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Oakland Cemetery

Without the many hours of work Nick has put into indexing this and the other cemeteries, there would not be a "Cemetery Book for Tallahatchie County, Mississippi. This one was indexed February 1998 by Nick Denley.

Adams, Homer Houston-/ 02-09-1908-/ 12-18-1967
Adams, Lillie Lou Crenshaw-/ 02-25-1913-/ 05-11-1993
Adams, John Cody/11-07-1905/06-xx-1920
Adams, John Smith/03-10-1874/01-06-1952
Adams, Martin Davis/08-16-1894/02-24-1983/PFC US Army/WWI
Adams, Sallie H./11-18-1880/01-23-1910
Double Marker
Addington, Charles David/01-18-1898 /03-17-1952/MS 140 Field Arty 39 Div/WWI
Addington, Louis Lee/05-27-1905
Aldy, Clay A./10-28-1984/11-15-1984
Double Marker
Allen, Leona L./1873/1953
Allen, William A./1875/1934
Allen, George/11-15-1899/Infant son of William A. and Leona L. Allen
Allen, Emma Houston/01-17-1877/11-25-1959
Allen, George A./ 04-07-1833/ 03-16-1912/South Carolina, Capt Kelly's Co Lt Arty CSA
Allen, Green Sayle/12-30-1878 /02-21-1956
Allen, Margaret/02-09-1905/02-09-1905
Allen, Melissa A./08-31-1847/05-17-1918
Allen, Robert M., Jr./05-06-1904/05-06-1904/Born & Died same day
Allen, Robert Marshall/ 3-10-1871/05-03-1921
Alvis, George/01-06-1890/08-25-1919
Anderson, David Warren/ 09-30-1934/11-07-1985
Auger, Johnny, Jr./03-25-1955 /03-26-1955
Auger, Nell Matthews/08-19-1919/04-05-1984
Baddley, Kathleen M./08-18-1915/08-12-1967
Bahner, Birtie Jo "Jody"/10-27-1938 /03-12-1992
Bailey, Andrew J./10-31-1883/01-30-1920
Bailey, Durrett Meaders/age 91/03-27-1911/12-20-2002/WWII Vet.
Bailey, Margie Ivy/10-05-1913 /09-07-1991
Bailey, Margaret M./age 89/died 11-20-2006/interned 11-22-2006
Bailey, Minnie Sayle/01-08-1877/04-15-1971
Bailey, Pryor Spencer/08-25-1876/03-28-1939
Bailey, Pryor Spencer, Jr./10-30-1908/07-10-1969
Bailey, Rebecca/11-12-1901/12-10-1905/Dau of Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Bailey
Double Marker
Bailey, Annie Rebecca/08-31-1849/04-21-1914
Bailey, John Isham/03-23-1847/07-22-1915
Double Marker
Bailey, Ben Townes, Sr./08-04-1916/11-15-1982
Bailey, Mildred Griffin/03-24-1930
Double Marker
Bailey, Evelyn/03-08-1905/07-06-1907/Dau of P.S. & M.S. Bailey
Bailey, Infant/07-31-1907/08-28-1907/Dau of P.S. & M.S. Bailey
Baker, Walter Wagner/12-17-1840/01-06-1909/PVT 2 MOS CAV C.S.A.
Double Marker
Barber, Inez Benson/08-17-1904/07-31-1992
Barber, James E./ 06-17-1905/ 09-10-1978
Barnes, Frances/11-08-1903/06-19-1904
Barwick, Laura Virginia Trout/12-22-1946
Barwick, William James, M.D./ 01-03-1945/ 05-30-1992
Bell, Emma Moore/ 04-09-1880/ 09-07-1918/ Wyf of V.M. Bell
Bell, Infant Son/04-11-1922/04-11-1922/Infant son of L.B. & S.R. Bell
Bell, Lela Hodge /06-22-1869 /07-23-1946
Bell, Luella Burford/04-09-1900/07-19-1928/Wyf of S.R Bell
Bell, Mildred H./ 05-04-1908/01-16-1985
Bell, William A./ 11-13-1904/ 05-03-1979
Double Marker
Bell, Mattie Hunt /08-14-1891 /06-30-1984
Bell, Perkins Edward/03-19-1892/10-04-1969
Double Marker
Benson, Bessie H./09-28-1901/09-10-1996
Benson, Hardy B./06-23-1901/10-19-1988

GRAND-PAP"--Errected to his memory by his Young Marsters"
"BORN A SLAVE-Faithful as A Slave-Faithful As a Freed Man"
Black, Alexander/"Born A Slave"/11-01-1845/12-11-1930

Black, Elizabeth Farned /09-11-1873 /07-30-1952/Wyf of Wm Keith Black
Black, W.M. /01-09-1867 /10-11-1935
Black, William Keith/1872/1931
Blaylock, Edith A./03-27-1923 /12-06-1989
Boland, Anne Mason/11-08-1934 /07-24-1981
Boland, Infant/1956
