jr./11-06-1920/10-08-1924
Lavender, Ruby D./07-22-1899/08-20-1974
Lavender, Verda Allison/age92/12-25-1918/02-19-2011
Double Marker
Lavender, Frances Fielder/age 85/10-23-1914/07-04-2000
Lavender, James Morris/06-24-1914/07-30-1984
Lavender, Maurice R./08-10-1898/08-28-1982
Double Marker
Lavender, Annie W./08-08-1898/01-22-1990
Lavender, Spencer W./06-01-1893/02-22-1960
Double Marker
Lavender, Howard C./10-07-1885/02-18-1960
Lavender, Pearl S./04-20-1887/12-24-1950
Lay, Hattie Murphey/1876/1969
Lay, John Henry/1865/1941
Lay, John Henry, Jr./1897/1917
Lay, Smith Murphy/1909/11-25-1998/US Army AirCorps/8th Air Force WWII
Lee, Margaret/12-09-1948/12-11-1948
Lee, Miss Nan Russell/dau of T.A.& Madie Lee/12-31-1886/09-12-1968
Double Marker
Lee, Charles A./09-23-1881/06-04-1952
Lee, Etta R./09-15-1882/04-01-1963
Leggett, Charles Wiley/01-31-1876/08-15-1937
Leggett, Hattie Carter/Wyf of Charles W. Leggett/01-02-1877/10-18-1917
Leigh, Addie Pate/07-25-1917/10-05-1918
Leigh, Annie H./07-11-1919/02-08-1926
Leigh, A. Roscoe/01-24-1888/05-12-1958
Leigh, Lorene Cook/10-23-1898/02-10-1942
Leigh, Marian/1933/1936
Leigh, W. Richard/05-16-1926/09-09-1928
Double Marker
Leigh, Alpheus Parker/05-03-1851/03-27-1927
Leigh, Mararet R. Wise/05-06-1861/09-04-1950
Double Marker
Leigh, Ethel G./02-15-1895/03-01-1961
Leigh, William F./03-04-1886/09-04-1959
Lehr, Mangham David, "sonny'/age 84/died 09-26-2012/US WWII vet
Lester, Julia Steele/03-01-1888/04-10-1980
Lester, Wesley R./05-02-1888/07-15-1979
Lewis, Florence E./1898/1936
Lewis, Harris L./1892/1904
Lewis, Helen Graves/1960/1960
Lewis, Nichols V./1908/1914
Lewis, Rachel Kathryn/1959/1959
Lewis, William C./1900/1912
Double Marker
Lewis, George Wayne/10-15-1934/09-16-1991
Lewis, Kathryn Barker/08-12-1934/09-22-1961
Double Marker
Lewis, John George/04-07-1895/02-15-1986
Lewis, Ouida Denman/01-12-1910/12-06-1980
Double Marker
Lewis, Fred D./08-20-1904/02-21-1979
Lewis, Le E./03-29-1906/11-12-1983
Double Marker
Lewis, Beulah C./1868/1941
Lewis, John H./1846/1910
Double Marker
Lindsay, Lewis Perkins/1866/1951
Lindsay, Mary Read/Wyf of Lewis P. Lindsay/1870/1946
Lindsey, Johnnie R./02-11-1902/07-27-1994
Lindeman, Jessie Mae/age 78/08-10-1928/04-15-2007
Little, Annie Mae/10-29-1909/06-22-1948
Little, George W./03-18-1904/03-22-1973
Double Marker
Little, Dave H./04-25-1869/02-25-1961
Little, Maude Kerr/06-24-1874/10-29-1952
Double Marker
Little, Anne A./09-23-1875/03-16-1947
Little, David A./01-07-1876/01-19-1953
Long, E.L./06-01-1834/03-14-1915
Long, Sidney Crawford/1939/1939
Double Marker
Lord, Charles Coburn/1884/1967
Lord, Elizabeth Linscott/1883/1953
Lowery, Katie Leigh/Wyf of Van W./1888/1926
Lucius, E.L./MS Cpl 199 General Hospital WWII/01-26-1917/02-17-1965
Lyle, Ann Laughlin/06-24-1911/12-18-1937

Double Marker
McCafferty, Edna E./03-10-1887/05-04-1980
McCafferty, Charlie W./02-14-1887/09-06-1961
Double Marker-Wed/12-29-1945
McCafferty, Dorothy Devanney/12-21-1921/05-01-1997
McCafferty, Edward Earl/Lt. Col Army Retired/04-06-1924
McCain, Esther/08-29-1894/09-02-1895
McCain, Oda/02-11-1861/06-09-1934
McCarty, Daniel/11-15-1837/02-17-1913
McCarty, David Niven/Born 1880
McCarty, M.A./Wyf of Daniel/09-17-1842/09-19-1910
McClain, John/12-18-1885/10-04-1951
McCorkle, J.L./05-04-1862/10-04-1895
McCorkle, Pearl Spence/10-22-1870/12-20-1955
Double Marker
McCorkle, J.T./04-27-1838/02-28-1908
McCorkle, Malinda A./Wyf of J.T./02-19-1846/10-08-1906
Double Marker
McCulloch, Bertie A./1892/1987
McCulloch, John W./1889/1956
McFerin, Minnie Green/03-03-1915/12-09-1990
McFerrin, Lydia W./01-28-1890/03-26-1969
McKnight, Lucy/1873/1934
McNulty, Louise N./age 78/01-04-1925/08-11-2003
McLellan, Magnus/husb Peggy Stone Mclennan/age 82/02-21-1922/12-09-2004
Double Marker
McLellan, Elizabeth "Betsy"/06-27-1924/01-04-1979/One Side Blank
McLemore, Leila Lucas/06-25-1878/08-18-1973
McMullen, Alice Seawright/Wyf of W.C./1857/1944
McMullen, Mary Leigh/05-01-1883/08-19-1947
McMullen, William Cullen/01-04-1854/11-10-1894
McMullen, W.O./08-04-1879/02-13-1928
McNulty, Malcom Allen/age 85/1915/04-08-2000/husb of Louise McNulty
Double Marker
McNulty, Dora K./01-10-1903/08-05-1975
McNulty, Joe A./08-19-1902/11-15-1985
Double Marker
McNulty, John Afton/08-02-1947/10-09-1979
McNulty, Judy Ann/09-27-1947

