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This Cemetery corrected, new additions and proofed February 1999.

Magnolia is five miles South of Charleston at Paynes Mississippi. This cemetery Indexed 100% September 1997. Indexed by Nick Denley and Helen Staten Arnold. I used to play where this cemetery is located. Nick and I went to school just across the road, and at Easter time our class would have an Easter Egg Hunt here. This property was always beautiful and no better sight could have been chosen for a cemetey.


Paynes is located five miles South of Charleston. The settlement dates back to 1830 when Robert Turnbull, an Indian, settled there and built his residence, and cleared a farm. In 1833 Turnbull sold John H. Page half a section of land. The sale was not consummated until 1838. Page took possession of the land in 1833 and by 1834 a settlement had developed. Page's home was designated as the center and as one of the places for holding the first election in the county. It was called Page's on Sculmore. In 1835 the settlement was called Dogwood Flats and was designated a voting precinct. Between the years of 1836 and 1843 Dogwood Flats almost became the county seat. In case you are wondering and don't know why it was called "Dogwood Flats". There used to be so many dogwood trees there that in the Spring the hillside and where the cemetery is would be white with the beautiful blooms.

In the early 1870's the settlement became known as Paynes for Dr. George Paynes. In 1878 the place was almost wiped out by the yellow fever epidemic.

*** Family Research
A: Akins, Ida Mae-04-14-1911
Akins, Homer-01-01-1906-02-24-1987
Akins, Lydia Burns-02-11-1905-04-03-1981
Akins, Henry Peck-11-02-1900-01-16-1983
Alexander, John T.-02-25-1921-08-02-1987
Alexander, Ruby Jean Sumner-02-01-1932-07-17-2001/Widow of John T. Alexander
Double Marker
Alexander, Bennie Hunt-02-01-1914
Alexander, Buster Layton-03-19-1900-06-30-1971
Double Marker
Allbritton, Vivian W.-06-22-1908-08-14-1983
Allbritton, Benjamin "Skeeter"-06-03-1904-04-17-1977
Double Marker
Allen, Robert D.,Jr.-08-04-1933-10-10-1980/ PFC, Marine Corps
Allen, Betty Tucker- 02-02-1936-12-03-2000
Allison, A.V.-06-12-1922-03-09-1979
Allison, Jane Lou-10-31-1922-11-30-1964
Allison, Dorothy- 1933-2003/wife of Curtis "Buddy" Allison
Altman, Lottie Willene Knapp/age 82/03-24-1929/12-30-2011
Arendale, Itell Loy-10-29-1910-01-25-1972
Arendale, George H.-01-15-1904-08-29-1981
Arendale, "Little John"-07-14-1933-07-07-1993
Atkins, Thelda Ellett- 12-06-1919-05-20-1994
Aven, Robert-05-18-1946-04-15-1969
Aven, Travis Ernest-08-09-1938-02-25-2006
Aven, Rufus F.-03-05-1916-05-30-1980
Aven, Louise Ransom-/ 03-19-1912/ 03-17-2000
Avent, Charles Marion-05-04-1912--02-28-1975
Avent, Hollis Burnes-01-31-1916-04-29-1990
Avent, Mable-03-08-1912-02-12-1994
Avent, R.B.-08-14-1909--08-17-1982
Double Marker
Aven, Minnie Lee-09-06-1908-10-29-1983
Aven, Ernest S.-12-31-1908-07-07-1976
Double Marker
Bailey, Mable A.-03-27-1919-11-30-2002
Barefoot, Lucille Jones-/04-23-1932-/ 02-03-2000/ Wife of William Thomas Barefoot
Barton, Charlie Ann/age 80/died 06-03-2008/interred 06-05-2009
Bartran, Susie Ann-1930--06-01-1998
Bartran, Dan-/10-14-1927-/08-30-2000/ Husband of Susie Ann Bartran
Double Marker
Barkley, Annie Raggett-03-26-1908-02-13-1988
Barkley, Walter Clyde-07-20-1903-12-18-1970
Double Marker
Barton, Charlie Ann-05-16-1929
Barton, George W.-05-31-1920-01-28-1973
Double Marker
Bennett, James Hollis-12-21-1912-03-23-1994
Bennett, Irene Lucille/age 92/11-20-1916/02-03-2009
Bennett, Maddux Byron-1946--01-12-1998, Vietnam Veteran
Black, Evelyn B/age 80/OES #115/03-22-1929/08-04-2009
Black, Louella Miller-05-24-1911-07-30-1987
Double Marker
Wed 06-01-1968
Bland, James A.(Buddy)-12-14-1947--03-03-1998
Bland, Sarah Alice-12-27-1950
Double Marker
Blount, Hazel B./ age 91/09-13-1918/04-10-2010
Blount, Howard N.-08-19-1913-12-02-1979
Bradsher, Ollie Thelma-03-13-1919-02-28-2000
Breland, Leonard (Buddy)-02-28-1911-10-29-1974
Breland, Margaret M. (Mary)-02-28-1917
Double Marker
Breland, Genosphia-04-23-1921-12-16-2004
Breland, Lewis L.-10-13-1920-12-14-2005

Double Marker-Wed 05-04-1946
Brooks, Mary Ann- 06-22-1929- 03-30-1999
Brooks, William C.- 10-03-1923-02-02-1990

Brown, Lois Wolfe-06-13-1913
Brown, Versie-07-20-1909-07-02-1993
Brown, W.D.-10-04-1898-09-08-1964
Brown, Pvt. S. James-US Army WWII-Purple Heart-08-09-1911-12-17-1992
Double Marker
Brown, Clyde-12-30-1901-11-30-1979
Brown, Anna Bell Marshall-08-03-1903-04-05-1994
Brown, Sallie, Denman-03-19-1886-08-04-1973
Brown, James Sr.-01-21-1888-02-06-1961
Brown, Jewel Milam-/03-19-1916-/07-11-2001/Wife of Floyd Brown
Brown, Floyd Benford/09-19-1914/06-02-2003
Browning, James W.-01-19-1897-06-21-1978
Browning, Netty N.-01-01-1899-03-07-1968
Browning, Harris B.-1921-1923
Browning, James Thomas-04-17-1921-06-06-1990
Browning, Willie-09-13-1929
Browning, Myrene Denley-10-3-1911-11-19-1984
Browning, Artie Wells-11-22-1900-12-27-1979
Browning, Arthur D.-11-25-1897-12-05-1962
Browning, Lois-06-05-1908
Browning, Steven H.-08-13-1968-11-03-1992
Bruffley, Ila Ruth-1933-1960
Brunson, Ralph E.-11-12-1955-01-03-1990
Double Marker
Bryant, Alice G.-03-15-1896
Bryant, Alma C.-07-04-1893-03-01-1973
Bulliner, William D.Sr.-08-29-1920-07-12-1992
Bulliner, Frances T.-08-10-1927
Bulliner, Frances Tribble/age 83/died 03-19-2011
Bullion, Charles Lester/US Army 31st. Dixie Division/age83/06-26-1928/12-30-2011
Burford, Donna D.-09-08-1887-11-11-1983
Burns, Dora M.-03-03-1912-05-08-1986
Burns, David Autra-05-18-1909-11-24-1973
Burns, Louis M.-06-21-1907-11-22-1970

Double Marker
Burns, Relious C.- 02-23-1907-08-07-1963
Burns, Louise M.- 06-21-07-11-22-1970

Burrus, Mary C.-11-03-1892-05-26-1970
Busby, E.C.-12-03-1961-02-27-1978
Busby, Lester-1933-1995
Busby, PFC Jerry Wayne-US Army-01-08-1959-09-19-1992
Busby, Gary Lewis-12-06-1971-06-02-1975
Busby, Tommy-04-14-1930-02-05-1977
Double Marker
Busby, Allie S.-09-06-1902-09-19-1873
Butler, Ruth P.-07-25-1898-11-20-1995
Double Marker
Byars, Mary Gentry-03-02-1925-
Byars, J.W.-03-23-1927-09-15-2007
Byars, Vallie LaShann -05-18-1962-05-22-1962-Infant
Byars, Vallie Brown-05-11-1934-02-20-2002
Caulder, A.C.-01-22-1922-
Calder, Mary Evelyn-07-22-1922-03-11-2004/wife of A.C. Calder***
Calder, Icy Bell-04-02-1894-12-16-1976-
Calder, Benjamin F.-02-27-1895-08-18-1980
Calder, Edna Pernell-1917- 2000/wife of James Calder***
Calder, Mary Evelyn Burrus-07-22-1922-03-11-2004/wife of A.C. Calder***
Carpenter, Dave Ralph St/shr 76/06-03-1936/07-09-2012/us Air Force Veteran
Carpenter, H.C.-son of Charles & Rachael-05-29-1980-05-29-1980
Carpenter, Susie Irene-07-05-1916-02-23-1970
Carpenter, Hubert Earnest-09-25-1913-12-14-1993
Triple Marker
Carpenter, William Jack- 09-11-1942
Carpenter, Sarah Jane- 12-16-1950
Carpenter, Latanya Dawn--13-1980-10-01-2001/dau of Jack & Jane Carpenter
Carpenter, Aubrey Dean-06-12-1958-07-29-2000
Carpenter, Fannie E.-07-17-1894-10-30-1964
Carpenter, William E.-04-15-1889-02-26-1963
Carpenter, Paulene Murphree/age 71/died 04-14-2012/interred 04-14-2012
Carpenter, Peggy Ann-10-16-1955-09-11-1991
Carpenter, Carolyn Sue-12-02-1942-09-23-1963
Carpenter, Juanita-05-30-1909-02-03-1988

