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Enid Oakhill Cemetery
This cemetery indexed 100% October 1997. By Nick Denley , Clerk of Chancery Court, Tallahatchie County Mississippi. Nick has made every effort to insure that this cemetery and any others he indexes is accurate as possible.

This Cemetery corrected, new additions and proofed February 1999.

Directions to Enid Oakhill Cemetery>BR> You will have the Grenada, Papermill, Tillatoba and Oakland exits, the next exit will be Enid Lake, exit at Enid Lake, left back across I-55, left onto Highway #51, south for approximately one mile. There will be a paved road to the right with Enid on sign, keep on this road, cross the railroad, the road curves to the right, for about a half mile, turn right on the paved road, cross the railroad, the road will curve to the left, the cemetery is about a half- three quarter of a mile on the left.

Anderson, Andrew Green/04-24-1908/03-19-1985
Anderson, Roberta Viola/12-19-1940
Anderson, Wm. Garland/09-04-1906/03-11-1963
Double Marker
Anderson, N.N./Dau of A.N.& H.N.Green/WYF of W.G./09-07-1837/05-30-1894
Anderson, W.G./03-05-1835/12-27-1891
Double Marker
Anderson, Mary Effie/06-16-1880/07-18-1944
Anderson, Robert T./04-05-1871/02-19-1935

Berry, Mable Long/01-06-1895/01-10-1929
Double Marker/Wed. 12-21-1939
Berry, James T./1917
Berry, Willie M./1918
Brown, Claire/Dau. of J.A. & Inez/10-20-1901/11-03-1901
Brown, Eilza Buntin/09-28-1858/08-29-1938
Brown, James A./Husb of H.E. & P.A./02-08-1851
Brown, Harriet E./WYF of J.A./03-15-1850/04-18-1882
Brown, Iva Inez/Dau. of P.H. & Iva K./01-03-1904/01-31-1906
Jackson Brown, born 1874 MS, died 1912
Brown, Alice Malone Brown Lewis. born,? Died 1920.
Brown, Mary P./05-12-1869/12-29-1918
Double Marker
Brown, Henry I./03-20-1888/12-04-1975
Brown, Ester B./02-28-1892/04-06-1972
Double Marker
Brown, Iva K./03-17-1875/01-12-1904
Brown, Patrick H./06-09-1877/12-04-1948
Double Marker
Brown, James Alexander/1879/1946
Brown, Inez Wheat/1878/1950
Brewer, Onida Anderson/04-09-1904/08-11-1977
Brewer, Luther Marshall/07-02-1914/10-17-1979
Buckley, Wilson/06-16-1871/05-21-1902
Double Marker
Burch, Robert L./09-04-1859/10-07-1931
Burch, Cora Weatherly/09-21-1864/04-30-1941
Double Marker
Burch, Jirard/12-13-1820/02-10-1911
Burch, Malissa/WYF of Jirard/08-04-1832/08-21-1921
Double Marker
Burdeshaw, Callie M./1876/1956
Burdeshaw, William T./1868/1935
Burgess, Abigall/ WYF of John/10-20-1802/12-26-1870/Age 68 Yrs.
Burkhalter, Gladys J./1897/1955
Burkhalter, Guy W./1885/1946
Burkhalter, James E./Pfc US Army WWII/1905/1979
Burkhalter, Perry/01-27-1882/07-01-1916
Burkhalter, Walter G., Sr./age 83/died 04-19-2007
Double Marker
Burkhalter, J.T. "Jack"/1888/1957
Burkhalter, Rubye Hall/1906/1936
Double Marker
Burkhalter, Robert David/MS-GM3 USNR-WWII/10-21-1925/03-04-1959
Burkhalter, Ann Womack/1933
Burns, Susan E./WYF of Robert/05-02-1827/06-28-1882
Burson, David Allen/08-16-1966/08-23-1996

Clogston, Aubrey C. "Doc"/1901/1969
Double Marker
Cochran, Bettie Jo Pickle/08-25-1933/09-16-1997
Cochran, William Burton/11-20-1926-12-13-1997
Double Marker
Coleman, Richard Mitchell/05-21-1915/10-18-1973
Coleman, Louise Burdeshaw/03-28-1914
Copeland, Roy Allen/02-23- 1940/05-30- 2008
Craig, Irene Burkhalter-01-27-1882-07-01-1916
Crow, Leona/Dau of T.A.& M.A. Crow/Died 10-22-1879/age 4 yrs
Crow, T.A./Died 10-31-1879/Age 34 Yrs.
Courtney, S.T., Jr./01-04-1908/09-17-1911
Courtney, Infant Son/of S.T & S.T.B.Courtney