Double Marker
Boland, Eva C./07-20-1908/11-27-1992/"MOTHER"
Boland, Mildred C./03-29-1926 /06-28-1974 /"DAUGHTER"
Boyd, Mildred Hunt/10-03-1919 /01-15-1986
Bradford, Sadie Rose/04-06-1884/09-29-1969
Bradford, Thomas Clark/09-05-1879/04-29-1938
Brevard, Sidney Adair/12-29-1913/11-18-1962/MS Sgt US Army/WWII
Broome, Charles H./03-23-1868/08-18-1916
Broome, Alphonso J./08-12-1900/09-11-1941
Broome, Hattie Mae/06-20-1910 /02-11-1911
Broome, May Black /02-20-1876 /12-11-1941
Brown, Dock Arthur/1874/1950
Brown, Ouida Lyon /1879/1931
Burford, DeWit Desotota /04-06-1855 /01-17-1946
Burford, Gordon N./05-01-1883/10-24-1944
Burns, James Edgar/age 67/01-17-1934/03-20-2001
Burns, Sybil Goodwin-1943-06-13-1998
Double Marker/WED-02-08-1930
Burns, Jennie V. Benson /10-18-1908 /02-xx-1989
Burns, Josie E./04-17-1907/12-10-1993
Burt, George Lee "Gran"/02-03-1900/05-08-1981
Burt, Joe L./08-25-1932 /11-05-1913/MS TSgt US Air Force
Butler, Grady Wolfe, Lt Col./01-16-1912/02-15-1984/US Army/WWII/Korea
Caffey, Louise Black/12-23-1896/06-07-1936
Caffey, Samuel Cleveland/11-24-1884 /03-19-1965
Callaway, Albert B./1883/1928
Callaway, Belle Duke/1876/1952/Wyf of G.E. Callaway
Callaway, Georgia Lester/1909 /1912/Dau of A.B. Calloway
Callaway, Georgia P. /1885/1922
Calloway, Georgia P./1885-1922
Callaway, Gilbert Evans /1872/1959
Callaway, William C. Sr./05-04-1914 /02-03-1979/Tech 4,US Army/WWII
Callihan, Michael Dane "Mike", Sr/age 59/07-02-1949/10-10-2008
Double Marker
Carvan, Kelly Ellis/11-24-1910/04-19-1990
Carvan, Orland Hyde/08-22-1909/11-06-1987
Carr, Clyde Black /07-03-1894 /09-03-1943
Carr, Douglas/09-05-1893/01-21-1962
Carr, Edward Crawford/05-27-1886/09-23-1988/Son of Jennie & M. Carr
Double Marker
Carr, Edward M./10-07-1855/04-16-1924
Carr, Jennie C./07-03-1858/10-20-1914
Carr, Edwin Gilkey/07-23-1890/07-19-1910
Double Marker
Caulder, Barney Sanford 07-20-1905/04-01-1993
Caulder, Mabell Martin/04-15-1904
Double Marker/WED.-10-15-1949
Caulder, Barney Sanford, Jr./10-25-1927/07-08-1997
Clark, John Melvin/1889/1993
Clark, Ruth Herron/1894 /1981
Clogston, Chas W./08-02-1857
Clogston, Lilla McIntosh/09-13-1888 /01-01-1991
Clogston, Malissa T./07-08-1860/11-30-1919/Wyf of Chas W. Clogston
Clogston, William T./08-10-1881/01-08-1926
Double Marker
Coaten, Ruth P./08-18-1923
Coaten, William C./07-13-1919 /01-07-1991 /PFC US Army/WWII
Double Marker
Cochran, Carrie Norris/05-20-1903/09-09-1984
Cochran, Charles Summer/10-05-1896/08-22-1964
Double Marker
Coker, Laura Pettit/03-17-1950
Coker, W. Wesson, II/10-20-1948/04-15-1987
Double Marker
Coker, Lorene (Haynes)age 95/ 08-17-1911/11-15-2006/interned 11-17-2006
Coker, Wilburn W. Sr./05-20-1912/04-01-1976/CM2 US Navy/WWII
Cooper, Ernest Mathews/ 12-28-1948/08-16-1952
Coulde, Mother/1870/1958
Double Marker
Comegys, Cora Hughes/05-06-1908/08-31-1988
Comegys, John Pearce/05-04-1907/01-18-1965
Double Maker
Covington, Gertrude Timmons/01-25-1914
Covington, Ivan Clayton/04-29-1909/05-10-1990/CMM US Navy/WWII
Criss, Bernice Lovejoy/09-20-1907/11-29-1978
Criss, James Robert/01-16-1908/10-19-1993
Crow, Alice B./06-11-1874/02-17-1961
Double Marker
Crowell, Cletus/03-23-1890/04-14-1975
Crowell, Eunice M./11-02-1896/12-14-1974
Crow, George W./07-27-1854/05-31-1919
Dees, Jo Helen Reese/06-14-1930
Delk, John W./1870/1952
Delk, Mary Worsham/1883/1964
Dollahite, Clara Steel/12-11-1886/08-30-1958/Wyf of L.L. Dollahite
Dollahite, Leslie Lamar/02-25-1887/07-30-1960
