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Friendship East Baptist Cemetery

This Cemetery indexed by: Nick Denley-Chancery Clerk of Tallahatchie County Mississippi, October 1997.
There are graves with markers that were illegible, Markers of concrete
with no markings on them. Estimated this cemetery established mid 1800's

This Cemetery corrected, new additions and proofed February 1999.

Arendale, Alma Cox/07-07-1906/11-23-1975
Arendale, George Hamilton- 06-09-1935-/ 03-24-2006
Arendale, Fannie Martin/08-15-1871/08-24-1953
Arendale, Gaston/05-25-1908/07-10-1912
Arendale, Infant/01-07-1901
Arendale, Johnnie Beonville Tinker"/09-24-1909/01-27-1927
Arendale, M.C./05-15-1851/05-07-1903/Dau. of J.E. Arendale
Arendal, Ollie Pearl-08/04/1884-08/31/1889-Dau of W.H.& M.C. Arendale
Arendale, Thomas E./10-30-1904/12-09-1960
Arendale, Vida Mae Chapman, Wyf of W.T. Arendale/06-12-1880/04-01-1933
Arendale, W.T. "Tom"/09-04-1882/04-12-1962
Arendale, William D./11-01-1899/08-08-1900
Arendale, William H./Co B 29 MS Inf. C.S.A./No dates
Double Marker
Arendale, George W./10-22-1888/11-02-1937
Arendale, Cornelia B./05-01-1888/04-25-1929
Double Marker
Arendale, Richard D./1876/1951
Arendale, Nannie N./1868/1944
Double Marker
Arendale, Riley Hanilton/06-16-1911/03-14-1991
Arendale, Loy Christeen Pittman/08-13-1916/10-10-1990
Back of Marker/Our Children: Mary Gong, George Hamilton, Larry Hamilton
Armstrong, Willie Mae/09-22-1914/04-03-1987/Wyf of S.T. Armstrong
Ashmore, George,Infant, of L.A.& J.H. Ashmore/09-08-1894/12-22-1894
Double Marker
Aston, Annie Dixon/02-05-1886/09-09-1973
Aston, Alder Hulet/08-29-1883/10-27-1918
Double Marker/Wed. 01-12-1930
Aston, C. Ophelia/05-23-1908/10-01-1994
Aston, William H./12-04-1906/12-05-1988
Baldwin, Earl/06-24-1935/MS Pvt 1CL 182 Inf 41 Div.
Baldwin, Mary Bell/06-25-1915/11-13-1916
Baldwin, Mary Etta/02-26-1897/11-12-1993
Double Marker
Baldwin, Elam Frank/09-15-1887
Baldwin, Maude Irene/04-09-1891/08-11-1969
Baldwin, Tom/07-01-1889/11-03-1926
Barrett, Jean Morris/age 88/died 10-19-2011/interred 10-22-2011
Benton, America "Muggie" V./03-26-1867/01-30-1965
Benton, G.A./11-07-1865/06-03-1923/Husband of America "Muggie"
Best, Travis Lee/age 86/WWII Vet/09-19-1924/died 04-24-2011 VA Medical Center Florence Ms/intered 07-27-2011
Bishop, Emmett Michael/08-05-1960/09-28-1985
Brooks,Joe Earnest/06-15-1941/09-29-1944
Calder, J.T./05-28-1929/06-05-1986
Carpenter, Thomas Earl- 07-08-1922-/ 08-14-1999
Carpenter, Thomas E. Sr./Husb of Doris Carlisle Carpenter/1922/08-14-1999
Chapius, Alberta/06-10-1913/12-26-1930
