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Line that says "Can not read name/ M.E. is Tatum, Mary E.

Pea Ridge Cemetery Est.1847

Rosebloom & Cascilla Mississippi

Pearidge Cemetery
This cemetery is located in Grenada County, but it is closer to Rosebloom and Cascilla than it is to any place in Grenada County. There is a good probability that more Tallahatchians are buried here than those from Grenada County.

Directions: Hwy 35 also Hwy 51-from Hwy 51 North of Grenada take Cascilla road this will be a Left turn-and you will be going West. Go to a four way stop at Rosebloom Ball Park-take a left, you will be going South, or aproximately 2 miles.


Located thirteen miles southeast of Charleston. This site was one of the earliest neighborhoods in the county and played its part in organization and formation of the county. As soon as the land was opened for sale in 1833 settlers came into the area and at one time it was considered a very aristocratic community with many comfortable homes. The first settlers were R.W. Anderson, E.M. Driver, Thomas Ellis, Seth and Sam Marsh and A.S. Campbell..In 1834 and 1836 the Ross, Phillips, Richards and Williamson families came. Rosebloom was named for the abundance of Cherokee Roses which grew wild in the vicinity.

This Cemetery Indexed September 1997 by, Nick Denley. Nick is Chancery Clerk of Tallahatchie County, Charleston Mississippi.

Allen, Samuel/Co. K-34-MS Inf. C.S.A./no date
Allison, Mavie/03-03-1863/07-19-1904
Allison, Minnie Holland/1868/1900
Arnold, Vernen V./Son of J.P. & E.A. Arnold/11-16-1888/04-21-1914

Bailey, Addis Lois/03-24-1911/09-24-1915
Bailey, PVT. Thomas/2nd Reg. MS. Inf. SP Am. War/02-14-1877/04-03-1958
Baker, Idelia McElwrath/Wyf of W.A. Baker/11-11-1859/03-05-1887
Bell, Virginia Ellen/06-14-1888/12-21-1908/Wyf of W.P. Bell/
Dau of M.A.& M.A. Tatum

married Sarah Ann Whitten Nov. 9, 1863.
Bloodworth, Sarah Ann/Wyf of S.W. Bloodworth/07-19-1842/09-06-1912
Bloodworth, Samuel William/11-09-1834/03-14-1884

Double Marker
Buchanan, R. Damascus/1860/1927
Buchanan, Texanna W./1870/1955
{Children of R.D. & T.W. Buchanan}
Buchanan, Mary Irene/02-11-1890/03-08-1890
Infant Son of R.D. & T.W. Buchanan
Double Marker
Burt, George Ben/09-04-1885/01-11-1959
Burt, Essie Cox/08-12-1889/01-13-1978
Burt, Charles H./05-11-1884/12-16-1961
Burt, Montie/12-19-1900/12-25-1900
Burt, Lawrence/12-08-1909/06-29-1918
Burt, Ed/05-07-1877/06-15-1963
Burt, T.W./06-07-1845/12-25-1921
Burt, Georgia A./Wyf of T.W. Burt/10-14-1846/02-13-1899
Burt, Anderson S.-04-23-1842-10-03-1871

Coats, F.B., M.D./01-01-1882/09-19-1972
Coats, Mary Sue T./12-28-1890/07-05-1971
Cohea, Bettie Lee/Wyf of Charlie O. Cohea/07-03-1879/11-12-1953
Daniel J. Cosby/age 56/01-01-1956/06-06-2010/US Navy Vet
Coleman, PVT. Lewis E./MS 631 Tank Destroyer BN WWII/03-26-1917/02-06-1951
Cox, Henry C./Co. B. 29 Miss. Inf. C.S.A./No Date
Cox, William Powell/L.A. BATRY-Coast Arty/C.S.A./No Date
Cox, Marcus Dee-05-13-1859-09-03-1959
Cox, E. Augusta Holland/Wyf of Marcus Dee Cox/10-19-1868/12-04-1952
Cox, Stella/07-21-1895/06-10-1897
Curry, Dr. F.I./03-18-1865/09-15-1899
Curry, John L./1862/1945
Curry, Lucy P./1871/1926
Curry, Elanson M./Hus of Louisa Curry/06-16-1811/01-28-1886

Fair, Hattie B./MOTHER/1879/1931

Holland, Sallie/09-01-1900/05-30-1900
Holland, Charlie/08-29-1898/09-18-1898
Holland, Charles/Co. D.36 MS Inf-CSA/no date
Holland, Infant of Ervin Holland/06-11-1951
Hollans, Samuel Lee/10-31-1908/08-05-1944
Double Marker
Holland, Jessie Neal/03-02-1880/10-23-1961
Holland, Ruth Tilghman/04-06-1881/01-18-1969
Holley, William/Dates Illegible
Howell, Minnie R./No date
Howell, Bean F./No Date