Dollahite, Leslie, Jr./08-20-1914/06-27-1917
Double Marker
Dollahite, Mary Kathrine/01-24-1849 /01-02-1929
Dollahite, Thomas J./03-17-1852/02-17-1940
Donaldson, Dr. Joel S./10-25-1867/10-25-1950
Donaldson, Elizabeth/01-07-1910/11-30-1911
Donaldson, Ludie Chennault/01-14-1878/01-24-1962
Donaldson, Mary Belle/02-13-1907/06-11-1988
Double Maker
Donaldson, James S./11-10-1915/06-13-1991 /SSgt US Army Air Corps
Donaldson, Mary Howe/12-17-1923/02-06-1993
Double Marker
Farned, Bettie Orr/10-10-1838 /01-21-1911 /Wyf of J.W. Farned
Farned, James W./ 05-08-1846/ 03-31-1927/
Ford, Addie Hall/ 08-20-1886/ 08-11-1920/
Ford, Charlie T./ 03-10-1885/ 04-10-1950/
Ford, Earl B./11-14-1906/06-06-1965
Ford, Irene H./12-15-1910/09-10-1975
Ford, J.G./ 3-01-1855/04-27-1925
Ford, Willie E./05-12-1880/12-06-1955
Ford, Wm Boyd, III/10-25-1949 /05-01-1972
Double Marker
Ford, Charles W./ 12-29-1916/ 04-15-1982
Ford, Dorothy W./ 04-20-1929
Double Marker
Ford, Roy Patton/ 1893/1968
Ford, Mavourleen Bradley/1893/1978
Double Marker
Ford, Roy Harold/ 04-13-1919/03-28-1996
Ford, Effie Phillips/07-30-1923
Forrest, Barbara Nell/08-29-1943
Double Marker
Forrest, Mary Lee Phelps/10-04-1901 /06-16-1991
Forrest, Saunders D./11-09-1901/08-28-1974
Double Marker/Wed-03-25-1950
Forrest, Edward Provine/07-17-1921
Forrest, Ouida Caldwell/09-09-1919
Double Marker
Franklin, Cora P./02-27-1906/ 03-30-1984
Franklin, Wayne/02-25-1898/03-03-1950/MS PFC 107 AMMO TN 32 DIV/WWI
Frost, Edwards Newton/08-08-1893/02-02-1964
Frost, Esther L./ 1867/ 1949
Frost, George Wright/11-27-1934/12-25-1934
Frost, Hazel McKnight/02-17-1908/08-17-1994
Frost, James Wilson/10-30-1881/09-18-1968
Frost, Mary Swearengen/ 1887/ 1931
Frost, Mattie Crow/06-03-1888 /10-03-1911 /Wyf of James W. Frost
Frost, William Newton/05-28-1863/10-19-1949
Gillespie, Frank A./01-13-1893/10-12-1984
Gillespie, Willallah Moore/11-08-1903/04-13-1986
Gillett, William O. "Bill",Jr./09-21-1949 /12-29-1966
Gordin, Anna Goff /1884 /1975
Gordin, Ben W./1887/1948
Grady, Larry Bruce/age 47/husb of Eva Jones Grady/06-01-1955/06-15-2002
Graham, Edgar DeWitt/10-05-1861/05-02-1907
Graves, John M./07-19-1892/05-18-1950
Hall, Edna/11-19-1918/06-02-1970/Dau of Mr & Mrs. J.C.Hall
Hall, John C./06-24-1888/06-01-1932
Hall, Mary E./05-08-1889/11-20-1969
Harris, Sarah Jane/09-07-193212-27-2012
Double Marker
Harris, Joseph Reid/07-04-1902/01-12-1969
Harris, Minnie H./03-22-1902/ 08-24-1993
Hartley, John B./ 04-24-1886/ 02-18-1957
Hartley, Martin Russell/08-31-1921/05-31-1952
Hartley, Robert T., Jr./10-29-1940/03-14-1978
Double Marker
Hartley, Ginger J./09-19-1954/12-24-1970
Hartley, Lester V./11-23-1927/12-24-1970/MS Tech5 HQ U Army/WWII
Hawks, Mary Bell Pritchard/01-10-1927/10-31-1986
Haynes, Allen M. "Mac", Jr./09-17-1943/12-28-1976
Haynes, M. Jeanette/03-11-1885/08-27-1962
Haynes, Marvin J./08-15-1886/02-26-1961
Haynes, Roy /01-11-1908/09-29-1908/ Son of Mr. & Mrs. M.J. Haynes
Haynes, Ruth Leona/02-21-1916 /05-30-1917 /Dau of Mr. & Mrs M.J. Haynes
Double Marker
Haynes, Alma Lucille/02-25-1919/01-12-1979
Haynes, Marvin Jacob, Jr./07-22-1917
Herron, Alphonso H./07-23-189210-20-1976/ 1St. Sgt. US Army/WWI
Herron, Bettie Moore/1848/1925
Herron, David Luckey/1878/1946
Herron, F.N./03-12-1870/01-09-1903
Herron, Isabel Hobbs/1882/1937
Herron, Phyllis K./1918/1983/"ANDMAMA"
Herron, Vernon A., Sr./ 1877/ 1963
Hester, Mary M./ 01-31-1893/ 05-03-1978
Herron, Vernon Aubrey, Jr./age 94/10-29-1907/12-03-2001/widower of Phyllis Kay Herron