Carter, Hollie Thurman-12-01-1906-01-28-1968
Carter, Fairest McHann-05-25-1914-01-12-1987
Casey, Robert Otis-1913-2003
Casey, Alberta Brunson/age 93/01-28-2009/09-11-2009
Double Marker
Chaffin, Katherine F.-07-26-1915-12-06-2005
Chaffin, Randall T.-07-14-1918-/ 06-24-2000
Champion, Double Marker
Champion, Sherry L.-07-28-1957
Champion, John F.,Jr.-08-19-1942-02-27-1978
Childress, Dorothy Kathyn-06-20-1916-01-19-2002
Cirilli, John Tony-06-24-1936-01-17-2002/Husband of Dorothy Browning
Cirilli, Mark/age 49/07-10-2011 Caladonia/interred 07-14-2011
Double Marker
Cobb, Mary Ella-04-11-1917-01-20-1986
Cobb, Clarence I.-09-05-1915-06-25-2000
Cobb, Maurice S.-03-01-1907-07-28-1992
Cobb, Walter Leon-11-25-1906-02-14-1970
Cole, Abbie Beatrice-08-02-1911-11-03-2005***
Cole, Jamie Mae-03-14-1918-02-13-1993-
Cole, James William-1913-1996
Cole, Lynda Milam Nelson/age 65/10-25-1943/04-17-2009/interred 04-20-2009
Cole, Rosie Henson-02-04-1880--07-08-1971
Cole, Tom A.-08-18-1880-04-27-1946
Cole, James Onnie-10-24-1914-05-13-1981
Cole, Odie Alvin,Sr-12-16-1941-/ 01-22-2002/MS Nat. Guard/ U.S.Army Reserve, 173rd QM,CO.,Desert Storm
Berlin Crisis, 1st Sgt. 223rd Engineer Battalion
Cole, Odie Alvin,Jr.-07-11-1963-08-11-1974
Cole, Diane Joiner/age 67/died 02-22-2012/interred 02-25-2012
Cole, Rosa Mae Moorman-/ 04-29-1941-/ 10-24-1999/wife of James Floyd Cole
Cole, James Floyd-06-11-1938-11-26-2007
Double Marker
Cole, Sadie Newsom -04-17-1907-08-27-1964***
Cole, Hezekiah-04-07-1905-10-29-1971
Double Marker
Cole, Doris J.-08-23-1911
Cole, George L., Sr.-09-22-1912-10-22-1979
Double Marker
Cole, Bernice W.-06-01-1910-/ 04-22-1999
Cole, Alfred J.-09-28-1907-07-26-1982
Double Marker
Cole, Jessie Mae-10-28-1917-03-23-2001
Cole, S. Clinton-07-26-1914-08-26-1996
Double Marker
Cox, Audrey Lee Hardy-03-10-1932-07-26-2001
Cox, Robert Lee-09-22-1931-04-22-1986
Cox, Robert Lester-04-17-1953-11-30-2007/hus. of Marijo Denman Cox
Coleman, Francis C.-03-15-1918-04-11-1984
Coleman, L.C.-12-23-1915-08-26-1976
Coleman, NaomiBlack/01-18-1919/12-12-2008
Coleman, Lake, E.-01-30-1918-07-26-1975
Coleman, Cora L.-06-21-1891--06-03-1973
Coleman, William D.-03-10-1884-02-19-1968
Coleman, Robin Ann Long-08-29-1954-04-28-2001
Double Marker
Coleman, Sharon W.-12-27-1948-
Coleman, L. Russ-12-22-1948-03-18-1994
Cook, Alison, Lynette, 10-05-1964-10-06-1964
Cook, Roy Lee/age 60/07-27-1948/12-16-2008, Covington La
Double Marker-Wed- 12-26-1968
Cook, Roy Lee- 07-27-1948- 12-16-2008
Cook, Laura Gay- 09-15-1952-
Children- Crissey Scooter.
grandchildren- Jessica, Haley, Cody, Trinity, Tristen, Dylan

Double Marker-Wed-06-06-1931
Cook, Porter J.-07-14-1906-10-28-1977
Cook, Lucille C.-10-14-1914-12-16-1992
Double Marker
Council, Opal B.-01-16-1910-
Council, Nolan H.-07-16-1913-05-25-1983
Clolinger, Nancy F.-04-01-1948-
Clolinger, Joe L.-07-05-1944-07-27-1995
Double Marker-Wed-05-20-1938
Crenshaw, Dale Cresswell-04-24-1919/08-22-2009
Crenshaw, Richard "Dick"-12-20-1913-07-09-1984
Crenshaw, Linda Cole-02-11-1942-04-28-2001/wife of Richard Crenshaw
Crosthwait, Cora Goodson-1891-1965
Double Marker
Crosthwait, Estell M.-08-18-1903-04-21-1979
Crosthwait, Jeston E.-10-29-1902-11-05-1977
Crosthwait, Jeston E.'Jestine',Jr.-10-21-1919-05-13-2000
Double Marker-Wed-03-31-1940
Cunningham, James H.-/12-21-1917-/04-29-1998
Cunningham, Maudie Geneva Little -/09-15-1920-/10-1-1998-Obit.
Children: Horace Ray, Linda Patricia, Wanda Gail, Daniel Leon, Timothy Alan, Deborah Rose, Janice Ann, Kathy Marie.
Davis, Ada T.-03-24-1896-04-23-1997
Davis, Buford-07-17-1887-08-29-1982
Davis, Dorothy Rena-10-11-1967--07-23-1973
Davis, Daisy Brunson-02-17-1925-
Davis, Jessie Buford "J.B." -02-19-1922-11-17-1982
Davis, Virginia Pernell-12-13-1924-
Davis, Reginald Roger/age 94/05-10-2008/interned 05-14-2008
Dees, Sallye Tucker-/1918-/ 05-26-2000
Deese, James D.-09-03-1903-07-05-1980
Deese, Sally E.-10-24-1917
Denley, Don V.-Cpl 9206 TECH SVC Unit WWII-06-30-1908-04-13-1969
Denley, Euvie W/age 90/died 06-26-2011/
Denley, Kate Worsham Milam-04-15-1887--06-06-1976
Double Marker-Wed-08-10-1917
Denley, Nora Glynn Shook-02-10-1903-09-21-1973***
Denley, John Barksdale "Doc",Sr.-08-13-1895-05-18-1986
Double Marker-Wed-02-16-1937
Denley, John Barksdale, Jr.-/05-23-1919-10-09-2007
Denley, Bernice Raggett- 05-27-1920-/06-04-1999
Denley, Larry Douglas- 12-04-1937-/09-11-1939/ buried in Rice Cem./son of John Barksdale Double Marker
Denley, Minnie Cole/age 99/12-08-1909-May 26, 2009
Denley, Lent Rice-08-28-1906-07-08-1979
Double Marker
Denley, Chessie Mae "Polly" (Smith)age 75/05-01-1936-/10-06-2011***
Denley, Thurman Paul-12-31-1934-08-10-1984

Denley, Annie H. Lewis -08-06-1910-04-09-1997***
Denley, Vernon E.-03-29-1906-03-14-1967

Denman, Leona B. Brigance-08-24-1917-11-05-2004/ Wife of J. W. Denman***
Denman, Johnny Heath-05-09-1944
Denman, James Warrem-01-26-1917-/ 01-17-2000
Denman, Mamie L. Harris-02-22-1895-01-02-1977
Denman, Walter H.-06-02-1920/02-24-2009
Denman, Alma D.-09-16-1919-03-09-2004
Denman, Jean Blaylock/age 74/12-01-1934/10-07-2009
Double Marker
Denman, Alma-d.-03-09-2004/wife of Walter H. Denman***
Denman, Hazel Gainer-08-03-1913-01-15-1994

Dewberry, Mae (Goodwin) Gibson- d.- 03-11-1992/age 82 yrs.

