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Friendship Church of God Cemetery

Warren, Mrs. Annie Mae- 11-12-193?-/ 08-09-1998 Double Marker Wed-06-13-1944 Wilson, Guy-02-06-1907-/ 03-02-1995/Cpl. U.S. Army, Air Forces, WW II Wilson, Louise Y.- 02-17-1912-/ 11-09-2006

Friendship Church of God Cemetery is located Charleston-Enid. Take Teasdale Road North out of Charleston, turn left at Friendship East Road, Church and Cemetery are on the right

This Cemetery Indexed 100% by: Nick Denley of Charleston Mississippi, October 1997.
This Cemetery corrected, new additions and proofed February 1999.

Arendale, Lester "Junior"/04-08-1930/07-14-1978
Arendale, Elizabeth Fisher /1877/1961
Arendale, J. Edward/10-31-1905/06-09-1982
Arendale, Altha H./10-24-1885/02-22-1964
Double Marker
Arendale, Emma H./03-18-1915/05-14-1996
Arendale, Lester T./08-18-1907/01-16-1988

Bailey, Pauline Meshea/1968/10-19-1968
Barlow, Bertha Ann Johnson/1955/05-02-1999/Wyf of Clinton Barlow
Blount, Julia L./07-26-1903/06-15-1981

Double Marker
Cole, Essie A./03-17-1884/06-14-1959
Cole, Richard J./09-16-1879/08-18-1955
Double Marker
Cole, Rev. Floyd L./1907/1982
Cole, Ruth B./1915
Cole, Angela Michelle/01-09-1972/10-26-1973
Cole, Fairl L. Jenkins/1905/1984
Cole, Geneva Dale/03-19-1933/03-05-1960
Cole, Laurice T./08-27-1919/06-27-1988
Cole, Loyd L./No Dates
Crenshaw, Double Marker/Wed-12-07-1953
Crenshaw, Glen Bull/06-20-1917/03-18-2001/age 83
Crenshaw, Lillian W./06-16-1910/11-01-1987
Cunningham, Lillian Denise/08-25-1965/12-31-1993

Dungan, Daniel E.Sr./age 37/died 09-02-2006 from injuries he received in an accident
Double Marker
Dungan, Mattie Lee/02-15-1913/03-15-1972
Dungan, Everett S./11-24-1904/08-19-1976
Double Marker
Dungan, Elouise B./03-30-1937/11-03-1987
Dungan, Everett J./11-10-1935/01-01-1987

Double Marker
Etheridge, Wallace G./08-13-1892/11-28-1973
Etheridge, Mable W./10-28-1911/12-17-1995

Farris, Annie Turberville/age 88/04-09-2008/interned 04-11-2008
Farris, L.E./S1 US Navy,WWII/10-23-1917/05-29-1992
Double marker-Wed 06-20-1936

Farris, Louis Ervin "L.E" 10-23-1917-/05-29-1992/S1,U.S. Navy, WW II.
Farris, Annie Turberville-11-10-1919-/04-09-2008
Children-Elizabeth Ann, Louis Ervin, Jr.-, Eunice Fay, David Lee, Ester Pauline.

Double Marker
Fillyaw, J.H. "Tody"/12-26-1899/09-07-1962
Fillyaw, Lela L./07-09-1897
Double Marker
Fillyaw, Sam/1911/1972
Fillyaw, Sam Jr./1942
Double Marker
Fillyaw, Alice Jean/05-02-1914/01-27-1994
Fillyaw, Leonard/Pfc. US Army WWI/08-28-1896/03-14-1981
Double Marker
Fillyaw, James William /08-22-1927/12-16-1990
Fillyaw, Elizabeth Tucker/06-05-1927
Fillyaw, Fannie Lee White/age 76/7-7-1924-6-19-2001
Fillyaw, Joe Henry/age 70/11-21-1933/12/15/2003
Fillyaw, Marilyn/age 70/died 02-05-2013/interred 02-08-2013
Fillyaw, Pamela Gaye/03-04-1962/05-04-1962
Fillyaw, Kenneth Elton/09-08-1949/06-16-1971
Fillyaw, Jame Edward/04-08-1938/11-25-1989/Father of/Jamie/Donald/Angie and Susie.
Fisher, Ila/03-10-1909/11-30-1988
Fisher, Roscoe F./02-28-1899/09-11-1975

Double Marker Goad, Elbert David- 03-13-1907-/ 08-18-1985/ WWII, U.S. Army.
Goad, Arnettie Winters- 07-08-1926-/ 07-16-2001
Double Marker/Wed-1960
Goad, Elton Purvis/11-19-1916/08-27-1992
Goad, Daisy Bell/03-11-1931
Goad, Elbert David/US Army/WWII/1907/1985
Goad, Arnettie/age 75/died 07-16-2001
Goodwin, Roy Thomas/08-14-1928/09-26-1997
Goodwin, Kate Elizabeth Young- 03-25-1938-/01-07-2011
Gong, Mary Nell/age 70/wyf George Gong/11-06-2004
Double Marker
Gray, Mary D./08-20-1932/01-10-1986
Gray, Thomas M./04-13-1939/04-15-1969
Double Marker
Green, Monroe Lee/1883/1964
Green, Mary Etta/1894
Greer, Maggie H./10-15-1895/05-01-1988

Double Marker
Hall, M.M./11-11-1882/05-25-1956
Hall, Roene R. Cole/01-08-1891/02-13-1988
Hall, Mary Robinson/1926/1993
Hall, Pearlie Mae/01-02-1917/06-05-1991
Haney, Alvin A.-12-14-1914-09-09-1982
Hill, Perry/01-xx-1892/08-xx-1960