Chapius, Nancy K. Lavender/09-04-1872/01-05-1962
Chapman, John A./12-25-1871/02-xx-1928
Chapman, Sallie/09-21-1877/12-22-1955
Chapman, T.R./Co F MS C.S.A./No Dates
Clarkson, Thomas Miller/02-23-1861/08-21-1921
Clarkson, Virgle A./10-12-1896/12-09-1983/Pvt US Army /WWI
Cole, A.J./No date
Cole, Mrs. B.F./02-27-1856/01-15-1938
Cole, B.F./03-10-1854/07-28-1929
Cole, Ethel Beth/In Memory of/no date
Cole, Inez/No date
Cole, John Thomas/10-07-1866/02-20-1950
Cole, Kenneth Ray/age 63/died 05-25-2007/interned 05-28-2007
Cole, Manddie Lee/01-19-1890/09-19-1897
Cole, Mank/1846/1911
Cole, Nanie Christine/In Memory of/no date
Cole, Odie Jenkins/02-20-1892/07-28-1914
Cole, Robert Carson/age 67/08-18-1934/02-19-2002/Husb Peggy Dillard Cole
Cole, S.N./Died 12-03-1880/Age 25
Cole, William H./C.S.A./No date/illegable
Double Marker/wed-06-28-1928
Cole, Iva Lou R./10-13-1906/01-26-1982
Cole, Carson C./07-20-1905/12-01-1969
Double Marker
Coleman, Albert G./1884/1966
Coleman, Dovie T./1887/1966
Criswell, J.T./12-29-1916/08-20-1918
Dixon, Lelia Atkins/1889/1942
Double Marker
Donaldson, Harvey/08-26-1919/12-11-1995
Donaldson, Ruby Ray/04-17-1917/03-13-1995
Downs, James O. "Bubba",Jr./age 54/died 12-21-2010/interred 12-22-2010
Dungan, Daniel Everett-06-20-1964-/ 09-02-2006
Etheridge, Robert L./03-08-1936/MS Copl US Army
Double Marker
Etheridge, Calvin L./1861/1944
Etheridge, Mary J./1860/1940
Double Marker
Etheridge, Farro/04-08-1895/02-15-1980
Etheridge, Riley/01-15-1895/08-26-1971
Etheridge, Addie B. Cole/09-19-1876/03-11-1937
Etheridge, Amanda E./died-07-27-1809/88 Yrs old
Etheridge, Bessie M./01-30-1897/02-04-1991
Etheridge, Eugene/dates Illegable
Etheridge, Lon/12-11-1874/08-05-1955
Etheridge, Rosa B./1880/1967
Etheridge, Vera Irene/05-09-1912/02-16-1923
Farris, James Marion/10-08-1888/11-22-1959
Farris, Lena Webb/07-01-1892/11-11-1917
Farris, James Thomas/age 77/WWII Army Vet/01-30-1923/07-22-2000
Farris, Myrtle Lee/12-15-1893/01-23-1953
Farris, S. Bell Arendale/1865/1952/Wyf of Henry Farris
Double Marker
Fillyaw, J.H. "Jim"/12-25-1871/01-09-1951
Fillyaw, Mollie Evans/xx-1874/01-11-1940
Follis, Beatrice Farris/age 76/01-25-1926/10-18-2002
Fowler, Tom/1889/1942
Goad, James Lloyd "J.L."/12-21-1933/12-11-1994
Goad, Bertha Mae/01-15-1884/06-03-1936
Goad, Twin Sons/of A.P.& Lloyd Goad/11-25-1938/12-25-1938
Double Marker
Goad, Lloyd/11-21-1909/07-13-1992
Goad, Lelia Elizabeth/10-14-1920/05-05-1998/Wyf of Lloyd Goad
Gong, Mary Nell (Arendale)- d.-11-06-2004/age 70 yrs. of age/dau of Riley & Christeen (Pittman) Arendale.
Gooch, Willie Mac"Bill"/age 87/died 08-26-2003
Double Marker

