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This Cemetery Indexed by Lisa Tucker, September 12, 1997. Updated April 15, 2002 from family records.

Bardwell, Audrey Jenkins/""BELOVED MOTHER""/06-28-1916/01-27-1991
Bardwell,Terri/ 06-08-1955-/ 05-16-1998/son of Audrey Jenkins Bardwell

Brereton, Margarett/Wyf of W. J. Brereton/02-24-1875/02-16-1905
Brereton, William J./09-15-1864/09-18-1910
Brereton, William Joseph/son of WJ & Margarett/09-23-1897/02-03-1898
Bereton, Henry Francis /son of WJ & Margarett/12-2l-1902/07-17-1903
Berry, Betty Zane Jenkins/age 81/died 04-24-2011/interred 04-29-2011
Brett, George A./12-11-1869/07-01-1910

Chism, Lizzie Bell /12-19-1884/12-19-1962
Coleman, Sylvia Regina /3-21-1958/9-8-1958
Double Marker
Coleman, Thomas Durell/12-3-1928/12-29-1989
Coleman, Ruth Kendred/08-28-1931
Cooper, Mary Emeline/Wyf of H. R. Jenkins/05-15-1855/11-27-1903

Denley, Robert Conrad/SSGT US ARMY KOREA/03-21-1933/09-10-1983

Double Marker
Diamond, Linda Jenkins/09-14-1947
Diamond, Samuel/10-15-1948
Felton, Robert Felon/son of Mr. & Mrs. V.F. STEED/1946/1952
Fields, Hilton Erby, Jr./age 38/husb Margaret Cornell Fields/died 12-06-2004/interned 12-08-2004
Frierson, Richard C./son of E. C. & LIZZIE J./05-04-1880/10-10-1884
Frierson, Walter P. /11-04-1879/08-17-1911
Frierson, Lizzie Jenkins-1860-1888/wife of Erwin C. Frieson/Erwin is buried in Brooklyn Cem
Hamilton, Betty Carol Stembridge-/10-01-1948-10-31-2000
Double Marker
Hicks, Barclay B./10-21-1914/08-16-1963
Hicks, Lula Mae/01-18-1909/05-09-2007/age 98/

Jenkins, Alpha Jean/age 79/09-05-1923/08-05-2003
Jenkins, Annie P./01-17-1930
Jenkins, Annie L. /01-15-1877/10-12-1877
Jenkins, Ben F./08-05-1911-10-28-1912
Jenkins, Cedric Hiram ""BUBBA""/04-02-1947-11-8-1964
Jenkins, Claud F./02-11-1896/08-16-1899
Jenkins, Charoltte Henley/""MOTHER""/02-06-1917/12-11-1973
Jenkins, Daisy Creekmore/1910/1943/wife of Grover Cleveland Jenkins
Jenkins, Edward Jack/02-11-1927/07-18-1943
Jenkins, Felix C./MISSISSIPPI TEC3 155 Infantry WWII/09-07-1910/03-19-1971
Jenkins, Fred Louis/"FATHER"/11-24-1912/01-26-1989
Jenkins, Grover C./11-19-1884/08-27-1962
Jenkins, Hattie J./02-08-1882/04-27-1884/dau of H R. & M E Jenkins
Jenkins, Hazel Corrine/05-21-1921/11-18-1980
Douuble Marker
Jenkins, Howard R."JOE"/02-09-1850/08-11-1923
Jenkins, Lizzie Bell Chism/12-19-1884/12-19-1962/wife of Howard R."Joe" Jenkins
Double Marker
Jenkins, Howard R./11-15-1904/06-l7-1929
Jenkins, Olean York/wyf of Neville J./04-20-1919/02-02-2002
Jenkins, Ina E./09-18-1885/02-17-1950
Jenkins, James Vvrdeman/US ARM WWII/01-07-1917/10-25-1981
Jenkins, Joe /son of H R & M E Jenkins/08-01-1898/11-10-1898
Jenkins, Joe Fred/age 81/02-09-1920/10-02-2001/WWII US Army Vet.
Jenkins, Joe J./01-08-1883/12-20-1910
Jenkins, Joe Wiley/08-27-1914/01-29-1979
Jenkins, John Wiley/06-17-1887/01-10-1949
Jenkins, K. L./04-16-1855/10-18-1902
Jenkins, Kinch J./03-28-1894/09-17-1898
Jenkins, Kinch Neal /Sgt. US ARMY WWII Purple Heart/11-16-1916/01-12-1995
Jenkins, Mrs. Margarett E./05-15-1812/09-04-1881/wife of Wiley Jenkins
Jenkins, Marvin Cleveland/06-16-1941/02-20-1986
Jenkins, Molly S.Flynn/07-05-1861-01-23-1908/wife of Kinch L.Jenkins
Jenkins, Nancy Henley "ELLA"/12-31-1890/04-16-1952
Jenkins, Nathanel /PFC US ARMY WWII/02-12-1921/10-15-1993
Jenkins, Neville J./10-01-1914/02-11-1990
Jenkins, Nelma Louise/07-06-1920/08-27-1941
Jenkins, Penny Lee/01-07-1917/07-23-1940/dau. of Howard R. & Lizzie Bell Chism Jenkins Jenkins, Sarah Burnette Adams/age 69/07-20-1932/03-05-2002/wife of Lloyd Wiley Jenkins<BR>
Jenkins, Stevie York/06-20-1894/08-22-1980
Jenkins, Mrs. S.M./07-05-1861/01-23-1906
Jenkins, Weldon G./01-09-1908/06-25-1959
Jenkins, Wilie /02-23-1863/02-26-1881
Jenkins, Wiley Z. "BOONE"/06-04-1887/03-09-1949
Family Marker
Jenkins, Wilie/12-19-1806/08-09-1867
Jenkins, WM. A./05-?/1835/02-13-1865
Jenkins, Nathaniel/09-23-1837?/03-06-1858?
Jenkins, Mary E. Stewart/Wyf of W A Jenkins/ aged 29 yrs/no dob. given/ died 03-19-1864
Double Marker
Jenkins, Eber Flynn/07-16-1912/04-29-1987
Jenkins, Zola Allison/03-10-1920
Double Markers
Jenkins, E. Thurman/06-28-1913/12-23-1993
Jenkins, Lottie Evelyn McClellan/10-16-1918-12-27-1999
Our Children, Mary, Edward, Wennie, Penny, Lizzie, Ellis, Ellen, Faye

