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Paul Cemetery Est. 1900


Tillatoba Ms.

In the early 1830's, Tillatoba along with DeKalb was founded on the north fork of Tillatoba creek. It was located just west of the present town of Charleston Mississippi. Both of those places made an effort to be selected as the county seat, and Tillatoba did succeed for a while. In 1837 Tillatoba was abandoned and Charleston won the election.(1)

Allbritton, James Cecil/09-23-1955/04-16-1963
Allbritton, Cecil/1936/02-16-1998
Allbritton, Clarence Howard/11-06-1959/11-29-1989
Bloodworth, Christopher Allan/age 31/03-08-1974/05-31-2005 Auto Accident/interned 06-02-2005
Bloodworth,Earl/age 58/09-26-1950/ 04-22-2009
Bloodworth, Kenneth Ray "Okra"/age 61/died 02-24-2010
Brassell, Annie Eleanor/age 75/died 06-23-2003
Brassell, Mary Ann/03-28-1956/03-28-1956
Brassell, Infant Dau. of H.C. & Eleanor Brassel
Brassell, Henry C. "Sandy"/1919/06-27-1998
Carpenter, Juanita M./age 75/widow of Rowland Carpenter/died 03-05-2003
Chambers, Ben Frank,Jr./08-30-1947/03-31-1964/son of Mary E. Ross & Ben Frank Chambers, Sr.
Chandler, Bert/09-02-1911/01-23-1986/S.Sgt US Army WWII
Chandler, Pearl /07-19-1885/02-20-1972
Chandler, Samuel/09-24-1878/11-25-1945
Double Marker
Carlisle, David/07-05-1912/01-25-1987
Carlisle, Patricia Ann/04-25-1974/Infant Dau. of Gerald & Patsy Carlisle
Double Marker
Carlisle, William E. Carlisle-09-23-1910-04-11-1993
Carlisle, Dorothy A./04-18-1921
Double Marker/Wed-07-25-1969
Carlisle, Gerald/Sgt US. Air Force Vietnam/10-14-1945/01-21-1994
Carlisle, Patsy Tharp Carlisle/09-05-1945
Carlisle, Inf. Dau of Gerald & Patsy Carlisle
Clolinger, J.H./No dates
Clolinger, J.S., Jr./No dates
Clolinger, Walter E./04-02-1919/10-23-1973
Double Marker
Clolinger, Jerrell Sidney/12-09-1892/01-26-1974
Clolinger, Mary Little/06-09-1896/11-24-1976
Double Marker
Clolinger, Archie/06-19-1922
Clolinger, Marie C./09-24-1924/03-31-1977
Cox, Maggie T./WYF of W.B.Cox/07-14-1896/12-04-1937
Cox, N.B. "Pole" /Husb Of Kitty Lee Thomas/09-03-1870/08-08-1967
Cox, Polie Cox/1905/1984
Cox, Thomas/08-15-1899/09-07-1954
Cox, Kitty Lee Thomas/WYF Of N.B.Cox/09-03-1880-08/12-1952
Cox, Matilda Tullaola Rice Cox/WYF of C.J. Cox/07-24-1847/03-24-1933
Double Marker-Wed-09-15-1946
Cox, Wash B./03-14-189403-24-1985
Cox, Josephine W. Cox/02-05-1910/06-25-1984
Double Marker
Cox, Graham T./07-16-1910/11-29-1968
Cox, Mavis T./01-27-1915/06-20-1990
Cox, C.J. Kit/11-14-1838/04-26-1932
Cox, Douglas/01-29-1901/07-31-1966
Cox, Evvie Clay/06-14-1880/08-17-1951
Cox, George Washington/Son of C.J. & M.T./10-06-1866/08-23-1952
Dogan, Baker/07-19-1910/08-02-1966
Dogan, Iva/No Dates
Dogan, Mary Nix/09-24-1910/07-29-1991
Dogan, Wade/no dates
Duttenhoeffer, Daniel Patrick/11-30-1954/12-06-1954
Double Marker
