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Jerusalem M.B. Baptist Church Cemetery

Indexed by Nick Denley December 1997, Clerk of Chancery Court Tallahatchie County Mississippi. Every Effort has been made to make this Cemetery as accurate as possible

Located at Glendora Ms. From Glendora West of HWY 49 on Sturdivant Road approx.2 miles-Church & Cemetery on Right.

Anderson, Carrie Bell-died 08-07-1969-age 85
Barner, Moderee-09-02-1933-10-07-1986
Blunt, B.A.& B.S.-07-05-1843-05-01-1931
Bonner, Charlie-US Army WWI-11-05-1897-02-09-1980
Boykin, Charles Ray/age 53/died 03-30-2012/interred 04-07-2012
Collins, Daisy Mae Lewis-08-09-1939-02-15-1993
Collins, Lou-09-15-1882-08-09-1976
Davis, Eddie-no dates
Davis Lee Andrew-no dates
Duke, Robert-05-02-1880-10-13-1975
Duke, Edna H.-02-09-1880-06-26-1974
Ely, Betsy-08-xx-1862-04-21-1922
Farmer, Charlie-died-08-13-1940
Fletcher, Rosie-08-02-1909-03-11-1995
Few, Jane-died 04-26-1950
Gates, Robert Lee-02-09-1931-08-05-1994
Hall, Savannah White-03-26-1915-01-08-1997
Hilson, Elizabeth-03-20-1904-01-26-1995
Hilson, M.C.-Sp4 US Army-04-22-1949-10-24-1994
Hilson, Rob-09-14-1894-11-15-1963
Hilson, Tom-1915-1973
Hilson, Walter-05-05-1903-11-26-1973
Jamison, Mattie-03-01-1905-05-27-1988
Johnson, Hillard-1876-xx-xx-xx
Keaton, Frank Powell-09-01-1908-12-22-1996
Lewis, Gloreptine-1942-1997
McCorkle, Aney-05-17-1868-06-16-1951
McCorkle, David-1916-1976
McCorkle, Elizabeth-no dates
McCorkle, Lela-05-30-1871-03-22-1941
McCorkle, Rosavelt-02-28-1908-02-06-1968
McKinnley, John Henry, Sr.-03-17-1905-03-07-1985
Martin, Nelse, Sr.-05-08-1901-12-xx-1976
Martin, Rosie Lee-03-15-1915-03-31-1990
Meekins, Lilla F.-08-01-1888-05-22-1963
Miller, Art-Arthell-04-19-1956-07-29-1962
Moore, Sanford-no dates
Powell, Ada Gwen-1972-1992
Plez, Georgen Barnes/age 66/died 08-10-2000
Redd, Susie-12-16-1905-10-17-1982
Reed, D.B.-US Army WWII-04-19-1925-03-28-1990
Scofield, William-1949-1995
Shell, Eddie-PVT US Army WW?-06-02-1891-01-10-1979
Weeks, German-03-18-1901-02-19-1988
Weeks, Joe-1865-1961
Weeks, Leola-04-15-1916-10-03-1988
White, Addie-1909-1997
White, Dorsey M.-02-28-1908-07-13-1975
White, Ladell, Sr.-07-03-1924-12-12-1995
White, Lee-1905-1964
White, Malinda-05-30-1911-01-19-1988
White, Tommie-1940-1996
Wiggins, Robert-died 11-23-1970
Williams, Ahro-01-26-1909-11-15-1976
Williams, J.M.-Died 11-02-1967-age 55 yrs
Williams, Mernervie-01-14-1912-08-08-1979
Wilson, Lizzie-08-10-1895-01-08-1982
Wilson, Rowland/age 87/12-25-1917/07-16-2005
Wilson, Woodrow-07-17-1917-1991

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