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Ellett Cemetery, AKA Brunson

To get to Ellett Cemetery, take Hwy 35 South from Charleston to Cascilla Road. Go East on Cascilla Road to Cascilla, Turn Left on Smith Road, go 2 Miles on country road, Cemetery is on the Left.

This Cemetery Indexed by Nick Denley,September 1997, Chancery Clerk of Tallahatchie County, Charleston Mississippi. Every effort has been made to make this cemetery as accurate as possible.

This cemetery corrected with new additions, and proofed February 1999

Arbuckle, Eliza E./09-24-1876/06-11-1920
Arbuckle, Gladis V./Dau. of J.F.& Etta/07-13-1911/02-11-1923
Arbuckle, Joe F./03-04-1880/04-06-1930
Arbuckle, Pvt. John/14 BN MS. Lt. Arty. CSA/01-26-1923
Double Marker
Arbuckle, Joseph/Son of J.F.& Etta/02-15-1916
Arbuckle, Martha/Dau. of J.F.& Etta/02-15-1916

Brunson, Manley/Son of W.M. & L.T./05-29-1892/01-25-1899

Christman. Clyde W./03-16-1937/10-01-1978
Christman, William/04-21-1932/04-02-1942
Double Markers
Christman, Irene/01-05-1913
Christman, Aubra/02-15-1910/02-27-1988
Christman, Claude A./12-28-1944
Christman, Carolyn L./11-08-1945/05-12-1985
Coleman, Stella P./11-08-1885/02-04-1991
Coleman, W.G.-No Date
Coleman, William C./12-19-1925/03-15-1941
Coleman, William/11-05-1948/04-04-1949
Coleman, Woody Leon/US ARMY-10-16-1929/09-28-1992
Coleman, Walter W./11-18-1875/01-02-1980/Probably same with different Year.
Coleman. Walter W./11-18-1875/01-02-1979/Probably same with different Year.
Coleman, Giles W. “Nan” - B.-ca 1827- D.-06-26-1916<BR>

Coleman, Mary A. (Tisdale)- B.- ca 1836- D.-06-26-1916.<BR>


            Notes for Giles W. “Nan” and Mary A. (Tisdale) Coleman. Killed in a runaway buggy on the Valley Hill near Poplar Springs Cemetery , Paynes-Leverett Tallahatchie County.<BR>


            News Article-

Rosebloom, MS, June 26, 1916   MAN AND WIFE ARE KILLED IN RUNAWAY<BR>


A Man and his wife were killed and another man and his wife were seriously injured in a runaway here today.

            Mr. and Mrs. Coleman were the fatally injured with Mr. and Mrs. Clolinger and infant child of Clolingers, They were driving from their home to visit the office of a local physician. As the rig reached the crest of Valley Hill and started down the steep farther side the breast yoke snapped and the team of horses became unmanageable. The wrecked conveyance was spun crazily down the incline. All five occupants were hurled to the ground. Mrs. Clolinger clung to her baby and so protected it that it suffered no injury.

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman died several hours after the accident. Mr. and Mrs. Clolinger were picked up unconscious and were hurried to their home. Their condition is said to be critical.


            This article appeared in a local newspaper. Mr. and Mrs. Clolinger that appeared in this article were Jerrell Sidney Clolinger and Mary Little Clolinger, Mary was the granddaughter of Giles W. “Nan” Coleman and Mary (Tisdale) Coleman. Mr. and Mrs. Clolinger survived and lived many years. The infant died a few years after the wreck.

Mary Tisdale may have been an Indian named Mary Chism, adopted by John and Mary Tisdale <BR>


Collins, Willie Charles/age 46/died 09-16-2000

Denley, Cordelia "Dena" Kendall/06-02-1931/06-15-1956
Denley, Elicia Otes-Son of J.B. & M.F.Denley/03-24-1880/10-11-1903
Denley, Mandy-WYF of J.S. Denley/1854/02-01-1910
Double Marker
Denley, John/12-10-1821/04-10-1900
Denley, Nancy/06-09-1828/02-20-1899
Dewberry, Virigean C./10-07-1928
Dewberry, Archie T./04-13-1924

Ellett, S.F./11-29-1866/x-15-1874/Marker Broken/Dau of S.& M.E.Ellett
Ellett, Linda Faye/10-18-1946/06-26-1964
Double Marker
Ellett, Mary P./04-09-1895/08-04-1979
Ellett, Silas M./11-02-1893/08-22-1977
Double Marker
Ellett, Mary H./01-25-1922
Ellett, Felix W./05-06-1918/05-18-1977