Herron, Phyllis K./11-03-1918-03-1983/
Double Marker
Herron, A.P./07-02-1864 /12-31-1936
Herron, Kate Scott/11-23-1865 /05-12-1916 /Wyf Of A.P. Herron
Double Marker
Herron, Fountain P./05-07-1838/05-10-1875
Herron, Jane Black/06-12-1841 /03-23-1917
Hester, Mary M. / 01-31-1893/ 05-03-1978
Hickey, Glover C. /09-01-1912 /10-08-1986
Hicks, Beverly Ann/10-26-1948
Hill, Mary Lucas/ 08-02-1888/ 09-09-1968
Hill, Thomas E./1890/1951
Double Marker
Hill, Clyde Gaines/07-12-1907 /10-30-1991
Hill, Charlie Brown/03-27-1908/07-13-1986
Holland, Doris L./1910/1931
Holland, John S./1875/1939
Holland, Lizzie Milam/1884/1987
Holland, Thomas E., Sr./age 84/06-29-1918/01-19-2003/WWII Vet, Army Air Corps
Double Marker
Holland, Alva B./1912/ 1962
Holland, Mildred W./1921
Double Marker
Holland, Clyde Evelyn/02-09-1906/08-01-1994
Holland, Carders Coulter/no dates/nodates
Holland, Marders Coulter/age 93/04-11-1908/07-09-2001
Houston, Homer/02-09-1908/12-18-1967
Houston, Tina Mae / 02-16-1924 / 02-08-1992
Huggins, Dempsey W., Jr./05-20-1942 /02-02-1943
Hugher, Sarah Jane/06-30-1939 /06-30-1939 /Infant Dau of Howard & Mary Hughes
Hughes, Albert Burt/Infant Son of R.E. & M. Hughes
Hughes, Albert Euclid/ 09-03-1866/ 04-17-1955
Hughes, Bettie Jane/09-02-1929/Infant Dau of R.E. & M.B. Hughes
Hughes, Carson, Sr./11-28-1888/09-15-1956
Hughes, Howard Wright/06-07-1901/10-02-1976
Hughes, James Franklin/age 75/12-12-1925/12-20-2000
Hughes, Mary Williams/03-16-1906/05-09-1977
Hughes, Mason F./10-25-1905/01-21-1973
Hughes, Minnie Barry/09-29-1871/05-05-1948
Hughes, Olive Hodge/01-15-1890/12-27-1943
Double Marker
Hughes, Cecelia Cates/06-22-1936
Hughes, James Howard/03-03-1930/07-29-1989/RUSN US Navy/ Kores
Double Marker
Hughes, James Willie/05-08-1891/05-08-1961
Hughes, Mary Robinson/12-23-1890/06-22-1988
Hunt, Fannie/1893 /1946
Double MarkerT
Hunt, Fred Sam, Sr./02-29-1896/10-25-1979
Hunt, Vannie McCullar/ 02-11-1896/ 01-26-1985
Jones, Bernice Pauline Cocharn/age 74/12-17-1925/07-30-2001/Wyf of Powell Jones
Jackson, Lee/1855 /1929
Jackson, Lee, Jr. /1890 /1929
Jackson, Willie Womack/ 1857/1939
Jennings, Albert Riley/ 02-08-1915/ 12-16-1987
Johnson, Grover W./1887 /1973
Johnson, Lillian Jackson/1884 /1969
Johnston, Clyde Walters Hartley/07-16-1896/05-05-1982
Jumper, Emily M./ 1897/ 1941
Double Marker
Kerr, J.D./ 08-11-1835/04-26-1911
Kerr, M.G./ 01-14-1846/02-03-1903
Double Marker
Kerr, Albert F. Burt/03-03-1872/05-28-1912
Kerr, Bettie/01-30-1875 /02-08-1934
Krupechak, Charles/age 76/died 09-04-2007/interned 09-06-2007-Oakland Cemetery/US Navy Vet
Kuykendall, Effie Lou/10-28-1867/10-13-1947
Kuykendall, Fannie/no date/no date
Kuykendall, George A./1897/1930
Kuykendall, Kathleene/1898/1987
Kuykendall, Mary Dell/11-24-1932/12-04-1934
Kuykendall, Mattie Bailey/03-12-1850/01-09-1924
Kuykendall, Thomas Ransom/06-11-1901/02-18-1978
Kuykendall, William C./ 04-20-1863/ 08-24-1931
Kuykendall, Zenie Wooten/08-02-1890 /03-08-1976
Ladd, Fonnie Black/07-28-1908 /03-19-1994 /Husband of Rosa Segrest Ladd, Father of Larry Segrest Ladd
Ladd, H. Thomas/09-15-1851/01-12-1912
Ladd, Hattie K./05-18-1853/09-27-1933
Ladd, Henry Thomas, III "Little June"/09-25-1918/10-08-1923
Ladd, Henry Thomas, Jr./05-29-1886/03-19-1937/Wed./Mary Charlotte Saunders/ 06-05-1907/at Charleston Methodist Church/Presbyterian Deacon
Ladd, Mary Charlotte Saunders /10-27-1885 /04-15-1976 /Wife of Henry Thomas Ladd Jr, Mother of, Henry Thomas Ladd III and Fonnie Black Ladd.