Lane, Shellie Guy/07-X-1902/04-02-1903
Little, Minnie M./1849/1937
Little, Louella/Wyf of J.M./09-12-1875/03-20-1902

McElwrath, Mary E./Wyf of P.M./Died-07-24-1884/age 46 yrs old.
McElwrath, Robert Lee/06-08-1862/07-26-1876
McElwrath, Lizzie T./12-04-1871/04-15-1872
McElwrath, Newel/05-11-1884/05-11-1884
Maxey, Maggie Thompson/01-15-1948/07-19-1999
Maxey, Margie Ren/1980/07-19-1999/Accidental Drowning
May, William Berry/08-04-1850/10-17-1928
May, Sarah Lane/Wyf of Wm. Berry/02-22-1856/12-11-1907
May, W.A./Son of W.B. & S.L./09-09-1876/02-14-1900
May, Minnie/12-20-1873/10-18-1888
Merriman, Martha Fite/1824/1909
Milam, Jessie Ferret/12-08-1930/05-15-1931
Milam, Infant/born and died 12-12-1931
Milam, Miles Ferrell/11-20-1901/02-11-1981
Milam, J.E./02-26-1877/01-06-1919
Milam, Sadie Lelia/05-29-1891/08-28-1961
Moore, J.C./died 09-26-1870/age 35 Yrs.
Moore, Owen L./11-26-1869/01-30-1870
Morgan, John W./08-27-1873/07-19-1904
Morgan, J.R./10-22-1850/03-26-1909
Morgan, James J.-08-25-1876-07-15-1908

Newton, Louisa/Wyf Of George Newton/08-21-1846/11-18-1884

Oliver, Loucius/05-05-1885/09-05-1900
Oliver, John M./10-14-1854/06-09-1915
Oliver, Mattie/Wyf of J.M./12-25-1851/05-27-1917
Oliver, Mary Sanders/06-21-1876/07-26-1880

Orrell, Ione/09-05-1856/01-31-1881

Powell, John F./1872/1951
Powell, Mattie/1872/1917
Double Marker
Powell, Lucy O./08-23-1863/02-15-1900
Powell, Louis Payne/09-24-1862/02-09-1900
Powell, Ruth E./Wyf of W.H. Powell/12-18-1829-/2-05-1900
Powell, William H./Co I. 15- MS Inf. CSA/No date
Double Marker
Powell, Ella/09-01-1870/01-23-1962
Powell, Ben W./12-29-1869/02-05-1900
Powell, Annie L./08-26-1897/10-01-1899

Rodgers, Texanna/Wyf of R.T./10-01-1860/02-01-1900
Rounsaville, Jessie Lorena/10-26-1913/04-06-1989
Funeral Home Marker/Possibly same person listed below
Double Marker
Rounsaville, Lorene C./10-26-1913/Possibly same as above
Rounsaville, Walter W./11-18-1880/11-23-1966
Rounsaville, Bolton Reese/02-10-1908/09-20-1988
Rounsaville, Ira G./09-28-1870/09-10-1953
Rounsaville, Ira L./12-25-1919/05-02-1988
Rounsaville, Maggie Lelia/1877/1966
Rounsaville, Margaret Ann/03-11-1850/02-23-1936
Rounsaville, Sadie Corine/Dau. of I.G.&M.L. Rounsaville No Date
Rounsaville, William /Co D-48 Miss Inf. CSA/No date


Sanders, Infant Dau. of B.F. & M.A. Sanders
Scrivner, Mattie Mae/Dau of I.E. & M.L./03-x-1885/09-x-1901
Smith, Henry Milton/03-05-1883/11-28-1890
Sparkman, Mattie Wesley/Wyf of J.K./02-22-1854/02-07-1899
Stevens, Richard W./10-04-1873/11-13-1950

Sullivan,Lila Denise , born and died Jan. 9, 1969.