Double Marker
Dewberry, Archie E. "Buddy" - 04-13-1924-***
Dewberry, Vivigean (Cunningham)- 10-07-1928-***

Dickey, Jack-WWII-10-18-1916-02-16-1964
Dodd, Wanda Newton-1939-1996
Downs, Emily Breland-ca 1940-10-24-2004/age 64 yrs./dau. of Lewis & Genophia Breland***
Double Marker
Dowell, Naomi E.-03-31-1915-01-18-1985 Dowell, T.J.-10-08-1913
Early, William-/ 07-06-1910-/ 11-27-1986
Double Marker
Earp, Essie B.-08-23-1905-12-03-1984
Earp, James Edgar-05-02-1905-02-11-1972
Earp, Willard W.-1915-1960
Double Marker
Earp, Bessie Jones-10-13-1884-06-18-1978
Earp, John Eugene-12-06-1874-02-21-1960
Double Marker
Earp, Mable A.-04-07-1927
Earp, Gordon C.-08-28-1924-09-07-1979
Edwards, Carl Guy-09-01-1925-03-14-1976

Edwards, Darrell Regan-09-05-1956-12-06-1972
Ellett, Artie J.-03-04-1916
Ellett, Juston William “J.W.”-01-22-1912-12-22-1992
Ellett, Jesse C.-03-03-1906-03-23-1973
Ellett, Vevie N.-03-31-1889-02-14-1977
Double Marker
Ellett, Thomas Richie/08-16-1903/05-09-1974
Ellett, Effie Mullen-/ 10-24-1911-/ 07-03-2001
Double Marker
Ellett, Curtis W.-08-27-1912-10-14-1979
Ellett, Blanch E.-09-23-1919-03-15-2006
Ellett, Harrison M.-05-16-1916-12-26-1987 Double Marker
Ellett, John E.-02-09-1875-06-30-1963
Ellett, Margaret E.-03-19-1883-06-09-1962
Erwin, Guy Mitchell/age 60/died 09-17-2012
Double Marker
Erwin, Eloise M.-09-12-1924
Erwin, Guy F.-10-26-1911-08-22-1966
Etheridge, Virginia-11-24-1933-04-05-2004
Double Marker
Etheridge, Mildred-06-28-1905-11-21-1989
Etheridge, Clifton-03-28-1901-03-14-1992
Farmer, Henry-Pvt US. Army-09-13-1928-06-01-1986
Fedrick, Evelyn Mullen/age 92/12-16-1916/01-30-2009
Double Marker
Fennell, Eva Lucille Steen-10-29-1924-08-19-1991
Fennell, Bedford Warren-09-12-1925
On the back-Our Children- Don O. Fennell, Bedford W. "Bubba" Fennell Jr. Ellett Cemetery-11-14-1959
Double Marker-Wed-10-16-1938
Finke, Iola R.-11-13-1918
Finke, Christion, F.-07-16-1916-02-20-1992
Fish, Ophia L.-08-123-1909--02-24-1988
Fisher, Edna Elizabeth Erwin-05-08-1918-04-22-2003
Fisher, Hubert R/age 97/died 04-06-2012/interred 04-09-2012
Flynn, Dorothy-04-11-1914-05-17-1996
Ford, Jimmy Dale "Do Baby-08-28-1956-06-02-2002/son of Wm Henry & Johnnie H. Ford
Ford, Lela Ruth/age 86/11-19-1919/04-12-2008/interned 04-15-2008
Double Marker
Ford, Lois Melton-06-14-1931-
Ford, Jack-01-26-1927-
Double Marker
Ford, Ida Buckalou, 03-17-1900-06-26-1980
Ford, William T.-09-23-1893-02-05-1962
Double Marker-Wed 10-06-1942
Ford, William Henry-08-06-1922-12-7-2004/U.S.Army, WWII***
Ford, Johnnie Louise Huddleston-01-11-1922-09-17-2000/wife of William Henry Ford***
Forrester, V.H.-10-20-1899-04-15-1976
Tranum, Thomas David-10-18-1907-02-19-1990
Franklin, Edna Gulic-1905-1995
Fredrick, David M.-03-01-1953-01-04-1995
Double Marker
Fredrick, Evelyn M.-12-1916
Fredrick, H.M "Cell"-09-1914-10-1992
Frey, Wilburn Owsley-US Air Force-06-09-1928-11-14-1992
Frey, Myrtle Lee Mitchell Steele-/12-03-1922-/ 06-06-2000
Frey, William Ferrell "Bill"/June 09, 1928/age 88/died 03-10-2011/interred 03-14-2012
Gainer, Floy Joanna Goodson-12-23-1883-12-8-1961
Gallante, Louiza Ann-09-28-1952-11-28-1991
Gardner, Edith Irene-09-19-1911-11-15-1978
Gardner, Marion Gray-11-26-1904-10-09-1997
Gardner, Mattie Frances-1921-04-30-1997
Double Marker
Garner, Ben Brown “B.B.” Jr.- 06-11-1917-09-10-2007
Garner, Velma Elouise Pollan-/08-13-1933-09-29-2000
Garner, Danny Lamar-09-11-1962-01-14-1976/son of Ben & Velma Garner
Garrett, Clyde Eugene-02-05-1907-07-07-1996
Garrett, Clyde Eugene, Jr.-06-09-1945-02-10-1990
Garrett, Dorothy Elaine-03-03-1923-04-02-1995
Double Marker-Wed-03-09-1936
Garrett, Alphia Mae-12-30-1920-08-13-1991
Garrett, Joe Ely-04-27-1917-07-07-1997
Gentry, Nancy Logan-08-02-1888-10-23-1964
Gentry, Lucy Sheley-11-28-1898-07-03-1971
Gentry, Willie L.-12-29-1897-07-30-1985
Gentry, Mary Elizabeth-10-15-1872-09-14-1966
Gentry, Lewis Edward-1928-/ 05-09-2000
Gentry, James E. "Bubba"-/ d. 11-24-2001/ age 38 yrs./son of Elbert Hayden & Joyce Gentry
Gibson, Wallace Earl-09-10-1942-01-10-1959
Gillespie, Nona Annett-01-19-1931-02-14-1992
Gillespie, Eldred Eugene-05-01-1929
Gillespie, Eugene Don-1902-1958
Gillespie, Bessie Carpenter-1905-1984
Glover, Annie Mae Farris-07-13-1910-02-06-1984
Goad, Freddie Mae Hitt-03-04-1925/05-15-2008/interned 05-17-2008
Goad, Harvey-01-06-1933-11-25-1984
Goodwin, Benjamin F. “Benny”-10-26-1909-03-21-2003***
Goodwin, Kathleen Christine-07-19-1909-11-01-1990
Goodwin, Therlow-01-25-1932--07-21-1983
Double Marker-Wed-06-04-1942
Goodwin, Myrl-09-04-1921
Goodwin, George E.-09-26-1919-10-08-1991
On back of stone-Our children-Patricia, Barbara, Terry, Karen
Double Marker
Goodwin, Earline W.-03-29-1935
Goodwin, Herman Lee,Jr.-01-26-1925-11-23-1981
Double Marker-Wed-10-10-1933
Goodwin, Harmon Lee-12-19-1897-04-04-1981
Goodwin, Jewell McHann-03-10-1919-05-23-1990
Gordon, Voice H.-07-29-1928-07-06-1993
Gordon, Prudie Smith-01-24-1907-03-18-1961
Gordon, Larry E.12-17-1946-10-01-1963
Gordon, Loran-07-15-1924-06-22-1963
Grammer, Clemmie M.-04-05-1881-01-15-1968
Gray, Alberta-12-02-1905-08-06-1977
Green, Earline Hamblen-01-17-1921--6-22-2002
Grissom, Mary Bell-11-15-1900-01-26-1995
Gullett, Betty Victoia-04-05-1951-11-15-1961
Guthrie, David Samuel-07-31-1926-08-08-2007/US Army, WWII
Hall, Altha Carpenter-02-12-1915/09-19-2008
Hall, Edna-11-17-1903-04-21-1996
Hall, Spencer-04-11-1900--12-14-1986
Hall, Hubert B.-11-13-1911-10-21-1992
Hall, Leroy-10-12-1918-08-01-1988-
Hall, Mae Bell-04-30-1927-12-24-1982
Double Marker
Hall, Spencer A.-04-11-1900-12-14-1986
Hall, Edna H.-11-17-1903-04-21-1996
Haney, Margaret Louise Staten/March 03, 1924/01-29-2009/interred 01-31-2009
Hardy, Linda M.-10-24-1951-04-19-1981
Hart, Macel-1910-1973
Double Marker
Hamblin, Alma-07-11-1898-02-21-1983
Hamblin, Robert-05-07-1884-03-27-1967
Haney, Margarette Louise Staten/03-03-1924/01-29-2009
Double Marker
Hand, Ernestine-09-05-1910-03-03-1982
Hand, Olen-05-18-1910
Hanna, Nora Teresa-1955-01-07-1998
Hardy, Sonny/age 66/died 11-19-2011-interred 11-24-2011
Harris, Thomas C.-08-17-1906-04-08-1975
Harris, Robert Lee-Mississippi-A5 USNR WWII-03-05-1923-08-20-1973
Double Marker
Harris, Carrie Ann-12-18-1892-04-19-1974
Harris, William H.-04-09-1898
Double Marker
Harris, Bertha Mae-04-10-1932-/06-04-1973
Harris, William Henry, Jr.-05-31-1927-/ 06-02-2000
Hart, Macel-1910-1973 Double Marker
Hasel, Fara B.-05-09-1879-10-21-1959
Hasel, M.D.-01-16-1875-09-01-1969
Double Marker
Hastings, Olene-05-08-1915-11-28-1990
Hastings, Mabry-05-24-1913-09-17-1983
Henry, Patricia Ann-07-10-1946-04-30-1962
Double Marker
Henry, Jessie T.-07-29-1900-03-26-1960
Henry, Leslie C.-11-17-1889-09-03-1977
Double Marker
Henson, Martha Jane-12-03-1902-12-03-1989
Henson, Lee Orie-08-24-1905-11-20-1981
Hentz, Warnell Smith-/ 1936-/ 1999
Henderson, Ruby L. Woods-09-22-1935-03-23-1966
Double Marker-Wed 11-15-1939
Herring, Monette S.-01-02-1919
Herring, James V.-01-30-1915-09-06-1980
Holden, Frank Richard/age 65/died 03-11-2010
Double Marker-wed- 05-06-1950
Hollis, Daniel "Dan"- 06-26-1930- 03-11-2000
Hollis, Ina Clay- 12-09-1933- 02-26-2008
Children- Anthony, Laura, D. Glen, Bobby
Holland, Clara Denise-08-18-1957-04-22-1979
Double Marker
Holland, Alton D.-10-08-1925/09-20-2011/he served in the military
Holland, Elma Juanita-07-16-1928
Hollis, Daniel "Dan"-/ 06-26-1930-/ 03-11-2000
Hollis, Ina Thompson-12-09-1933-02-26-2008
Holt, Patricia G.-02-28-1944-11-05-1985
Hood, Fred Clayton-09-23-1942-01-10-2002
Double Marker-Wed-02-13-1937
Hood, Lucille R.-06-13-1918
Hood, Howard L.-04-01-1907-05-13-1987
Houston, Barbara Ann Shook/age 60/03-25-1948/-01-20-2009
Howell, Annie C.-10-13-1895-09-09-1966
Howell, Joel D."Rice"-07-08-1888-10-23-1966
Hudgins, Charles Henry-06-21-1901-09-07-1962
Hughes, William L.-06-21-1896-03-26-1971
Hughes, Lena Pressgrove-/1913-/01-09-1999
Hughes, Donna N.-11-11-1959--11-23-1991
Hughes, Kerry Van, Jr.-05-15-1966
Hughes, Earl William-/ 1945-/ 01-06-2000
Double Marker
Hunnicut, Mary M. "Dollie" .-10-20-1908-09-20-1990
Hunnicut, George Vernon-10-24-1906-02-09-1982
Double Marker
Hunnicut, Essie-10-24-1895-05-07-1974
Hunnicut, Charles W.-10-24-1896-02-02-1973
Double Marker
Hutchinson, Willie Newton-06-30-1894-04-19-1977
Hutchinson, Allen S.-10-13-1892-12-04-1968
Hyde, David L.-07-04-1925-03-06-1961
Ingram, Jerry Lee-08-16-1952-09-17-1995
ingram, Trinton Ray/age 84/03-23-1924/11-13-2008/USN Veteran WWII
Double Marker
Ingram, Lavada Woods-11-18-1930-08-31-1969
Ingram, Trenton Roy, Sr.-03-23-1924
Double Marker-Wed-10-27-1939
Irby, Earl L.-06-05-1918-03-24-1987
Irby, Aline H.-01-09-1924-08-08-1994
Jackson, Louise Woods /10/09/1922 and she passed away on 09/01/2008
Jaco, Daisy Cathleen-06-18-1926
Jaco, Hershell-12-08-1923-04-21-1973
Jaco, Hershel Wayne-11-16-1946-05-14-2003/ Pvt., U.S. Army
Jeffreys, Cecil Pernell/age 84died 01-31-2010
Jennings, Ruth T.-10-25-1911-06-28-1993
Jennings, Luna L.-01-23-1905-06-13-1966
Jennings, John L.-09-15-1883-07-28-1961
Jennings, Isabell Wilson-10-07-1887-02-24-1969
Jennings, O.A."Gus"-01-23-1886-03-17-1978
Jennings, Pearl M.-12-24-1890-05-06-1982
Double Marker
Jennings, Hatten N.-09-21-1893-05-14-1961
Jennings, Jesse A.-12-12-1893-10-05-1972
Johnson, Betty Nabors-1881-1976
Johnson, Earl C.-no date Johnson, March-1879-1962 Johnson, Thomas Henry, Sr.-/ 10-21-1930-/ 06-04-1999/
Double Marker-Wed-02-24-1907
Johnson, Verdie McCoy-12-22-1889-11-01-1983
Johnson, Luther C.- 02-18-1889-09-14-1980
Jones, James P.-01-29-1911-09-06-1977
Jones, Eva Inez-04-16-1926
Jones, Cpl. Floyd, Jr.-US Army WWII-12-04-1921-01-12-1994
Jones, Linda Carol Ford-12-23-1950-11-17-2003
Double Marker
Jones, C. Floyd-09-19-1900-06-09-1986
Jones, E. Estelle-12-05-1905-03-24-1975
Kelley, Bobby Lewis-Vietnam veteran-02-26-1938-09-05-1988
Kilgore, Eva Heafner-01-03-1889-08-18-1980
Kilgore, Mary Alice Newton- 05-23-1955- 12-31-2004
Kimmell, M.E.(Mickey)-08-24-1911-11-04-1986
Kimmell, Mary A.B.-01-13-1888-12-02-1976
King, H, William Jr.-07-13-1930-10-07-1961 KIRK
Kirk, Woodrow Wilson-04-23-1917-01-09-1968
Double Marker-Wed. 01-16-1962
Kirk, Marvin Earl-1935-/02-22-1999
Kirk, Sue M.-11-16-1945-
Double Marker
Kirk, Sanford-11-27-1911-02-21-1984
Kirk, Louise Wolfe -04-15-1917-10-25-2000
Knight, Meredith M. “Big Sid”- d.-12-23-1984/age 49 yrs.
Knight, Betty Ann Murphey-01-14-1935-/08-31-2010 wife of Meredith M. Knight
Knight, Daniel Brown, Jr.-03-25-1931-08-29-1991
Knight, Daniel Brown-09-14-1898-04-01-1971
Knight, Annie Ruth Hyde-12-07-1913-02-27-1980
Knight, Malcom/age 48/11-05-1961/07-03-2010