Double Marker
Landrith, Clide Verono/05-30-1900/10-26-1983/Pvt. US Army/WWI
Landrith, Mattie Lou/06-15-1902/11-03-1993
Langhofer, Godfrey Alfred/10-10-1890/06-24-1968
Langhofer, Mary Louise Wilbourn/09-05-1904/03-25-1966
Langley, Martha W./02-18-1856 /01-12-1931
Langley, Rev. A.W./11-01-1844 /01-23-1929
Langston, Claued Shands/12-31-1885/08-14-1976
Langston, Roxie B./04-09-1872/07-06-1957
Double Marker
Langston, Ruby Green/ 09-11-1933/09-28-1988
Langston, Martin G. Sr./1924/1988/U.S. ARMY/WWII
Langston, Virginia Richards/03-28-1883/12-17-1984
Langston, W.G./1858/1945
Double Marker
Langston, Betty Hall/09-15-1924/09-28-1983
Langston, George D., Jr./04-07-1923
Double Marker
Langston, Jewel G./10-19-1902
Langston,George D. Sr./03-11-1890/11-30-1969/PVT Co E 2 Repl Tng CEN/WWI
Lee, Lucille Ford /02-10-1913 /04-06-1981
Lee, Dana Edward/age 39/died 12-29-2005/interned 01-01-2006
Lester, B.S./1876 /1936
Lester, C.L. "Leak"/07-01-1910/05-13-1966
Lester, Eleanor Prentiss/1905 /1967
Lester, Lionel Elmo/1898/1946
Lester, Marion "Ladye"/07-03-1955
Lester, Mary Jane /1899 /1982
Lester, Maude Frost/1873/1943
Lester, William W. died 07-06-1974 "In Memory of" Double Marker
Lester, Maggie B. /12-10-1885 /07-25-1968
Lester, William V./09-15-1872 /07-21-1929
Long, Dr. James B./02-23-1878 /10-13-1929
Long, Stella Langley/08-17-1882/04-15-1965
Lovelace, Eugenia /10-21-1892 /12-19-1969
Lovelace, James W./02-06-1897 /04-08-1987
Lovelace, Jerome C./09-21-1902/11-26-1947 /MS PVT 12 QM TNC Regt./WWII
Lovelace, Mattie Walker/1864/1947
Lovelace, Samuel Baker/ 1856/ 1942
Lyon, George/11-15-1899/Infant son of Wm A. & Leona Lyon
Marders, A.L./10-01-1891/12-04-1939
Marders, Eugene Lovejoy /04-22-1883 /11-15-1923
Marders, Gertrude Gordon Taylor/03-22-1883/05-03-1965
Massey, Maggie Frost/03-07-1891/10-08-1915
Double Marker
Martin, John /1885-1961
Martin, Ada L./1883-1948
Double Marker
Marders, Ida Lovejoy/02-22-1862/03-24-1921
Marders, Robert Kirby/10-02-1853/07-08-1908
Double Marker/WED.-05-01-1930
Massey, Clyde Galloway/ 07-15-1909 /08-26-1994
Massey, Treba McKnight/ 02-02-1912/06-19-2005
Double Marker
Massey, Jesse B./ 07-12-1854/04-20-1928
Massey, Sarah E./ 01-25-1859/02-07-1931
Mathews, William E./11-24-1922/07-25-1972 /MS SSgt Army Air Force WWII DFC-AM & 3 OLC
Matthews, Ernest B./1882/1938
Matthews, Jessie Massey /07-12-1918 /09-13-1920 /Dau of R.L. & M.M. Matthews
Matthews, Mary Massey/1889/1974
Matthews, Pearl B./1886-1967
Matthews, Richard L./1884/1944
Double Marker
McCluney, Malissa M./03-23-1843/10-16-1933
McCluney, Thadeus S./09-21-1936/03-11-1909
McCracken, Roland Jones /01-02-1961 /10-07-1988
Double Marker
McCracken, James N./10-09-1903/10-18-1976
McCracken, Mary O.P./06-27-1903/10-14-1983
McCullar, Alice Irene/04-26-1869/04-22-1921/Wyf of Calvin L McCullar
McCullar, Calvin Lee/01-27-1864/10-16-1935
McCullar, Garner Fount/ 08-02-1889/ 10-21-1949
McCullar, Jr.Garner Fount/age 82/05-30-1930/10-01-2012/US Airforce Veteran Korea
McCullar, Jerry H., Sr./03-08-1931/ 04-25-1997
McCullar, Ruth Hunt/10-01-1893/02-22-1982
McCullar, Sara Jane Parrish/07-31-1932/01-22-1988
McCullar, Virginia Jo/05-17-1927/10-21-1948