Ford, Albert Lee/08-03-1902/03-13-1964
Ford, Mary Florence/03-02-1887/11-03-1966
Double Marker
Gentry, Myrtle T./08-28-1903/08-22-1969
Gentry, Ben A. Gentry/04-27-1901
Gentry, Alvin Edward/05-30-1897/10-28-1974
Gillett, Hanry Lawrence/03-12-1888/04-01-1947
Gilmore, Thomas L./Ms.Sp4 608 Trans Co. Vietnam/10-13-1951/03-24-1972
Griffin, Annie Laurie Mullen/05-29-1926/06-15-1992
Hanson, Sabrina Dawn/age 37/died 05-06-2004
Harris, Annie Lee/01-16-1879/07-14-1960
Harris, Harmon S./09-11-1874/10-04-1944
Harris, H. Otto/11-03-1911/01-04-1963
Harris, Howard B./10-08-1916/11-30-1979
Harris, James W./Co B-29 Ms Inf/C.S.A./No dates
Harris, J.W./08-21-1837/12-27-1918
Harris, Janis Faye/01-08-1945/05-10-1946
Double Marker
Harris, William A./01-08-1901/09-08-1979
Harris, Myrtis Jewel/11-03-1903/10-23-2003

Hawkins, Sahley Katlin/age 17/01-04-1995/11-06-2012-interred 11-09-2012
Henson, George R.,Jr./04-14-1921/06-14-1936
Henson, George R./10-29-1898/04-19-1954
Henson, Laura H./1898/1971
Hicks, Bessie Mae/02-02-1914/03-15-1928
Hicks, Ruthie/08-20-1912/01-20-1920
Double Marker
Hicks, Odie S./12-01-1885/02-22-1975
Hicks, Clara S./07-19-1891/02-28-1988
Hisaw, Elizabeth/1872/1945
Holland, Lena Mulle/09-20-1909/06-23-1939
Holland, Samuel Wayne/Son of S.L. & Lena Holland/11-12-1938/11-13-1938
Hough, Kahryn Cox/12-16-1924/11-27-1973
Howell, A.J./10-07-1911/01-30-1931
Howell, Edgar W./02-23-1925/03-20-1925
Howell, Evelyn D./12-12-1880/11-05-1964
Howell, Evelyn Marie/05-27-1923/08-06-1925
Howell, Flora /Dau. of H.E. & E.E./09-14-1906/08-13-1923
Howell, Frank/12-15-1910/08-02-1917
Howell, Horace Elmo/04-11-1876/09-05-1938
Howell, Harvey Elton/Son of H.E. & E.D./10-19-1916
Howell, Jackie Tribble/12-24-1879/07-06-1960
Howell, James/12-09-1918/12-19-1918
Howell, Jerry/01-22-1879-07-06-1939
Howell, Ruth E./12-28-1922/05-02-1970
Howell, R. Hollis/10-01-1919/04-26-1942
Howell, Roy/01-16-1900/01-18-1923
Howell, T.M./06-30-1882/09-09-1918
Howell, Tommie R./11-05-1913/07-31-1917
Double Marker
Howell, Jeptha /1836/1919
Howell, Roda Rosetta Mullen/1847/1921
Double Marker
Howell, Samuel C. Howell/05-13-1876/07-25-1964
Howell, Jessie T. Howell/08-03-1887/11-13-1967
Double Marker
Howell, Alva J./1863/1943
Howell, Josephine/1877/1973
Double Marker/Wed-02-04-1933
Inman, Ruth Tilghman/03-14-1913/08-03-1986
Inman, Jame Elmer /06-03-1907/05-15-1997
James, Vina Ann Newton/02-18-1919/11-20-2000
Lance, George Douglas/1913/1960
Lance, George Erving/1870/1943
Lance, Kitty Brunson/1876/1963
Lane, Sandra Gail/Dau. of Shellie & Marion/08-31-1949/06-30-1950
Lester, Russell/1921/1932
Little, Elmer Giles- B.- 06-01-1893- D.- 01-17-1913/ son of Joseph T. "Joe" and Magaline "Maggie" (Coleman) Little/UNMARKED GRAVE
Little, William- B.- 08-1895- D.- Unknown/ son of Joseph T. "Joe" and Magaline "Maggie" (Coleman) Little/ UNMARKED GRAVE.
