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Oakland, Mississippi

This Cemetery indexed September 1997-by Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court, Tallahatchie County Mississippi.

Adams, Charles Lee/PFC-MS-53-Guard Co ASC WWI/11-25-1886/11-16-1955
Adams, George W./WWI/1887/1948
Adams, Cody/Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Houston Adams/1942
Adams, Charles Leonard/Cpl US Army WWII/05-09-1915/04-12-1985
Adams, William Payne/age 73/died 01-02-2007/ Double Marker
Adams, Pearl M./1894/1964
Adams, William J./1889/1967
Double Marker
Adams, Marvin Jefferson/01-13-1912/01-04-1984
Adams, Sadie Nelson/05-30-1911/12-30-1992
Allen, Rosie L. Adams/12-26-1880/09-14-1964

Double Marker
Gray, Mary Wrenn/1895/1982
Gray, Dorsey Monroe/1890/1956
Double Marker
Gray, William C./07-03-1860/02-07-1944
Gray, Corinth P./06-16-1864/03-14-1944

Griffin, Cedrick Michael/age 26 /from injuries in an auto accident/02-18-2007/04-24-1980

Haley, Morris Stuart/11-19-1951/09-19-1978
Haley, Martin C. Jr./Sgt.MS 4525 Base Unit AAF WWII/01-04-1922/12-04-1969
Haley, William Martin "Marty"/age 55/died 07-20-2009/interred 07-22-2009
Hicks, Charles/Inf. Son of Mr.& Mrs.E.B./12-03-1948/02-13-1941
Howell, Reece M./10-02-1926/03-01-1961
Double Marker
Howell, Ada Blanche/09-13-1890/03-26-1967
Howell, Arthur T./07-30-1889/07-25-1967

Jones, Helen Morgan/02-08-1912/12-20-1937
Double Marker
Jones, Douglas McClure/07-30-1945/05-29-1992
Jones, Connie Sue/02-08-1948
Double Marker
Jones, Ida Bell Douglas/age 76/07-07-1926/02-02-2003
Jones, James H./04-11-1921/11-12-1977

King, James R. Jr/age 61/10-20-1946/09-16-2008

McFerrin, Ada Gray/08-18-1888/03-13-1963
McFerrin, Frank L./12-08-1890/03-23-1967
Double Marker
McFerrin, Carrie Lou/12-23-1907
McFerrin, Johnnie Brown-08-14-1903/11-20-1970

Morgan, Addie Bell/12-08-1879/02-20-1954
Morgan, Arthur Davis/Pvt.11 Recrute Depot WWI/01-09-1898/11-08-1969
Morgan, B.C./04-25-1852/05-28-1936
Morgan, Earline/11-11-1931/08-06-1942
Morgan, Helen Adams/06-21-1869/09-07-1960
Morgan, Madeline/1922/1936
Morgen, Morris P., Sr./age 83/Korean Conflict/died 01-11-2012/interred 01-13-2012
Double Marker/Wed 12-20-1935
Morgan, Jim L./12-12-1909/03-22-1988
Morgan, Viola/11-08-1911
Double Marker
Morgan, Birdie Barton/03-02-1904/07-05-1997
Morgan, Lewis/05-08-1906/12-08-1982
Double Marker
Morgan, Madie McCullar/02-16-1889/12-11-1987
Morgan, William H./02-27-1881/09-29-1978
Double Marker
Morgan, Annie I./07-12-1903/40-28-1991
Morgan, Charles E./05-07-1906/07-03-1976

Nelson, Damon Noel/age 20/11-22-1984/08-11-2005, from injuries auto accident
Nelson, Ernest A./Pfc. MS. 610 Base Unit AAF-WWII/03-12-1909/12-08-1970
Nelson, Elizabeth N./10-03-1869/08-05-1962
Nelson, Ira N., Jr./02-19-1941/01-29-1970
Nelson, Durow Allen/10-02-1939/04-13-1992
Nelson, Sadie B. Chandler/age 77/died 09-14-2000
Double Marker
Nelson, Marjorie M./12-11-1919/06-24-2007
Nelson, Ira N./08-17-1912/02-26-1994
Double Marker
Nelson, Beatrice/age 97/12-23-191306-22-2011
Nelson, Taylor/12-25-1905/01-31-1976
Double Marker
Nelson, James W./11-23-1895
Nelson, Bertha G./07-11-1899/02-25-1971
Noel, Ruth/08-19-1901/12-30-1985
Double Marker
Noel, John E./11-24-1865/04-15-1952
Noel, Ella C./02-04-1872/11-30-1955

Ray, William Henderson/Sgt.Ms.Hq.BTRY 943 FA BN WWII/BSM/02-01-1920/09-06-1955

Schramm, Maggie T.hompson/age 70/died 11-16-2010
Double Marker
Scott, George Ross/11-27-1920
Scott, Gwendolyn Adams/03-09-1925/12-28-1993
Double Marker
Slaughter, Jollie Thomas/12-15-1905/05-26-1962
Slaughter, Annie Nelson S. Murphree/12-12-1905/05-27-1992

Townsend, Mary Helen/1924/1993

Double Marker
Wrenn, Lela Ellett/06-09-1903/12-28-1981
Wrenn, John Herron/MS Cook US Army WWI/10-23-1896/04-06-1973

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