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Directions to get to Mount Pisgah Cemetery-Take Teasdale Road North out of
Charleston-Turn Right on Pine Hill road, and Left at Mudling Road, (at
Creek Bridge) Turn Left at Mount Pisgah Road, Cemetery is on the right.

This Cemetery Indexed by Nick Denley,Clerk of Chancery Court, Tallahatchie
County, Charleston Mississippi-October 1997. It is 100% Indexed

Adams, Mattie D. Adams/11-23-1889/03-25-1977
Double Marker/Wed 06-27-1942
Armstrong, Rev. Howard Nathaniel/04-19-1919/09-25-2003
Armstrong, Janie Helm/05-11-1925
Armstrong, Dickey /Son of Howard and Janie /03-05-1944/07-27-1952
Armstrong, Jamie Louise /Infant Dau of Jim & Jerelen /10-03-1955/10-05-1955
Armstrong, Jame Rice /Pfc. US. Marines Corp. Korea/04-09-1931/07-26-1978
Atkins, Converse Dudley /03-26-1910/12-12-1917
Atkins, Edd/09-30-1884/08-01-1948
Atkins, John Haywood /02-04-1914/02-10-1914
Atkins, Jesse J. /1890/1942
Atkins, Jessie Brewer/no Dates/she does not have a Marker
Atkins, Doris/Dau of Jesse & Jessie Brewer Atkins/Died 10 Yrs./No Marker
Atkins, Malcolm A./11-22-1915/01-12-1990
Atkins, Mart/04-09-184501-24-1929
Atkins, Myrtle Rowe/10-18-188701-20-1937
Atkins, Sophronia/04-1859/02-15-1927/WYF of M.A. Atkins

Bailey, Janice M./02-04-1949/06-24-1982
Bailey, Leticia Ann /08-07-1977/08-07-1977
Bailey, Pauline Mesha/1968/10-19-1998
Barnes, Katherine Milton /1907/1947
Barnes, Jack/Nothing else
Barnes, Mand/Nothing else
Barnes, Macon Hershel/1933/04-30-1998
Beaird, Laura Frances Brasher/06-19-1913/09-15-2005
Beaird, Jesse Dee/01-11-1911/04-30-1988
Biffle, Mary Alice Marshall /05-02-1916/01-08-1985
Biffle, Thomas Edgar/12-31-1912/11-26-1988
Bonner, Annie Corine /12-22-1889/01-21-1899
Bonner, Fred Louis/MS Pvt. US Marines Corp/02-28-1921
Bonner, Georgia /05-18-1856/10-08-1934
Bonner, Georgia Lou /04-14-1904/09-21-1996
Bonner, Henry B. /1891/1974
Bonner, Joe Charlie /07-24-1907/11-14-1921
Bonner, John Frank Sr./05-15-1859/03-29-1943
Bonner, Mattie Adams/WYF of W.B. Bonner/01-22-1864/07-04-1954
Bonner, Sarah /07-11-1842/11-20-1936
Bonner, Sarah Elizabeth /05-14-1873/08-16-1966
Bonner, W.B./12-14-1857/12-06-1929
Bonner, Willie Gerald /1897
Double Marker
Bonner, Roy E./12-06-1903/11-07-1987
Bonner, Cecila Wrenn /age 95/10-16-1907/07-24-2003
Double Marker
Bonner, Lucy /1865/1943
Bonner, Alex R./1852/1927
Double Marker
Buckley, Ward Thompson /05-19-1904/10-30-1995
Buckley, Etta V.S./07-31-190/01-25-1985
Buckley, Bertha Wortham/05-04-1880/10-12-1963
Buckley, Wm. Thos./02-26-1880/02-23-1956
Buntin, Jerry Lofton-12-19-1942-02-03-2009/hus of Geneva Howell Buntin
Burkhalter, Bell D./1879/1960
Burkhalter, C.R./Co D-3 MS-CAV-C.S.A./No Dates
Burkhalter, Isaac/06-10-1813/04-21-1900
Burkhalter, Isaac, Jr./1878/1912
Burkhalter, James/01-06-1857/09-15-1934
Burkhalter, J.M./01-08-1850/12-01-1927
Burkhalter, M.A./05-22-1848/08-04-1899
Burkhalter, Martha Z./04-27-1845/01-12-1911
Burkhalter, O.C./02-12-1875/11-19-1909
Burkhalter, Odie W./11-21-1895/02-12-1957
Burkhalter, Pleas J./1869/1947
Burkhalter, Prudie D./08-13-1854/05-29-1901/Dau. of E.V.& G.E. Dickens/WYF of M.H. Burkhalter
Burkhalter, Rebecca I./1846/1907
Burkhalter, Sallie/03-15-1861/08-06-1923
Burkhalter, Teet Carder/1873/1957
Burkhalter, Tom Blount/12-31-1871/05-16-1945
Burkhalter, Lucy /WYF of Wilson Burkhalter/10-19-1867/04-02-1950
Burkhalter, Wilson/Husb of Lucy Burkhalter/02-28-1871/10-13-1895
Burkhalter, Mattie T./1909/1974

