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Ebnezer Cemetery is located in Webb Mississipp. Indexed September 21, 1997 by Lisa Tucker. Lisa has indexed two Cemeteries for the MSGENWEB project. Without folks like Lisa we would not have a project. I am grateful to her and all of those who are helping.

There are many unmarked graves in this cemetary. There is at least one sunken grave under a big tree. There are two fenced in plots without names or markers. There is one plot/plots that was fenced in but now only the four coroners remain. Many of the stones were difficult to read. Some are broken and are just lying there. The cemetary is located on a paved road just outside Webb, MS and it is well kept.


Webb is located two miles southeast of Sumner, and was founded about 1880. The first post office was founded in 1880 and named Hood for one of the earlier settlers. In 1882 Judge J.L. Webb operated the only store there and later the Hood Masonic Lodge was built. There was one saloon at that time called the Razzle Dazzle.
In those days most of the groceries and necessities were brought to Hood by flat bottom boat from Sharkey, being hauled down the river from Friars Point. Cassidy Bayou was navigable then and was maintained by the Government from Sharkey to Hood.
Cassidy Bayou was suppose to have a ghost which was said to have appeared at the home of Boon Jenkins a farmer. Mr. Jenkins lived one mile north of Sumner. It was said that each appearance was accompanied by weird voices and shriek of a woman. People who followed the voices said it led to the bayou, and in some instances to the Indian Mounds in the vicinity. The mystery of Cassidy Bayou's Ghost has never been solved.

This Cemetery corrected, new additions and proofed February 1999.

Adams, J.W./son of J O & Willie E Adams/01-25-1906/09-04-1910
Adams. Willie E./12-17-1883/10-29-1912
Azlin, C. D./12-24-1901 / ?-broken into and death year ?

Baber, John/1875/01-09-1947
Buck, Mose/Son of W.L.& C.F.Buck/08-11-1889/10-18-1907
Brasher, A. C./no dates
Burgess, George Lafayette/03-10-1881/04-05-1928
Burgess, Nimmie Lee Russell/Wyf of George Lafayette Burgess/11-11-1882/07-18-1925
Burk, Mose/son of W. E. & E. Burk/08-11-1889/10-18-1909
Burk, Jodie Lee/01-06-1883/09-18-1907
Burke, Joseph F.05-11-188603-24-1910
Burke, Eliza Wheeler/09-10-1866/12-10-1923
Boyett, Connie Ruth/09-05-1940/01-28-1946
Boyett, J.D./no dates

Cain, Idell/"Mother"/06-21-1926
Chandler, Daisy Mae/07-15-1918/01-08-1919
Double Marker
Chandler, Jeff Hubert/04-18-1916
Chandler, Sarah Ann/12-02-1838/10-08-196?
Clarn, Ashley/Our son Ashley Clarn/born & died 09-07-1981
Cox, Dewitt C./MS. Pvt. 157 field arty 38 Div/01-15-1939
Double Marker
Creekmore, Lula L./09-30-1875/06-13-1971
Creekmore, Will M./11-09-1877/07-20-1952/has two markers
Creekmore, Emory P./Pvt. US Army WWII/11-18-1917-02-03-1978
Creekmore, Baby, child of Edge and Lomey Creekmore

Pearson, Irene Setelle Denley/age 74/died 07-25-2006

Emmons, Hubert Lester/11-22-1912/01-11-1919
Emory, John Thomas/01-24-1883/10-05-1966
Emory, Mamie Odess/05-03-1914/10-22-1989
Evans, Chester C./01-09-1894/01-26-1913

Flemons, Sam-1856/11-11-1938

Harmon, Beddia Joyce/no dates-in memory of our little angel
Henley, Jos. G./01-01-1873/10-13-1915
Henson, Emma Segler/Wyf of Robert Matthew/B.Ca.1877/No death date
Henson, Robert Matthew/1875/02-13-1938
Tripple Marker
Hobbs, Oma S./12-22-1893/07-25-1971
Hobbs, Annie Bertha/01-01-1922/12-19-1926
Hobbs, Joseph M./MS. Pvt 155 Inf 39 Div WWI/04-25-1888/11-28-1949
Hollowell, Charles E./10-05-1883/09-30-1917
Hollowell, Annie A./Dau of C.E.& L.A. Hollowell/05-14-1906/07-03-1906
Hollowell, Florence E./12-15-1887/08-30-1913
Hope, James. K./10-13-1844/06-09-1910
Hunt, Grace H./08-20-1913/07-03-1984

Jenkins, Brandie Marie/dau of Monika & David Jenkins/09-24-1982
Jenkins, George/03-12-1868/09-01-1910
Jenkins, Sam/1870/11-24-1938
Jordan, Emery Lee/son of W M & L. Jordan/03-25-1903/10-26-1904
Double Marker
Jeffords, Minnie T./07-01-1886/12-29-1977
Jeffords, George/03-21-1885/04-07-1936
Jeffords, A. W./04-13-1853/10-23-1912/headstone broken and under a tree.

