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Leigh Cemetery

This cemetery is located in western Yalobusha County, east of the town of Tillatoba. It is also known as the Lee or Leigh Cemetery and the Tillatoba Cemetery. From Interstate 55, exit at Tillatoba, Exit 220, and go east of State Highway 330 for 1.1 miles. Turn right at a mailbox at 24349 Highway 330 onto a gravel and dirt farm road. Go 0.1 mile and turn right at the top of a small hill. Go 0.2 mile to cemetery. Northwest Section 2, Township 24N, Range 4E, 335856N 0895105W.

This cemetery is believed to be totally black.

This cemetery was recorded by Mike Worsham on June 17, 2000.

Double Marker Anderson

Anderson, Armested/07-05-1869/08-18-1955
Anderson, Mary/07-16-1871/02-05-1961

Anderson, Bearlie/01-01-1932/12-20-1981/Husband

Anderson, Earliest/12-18-1914/12-01-1989

Anderson, Green D./06-10-1903/01-23-1983

Anderson, Hezkiah/03-10-1894/11-10-1967

Anderson, L. Q./07-10-1932/03-26-1972

Anderson, Mary Adla Garner/02-26-1901/01-15-1988

Anderson, Nancy/11-16-1900/03-15-1988

Ash, Annie L./01-09-1909/12-01-1978


Barbee, Mell/01-02-1904/08-25-1982

Bland, Silver T./03-29-1927/07-15-1966

Booker, Monroe/11-30-1908/04-30-1989

Booker, Silas/12-22-1919/02-16-1962

Braxton, Rachel/09-11-1896/11-20-1964

Brown, Flora/09-08-1908/10-10-1974

Brown, Margaret/06-10-1858/03-12-1907/Wife of George Brown

Brown, Rosie/02-26-1907/10-13-1979


Coon, Cassie Lee/09-03-1900/04-23-1972

Cookwood, Elie/09-03-1840/05-27-1895


Daniel, Zenia/11-07-1877/12-04-1947


Eggleston, Cleo G./03-12-1905/12-31-1968

Eggleston, Columbus/11-18-1904/05-31-1987

Eggleston, Robert Lee/08-15-1924/10-171997/PFC., U. S. Army, WW II

Elloitt, Anthony W., Jr./05-17-1961/01-12-1962


Fox, Kattie/no dates
Double Marker Garner

Garner, George/08-13-1880/04-20-1959
Garner, Godfrey/07-11-1911/01-04-1995/Husband/Father/Masonic emblem

Garner. Ascelonia/08-31-1915/12-04-1999

Garner, Mrs. Lucille/12-17-1908/05-31-2000/age 91

Garner, Mary E./01-27-1886/08-21-1960

Garner, Leora/12-08-1922/06-23-1989/Household of Ruth 3620


James, Kenneth Lloyd/b & d/03-16-1976/infant

Johnson, A. Seline/05-02-1938/10-10-1967

Jones, Ephfrom/04-19-1889/12-19-1956

Jones, Lenease/07-18-1912/04-02-1974

Jones, Luvenia/12-10-1933/09-02-1983


Kendrick, Mrs. Senoba W./07-08-1909/02-25-1999/age 89

Kendrick, Wyoda/05-03-1911/03-02-1983/age 71


Lee, Delia/03-24-1879/09-23-1981/Mother

Lee, Lizzie/01-04-1880/03-15-1950

Lee, Leora Garner/12-09-1927/06-23-1989

Leigh, Arthur/02-07-1889/11-23-1931/husband of Lela Leigh

Leigh, Clara/09-05-1917age 59/Household of Ruth 2628

Leigh, Clevland/10-15-1918/03-23-1983/Pvt.,U.S. Army, WW II

Leigh, Georgeaner/05-15-1863/12-15-1894/wife of Newton Leigh

Leigh, Jasper/1862/09-01-1917
Leigh, Mattie/03-20-1862/03-11-1886/wife of Jasper Leigh

Leigh, Jossie R./03-07-1896/05-14-1953

Leigh, Linnie L./10-10-1899/08-08-1979

Leigh, Lucille/11-05-1912/11-12-1969

Leigh, Malachi/12-31-1906/12-29-1965

Leigh, Manie Way/03-26-1907/03-05-1986

Leigh, Monroe/12-25-1849/01-01-1953/Father

Leigh, Norman/09-06-1883/09-14-1972

Leigh, Otto/08-10-1866/01-19-1963

Leigh, Rolena/12-24-1883/01-14-1911/Household of Ruth 3628

Leigh, Sophia/05-06-1862/03-06-1936

Leigh, Virginia/09-06-1910/03-14-1986

Lloyd, O. V. Garner/03-28-1910/08-22-1973/Mother


Matthews, Sherman/1906/1979

Mayhue, Claudia/1891/1969

Mead, Emma/05-12-1889/04-19-1972

Mead, Rev. E., Sr./05-09-1885/01-19-1966

Morris, Anna T./11-17-1904/05-26-1994

Murry, Marshall/08-10-1883/08-26-1935

Double Marker (No Last Name)/Our Loving Parents
James E./1889/1946
Ruby R./1901/1986


Potor, Lettie/09-10-1876/09-12-1941


Ray, Clardine/04-14-1928/11-18-1965

Reed, Sadonia Leigh/07-28-1906/07-22-1978


Sweranger, Gussie/03-10-1894/04-17-1989/age 95


Tennin, Mary/died 06-06-1896/(marker broken)/wife of Charlie Tennin

Tinnon, Vernon/03-15-1897/06-01-1986

Townes, Andrew/10-14-1898/03-17-1990

Townes, George/10-01-1917/09-25-1989

Towns, Georgia/died 02-24-1906/age 38 years/wife of David Towns

Towns, M. E./02-02-1888/02-06-1911/GUO of OF, Lodge 6540

Turner, Alex/05-10-1888/01-21-1966

Turner, Della/07-01-1882/03-03-1974/Mother

Turner, Levi/05-06-1895/07-23-1976

Turner, Rev. Wm. H./09-18-1903/11-18-1965


Visor, Rachel/07-14-1884/06-28-1988

Visor, Tom/10-17-1880/12-24-1968

Double Marker - White

White, Frank F./02-22-1873/06-26-1955
White, Delia/03-15-1880/04-24-1948

White, Felix Frank/1894/1940

White, Monroe/1904/1938

Wilson, Dora/08-10-1907/08-10-1949

Wilson, Eugene02-06-1949/06-06-1968/PFC., Co. C, 4 Mar. Div., Vietnam

Wilson, Lucille/04-22-1920/03-xx-1987

Wilson, Mary Collins/04-10-1892/03-16-1971

Wilson, Tom/1906/1962

Woodard, Anthony B./12-25-1902/03-04-1989/Daddy

Woodard, Matilda/1869/08-29-1943

Woodard, Mrs. Gertrude/02-07-1905/04-30-1994

Woodard, Oliva/09-21-1905/09-11-1957

Woodard, Pation/05-xx-1821/06-xx-1936

Woodard, Pattie/10-15-1870/10-01-1962

Woodard, Wilson/06-17-1896/10-18-1966

Woodie, Jossie Lee/10-10-1910/01-26-1999

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