Byars, William Paul/66 yo/died 07-16-2010/interred 07-19-2010

Double Marker
Clark, Lillie F.-12-26-1898-10-15-1980
Clark, Vern W. Clark-06-06-1895-02-05-1978

Davis, Benjamin Franklin/07-29-1869/10-01-1885
Deaton, Thomas Oscar/age 92/WWII Vet/11-20-1916/01-23-2009
Deaton, Vivian Clark/age 84/Wyf Thomas Oscar Deaton/WWII Army Nurse/02-28-1920/12-04-2004
Double Marker
Deaton, Marshal M./06-24-1885/05-26-1979
Deaton, Rosa L./03-20-1891/08-17-1977
Deaton, George Floyd/11-22-1900/09-02-1984
Double Marker
Dees, Duncan Frank/07-02-1929/09-25-1998
Dees, Frances Zulene Dees/08-10-1931/09-03-1995
Double Marker/Wed-03-16-1927
DeLap, Hugh G."Hudie"/08-23-1907/08-29-1981
DeLap, Melissa Dees/05-03-1907/03-02-1998
Double Marker
Douglas, Lelia Viola Bonner/04-29-1893/06-25-1982
Douglas, James Elmer/11-07-1892/03-15-1928
Douglas, James Elmer/MS. Coxswain US. Navy/04-21-1941
Duke, Harriett M./WYF of T.B. Duke/01-16-1834/04-02-1892
Dungan, John Glen/age 86/WWII vet Aleutian Islands/01-12-1922/04-14-2008
Dungan, Johnny/05-08-1949/11-22-1994

Estridge, Billy K./Cpl US Army/11-07-1930/10-11-1987

Harris, James Thompson /05-15-1875/06-21-1933
Harris, Rep Burkhalter/12-02-1883/06-12-1967
Havens, Scotty Hayden/age 33/died 01-14-2007/interned 01-20-2007
Double Marker
Havens, Wallace Fred, Jr./01-05-1937/10-31-1994
Havens, Shirley Ray Burke/02-20-1938
Double Marker
Havens, Pearl Bonner/02-06-1911/10-02-1984
Havens, Wallace Fred/10-22-1909/05-27-1974
Havens, Betty Sue /05-23-1959/12-13-1961
Havens, Fred Bonner/age 70/died 11-29-2005/interned 12-01-2005
Havens, Louis Allen-06-10-1932-04-17-1987
Hollinsworth, George Billy/age 55/died 10-10-2003
House, Ervin Monroe/01-29-1903/02-06-1994
House, Arrah Bell/03-24-1908/12-05-2003
House, Infant Dau of Ervin & Arrah/2 dates/01-06-19-1928/Date-02/09-24-1929
/Appears to have been two infants
Double Marker
Howard, Irene N./04-01-1904/06-22-1996
Howard, Johnnie M. Howard/04-04-1895/08-29-1962
The one listed below is a Military Marker
Howard, Johnnie M. Howard/MS Cpl Co M4 Inf WWI/04-04-1895/08-29-1962
Double Marker
Howard, Dorothy E./10-10-1921
Howard, E.B. "Joe"/04-12-1922/07-27-1996
Howard, Jennie Nichols/09-04-1893/05-07-1952
Howard, Burl Hosea/12-07-1890/01-24-1960
Double Marker
Howard, Katie R./10-07-1928
Howard, Earl W./06-28-1926/01-02-1992/US Army WWII
Howard, George Shelley/age 72/died 11-09-2011
Howard, William J./MS Pfc 172 Inf WWII/10-13-1924/05-15-1945

James, James Andrew /11-20-1912/01-05-1992/WYF/ Annie Newton/Children-Billy Newton James-Jerry Lee James-Judith Ann James
James, Clifton P./10-25-1907/01-14-1992
Double Marker
James, Jimmie L. James/1880/1946
James, Amanda E. James/1883

