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Henson Cemetery

Henson Cemetery 100% indexed September 1997. Indexed by Helen Staten Arnold and Nick Denley.

Henson Cemetery is about 2.5 miles E. of Hwy.35 on the Cascilla Road
This was a family cemetery.

This Cemetery updated, corrected and proofed February 1999.

The land was given for the cemetery by James Anthony Shannon. He owned several hundred acres around this cemetery. The families of Staten, Shannon, Mullen, Newton and Pressgrove and the rest of the folks buried here are related by birth or marriage.

I have placed some of my grandparents, Thomas & Selia Staten, Harvey and Betsy Elizabeth Sherrod Staten in this cemetery, because I do not know where they were buried. The land patent office shows that Thomas, and Harvey Staton purchased land in this area in the early 1800's. I have no dates of death and the birth dates are estimated from the census.

AllisonArvin, - age 79/08-24-1924/02-19-2004,
Arlington Tx
Allison, Kathryn/1931-1952
Allison, Thomas Monroe/02-09-1879/01-10-1913

Double Marker
Allison, Albert V./12-20-1889/02-13-1962
Allison, Leddie N./05-23-1893/10-31-1965

Baker,Joseph Edward/11-11-1903/11-13-1903
Baker,Marion Hicks/08-10-1925/11-27-27-1925
Baker,Melvin Ricks/08-10-1925/03-26-1926
Baker, Dora/04-30-1920/04-30-1920
Baker, Maude Alice Henson/11-14-1867/01-01-1935
Baker, William Jehu/05-20-1855/09-02-1928
Boyd, Malinda/07-28-1875/03-08-1928
Brewer, Hettie N./02-14-1900/10-18-1975
Burns, Alvin/01-25-1898/01-15-1919
Burns, C.H./01-19-1877/07-22-1941
Burns, Claude M./1903/1985
Burns, Lillie N./1907/1961
Burns, Mattie Lee Henson/01-15-1875/11-21-1912
Burns, Rudolph/12-31-1909/01-10-1919

Byars, Maxine Foster/age 68/04-02-1935/01-04-2004

Cochennic,Velma Joyce/age 62/died 07-27-011/interred 07-31-2011 Henson Cemetery
Cole, Bessie Staten/10-30-1903/09-02-1980
Cole, Chester Truman/Pvt.Ill.BTRY C-123 Fld Arty WWI/10-08-1898/01-31-1955
Crosthwait, Desta/03-12-1877/07-12-1914
Crosthwait, Mrs. C.F./02-14-1857/11-10-1926
Crosthwait, Effie Mae/07-11-1885/08-19-1960
Crosthwait, George Edward/08-27-187/07-05-1949
Crosthwait, Jamie/01-27-1913/10-01-1914
Crosthwait, Jesse/03-12-1879/07-02-1914
Crosthwait, John J./Husb/of Emma/04-17-1874/03-12-1940
Cunningham, Kreasie/1921/1990
Cunningham, John Marion/Pvt. US Army/1908/1982

Davis, Jimmie L."S"/12-04-1898/07-30-1978
Denman, Nora Newton/01-15-1910/09-04-1985
Dillard, Edna/06-26-1915/03-28-1917
DuBois, Lewis Allen/09-27-1919/09-27-1919
DuBois, Martin Luther/09-27-1919/10-02-1919
Dunn, Lige/No Date
Dunn, Mamie/07-05-1882/02-06-1929/Marker Broken

Emerson, Jerry/Died 05-10-1901/Age 68

Emerson, Martha "Mattie" Catherine Waldrop/05-1850-Pontotoc, MS/ 08-22-1930/Paynes, MS/ no marker/ wife of Jeremiah "Jerry Emerson

Foster, William Jr./1919/1953
Foster, William Mack/04-02-1885/02-11-1979
Foster, Martha Jane/1892/1964
French, William F./Co D.-27 Miss Inf/C.S.A./No Dates

