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Pine Hill Church Cemetery

Indexed October 1997 by: Nick Denley, Chancery Clerk of Tallahatchie County Mississippi. His office is in the Court House at Charleston Mississippi.

Adams, Annie G./1876/1969
Adams, Dorris/07-20-1921/08-21-1934
Adams, Henry L./1869/1943
Adams, James Jefferson/02-14-1859/02-17-1947
Adams, James Luther/05-26-1905/10-16-1921
Adams, Rosia Thomason/05-23-1856/02-21-1933
Adams, William L./TN. PFC Co L 306 Infantry WWII/04-04-1918/11-03-1932
Double Marker
Adams, Inez S./06-13-1891/01-22-1969
Adams, William C./05-05-1892/03-24-1970

Bloodworth, Infant Son of Woodrow & Mable/03-07-1941
Double Marker/Wed-09-25-1938
Bloodworth, Mable Adams/12-27-1920
Bloodworth, Marsdon Woodrow/04-11-1914/12-22-1987
Double Marker
Bodry, John Hickman/02-17-1873/10-05-1944
Brody, Stella Lowry/03-26-1877/09-22-1952
Double Marker
Bodry, F.M./09-22-1838/09-09-1907
Bodry, E.L/06-06-1838/06-16-1908
Bodry, Ada B./09-07-1822/01-21-1876
Bodry, Addie B./04-03-1877/09-16-1891
Bodry, F. Beatrice/12-19-1870/08-11-1873
Bodry, Lafayette/10-22-1868/09-13-1873
Bodry, William Acie/04-05-1871/02-02-1957
Bonner, Adra Hicks/WYF of James E./1888/1938
Bobber, Mother Of: Mable Bonner Womack/1918/Elizabeth Bonner Spain/1921/
Ruth Bonner Jowers/1924
Bonner, Grace B./06-01-1896/12-29-1989
Bonner, Herbert/10-31-1891/04-19-1965
Bonner, James W./02-17-1852/06-19-1907
Bonner, Mable/02-14-1894/02-17-1916
Bonner, Vera/Dau of J.W.& Ida -05-xx-1887/10-xx-1887
Double Marker
Bonner, Ida A./1859/1944
Bonner, S. Jane Bodry/1841/1912
Double Marker
Boyer, Lillie Bearice/10-01-1913/05-10-1990
Boyer, Milton Angelo/04-22-1910
Boyer, Bertha Marlene/02-21-1933/02-09-1935
Boyer, James Earnest/05-23-1935/05-31-1937
Brewer, Infant Twins/1904
Brewer, Infant/1906
Brewer, Annie Marie/09-26-1929/01-18-1934
Brewer, Fonnie/1907/1928
Double Marker
Brewer, Martha E./1867/1938
Brewer, Anderson, Sr./1867/1909
Brewer, Henry/ MS Pvt 346 Inf. 87 Div/02-25-1939
Bridges, Maggie Steel/02-13-1878/10-09-1905
Bryant, B.F./Died 1884/Age 79 Yrs.
Bryant, Sara F./WYF Of B.F. Bryant/Died 07-28-1875/53 yrs Old
/WED-01-08-1829/Dau. of G.W. Little
Buntin, C.W.D./11-05-1874/07-23-1878
Buntin, Ester V./01-04-1877/07-20-1878
Buntin, Ester V./10-08-1861/04-25-1872
Buntin, Ester J./WYF of Dr. A.J./10-03-1825/07-15-1872
Buntin, R. Rayburn/1901/1948
Double Marker
Buntin, Robbie Rayburn/03-10-1879/12-07-1965
Buntin, William Wiley, Jr./03-25-1881/07-05-1941
Double Marker
Buntin, Mrs. W.W./1857/1937
Buntin, Mr. W.W./ 1852/1931
Double Marker
Burt, Mary Rice/12-03-1908/10-02-1994
Burt, Harman O./age 92/05-21-1913/09-10-2005

Double Marker
Cannon, Ralph Bernal/09-03-1894/06-13-1972
Cannon, Betty Adams/10-04-1896/10-20-1982
Cannon, Mark Allen/03-16-1953/03-30-1984
Cannon, Meril Luther/07-11-1921/08-03-1994/US Marines Corps WWII
Cannon, Helen Rush/age 93/08-07-1917/10-11-2010/services at Church With Creamation to follow
Carothers, Hattie E./09-15-1848/01-24-1873
Chambers, Sylvester/age 44/Died 07-02-2001/auto Accident
Chapuis, Lou D./10-18-1887/04-17-1933
Chapuis, August B./02-22-1885/10-01-1976
Cornelius, Charles Walter/ S. Sgt. US Army Vietnam 04-02, 1936/ 02-07- 1998
Crain, Winfree/10-25-1900/07-22-1901
Crow, Ida S./WYF of G.W. Crow/09-05-1863/03-28-1892/Dau of W.M.& M.J. Steel
Crow, Katie S./WYF of G.W. Crow/04-08-1879/11-22-1897/Dau of W.M.& M.J. Steel
Crow, Son of G.W. & Katie Crow/12-22-1895/08-17-1896