Darby, Charles Eugene/06-07-1934/06-24-1995
Double Marker
Darby, Sarah L./01-30-1937
Darby, C.J./10-05-1930/01-24-1992
Derk, Frederik/-02-06-1944/-12-09-1966
Dodd, Fred Alma/01-xx-1933/03-xx-1935
Double Marker
Douglas, Everett/06-29-1917/10-26-1975
Douglas, Ruby Irene James/06-20-1920/06-28-2009
Draper, Emma T./WYF of H.E. Draper/07-24-1834/04-22-1870
Draper, George W./Co C. 1 Miss Cav. C.S.A./No date
Draper, Horace/Husb of M.L./10-20-1828/08-17-1886
Duke, A.B.C./Co C 1 Ms/CAV C.S.A./No Dates
Double Marker
Duke, Charles B.-08-21-1878-01-28-1973
Duke, Maude Brown-02-23-1881-11-11-1970
Durley, Infant Son of W.L.& Lucille Durley/1909
Durley, Infant son of W.L. & Lucille Durley/01-16-1900/07-22-1901
Durley, George William/09-16-1911/06-10-1993
Tripple Marker
Durley, Wallace Lee/1869/1952
Durley, Lucille Wheat/1880/1941
Durley, Nancy Eleanor/1901/1984
Dyess, Loma/03-05-1911/10-27-1942
Double Marker
Dyess, James Loma/1887/1960
Dyess, Trudchen J./1889/1952

Estridge, Elmer/1914/1989
Emerson, J.S./Co C. 14 Ms/Lt Arty C.S.A./No Dates

Flowers, Inez McCullar 4/20/1929 - 3/6/2004
Flowers, Debra Kay/Dau.of T.J.& Inez/04-15-1961/04-15-1961
Flowers, Ronnie S. "Bud"/01-19-1949/08-06-1969
Foote, Bettie Winter/06-20-1862/02-16-1933
Double Marker
Fowler, William Caswell/03-10-1858/11-27-1923
Fowler, Anna Perry/06-05-1862

Gaines, Elsie/Dau. of S.H.& Irene/07-09-1919/03-09-1921
Gaines, Jacob Ray Lane/Son of Mr.& Mrs. Frank/10-26-1985/04-08-1986
Gaines, James Sinclair/Son of S.H.& Irene/02-26-1917/10-03-1918
Double Marker-Wed. 05-28-1945
Gaines, Shelley/ 03-17-1883/04-09-1975
Gaines, Irene/02-28-1883/02-16-1966
Double Marker
Gates, George Frazier/05-07-1901/07-30-1969
Gates, Olivette Durley/12-02-1905/02-20-1996
Gowen, Gladys Monez/06-21-1920
Gowen, John Maxwell/US Navy WWII/09-05-1919/03-24-1995
Double Marker
Gowen, Chloie A./WYF of H.B./08-08-1840/09-12-1888
Gowen, Eddie/Son of H.B.& G.A./died/11-6-1879/Age 7 yrs.
Double Marker
Gowen, John H ./1870/1960
Gowen, Amanda M./1871/1943
Double Marker
Gowen, Emrie Grafton/1873/1903
Gowen, Minnie Gowen Strider/1875/1961
Double Marker
Gowen, Lola Burkhalter/06-05-1898/06-13-1996
Gowen, Kenneth King/08-02-1900/09-17-1957
Gray, Mary A./12-13-1840/06-10-1891
Green, Mary E./WYF of R.R./11-17-1831/02-07-1921
Griffin, Infant/ son of Richard Toma and Mitzi L. Hallman Griffin/06-08-1998