Gipson, Cleveland/1955/07-17-1997

Harris, Mary Annie Jane Musselwhite/02-19-1870/02-26-1906
Harrison, Emmie McHann/1877/1902
Henson, Adeline Shannon/Wyf of Houston/abt. 1855/?
Henson, Clemon Tine/Son of J.& S.A./09-17-1884/07-02-1886
Henson, Coila/08-29-1909/09-XX-1913
Henson, Dora/10-31-1888/02-25-1966
Henson, Houston "HUS"/Hus. Adeline Shannon-M-12-13-1877/B-abt.1846/Co.K MS Inf.C.S.A.
Henson, J.J.H./Hus. Nancy Jean Staten/M-08-09-1877/B-abt 1843/C.S.A.
Henson, J.J./03-08-1832/19-11-1890
Henson, Joe/12-25-1862/03-20-1915
Henson, Luther Bibby/Son of Mr.& Mrs. A.C./12-25-1911/04-13-1924
Henson, Marlonna Dunn/abt 1819/1855/WYF of Arthur/Unk Where Buried
Harris, Mary Anne Jane Musselwhite/05-22-1861/02-22-1906
Henson, Mary I./WYF of Thomas E./11-28-1886/02-16-1903
Henson, Murlen/07-10-1910/08-11-1910/Son/ GA & Lucy Henson
Henson, Nancy Jean Staten/Wyf/J.J.H.Henson/04-1859
Henson, Roy/July 16, 1916/July 1981
Henson, Sallie S./10-05-1865/05-03-1957
Henson, T.E./04-04-1880/02-13-1911
Henson, Thomas E./04-04-1880/02-13-1911
Henson, Son of G.A. & Lucy/No Date
Henson, Warner Lee/MS. Carrier 15 Vet Hospital WWI/09-27-1888/01-23-1973

Double Marker/Wed./12-15-1912
Henson, Vera B./08-02-1896/05-29-1981
Clifton W./12-15-1890/09-06-1985

Double Marker
Henson, Jane/06-XX-1880/08-27-1919/from obit in news paper
Henson, Arthur/07-19-1879/11-03-1898

Hoop, Martha Blythe "Mattie"/1923
Hoop, Son of Jessie & Martha Hoop/after 1923
Hughes, Carl R./04-05-1909/03-27-1945

Double Marker
Hunt, Lettie Burns/06-26-1887/08-12-1963
Hunt, Charley Shepard/02-02-1884/08-03-1958

Double Marker
Hunt, Cathrine J./01-17-1926/01-16-1979
Hunt, B.C./01-19-1919/04-15-1985

Hunt, Troy Edward/09-16-1909/09-24-1916
Hutchinson, Alice Onnie/03-23-1877/06-02-1935
Hutchinson, Lewis Allen/02-27-1870/07-06-1942
Hyde, Charles Aubrey/05-04-1898/03-12-1955
Hyde, Daniel Troy/age 80/09-27-1920/08-01-2001/husb of Agnes Faye Brewer Hyde
Hyde, Agnes Faye (Brewer)- 07-08-1933-/05-28-2011/Wyf of Daniel Troy "Dan" Hyde
Hyde, James Morris/01-10-1930/04-28-1979
Hyde, Patricia Ann/01-15-1955/01-15-1955
Hyde, Ruth Sherrel/06-11-1906/04-28-1989
Hyde, Trudy Faye/10-13-1953/03-30-1955

Double Marker
Hyde, Marjorie M./03-13-1892/02-09-1941
Hyde, Raymond L./09-28-1892/03-11-1962

Jackson, John/Sgt Co A. 2 MO Cav. C.S.A./No Date
Jennings, Della B./04-26-1883/12-30-1958
Jennings, Dudley LaFayette/07-12-1905/09-23-1937
Jennings, Dudley T./05-06-1880/06-20-1973
Jennings, Hiram Woodrow/son of Isabell & John/12-25-1911?
Jennings, Hermon Howard/son of D.T. & C.F./09-20-1926/02-08-192?
Jennings, M.D.L./12-22-1860/01-07-1917
Jennings, Susan Loyd/1859/1946

Double Marker
Lance, Susie L./01-01-1906/08-12-1959
Lance, E. Almer/04-17-1901/01-24-1966

Lane, Infant Dau./of Claude & Eddie Lane/05-XX-1935
Logan, Frank/06-13-1889/02-06-1966
Logan, Louisa H./WYF of H.F./10-15-1854/06-14-1911