McDaniel, Kelly B./12-24-1891/04-05-1968 /MS. Mess Sgt Co D320 Field Arty/WWI
McDaniel, Nannie Mae/09-06-1900/07-23-1973
McDonald, J.K./09-08-1861/05-30-1921
McDonald, M.J./10-10-1854/03-23-1904
McDonald, Willie Melton /1875 /1954
McKinney, Rev. Marquis Owen/08-30-1908/06-21-1996
Double Marker
McKinght, Annie Driskell/04-27-1879 /01-13-1954
McKinght, Tilden Monroe /10-22-1876 /01-16-1966
McPherson, Hattie Black /01-12-1878 /08-09-1942
McPherson, T.A./01-09-1870/02-20-1939
Mitchell, James/no dates/A CONFEDERATE SOLDIER
Mitchell, Sarah/nodates/Wyf of James Mitchell
Double Marker
Mithchell, Charles Edward/12-22-1926
Mitchell, Dorothy Jean H./06-28-1930/12-23-1964
Moore, Mailssa Green Sayle/01-31-1872/10-15-1899/Wyf if B.C. Moore
Moore, Anna Lovejoy/1858/1938
Moore, Benjamin Carson/ 04-21-1867/ 03-23-1951
Moore, Bernie Lillian/11-28-1904/09-23-1985
Moore, Betty Gay/ 1892/ 1976
Moore, Carson Nance/11-18-1879/04-01-1960
Moore, Dorothy/1909/1910
Moore, Edith Allen/02-18-1896 /11-24-1972
Moore, Emily Carson/1841/1932
Moore, Green H./1863/1945
Moore, Henry Morgan/1857/1942
Moore, Henry Morgan, III/1916 /1968
Moore, Henry Morgan, Jr./1890 /1937
Moore, Infant son /10-03-1899 /10-13-1899 /Son of B.C. & Malissa Moore
Moore, James/1839 /1924
Moore, James Hughes/08-11-1903/06-20-1981
Moore, James, Jr. /12-31-1891 /06-16-1972 /MS Cpl US Army/WWI
Moore, John Benjamin/04-21-1911/06-13-1971/MS S2 US Coast Guard/WWII
Moore, Katherine/ 05-29-1903/ 08-17-1907/ Dau of Greene & Zana Moore
Moore, Walter Vernon/01-16-1889/03-09-1979
Moore, Walter Vernon, Jr./02-09-1929/01-10-1976/S1 US Navy/WWII
Moore, Willie Craig Nance/1858/1940/"MOTHER"br> Moore, Zana H./1868/1917
Mullen, James Robert 04-18-1937/09-01-2003

Nash, Louise Haynes/04-09-1909/02-24-1979
Owsley, Florence McKnight/11-10-1906/03-05-1986
Paris, Thelma Patton/age 88/10-28-1919/03-25-2008
Parrish, Stella Young/11-23-1881/10-31-1965
Parrish, Harron A., Jr./11-05-1925/ 04-15-1996/HM 3 US Navy
Parrish, Herron Armstrong/12-17-1902/09-27-1960
Parrish, John Herron/02-12-1879/10-10-1961
Parrish, Mettie Drake/04-11-1898/03-10-1973
Parrish, Miss Epper/06-18-1869/10-21-1948
Patterson, Dan M./10-20-1914/04-14-1988
Patterson, Frank/ no dates/Co D. MS CAV/SA
Patterson, Mary V./01-16-1843 /01-30-1906 /Wy of F. Patterson
Patterson, Hattie J./1872/1961
Double Marke
Patton, Mildred H./12-27-1911/05-08-1982
Patton, Raymon T./02-06-1905/11-22-1969
Double Marker
Patton, Amos Barlett/07-03-1888/12-08-1961
Patton, Luna Gillespie/ 06-17-1895/11-28-1976
Phillips, Samuel Joseph/age 52/died 01-22-2010
Pollard, Casper P., Jr./08-14-1917/ 09-26-1948
Double Marker
Pollard, L. Clark /03-25-1848 /01-07-1932
Pollard, Hasseltine L./ 11-20-1846/03-16-1923
Double Marker
Pollard, Casper P./04-30-1886 /01-14-1932
Pollard, Nettie W./12-10-1887/10-19-1963
Price, Sarah Bea/ 11-11-1875/01-12-1965
Price, William D./04-11-1973/04-12-1973
Double Marker/Wed. 08-28-1931
Price, Nellie C./03-01-1903
Price, Jimmie E./09-10-1907/10-02-1992
Double Marker-PRICE
Price, Lucille S. /08-28-1919
Price, William L. /01-01-1904 /05-28-1978
Priddy, Hugh White/12-11-1887 /01-17-1944