Double Marker
Knight, Meredith M.- 01-07-1935- 12-23-1984
Knight, Betty M.- -1-14-1935- 08-31-2010

Knighten, Harvey Lyle- 03-31-1924-09-26-2004/husband of Janie Cole Knighten***
Kriese, Dorothy “Dot” Cole Edwards-1930-09-29-2007
Lakey, Elizabeth M.-04-28-1933-/ 11-30-1999/wife of Alvin Wayne Lakey
Lakey, Alvin Wayne-11-07-1929-11-17-1990
Laster, Julie-09-02-1902-03-09-1980
Laster, Sallie-12-24-1880-02-11-1976
Lance, Jim George-1908-1997
Lance, Mayford Kersh-1904-1984
Lee, James Emmett-03-01-1916-07-18-1990
Lee, Kamsie Combs-10-05-1919-07-06-1990
Lee, Mickey Gene-1957-09-29-2007
Leggett, Katherine Ann (Annie Mae)-07-29-1945-06-10-1991
Leonard, Billie Ray-11-27-1934-05-07-2004
Levy, Kitty Earlyne-04-14-1939--06-28-1967
Lilley, Ethel B.-09-07-1893-08-03-1977
Lilley, Willie Mae-03-12-1912--07-29-1990
Lilley, Guy Mason-02-16-1926-04-14-1996
Lilley, Mary F.Gillespie-11-16-1925
Lilley, Gary Lee-11-15-1919-05-31-1992
Lilley, Gene Walker-/09-16-1929-/01-16-1999/ U.S. Army, Korea
Lindley, Gary Curtis-d.-01-11-2006/age 41 yrs.
Lindley, Aubrey-1923-1996
Lindley, Edward Eugene-/07-14-1935-/ 01-14-2004
Lindley, James Curtis “J.C.”-03-28-1933-02-09-2006***
Lindley, Floye-10-25-1928-03-20-1985
Lindley, Lenise Tartt- 1932- 2002/ wife of Floyd Lindley
Lindley, Lillie Bell McGarrity-09-18-1930-03-09-1995
Lindley, John Henry-10-28-1916-07-20-1988
Lindsey, Jennifer Ellen-02-26-1974-11-08-1977
Little, Mary Savannah-08-21-1903-11-19-1972
Little, Calvin-02-15-1902-07-25-1972
Logan, Bessie Sheley-02-07-1899--10-14-1982
Logan, Dewey-06-13-1898-002-19-1969
Logan, Julius D.-12-15-1922-07-07-1991
Logan, Maybelle/age 80/07-06-1931/02-22-2012/interred 02-24-2012
Lott, Jessie Wayne/age 67/01-03-1945/Vietnam Vet/his request/in his memory and the security of our childrens future to please vote on 11-06-2012 for the republian candidates
Double Marker-Wed. 11-13-1957

