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List of graves in Old Masonic Cemetery, Block 4, North Ward
(Extreme West side of graveyard, next to street)
Charleston, Mississippi
Founded around 1850

March 10, 2005, Sun-Sentinel, Charleston Ms, an article by Mrs. Faye Mitchell,in this days paper states that Mrs. Margaret Brokaw, local DAR Regent, called to say that the Old Masonic Cemetery located in Charleston has been Certified by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History as an abandoned Cemetery that has historical value and is worthy of preservation. It therefore qualifies as one to receive maintenance from the county. Local Crews do help maintain the cemetery by cutting trees, removing limbs, and mowing grass.

Adrian Sinclair Balch sent these letters and information on the Masonic cemetery. There are 6 documents and listed below are links to these documents.She said the letters are from her mother's estate. Asa Lee CROW, was my m. grandfather. His mother Mary Foree Betts Crow, that she refers to in the letter, was my great grandmother.

Letter one

Letter one

Letter one

Letter one

Letter one

Letter one

Grave of Mary Foree Betts (Mrs. Asa Lafayette CROW)

Bailey, Isabelle/09-24-1859/03-07-1936
Bailey, James Spencer
Bailey, James/born-in MS/04-18-1860/03-31-1882
Bailey, John/.04-05-1855/04-04-1925
Bailey, Pryor Lea/03-24-1848/03-04-1883
Bailey, Sarah S./born Knoxville Tn., 04-03-1825/died 02-27-1869/age 43 years-(verse)WYF of Col. James S. Bailey
Bailey, Spencer Bailey/02-09-1853/02-03-1887.
Ball, Dr. Antherall/1811/1880
Beloher (or Belcher), M.G./06-03-1832/07-24-1884
Brown, Dr. Anderson R./10-10-1802/10-25-1850.
Brown, Emaline P./09-17-1812/12-03-1871
Buford, Lula Cunningham/WYF of DeWitt D. Buford/11-04-1863/10-28-1933
Byrum, W.W./07-02-1863/09-20-1892

Crow, Asa L., Jr./01-29-1879/06-26-1879
Crow, Graham Reed/04-25-1887/05-12-889/Age 2 years 7 months/Infant son of J.H. and F.S. Crow
Crow, Mary Foree Betts/04-23-1851/12-12-1888/Mrs. Asa Lafayette CROW/
Cunningham, John W./07-29-1852/09-06-1874
Cunningham, Melvin P./03-07-1832-11-29-1907
Cunningham, Wiley W./12-25-1872/(Verse).
Denman, Mary E./09-01-1878/age 54 yrs old.
Gibbs, Sallie P.11-13-1856/WYF of W.P. Gibbs/died-Marion, Crittenden Co., Ark.10-05-1882
Goar, R.P./son of Rev. R.R.& S.F. Goar/06-05-1888/07-20-1888
Harvey, John/died 01-03-1875/aged 37 yrs
Harvey, Mary G./died 10-1873/age 56
Heron, M.N./04-22-1828/10-01-1873
Holhouser, Julia V./ WYF of M.F. Holhouser/Died 04-02-1867/age 23 yrs. 3 mos., and 2days J:
Johnson, Francis Marion/05-30-1822/03-12-1883.
Johnson, Rebecca Morriss/02-09-1829/04-04-1904
Lavender, John Russell/02-26-1868
Lavender, Mrs. J.R.(Martha Ann Strothers)/interned Monday March 03-01-1868
Lavender, Jennie Smith/dau. of H.E. & N.E. Lavender/05-11-1870/04-19-1886
Manley, Capt. T.J.01-26-1871/aged (broken not legible)
Marshall, Charles C./son of W.B. and Ida A. Marshall/10-16-1869/10-26-1870
May, Mary Ann/WYF of S.D. May/10-29-1847/10-30-1878
Montgomery, Humphrey/03-02-1875/09-11-1878
Montgomery, Leda/1875/and Humphrey Montgomery/Children of H.C.& J.L. Montgomery
Montgomery, Lelia/10-22-1876/08-1878
McAfee, John H./1815/1890
McAfee, Mary B./1845/1926
Meriwether, Ellen Douglas/dau of Dr. J.F. and O.D. Merewether/09-26-1866/11-27-1872
Meriwether, Read Simmons/son of Dr.J.F.& O.D. Merewether/01-16/10-01-1874
Meriwether,Walter Scott/son of J.N. and H.O. Meriwether/1862/1950
"None knew thee, but to love thee; none named thee but to praise"
Merrin, Ann Lilly/dau. of F.W. and M.E.Merrin/02-18-1867/age 2 years,10 mos
Metcalf, Joshia/03-13-1869/aged about 40 years.
Metcalf, Minerva/WYF of J. Metcalf/03-03-1823/09-13-1873
Metcalf, Napolion T./son of Josiah and Minerva Metcalf/06-18-1842/05-29-1862
Montgomery, John H./02-26-1807/07-07-1869.
Montgomery, Humphrey/03-02-1875/09-11-1878
Montgomery, Lelia/10-22-1876/08-1878/and Humphrey Montgomery are children of H.C.& J.L. Montgomery

