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Near Scoby.
Directions to New Hope Cemetery, Miss. Highway # 35, south of Charleston approximately 1/2 mile to Tallaha Road, left on Tallaha Road to the New Hope Presbyterian Church sign on the right of road, turn right to church and Cemetery. I-55, exit west at Coffeeville exit, west to Miss. Highway # 51, right onto # 51 to Hardy-Cascilla-Rosebloom Road, west onto Hardy-Cascilla Road to Tallaha Road, right onto Tallaha Road to church sign on the left, left to church and cemetery.

This Cemetery indexed September 1997-by Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court, Tallahatchie County Mississippi.

***-Little Family research indicates burial in New Hope Cemetery ***-Family research/ Obituaries

This Cemetery indexed September 1997-by Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court, Tallahatchie County Mississippi. Every Effort has been made to make this Cemetery as accurate as possible



Arbuckle, Emma Thomas Roberson/04-11-1867/10-08-1953

 Arbuckle, Elizabeth B. “Betsy”- 05-x-1882- D.- 08-01-1957

Arbuckle, Mary Jane “Janie”- B-02-19-1879- D.-01-07-1957

Barnett, John W. Sr./04-11-1924/11-13-1982
Tripple Marker
Beckham, Annie M./05-28-1934/07-03-1986
Beckham, John Robert/01-02-1954/01-26-1959
Beckham, Cecil L., Jr./09-14-1930
Double Marker
Beeam, Tallie Flinn/05-26-1880/12-29-1952
Beeam, Zeke C./07-28-1887/06-19-1930
Boggs, Bobby Joe/01-04-1966/02-02-1982
Boggs, Helen Williams/1910/1997
Double Marker
Biffle, John M./05-06-1930
Biffle, Doris J./12-18-1933/11-03-1984
Brooks, Betty Lee/05-17-1900/10-08-1952
Brooks, Clinton R./71 yo/1928/06-14-1999/WWII Army Vet.
Bryant, Eula Milam/06-07-1895/08-25-1974
Double Marker
Bryant, Jessie H./09-16-1897/07-13-1963
Bryant, Girtrude L./07-24-1892/10-26-1972
Bryant, Wayne/03-14-1947/03-15-1947
Bryant, Griffin/02-18-1918/05-17-1946
Bryant, Cathering/08-27-1817/10-02-1966
Bryant, Joyce Ann/04-24-1945/03-17-1946

Card, Jimmy D./06-27-1953/09-25-1953
Carpenter, Ronald Joe/1942/1959
Carpenter, Clinton/08-27-1917/07-02-1945
Carpenter, Drew Purvis/01-06-1891/09-29-1932
Carpenter, M.J./07-29-1856/07-09-1926
Carpenter, Frances Leah-1862/1928
Carpenter, Henry Randolph/08-13-1871/09-27-1959
Carpenter, Louella/09-16-1877/09-23-1941
Carpenter, Curtis/02-26-1919
Double Marker
Carpenter, Nora E./05-04-1904/09-09-1992
Carpenter, Homer Judson/ 03-10-1902/ 06-15-1962
Double Marker
Carpenter, Ira/12-29-1896/06-18-1975
Carpenter, Leah C./05-04-1901/07-20-1984
Carpenter, Tandy Borto/PFC-04-08/1921-01-07-1945
Killed in Action in Luxemborg Belgium
Carpenter, Ollie Edna/12-12-1892/06-25-1897
Casey, Callie/Died 12-29-1900/Age 46
Casey, Curtis/04-15-1882-07/1891/Age 9
Casey, Infant Daughter of T.P. & L.C. Casey
Chrestman, Thomas Graden/age 65/11-03-1943/03-16-2008
Double Marker
Clolinger, Mae Bell/01-07-1882/09-15-1964
Clolinger, Joseph Lawshe/1882/1945
Coleman, Rube S./1814/1944
Coleman, Dave/1871/1933
Coleman, Maudie I./1911/1920