Foley, Martin G./12-04-1917/07-25-1966

Gentry, E.B./10-10-1876/05-30-1927
Gentry, James Allen/09-24-1886/03-04-1972
Gentry, Wayne Jerome/1936/1942
Double Marker
Gentry, John Hayden/02-08-1909
Gentry, Clara M. Goad/05-06-1913/04-08-1980
Grammer, Fannie/1907/1943
Grammer, George W./02-27-1917/05-05-1983

Double Marker
Hall, George H./09-13-1855/12-28-1925
Hall, Elizabeth T./07-10-1857/12-20-1939
Double Marker
Hankins, Charlie H./12-05-1879/04-29-1930
Hankins, Doshia H./10-09-1881/04-06-1935
Huffman, J.W./07-09-1861/01-14-1926

Double Marker
Jay, Carolyn/10-07-1914
Jay, Merrill L./10-18-1907/01-04-1994

Kendall, A.L. "Bud"/03-01-1934/08-12-1990
Knight, Mitch Carl/1979/1979

Logan, Betty J./05-14-1927/07-19-1928
Logan, Dau. of James & Janie L./no name or dates
Double Marker
Logan, William Thomas/11-21-1864/12-31-1936
Logan, McSena C. Sides/04-26-1867/12-07-1931

McGarrity, Ann/01-15-1850/10-14-1921
McGarrity, B.F./09-07-1845/07-23-1908
Ruby Thomas McGarrity -8-13-1921-/ 02-15-2002
Double Marker
McGarrity, Irma Scallions/05-23-1915/12-09-1940
McGarrity, Joe Ben/02-25-1911/02-07-1980

Melton, Elmar Lee/01-16-1928/10-31-1978
Melton, Emliy Lee/1928/1978
Melton, Lester Robert/1991/1991
Moorman, Dovie/1870/1938
Moorman, Lettie/11-27-1902/08-21-1926
Moorman, Mary Van Howell/02-23-1845/10-17-1920
Moo Moorman, Mary Bell (Coleman)- B.-1876- D.-05-01-1943

Moorman, Loucreci Rhapsody “Lou” (Coleman)-B.-1866- D.-09-15-1926

Moorman, John Pinkerton- B.-06-30-1865- D.- 10-23-1927

3 infants- no dates- Children of George and Myrtle  (King) Logan.

Moorman, John Fletcher/06-17-1845/12-26-1920

Musselwhite, Buford/07-05-1923

Nance, Anthony Ray/07-11-1952/01-05-1989
Double Marker
Nance, Nettie "Sis"/10-05-1911/03-04-1988
Nance, Walter B./07-13-1897/09-14-1961
Nelson, Frank/05-10-1892/02-17-1920
Nelson, Chester/1904/1915/Obit
Noel, Eddie D./age 50/07-11-1953/01-15-2004

Orr, Thelma/age 72/10-26-1929/11-05-2001
Osborn, Virginia Lee-WYF of C.W./08-13-1865/01-31-1912

Double Marker/Erected/05-07-1981
Peters, Mahala Jane/12-x-1831/x-x-1912
Peters, George/1874/10-x-1911

Ragan, Cleo M./08-01-1901/05-23-1991
Rodgers, Gladys V. Arbuckle /7/13/1906/ 02/ 11/1923
Rogers, L.C./son of J.S. & L.M./08-08-1900/07-18-1903
Ross, 3 Infants of Tom & Lera Ross/1917/1921

Shackelford, Douglas Lee/12-01-1906/04-03-1907
Smith, Saydee McHann/03-13-1919/11-27-1974

Double Marker
Turner, Minnie Lee/03-25-1881/09-19-1911
Turner, Pryor Lee/11-08-1871/09-28-1927
Turner, W.J.F. Turner/Co D-2 BN Miss Inf. C.S.A.

White, W.T./Son of J.B. & Frances/02-08-1870/03-10-1902
Winters, Albert F./No Date
Winters, William H./No Date
Double Marker
Winters, Francis S./11-03-1909/06-16-1991
Winters, Mattie H./06-12-1920
Wolfe, Charlotte/10-28-1867/09-10-1929
Wolfe, James Thomas/02-02-1925/02-23-1926
Wolfe, Jewell Lorraine/11-07-1923/01-12-1924
Wolfe, Joe Thomas/02-02-1925/02-23-1926
Wolfe, Joseph E.J./12-08-1864/12-25-1916
Wolfe, Morris E./11-23-1923/09-30-1929
Wolfe, Rosie May/WYF of J.H. Wolfe/07-10-1909/06-10-1950
Double Marker
Wolfe, Henry/06-12-1885/08-23-1952
Wolfe, Georgia/11-15-1885/11-02-1969/Buried in Magnolia Gardens
Woolfolk, Edna Ray/Dau of W.R. & E.P./11-26-1905/11-27-1906

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