McClure, Maggie Williams/age 72/04-09-1930/12-04-2002
McGarrity, Ira Glenn/10-18-1913/12-25-1955
McGarrity, Minerva Jane Scallions/04-19-1914/07-14-1983
McHann, Calvin Orion/Pfc. US Army/WWII/10-30-1898/01-06-1982
McHann, Esmie/1901/1902
McHann, Floye/1910/1914
McHann, Idelia Hyde/1855/1906
McHann, Stanley William/1854/1926
Mays, Jewel/03-20-1925/09-13-1929
Moore, Mary Alice Mullen/age80/1102301924/07-31-2005
Melton, Christine/1923/1990
Mullen, Claude E./04-29-1907/04-14-1990
Mullen, Vivian Jane Shannon/DAR/95 Yo/12-08-1917/09-08-2011/interred 09-11-2011
Mullen, Joseph Everett /07-02-1888/06-11-1950
Mullen, Lillian Lance/02-29-1892/01-19-1967
Mullen, Rosie Etta/09-22-1904/09-02-1917

Double Marker
Mullen, Nancy Ellen/01-02-1866/12-05-1933
Mullen, Joseph Washington/09-05-1864/02-18-1934

Musselwhite, Bertie/1888/1900
Musselwhite, Ellen/1899/1913
Mussewhite, Jefferson Bertram/05-22-1861/06-26-1936
Musselwhite, Ruby/1896/1900

Newton, Andrew Jackson/Confederate Soldier/No Date
Newton, Clarence H./02-12-1921/09-16-1979
Newton, Eugen/04-04-1876/01-01-1899
Newton, Frances W./08-03-1866/02-18-1944
Newton, Florine/02-07-1921/02-27-1921
Newton, Grundy B./02-01-1885/03-02-1967
Newton, Hamp H./1885/1937
Newton, Jesse Ryan/12-24-1906/01-20-1929
Newton, M. Vestelle/11-28-1925
Newton, P.W./07-19-1883/09-29-1935
Newton, Viola P./08-07-1886/02-06-1962
Newton, Wiley/08-23-1887/08-01-1958

Osborn, Harold/05-10-1909/11-11-1993

Double Marker/Wed-02-23-1927
Owens, Ruby M./06-21-1908/02/11-1987
Owens, William A./01-28-1895/11-21-1946

Owens, George Abbie/Pvt. MS-150 Inf. 38 Div./08-12-1938
Owens, Lonnie Lee/MS Pvt-527 Inf. 82 Div/10-28-1933

Double Marker
Payne, Polly Ann Henson/11-07-1872/06-30-1961
Payne, Robert A./06-02-1866/02-15-1930

Payne, Infant son/of Bob & Polly/No Date
Payne, Infant Son/of Bob & Polly/No Date
Harvey E./05-14-1905/07-02-1964
Payne, Lent R./10-25-1910/10-24-1963
Pressgrove, Donald Staten/age 57/died 06-17-2007/interned
Pressgrove, Etta Emmerson/1886/1919
Pressgrove, Ruth/1911/1943

Ray, Gene Milton, Jr./06-30-1965/07-31-1965

Savage, Arthur L./07-04-1883/09-21-1916
Savage, Lamar/1892/1926
Savage, Mrs. L.A./10-06-1856/06-05-1945
Savage, W.H./08-01-1852/03-01-1926
Scallions, Dock/MS Pvt. 150 Inf. 38 Div. WWI/03-14-1896/07-22-1949

Scallions, James M. “Jimmy”- b.-1854- d.-Unknown<BR>

Scallions, Eliza (Rideout)-b.- Unknown- d.- Unknown/wife of James M. “Jimmy” Scallions.<BR>

Double Marker
Scallions, Idelle Smith/03-17-1882/03-30-1955
Scallions, Elves S./06-09-1880/05-01-1943