Coleman, Janice Marie- Infant daughter of  L. C. and Frances (Cole) Coleman

Cox, Bessie Sprouse/age 86/died 12-19-2008/
Cox, Dorris E./09-01-1929/04-09-1931
Cox, Johnny/09-02-1925/02-20-1963
Cox, Mattie T./09-08-1908/01-31-1981
Cox, Norris T./03-13-1909/12-19-1983
Double Marker
Cox, Georgia C./09-29-1880/01-14-1963
Cox, Marcus D./07-06-1878-08-06/1966
Double Marker
Cox, Retus W./08-03-1914/07-13-1967
Cox, Abbie Fowler/12-29-1916/12-02-1999
Double Marker
Cox, J.H./04-25-1850/01-31-1934
Cox, Hester/09-01-1850/06-21-1939
Double Marker
Cox, John Samuel/01-20-1885/12-26-1963
Cox, Nettie Thompson/11-16-1885/09-20-1969
Craig, Lula N.-WYF of W.F./01-28-1884/09-25-1908
Craig, P.R./03-04-1847/06-14-1913
Crotts, Margaret Shea/09-20-1982/09-20-1982

Daughtery, Clay/age 95/died 07-11-2003
Davis, Chester William Davis/Husb of Yvonne Flint/05-09-1913/09-29-1997
Davis, Clyde/10-19-1915/about 1944
Davis, Patsy Ann/Dau of Chester & Yvonne/03-09-1942/07-26-1942
Davis, Lucy Yvonne Flint Davis/WYF Of Chester William Davis/06-14-1919/09-23-1997

Debman/Denham, Isabella Jane/09-11-1865/12-11-1906

Davis, Madie Sullivan/Mother of Chester/WYF of Buford Davis/03-03-1894/10-19-1915
DeNoble, Michael Norman-d.- 03-18-2008/age 47 yrs.
Dunn, Stella Dean/03-20-1930/09-22-1971

Ellett, Clinton Earl/US Navy WWII/1930/12-20-1997/67 Years Old
Ellett, Daisy Carpenter/04-14-1886/08-22-1957
Ellett, Emmer J./09-25-1898/12-19-1898
Ellett, Kelley Gene/08-14-1955/11-19-1955
Ellett, Louisa Jane/05-21-1870/08-10-1906
Ellett, Matthew James/age 16/01-18-1990/09-09-2006
Ellett, R.H./03-25-1881/05-14-1962
Ellett, Three Markers Next to R.H. & Daisy Ellett Can not read
Ellett, William T./10-24-1865/11-27-1913
Ellett, L.J.Tribble-Unknown burial/wyf of William T. Ellett
Ellett, Martha E. Williams Ellett/Age 91
Ellett, James Torrence "J.T."/age 84/died 01-03-2013/Interred 01-05-2013
Double Marker
Ellett, James "Jimmie",Jr./09-23-1910/11-01-1984
Ellett, Nettie Ida/06-06-1905/07-16-1980

F: .

Flemmons, William Arthur, Sr.-B.- 02-22-1890- D.- Unknown

owler, Paul/PFC US ARMY WWII/11-17-1917/01-27-1990/US ARMY WWII
Fowler, Mary Joyner/01-20-1920/07-26-1990
Furman, Onida Mae/07-20-1925/07-20-1925

Gattis, Doman Humphreys/09-22-1885/02-25-1904
Gattis, Edward James "Joe"/11-28-1898/11-18-1929
Gattis, William Wrenn/02-07-1882/11-26-1992
Double Marker
Gattis, Mary Edith/02-17-1887/09-12-1887
Gattis, Edward J./01-21-1879/12-21-1879
ALL on one Marker
Gattis, Edward James/11-24-185/-11-24-1923
Gattis, Marjorie Ann Thompson/-08-12-1854/-01-23-1912
Gattis, Stella Barksdale Gattis Goodson/-X-X-1886/-01-17-1912
Gattis, William Harlan/-10-20-1896/-09-25-1920
Gattis, Stevenson "Steve"/09-10-1892/-04-20-1920
Gentry, Allen/no dates-COC 14 Ms. Lt. Art. CSA