Double Marker
Magee, Benjamin B./10-05-1918/01-04-1982/ONE SIDE BLANK
Manis, Mrs. Jesse E./02-22-1884/10-31-1926
Manley, Mary Rebecca/Wyf of Capt. T.J./1829/1906
Manley, T.J./10-13-1852/09-12-1904
Double Marker
Manley, Myrtle Dogan/no Dates
Manley, Clarence Wesley/1851/1928
Mann, Donald R./11-22-1939/04-23-1988
Mann, Thomas R./10-30-1946/11-22-1946
Double Marker/Wed/10-02-1936
Mann, Opal L./11-19-1920/12-23-1984
Mann, Virgil D./05-13-1917
Manuel, Jamie Bryant/1928.02-03-1999
Manuel, Caro Errol/age 82/03-24-1925/11-27-2007 MS. State VA Home Oxford Ms
Marshall, Charles M./Son of W.B.& Ida/11-26-1875/08-15-1897
Marshall, Garner/Wyf of W.T./03-03-1875/02-09-1900
Marshall, George Lindsey "Bubba, Jr./1920/1935
Marshall, Mary Rebecca/08-20-1884/01-30-1982
Marshall, Maynard "Gerald"/1906/1969
Marshall, Sue/04-23-1886/03-08-1909
Marshall, William B."Billy"/1911/1969
Marshall, W.T./03-23-1873/01-20-1919
Double Marker
Marshall, Ethel Neely(Mother)/1890/1980
Marshall, George Lindsey, Sr./1885/1950/"Father"
Double Marker
Marshall, Jennie C./1882/1946
Marshall, Maynard F./1880/1943
Martin, Eunice Neely/09-22-1885/08-13-1975
Martin, Henry Anthony/MS BUC USNR WWII/11-15-1906/05-05-1959
Martin, Hubert H./04-13-1934/09-19-1971
Martin, Lee/03-09-1883/01-11-1945
Martin, Pauline Holland/05-21-1913/03-27-1961
Martin, Thomas Lindsey/age 65/died 07-27-2008/interred 08-02-2008
Martin, Zenia Simpson/1916/1996
Double Marker-Wed./12-11-1946
Martin, Joyce Gordon/07-15-1931
Martin, Oliss Marshell/US Army WWII/12-25-1924/03-11-1981
Double Marker
Martin, Clyde/07-27-1900/06-11-1975
Martin, Jewell Brower- 07-23-1908-09-23-2008/ dau of George W. & Esther W. Brower***
Marx, Dama Stapp Smith/06-12-1915/09-24-1982
Marx, Herman, Jr./Cpl US Army WWII/11-22-1913/12-13-1988
Marx, Herrman/01-01-1887/01-09-1946
Marx, Pearl Neilson/03-04-1889/07-15-1981
Matthews, Infant/baby Agness/Born & Died/06-30-1889?
Matthews, Bishop G./05-13-1909/03-06-1973
Matthews, Charles G./10-29-1901/07-09-1937
Matthews, Clinton Fort/1890/1931
Matthews, Edward Lee/Tec4 US Army WWII/04-22-1909/03-18-1975
Matthews, Lucille Q./1889/1972
Matthews, Margaret Lee/06-03-1900/10-10-1900
Matthews, Mildred C./10-30-1916/10-08-1977
Matthews, Sue Lee Cossart/09-25-1868/01-02-1946
Matthews, William T./1895/1965
Matthews, Dr. W.T./03-20-1864/04-15-1917
Matthews, William W./09-25-1879/02-24-1921
Double Marker
Matthews, Lula K./09-25-1874/11-11-1951
Matthews, William M./06-10-1850/08-03-1922
May, Jean Conger/12-21-1928/08-01-1974
May, Katie Russell Sanders/11-19-1848/05-25-1921
May, Joseph L. Sr./Age 97/11-18-1912/12-11-2009/WWII Vet
Melton, E.S./09-24-1875/09-03-1909
Melton, Emily Lorraine/08-17-1988/04-07-1989(TWIN)
Melton, Joshua Adam/08-17-1988/08-19-1988(TWIN)
Middleton, D.M./06-18-1886/01-24-1948
Middleton, Zona Laura/08-15-1887/04-04-1979
Milam, Beatrice Neely/12-31-1891/05-16-1944
Milam, Geneva Power/1903/1971
Milam, George Allie?/WWII Army Vet/age 84/06-07-1921/03-10-2006/interned 03-12-2006
Milam, Henry Harris/06-16-1896/06-23-1983
Milam, Maggie Steele/1897/1952
Milam, Mary Jane/11-11-1912/03-26-1984/(has 2 markers)
Milam, Mary Margaret/Dau of George & Mary J./02-10-1947/02-11-1947
Milam, Thomas A./08-09-1888/12-07-1956
Double Marker
Milam, Norine Y./12-30-1900/03-04-1997
Milam, W. Harvey/12-27-1898/12-10-1964
Double Marker
Milam, Allen W./02-23-1903/07-15-1977
Milam, Lucille S./03-16-1904/09-07-1986
Double Marker
Milam, Alice Gertrude/1859/1931
Milam, John Thomas/1847/1933
Double Marker
Milam, Alton Caroll/09-05-1912/02-17-1978
Milam, Lula Sanders/07-08-1910/04-30-1992
Double Marker
Miles, Dan N./10-31-1890/03-06-1952
Miles, Irene W./06-06-1894/11-03-1983
Double Marker
Miller, Elizabeth Newton/09-16-1918/07-19-1990
Miller, William Walton, Jr./01-14-1917/02-04-1955
Double Marker/Wed-02-21-1931
Miller, James Perry/1907/1995
Miller, Bitsy Leggett/1908/1992
Millstead, Rev. Jesse/04-25-1877/02-01-1954
Mitchell, Betty Jo/Dau of Mr.& Mrs. J.I./11-15-1930/05-18-1932
Mitchell, John Irby/12-18-1907/04-24-1989
Mitchell, McElrie/age87/WWII Air Force Vet/08-18-1916/03-12-2004
Double Marker
Mitchell, Maude A./02-10-1895/08-25-1965
Mitchell, T.M./10-26-1889/04-19-1976
Double Marker
Mitchell, Christine A./1887/1972
Mitchell, John W./1888/1940
Molinary, Debra Jean/1955/1984
Monday, Frank S./04-07-1865/02-02-1927
Moore, Reece Livingston/10-12-1905/08-14-1976
Moore, Gertrude Fulks/08-26-1908/02-23-1968
Double Marker
Moore, Charles F./10-02-1901/02-12-1956
Moore, Ollie Staten/12-31-1907/05-20-1998
Moorman, Dexter Doriaen/Pvt. US Army WWI/1893/1979
Moorman, Nellie Jones/09-28-1903/02-18-1994 <BR>

Moorman, Derrett Wiggins ‘Derk”- B.-1908- D.- 08-11-1968<BR>

Morgan, Ben/Husb. of Hattie/no dates, sent in by Sally Adams Lee
Morgan, Carolyn Templeton/Age81/03-25-1921/06-06-2002
Morgan, Hattie/Wyf of Ben/no dates, sent in by Sally Adams Lee
Morgan, Birdie Leigh/01-03-1909/05-15-1989
Morgan, John Alexander died/02-18-1850/Co C. Wards Texas Legion/C.S.A.
Morgan, Mattie McNulty/Wyf of B.C. Morgan, Jr./08-28-1888/11-13-1928
Morgan, William David, Jr./04-10-1951/07-17-1971
Morgan, William David/age 89/Us Army Air Corpse wwII VET/died 05-14-2012/interred 05-16-2012
Double Marker/Wed-05-20-1953
Morgan, Thomas Earl/MSgt. US Army Korea/10-03-1929/10-31-1974
Morgan, Matha M./09-06-1934
Double Marker
Morgan, Rosie D. "Bud"/02-13-1904/04-20-1988
Morgan, Thomas Spencer/Pvt. US Army WWI/12-02-1887/09-19-1975
Double Marker
Morgan, Benjamin C./01-22-1886/04-29-1963
Morgan, Hortense T./11-25-1905/09-27-1987
Moss, Kenneth J./TSGT 1849 SVC Comd Unit WWII/05-30-1909/07-09-1949
Moy, Kenneth Eugene/11-16-1962/06-03-1981
Moy, Wanna W./age 78/11-03-1930 in Taison China/09-16-2009 Charleston Ms
Double Marker
Moy, Shiu T."speck"/age 92/12-20-1908/11-26-2001/Oldest active Rotarian /Charleston Merchant/he left Hong Kong in 1927/attended Tri-State College in Angola Ind., Electrical Engineer, but chose to enter the Grocery business in Charleston Ms./SunSent Obit
Moy, Mae Lan/09-05-1909/11-25-1991
Mullen, Catherine Otott/ae 83/05-31-1920/04-17-2004
Mullen, E.P."Buck"/02-12-1913/05-07-1993
Mullens, Arthur G./01-28-1912
Mullins, Ida L./03-08-1884/07-17-1973
Mullins, John C./1926/1997
Mullins, Tom E./Husb of Mary E./08-03-1916/08-07-1991
Double Marker
Mullins, Dale Baker/07-24-1905/02-04-1975
Mullins, Thomas "Jack"/12-29-1901/11-23-1983
Murphree, Eva McKibben/07-09-1897/05-12-1996
Murphree, Thomas Amon/05-01-1905/11-12-1993
Murphree, Thomas Glenn/09-22-1959/03-23-1967
Muirhead, Jean Denman/died 07-15-2011/she was one of MS first female senators 1967-1972/her cremains will be buried beside her mother and father
Myers, Earl S./05-09-1899/11-05-1910