Little, Carol Eugenia /02-02-1937/10-09-1995
Little, Dave /04-11-1907/01-25-1960
Little, Fonda Rowland /1931-1978/Cpl. US Army-Korea
Little, Harry /1905/1962
Little, Justin Roland /04-16-1987/07-27-1987
Little, Maryline Little/Inf. Dau. of Maurice & Sadie/04-08-1931/04-08-1931
Little, Raymond Guy,III/Son of Raymond Jr. & Carol/07-28-1971
Little, Wayne Ellison /Son of R.G. & Essie Mae/07-09-1934/12-17-1934
Double Marker
Little, Joe /1876/1921
Little, Maggie /1873/1915
Double Marker
Little, M. Maurice /04-02-1905
Little, Sadie L. /01-16-1909/03-27-1991
Double Marker
Little, Raymond G. /1907-1977/Pfc US Army WWII
Little, Essie Mae /02-14-1913/11-18-1996
McGarrity, Raymond C. /06-13-1901/10-22-1918
McKnight, Addie Thomas /WYF of C.F./02-16-1876/12-26-1924
McKnight, C.F. /03-29-1871/03-16-1927
McKnight, Federmann /1907/1928
Melton, Ludie Gentry /12-11-1911/10-14-1979
Double Marker/12-05-1936
Miller, William Clarence/10-31-1912/04-15-1987
Miller, Mamie M.C. Miller/06-17-1917/11-27-2005
Miller, Carlene /infant Dau. of W.C. & Mamie/03-18-1948
Mitchell, Ethyl/dau of Lee E.& Ada Worsham Mitchell/1900
Double Marker
Mitchell, L.B. "Jack"/12-30-1897/11-03-1968
Mitchell, Julia T./01-04-1898/09-02-1976
Double Marker
Mitchell, Nancy E./06-21-1874/11-14-1940
Mitchell, Timothy A./12-25-1870/03-23-1940
Mitchell, Chester Q./12-13-1918/01-05-1945/MS Tech 5 330/Inf. 83 Inf. Div/WWII
Mitchell, Janice Amelia /12-02-1924/03-08-1987
Moore, Terry Lynn/1979/04-04-1998
Moore, Arnold Lee/age 72/died 11-10-2007
Mullen, George D. /09-17-1929/05-14-1984
Mullen, Henry C. /07-31-1910/08-04-1974/Pvt US Army
Mullen, James Henry /1876/02-07-1971
Mullen, Lucille /10-24-1933/07-02-1991
Mullen, Merritt M. /No date/CO K. 30 MS Inf C.S.A.
Mullen, N.A. /Husb Of Rebecca/01-27-1850/12-20-1933
Mullen, Pinkey Huffstickler/WYF of Henry/03-28-1888/06-14-1964
Mullen, Robert Curtis /06-25-1892/10-12-1968
Mullen, Spencer Alberta /Dau. of S.A. & N.E./07-14-1915/10-05-1920
Double Marker
Mullen, Alice T./03-30-1870/08-08-1951
Mullen, William Tom/12-23-1866/11-23-1949
Double Marker
Mullen, Spencer M./11-05-1917/03-01-1996
Mullen, Yvonne T./05-19-1921
Double Marker
Mullen, George Morgan/12-07-1884/12-30-1974
Mullen, Lizzie Patterson/06-13-1885/05-29-1970
Double Marker
Mullen, Spencer Alberta/09-16-1883/11-18-1972
Mullen, Nellie Whitten/12-14-1892/12-16-1966
Mullen, James Henry/09-14-1876/02-07-1971
Mullen, Frances Warnell/05-06-1944/12-23-1951
Double Marker
Mullen, Lurlean Wilbourn/02-07-1908
Mullen, Alver Ralph /10-19-1900/01-17-1986
Double Marker
Mullen, Festus David /02-17-1886/02-15-1982
Mullen, Sadie Baker /02-11-1890/11-22-1965
Double Marker
Mullen, Joshua B. /1856/1937
Mullen, Frances C. /1867/1934
Double Marker
Mullen, Joe /05-22-1896/08-12-1976
Mullen, Lola U. /08-21-1904/11-20-1997
Double Marker
Mullen, Spencer M./11-05-1917/03-01-1996
Mullen, Yvonne T./05-19-1921
Newsom, J.W./WWII Army Vet/Mason/age 87/04-18-1915/05-08-2002
Newsom, Sadie Leoneise/1917/01-27-1999
Double Marker
Newsom, Lee H. /10-21-1895/06-19-1977
Newsom, Rebecca Burnes/10-27-1897/06-22-1984
Newtin, Haydeb "Billy:/age 69/found dead in his home, Interred 05-30-2012
Patterson, A.G., Sr./1877/1944
Patterson, A.G., Jr./1913/1938
Patterson, Susie T. /1877/1940
Pendergast, John William /1880/1947
Ross, Alma Jewell/Dau. of D.W.& M.V./01-03-1912-02-12-1913
Ross, Dottie/01-13-1918/05-27-1989
Ross, Baby/11-17-1931
Double Marker
Ross, Dan Willie /09-15-1887/02-20-1961
Ross, Mary M./02-10-1890/02-02-1969
Double Marker
Ross, Dave Lee/07-22-1887/12-18-1935
Ross, Hettie Alice/12-09-1889/07-02-1956