Gentry, Lent- B.- 1905- D.- Unknown

Gentry, Merit C.- B.- 1871- D.- Unknown

Gentry, Sybley C. “Syb” Williams- B.- ca 1873- D.- Unknown

Sullivan, Mary Elizabeth Molly (Blaylock)- B.- 05-18-1860- D.-ca 1920

Gillespie, Annie Velma/Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.D. Gillespie

Hall, John Elton/age 78/07-27-1924/11-27-2002
Double Marker
Hall, Hubert V./10-09-1900/07-07-1953
Hall, Viola R./11-09-1906/03-18-1994
Hall, Kathleen Lawrence/08-23-1928/05-24-1951
Hall, John Richard-Pvt. MS MG CO 329 Infantry WWI/12-06-1892/11-09-1966
Hall, Della Milam/12-12-1861/05-27-1943
Hall, Willie W. Jr./10-02-1891/08-14-1934
Hall, L.J./09-16-1865/12-11-1905
Double Marker
Hall, John R./12-06-1892/11-09-1966
Hall, Edith T./04-02-1895/02-23-1986
Hall, William-Son of Mr. & Mrs. John/12-06-1931/12-06-1931
Hanks, S.Z./WYF of G.W. Hanks/Dau of James Peden/05-21-1851/06-04-1894
Hanks, Sarah E./WYF of J.B.,Sr./06-30-1830/01-25-1904
Harris, Mrs. Bell/06-09-1862/05-06-1935
Harris, Walter/1880/1944
Double Marker
Holland, Eddie May/04-25-1903/01-07-1933
Holland, Henry Grady/01-29-1890/07-09-1943
Double Marker
Holland, William E./07-04-1911/04-15-1971
Holland, Addie B./08-03-1910/10-15-1976
Holland, Carl Wayne/PFC MS 20 Field Art BN/09-05-1928/05-01-1956
Holland, Dorothy E./07-07-1907/04-01-1994
Holland, Edgar F./08-31-1930/10-12-1933
Holland, Effie E./12-25-1901/02-16-1948
Holland, Finnis G./06-09-1928/12-31-1928
Holland, Howard Ray/11-11-1926/10-17-1934
Holland, Irene /04-21-1915/01-23-1918
Holland, Mrs. M.W./03-16-1867/06-12-1937
Holland, Morris Dean/03-24-1937/10-17-1938
Holland, Richard R./02-01-1901/12-08-1975
Holland, Willie Shannon "Son"/02-17-1903/05-25-1971
Hoop, Frances Worsham/1916/09-13-2000
Howell, Ada Lillian/age86/11-13-1916/06-26-2003
Double Marker
Howell, Lillian Ada Little/age 86/11-13-1916/06-26-2003
Howell, Willie Frank/11-23-1917/02-24-1985

Jennings, Janie Maxine Little/02-21-1924

Kerr, Mortimer/1845 York Co, SC/1881 Tallahatchie Co Ms./Son of Zenas &
Mary Suggs Kerr.
Kilgore, Mary Jane/age 54/02-01-2001
Kyle, John Frank, Sr./10-12-1859/05-20-1938
Kyle, Ida A./07-01-1880/02-29-1976

Lawrence, Shirley Mae/10-25-1925/01-28-1929
Lawrence, Infant Dau of Mr.& Mrs. John/06-09-1942/06-09-1942
Lawrence, John Wade/PVT II Casual Co. WWII/03-03-1896/02-20-1957