Gooch, Willie M.- 12-04-1915-/ 08-26-2003
Gooch, Ruby J.- 05-22-1937-/

Hale, T. Cornelius/08-13-1906/01-20-1908
Hall, Thomas Lee/age 80/died06-28-2012/no cem listed
Hall, Marvin Eugene/age 77/Husb of Dorothy McGee Hall/12-03-1928/12-07-2005
Harrison, Evie Ann/age 54/03-14-1948/11-30-2002
Harrison, Evie Ann- 1948-/ 2002
Heafner, Lillie Farris/Wyf of M.L. Heafner/1898/1951
Double Marker/Wed-08-26-1921
Hollis, Tom/04-02-1880/02-15-1954
Hollis, Addie Smith/07-15-1907/01-28-1988
Howard, Cordie Orr/12-25-1887/12-13-1970
Howard, Susie C./03-22-1890/07-23-1968
Howard, W.M./10-12-1911
Howard, William S./1914/1996
Howard, W.S./1914/May be same as William S.
Howard, Willie- 1911-/ 2009
Double Marker
Howard, Cordie Elgie/08-27-1910
Howard, Vader Lee/04-06-1909/05-14-1985
Double Marker
Jackson, Carl E./01-28-1905/12-27-1958
Jackson, Mildred M./02-15-1914
Lavender, Robert S./1855/1899
Lavender, Mamie Lou/09-10-1913/12-26-1930
(MEL) LEE BIRTH 12/15/1900/06-26-1946
Leard, Marlend Leard/age 77/died 03-04-2012
Lee, Hester/09/10/11/06/26/1946
Double Marker
Lee, Thomas M./01-30-1859/02-20-1934
Lee, Mary Ella/08-19-1869/11-09-1958
McCord, Emma McCain/1866/1933
McCord, Fonie T./05-15-1879/01-10-1963
McCord, Ina Eula/age 89/09-19-1915/02-23-2005/interned 02-25-2005
McCord, J.D./1861/1947
McCord, James R./1964/1937
McCord, Lewis/1887/1966
McGee, Freeland Amos/age 69/died 01-07-2010/No Cemetery listed, but his funeral was at Friendship Church
McGee, Biver Doyle/02-14-1932/03-30-1984
McGee, Muriell Miller/08-06-1928/10-09-1977
McKay, H. Bradley/12-16-1904/12-12-1967
McNulty, Harriet Chapman/1869/1943/Wyf of E.W. McNulty
In Memory of Alice A. McNulty/No dates
In Memory of E.W. McNulty/No dates
Double Marker
Martin, Susie/09-08-1889/07-31-1970
Martin, Cleave/10-20-1890/03-23-1946
Martin, Mary Alice/1922/1942
Martin. Myrtle O./08-07-1916/11-30-2000
Martin, Lee R./age 81/10-27-1919//12-26-2000
Miller, Maurice A./03-09-1903/11-29-1970
Miller, Sarah Annie Bell/1877/1962/Wyf of James Miller
Miller, William W., Sr./07-06-1858/06-05-1930
Double Marker
Miller, Sue Amanda/08-05-1877/11-17-1948
Miller, James L./01-18-1878/01-06-1964
Mitchell, Thomas A./08-21-1820/17-22-1884
Double Marker
Morgan, Albert Clifton/07-17-1913/06-12-1978
Morgan, Ruby Ford/06-08-1924
Morgan, Alton B./10-01-1904/11-06-1947/MS-Pvt 985 Ordnance Depot Co/ WWII
Morgan, James Charlie/08-10-1880/11-06-1933
Morgan, Josh/1883/1943
Morgan, Kenneth/03-06-1952/10-19-1993/L Cpl US Marines Corps
Morgan, Lola C./08-22-1883/08-12-1958
Morgan, Sarah Lee/1917/1923
Mulvihill, John Henry, Jr./07-01-1910/09-26-1990
Double Marker
Nelson, Mattie/09-18-1900/02-17-1987
Nelson, John Robert/01-08-1900/01-18-1975
Nelson, Belle/02-02-1855/07-18-1907
Nelson, Maynard L./03-23-1924/09-27-1967/MS Pvt Co 3 Engr BN/ WWII
O'Leary, William C./05-01-1880/04-01-1919
Padgett, William J./age 75/08-03-1929/07-21-2005
Pickle, Nancy Nelson/11-15-1944/09-29-1979
Pyron, E. Lncile P./01-20-1920/10-19-1996
Quad Marker
Raney, Jasper H./12-22-1888/03-02-1962
Rainey, Phil A./11-13-1939/11-22-1989
Raney, Susie M./09-21-1888/08-16-1966
Raney, William/10-24-1908/02-18-1936
Raney, Annie Cole/01-08-1910/02-21-1936
Rainey, Katie Sue- 05-26-1934-01-04-2000/ dau. of Wm Bardwell & Annie Lee Cole Rainey

Double Marker-
Raney, Zella Estelle Deaton -02-22-1914- Raney, George W.- 02-05-1912-07-05-1973>BR>

Rose, Sharon- 02-01-1989-/ 09-27-1999
Ross, Betty L.- 06-11-1932-/ 02-10-2004
Double Marker
Raney, Zella Deaton./02-22-1914/10-12-2007
Raney, George W./02-05-1912/07-05-1973
Robinson, Fred B./10-14-1943/06-09-1979/Sp 5 US Army
Robinson, John D./06-08-1857/04-24-1843
Double Marker
Robinson, Dolly M./07-18-1914/11-11-1981
Robinson, Fred W./04-19-1914/10-19-1988
Rowe, Kenneth Rudolph/age 72/husb of Wilma M./05-13-1931/11-26-2003
Rowe, Wilma M./age81/wyf of Kenneth Rowe/08-02-1921/04-11-2003
Double Marker

Scanlan, Dale E., Sr.- 1928-/
Scanlan, W. Ruth- 1935-/ 2002

Double Marker
Selby, Blanche/1893/1935
Selby, Robert/1888/1970
Selby, Robbie/1922/1938
Selby, William Ben/1885/1918
Shaw, James E./03-23-1908/04-23-1972
Shaw, Kittie D./1880/1946
Shaw, Louise W./1918/01-30-1998
Shaw, Travis Warren/Veteran US Air Force/age 62/07-17-1941/07-02-2004
Shaw, W.F./02-13-1874/12-25-1941
Shaw, William Walter/12-29-1912/03-23-1997
Double Marker
Shaw, Louise W./12-11-1917
Shaw, Carl Travis/06-23-1915/11-22-2000
Double Marker
Shipp, Charlotte/09-28-1932/10-17-1981
Shipp, Russell B./10-29-1924/09-14-1981
Simonton, Mary Ann/1880/1957
Smith, Inf. Dau. of Erma L. & Emma S. Smith/06-22-1925
Skelton, Barbara Louise/age 76/died 09-14-2012
Stevenson, Dorothy Pyron/04-18-1940/10-19-1996
Stokes, Danny S./10-26-1958/10-27-1958
Sturkle, Mary V./Wyf of Daniel Sturkle/Died 02-02-1899/Age52 Yrs.
Double Marker
Tharpe, John L./12-08-1904/11-19-1996
Tharpe, Eva M./11-19-1910/12-22-1985