Neal, Albert J./Tec.5, U.S.Army WWII/05-25-1918/12-30-1980
Neal, Judith Annette/12-28-1949/10-01-1966
Neal, Thomas Sidney/infant son of A.J.& Zora Neal/11-29-1946
Neely, Miss Annie Mae/02-17-1894/05-13-1998
Neely, Alberta R.05-05-1912/04-16-1967
Neely, Hubert E.10-31-1903/03-18-1976
Neely, Allen G./1907/1939
Neely, Mrs. Georgia/1868/1952
Neely, John T./09-12-1844/06-05-1913
Neely, Lillie Barnes/Wyf of John T./1859/1927
Neely, Nancy G./1892/1941
Neely, Nannell/1927/1930
Neely, Sam A./2nd Lt. Infantry WWI/10-17-1885/01-01-1953
Double Marker
Neely, Lydia Lewis/07-07-1905/04-02-1987
Neely, Thomas Benton/07-29-1900/08-26-1960
Double Marker/Wed-08-20-1922
Neely, Austin C. "Buddy"/08-02-1897/04-23-1985
Neely, Mary B. "Trixie"/02-05-1904/09-17-1977
Double Marker
Neely, Virginia/ age93/1908/12-24-2000
Neely, Gerald G./1907/1972
Nelson, Bess Neely/Wyf of Matthews/1884/1921
Newkirk, Robert I., Jr./04-06-1920/04-06-1920
Double Marker
Newman, Corina "Doll" E./1886/1976
Newman, James "Jim" M./1873/1933
Newnum, William Henry/04-16-1894/04-01-1917
Newton, Kimberly Hargett/1950/April 1999
Noel, Dorothy D./Wyf of Aubry/11-01-1924/09-28-1978
Norwood, Lyda Smith Matthews/11-19-1887/05-14-1955

Oakes, John T./05-21-1842/06-26-1906
Oakes, Mary Jane D./1846/1920
Oakes, Mabel Clifton Rainey/Wyf of J.R.Oakes/08-28-1878/11-06-1913
Oakes, Inez M./dau. of J.R.& Mabel G. Oakes/03-12-1901/12-18-1917
Double Marker
Oakes, John Robert, Sr./07-12-1874/08-19-1959
Oakes, Harriet Rainey/06-26-1883/12-03-1956
Oates, David Taylor/age 79/07-21-1931/08-17-2010
Oates, Marian Dailey/11-22-1933/03-23-1981
Oliver, Jimmie Etta/02-10-1916/12-26-1991
Oliver, Nellie Butt/04-12-1885/04-07-1931
Oliver, Zip Ira/11-30-1885/01-16-1957
O'Mary, Edna A./1902/1971
O'Mary, Jim E./1887/1957
O'Mary, Sarah M./1870/1943
O'Mary, William A./1868/1953
O/Neal, Milton Chester/Inf son of J.M.& E.T/12-15-1911/01-11-1912
O'Shea, Arlone Starks/12-24-1891/12-20-1984
O'Shea, Alto F./10-14-1917/09-13-1984
O'Shea, Francis M./1885/1954
O'Shea, Francis , Jr./04-26-1912/01-23-1938
O'Shea, Peter Starks/10-18-1913/11-12-1994
O'Shea, Ruth Arlone/04-05-1919/02-15-1920
O'Shea, Thomas Foard "Tommy"/07-07-1945/04-08-1964
Opitz, Herbert L./05-07-1907/10-12-1973
Otott, George Arthur/10-09-1915/11-24-1987
Otott, Elizabeth Wood/11-13-1882/11-03-1947
Ousley, Lillie M./03-01-1871/04-09-1951
Double Marker
Ousley, Bernice Dacus/01-18-1917/02-21-1987/(On Back of Marker)/Mother
of, Jimmy Venable, Peggy Anderson, Robbie Venable and Mac Vanable
Ousley, Charles D./08-06-1913/11-14-1996/(On Back of Marker)/Father
of Sylvia Freeman, & Charles R. Ousley.
Owens, Archie Y./06-19-1908/03-28-1959
Owens, Ida Dew/1886/1945/"Mother"
Owens, Luther F./1888/1959/"Father"
Double Marker
Owens, Lamar Q./11-01-1912/10-17-1988
Owens, Mary M./02-23-1913/04-18-1994
Oxendine, Lela Barns "Liz"/08-20-1942/02-07-1992