Little, Jacob Wright “Jake” - B.-08-x-1889- D.-07-15-1966

Little, Ruth Eunice (Kerr)- B.-1894- D.- Unknown

Little, David H./no dates
Little, Graham, Jr./09-15-1948/09-16-1948
Little, Harry Morgan/09-03-1925/09-25-1925
Little, Jane Arbuckle/09-1839/07-04-1931
Little, John C./12-31-1907/02-12-1957
Little, Lent Nolan/08-09-1904/09-25-1905
Little, Lucindy -No Date
Little, Lucy Mae-04-21-1892-07-28-1961
Little, Maude Kerr/WYF of David H.Little/no dates
Little, Ray/11-25-1939/12-08-1939
Little, Bailey Rex/06-28/1919/12-11-2008
Little, Ruby Irene/05-09-1912/11-07-1914
Little, Susie/11-05-1915/03-21-1919
Little, Thelwood/07-16-1932/07-16-1932
Little, Tom M./11-25-1890/03-09-1937
Little, Walter Curry/02-14-1933/05-26-1971
Little, Graham George, Sr.- 06-06-1910-07-23-1970
Little, Eula Mae Tribble- 09-20-1912-01-26-2001
Double Marker
Little, Lillie Alice-01-02-1871-08-30-1858
Little, John M./06-09-1861/11-02-1912
Double Marker
Little, Jack L./02-02-1881/10-02-1967
Little, Ollie B./09-13-1889/07-25-1978
Double Marker
Little, Graham G./06-06-1910/07-23-1970
Little, Eula Mae/09-20-1912
Double Marker
Little, Spencer Hunter/01-29-1897/09-28-1965
Little, Junia Thomas/09-20-1896/03-12-1972
Tripple Marker
Little, Burtine/04-15-1925
Little, Myrtle/09-11-1900/10-31-1930
Little, Rex./06-28-1919
Double Marker
Logan, Brunette T.-/04-25-1917/10-05-1981
Lo Logan, Henry Pola “Pepper“ - B.-ca 1883- D.- ca 1934

Logan, Jim Green/11-14-1913/07-02-1968


McCammon, A.L."TIP"/07-25-1932/10-28-1999/Husb. of Lorene Rideout McCammon
McCammon, Lorene R./08-11-1928/12-10-2007
McCammon, Thomas W./08-01-1956/08-02-1956
Milam, William Harvey/Son of S.H. & K.E./09-06-1904/07-30-1907
Milam, Spencer/10-27-1881/07-31-1921
Milam, Curtis E./11-25-1913/05-30-1980
Milam, Avis Hall/09-24-1885/01-04-1983
Milam, Curtis E., Jr."C.E"/age 67/09-16-1935/01-12-2003
Milam, Dave Lewis-03-08-1886/05-22-1948
Milam, Dave B./11-03-1854-05/18-1897
Milam, George Lamar/09-11-1936/06-08-1937
Milam, William Leslie/03-05-1893/10-08-1927
Milam, Travis/Son of R.W. & S.L./04-30-1901/06-25-1902
Milam, Charlie F./04-14-1846/12-11-1923
Milam, Mary F./WYF Of C.F./06-30-1847/06-24-1911
Milam, Nettie F./11-14-1871/07-22-1879
Milam, William Harold/05-02-1949/04-16-1967
Double Marker
Milam, Corine Ellett/09-21-1926
Milam, Daniel W./12-10-1921
Double Marker
Miller, Bessie Sprouse Miller Cox/1922
Miller, Earl Deurell/1923/1982
Double Marker
Mitchell, Mary/01-05-1890/11-06-1975
Mitchell, ABB/05-08-1876/06-19-1934
Mitchell, Benjamin R./09-17-1885/08-26-1963
Mitchell, Bessie A./WYF Of E.A./07-08-1886/07-13-1926
Mitchell, Burnes Aveline/04-12-1913/05-05-1913
Mitchell, Edgar Allen/11-19-1897/05-05-1967
Mitchell, Essie Bell/died 1989
Mitchell, Elwood-Son of Abb & Mary/06-28-1924/11-14-1925
Mitchell, Infant Daughter of Abb & Mary/04-05-1930/04-07-1930
Mitchell, James B./04-25-1905/03-05-1940
Mitchell, Lela Nancy/11-07-1888/02-11-1952
Mitchell, Thomas Reginold/08-24-1915/01-21-1944
Double Marker
Mitchell, Inez Tribble/10-06-1915/07-21-1992
Mitchell, Albert Lee/12-14-1910/08-18-1984
Double Marker
Mitchell, Dorothy A./01-11-1940/08-03-1993
Mitchell, Riley J./07-25-1934
Mounce, Ollie E/06-12-1894/07-12-1894
Mounce, Infant Daughter of/F.M. & A.P. Mounce
Mounce, Infant Son/of F.M. & A.P. Mounce/08-04-1901/08-04-1901
Mounce, Nora Johnnie/09-22-1898/02-17-1902
Mounce, Infant Daughter of/F.M. & A.P. Mounce
Mullins, Doris Moore/died 09-11-2009/interred 09-15-2009
William Perry Mullins/no info
Mullen, Nettie Thomas/03-12-1900/07-10-1948
Mullen, Edgar Elgin/09-19-1904/07-10-1974
Mullins, Buster H./1947
Mullins, Blanch, C./1896-0-1978
Mullins, Harold-Infant son/of Mr. & Mrs. Buster H./01-11-1935
Mullins, Gerald-Infant son of Mr. & Mrs.Buster H./01-11-1935
Mullins, Mary E./09-16-1892/11-09-1977
Mullins, Walter Lucian/02-28-1883/02-26-1938
Mullins, W.T./10-08-1879/08-23-1917
Mullins, Dorris M./10-24-1927
Mullins, Walter P./09-28-1911/08-07-1987
Mullins, Richard P./Tech 4 334 Inf. S4/inf Div WWII/09-24-1914/02-21-1972
Mullins, Frank (Shorty)-05-16-1886-02-23-1953
Mullins, Lacy Jane/WYF of Edward/1853/08-11-1946
Mullins, Edward Sims/09-1843/12-05-1918
Mullins, Luther B./05-19-1919/10-25-1987