Kerr, Emer A./Wyf of J. B. Kerr/08-21-1882/01-12-1927

Lay, Baby Russell/no dates
Lay, Elizabeth Lay Gray/no dates
Lay, Earnest Thomas/11-04-1912/07-29-1916
Lay, John "Grandpa"/no dates
Lay, Hazel/no dates
? unable to read /11-04-1912/07-29-1916
Lay, Bernice/no dates
Lester, Hubert/no dates

Melton, Lisa Ann/ no dates/homemade headstone with Lisa Ann/
written on it. She's buried next to Sarah H. & Jim Moorman.
I'm told it's their granddaughter.
Moore, William N./11-26-1838/06-20-1905
Moore, Mrs. E. J./ 09-12-1834/08-16-1910
Double Marker
Moorman, Ione/Mother/01-15-1882/11-18-1940
Moorman, Dudley-Father/06-12-1880/01-17-1925/Monument erected by
Mrs. W.T. Tyler
Double Marker
Moorman, Sarah H./01-13-1888/07-09-1978
Moorman, Jim/03-26-1882/09-26-1943
Morgan babies (3), children of Walter and Beatrice Creekmore Morgan,
no dates.

Neal, Monroe Austin/Son of J.E.& M.L.Neal/06-18-1918/06-29-1918
Neal, Thomas C./11-21-1912/06-05-1917/inscription very hard to read

Pennington, P. W./02-28-1884/06-09-1905
Double Marker
Pritchard, Nancy B./01-20-1871/05-21-1958
Pritchard, Thomas C./11-09-1860/02-20-1939

Rainey, William Elbie/11-01-1900/06-29-1939
Rainey, Leah Chandler/Wyf of Travis Leroy Rainey/no dates
Rains, James Robert/10-10-1887/07-24-1934
Double Marker
Robinson, William M./1896/1975
Robinson, Bessie M./1892/1971
Russell, Alma Faye Jenkins/Wyf of Reuben Walter Russell/05-16-1898/11-06-1928
Russell, Ausmus Mitchell/06-18-1856/05-22-1927
Russell, Grady/MS. Seaman 2 CL US NRF/05-26-1913/12-26-1945
Russell, Rebecca Samantha Cooper/Wyf of Ausmus Mitchell Russell/05-17-1857/07-01-1928
Russell, Reuben Walter/06-28-1897/05-26-1936
Russell, Samuel B./Pvt. US Army WWI/10-19-1890/04-18-1963
Russell, Talmadge/1884/1927/fenced in

Shepherd, Arthur/06?-24-1901/03-24-1942/stone broken
Smith, Benjamin W./age 80/died May 14, 2002
Smith, Earl Clayton/son of Mr. & Mrs. C.P. Smith/05-13-1915/03-29-1917
Smith, Mollie M. Infant dau. of H.D. & L M/08-30-1910/10-27-1910
Smith, Rev. Stantford S./10-07-1844/12-25-1909
Double Marker
Spinosa, Sammie/06-08-1921
Spinosa, K. Lucille/07-30-1924/11-23-1987
Stacy, Mattie Mae/01-17-1911
Stacy, Mary E. "Grandmama"/1858/1944
Stacy, 5 infant sons of C W.& Terry Mae/no dates-one long headstone
Stacy, Otis (Bud)/03-13-1901/07-28-1944
Stacy, C. W./10-18-1907/02-26-1968
Stacy, Terry Mae/04-24-1914/03-11-1994
Suggs, Bessie/Wyf of M. D. Suggs/08-09-1891-12-28/1928

Tale, Blue/Infant son of Toni & Bryce Clark/04-25-1983
Teer, Mary/02-27-1904/03-13-1904
Terry, Mary Teer?/02-27-1904/03-13-1904
Double Marker
Todd, Walter Andrew/01-15-1879/11-09-1935
Todd, Tommie Lee/01-13-1883/08-13-1966
Todd, Curtis A./Children of W.A.& T.L.Todd/10-17-1910/11-26-1914
Todd, Walter H./Children of W.A.& T.L.Todd/01-28-1916/12-26-1916

Double Marker
Weeks, Clarence Clinton/age 86/US Army Vet./02-14-1923/11-24-2010
Weeks, Derotha Newton/10-06-1927/07-06-1983
Weeks, Victoria-Mother/1882/1958
Weeks, William T./Father/1871/1936
White, Grover C./06-06-1888/06-07-1948
White, Infant dau of Lettie Grover/ no dates
White, Lettie Louise/04-14-1893/11-26-1917/original marker broken into but
has been replaced with a new marker.
White, Arneda Infant dau of Lettie Grover/no dates-
Williams, John C. "Father"/02-18-1867/04-17-1952

Winks, Lizzie Mae/08-10-1924/06-01-1990

Postnote/ cemetery updated August 21, 2001
Todd family member, Kay Manzolillo emailed information on Curtis A. and Walter H. Todd is listed incorrect on markers. Should read as follows: Thanks Kay!!
Todd, Curtis Andrew- 10-17-1908-11-26-1912
Todd, Walter Harold-01-28-1914-12-26-1914

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