Shackelford, Annie Mae/09-25-1895/04-13-1955
Shannon, Ellen Jane Dunn/WYF of Thomas Allen/10-03-1849-05-04-1904
Shannon, Jannette J. Henson-Heath/WYF of John P./04-24-1854/04-26-1934
Shannon, James Anthony/11-16-1861/08-22-1936
Shannon, James Vernon/1891/1972
Shannon, John Polete/07-15-1858/09-11-1935
Shannon, Julia N./12-01-1902/03-11-1987
Shannon, Martha Jennings/WYF of Thomas Allen/no dates
Shannon, Martha Jane Branscombe "Janie"/WYF of James A.Shannon/1858/1944
Shannon, Maurice L./1919/1979
Shannon, Maxy Lee Hardy/07-26-1896/03-13-1936
Shannon, Thomas Allen/1818/1890
Shelton, C.D./05-30-1899/09-23-1938
Shepherd, Annie/1856/1934
Shepherd, Onie/WYF of G.J./10-30-1890/12-23-1914
Shepherd, Marguirite Louise/Dau. of C.J. & Trinnie/04-09-1918/06-22-1920
Shepherd, Clinton James, Jr./Son of C.J. & Trinnie/09-17-1926/05-17-1927
Sherrill, Annie White/01-09-1890/08-02-1966
Sherrill, Frank B./03-11-1913/11-02-1914
Sherrill, James Fowler/02-07-1883/05-20-1964

Double Marker
Simmons, Rowland/08-03-1924/12-26-1926
Simmons, Cornelius/09-20-1919/06-19-1970

Double Marker
Simmons, Jesse C./06-06-1862/08-15-1932
Simmons, Nettie H./01-13-1886/05-23-1937
Simpson, Inf Dau./of Mr.& Mrs. W.B. /No dates

Double Marker
Simpson, Nancy Elizabeth/11-30-1867/04-29-1938
Simpson, Ephram Keeton/07-12-1861/04-03-1948

Smithers, Inf Dau./of Ernest & Mary/05-25-1925
Staten, Andrew Jackson/03-13-1853/02-26-1927
Staten, Caroline M./02-28-1854/03-07-1854
Staten, Buena J./12-29-1902/09-22-1991
Staten, Celia A. or Selia A./WYF of Thomas/born NC about 1825
Staten, Elizabeth "Betsy" J.Sherrod/born NC about 1814
Staten, Fred Lloyd/12-12-1930/08-17-1932
Staten, Harvey/Born NC abt. 1805/abt. 1859
Staten, H.B (Hugh Barney)/1875-1951/Hus of Maybell Staten/she is buried at Magnolia Gardens Paynes

Staten, Janette- no dates--/ dau. of Hugh Barney and Louisanna “Lou Anna“ (Coleman) Staten.<BR>

Staten, Lottie- B.-1910-  D.- Unknown/ dau. of Hugh Barney and Louisanna “Lou Anna“ (Coleman) Staten.<BR>

Staten, Louisanna “Lou Anna“ (Coleman)- B.-1877- D.- 1918<BR>
Staten, Thomas/Husb of Celia A./Born in NC about 1820
Staten, Nancy E. Shannon/10-28-1850/10-02-1920
Staten, William Roy/12-26-1923/04-09-1930
Staten, William A./01-30-1900/11-26-1971

Tribble, Christine Savage/1915/1937
Turner, Aurelius Burns/04-30-1905/12-08-1934
Turner, Louella Sherrill/02-22-1911/12-08-1934

Underwood, Benjamin F./Pvt. MS US. Army WWII/07-17-1903/05-15-1968

White, Minnie B./02-24-1929/02-27-1932
White, William E.-11-29-1860-/ 07-17-1952

Double Marker
White, Lucy P./07-22-1856/04-26-1935
White, William E./11-29-1860/07-17-1952
Williams, Henry J./Pvt. SVC BTRY 381 FLD ARTY./02-14-1900/02-11-1969
Williams, Jerry Wayne/age 61/died 08-12-2009/interred 08-14-2009

Double Marker: Wed. 08-21-1949
Williams, William H."
Tip" 09-27-1927-03-31-2000
Williams, Ruby Nell-08-07-1933-

Double Marker
Williams, Peggy Jean/10-10-1941/09-03-2001
Williams, Orris E. "Joe"/11-03-1932/09-01-1986

Double Marker
Williams, Francis S./12-25-1893/03-29-1983
Williams, Harry W./08-19-1896/11-17-1953

Double Marker
Williams, Beatrice Johnson/07-27-1917/04-16-2006/interned 04-18-2006
Williams, Oliver/01-10-1915/10-31-1990
Wright, Infant Son/of Mr.& Mrs T.G. Wright

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