Neal, Thelma L./12-05-1921/03-25.2010
Newton, Lawrence/SP2 MS 340 Signal Bm-Korea /11-20-1932/06-07-1958
Newton, Ollie T./01-26-1909/03-13-1943
Newton, Roberts/04-17-1906/03-21-1989
Newsom, Carley Lee/08-29-1923/03-23-1925
Newsom, Douglas M./11-07-1904/09-19-1917

Ocampo, Ollie Nanena/1953/1995

Parker, Justine Nichole Parker/Dau of Tonya Parker/01-27-1988/05-07-1988
Pendergast, John /Father of Mrs. W.E. Thomas/died 1915/obit
Pruett, Sadie L./05-15-1888/05-28-1977
Pyron, Janie E./07-12-1914
Pyron, Randy/Son of Jane E. Pyron/05-01-1956/05-26-1972


Rideout ,Detonia -07-02-1960 03- 31-2004
Rideout, Julius W., Sr./Husb of Mable Thomas Rideout/age 90/10-25-1909/10-09-2000 Double Marker-Wed./11-05-1927
Rideout, Julius W. Sr./10-25-1909
Rideout, Mable T./08-08-1905/02-22-1990
Rideout, Julius,"sonny"/age 77/died 01-15-2012/interred 01-18-2012
Rideout, Thomas M./10-02-1950/10-02-1950
Rideout, Bobby Gene/04-29-1939/11-17-1986
Double Marker
Rideout, Addie Lou/08-27-1903/02-03-1989
Rideout, Thomas Roy/12-18-1905/05-28-1976
Rideout, Hazel/04-10-1928/06-02-1930
Rideout, Julius "Sonny"/age 77/died 01-15-2012/interred 01-17-2012
Double Marker
Roberson, Pansy M./age 88/09-19-1918/11-11-2006
Roberson, Mary Emma/02-11-1937/06-30-1930
Roberson, Frank M./01-10-1908
Roberson, Fred/03-13-1903/05-31-1937
Roberson, Frank/04-01-1882/12-15-1912
Roberson, Mildred Inez H./07-04/1912-02-21-1998
Roberson, Paul Fred/10-17-1933/10-28-1984
Roberson, Jane Haynes/1824/1906
Roberson, Mable Winifred/10-22-1895/01-04-1896
Roberson, Mildred Hubbert/07-04-1912/02-21-1998
Double Marker
Robinson, Pearl Jones/10-02-1907/03-24-1990
Robinson, William David/08-13-1902/06-12-1984
Rounsaville, George W./04-12-1872/10-12-1956
Rounsaville, Mary E./11-11-1878/12-09-1957
Double Marker
Rounsaville, James/1913/1913
Rounsaville, Doris/1914/1918
Rounsaville, Hester Ruby/11-09-1904/12-08-1904
Double Marker
Rounsaville, Lou Ellen/05-19-1889/02-20-1972
Rounsaville, William Edgar/02-14-1875/09-03-1929

