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Corinth Cemetery

This Cemetery corrected, new additions and proofed February 1999.

Corinth Cemetery was established in 1963. The land for the Cemetery was given By: Nick Denley and his wife Barbara F. Denley, and his brother John Barksdale Denley Jr. and his wife Bernice R. Denley. At the end of the listings is a copy of the deed. This Cemetery has been completely indexed By: Nick Denley- September 5, 1997. Every effort has been made to make this cemetery as accurate as possible.

Barkley, Kenneth Edward/age 80/died 06-07-2011/interred 06-09-2011
Barkley, Mary L./age 80/died 12-07-2011/interred 12-10-2011
Double Marker
Beavers, Charles D./04-19-1935/04-05-1995
Beavers, Hazel C./02-06-1935/02-15-1972

Double Marker
Carpenter, Glen/07-27-1918/01-22-1976
Carpenter, Effie Logan/11-25-1915/08-14-2010
Double Marker-Wed/10-15-1949
Caulder, John T. Sr./08-17-1927/03-23-1995
Caulder, Annie B. Willis /09-05-1934
Champion, Charles H./age 80/12-20-1923/01-04-2003/WWII Vet/husb of Elaine Barkley Champion
Double Marker
Champion, Eugene, V./05-27-1921/03-31-1980
Champion, Hortense B./04-18-1926/03-01-2010/age 83
Clolinger, Henry L./1902/1978
Clolinger, Danny /06-21-1954/03-15-1987
Clolinger, Joseph D./1954/1987

Cox, Betty Sue Little/age76/12-13-1917/08-20-2010

Double Marker
Dillard, Sadie Clolinger/10-10-1918/01-10-2005
Dillard, James Elwood/10-01-1916/09-03-1976

Ellett, Sallie Bloodworth/age 76/died 05-16-2003 in Pascagoula
Double Marker
Ellett, Ruby May/06-20-1903/02-21-1980
Ellett, Roman Stanley/02-03-1902/08-28-1984

Double Marker-Wed/10-26-1938
Greer, Matthew L./03-23-1913/07-27-1987/Minister for 43 Yrs.
Greer, Marjorie Cavin/Age 89?05-19-1916/03-27-2006/interned 03-30-2006

Hisle, James William/05-08-1919/01-01-1998
Double Marker-Wed/12-24-1954
Holland, William Edward Jr./08-18-1931/02-05-1996
Holland, Rachael Cole/02-18-1938

Irwin, Bradfore Martin/husb of Wanda Jo Clolinger/age 43/11-12-1959/10-10-2003
Irwin, Herman D./age85/04-06-1925/04-06-2010
Irwin, Jenette Rena/1964/07-20-1999/Wyf of Bradford Martin Irwin
Irwin, Verna Mae Canerdy/03-19-1926/04-03-1998

Jenkins, Jessie McCord/1910/1997

Double Marker/Wed/08-30-1941
Kyle, John Frank/08-23-1917/06-18-1995
Kyle, Martha Pettit/02-14-1925

Little, Elwood/07-16-1932/02-17-1977
Logan, Harvey Gordon, Jr,/age 76/11-04-1928/01-20-2005
Logan, Terri Jo/age 51/11-29-1957/03-08-2009
Double Marker
Little, Bertha L./08-21-1904/05-09-1975
Little, Harrison/02-17-1900/01-07-1989
Logan, William Clayton/1909/1994
Logan, Julia Ann/01-22-1893/09-23-1980

McCord, Tony Glen/04-02-1965/09-06-1983

Milam, Jack Thomas/age 80/11-01-1928/09-11-2009

Mitchell, Ada Worsham/12-24-1875/04-03-1968
Mitchell, Charles Keith/1917/03-15-1998
Double Marker
Mitchell, Dessie B./1903/1983
Mitchell, William T./1903/1983
Double Marker
Mullen, David Hayden/03-01-1912/04-07-1982
Mullen, Wynette Ellett/02-22-1925

Double Marker
Stevens, Marcus/01-10-1893/09-25-1974
Stevens, Lola May/04-10-1906/10-17-1980

Thomas, Jame Harper/12-23-1934/06-17-1985
Timmons, Mack Lloyd/1917/1978/Pfc US Army WWII
Townzen. Beulah B./1890/1963
Townzen, Clayton C./1890/1973
Tribble, Johnny Thomas/11-05-1928/01-30-1998

Double Marker
Ward, Winfred O./06-06-1913/05-16-1996
Ward, Ruby C./04-10-1914/10-10-1985
Double Marker-Wed/01-12-1957
Whitten, Tandy Bartow /08-27-1928/11-10-1997
Whitten, Gladys Marie/02-13-1933/07-31-1992
Willis, Clara Belle Burnette/Age 94/08-01-1906/10-02-2000
Willis, Robert H./MS PFC US ARMY-WWI/12-18-1892/03-17-1974
Willis, John C./MS CPL US ARMY-Korea /01-10-1933/10-15-1963

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For a good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of
which of which,is hereby acknowledged , we, JOHN B. DENLEY JR.,
and BERNICE R. DENLEY, husband and wife, and NICK DENLEY and BARBARB F. DENLEY, husband and wife, do hereby, sell, convey and specially warrant unto
Corinth Baptist Church, Route 1, Scobey, Mississippi and to the successors in office to said Trustees the following real property located in
the First Judicial District of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, to-wit:
A parcel of land located in Section 17, Township
24 North, Range 3 East, described as follows:
Commence at the point where the Corinth Baptist
Church'.'lot joins the Frank Kyle property on the
Public Road which runs near the center of said
Section 17; run thence across the road at a 90'
angle to a point on the road right of way which
is the Southeast corner of the lot to be described;
run thence at an angle of 135' 264 feet to the
Northeast corner;.,--,run thence at an-angle of 90'
""330 feet to a point which is the Northwest corner; run thence at an angle of 90' 264 -feet to the Southwest corner; thence at an angle of 90' back to-the point of beginning . Being a lot 330 feet by 264 feet to be used for cemetary purposes. The property herein conveyed being that lot consisting of two acres, more or less, which was excepted from that certain deed from the Grantors herein to Bill James and Jerry James which deed is dated in the year 1968. WITNESS THE SIGNATURES of the Grantors on this the day of 1st. August, 1974. It was signed by JOHN B. DENLEY, JR. BERNICE R. DENLEY NICK DENLEY BARBARA P...DENLEY STATE OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY OF TALLAHATCHIE This day personally appeared before me, the undersigned authority-of law in and for said county and.state, JOHN B. DENLEY, JR. and BERNICE-R. DENLEY, husband and wife; and NICK DENLEY an BARBARA F. DENLEY, husband and wife, who each acknowledged that they signed and delivered the above and foregoing SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED on and,year therein mentioned and for the purposes therein set forth Given under my hand and official seal,on this the 1st day of August, 1974. NOTARY PUBLIC (SEAL) This document was signed by--Matthew Greer, Notary Public in and for Tallahatchie County Mississippi--and he set his seal- MY Commission June 21, 1999. I, J. W. Turman, Chancery Clerk-.,Tallatiatchie Counnty Miss.,do hereby certify that this instrument was filed for record ont he 2nd day of August 1974, at 9:30o'clock A.M., and duly recorded in Bok 286, page 391 of the records of this office on the 2nd day of August 1974--and is signed by J.W. Turman.

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