Hallum, George James/TN Sgt 5 Regt U.S.M.C.2 Div./07-20-1889/09-19-1936
Hallum, Maggie Bodry/11-15-1898/07-09-1984
Hamilton, Harriet A./Erected by her son in her memory/W.W. Hamilton/WYF of
Dr. J.P. Hamilton/died 06-14-1883
Hamilton, Dr. J.P/Died 02-15-1891/age 76 yrs
Hamilton, James Berry/Son of Bernard & Lillie/1913
Hamilton, Lillian Petterson/WYF of Bernard/1890/1943
Hamilton, Nannie/WYF of T.J./10-30-1855/03-09-1889
Hancock, Countess Berry/10-25-1914
Harvey, Sarah Hendrick/in the 72nd yr of her age/Died 04-04-1897
House, Baby Boy/1924
House, Cathey B. Jr./1913-1987
Double Marker
House, Cathey B./1882/1966
House, Eva D./1888/1973
Double Marker
House, James Henry/04-30-1885/10-01-1956
House, Clyde Burkhalter/06-14-1890/09-04-1957
Double Marker
House, James William/11-15-1915/04-04-1990
House, Eugenia Brown/08-12-1916/02-24-1992
Hudson, Norma Anderson/11-26-1910/11-25-1937
Hughes, Norma B. Johnston/05-21-1901/08-15-1986

Jackson, Carter G./1838-1919
Jackson, Mrs. C.C./03-22-1846/10-28-1908
Jackson, Crofford/07-30-1878/08-15-1913
Jackson, Mary Blanche/WYF of Jos/01-20-1880/07-14-1925
Jackson, Infant Son/of Mr.& Mrs. Jos/NO DATES
James, Ishmiael C./age 84/03-14-1922/04-06-2006/
Double Marker
James, Artis C./04-11-1894/10-19-1974
James, Lillian S./10-04-1887/04-30-1982
Johnston, Aaron B./12-24-1900/05-01-1943
Double Marker
Johnston, Walter E./1858/1929
Johnston, Bettie May/1869/1947
Double Marker
Johnston, William Aaron/02-09-1921/01-04-1996
Johnston, Nell Elmore/01-19-1926

Kea, John Joe/12-15-1875/03-12-1909
Kuykendall, Dr. Anthony Cabendish/10-31-1864/07-04-1895
Kuykendall, Claire Wheat/01-05-1872/12-23-1958
Kuykendall, Esther R./WYF of JC/12-08-1842/01-14-1889
Kuykendall, Frances StClair/04-10-1854/06-12-1893
Kuykendall, Ina/08-08-1872/07-12-1895
Kuykendall, Jacob Moody/05-11-1882/04-19-1939
Kuykendall, James Charles/10-01-1839/02-06-1918
Kuykendall, John A./son of J.A.& M.E./03-17-1879/08-23-1879
Kuykendall, Maggie Mae/Dau. of J.A.& M.E./06-02-1881/08-19-1881
Kuykendall, Maggie/04-13-1862/06-28-1861
Kuykendall, Margaret D./WYF of Jacob/12-19-1801/02-03-1891
Kuykendall, Nellie/Dau.of James& Mahalia McClain/WYF of Frances St Clair Kuykendall
Double Marker
Kuykendall, Maggie/ 09-19-1859/09-02-1881
Kuykendall, Jacob/06-25-1859/01-04-1944
Double Marker
Kuykendall, John A. /03-28-1828/12-10-1904
Kuykendall, May E./09-06-1836/04-26-1915

Double Marker
Lake, Capt. J.B./10-04-1837/09-16-1898
Lake, Maggie I./01-05-1850/12-17-1912
Double Marker
Laurendine, Patrick Henry/10-07-1912/05-17-1964
Laurendine, Gladys Dyess/10-27-1913/04-25-1992
Double Marker
Little, Annie N./1850/1925
Little, William R./1846/1927
Long, Alma/Dau. of J.R. & Annie/07-30-1883/xx-xx-xx
Long, Annie Fay/09-16-1905/05-13-1907
Long, Floyd/03-21-1901/09-16-1970
Long, James G./09-26-1891/02-23-1960
Long, Jasper Carroll/07-06-1881/12-17-1898
Long, Mattie B./04-30-1908/01/13-1972
Long, Nettie Lee/09-17-1888/06-04-1971
Double Marker
Long, Annie Young/05-25-1863/02-24-1934
Long, James Robert/04-02-1852/04-08-1931
Double Marker
Lowery, Garland S./01-05-1916/09-10-1983
Lowery, Leafy C./12-11-1914