King, Christine A./07-12-1921/09-06-2003
King, Addie L. Melton/1894/1927
King, Aubrey /09-22-1892/04-30-1969
King, Marie B./age 91/12-20-1915/09-03-2007
King, Michael A./05-27-1955/08-04-1996
King, Ruby King/06-05-1912/06-11-1990
MARGURITE/no dates or last name/next to King
Anna Kathrine/No dates no last name/Next to King
King, Christine Armstrong /07-12-1921/Husband Thomas King/buried Couille Oregon

Leslie,Ray Howard, Jr./age 48/05-12-1962/03-08-2011
Double Marker
Little, Lou Dare/1881/1972
Little, John Lofton/1885/1953
Little, J.G. /1880/1915
Little, Mollie/01-28-1852/11-13-1898/WYF Of J.C. Little
Little, Roy /10-09-1890/08-20-1892/Son of IA & AJ Little

Double Marker
McCowan, Eva A./10-30-1882/07-07-1930
McCowan, L.Roy /04-14-1884/03-30-1946
McCowan, Vera /03-05-1914/09-17-1982
McCowan, Wardie/11-16-1907/08-30-1916

Double Marker
Mabus, Jessie Brown/04-22-1911/04-10-1976
Mabus, Ellard Dalmar/09-22-1907/04-29-1986
Mabus, James Clark, II/05-10-1971/04-10-1998
Mabus, James Clark/age 61/Husb if Diane Barton Mabus/01-26-1942/11-22-2003
Double Marker
Mansfield, Edward Franklin/11-10-1917/08-08-1986
Mansfield, Marion Hope-01-07-1930-10-20-1989
Double Marker
Mansfied, Edward Dwayne/11-03-1959/11-29-1996
Mansfied, Teresa Diane/01-19-1961
Marshall, Albert R./Pvt US Army WWII/04-01-1907/04-24-1983
Marshall, Albert Ross/09-18-1879/11-17-1944
Marshall, James Arthur/09-01-1911/01-24-1999
Marshall, Maude Ellen Brasher/07-31-1883/01-14-1963
Melton, Charlie W./12-28-1965/04-06-1991
Milton, Ora B./1872/1961
Milton, William A./1866/1948

Patten, Allie Howard/05-17-1885/05-31-1931
Pickle, Mrs. Ottie/1895/1952

Roberts, Middie Burkhalter/1899/1974
Double Marker
Rogers, Bettie Howard/02-09-1896/03-04-1981
Rogers, John Joseph Howard/03-04-1881/06-10-1958
Rowe, Floyd D./Cpl US Army WWI/08-15-1893/12-26-1982
Rowe, Claude/06-13-1876/02-11-1912/ WYF of E.E. Rowe
Ruark, Dorothy Mae/1922/01-12-1995
Ruark, Dorothy Atkins/WYF of Robert Gordon Ruark, Sr./03-31-1909/02-05-1983

Double Marker
Sanders, Bonnie/12-07-1949
Sanders, Millard/01-17-1948/04-10-1996
Sanders, Jimmie A./1941/1995
Sanders, William H./01-04-1917/04-01-1995
Sanders, William H./1937/07-10-1999
Sanders, Kathleen Atkins/08-08-28-1922/01-19-2010
Sanders, Edith Helen Marshal/age 91/died 08-03-2010
Slaughter, Elisha H. "Doc" /08-29-1888/04-03-1968
Slaughter, Russell F./age 88/died 07-22-2002
Slaughter, Maude Hall Slaughter/11-08-1885/02-07-1982
Double Marker
Smith, Estelle Howard/06-01-1905/10-30-1986
Smith, Daniel Eddie/06-17-1900/03-29-1959
Smith, Michael A./04-29-1954/01-01-1981

Sturgis, Lealon Hardin/age 85/07-29-1917/05-03-2003
Sturgis, Margaret Idell/age 84/08-13-1918/08-03-2003

Taylor, Mattie Mae/1932/04-06-1998
Taylor, William Allen/08-20-1926/08-20-1988
Taylor, William Allen, Jr./01-23-1950/04-11-1993
Trotman, Joseph E./08-01-1868/07-25-1945
Turberville, Lila F./1939/09-29-1998

Waller, Emma F. Harris/03-25-1918/02-22-1971
Waller, John B./07-27-1922/11-22-1971
Woodruff, Rebecca Ellan/age 39/01-27-1962/08-16-2001
Wortham, Son of AB & EC Wortham/08-29/06-13-1996
Wortham, William Tyler/03-07-1881/03-25-1967


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