Melton, Charlie H. "C. H."-06-21-1929/-03-03-2006.
Melton, Della (Winters)-06-22-1941-/
Logan, Marjorie Cole-11-13-1906-06-06-1991/wife of Henry Thomas Logan***
Logan, Henry Thomas-10-21-1890-11-29-1974***
Logan, Daisy Lee Coleman-11-01-1906-10-06-1987/wife of Harvey Gordon Logan,Sr.***
Logan, Harvey Gordon-05-01-1905-10-11-1962***
Lott, Rivers-07-23-1913
Lott, Russell-11-17-1915-05-30-1990
Double Marker
Lowery, Leland-11-14-1912--05-26-1993
Lowery, Judy S.-06-14-1918-10-19-2004
McAndrew, Frances Akins-12-30-1924-02-01-1977
McHann, Myra- 1916-2007
Double Marker
McCullough, Frances I. Scott-04-22-1914-02-19-2006
McCullough, William Early-07-06-1910-11-27-1986
Double Marker, Wed-01-13-1951
McCullough, William Maynard-/ 07-02-1931-/ 01-18-1998
McCullough, Betty Walter-/ 04-17-1933-
McDaniel, Eunice C.-04-25-1915-05-18-1995
McDaniel, Joseph R.-08-12-1909-06-12-1996
McGee, Mary McHann-02-22-1903-04-02-1994
Double Marker
McGee, Lizzie Melton-09-15-1910-09-26-1988
McGee, Amos B.-01-27-1914-
Double Marker
McGehee, Evelyn Virginia-06-07-1931
McGehee, Joe Sanders, Sr.-09-12-1926-12-05-1979
McHann, Maggie Simpson-10-09-1885-06-29-1959
McHann, H. Voight-07-14-1905-04-23-1969
McHann, William E.-Pfc. US Army WWII-Purple Heart-05-22-1916-03-23-1996
Double Marker
McMullin, Bloomie Mays-10-09-1917--01-30-1998
McMullin, Thurman G.-09-10-1916-08-13-1986
McNabb, Erby Kirk-03-23-1913-11-02-1988
Double Marker
McNulty, Annie Willis Turman-10-17-1930
McNulty, Joe Adams,Jr.-03-20-1927-03-11-1993
McWhorter, Margaret Goza-06-09-1961-09-04-1994
McWilliams, Deborah Kay Earp/age 58/died 06-06-2010/interred 06-09-2010
Double Marker-Heart Shaped
Mabus, Estelle-11-23-1926-
Mabus, Gerald T.-06-09-1928-11-02-1975
Mangrum, Samuel J. "BOZO"-Son of Mr & Mrs.Jim P.-08-09-1934-03-21-1964
Mangrum, Jim Paten-08-30-1909-04-09-1983
Mangrum, Lillie Flora-12-17-1914-10-11-1984
Manuel, Mamie Tribble-09-05-1905-02-23-1988
Manuel, Carl-06-30-1895-05-31-1977
Mays, Louise Young/WWII Wave Vet/age 90/died 06-09-2012
Melton, Edgar-07-31-1928-09-11-1990

Double Marker
Martin, James William, Sr.- 10-20-1921- 04-21-1998
Martin, Lottie McHann- 03-27-1921- 08-09-2010

Double Marker
Martin, Lottie McHann-03-27-1921
Martin, James Wm. Sr,-10-20-1921
Mason, Sam T. Jr. -01-03-1948-07-18-1969-Miss. Sgt.11 Armd Cavalry, Vietnam PH
Mason, Mary Ruth-10-07-1928-03-25-1998
Mason, Sam T.-1920-7-31-1998
Massey, Edgar M.-Tech 5 390 Base HQ & AB SQ AAF WWII-07-10-1902-02-25-1970
Massey, Mary Frances-12-07-1934-11-20-1992
Double Marker
Massey, Mary L.-07-30-1903-09-06-1983
Massey, Francis M.-05-01-1891-06-23-1971
Double Marker
Mays, Henry T.,Jr.-1919-1982
Mays, Louis Y.-1921-
Double Marker
Mays, Maud Crosthwait-10-18-1899-07-26-1990
Mays, H. Taylor, Jr.-05-01-1893-12-27-1972

McWilliams, Deborah- 1951- 2010

Double Marker-Wed-06-27-1957
Melton, Harmon-09-20-1925-07-08-2000
Melton, Frances Aline Kiihnl-05-14-1921-03-25-2008

Melton, Edgar-07-31-1928-09-11-1990
Melton, Charlie Howard “Bully”-06-21-1929-03-03-2006
Double Marker-Wed-XX-27-1921
Melton, Aline Kiihnl-05-14-1921
Melton, Harmon-09-20-1925
Melton, Harold Eugene/age 48/died 03-02-2009
Melton, Lillie Austin-12-05-1907-04-21-1983
Melton, Isom Harmon-03-13-1901-12-01-1972
Melton, Henry Wayne-/1944-/09-28-1998
Melton, Sammie Irene-/ 1915-/ 08-09-1999
Double Markers
Melton, Lois-06-14-1931
Melton, Jack-01-26-1927
Meredith M.-01-07-1935-12-23-1984
Double Marker-Wed-X-27-1957
Melton, Aline Kiihnl-05-14-1921
Melton, Harmon-09-20-1925
Mikell, Ted Ira-10-18-1910-03-18-1973
Mikell, Shirley Kirk-05-15-1921-02-01-2008
Double Marker
Middleton, Maggie Beatrice-07-04-1919-03-16-1997
Middleton, Jethro Purvis-10-27-1911-10-18-1977
Milam, Andrew Reece-1908-1993
Milam, Lillian V. (Walker)- 04-26-1909-/ 01-22-1937/wyf of Andrew Reese Milam
Milam, George Carroll-/02-14-1947-/11-13-2000/son of Reese & Jessie Milam
Milam, Clara Christine-02-17-1912
Milam, David Lee-01-02-1909-12-03-1989
Milam, Irene Melton-09-24-1933-06-29-1997
Milam, Jessie Hall-1919-1997
Milam, Joe Tuck-11-01-1912-10-01-1975
Milam, Mary-11-27-1916-
Triple Marker, Wed-12-29-1947
Milam, Albert Earl-/ 05-16-1925-/ 01-19-2000
Milam, Betty Carol-/ 08-16-1933-
Milam, Gene Earl-/ 03-12-1949-
Miller, Creci H.-09-30-1904
Miller, Claude Morris "Bud"-02-15-1931-05-16-1988
Miller, Doris H.-02-28-1909-02-02-1992
Miller, James William-11-09-1892-08-26-1972
Miller, John L.-08-22-1896-07-06-1971
Double Marker-Wed-09-05-1917
Mitchell, Etta Staten-08-17-1899-03-29-1974
Mitchell, Earnest M.-02-15-1899-08-24-1979
Double Marker-Wed. 04-24-1949
Mitchell, Ernest Archie-06-21-1925-/ 04-20-2000
Mitchell, Pauline "Polly" White-06-14-1926
Morgan, Barbara Burt/age 58/died 05/26/2011/interred 05-28-2011
Moore, Pearl Coleman-09-16-1897-12-31-1973
Moorman, Jim George-06-23-1909-08-29-1978
Moorman, Lenora Winter-10-25-1914-08-17-1984
Moorman, Effie C.-1898-1977
Moorman, Ellis T.-1895-1976
Moorman, David-09-17-1938-09-12-1987
Moorman, Marsha Hey-07-11-1941/07-30-2011
Double Marker-Wed-09-19-1970
Moorman, Joyce A.-04-01-1950-11-04-1992
Moorman, Jimmy F.-10-21-1948
Double Marker-Wed-09-25-1935
Moorman, Lorene H.-11-11-1921-11-07-1985
Moorman, Bedfore-10-22-1918
Double Marker
Moorman, Lillie Little-06-15-1905-01-23-1985
Moorman, Pvt. William Jesse-US Army WWI-03-12-1896-10-22-1983
Morgan, James E.-10-04-1962-12-10-1981
Morgan, George Powell-WWII-08-29-1923-04-25-1975
Morgan, Christopher "Chris" W./age 38/died 11-24-2010
Double Marker
Morgan, Lonnie-04-15-1928--09-07-1992
Morgan, Dorothy J.-07-19-1933-01-30-2007
Morris, Catherine Borchert-d.02-20-2001/age 72
Mounce, Paul Avent-04-04-1936-03-17-1969
Double Marker
Mounce, Annie Mae-03-12-1905--03-10-1986
Mounce, Frank Vernon-10-08-1902-/01-18-1999
Murphree,Nathan /age60/died 01-22-2011/interred 01-26-2011
N: Nall, Ruby Ann-d.-06-14-2004/wife of Reginald "Ricky" Nall/age 46 yrs.***
Nelson, Brandi Boykin/age 33/Registered Nurse/07-07-1976/12-11-2009
Nelson, Charles C. III/age 68/02-22-1942/12-25-2011
Newcomb, Cleston Hugh/Minister/age 79/USAFS Vet/died 03-12-2011/interred 03-15-2011
Double Marker
Newsome, LaGaston-06-22-1928-10-31-1993
Newsome, Jo Ann Allison-10-13-1932
Double Marker, Wed-03-20-1937
Newton, A.C. -05-18-1914--01-17-1998, U.S.Navy,WWII
Newton, Dovie Read-/ 07-21-1917-/10-25-2007
Newton, Andrew J.-04-06-1894--02-04-1980
Newton, Elsie H.-09-23-1912--10-23-1991
Double Marker-Wed-07-14-1928