Parish, Barry N., Jr./Son of Mr.& Mrs. B.N./04-19-1947/04-21-1947
Parish, Bartow H./Died in Service of his country/A.M.M.2C/1911/1943
Parish, Effie H./02-22-1891/05-18-1972
Parish, S.F. Barry/12-06-1881/04-23-1958
Double Marker
Parish, Barry Nash/SK3 US Navy WWII/06-01-1915/08-19-1994
Parish, Mildred Carithers/02-27-1918/10-06-2005
Partridge, Katie Crenshaw/1902/1975
Pasma, Harriet Blanche/05-21-1922/01-19-1925
Patterson, Lucy Crow/1880/1966
Patterson, Pauline Virginia/ dau.of T.W.&E.C. Patterson./03-04-1904/05-23-1904
Patterson, Thomas Ward/son of T.W.&Lucy Patterson/02-05-1909/06-19-1910
Patterson, T. Ward/01-06-1880/09-04-1909
Pattison, Alexander/11-01-1858/02-24-1936
Pattison, Issac Caldwell/11-08-1871/07-15-1952
Pattison, Little Hal/Son of A.B.& J.C./11-09-1895/07-25-1896
Pattison, Lulie Andrews/11-14-1882/08-12-1958
Pattison, Mary R./Wyf of A./Dau of J.T.& M.A. Mccorkle/08-20-1875/09-27-1905
Pattison, Josie Calhoun/04-21-1868/02-05-1901
Double Marker
Pattison, Elsie S./10-30-1907/02-05-1969
Pattison, Isaac , Jr./08-28-1908/05-17-1967
Double Marker
Pattison, Edna M./04-06-1897/09-28-1971
Pattison, Edwin/12-21-1896/07-21-1969
Payne, Blanche Herron/1867/1940
Payne, George Hereford/1857/1948
Payne, Robert Webster/1888/1967
Payne, James/Son of G.H.& W.B./12-11-1890/07-24-1929
Pearce, Elise/1902/1993
Peltier, Birdie D./Wyf of F.A./04-07-1882/10-15-1924
Double Marker/Wed 10-27-1964
Perry, Robert Lee, Sr./10-18-1939/07-21-1979
Perry, Linda Gail/09-27-1947/children-Robert Lee, Jr., Ted Lewis,
Anthony Ray, David Allen
Peters, Bardwell/Tec5 US Army WWII/1914/1977
Peters, Dorothy Magee/1912/12-08-1997/85 years old
Peters, George Bailey,Sr/age 68/died 01-06-2006/interned 02-08-2006
Peters, Helen Box/ age 90/died 05-03-2008/interned 05-06-2008
Peters, Infant Son/of Mr.& Mrs. James E./01-19-1937
Peters, Infant Dau./of Bardwell & Dorothy/02-05-1940
Peters, Reason L., Jr./1908/04-22-1999/husband of Helen Box Peters
Double Marker/Wed 11-24-1933
Peters, Inez Rowe /02-24-1919/07-23-2008/88 yo
Peters, Klenlin C./03-08-1912/05-11-1982
Double Marker/Wed 05-27-1962
Peters, Sandra W./01-10-1942
Peters, K.C./03-16-1942/01-22-1991
Double Marker
Peters, R.L./1878/1959
Peters, Minnie R./1883/1966
Double Marker
Pfeiffer, Joe Ben/08-20-1907/04-12-1974
Pfeiffer, Gladys Ray/01-16-1906/12-01-2000
Phang, Sok Kee/11-15-1922/04-28-1968
Phifer, Opal W./07-28-1922/03-16-1984
Pierce, Daisey Porter/09-10-1888/05-24-1976
Pierce, Daisey Porter/09-10-1888/05-24-1976
Pinson, Baby Elizabeth/08-09-1934/01-10-1935
Pinson, Charles Edward/Pvt. Pinson, Sara Lillian Neely/age 85/11-23-1924/09-21-2010
Pinson, William Paul/11-07-1921/09-29-1932
Pinson, Thomas Coatney/age 86/died 10-16-2010/interred 10-20-2010
Double Marker/Wed 02-07-1921
Pinson, Paul Jewel/11-06-1898/06-18-1975
Pinson, Mattie Elizabeth/04-21-1899/05-25-1972
Pitcher, Gordon F./Pvt. US Army Air Corps WWII/10-11-1924/09-14-1990
Pitcher, Mary Lee/1925/1994
Pittman, Mary J./Wyf of Dr. E.E./11-26-1845/06-30-1909
Pitts, John H./07-11-1876-05-27-1912
Pitts, Mary Magdaline/Wyf of John H./05-25-1876/09-03-1912
Polk, Foree Crow/08-10-1876/02-09-1946
Polk, Samuel L./01-22-1870/04-14-1940
Polk, Mary Lucy/10-09-1900/10-09-1900
Poindexter, Thomas Hershel/U.S.Army, WWII/1919/10-07-1997
Double Marker
Poindexter, Nola Ann Young/1895/1978
Poindexter, John Thomas/1894/10-29-1978
Double Marker
Pollan, George W./1873/1943
Pollan, Matilda D./1873/1962
Porter, Rev. James/05-31-1849/02-07-1938
Porter, Zula Douglass/1862/1951
Powell, Edward S./04-10-1910/09-19-1973
Powell, Jane Pritchard/age76/04-29-1929/05-01-2005
Powell, Mamie D./06-06-1921
Double Marker
Powell, John Edgar, M.D./1876/1951
Powell, Susan Eudora/1874/1958
Posers, Allen Monroe/hush of Lottie Tribble/WWII Vet/1918/05-14-1999
Double Marker
Powers, Evie Ballow/03-28-1894/10-21-1970
Powers, J.C."Jim"/04-06-1885/01-24-1958
Prasse, Kathrine Wilson/1894/1981
Pressgrove, Edgar Hey, Sr./02-19-1901/02-25-1996
Pressgrove, Edgar Hey, III/12-26-1961
Pressgrove, John S./12-26-1885/04-16-1953
Pressgrove, Louise Jackson/03-29-1907/02-13-1988
Pressgrove, Meador B./1906/1982
Pressgrove, Pollie D./01-04-1890/06-19-1972
Double Marker
Pressgrove, Alva Bates/1876/1940
Pressgrove, Minni Hey/Wyf of Alva Bates Pressgrove/1879/1958
Double Marker
Price, Katherine Oldham/12-28-1898/06-26-1984
Price, Lee L./08-24-1888/03-30-1985
Double Marker
Price, Katherine M./Age 73/09-10-1929/07-09-2002
Price, William "Bill"/03-29-1927/09-27-1974
Prigmore, Edgar Raymond, Jr./1st Lt. US Air Force WWII/10-18-1923/01-30-1996
Double Marker
Prigmore, Edgar Raymond/03-17-1885/07-31-1957
Prigmore, Myrtle W. "Mimi"/12-15-1886/03-07-1970
Pritchard, Allie Cornick/10-08-1875/03-19-1941
Pritchard, Brick Promeroy/10-08-1872/12-26-1952
Pritchard, Carrie Elvira/1844/1927
Pritchard, Cluff/1890/1948
Pritchard, Francis S./MS A1C US Air Force/11-27-1942/06-07-1969
Pritchard, Laura S./09-16-1914/11-28-1951
Pritchard, Lillian G./04-12-1919/11-14-1976
Pritchard, Martha Jane/1927/1946
Pritchard, Martha Little/1890/1983
Pritchard, Morris L./03-18-1913/06-30-1982
Pritchard, Iris Camile/1922/1985
Pritchard, Wilfred "Brick"/02-19-1917/02-02-2001/WWII Army Vet/ Pritchard, William H. "Billy"/12-21-1953/08-13-1977
Pritchard, Infant son/of Mr.& Mrs. B.P. Pritchard /10-12-1912
Double Marker
Pritchard, B.P. Jr./05-18-1910/07-25-1976
Pritchard, Liz Driskell/02-28-1919/07-03-1991
Double Marker
Pritchard, Fannie Worley/age93/03-05-1917 Spring hill Ms/05-20-2010
Pritchard, Rice Harris/02-13-1907/09-25-1971
Pullen, Lalla Bogue Saunders/04-02-1878/11-05-1970
Pullen, William B./06-15-1871/07-25-1932
Pulley, Earl W./Ill Pvt. 347 Inf 87 Div WWII/01-15-1917/12-15-1944
Pulley, Mary Jane/12-07-1915/07-16-1963
Double Marker
Purnell, John R./11-04-1869/05-29-1951
Purnell, Myrtle M. Harris/06-30-1877/12-21-1956

Quarles, Blanche Meade Payne/11-17-1896/03-06-1985
Quarles, Eugene E./1899/1972
Quarles, Leigh Wynn/1868/1962
Quarles, Silvan Leigh/Vet of WWI/1891/1946
Quarles, Wynn Harvey/10-06-1902/07-02-1980
Quarles, William/1864/1927
Quarles, William/1894/1969
Queenan, James P./07-12-1896/11-06-1968