Priddy, Rebie Marders/11-19-1887/02-01-1965
Pritchard, Abbie W./1882/1964
Pritchard, Alfred T./1913/1988/US Army/WII
Pritchard, Frank L./1883/1952
Pritchard, George C./08-25-1872/11-28-1963/Husb.of Lillie Wisdom
Pritchard, Lillie Wisdom/03-17-1879 /10-10-1947 /Wyff Geo Calvin Pritchard
Pritchard, Margaret Jean/10-15-1920 /09-16-1923 /Dau of W M & Mary Pritchard
Pritchard, Mary Weigert /10-30-1888 /02-03-1966
Pritchard, Wallace/03-20-1880 /01-01-1955
Pritchard, Wallace Weigert/11-08-1913/02-24-1920/Son of W.M. & Mary Pritchard
Pritchard, George Calvin Jr./06-24-1906/06-22-1926
Quick, Harold/04-22-1921/07-02-1960 /MS TSgt. 563 Bomb Sq AAF-WWII Am E Z OLC-PH
Rasberry, Ike P., Jr./1929/1941
Double Marker-RASBERRY
Rasberry, Kate B./1897/ 1961
Rasberry, Ike P./1897/1961
Double Marker/WED.-09-26-1861
Rees, Caroline Elizabeth/02-06-1842/09-10-1905
Rees, Matthew Carrol/11-07-1833/02-10-1906
Robertson, James Fenold/1854/ 1926
Robertson, Sarah J./1865/1951
Double Marker
Robinson, Clyde Crawford/07-24-1908/04-17-1992
Robinson, Ellen A./10-20-1914/02-02-1995
Rose, Bruce P./10-02-1906/01-01-1998
Rose, Mary Addie/ 04-15-1906/09-10-1982
Double Marker
Rotenberry, Eula Mae G./09-12-1908
Rotenberry, Leslie Leo/05-22-1906/02-12-1974
Royal, Ola E./01-03-1903/11-30-1970
Sayle, Allie M./02-06-1869/02-06-1938
Sayle, Annie L. Davis/05-06-1861/01-18-1897/"MOTHER"/Wyf of R.C. Sayle
Sayle, Annie Louise/03-11-1891/05-28-1968
Sayle, David Meaders/09-05-1873/06-01-1908
Sayle, Edith Malone/04-24-1907/10-11-1928
Sayle, Ella Farned/03-22-1895 /05-14-1992
Sayle, Fannie Jean/01-08-1897/10-07-1981
Sayle, Frances Mae/ 07-02-1921/ 05-17-1923
Sayle, Lucie E./02-14-1867/05-30-1945
Sayle, Lucy Ann/10-24-1843/02-17-1920
Sayle, Robert C./07-24-1857/05-07-1927/"FATHER"
Sayle, Robert L./ 02-13-1890/ 03-31-1963
Sayle, William B./11-19-1894/ 06-02-1935
Schultz, Lottie L./08-05-1886/09-20-1902/Dau of Malissa T. & Chas W. Clogston
Scott, Henry P./12-30-1869/01-14-1939
Sellers, Buford Calvin, III/10-02-1976/07-17-1980
Double Marker
Sellers, Buford Calvin, Sr./06-21-1933/06-29-1986
Sellers,Helen Jean/05-08-1932/10-07-1984
Silvey, Alvin Loyd/03-04-1885 /12-17-1945
Silvey, Daniel R./12-18-1910/07-10-1960/MS Tec 3,3114 Signal Service BN/WWII
Silvey, Leila Driskell/ 07-30-1889 /05-23-1972
Double Marker
Sivley, Abb Miles /09-06-1893 /02-28-1973
Sivley, Annie L. Lovelace/05-15-1898/01-22-1983
Smith, Charles L "Bobby"/05-21-1938 /12-26-1993
Smith, Lester/08-09-1908/06-22-1953
Smith, Marentha M./09-25-1915 /04-04-1981
Smith, William Lee/02-25-1962 /12-18-1962
Double Marker/ED-05-16-1956
Smith, James H./04-03-1930/02-09-1974
Smith, Ruby Louise/08-06-1935
Stanley, William Stanfil/05-10-1943/12-15-1994/Col US Army/Vietnam
Stevens, Andrew J./06-21-1857/01-18-1906
Stevens, Elizabeth/11-15-1887/10-06-1903
Stevens, Fleg T./ 09-01-1865/07-18-1908
Stevens, Howard W./02-22-1895/08-25-1919
Stevens, Lula Coopwood/ 12-11-1859/07-30-1926
Stevens, Marie Terrell/02-10-1897/11-01-1911
Stevens, Pearl Champ/03-07-1897/04-12-1918
Double Marker
"Son" Stevens, Irby Hickman/1920/1933
"Father"-Stevens, J. Hick/1878/1928
Swearengen, Ester Frost /06-17-1900 /04-28-1995
