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Tippo Mississippi

This Cemetery indexed October 1997-by Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court.

Needmore Cemetery is located at Tippo Mississippi. This is a short history of Tippo:


Tippo ,located nine miles southwest of Charleston was surveyed in 1833. Three men named, Body, Skinner and Crawford purchased land here in 1836, but there was not much of a settlement there for several years. By 1866 the population had grown enough to require the designation of a new Supervisor's Beat. This beat was called the River Beat and the east boundaries was described as "Up Tippo Bayou to Tillatoba Creek, and down that creek to the Tallahatchie River and up the Tallahatchie to the county line." It was said that the roads were so bad from this Beat to Charleston that it took a whole day on a horse or mule to make the trip one way. No one wanted the Supervisors job for this beat, but finally Green London,a Black Man took it and remained on the Board of Supervisors for many years.


Allison, A.J./06-10-1853/05-06-1903
Allison, Bessie G./03-05-1936/04-30-1996
Allison, Dora E./02-29-1884/10-08-1961
Allison, Dora F./09-14-1881/04-29-1961
Allison, Farris/06-23-1913/09-06-1968
Allison, J.J./02-21-1848/08-21-1913
Allison, John Robert/12-24-1871/11-25-1942
Allison, John Willie/04-13-1887/11-26-1892
Allison, Ollie Cox/WYF of John R./11-06-1889/07-05-1960
Allison, Robert P./02-23-1882/01-15-1934
Allison, Dau. of J.J.& V.A. Allison/01-09-1892/03-17-1898
Allison, Marker Broken/XXge ADXX-Illegible
Allison, Willaim E./MS Pvt. Quartermaster Corp.WWII/07-24-1909/12-14-1969
Double Marker
Allison, Martha E. Allison/1852/1886
Allison, Jimmie Allison/1874/1896
On rear of Marker/Margia/1870/1901/and Mattie T./1876/1901
Double Marker
Allison, Lacy L./1899/1972
Allison, Ida R./1902/1962
Double Marker
Allison, Maxine Collins/12-29-1905/08-20-1995
Allison, Mose John/07-02-1902/02-12-1973
Double Marker
Allison, Lillian Mullen/10-28-1908/08-28-1988
Allison, George Thomas ,Sr./02-26-1908/08-03-1979

Amann,Matthew Paul/husb of Joy Allison Amann/08-19-1930/02-21-2005

Baker, Jessie B./09-17-1880-08-17-1913
Baker, Lillie V./12-05-1874-12-23-1904
Baker, Henry Oscar/MS-Pvt SPRUCE Sq-02/23-1920
Butts, Frances Allison Embry/06-03-1913/11-24-1996

Chapman, Baby Son of J. & A.C./02-05-1908/04-15-1908
Collins, Bertha Lilley/WYF Of F.W./06-18-1909/06-03-1973
Clark, Ollie Mae/WYF of I.S./03-23-1895/02-26-1941
Clark, Isaac Stuart Clark/12-10-1891/12-04-1961
Double Marker
Corneilus, Lydia M./06-07-1934
Corneilus, James Neil"Pops"/03-19-1934/03-28-1996

Dean, W.J./10-29-1891/12-29-1917

Foster, Odie/MS Wagoner 162 Depot Brig/03-13-1939

Hall, Georgia A./WYF of Herbert L./09-30-1882/05-14-1901
Hyde, Charles Richard/age 57/died/10-12-1943 /12-15-2010
Double Marker/Wed.-07-10-1942
Hyde, Edna M. Campbell/06-01-1924
Hyde, Charlie W. H/01-06-1919/12-17-1985

Jones, Birdie Jones/02-14-1900/09-17-1997
Jones, Claude Jones/MS-Pvt. Co L 140 Inf WWI/11-28-1892/03-07-1956

Kyzer, William Henry/01-27-1869/08-08-1915

Lilley. Evelyn Jennings/02-04-1914/10-14-1994
Lilley, Acie Lee/10-24-1904/02-21-1976
Lilley, Annie Bell A./08-03-1885/06-22-1922
Lilley, Edward W./12-17-1888/01-15-1943
Lilley, Katie Inez/10-19-1913/10-08-1915
Lilley, Prince F./07-03-1884/03-29-1946
Lucius, Sallie/12-13-1883/10-06-1904

McHann, Billy Roy/03-16-1932/06-25-1933
McHann, Bill/MS PFC Co.A 264 Eng. BN WWII/08-16-1910/09-19-1971
McHann, Frank James/06-28-1913/10-26-1974
McHann, John O./05-27-1881/09-15-1941
McHann, John Powell Jr./Infant Son of-John & Alice B&D Winter of 1955
McHann, William S./Pfc. US Army WWII/06-27-1916/10-07-1982
Double Marker
McHann, Betty E/1884/1928
McHann, William H./1873/1936
Double Marker
McHann, Nancy Caroline/11-01-1910/10-29-2002/age 91
McHann, W. Ernest/12-17-1901/03-22-1974

Medlin, Ellan Allison/WYF of Henry/1869/1946
Meeks, John H. Meeks/05-01-1874/07-27-1919
Meredith, Frank /10-15-1898/03-08-1973
Meredith, Mattie/No Dates
Murphree, Adren Lee "Bobo"/1944/ d.-02-28-1999/ age 55 yrs., Hus. of Judy Huffman Murphree. Murphree, Judy Huffman- d.- 12-31-2007/ age 62 yrs./ wife of Adren 'Bobo" Murphree Murphree, Elija Jay/08-16-1866/12-07-1938
Murphree, Nathan/age 60/died -1-22-2011/interred 01-26-2011
Double Marker
Murphree, Dorothy L. Campbell/05-09-1922/04-13-2001/age 78
Murphree, Paul A."Pete"/04-14-1912/12-20-1995

Owens, Jack/MS Sgt Sup Co 12 Field Art WWI/01-08-1883/11-15-1959

Payne, Meek A./08-26-1896/06-27-1971
Peters, Infant Son of A.& M.E. Peters/10-27-1900/11-27-1900
Pitts, Daniel W./Children of D.W.& S.M./age 21 Days
Pitts, William W./Infant Son Child of D.W.& S.M. Pitts
Pitts, Ben E./Infant Son Child of D.W.& S.M. Pitts
Pitts, Louis J./Age 1 Mo-28 Days Child of D.W.& S.M. Pitts
Pitts, Sallie M./WYF of D.W./09-22-1861/09-12-1903

Double Marker
Robertson, Lura Belle/01-26-1932/03-24-1991
Robertson, Elmo Curtis/04-27-1920
Russell, James P./Husb of M.A./04-07-1868/01-19-1891

Smith, Lydia C./02-16-1895/03-20-1978

Teague, Minnie/1897/1964
Turner, William E./07-03-1888/02-07-1899

This information sent to Rootsweb, by: Jen Huck, December 2005

Malissa Tribbles parents were Francis Prewitt Tribble (b. 23 Jul 1811 Lancaster, SC d. 20 Nov. 1892 Tippo, MS) and Amanda Elizabeth Marion Burdeshaw (b. 12 May 1824 SC d. 10 May 1885 Yalobusha County, MS). They are buried in an unmarked grave within Needmore Cemetery in Tippo, MS.

Word, Fannie G./WYF of R.A./07-14-1867/03-09-1914


Yoffee, Ralph Leonard/02-22-1903/09-11-1981

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