Ramay, Earl H./07-19-1920/08-03-1920
Ramay, Johnnie Oursler/03-17-1911/06-25-1932
Ramay, Roland L./07-04-1914/03-06-1917
Double Marker
Ramay, Ebbie Hill/10-27-1883/01-30-1946
Ramay, Sarah Morgan/06-26-1889/02-02-1946
Double Marker
Ramsey, Emile S./1907/1978
Ramsey, Jack D./1902/1960
Double Marker
Raney, A.P. Etheridge/03-29-1906/03-09-1979
Raney, Floyd L./07-03-1908/06-07-1988
Double Marker
Raney, Claude D./03-10-1906/11-24-1992
Raney, Lillian Dixon/10-25-1905/01-21-2000
Double Marker
Raney, Clarence T./1891/19xx
Raney, Lola Neislor/1898/1952
Rainey, I.W./04-17-1907/02-03-1957
Rainey, Rubye Little/died 05-23-1970
Rainey, Tom Prewitt/TSGT U.S.Air Force WWII/08-18-1921/01-14-1982
Double Marker
Rainey, Philemon, T./05-20-1849/02-06-1926
Rainey, Susan E./12-14-1856/03-13-1926
Double Marker
Rainey Martha D./08-09-1920/06-25-1993
Rainey, William P./03-28-1924/10-05-1989
Double Marker
Rainey, Prewett C./1888/1967
Rainey, Rubie A./1891/1979
Rathbun, Frances Box/1884/1959
Rathburn, J.P./1880/1914
Ray, Amos Lester, Jr./age 72/08-03-1929/08-25-2001/Husb. of Dorothy Morgan Ray
Ray, Amos Lester, Sr./TN Cox USNR WWII/09-07-1907/09-13-1960
Ray, Edna DeLap/02-02-1910/06-11-1977
Ray, Eugene/04-16-1934/08-26-1951
Ray, Mary Jo/Dau of Mr.& Mrs. Lester/05-17-1939/05-18-1939
Ray, Esther-Wyf of John/12-13-1891/02-29-1920
Rayburn, H.C., Jr./1931/1932
Double Marker
Reed, Alvin Victor/02-18-1894/04-30-1975
Reed, Alma Franks/11-16-1902
Reese, Bertha E./09-04-1906/09-04-1954
Rhoden, Nelson Eddy/Age 62/1938/03-05-2000
Rice, Banjamin B."Billy/04-26-1912/01-10-1959
Rice, Fannie Barns/08-02-1868/07-12-1915
Rice, Greek Lent/05-18-1886/02-21-1950
Rice, Jam E./1896/1954
Rice, James C., M.D./08-06-1889/03-23-1966
Rice, Joel A./08-13-1869/11-02-1918
Rice, Lent Irwin/11-10-1859/08-15-1915
Rice, Lucy Mullen/1873/1969
Rice, Ned R./1883/1945
Rice, Ned R. Jr./01-16-1912/08-07-1983
Rice, Vira Neely/02-08-1888/03-12-1985
Double Marker
Rice, D.L./12-12-1903/06-28-1978
Rice, Nannie B./12-05-1902/03-11-1991
Richardson, Deborah Green/age 48/01-20-1955/03-04-2003
Double Marker
Richardson, Ellis E.- 09-02-1914- 11-25-1980
Richardson, Sara (Simmons)- 07-28-1917- 01-10-2012***
Riddick, Mamie S./Wyf of T.M. Riddick/11-03-1877/04-19-1917
Double Marker
Riley, Alice/08-30-1909/09-21-1985
Riley, Theodore/08-12-1909/02-11-1978
Roberson, Laura Gay (Dunklin)-04-03-1931-09-13-2008/ wyf of Ray Roberson/ dau of Wm Bryan & Lucy G. Neely Dunklin.***
Roberson, John F./Co I, 42 MS Inf C.S.A./No dates
Roberson, John William/1874/1923
Roberson, Samuel Neal/10-09-1933/11-05-1934
Double Marker
Roberson, Clarice Neal/age 94/12-18-1908/05-27-2003
Roberson, Julius Marshall/07-21-1906/06-03-1988
Double Marker
Roberson, Julius Franklin/06-02-1878/09-10-1950
Roberson, Sarah Marshall/03-12-1887/11-04-1975
Robertson, Myrtle Ulch/age 81/died 12-04-2008-interred12-06-2008
Robertson, Solon, Sr./02-22-1922/11-11-1993
Robertson, Solon, S. Jr/age 48/09-09-1953/07-07-2002
Robinson, Carter Jeff/06-26-1872/12-09-1953
Double Marker
Robison, George E./12-10-1900/09-12-1941
Robison, Johnnie C./12-17-1902/08-02-1986
Rolley, Agnes Denman/05-25-1915/03-20-1974
Rolley, E.E. "Buddy"/03-22-1918/05-06-1968
Rolley, Helton Devoe/08-15-1909/02-25-1981
Rolley, Nora Helton/1882/1952
Ross, George D./MS U.S. PFC Army WWI/06-14-1899/01-15-1973
Ross, George W. Jr./MS Pvt 1CL US Marines Corps Res/12-08-1921/05-01-1945
Ross, James Allen/MS Sgt ICL 114 Engrs./03-03-1940
Rowe, S./ ???
Double Marker
Rowe, Evelyn Miller/10-23-1894
Rowe, Eddie Loving/01-12-1892/07-12-1980
Rowland, Adrienne Ashley/Dau. of Tommy & Melinda/08-29-1977/01-19-1978
Rowland, Benjamin T., Jr./1933/11-24-1998
Rowland, Charles David/age 49/died April 19, 1999
Rowland, Federick Turner/05-23-1947/04-30-1977
Double Marker
Rowland, Benjamin Thomas/1919/1981
Rowland, Ruth Stiles/11-03-1920/01-20-2005
Double Marker
Rowland, Fred Turner/12-08-1896/10-11-1943
Rowland, Modie Patterson/03-16-1899/06-15-1972
Double Marker
Rowland, Edna C./08-02-1897/10-24-1996
Rowland, Fonda C./08-24-1893/10-14-1959
Rowland, Robert Avery Sr./age 81/died 09-14-2007
Double Marker
Russell, Herman E."Sonny"/02-12-1922/12-31-1999
Russell, Margaret Martin/Wyf of Sonny Russell/06-03-1926/10-21-1996
Rutland, Stephen A./03-29-1854/12-26-1911
Rutland, Mattie M./11-02-1861/09-22-1941
Double Marker
Ryan, Everett W. M.D./MS LT COL. U.S. Army WWII/10-27-1904/10-01-1972
Ryan, Agnes V./02-11-1910/10-07-1975