Double Marker
Jones, Gene R./08-12-1922
Jones, Beatrice Sharp/09-21-1925/06-27-1981

Lockley, Billy V./age 72/died 12-17-2008
Double Marker
Mengarelli, Peggy Stembridge/12-17-1951-
Mengarelli, Joseph N./12-01-1937-

McClenic, John T./06-27-1881/07-12-1960
McClenic, Arthur T./SC2 US ARMY WWII-03-25-1922/12-19-1988

Newton, Deborah Ann /infant dau. of Betty Zane & C. F./07-02-1950/05-24-1951

Pennington, Ben T. /09-16-1878-11-15-1955
Pennington, Lula K. /Wyf of Ben T. Pennington/10-03-1877/01-17-1937
Pennington, John Hardin/07-29-1920/09-21-1943
Pennington, B. W./02-12-1904 /09-17-1922
Pennington, Infant Son of Ben & Lula/1917
Pennington, Benjamin Thomas "Benny"/06-20-1938/10-03-1957
Pennington, Harvey Thomas/08-17-1906/05-09-1962
Pennington, Harvey Thomas, Jr./05-19-1940/12-13-1968
Pennington, John Harding/10-03-1946/10-23-1969
Double Markers
Pennington, E.T./11-18-1924
Pennington, James G./01-10-1918/12-17-1994
Pennington, Bilbo/04-23-1914/02-02-1989
Pennington, Reba Simpson/06-02-1918
Purdhome/Only a Metal Marker
Prudhomne, Olivia C./1995
Prudhomne, Olivia Claire/o4-20-1995-05-18-1995

Rayburn, Letha Ribers/03-09-1988-12-28-1997/dau. of Latisha Jenkins Rayburn

Sharp, Betty Jean/age 73/died 04-19-2009/interred 04-22-2009
Sharpe, Lu Ann/dau of Clayton & Betty/04-05-1963/11-08-1963
Sharpe, Willie "Little Clayton"/son of Clayton & Betty/03-14-1959/07-15-1959
Smith, Wiley L./06-30-1919/05-07-1963
Smith, Rebecca Jenkins /08-14-1881-01-21-1962
Steed, Opbelia P./1923-1994

Watkins, David William/02-29-1964-11-13-1964

York, Clint/08-15-1898/01-29-1985
York, Mary Etta/08-19-1908/09-29-1973
York, Mary Jane/10-29-1935-07-01-1938

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