Double Marker
McLellan, Bert Denton/05-04-1903/10-23-1970
McLellan, Berma Burdeshaw/06-06-1906/11-27-1993
McLendon, Emily L./1869/1955
McLendon, Floy E./1892
McLendon, T. Ernest/1888/1952
McLendon, Thomas L./05-02-1862/08-31-1921
McLendon, Willie B.-Son of T.M.& H.M./09-06-1889/09-21-1895
McLeod, Alice Leigh/WYF of J.N.Born in Yallobusha Co. Ms./
McLeod, John Nelson/Born in Green Co. Ala/05-27-1837/05-18-1911
McLeod, Katie Ruffin/WYF of John Nelson/07-19-1862/03-15-1919

Marckert, Auguste Earnest/1877/1951
Marckert, Edith Toole/1887/1965
Martin, Doris/Dau. of T.J.& Iloa Martin/02-10-1900/06-10-1904
Martin, Edith/Dau. of T.J.& Iloa Martin/07-23-1904/01-16-1906
Martin, R.R./03-23-1845/11-05-1906
Martin, Virginia Sanders/07-17-1846/03-31-1927
Double Marker
Martin, Henry D./1886/1956
Martin, Byrd Brown/1890/1953
Double Marker
Matthews, B.N./02-22-1860/11-07-1908
Matthews, Ella B./12-22-1855/07-06-1938
Maury, Mattie M./Age 80/03-15-1891
Mayo, James Irvin /no date
Mitchell, Lillian Dickinson/1880/1921
Mitchell, Noah Boothe/07-30-1881/05-24-1967
Mitchell, Ulyssus Stock/Son of N.W.& Etta S./11-01-1903/12-17-1955
Mitchell, Ulyssus Wilson/11-08-1868/11-07-1925
Double Marker
Mitchell, Josephine Tabitha/12-25-1847/06-21-1914
Mitchell, William Carson/10-01-1845/08-04-1927
Double Marker/Wed. 11-29-1955
Mitchell, Marilyn Lee/06-18-1937
Mitchell, Walter Edward/Cpl US Marines Corps Korea/10-06-1930/04-01-1992
Morgan, J.P./04-03-1873/12-23-1922
Morgan, Judith A./WYF of Samuel/01-02-1840/05-27-1900
Morgan, S.D./12-28-1840/02-24-1929

Neilson, C.S. Capt./09-04-1826/11-02-1907
Neilson, Mrs. J.A./WYF of Capt C.A./05-20-1836/07-15-1913
Double Marker
Nelson, John G., Jr./03-22-1915/03-13-1989
Nelson, Helen Hamilton/08-20-1922
Double Marker
Nelson, Annie N. Little/06-02-1885/03-01-1966
Neslon, John Gillion/09-02-1886/08-27-1966

Parvin, William/12-19-1822/03-10-1892
Patterson, Dura W./04-06-1882/17-28-1901
Double Marker
Patterson, Drua Williams/1849/1930
Patterson, Mary Ward/1853/1933
Phelps, Mary Carson/WYF of Byron/1839/1915
Pickle, Earline D. / 06- 16- 1930/09- 21- 2006
Pickle, J. Hubert/12-24-1879/11-22-1937
Pickle, John Calvin/1851/1901
Pickle, Ophelia Sayle/1849/1902
Pickle, Rilla Olivia/09-17-1929/02-02-1931
Pickle, Thomas Jefferson/08-29-1889/01-15-1968
Double Marker
Pickle, Robert C./07-15-1891/08-30-1975
Pickle, Alva Wells/04-18-1893/11-08-1958
Prewit, C.L./Co A. 10 Miss Cav C.S.A./No Dates
Pryor, Ben L./age 69/died 09-21-2009/interred 09-23-2009

Rayburn, Miss Gaston/1850/1934
Ruffin, Robert Payne Jr./12-07-1923/01-24-1975
Double Marker
Ruffin, Robert Payne/09-09-1889/10-16-1968
Ruffin, Annamai Willingham/10-18-1896/09-03-1959