Sanders, Ben G./08-20-1885/10-20-1918
Sanders, Jack B. "Jay"/12-13-1924/06-16-1999/74 Yo/Husb of. Vina "Bonnie Williams Sandes/US Army WWII Vet.
Sanders, John Samuel/12-02-1884/04-26-1924
Sanders, Marie R./02-02-1915/04-24-1989
Sanders, Mordessa Isler/12-07-1895/11-09-1935
Sanders, Thomas Freeman/03-09-1909/03-30-1993
Sanders, Thomas Freeman, Jr./12-31-1934/01-21-1979
Sanders, John Robert "Johnny", Jr./age 74/12-09-1936/04-19-2010
Saunders, A.B./03-30-1874/11-25-1918
Saunders, Barbara/no dates/
Saunders, Benjamin F./1841/1900
Saunders, Mary Ann/1847/1906
Saunders, John William/1866/1943
Saunders, Lula McCarty/1872-/1937
Sayle, David Bardwell/age 65/09-13-1938/03-26-2004
Sayle, Denman/1920/1926
Sayle, Eliza A./10-19-1878/01-11-1946
Sayle, Dr. Ervin M./1872/1901
Sayle, Ervin Major/1919/1929
Sayle, Estelle D./1876/1929
Sayle, Gene H./1924/1950
Sayle, Greene Jr./Son of Katherine & Green/09-11-1918/12-20-1919
Sayle, Isaac F./1894/1943
Sayle, Dr. John Auburn/03-02-1874/02-22-1962
Sayle, Sarah Harvey/1895/1974
Sayle, Sue Whitten/age 80/died 07-11-2001
Double Marker
Sayle, Greene E./08-23-1890/02-20-1954
Sayle, Katherine M./05-04-1892/06-17-1973
Double Marker
Sayle, Ervin M./02-02-1902/08-10-1973
Sayle, Patsy D./08-14-1900/02-22-1988
Double Marker
Sayle, Isaac Franklin, Jr./10-08-1916/06-01-1994
Sayle, Eleanor Bardwell/04-18-1918/02-20-1981
Scarborough ,Nancy Ellen Jane Moore/ 1886- February 17, 1919/ at age 33 /No Marker
Double Marker
Scott, Arthur Ethridge Jr./03-22-1908/02-17-1968
Scott, Pauline Burnett/02-11-1911
Double Marker
Seale, Marguerite K./07-07-1920
Seale, William T./08-26-1918
Double Marker
Seale, Jannie Lou/03-10-1887/04-14-1964
Seale, William E. M.D./01-29-1886/02-18-1979
Searcy, Mary J./Dau of Mr.& Mrs. W.E. Jenkins/08-19-1892/12-26-1922
Selby, Evelyn Aline Mullen/Age 78/07-0-1923/06-04-2002
Selby, John Larry/age 61/10-19-1941/04-07-2003
Selby, John Press/age 85/WWII Vet Navy/07-23-1917/04-29-2003
Double Marker
Selby, Ben Frank/12-01-1911/04-24-1985
Selby, Madee Deaton/age 95/08-15-1911/02-28-2007
Sepp, Addie L./07-05-1900/01-18-1991
Sepp, J.W./1889/1924
Sepp, Mildred/10-10-1920/04-08-1988
Sevier, Capt. John T./08-19-1858/05-07-1944
Sewell, Ernestine R./1882/1967
Sewell, Samuel F./1879/1918
Sewell, Walter Edward/08-26-1897/06-17-1971
Shackelford, Elwyn R./03-03-1924/12-11-1995
Shackelford, Marie L./07-30-1903/12-04-1998
Shackelford, Ryan Brunson/04-07-1901/12-30-1950
Shankle, Thomas B./MS Sgt Coast Art Corps WWII/01-05-1915/03-21-1948
Shaw, Ester Allen/04-23-1916/07-28-1992
Shaw, Louise Hackman/08-01-1920/09-14-1987
Double Marker
Sheffield, Kathleen Morgan/04-01-1911/08-24-1987
Sheffield, Horace Everett/10-10-1909/11-07-2002/WWII Army Airforce Vet
Sheley, Chester E./07-14-1882/09-14-1906
Sheley, Fannie M. DeLap/Wyf of Riley C. Sheley/1890/1929
Sheley, Josephine/Wyf of W.W./01-23-1853/11-16-1892
Sheley, Mary Beth/09-13-1937/07-29-2007
Sheley, Nannell Lay/09-12-1912/07-09-1987
Sheley, Riley Leonard/04-18-1909/01-10-1999
Sheley, Riley Leonard,Jr./age59/03-04-1945/01-25-2005
Sheley, Linda Jane Brasher/widow of Riley Leonard Jr/06-12-1945/04-01-2007
Sheley, W.W./02-01-1843/02-24-1902
Sheley, William G.Husb. of Hannah/1809/abt. 1870/no marker
Sheley, Hannah Buchanan Johnson/Wyf of WM. G./1814/after 1870/no marker
Double Marker
Sheley, Riley Crow/03-31-1888/04-08-1963
Sheley, Ruth Offman/05-19-1898/01-22-1974
Shelton, Albert M./08-07-1897/05-27-1973
Shelton, Albert M., Jr./Sgt US Marines Corps WWII/09-29-1923/10-06-1993
Shelton, Doris Jean/09-01-1956/09-02-1956
Shelton, Laura W./01-08-1893/12-11-1978
Double Marker
Shelton, Bill/03-10-1897/11-13-1972
Shelton, Billie/12-16-1912/02-12-1989
Triple Marker
Shields, Ben F./1887/1964
Shields, Fannie M./1880/1955
Shields, Wilson /son)/1914/19xx
Shive, James Oliver-07-27-1936-06-02-1939
Shook, Fannie/04-06-1866/01-07-1946
Shook, Doss A./husb of Fannie Shook/no dates
Double Marker
Shook, Claude Eugene/12-23-1901/10-21-1984
Shook, Dorothy Belk/04-20-1918/03-04-1978
Simmons, Albert Tony/1932/1934
Simmons, Bea Ross/05-28-1898/01-28-1985
Simmons, Virgil L.,Sr./12-12-1892/01-22-1964
Simpson, James Bradford/02-11-1907/08-10-1972
Simpson, Morris Glen/no dates
Double Marker
Simpson, Annie Love/11-08-1888/12-28-1967
Simpson, William Thomas/06-20-1881/04-11-1958
Sims, Jasper Denton/age 81/02-09-1926/01-18-2008, Baptist Hospital Little Rock Ark
Double Marker
Sims, Henry Walker/01-08-1894/12-30-1980
Sims, Laura Sanders/10-13-1900/10-27-1989
Slaughter, Hershel Paul/02-13-1939/03-01-1981
Smallwood, Joe Allen/10-04-1910/01-22-1974
Smallwood, Mary Whitten/07-29-1912/08-24-1984
Smallwood, William E./MS Pvt. Coast Arty Corps/10-18-1934
Smith, Addie Elizabeth/09-03-1890/04-22-1973
Smith, Albert Lee/12-16-1903/07-12-1943
Smith, Aubrey V./US Army WWII/06-29-1917/06-17-1981
Smith, Davie Volney/08-20-1890/11-08-1959
Smith, David V., Jr./age77/Dusabled Veteran/09-21-1928/05-07-2004
Smith, Dorothy Draper/Wyf of David Smith/age 86/07-18-1926/01-16-2003 Smith, Emma Susie/10-26-1907/03-04-1994
Smith, Erma Lee/07-07-1900/11-22-1953
Smith, Harold Rupert/07-24-1906/06-23-1974
Smith, Hershchell A./11-02-1909/03-01-1976
Smith, Jesse Cecil/08-10-1906/01-17-1956
Smith, Paul/age 73/01/16-1928/06-08-2001 Smith, Pauline/01-29-1905/10-20-1965
Smith, William E./MS Pvt. Coast Art Corps/10-18-1934
Double Marker
Smith, Erma Lee, Jr./Pfc US Air Force Korea/05-16-1931/01-12-1984
Smith, Dolores Stewart/02-15-1931/07-05-1992
Double Marker
Smith, Evelyn M./09-07-1908
Smith, Dr. Monroe/08-12-1905/11-08-1989
Double Marker
Smith, Charles Robert/07-06-1930/12-02-1994
Smith, Lois Adelle/11-13-1927
Double Marker
Smith, Albert L., Jr./06-07-1927/04-26-1992
Smith, Mary Sue/03-05-1936
Double Marker
Smith, M.J./12-04-1861/01-31-1935/"Mother"
Smith, D.E./02-18-1858/07-22-1926/"Father"
Double Marker
Smith, Charles Collins/11-01-1884/03-18-1945
Smith, Lela Pinson/10-12-1890/08-04-1934
Spalding, Taylor Sumner/10-31-1931
Spencer, A.D., Jr./09-04-1915
Spencer, Charles A./04-17-1845/01-27-1931
Spencer, Mrs. Mary L./08-02-1868/06-13-1907
Spencer, R.K./1841/1916
Stapp, Kate Laughlin/02-01-1875/06-23-1945
Stapp, Marshal Hey/11-08-1871/05-31-1932
Stapp, Nova/09-30-1904/01-30-1992
Stapp, MSgt. Otto/07-15-1907/05-26-1944
Starks, Harriet H./1871/1955
Starks, Peter H./1870/1920
Starks, Ruth O./1895/1980
Staten, Allen (A.L.)/09-29-1879/02-04-1956
Staten, Harry Lee Staten/MS-S2 USNR WWII/Killed in Action for his country
Staten, Rosia Lee Wilson/07-03-1881/09-02-1949"A Tender Mother and a Faithful Friend"
Steele, Ruth Kuykendall/1893/1948
Steele, Shade/1890/1952
Steele, Shade LeBoy/Son of Shade & Ruth/01-31-1916
Steele, James G./1901/1931
Double Marker
Steele, James F./1863/1946
Steele, Callie Barnes/1866/1935
Stevenson, Margaret Elizabeth Neely Bradwell/09-23-1914/12-15-2008/Widow of Francis O'Shea/1937/ and Hugh Stevenson/03-20-1991
Stevenson, Robert Franklin/age 41/died 08-24-2002
Stevenson, Earl Pinson/10-29-1911/08-08-1986
Stevenson, Margaret Patterson/1905/1956
Stevenson, William Hugh/02-03-1902/03-02-1991
Stevenson, Earl Pinson/10-29-1911/08-08-1986
Stewart, August Harrison/1870/1918
Stewart, James Collier "Totsy"/1913/05-16-1998
Stewart, Ona Collier/06-13-1887/06-15-1973
Stewart, Warren McAlpin/12-16-1878/02-11-1936
Double Marker
Stockton, James Woodie/1887/1939/"FATHER"
Stockton, Ludie Hill/1883/1937/"MOTHER"
Strahan, Faye Virginia/12-10-1925/04-01-1998
Strahan, Allen (Pa-Daddy)/age 96/Us Army Vet/Died 12-11-1011/interred 12-13-2011
Strider, Edward Tiffin/1869/1920
Strider, Susan Tighe/1874/1910
Stubbs, A.B./MS 2 Lt. Inf-Res/09-10-1913-08-04/1938
Stubbs, John Oscar/09-19-1909/07-27-1979
Stubbs, Martha Jane/04-01-1885/09-29-1947
Sturkie, George W./1847/1917
Sturkie, Isaiah/died 08-16-1905/Age 67 yrs.
Sturkie, Sallie Davis/Wyf of George W./12-11-1854/11-22-1923
Sturkie, Tanna Faust/1885/1965
Sullivan, Cora Adelle Tighe/ Wyf of Jeff D. Sullivan/ 07-24-1866/05-19-1946
Sullivan, Jeff D./05-12-1862/04-21-1925
Sullivan, J.H./02-29-1848/12-14-1899
Sullivan, Lena/ dau. of W.C.& J.F. Sullivan/04-01-1896/11-16-1899
Sullivan, Minerva G./Wyf of J.S. Sullivan/ 01-12-1831/ 03-17-1914
Double Marker
Sullivant, Annette B./1882/1973
Sullivant, John N./1883/1964
Summers, Charles Sidney/1876/1944
Summers, Elizabeth Riddick/1848/1930
Summers, Hiram A. Sr./MS. Sgt. Co.D 27 Regt Misc Inf. C.S.A./06-29-1839/12-18-1917
Summers, Louise Robinson/07-08-1899/01-28-1984
Summers, Mary E./dau. of H.A.& M.E. Summers/03-30-1886/08-22-1900
Summers, William J./03-30-1925/01-05-1968
Double Marker
Summers,Robert Riddick/11-07-1922
Summers, Donna Alexander/09-20-1925
Double Marker/WED 09-11-1911
Summers, Isabel Judkins/09-17-1887/01-30-1979
Summers, Hiram Adolphus, Jr./ husb of Isabel Judkins/05-08-1881/04-04-1926
Double Marker
Summers, Hiram Adolphus, III/MS. M.Sgt. U.S. Army WWII/-06-27-1917/10-04-1973
Summers, Mary Agnes/age 85/04-09-1916/03-07-2002<BR>
Sumner, Louise Robinson/07-08-1899/01-28-1984
Double Marker
Swoffard, J.J./02-04-1851/02-05-1913
Swoffard, Mollie/11-16-1847/12-03-1913