Sanders, Margie Elizabeth/11-28-1940/10-06-1984

Sides, Nancy Ann (Reynolds)- B.- 02-18-1830- D.- Unknown
Double Marker
Simpson, Morris Cullen/10-22-1903/01-23-1991
Simpson, Lula Roberson-07-20-1900-10-23-1993
Staten, Robert Lee/Wife Ava Wiggins Staten/age 59/05-24-1946/02-19-2006
Double Marker
Staten, Metz/08-27-1913/04-16-1982
Staten, Laura Lindley/03-20-1921/01-21-1997
Double Marker
Staton, Calvin L./1888/1949
Staton, Rosa Roberson/09/1888/1974
Correction: R.K. Stevens b. 2-4-1833 d. 12-7-1873
Stevens, J.E./07-27-1836/05-18-1906
Stevens, Lewis Champ/04-13-1866/07-05-1914
Stewart, Winnie E./1930/1997
Stovall, Hugh Pope/age 83/05-01-1921/06-09-2004
Stovall, Jerry/07-23-1952/04-07-1975
Sullivan, Namie/06-09-1852/03-11-1932
Sullivan, W.B./10-12-1854/05-01-1941
Double Marker
Sullivan, Clara I. Sheley/10-28-1909/11-26-1972
Sullivan, W.C. "Clint"/09-04-1907/03-20-1982
Double Marker
Sullivan, Edwin M./Twin Son of WC&CI-07-17-1938/01-10-1939
Sullivan, Edward H./Twin Son of WC&CI-07-17-1938/04-12-1939

Double Marker
Thomas, Betty Jean/03-20-1930/10-09-1980
Thomas, R.C. "Dent"/03-22-1924/11-28-1991
Thomas, Clifton/illegible
Thomas, Cora/Can not read
Thomas, Kermit/died-04-09-1910/age 9 Months
Thomas, Johnny Eugene/age36/01-16-1967/07-15-2003
Double Marker
Thomas, Blanch B./04-14-1893/04-04-1899
Thomas, Mary Alma/12-30-1894/09-04-1899

Thomas, Alice Lillian/age 84/04-04-1920/05-24-2004
Thomas, James Andrew/07-21-1898/08-08-1899
Thomas, Eva/02-14-1903
Thomas, Edna Mae Ellett/11-09-1931/03-18-1966
Thomas, Mary/1867/1949
Thomas, William/12-27-1888/06-08-1926
Thomas, Clifford/03-18-1905/01-02-1977
Thomas, Ray/01-16-1950/02-02-1988
Thomas, John/age 89/09-12-1913/05-27-2003/husb of Alice Thomas
Thomas, Johnny Eugene/age 36/01-16-1967/07-15-2003
Double Marker
Thomas, Mary L./01-18-1924
Thomas, William G./04-22-1915/04-27-1976
Thomas, Virginia Tribble/1857/1869
Double Marker
Thomas, John G./04-22-1883/12-26-1969
Thomas, Jennie L./05-25-1895/08-06-1983
Thomas, Angeline Gattis/07-13-1837/04-07-1913
Thomas, Harper/10-28-1880/10-07-1910
Tripple Marker
Thomas, Travis W./07-11-1907/02-05-1991
Thomas, Jack E./06-23-1945/09-02-1945
Thomas, Lillie Mae/10-11-1913/09-02-1945
Thomas, William W./CPL-MS US. Army/05-10-1930/09-06-1958
Double Marker
Thomas, J.A./08-09-1872/11-17-1933
Thomas, M.E./02-25-1876/11-19-1924
Thomas, Isom W./01-11-1834/04-16-1924/ Stanfords Btry. Miss. L.A.CSA
Thomas, William Gray/04-15-1909/02-12-1914
Thomas, Tandy Monroe/07-18-1919/07-17-1919
Thomas, Brenda Gay/09-19-1939/09-20-1949
Thomas, Edna Mae Ellett/11-09-1931/03-18-1966
Thompson, E.L./01-20-1869/01-01-1946
Thompson, J.G./03-08-1861/03-18-1902
Thompson, Glandy May/01-25-1892/09-17-1892
Thompson, Infant Son of E.L./07-08-1903/07-12-1893
Thompson Alta Isne /09-02-1894/05-27-1896
Tribble, Ruby Glynn/12-03-1917/03-06-1918
Tribble, Harry Harrison/10-08-1915/03-23-1992
Tribble, James M./10-27-1842/11-14-1925
Tribble, Lavinia Burnes/09-24-1848/06-23-1928
Tribble, Jessie Marguerite Briscoe/04-09-1921/06-18-2009
Double Marker
Tribble, W.S./03-31-1879/03-15-1948
Tribble, M.A./07-24-1881/02-22-1943
Tribble, Addie/11-30-1905/12-11-1939
Double Marker
Tribble, Katie L./01-26-1905/10-15-1975
Tribble, Jame T./03-29-1902/01-20-1987
Turman, Ouida Mae/07-20-1925/07-20-1925