Double Marker
Ross, Tommie L./1914/1943
Ross, Sadie M./1921/12-13-2012
Double Marker/WED-06-10-1940
Ross, Sadie A. Ross/01-03-191901-13-2012
Ross, G.L./06-09-1920/12-25-1996
Children of G.L. & Sadie Ross
Ross, Dan G./01-14-1965/01-15-1965
Ross, Ramonia/09-17-1963
Ruhnan, Janet E. Harris/PFC US Army/03-14-1959/01-11-1992
Rutledge, James H./08-31-1932/10-22-1995
Rutledge, Roy R./Inf. of Howard & Blanch/06-30-1944/06-30-1944
Double Marker
Rutledge, Blanche Taylor/08-02-1906/09-26-1986
Rutledge, Asa Howard /01-09-1893/05-28-1956
Simpson, Rebecca Harris/01-19-1903/08-23-1931
Sullivan, D.G./1884/1948
Sullivan, Geneva/02-04-1917/11-03-1943
Sullivan, Laura/05-10-1892/12-05-1967
Double Marker
Sullivan, Ward I.,Sr./10-28-1925/12-22-1995
Sullivan, Mildred H./04-26-1924/03-13-1988
Taylor, Alene Mae/08-08/1912-08/07-1975
Taylor, Cephas Allen/10-05-1904/11-06-1927
Taylor, Eleanor Horton/08-18-1878/07-31-1963
Taylor, Elizabeth Beatrice/age 81/died 03-15-2001
Taylor, Hubert L./Age 92/06-23-1911/02-13-2004B
Taylor, James Martin/12-11-1902/10-28-1918
Taylor, Julius A /10-25-1872/03-28-1921
Taylor, Roger/age 63/08-01-1944/02-26-2008/interned 03-02-2008
Double Marker
Taylor, Katie McCaffety/12-13-1885/09-07-1956
Taylor, James Leonard/01-25-1876/02-28-1960
Thomas, Allie Griffin/03-07-1896/06-03-1964
Thomas, A.R./10-06-1844/09-30-1911
Thomas, Ethel Mitchell/04-22-1900/06-24-1947
Thomas Edwin P./age 71died 03-10-2010/interred 03-11-2010
Thomas, Ephrim R./03-10-1905/02-14-1918-age 18
Thomas, George W./05-27-1900/02-02-1918-age 18
Thomas, Mary B./11-06-1902/02-15-1918/age 16
Double Marker
Thomas, Maggie I./02-29-1876/02-18-1933
Thomas, William E./01-07-1864/10-21-1941
Double Marker
Thompson, Joseph Oyett/02-07-1896/06-26-1972
Thompson, Virginia Anthony/11-16-1901/05-26-198x
Tilghman, Horace James,Jr./09-16-1919/04-01-1941
Tilghman, Horace J./10-08-1891/12-24-1979
Tilghman, Fannie Lou /04-01-1891/09-06-1952
Tribble, Beulah J./11-05-1917/03-30-1933
Tribble, Hayden B./06-30-1910/09-XX-1912
Tribble, Herbert E./MS. TEC 5 35QM CO WWII/12-27-1911/09-30-1967
Tribble, Mary Alice/04-20-1910/07-29-1974
Tribble, Russell/08-16-1919/08-16-1919
Tribble, Winnie B./06-02-1914/03-21-1980
Double Marker
Tribble, Alex Eugene/12-31-1883/08-11-1933
Tribble, Minnie Lee/11-02-1892/04-18-1956
Double Marker
Tribble, John Frank/03-23-1883/02-02-1936
Tribble, Laura Jane/02-14-1887/07-06-1965
Watkins, Mary L. Cox /01-20-1929/06-07-1989
Double Marker
Whitten, Beckie Jane/10-01-1891/04-09-1986
Whitten, Murcie Curry/06-20-1895/09-16-1997
Whitten, Isac Ike/01-08-1861/03-17-1940
Whitten, Mattie Carpenter/05-05-1869/10-28-1935
Double Marker
Wilson, Bobby Mack/04-29-1942
Wilson, Barbara Little/06-29-1948/07-24-1985
Double Marker
Wolfe, Pailee Mullen/06-13-1893/03-30-1974
Wolfe, Ben Frank/05-01-1894/11-13-1970
Double Marker
Wolfe, Floyd/1907/1973
Wolfe, Bessie /1911/1992
Double Marker
Wolfe, Jake/02-04-1933/12-27-1989
Wolfe, Hazel/10-24-1926
Double Marker
Wolfe, Rocket R./1910/1995
Wolfe, Lucille M./1912/1968
Wolfe, Mrs. B.M./1875/1939
Wolfe, Mr. B.M./1881/1970
Wolfe, Charlottie /03-12-1916
Wolfe, Frances /11-25-1929/01-10-1930
Wolfe, George W. /M.M.2 CUSN Bombing Sqdn 116)/09-29-1919/02-23-1944
Wolfe, J.B. /05-29-1912
Wolfe, Ronald Dale/09-05-1959/07-13-1979
Worsham, Joe R. Worsham/Son of J.W. & Beckie/09-13-1912/07-12-1950
Worsham, Ruby Lucille/Dau. of J.W. & B.T./09-26-1915/05-18-1931
Wright, Ruby Cox /12-29-1906/04-29-1981
Young, Aelious J. /MS Pfc Col-8 Cavalry Reg. Korea/09-14-1932/09-18-1954

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