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Old Springhill Cemetery

Cemetery Established in the mid ot late 1800's. The Oldest Marker I found is 1868.

100% Indexed by Nick Denley, Chancery Clerk of Tallahatchie County Mississippi, Charleston Ms.

Directions: Take Hwy 32 East of Charleston. The Cemetery is located in a pasture behind Brewer Store, East of Hwy 32.

Double Marker
Auchamp, A.M./08-18-1845/02-12-1908
Auchamp, Sarah Rebecca/Wyf of A.M. Auchamp/12-04-1848/08-28-1898

Brewer, N.J. Burnett/03-25-1851/02-22-1903
Double Marker
Burney, Thomas/05-20-1880/09-09-1886/on same Marker/
2 infant Sons & 1 Infant Dau of J.T. & M.A. McCorkle
Burkhalter, Susan A./Dau of R.A. & M.A. McCorkle, Wyf of J.M./02-06-1853/08-10-1879
Burnett, Willie C./Son of B.M.& S.F. Burnett/12-12-1877/Illegible
Byrd, A.L./02-22-1858/10-25-1904
Double Marker
Byrd, B.B./Born 02-08-1818/Gaswell Co., N.C.Died/07-25-1897
Byrd, Mary P./04-08-1824/10-22-1902

Double Marker
Carithers, B.F./05-11-1879/08-05-1893
Carithers, J.E./09-28-1845/01-08-1901/"Dau & Husb in Memory of"

Ham, John L./03-18-1868/03-30-1890
Haynes, Ouida-1911/1911

Jackson, James Frank/1891/1906
Jackson, Lora Lee/Dau of J.F. & M.B./03-14-1885/12-29-1885
Jones, Adalula/Dau of G.W. & M.J./03-30-1868/11-06-1876
Jones, Annie L./Dau of E.n. & M.E./Illegible
Jones, Charley/Infant Son of E.N. & M.E. /10-01-1883/07-23-1884
Jones, DeWitt Milton/Son of J.S. & M.A.C./03-25-1884/01-31-1912
Jones, Infant Dau of G.W.& S.E./08-08-1887
Jones, Jones, E.N.(Edward NOrfleet)/09-06-1851/06-09-1909/Husb of
Mary Elizabeth Brunson/Wed-12-04-1872
Jones, Mary Elizabeth Brunson/Wyf of Edward Norfleet Jones/03-17-1851/10-23-1942
Jones, G.W./Co D 1 MS CAV/C.S.A.No dates
Jones, Jacob M./09-21-1873/07-11-1930
Jones, J.M./09-xx-1875/07-19-1930
Jones, Susan Elizabeth/08-20-1858/03-26-1934
Jones, Susan/Wyf of Joshua Jones/06-03-1809/02-24-1883
Jones, Joshua/12-13-1803/12-14-1876
Jones, Mary Jane/Wyf of G.W. Jones/Dau of R.A. & Minerva McCorkle07-26-1844/01-16-1878
Jones, Minerva/Dau of C.W. & M.J./10-27-1870/09-11-1873
Jones, R./MS Pvt 162 Depot Brig/02-10-1934

Kibler, Rebecca J. Jones/07-31-1835/02-09-1880/Wed Henry Kibler/11-03-1862

Lance, Clemintine/Wyf of G.W./01-19-1869/Age 44 Yrs

McCarty, Mary D./Wyf of Daniel McCarty/Dau of A.D.& R.A. Murphy/10-23-1851/05-27-1876
McCorkle, Miss Carrie/04-12-1847/10-12-1907
McCorkle, G. Gattis/07-12-1891/12-31-1979
McCorkle, Jennie Lee/Dau of R.A. & Manerva/12-26-1863/07-22-1886
McCorkle, Jennie/Wyf of R.A./04-19-1869/03-29-1965
McCorkle, Minerva/Wyf of R.A./12-24-18xx-12/06-1868/Broken
McCorkle, R.A./02-11-1867/03-18-1902
McCorkle, R.A./08-07-1813/08-05-1890
McFirin, J.H./Husb of G.M./04-30-1837/09-12-1888

Mabta, Walter Jay/1877/1908
Melton, Eld Isham/10-17-1845/04-09/Illegible
Melton, Infant Dau of Rev. T. & M.H.-B&D/08-03-1880
Moore, James P./07-18-1883/12-29-1906
Moore, Richard Monroe/03-25-1886/07-04-1907

Neely, Nancy Jane "Jennie"-04-19-1869-03-25-1965

Pegram, Elizabeth/Dau of G.W. & S.A./08-02-1880/11-07-1881
Pegram, Katie Bell/Infant Dau of G.W. & S.A. Pegram/08-18-1887/02-13-xx
Pegram, Serona A./Wyf of G.W. Pegram/11-03-1848/09-05-1890

Robinson, Henry/08-20-1877/10-12-1885

Sheley, A.C.N./02-17-1834/07-11-1882
Sheley, Roxie A. Murphrey/b-about 1835 in Tn.Died Unknown
Sims, Mary Ann/Wyf of B.F./05-27-1828/02-17-1878
Sullivan, Samuel L./Son of W.P. & Mary/09-29-1866/07-2x-1885

Wallace, Ernest/Son of J.M. & Annie E./08-29-1880/04-24-1895
Webb, Leols May/02-28-1835/08-29-1904
Wilcox, W.C./Co K 1 MS Cav C.S.A./No date
Womble, Daisy D./Dau of E.M. & M.H. Womble/11-25-1883/11-27-1888
Womble, E.M./05-21-1834/09-01-1891
Womble, Helen Branscome/Wyf of E.M. Womble/1843/1916
Womble, Mattie L./Wyf of E.M. Womble/Dau of B.E.& M.P.Byrd/11-05-1847/05-30-1879

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