Newton, Mary Ann Staten-06-16-1910-11-09-1988
Newton, James "Jimmie"-10-10-1906-12-02-1987
Newton, Rose Marie-01-27-1936-10-27-2007/dau.of Jimmie & Mary Staten Newton
Double Marker
Newton, Estell S.-09-28-1895--03-15-1986
Newton, Charles C.-11-16-1884-01-02-1977
Double Marker
Newton, Minnie B.-01-02-1907--03-04-1978
Newton, Ward-10-25-1904-/02-28-2000
Newton, Hayden R.,Sr.-/ 1919-/ 07-01-2000
Noe, Donna Faye Rippee-02-09-1952-12-17-2007
Nolan, Katie P.-10-16-1911-03-04-1972
Nolan, Dewey S.-08-28-1900-04-16-1964
Double Marker
Nunn, William O.-06-11-1917-05-18-1988
Nunn, Louise A.-05-17-1911
Double Marker-Wed-10-31-1954
Odom, Juanita-12-26-1938-05-26-1989
Odom, Billy-10-20-1936
Orrell, John Sharp, Sr.-/ 03-22-1920-/ 10-05-1999
Orrell, Mildred Johnson-/
Double Marker-Wed-06-16-1963
Osbarn, Bobby Reece-06-02-1941-06-15-1996
Osbarn, Betty Simmons-03-31-1943-
Children: Bob & Alicia
Overstreet, Linda Jones-12-23-1950-11-17-2003
Owen, Randy L.-01-24-1963-06-14-1986
Owen, Christopher Lee-06-15-1966-02-15-1976
Owen, Cecil L.-08-16-1934-12-08-1988
Owen, Sybile Bernice-/ 1944-/ 05-18-1999/ wife of Cecil Owen
Palmer, PVT. Carrie F.-Co.B.4 ENG. TNG BN WWII-10-17-1900-04-28-1963
Double Marker-Wed- 07-01-1961
Parish, Robert Cecil-10-18-1939-05-05-1997
Parish, Dianne Pernell-12-21-1944-06-03-2006
Double Marker-Wed-06-23-1946
Parish, Kathleen Steen-12-29-1926-03-16-1994
Parish, Norman T., Sr.-09-06-1926-11-06-1987
Payne, Sidney J.-06-23-1896-12-29-1969
Payne, Ebbie Hughes-04-12-1905-01-24-1984
Pearson, Charles C./age 4/09-24-2005/07-25-2010
Double Marker Peeples, Willie Wren-11-19-1913-01-12-1997
Peeples, William Aaron-10-30-1915-11-14-1988
Pernell, Mable A.-03-27-1919
Pernell, Andrew T.-03-25-1914-07-29-1981
Pernell, Hollis-11-25-1926-04-24-2006
Double Marker-Brothers
Pernell, Douglas Bryan-04-19-1962-02-07-1963
Pernell, Ryan Heath-08-22-1966-04-19-1977
Double Marker
Pernell, William H.(Bud)-01-10-1912-02-06-1972
Pernell, Edna Azzie-12-23-1916--01-09-2000
Pernell, Roy-04-02-1921-11-27-1979
Double Marker-Wed -08-26-1937
Pernell, Hayden Tansil-09-17-1914-08-22-1987
Pernell, Margarette Baker-06-16-1920/09-15-2010
Pernell, James Edker-02-02-1919-09-17-2004/ WW II
Double Marker
Pernell, Winston-01-13-1888-07-05-1972
Pernell, Earl N.-11-16-1890-04-06-1986
Persell, Benjamin F.-10-01-1908--03-31-1967
Peters, Vencie Sartin-02-23-1910-06-30-1985
Peters, James Edwin-01-12-1910-03-06-1979
Pettit, William E.,Sr.-09-28-1901-03-20-1993
Pettit, Willie Mae-12-07-1904--04-21-1967
Pettit, Kenneth-Tec. 5 US Army WW II-04-01-1923-06-13-1994
Pettit, Lois Cole-1930-1996
Porter, Barbara Criswell/age 50/died 02-22-2012/interred 02-25-2012
Powell, Shelton P.-04-07-1886-06-30-1960
Double Marker
Powell, Birdie-12-08-1903-02-22-1993
Powell, William Lowery-01-27-1905-03-02-2001
Pressgrove, Leander Boone-04-24-1886-02-11-1976
Pressgrove, Martha M.-08-03-1916-04-08-1994
Pressgrove, Boone-03-30-1916-09-13-1994
Pressgrove, William B.-05-30-1929-02-26-1961
Pressgrove, Leona S.-03-31-1891-11-18-1974
Pritchard, Roy-03-20-1937-07-07-2004
Pritchard, Essie P.-08-13-1885-10-10-1969
Pritchard, Robert E.-08-29-1895-11-18-1976
Ransom, James Ray-11-21-1975-06-09-1992
Reed, Barbara Jean-08-19-1953-02-11-1996
Reed, James Louis-08--20-1953
Reese, Barbara Smith-1951-1990
Relious C.-02-23-1907-08-07-1963
Double Marker
Reynolds, Lucille -07-26-1918
Reynolds, Albert-07-07-1900--12-17-1977
Rideout,Charles W.-08-14-1939-03-31-1994
Rippee, Bobby Edward-06-15-1936-02-24-2002
Rippee, Leslie Earl/age 6804-04-1941/05-28-2009
Roach, Connie Holland/age 58/died 06-28-2009
Double Marker
Roach, Beatrice Jones/age 85-06-19-1924/07-13-2009
Roach, Arthur Calvin-US Army WWII-05-11-1918-09-21-1985
Roberson, William Russel-11-11-1955-02-14-2004
Roberts, Delores M.-11-06-1955-11-12-2006/dau. of Patricia & Johnnie Roberts

Double Marker
Roberts, Johnnie G.- 03-21-1930
Roberts, Patricia A.- 09-12-1932-01-13-2001
Roberts, Olene Grissom-05-21-1909

Roberts, James Robert-01-27-1904-07-09-1986
Double Marker
Roberts, Helen B.-08-05-1929
Roberts, Staige M.,Jr.-07-15-1927-01-29-1978
Double Marker
Roberts, Mavis Jewell-10-20-1905-12-20-1988
Roberts, Staige M.,Sr.-10-31-1902-06-09-1991
Roberson, William Russell 1955-2004
Robinson, Luther W.-WWII-Veteran-07-27-1921-02-28-1994
Robinson, Edward L "Buddy"/age 84 died 01-14-2012/interred 01-17-2012
Robinson, Henry L.-04-01-1917-09-06-1969
Robinson, Mary A.-x -18-1929
Robinson, Anna Roseina Carmichael-07-08-1946-07-26-1995
Robinson, Wilma Kathleen Aven-08-20-1034-10-30-2007/age 73 yrs. wife of Buddy Robinson
Double Marker
Rogers, Marjorie Young-12-13-1924
Rogers, Alton "Doc"-08-24-1922-05-31-1987
Rogers, Mary Virginia Tartt-03-11-1937-01-28-1996
Ross, Morris Edward "Buddy" -03-13-1938-08-23-2006
Ross, Lucille K.-07-12-1920-12-13-1991
Ross, Morris E.,Jr.-06-17-1963-02-13-1969
Ross, Morris Eric-/1971-/09-20-1998
Ross, Russell G.-08-01-1915-01-06-1992
Rounsaville, Glenda Agnes- 1927- 2009
Rounsaville, Mary D/age 75/died 01-21-2009/interred 01-23-2009
Double Marker
Rounsaville, Gladys Wiggins-12-18-1912-06-15-1991
Rounsaville, George Henry-04-29-1908-05-01-1980
Russell, G.-08-01-1915-01-06-1992
Russell, Morris E.,Jr.06-17-1963-02-13-1969
Russell, Bobbie Frances-10-19-1940-01-31-1971/dau of J.C.& Alberta Brunson Russell***
Russell, J.C.-01-22-1919-3-5-1991/husband of Alberta Brunson Russell ***
Russell, Jimmy C.-04-12-1942-05-08-2004/son of J.c.& Alberta Brunson Russell***
Ruston, Ruby Nell- d.-08-25-2004/age 64 yrs.
Sanderson, Oma Burns-01-05-1906-01-10-1976
Sanderson,John Roy-11-22-1883-9-28-1965
Sanderson, Bessie Nolan-11-13-1907-3-11-1970
Double Marker
Sanford, Ed.-07-17-1934
Sanford, Edna-12-30-1935-11-08-1988
Sartin, Nancy Lee-1878-1963
Sartin, Emsely C.-1880-1964
Sartin, Mary Irby-10-25-1905-01-22-1990
Savage, Marcus Kelly 'Bim'-/ d.11-14-2001/age 71 yrs.
Schultz, Sherry Speir/age 61/died 07-03-2010
Sergent, Alexis Katelyn/09-19-2008/09-19-2008
Sewell, Frances Hendon-03-07-1916-02-03-1973
Shaw, Jimmy -07-25-1962-02-07-1965
Shelby, Jean Rhea-1937-1997
Sheley, Thomas C."Toye"-1939-05-05-1997
Sheley, Charlotte-11-20-1961--02-12-1992
Double Marker
Sheley, Lucy Mae Robinson-04-23-1899/05-31-1972
Sheley, Norman Thomas "N.T."-09-03-1916/05-31-1972
Double Marker
Shook, Albert Percy-08-04-1893-02-12-1974
Shook, Johnie Brown-07-19-1899-02-05-1978
Double Marker
Shook, Emma Goodson-06-29-1879-09-27-1955
Shook, Noah Martin-02-14-1875-01-29-1961
Shook, Jewell H.-10-07-1909-10-02-1967
Shiflet, Justin William- 10-05-2006- 03-01-2007
Triple Marker