Double Marker
Thomas, Jonathan (Buster)- 01-06-1928-/ 06-30-2009
Thomas, Elizabeth H.- 09-04-1928-/

Thomas, Earline Calder/03-24-1927/09-05-1958
Thomas, Jonathan Griffin/age 81/Korea Army Vet/Baptist Minister/01-06-1928/06-30-2009
Thomas, Ruby Calder/1927/1958
Thurman, Annie Pearl/06-28-1909/09-24-1984
Thurman, Spain Columbus/07-10-1906/12-11-1980/Pvt US Army /WWII
Tindoll, Jackie Howard/01-27-1955/06-24-1990
Double Marker
Tribble, Johnnie M./12-02-1905/01-04-1992
Tribble, Vera H./10-01-1921/10-10-1996
Tribble, Larry M./12-19-1947
Turbeville, Charlie R./02-23-1929/05-25-1949/MS Pfc Med Dept WWII
Turbeville, Hillman L./1888/1942
Turbeville, I.V./1906/1084>br> Tyson, Claude White/01-28-1914/10-25-1991
Walker, Edward O./10-07-1925/09-21-1985/Pvt US Army/WWII
Walker, Joe Thomas/age 58/07-22-1947/05-19-2006

Double Marker

Walker, Mary J.- 02-02-1898-/ 01-07-1964
Walker, Ollie L.- 08-26-1898-/ 11-21-1976

Double Marker
Walker, Tennie Dexter Coy/07-09-1925/03-19-1988
Walker, Edwin Odell/10-07-1925/09-21-1985
Wallace, Mary J./02-02-1898/01-07-1964
Double Marker
Wallace, Mary J./ 02-02-1898/01-07-1964/she may have 2 markers
Wallace, Ollie L./08-26-1898/11-21-1976
White, Etta/06-20-1888/12-21-1948
White, Joe A./09-11-1886/12-23-1964
Wilbourn, Angela C./1981/1981
Wilbourn, Justin B./1981/1981
Williams, Berry T./ He was full blood Cherokee Indian/07-22-1819/04-14-1884
Williams, Clara Miller/1876/1950
Williams, ? F./1887/1919
Williams, Henietta C./03-28-1875/07-03-1962
Williams, Hettie Gertrude/Dau. of H.& L Williams/marker broken, no date
Williams, James E./02-18-1912/09-04-1930
Williams, John H./11-25-1851/01-26-1902
Williams, Mamie Etoyl/02-15-1884/09-24-1936
Williams, Patricia Ann/1950/1950
Williams, Thomas A./11-25-1875/12-07-1933
Williams, Willie T./07-17-1873/09-06-1926
Double Marker
Williams, Meonard Inez/03-12-1904/09-29-1986
Williams, John T./12-18-1890/04-12-1963
Double Marker
Williams, Mary Miller/06-17-1871/01-01-1961
Williams, John Press/11-27-1865/11-04-1928
Double Marker
one side Blank
Williams, William Albert "PAP", Sr./02-06-1935/03-04-1987
Double Marker
Williams, Matthew/04-22-1904/08-07-1987
Williams, Lizzie P./03-24-1905/11-05-1993
Williamson, America Vloma Dewberry Clark/07-27-1926/"Snow Williamson"
Williamson, George Bob/03-18-1924/07-25-1924
Williamson, Johnnie B./07-07-1894/02-27-1973
Double Marker
Williamson, Avvielee B./08-28-1889/03-14-1950
Williamson, Louis J./02-21-1890/06-21-1969
Double Marker
Williamson, Jennie J./12-02-191303-11-2002/age 88
Williamson, Paul Benton/04-17-1914/12-20-1984
Double Marker/Wed-04-24-1942
Williamson, Maxine H./06-30-1924
Williamson, J.O./03-18-1922

Double Marker

Wright, Nancy Kathrine- 08-14-1956-/
Wright, Cameron Howard, Sr.- 03-18-1939-/ 01-05-2000

Yates, John Earl/07-22-1910/07-07-1956
Young, Lou Matthews/1861/1943/Wyf of R.E. Young
Double Marker
Zenor, Roy/07-17-1910/07-04-1990
Zenor, Ola Guthrie/07-17-1907/10-31-1992

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