Double Marker
Tallant, Clyde O./09-27-1904/12-20-1983
Tallant, Hazel Corrine/01-09-1919/05-24-1999
Double Marker
Tapley, James W./1873/1954
Tapley, Eula C./1883/1972
Tatum, Beverly/03-06-1923
Tatum, C.E. "Gene"/03-15-1875/08-05-1954
Tatum, Lucy Mae B./1900-1967
Tatum, Lillian Patterson/11-30-1897/07-12-1955
Tatum, Harman O" Hot"/1893/1968
Tatum, Mary Bonner/1891/1985
Tatum, William Sampson, Jr./05-02-1892/07-03-1978
Taylor, Edna C./1893/1960
Taylor, Frances Pritchard/1917/1980
Taylor, George Lewis/06-02-1948/08-26-1968
Taylor, Julius Roe,III/Son of Julius Roe & Brenda/08-26-1968/10-20-1979
Taylor, Julius Roe/MS Sgt Co H 110 Inf WWII/09-26-1920/08-14-1971
Taylor, Mable Hatcher age 90/interred 07-09-2011
Double Marker/Wed-12-27-1945
Taylor, Billy Boone/Sgt US Army WWII/12-09-1918/05-16-1991
Traylor, Virginia Hatcher/02-13-1920
Tedford, Jackie Denman/06-17-1901/08-10-1929
Double Marker
Tedford, Russell/11-04-1915/05-05-1963
Tedford, Hilary F./09-30-1905/06-18-1990
Tennyson, W U./marker broken parts gone/12-29-1868/01-16-1922
Double Marker
Tennyson, Essie L./04-22-1911/01-02-1990
Tennyson, Joe R./06-22-1906/02-10-1983
Thomason, Ada G./07-31-1917/07-10-1967
Thomason, James G., Jr./11-02-1919/08-09-1973
Thomason, James G., Sr./11-13-1896/07-21-1956
Thomason, Maggie Buntin/07-31-1895/08-31-1950
Thompson, Alexander Graham/1880/1957
Thompson, Corinne Pattison/1888/1974
Thompson, Elizabeth Lee "hootee"/age 92/10-13-1917/08-16-2010
Thompson, Foster H./1878/01-04-1935
Thompson, Joseph S./Co. D 1 MS Cav/C.S.A./No dates
Thompson, Mary Amelia/"Aunt Mollie"/1847-1934
Double Marker
Thompson, Mary Frances/03-24-1885/05-10-1945
Thompson, NO NAME/03-28-1876/12-27-1963
Thornton, Madge Saunders "Honey"/06-11-1904/12-04-1984
Thornton, Maud Sanders/01-02-1868/07-02-1944
Thornton, Phillip Henry, Jr./"Pardner"/01-07-1899/03-20-1982
Timmons, Myra Rayburn/11-06-1921/10-13-1958
Townsend, William A./1940/1992
Trewolla, J.S./07-11-1875/01-03-1958
Trewolla, Wirtie Sutton/Wyf of J.S. Trewolla/02-20-1881/05-20-1951
Tribble, Cole/age 33/01-17-1976/04-25-2009
Trussell, Diane Crostwait/02-14-1904/01-23-1987
Troutt, Harriett O'Shea/09-20-1916/08-09-1991
Double Marker/Wed-12-19-1964
Troutt, Jack H./WWII Navy Veteran/11-29-1925/03-13-2006
Troutt, Louise L./11-27-1937/01-23-1997
Turbeville, James Wesley, Jr./03-05-1919/02-01-1968
Trubeville, J.W./09-14-1870/12-18-1942
Turbeville, Mary Payne/Wyf of J.W./11-22-1887/10-18-1955
Turman, Danny Earl/age 51/died 03-30-2011/interred 04-02-2011
Turnage, Archie Newton/08-22-1912/07-05-1914
Turner, Lewis R./Departed this Life/07-19-1919
Turner, Martha Wales/01-05-1876/08-18-1961
Turner, Mable C. Denman/10-20-1897/11-08-1978

Vance, Betty Jean/10-28-1931/03-15-1936
Vance, Charlie Ann Ellis/06-14-1904/10-16-1982
Vance, Lawrence L./MS PFC HQ Co 20 Fld Arty WWI/05-11-1895/04-13-1972
Vance, Lou Ella/03-08-1872/11-15-1919
Vance, Walter Lloyd/04-19-1897/05-15-1911
Vaughn, Ralph Elmo/1911/11-27-1997
Vause, Louis Oscar, Jr.-/05-15-1926-/ 07-08-2010/ hus of Betty (Wilcox) Vause
Vause, Christina B./1833/1907
Vause, Jesse T./08-07-1875/03-10-1909
Vause, Thomas W./1823/1898
Double Marker
Vause, Dale Marshall/08-24-1887/03-20-1977
Vause, Louis Oscar/07-22-1874/05-02-1939
Venable, James E., Jr./05-05/1918/01-12-1967