Shook, Robbie White.-02-16-1903-05-08-1994***
Shook, Noah C.-03-10-1901-03-24-1987
Shook, Sarah Jane-08-08-1927-12-07-2004
Double Marker
Shook, Selena W.-11-20-1889-01-17-1981
Shook, Joe H.-03-27-1890-01-30-1968

Shook, Noah Russell -WWII-Veteran-09-04-1921-01-01-1995
Shook, Joslura-Wife of Noah R. Shook-no dates
Shook, Willie I.-1895-1997
Shook, Charlotte Anne Taintor -10-08-1944-07-12-1990
Shook, Bessie H. -1900--04-12-1960, wife of Noah A. Shook
Shook, Lillie Mae Hasel-10-03-1907-07-30-2005
Shook, Harward Eldridge "Buddy"/age 98/12-26-1910/10-14-2009
Silverman, Inez Newton-10-27-1920/04-07-2003 from SS
Smallwood, Howard-06-22-1929--05-31-1983
Smallwood, Carol Ann-04-01-1934-09-16-1995
Double Marker-Wed-10-01-1927
Smallwood, Leona-07-23-1910-03-11-1989
Smallwood, Charlie-07-24-08-11-20-1994
Smallwood, Charles Hilton-2/4/31-04-18-1998
Smallwood, Mary Anita “Nita”Goodwin-02-10-1937-08-26-2007***
Smith, Saydee McHann- 03-13-1919- 11-27-1974/wife of Pat M. Smith
Smith, Russell-1929-01-29-2002
Smith, L.C-11-10-1924-11-19-1987
Smith Altha-07-09-1930-09-18-1992
Smith, Billy C.-03-22-1926-07-17-1980
Double Marker
Smith, Volney J.-"Pop"-06-21-1918-04-27-1992
Smith, Maudie L.-05-13-1924
Double Marker
Smith, Nookie Warford-11-18-1912
Smith, James Winter-02-13-1907-10-19-1981
Double Marker-Wed 07-10-1946
Speir, George Henry-02-06-1923-11-14-2005***
Speir, Hettie Ruth Wolfe-03-20-1927-***
Double Marker
Spencer, Hugh-09-27-1912-03-24-1976
Spencer, Sabrin Ovell Pernell-04-07-1910-/12-31-1999
Stallings, James Pierce-11-29-1912-03-17-1997
Stanridge, Gilbert R.-09-25-1932-08-23-1995
Stanridge, Roane L.-11-22-1930-
Double Marker
Starnes, Doveta W.-04-25-1908--05-01-1986
Starnes, Henry H.-02-02-1910-03-05-1977
Staten, Charles Eugene -1957-1995
Staten, Doyle Lee-04-08-1957-03-13-1961
Staten, Martha Alice Tribble/age 72/03-19-1938/08-05-2010/interred 08-07-2010
Staten, Krystal Yvonne -07-11-1985-08-16-1985
Staten, Mabel-Wife of H.B.Staten, he is buried at Henson-1890-1971
Staten, Cecil Ray/age 76/05-13-1934/04-23-2010/Dallas Tx, Interred Restland Memorial Park, Dallas Tx
Double Marker-Wed-01-06-1945
Staten, James Henry-07-12-1921--12-12-1990
Staten, Rae Hall-09-12-1925/05-08-2008/interned May 10, 2008
Double Marker
Staten, Henry-06-25-1900-05-03-1978
Staten, Ellie Brown-08-03-1905-11-25-1984
Double Marker
Staten, Charles-05-08-1921-06-12-1986
Staten, Mary Florence Sheley-08-05-1932/10-25-2008
Steed,Mary Frances/11-25-1921/09-03-2010
Double Marker
Steed, Beatrice C.-05-23-1915-12-21-1997
Steed, Mitchell F.-05-17-1912-7-23-1987

Double Marker
Steed, Willis- 01-16-1933- 03-19-1995
Steed, Frances- 05-08-1939- 09-21-2010

Steed, Willis-01-16-1933-3-19-1995
Steed, Frances-04-08-1939
Steel, Floyd W.-12-17-1930-07-06-1974
Double Marker-Wed-11-28-1923
Steen, Ernest-02-06-1901-11-14-1985
Steen, Ruby Jeffords-05-14-1908-04-07-1985
Stewart,Maggie H.-10-09-1903-02-23-1981
Strider, Cathy "Annette"-09-05-1977-09-04-1994
Sturdivant, Johnnie Katherine (Thomas)-02-07-1933-08-08-2008/wife of Robert Sturdivant/ dau. of Guy & Ada Mounce Thomas ***
Sullivan, Linda Joyce Weaver/age 60/died 12-13-2010

Double Marker
Sullivan, Kay Barnes-02-24-1890-07-20-1973
Sullivan, Mattie Logan-11-21-1895-04-04-1981
Double Marker
Sullivan, Vilola Gray-08-30-1923-02-03-1981
Sullivan, Harrison-10-04-1913-12-01-1986
Sumner, Charity L.-01-28-1912-07-21-1987
Sumner, Lewis S.-02-19-1908-11-09-1967
Sumner, Agie H.-10-12-1888--04-07-1983
Sumner, Oscar S.-01-01-1886--06-21-1970
Double Marker-Wed. 12-22-1934
Sumner, Opal C./M-12-22-1934/06-12-1916/12-14-2008
Sumner, James A.-09-05-1914
Taintor, Charles William, M.D.-01-27-1922-03-19-1980
Double Marker
Tartt, Clara-10-28-1941
Tartt, J.W.-10-10-1938-03-25-1993
Double Marker
Taylor, Cora Gentry-10-21-1927
Taylor, Russell Lee-/age 88/05-05-1923/11-11-2011
Double Marker
Taylor, Lee Russell, Jr.-03-28-1948-04-24-2006
Taylor, Andra W.-07-08-1953-01-31-1999
Taylor, Sandra M.-1954-01-31-1999
Tennyson, Callie-09-23-1893
Tennyson, Will D.-07-07-1888-04-30-1971
Tennyson, Kenneth L.-12-28-1915-10-05-1975
Tennyson, Woodrow-10-12-1912-09-29-1990
Thomas, Ada Mounce-02-18-1895-08-15-1985
Thomas, Samuel G.-06-06-1893-06-24-1971
Thompson,Mary- 03-11-1903
Thompson, William-10-15-1894-02-04-1976
Tilson, Vira Elouise (Gibson)/age 72 /-09-18-1936-05-05-2009/ dau of Walter Hines and Melinda Mae (Goodwin) Gibson
Double Marker
Todd, Jack P. -09-14-1948-03-27-1998
Todd, Diane-07-01-1952
Todd, Johnnie V. Morgan-12-15-1919-09-22-2007***
Todd, Charles-06-16-1918--04-22-1988
Todd, Barbara-Dau of Johnnie & Charles Todd-05-28-194511-10-2011
Todd, Mattie Frances-08-28-1948-02-22-2002
Tranum, Thomas David-10-18-1907-02-19-1990
Tribble, William Glen-11-20-1924-04-03-1966/husband of Minnie Roberson Tribble
Tribble, Hiram Ray-1927--04-24-1998
Tribble, Joel D.-12-24-1919-04-13-2002/U.S. Army, WW II/husband of Annie Jennings Tribble
Double Marker
Tribble, Essie Wolfe-10-22-1905-10-30-1976
Tribble, William L.-02-10-1904-07-22-1977
Double Marker
Tribble, Maggie Wolfe-09-15-1897-10-02-1971
Tribble, Joe William-04-06-1891-01-13-1976
Double Marker
Tribble, Mary Frances-05-07-1929
Tribble, Delbert Lennis-06-01-1926-10-02-1990
Trusty, Tommy Lee, SZr./age 52/Died 11-06-2008/Interred 11-08-2008
Tucker, Mildred P.-12-3-1932-07-27-1966
Tucker, Infant son of Mildred & Jack Tucker
Double Marker-Wed-01-28-1928
Tucker, Jamie E.-12-19-1906-03-04-1985
Tucker, Velma H. -09-01-1910-06-26-1989
Double Marker-Wed 04-02-1938
Tucker, Mary Thelma-/07-17-1922-/06-20-1999
Tucker, Chester Eugene 'C.E.'-02-13-1917-08-07-2001/ WW II
Turman, Annie b. Williams "Topsy"/age 102/died 09-22-2009/interred 09-24-2009
Double Marker-Wed-03-03-1947
Turman, Albert Mason-11-10-1927-03-28-1976
Turman, Opal Mae Newton-03-03-1929-2003
Double Marker
Turman, Annie Beatrice-05-08-1907
Turman, Dave Porter-09-26-1904-02-10-1970
Tutor, Linda S. Carpenter-04-21-1956-06-30-1996
Double Marker
Tyson, Ella Peeples-03-06-1886-03-29-1967
Tyson, Claude G.-03-05-1899-09-14-1979
Double Marker
Tyson, Clara Vandeford-02-05-1927-07-13-1962
Tyson, Annise Lester-03-23-1906-07-22-1971
Double Marker
Tyson, Starnes W.-02-04-1921
Tyson, Izetta E.- 09-14-1926-11-14-1992
Tyson, Starnes Wesley-/1921/ 06-25-1998
Wallace, James E./age 75/died 05-20-2008/interned 05-22-1008
Wallace, Silvia Wood-09-13-1935-12-22-2005
Weeks, Ernest Lee-08-30-1913-05-19-1992
Weeks, Annie Ethelean Foster-12-21-1918-/01-03-2000
Westbrook, George-08-29-1904-08-01-1965
Westbrook, Mary L.-03-03-1902-12-29-1978
Westbrook, Gertha-07-19-1909
White, Annie B.-03-03-1912-05-08-1986
White, James R.-03-04-1931-02-17-1995
Williams, Lena Mae -02-24-1895--03-03-1983
Williams Mary S.-09-18-1881-04-09-1962
Williams, Lena Mae-02-24-1895-03-03-1983