Talliaferro, Sarah Jane/Dau of C& M Brown/WYF of J.E. Talliaferro
Double Marker
Talliaferro, J.E. /05-14-1812/05-25-1866
Talliaferro, Sarah Bowen/11-18-1824/03-30-1908
Double Marker
Talliaferro, E.L./07-11-1848
Talliaferro, Alla Winter/WYF of E.L./11-26-1852/04-23-1920
Double Marker
Talliaferro, E.W./12-24-1871/07-16-1913
Talliaferro, E.W."Edwin"/12-24-1871/07-16-1919
Thigpen, Annie Pearl Warnell-WYF of Z.B./02-19-1904/07-23-1939
Thompson, Two Infants/Markers/illegible
Thompson, Burch, M.D./12-22-1894/11-16-1965
Thompson, Duncan L./01-25-1880/07-17-1930
Thompson, Elizabeth/01-13-1841/06-27-1898
Thompson, William G. M.D./12-16-1872/02-11-1947
Double Marker
Thompson, Betty Carlisle/04-18-1900/04-20-1974
Thompson, Shem Marion/06-04-1891/12-30-1968
Double Marker
Thompson, R.J./02-18-1835/08-09-1910
Thompson, Nora L./12-14-1853/03-14-1904
Toole, Bera-1890-1956
Toole, Dixon Lewis/Killed in Action Buried Malvern Hill Va./ Co F. 21 Miss Inf C.S.A./07-01-1862/1829/1862
Toole, Hazel Short/01-21-1909/08-14-1977
Toole, James A. Jr./09-28-1911/09-09-1979
Toole, James Algernon, M.D./1883/1944
Toole, James I./Co F-21 Ms Inf C.S.A./No Dates
Toole, Janie Elizabeth/1876/1930
Toole, Jennie Davidson/1878/1931
Toole, Joseph Melvin Jr./07-01-1965/03-10-1985
Toole, Joseph T./Co. F. 21 Miss Inf. C.S.A./No Date
Toole, Lacy Sullivan/1882/1966
Toole, Lavinia Virginia/1851/1934
Toole, Martha Irwin/1878/1956
Toole, James Michael/age 45/03-22-1959/11-17-2004
Toole, Robert F./Co C. 14 Miss Lt Arty C.S.A./04-01-1831/07-26-1863
Prisoner of War , Buried Ft. Deleware New Jersey/07-26-1863
Toole, Robert Sullivan/1886/1904
Toole, William/C.S.N. Co C. 14 Miss Lt Arty/
09-18-1844/06-02-1889/Buried Merced Calif./06-02-1889
Toole, William Thomas/1875/1948
Toole, William Thomas/US Army WWII/1906/1979
Toole, Infant Son/of M.F.& Ina B./09-29-1922/09-29-1922
Tyler, Ina Brown/11-19-1900/06-04-1942
Tyler, Maurice Francis Sr./07-22-1894/04-15-1962
Tyler, Patricia Ann/01-28-1962/06-22-1989
Trotman, Willie Mosier/WYF of J.E./11-29-1884/05-11-1968

Walgren, John/02-20-1846/11-19-1910
Walgren, Parthenia A./09-04-1855/01-09-1925
Ward, Thomas J./07-26-1849/01-12-1892
Wheat, Alpheus Aghilles/08-16-1834/02-24-1917
Wheat, Nannie E./WYF of Dr. A.A. Wheat/02-17-1851/06-10-1882
Wheat, Earl/Son of Dr. AA & Nannie Wheat/03-11-1874/09-29-1888
Wheat, Infant Dau./of A.A.& M.E./NO DATES
Wheat, Leon Duke/Son of DD & M.H./11-20-1919/03-05-1920
Double Marker
Wheat, Maude Harvey/09-08-1882/06-21-1974
Wheat, Leon/07-16-1882/10-11-1944
Double Marker
Whitten, Annie Toole/1878/1959
Whitten, Reece Reed/1886/1979
Williams, James E./Pvt US Army WWII/06-11-1924/09-02-1992
Williams, Ada Mae/1924/04-22-1998
Willingham, Charles Middleton/12-09-1902/08-24-1962
Double Marker
Willingham, Thomas Franklin/1861/1929
Willingham, Kathrine Bradford/1868/1954
Double Marker
Willingham, Frank Bradford/09-22-1898/10-30-1937
Other side blank
Winter, Henry Washington/05-30-1864/09-13-1921
Winter, Lillie M./10-26-1924/01-23-1984

Young, George C./Co E 29 Miss Inf/C.S.A.-No Dates

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