Tatum, Audry M./02-27-1886/08-21-1906
Tatum, H.G./06-28-1883/05-11-1911
Tatum, Holcomb "Bud"/01-04/1867-11-24-1951
Tatum, M.A./02-10-1851/01-10-1921
Tatum, Mollie/Wyf of M.A. Tatum/03-13-1854/09-10-1924
Double Marker
Tatum, Walter A./01-02-1877/01-08-1896
Tatum, Gordie Sue/04-16-1891/09-07-1891
Inscription, Son & Daughter of M.A. & M.A.Tatum
Tatum, W.M.Son of M.A. & M.A./ 11-20-1873/06-25-1889
Four Sided Marker
Tatum, Mary E.Sinclair/05-07-1825/02-02-1887
Tatum, Johnnie E./10-11-1860/06-11-1869
Tatum, Albert P./11-06-1862/11-08-1863
Tatum, H.W./06-05-1812/10-07-1863
Tatum, Anthony King ,/07-07-1867/Age 52 Yrs.
Four Small markers no names or date
Double Marker
Tatum, Edward A./03-10-1817/09-08-1893
Tatum, Mary Toney/08-21-1825/01-08-1917
Tayor, Spencer Franklin/03-25-1832/04-23-1885
Thomason, James Franklin-09-29-1879-10-01-1944
Thomason, Margie Ray/1923/1943
Thomason, Martha C./02-21-1880/04-08-1949
Thomason, William Powell/02-14-1919/07-04-1919
Thomason, PFC Jesse B./MS HQ BTN 114 Field Arty/WWII-08-27-1922/03-24-1959
Thomason, Roas/11-30-1859/02-13-1956
Thomason, Billy/no date
Thomason, A.J./1877/1964
Thomason, Jesse Bennett, Jr./11-20-1953/02-03-1999
Thomason, Glen Davis/06-23-1917/04-06-1967/MS-HM1 US Navy/WWII& Korea
Thomason, Glen B./07-31-1946/08-17-1946
Thomason, Madge W./11-27-1902/03-18-1979
Thomason, Clinton Hall/06-28-1901/09-28-1983
Thomerson, J.E./05-06-1853/05-15-1883
Tribble, E.J./04-03-1824/07-24-1861
Tribble, Sarah/10-22-1827/09-25-1892
Tribble, J.R./11-12-1861/04-05-1864
Tribble, Florence/10-11-1859/08-07-1899
Tribble, G.W./1867/1867
Tribble, E.J./04-03-1824/06-06-1825
Tribble, Eugene Clinton/02-16-1902/12-27-1968
Tribble, William Ed/No Date
Tribble, Mary E./Wyf Of Thomas F./11-20-1851/08-13-1907

Vance, Jack Marlin/07-10-1942/06-19-1997

Whitten, Burris Owens/03-16-1886/06-30-1886
Whitten, SGT. Charles M./US ARMY-Korea/03-04-1931/10-31-1993
Whitten, D.A./Wyf of J.W./10-20-1845/01-31-1907
Whitten, Ellie Brunson/04-18-1884/05-01-1929
Whitten, Florence/Wyf of J.W./1869/1943
Whitten, Issac A./Husb. of N.J./07-14-1836/07-29-1896
Whitten, J.B./01-25-1883/08-29-1907
Whitten, J.C./08-22-1866/05-29-1952
Whitten, J.M./08-28-1891/03-19-1915
Whitten, J.W./12-09-1838/11-24-1926
Whitten, J.W./08-16-1868/08-08-1931
Whitten, John Isaac/02-28-1902/06-23-1902
Whitten, Lindsey N./03-30-1816/07-24-1861
Whitten, Lottie Cox/Wyf Of Manley/11-30-1903/10-07-1996
Whitten, Manley M./08-09-1905/05-31-1937
Whitten, Nancy/Wyf of I.A./04-27-1838/06-15-1919
Whitten, Perry Marcus/09-17-1933/06-01-1998
Whitten, Perry/06-03-1910/08-03-1911
Whitten, Prudence W./Wyf of L.N/06-28-1821/03-12-1855
Whitten, Silas Lee/11-30-1868/06-08-1955
Whitten, Virginia L./03-30-1871/12-18-1953
Whitten, Wesley Lewon/11-17-1882/01-01-1883
Double Markers
Whitten, John I./09-23-1880/03-1963
Whitten, Effie H./1886/1966
Double Marker
Whitten, J.B. & Mattie Ann/No Dates
Whitten, Mary Zelia/Dau. of J.B.& Martha A./10-01-1884/01-25-1885
Double Marker
Wilbourn, Mary F./08-07-1877/10-23-1946
Wilbourn, Robert H./08-23-1872/11-26-1948
Wilkie, John Shuford/10-15-1895/02-02-1917
Wren, Maxey/09-14-1976/07-18-1999
Wren, Margie/01-15-1948/07-19-1999
Wright, Lucille P./11-20-1891/08-10-1910
Wright, Baby/07-12-1922
Wright, Baby/03-20-1928

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