Johnson, Daisy Goad/1911/1987
Double Marker
Jones, Hershel Herbert/05-02-1910/04-21-1990
Jones, Odel Coggins/05-04-1920/08-15-1961

Kennedy, Mary Lee Carpenter/age 82/died 12-27-2007

Double Marker
Lee, Henry V./09-04-1908/08-15-1982
Lee, Virginia B. Young/09-29-1914/12-06-1999
Lee, Charles Henry/07-11-1941/07-26-1979
Logan, Mary E./09-01-1930/01-14-1979
Logan, William Henry/S1 US Navy WWII/07-03-1923/01-14-1979

Double Marker
McCullough, Wallace Raymond/10-04-1917/02-20-1967
McCullough, Thelma Ellett/12-06-1919
Double Marker
McCullough, Vellie Cole/11-19-1891/03-29-1968
McCullough, Albert S./08-10-1884/08-06-1969
McCullough, Albert M./Pfc US Army WWII/1923/1989
Double Marker
McFerron, Myrta/12-02-1981
McFerron, Charlie/01-24-1882/06-28-1957

Double Marker
Martin. John W./10-31-1909
Martin, Mary S./04-17-1916/08-25-2007
Mayo, Jeff Davis/1903/1984
Mayo, Ollie M./1920/1986
Double Marker
Morgan, Irene L./12-25-1913/01-21-1967
Morgan, Louis R./05-07-1909/02-10-1988

Moorman, Harvey Louis/age 82/10-05-1920/06-14-2003/husb of Mildred Laster Moorman

Oates, Lettie Lee/01-16-1912/08-14-1988

Double Marker
Petrie, David Henry/09-19-1915/11-13-1986
Petrie, Clara/12-02-1918

Pressgrove, William Brooks, Jr./age 49/died 09-18-2011

Reynolds, Rae Marie/09-14-1951/07-19-1981
Rippee, Irma Louise/age 59/died 11-22-2006/interned 11-26-2006
Rippie, Louise Goad- 09-07-1947-/ 11-22-2006

Double Marker
Robinson, Letha L./10-28-1900/03-01-1984
Robinson, George H./12-18-1892/08-04-1951
Robinson, Ora H./12-30-1902/08-05-1988

Ross, Betty Lucille Simmons/age 71/06-11-1932.02-10-2004
Russell, Martha/age 85/08-14-1923/05-24-2009

Simmons, Lillie M./age 90/died 12-26-2012/interred 12-28-2012
Double Marker
Simmons, Ardie Douglas/05-21-1918/02-02-1982
Simmons, Lillie Mae/11-19-1922-/12-26-2012
Double Marker/Wed 11-04-1974
Simmons, Cecil/11-29-1942/12-10-1981
Simmons, Willie/02-08-1936
Smith, Ella Lawson/age 74/died 11-14-2008/interred 11-17-2008
Smith, Glenda McCullough/age 63/Died 02-07-2009
Smith, J.B./age 77/died 06-06-2010-interred 06-08-2010
Smith, Lissa Darlene/03-24-1966/10-11-1970
Smith, Nannie Mae Dungan/1942/01-03-1998
Smith, Roy Lester/1908-age 91/died 04-15-1999
Smith, J. B.-1932-/ 2010

Double Marker Smith, Glenda L.- 11-03-1945-/ 02-07-2009
Smith, Anthony W.- 07-18-1964-/
Double Marker
Smith, Dovie Aredale/12-23-1902
Smith, Johnnie Benton/08-11-1898/03-18-1963
Double Marker
Smith, John A./02-10-1885/09-15-1963
Smith, Frances V./06-30-1883/07-20-1961
Double Marker
Steel, George A./12-25-1910/03-29-1986
Steel, Elizabeth A./10-24-1915/06-17-1988
Stokes, Mary Elizabeth/1938/1994

Taylor, Willie M./04-28-1905/07-23-1958

Walker, Edward Harrison Jr./07-27-1951/03-24-1972
Warren, Mrs. Annie Mae- 11-12-193?-/ 08-09-1998
White, John William/1933/04-04-1998
White, Thomas J./1900/1984
White, Charlene/1936/1982
Wilkes, Doyle Boone, Jr./Pvt. US Army/05-29-1928/01-19-1976
Double Marker/Wed 12-29-1961
Williams, Edward Joe/age 84/died 11-30-2012/interred 12-2-2012/Korean Conflict
Williams, Avonell S./01-05-1935
Williams, James D./Tech 5 US Army/Purple Heart/04-17-1921/02-26-1992
Double Marker
Williams, T. Halyard/01-19-1902/12-17-1988
Williams, Mae Purvis/12-15-1900/05-31-1968
Double Marker
Williams, Thomas H.Jr./04-22-1923/12-29-1981
Williams, Mary Lee/01-25-1922
Double Marker
Williams, Herron L./06-25-1900/12-24-1980
Williams, Lyllie M./11-28-1902/12-19-1991
Double Marker
Williams, J.E. "Jack"/11-07-1915
Williams, Estelle O./05-20-1915
Double Marker
Williams, Berry T./11-15-1888/07-06-1981
Williams, Dumpsy McCord/02-24-1891/03-03-1961
Wilson, Louise Young/age 94/02-17-1912/11-09-2006/interned 11-11-2006
Double Marker/Wed-06-13-1944
Wilson. Guy Lowell/02-06-1907/03-02-1995
Wilson, Louise Y./02-17-1912

Double Marker Wed-06-13-1944

Wilson, Guy-02-06-1907-/ 03-02-1995/Cpl. U.S. Army, Air Forces, WW II
Wilson, Louise Y.- 02-17-1912-/ 11-09-2006

Zimmerman, Pauline Wilkes/09-24-1931/08-23-1966

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