Wallace, James H./04-18-1881/08-20-1908
Double Marker
Wallace, Lila Adams/02-14-1897/07-15-1976
Wallace, Luther Guy/05-18-1886/09-12-1952
Double Marker
Wallace, Clyde Adams/02-04-1925/07-17-1947
Wallace, Luther Guy, Jr./09-21-1921/07-17-1947
Ward, Ruth Devanney/07-11-1904/01-10-1988
Watts, Percy L./03-29-1885/02-03-1964
Watts, Sara Neely/09-09-1897/03-16-1985
Double Marker
Weems, Ivy Russell/1908/1985
Weems, John Morris/1900/1975
Double Marker
Weinstein, Jake/04-16-1887/07-11-1946
Weinstein, Una Mae Houston/05-07-1890/10-02-1953
West, Charles Franklin/ U.S. Army WWII/03-04-1918/10-12-1997
West, Marjorie Jones/06-23-1916/04-26-1996
West, Perlous Dan/1905/1933
West, Lillie S./1908/1986
Double Marker
West, Beatrice/12-30-1902/12-06-1987
West, John Edgar/08-19-1907/04-21-1997
Westbrook, Rebecca Ann "Becky"/age 64/12-25-1943/01-04-2008 Germantown Tn/interned 01-05-2008
Westfield, Mamie F./1872/1911
Double Marker
Wheat, Ear Harvey/05-15-1911/03-04-1967
Wheat, Florence Whitten/06-25-1910/03-14-1981
Double Marker
White, Benjamin Oliver/10-17-1910/05-04-1986
White, Rubye Smith/07-25-1923/01-07-2003/age 79
Double Marker
White, Brenda Sue/08-02-1955/10-12-1974/"Daughter"
White, Maxine B./07-26-1923/"Mother"
Double Marker/ Wed 12-25-1938
White, Robert M./02-15-1912/11-24-1994
White, Ruth Mohon/06-12-1909/11-24-1991
Whitten, Claude Merrill/02-17-1949/05-19-1974
Whitten, Cleveland Price/1914/1994
Whitten, David Isaac/07-07-1905/10-29-1995
Whitten, Harry Rivers/1892/1974
Whitten, John Wallace Sr./1898/04-05-1960
Whitten, Wyley E./MS. Cpl. U.S.Army WWII/07-15-1910/11-14-1965
Whitten, Marianne Thaxton/Wyf of late John Wallace Whitten Jr./age 87/Die 08-21-2006 Tallahatchie General Hospital, Charleston Ms
Double Marker
Whitten, Claude/09-08-1912/09-16-1993
Whitten, Emma Claire/04-27-1923
Double Marker
Whitten, Janie Allbritton/ 08-29-1899/ 06-09-1980
Whitten, John W./01-31-1898/03-29-1960
Double Marker
Whitten, Ann Milam/06-30-1930
Whitten, Albert Donald/ 10-02-1928/08-22-1981
Double Marker
Whitten, Jamie L./(US Congressman 1941/1995)/04-18-1910-19/09-1995
Whitten, Rebecca Thompson/10-27-1912-01/23-1996
Whittier, Francis W.Son of F.M. & A.W. Whittier/07-12-1882/11-06-1906
Whitworth, Dessie Rae/age 73/07-04-1932/03-17-2006/interned 03-30-2006
Whittington, James Madison/01-22-1857/10-04-1939
Double Marker
Wilcox, Phonso/07-24-1903/10-06-1967
Wilcox, Maude Darby/11-03-1901/06-05-1970
Triple Marker
Wilcox, Bettie L./01-29-1871/04-30-1929/"MOTHER"
Wilcox, William E. (Ned)/08-31-1865/05-06-1952/"FATHER"
Wilcox, Little Alex/08-16-1900/04-16-1904
Wilkes, Evan T., Jr./12-06-1929/07-22-1946
Wilkie, Herman S./MS Tec4 Military Police Det.WWII/12-02-1916/06-01-1960
Double Marker
Williams, Mildred/19-15-1922
Williams, Albert/1916/1984
Double Marker
William, Addie Mae/10-11-1906/04-23-1963
William, Wright/12-24-1896/07-02-1990
Williams, Ann Sayle/1948/1982
Williams, B. Alford/01-31-1893/12-16-1937
Williams, Carrie L./Wyf of B. Alford/12-30-1892/09-06-1983
Williams, Elizabeth Ham/12-07-1867/09-02-1952
Williams, Euta Darby/09-10-1885/04-27-1986
Williams, Henry Allen/07-11-1886/09-11-1961
Williams, Jeff/1870/1937
Williams, John Pierce/05-04-1910/09-29-1949
Williams, Lester/10-07-1914/10-23-1968
Williams, R.E./1885/1946
Williams, Virginia Louise/04-24-1917/08-07-2000
Double Marker
Williams, John Allen/1889/1944
Williams, Maggie Denman/1887-1966
Double Marker
Williams, Elsie A./09-25-1884/10-16-1954
Williams, Estelle C./01-12-1888/06-12-1957
Double Marker
Williams, James D./1867/1950
Williams, Mollie Cole/1867/1950
Double Marker
Williams, James Harris/01-22-1914/03-06-1990
Williams, Maurine House/02-02-19/07-15-2012
Double Marker
Williams, Albert/11-26-1916/03-15-1984
Williams, Mildred Tierce/Age 81/widow of Albert Williams/09-15-1922/08-16-2004
Double Marker/Wed-07-16-1965
Williams, Bobby F./12-30-1943/07-30-1991
Williams, Anna M./05-31-1945
Double Marker
Williams, Addie Mae/10-11-1906/04-23-1963
Williams, Wright/12-24-1896/07-02-1990
Williamson, Baby/no date
Williamson, Adam Keith/09-13-1901/04-17-1912
Williamson, John Alverson/Son of G.I.& L.E./01-06-1904-/06-07-1906
Williamson, Jane/10-09-1908/10-11-1908
Williamson, Lula Sturkie/1876/1935
Williamson, Steele/Born & Died 07-19-1907
Wilmoth, Ellen Robertson/01-25-1950/03-15-1998
Wilson, Leon E./1889/1942
Wilson, Maggie Ragsdale/1888-1966
Wilson, Roy Kenneth/1882/1931
Near the Wilson Markers/is a Marker with RELB/No dates
Winters, Amy Frances/Dau /of R.E.& A.E./08-10-1903/01-08-1911
Wolfe, Jefferson J./07-25-1888/04-06-1973
Wolfe, Maud Whitten/Wyf of J.J./10-23-1883/11-24-1955
Wolfe, Lila Anne/1952/One week old/dau of Clyde & Mildred Wolf
Double Marker
Wolfe, Elouise Dean/04-14-1914/11-18-1988
Wolfe, Herford/10-08-1909/10-04-1987
Double Marker/Wed-11-08-1946
Wolfe, Clyde Afton/09-24-1926/04-02-1997
Wolfe, Mildred Dean Baldwin/age 75/07-11-1928/03-12-2004
Womble, Mamie Milton/Wyf of A.B./03-14-1878/09-09-1916
Double Marker
Womble, Henry Harrison/1870/1965
Womble, Ida Rayburn/1866/1951
Double Marker
Womble, Annie Womble Neely/1875/1943
Womble, William Edward/12-16-1872/01-31-1918
Double Marker
Woodruff, Mary Louise/05-04-1920/05-22-1985
Woodruff, Samuel R./12-24-1917/08-08-1990
Woods, William Richardson/no dates
Worley, Charles H./09-30-1880/08-13-1947
Worley, Mary T./07-24-1888/10-21-1977
Worley, Mary Virginia/04-02-1914/08-21-1985
Worsham, Charles E./Husb of Elenor Smith Worsham/age 68/August 15, 1935/March 16, 2004/burial March 18, 2004/US Army Vet
Double Marker
Wright, Glen L./06-06-1900/01-21-1996
Wright, Francis S./MS Cook 61 Co. 162 Depot/10-03-1888/03-16-1958
Wynne, Mary E. Cock/05-07-1847/04-27-1922
Wynne, Nora Meade/08-16-1877/11-29-1952
Wynne, Robert Edward/09-06-1845/03-12-1929
Double Marker
Wynne, Annie Summers/1884/1954
Wynne, Wm. townes/1872/1955
Double Marker
Wynne, W. Townes, Jr./09-17-1911/09-15-1988
Wynne, Lila L./10-27-1921
Wynn, B. Littleton/1875/1937
Wynn, Francis Leigh/Inf of Mr.& Mrs. R.A./11-29-1911/12-21-1912
Wynn, Robert A./1870/1927
Wynn, Winnie Henry/Wyf of R.A./1873-1950
Double Marker
Wynn, Capt. Benjamin Littleton/11-03-1839/07-25-1917
Wynn, Fannie Epps/Dau of E. & A.C. Leigh/04-07-1844/02-18-1901
Double Marker
Wynn, William Thomas/1872/1955
Wynn, Annie Summers/1884/1954

York, William E./MS Cpl US Army WWI/11-19-1890/10-20-1949/has 2 markers
Double Marker
York, William Elisha/MS.Cpl U.S.Army WWII/11-19-1890/10-20-1949
York, Inez Barnes/01-20-1906/07-03-1997
Young, Jonathan Love/Twin Son of Joe & Joanne/08-07-1986
Young, Adam Joy/Twin Son of Joe & Joanne/08-07-1986
Double Marker
Young, Alice Shive/12-29-1873/05-03-1941
Young, D.L./02-02-1868/06-15-1940

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