Pattison , Alex/son of A.& J. C. Pattison/05-18-1889/06-01-1889
Pattison, Alexander/born-Nashville,Tenn.09-29-1821/died Charleston Miss.11-04-1879
Pattison, Anna H./06-19-1832/02-21-1917.
Pattison, Jeannie Caldwell/born-Memphis Tn./08-10-1873/died-Charleston/06-26-1874
Payne, Geroge Fredrick/11-29-1851/10-29-1856
Collins, Henry Pinkney Collins....born in Mississippi 8/10/1876 and died 1/28/1932. The death certificate stated he was buried at Old Masonic on 01/31/1932./Spanish American War & World I) as mulatto.
Pritchard, A./died/01-26-1878/age 44 years
("Erected by his devoted WYF, C.E. Pritchard").
Pritchard, George A./died 07-01-1869/age 1 yr.2 mos/son of A. and M.S. Pritchard
Polk, Annie Mary/03-18-1876/10-15-1878/dau of M.W. and Bettie Polk
Polk,L.G./04-16-1845/09-28-1891/"Two good for earth, God called him home".
Polk, Mailssa/02-25-1852/12-19-1906/WYF of L.G. Polk
Reese, H.J./04-17-1854/04-18-1884/husb of M.E. Reese
Rhew, Dr. J. W./04-29-1820/11-03-1874.
Rhew, Sarah Aphelia/01-1888/at about 55 years of age/WYF of Dr. J.W. Rhew
Rhew, Dr. James Page/10-27-1845/04-17-1881.
"Sacred to the memory of my dear hus/Dr. James Page Rhew"
Roberson, George B./02-07-1818/07-12-1885.
Robinson, Alfred/05-31-1878/01-14-1884/son of Jerry and Elizabeth Robinson
Ross, Jasper Z.05-07-1867/1837(marker broken,part illegible)
Saunders, John Summers/12-25-1801/06-06-1885.
Smith, J. Tipton/06-19-1866/aged 32 yrs.,8 mos., 6days
"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"
Smith, Mary E./11-12-1841/12-21-1886/WYF of J.T.Smith
Smith, Mary Ann/March-22-1886/age 1 yr., 2 mos, 19 days Youngest dau/ of J.Tipton and Bettie E. Smith
Smith, Betty/10-06-1866/age 14 yrs.,1 Mo.,16 days. eldest dau. of J.Tipton and Bettie E. Smith
Smith, Nancy D./Born Yalobusha Co., Miss./01-22-1803/01-22-1873
Stauffer, Emile/02-02-1852/05-07-1884/Husb of Mary Stauffer
Stauffer, Mary Graften/06-25-1882/01-02-1894.
Stauffer, Emma/07-19-1884/08-07-1885.
Summers, Hugh A./06-24-1880 age 11 mos, 3 days/son of H.A. and M.E. Summers
Sutton, Annie Rhew/05-07-1860/10-01-1868
("Too Sweet,Too Pure for Mortal Sphere").
Swain, John F./03-18-1826/06-14-1891
Thornton, Henry S./son of P.H.& M.S. Thornton/b/d/(illegible)
Trewalla, Nannie Russell/02-16-1870/age 2 years,7 months, 6 days
Little dau. of H.L. and M.E. Trewalla (this lot has 5 other graves)
Turner, Letitia E.L./WYF of T.W. Turner/01-03-1843/09-20-1873
Turner, Napoleon/1866/1925.
Turner, Thamas Paul/02-04-1870/09-20-1870/son of Thomas W.& Lizzie Turner
Turner, Thomas William/born-in Flint Hill,Rappahanock Co. Va./11-16-1836/died 12-11-1889
Walton, John Wilks Booth/10-26-1865/09-07-1869/son of T.P. & L.E. Walton
Walton, Nannie G./10-25-1862/08-04-1868/dau of T.P.& L.E. Walton

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