Double Marker
Wiggins, Archie Eugene/12-11-1917/02-26-1981
Wiggins, Evvie Jewell/02-06-1917
Double Marker
Wiggins, William Hines/03-01-1891/11-28-1966
Wiggins, Alma Corley/11-08-1897/11-09-1966
Wiggins, Jim/04-27-1894/02-16-1979
Wiggins, George E./1941/1946
Williams, Lester Wayne/age 57/12-05-1943/12-18-2000
Double Marker/Wed/07-26-1952
Williams, Annie Francine/10-23-1932/01-20-2013
Williams, Marion T./02-02-1932
Williams, William Henry/08-25-1925/08-25-1925
Williams, Effie Rose Lawrence/08-14-1904/04-21-1986
Williams, Mae Bell/05-24-50/02-24-51
Williams, George M./1874/1963
Williams, Marion T./Age 78/02-02-1932/03-22-2010
Williams, Vinnie Elizabeth-1874/1966
Double Marker
Williams, Thomas M./01-16-1906/12-20-1979
Williams, Willie M. Rose/11-12-1908/01-06-1970
Double Marker
Williams, Georgia B./1926/1987
Williams, Albert W./1926/1993
Tripple Marker
Williams, Eunice B./1915/1929
Williams, Minnie E./1895/1934
Williams, Lon J./1892/1954
Williams, Mae Evelyn/02-21-1924/07-12-1926
Williams, Joe Wayne/04-1937/11-1937
Double Marker
Williams,Lizzie Ann/03-14-1871/02-07-1964
Williams,Albert Louis/12-11-1867/07-16-1933
Winter, James william age 61/04-10-1945/10-23-2006
Double Marker
Winter, William F./01-28-1892/03-23-1972
Winter, Minnie L./07-15-1894/06-09-1979
Double Marker
Winter, Lollies Azline/07-12-1921/05-22-1987
Winter, Francis B./02-16-1913/02-23-1999
Wolfe, George Albert/Son of Mr.& Mrs. Silas/10-18-1924
Double Marker
Worsham, Brooking/07-13-1909
Worsham, Frances W. Hoop/03-21-1916
Double Marker
Worsham, I.V./08-21-1910/09-08-1986
Worsham, Daniel/11-24-1907/01-18-1989
Worsham, A.C./04-19-1933/10-17-1938
Worsham, Joseph W./03-07-1890/04-07-1922
Worsham, George/10-07-1892/10-09-1918
Worsham, Mary L./WYF of Joe W./12-23-1857/01-25-1924
Worsham, Joe W. /06-05-1853/03-06-1915
Worsham, William A./11-09-1816/05-20-1906
Wrenn, Wilmer M./08-21-1910
Wrenn, Johnnie E./12-18-1921

Wrenn, Eula Mae/09-20-1912//01-26-2001/age 88/OES

List of Cemeterys

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