Double Marker
Wilson, Lacy Graham-07-25-1913-09-15-1972
Wilson, Rachael Shook-12-15-1917-09-04-1971
Winter, Lois K.-02-18-1914
Winter, Janie Carpenter/age 90/died 09-26-2011

Double Marker-
Winter, Tom Gabel- 04-01-1916- 05-17- 1963
Winter, Lois (Kilgore)- 02-18-1914- 04-20-2009

Winter, Tom Bruce-07-29-1935-06-12-1995
Winter, Carol Lee-03-01-1943
Winter, James Eugene-US Army-Veteran-08-10-1930-09-12-1985
Winter, Lottie -02-09-1910-07-10-1984
Winter, Lois Kilgore-/age 92/02-18-191404-30-2009
Winter, Houston- date of birth 1916

Double Marker
Winter, Dortha M.-01-07-1919-09-17-1992
Winter, Luther Mack-11-23-1905-07-17-1980
Winters, James Earl/age 73/30 Year Mississippi National Guard/223 Rd.Co.C/died 06-27-2009
Double Marker
Winters, Joanne--1955- 2010/ dau of James Earl & Margaret (Goodwin) Winters
Winters, Janie C.- 06-05-1921-
Winters, A.B.,Sr.-07-08-1902
Winters, Odis C. "Shorty", Sr.- 1948-2002
Wolfe, Albert Earl- 05-16-1925-01-19-2000/ WW II Marine Vet., Korean War Army Vet.
Wolfe, Chessie Williams-10-06-1903-12-20-1977
Wolfe, Georgia-11-15-1885-11-02-1969
Wolfe, Jesse Halbert "Bill" -01-18-1921- 09-23-2008/ U.S. Navy, World War II-/son of Henry & Georgia Tribble Wolfe***
Wolfe, Marjorie L.-04-07-1955-08-05-1994
Wolfe, Norris Edwin-09-10-1922-08-16-1974
Wolfe, Ricky Dale-10-23-1959-12-21-1959
Double Markers-Wed-07-31-1947
Wolfe, Norris-11-28-1925-01-24-1994
Wolfe, Mildred Staten-11-18-1929/01-27-2010
Double Marker
Wolfe, Endie Howell-08-08-1894-09-26-1986
Wolfe, Wyatt Law-02-26-1890-02-13-1961
Double Marker
Wolfe, Aice E.-02-28-1923-06-04-1981
Wolfe, Larry Steve-07-04-1947-12-06-1970
Double Marker
Wolfe, Violet Mays-10-14-1922-12-30-1988
Wolfe, Henry "Guy"-09-16-1914-10-29-1983
Double Marker Wolfe, Manley-06-03-1909-06-29-1970
Wolfe, Mary O'Bryant-12-03-1913-06-16-1994
Double Marker Wolfe, Cassie Williams-09-07-1899-04-17-1991
Wolfe, Silas Afton-01-15-1905-03-13-1982
Double Marker
Wolfe, Janie Elizabeth McCartney-12-23-1918-05-26-1991
Wolfe, Charlie Anderson-11-09-1913-06-09-1995
Double Marker
Wolfe, Hettie C.-04-17-1901-07-07-1985
Wolfe, Joe R-10-06-1902-11-12-1993
Marker Dedicated by Mr.& Mrs. Joe R. Wolfe to our Babies:
Jewell Lorraine, and Joe Thomas, Our Father & Mother & other
relatives resting in Ellett Cemetery-11-14-1959
Wolfe, Roy Hasel- 05-24-1920-02-04-2006
Woodard, Rayford-03-10-1893-09-02-1971
Woodard, Edd-1888-1974
Woodard, Carie U.-1894
Woods, Charles Edward/age 85/10-03-1922/03-22-2008/interned 03-25-2008/WWII Vet
Woods, George L.-11-18-1924-07-18-1995
Woods, Frances Vivian Little-07-26-1923-05-08-1995
Woods, J.W. Weeks-08-23-1912-09-20-1972
Woods, May Belle James-04-09-1877-11-15-1968
Wood, Thelma Morris-1905-1986
Woods, Willie Mae-10-31-1904-08-01-1978
Double Marker-Wed-04-20-1921
Woods, Ivy Cole-04-28-1905-09-06-1984
Woods, Charles Frank-07-29-1901-10-10-1973
Wood, Thelma Morris-1905-1986
Wooley, Nettie Lorine-11-24-1914-05-26-2006
Worsham, Verlie Shook-09-28-1908-09-12-2003/wife of Cary Worsham
Worsham, Carey-01-15-1902-06-08-1966/father of James Cary & William Archie Worsham***
Worsham, William Archie-06-21-1928-02-23-2008
Worsham, Wilma T.-11-05-1928-05-12-1973/wife of William Archie Worsham***
Double Marker, Wed-04-18-1947
Worsham, James Carey-05-24-1925-
Worsham, Myrtis Wilson-09-23-1928-07-14-1999
Double Marker
Worsham, Judy Walls-10-23-1956
Worsham, James Leslie-03-19-1956-12-06-1986
Worsham, Minnie Roberson Tribble/age 87/died 10-21-2011
Wrenn, Erma Ellett-07-27-1910--06-23-1972
Wrenn, Neal Brooks-10-09-1914-04-15-1984
Wrenn, James Elma -02-18-1905-04-01-1985
Wrenn, Frances C.-05-19-1878-11-18-1967
Wrenn, Robert Lee-/ 1923-01-28-2004
Wyatt, William L.-07-05-1906-04-10-1967
Wyatt, Fannie L.-10-17-1909
Wyatt, Griffin Young-La. S2 US Navy WWII-08-22-1918-11-20-1969
Double Marker
Wyatt, Lucille T.-10-21-1917
Wyatt, Francis Wright -12-28-1913-12-08-1997, U.S.Navy, WWII
Yates, Jerri Ann-d.-12-27-2007/ age 30 yrs.
Young, Lonnie,Jr.-1919-1975
Young, Lonnie V.-07-16-1888-11-08-1962
Young, Nellie Gray-06-01-1893-01-10-1979
Young, Arelious-09-20-1909-12-22-1969
Young, Warren-11-11-1962-11-11-1962
Double Marker
Young, Jesse L.-07-10-1896-08-11-1973
Young, Mae Bonds-10-03-1901-03-24-1978
Double Marker
Young, Sammie M.-12-09-1918-01-19-1980
Young, Thomas S.-01-07-1915-10-18-1970
Double Marker
Young, Jesse Leon, Jr.-10-19-1926-08-15-1990
Young, Rita Force-06-25-1932-03-06-1997
Tripple Marker
Young, Mattie Jean-06-07-1931
Young, Lewis Bonds-03-13-1929-05-17-1993
Young, Bergy Bonds-10-10-1952

List of Cemeterys

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