Swearengen, Eunice Willihgham /02-13-1894 /12-11-1983
Swearengen, Frank Bradford/04-14-1926/06-19-1981/1St Lt. US Army/WWII, Korea
Swearengen, Jennie Sayle/12-17-1865 /02-26-1948
Swearengen, Lela/ 09-05-1873/06-18-1904 /Dau of Geo & Mary A. Swearengen
Swearengen, Lela Elodia/05-23-1905/01-06-1994
Swearengen, S.A./ 1891/ 1942
Swearengen, Sam Allen, Jr./09-28-1918/11-02-1982
Swearengen, W.D./ 08-26-1864/02-14-1907
Swearengen, Wiley D./04-01-1898/11-18-1948
Swearengen, William Ervin/08-10-1901/10-13-1959
Swearengen, William Ervin, Jr./1824 /1929
Taylor, Mary Katharine/ 09-05-1916/ 09-05-1916/Infant Dau of R.P. & G.G. Taylor
Taylor, R. Parrish/08-28-1873/04-20-1919
Taylor, Robert Parrish/ 12-08-1917/ 11-06-1974
Therrell, Martha Ruth/ 07-15-1924
Double Marker
Tilghman, Alva L./10-17-1882/11-18-1934
Tilghman, Caty Lee O./ 11-16-1890 /08-24-1931
Double Marker
Toole, Eloise Burnett/09-11-1906
Toole, Banjamin Irwin/12-23-1902/12-25-1964
Townes, Benjamin E./05-18-1865/03-03-1927
Trout, G.C. /08-16-1910 /10-09-1979
Trout, Laura McPherson /08-23-1913
Tubberville, James K. Vardaman/09-19-1915 /12-11-1959
Vrooman, Mary Ann /09-20-1905 /06-06-1994
Vrooman, Nellie F. Pryor/05-21-1934 /11-29-1970 /Wife, of Albert G. Vrooman
Vrooman, Wm Arthur, Jr. /06-22-1924 /03-08-1948
Vrooman, Wm Arthur, Sr. /03-09-1889 /04-25-1953
Double Marker
Vrooman, Daniel Pierce /04-21-1930 /08-06-1992
Vrooman, Virginia Carol /08-28-1933
W: Double Marker
Walker, Laura Lee /03-31-1891 /06-20-1964
Walker, Loveless A./09-14-1881/07-02-1970
Walters, Beatrice /04-02-1868 /19-07-1928
Double Marker
Walters, James W. /02-24-1892 /10-07-1965
Walters, Sarah H. /03-19-1902 /12-28-1979
Double Marker/Wed. 05-19-1929
Walton, Goldie C. /12-02-1909 /01-16-1990
Walton, Otis R. /04-03-1909 /06-25-1985
Watkins, Hardin T./01-13-1928 /Kentucky Horseshoer
Wells, Anita/10-31-1947 /Dau of Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Wells
Wells, Robert Lee /10-26-1920 /02-22-1973
Wells, T. Graham /02-28-1895 /01-02-1971
Wells, Viola G./12-31-1896/02-26-1994
Whatley, Mary Ward Gordin/1918/1979
Wilbourn, Elizabeth Lester/12-22-1876/04-22-1957
Wilbourn, Willie Ezra/12-13-1872/10-07-1927/Husb of Elizabeth Wilbourn
Double Marker
Wilcox, Robert L. /04-18-1868 /06-07-1949
Wilcox, Sallie P. /12-26-1869 /12-04-1947
Wiley, Mary Louise/10-11-1933 /10-12-1933
Wiley, Rev. Benjamin Rankin /06-15-1864 /10-03-1902
William W. Lester /Died-07-06-1974 /In Memory of
Williams, Paris Tate/07-21-1875/12-09-1935
Williams, Gaston D./05-02-1903/01-27-1968
Williams, Hilma Royal/08-13-1910/10-04-1976
Williams, Louis Alexander/01-12-1862/02-14-1937
Williams, Louis Tate/ 09-01-1900/ 01-22-1949
Williamson, Thomas B./07--31-1928/06-08-1984/A1C, US Air Force Korea
Willshire, B.F./ 04-17-1858 /05-07-1933
Willshire, Melissa A./ 04-08-1859/ 03-30-1932/ Wyf B.F. Willshire
Wisdom, Joe /11-14-1911 /11-21-1911
Wood, Henry Hays "Smokie"/04-03-1915/05-13-1965
Wood, Martha Jane Hughes/03-08-1920-03-14-1998
Double Marker
Wood, Addie B./04-05-1877/06-11-1963
Wood, John E./07-27-1878/10-26-1960

List of Cemeterys

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