Denham, Carol Gill/age 73/died 06-05-2011/interred 06-09-2011
DeVaney, Benjamin/12-06-1916/08-30-1917
DeVaney, Addie K./08-22-1889/02-17-1970
DeVaney, Edd/01-29-1881/10-15-1957
DeVaney, Flora Calder/age 82/01-30-1920/07-15-2002
DeVaney, Lovejoy/Tec 5 HQ Co. 3BN32 Armd Regt WWII/08-31-1912/12-27-1953
Devaney, Mary Jane/WYF of R.D./05-05-1855/09-01-1914
DeVaney, R.D./09-22-1850/06-14-1925
DeVaney, Richard L./03-28-1907/12-06-1957
DeVaney, Pfc. Silas E./Army Air Force/1909/1973
DeVaney, Sgt. Thomas C./US Army Air Corps WWII/09-16-1919/06-14-1993

Driskell, Bernard L./1902/1936
Driskell, E.F./Co F 4 Miss Inf C.S.A/No dates
Double Marker
Driskell, Pearl B./10-13-1882/01-11-1949
Driskell, Joe L./10-16-1881/08-14-1957
Double Marker
Douglas, William Earl Sr./11-02-1907/08-28-1967
Douglas, Lithsetta M./06-06-1907/11-15-1972
Double Marker
Duke, Willie W./05-07-1866/09-12-1873
Duke, Bobbie/Sons Of A.R. & N.D./07-19-1863/10-01-1864
Double Marker
Duke, G.S., Jr./Son of A.R.& N.D./Born&Died/10-17-1874
Duke, Naomid/WYF of A.R./10-16-1841/08-27-1877
Duke, Abram Robertson/04-06-1829/06-14-1911
Duke, Charles S./11-24-1834/08-13-1872
Duke, William M./10-29-1819/10-16-1872

Farned, William Edgar/Son of M.W.& M.S./11-27-1888/11-28-1888

Gibson,Marker Erected in 1892 by:George E. Steinbeck in Memory of his Aunts/
Mariah, Hamblen & Jerusah Gibson
Gibson, B.F./05-09-1815/02-17-1875
Gibson, M.F./WYF of xx Gibson/Dau of W.M. & Nancy Reed/05-20-1830/02-05-1876
Gray, Bettie J./11-04-1843/03-28-1895
Gray, Birdie/07-06-1879/08-28-1886
Gray, Charley W./1886/1946
Gray, Hyacienth/08-27-1911/10-19-1916
Gray, Lucy A./02-06-1887/04-26-1978
Gray, Ralph T./11-27-1915/05-17-1942
Gray, James T./Co D 1 Miss CAV C.S.A./no dates
Gray, Walter B./07-06-1883/12-26-1898

Hillhouse, Ralph Jefferson/1927/09-13-1997
Hogan, Gabe/04-30-1875/12-26-1908
Hogan, Martha T./WYF of G.G./02-24-1835/11-12-1913
Hogan, G.G./02-06-1828/05-21-1898
Houston, Joe E./11-26-1947/03-20-1998
Houston, James Glyndon , Jr./ 03 12, 1925/ 10-19- 2007
Double Marker
Houston, James A./10-16-1876/07-30-1933
Houston, Maude A./02-05-1880/10-12-1963
Double Marker
Houston, Mary D./01-10-1906/12-02-1977
Houston, James G. Sr./08-01-1904/12-03-1978

Double Marker
Jones, Janie M./07-02-1903/11-17-1970
Jones, Roy D./10-29-1900/06-13-1986

Kerr, Wesley A./02-03-1931/04-18-1949
Kerr, Frances/12-22-1872/02-01-1952
Kerr, John Z./12-13-1870/10-08-1938
Knight, Willis B./07-30-1882/12-22-1949
Double Marker
Kuykendall, John Isaac, Jr./08-08-1897/02-23-1973
Kuykendall, Falba Allen/12-31-1901/03-12-1991
Kuykendall, Arrah Neely/1868/1949
Kuykendall, Birdie Lou/ 1892/1952
Kuykendall, John Isaac/1866/1947
Kuykendall, Thomas G./02-10-1895/02-02-1920

Lay, A.J./12-24-1862/06-06-1909
Lay, Earl/04-28-1837/02-12-1914
Lay, Ethel Burt/08-24-1895/11-23-1895
Lay,Paul S./11-19-1896/09-22-1899
Lowrie, John K./Co F 1 Miss Cav Res C.S.A/No Dates

McFerron, Alice/07-xx-1892/11-20-1934
McFerron, Emly/03-05-1852/12-23-1912
McFerron, Henry C./12-31-1861/04-04-1812
McNulty, Imogene Lillian Fulks /WYF of Tillman H./1911/1997
McNulty, Tillman H./08-24-1912/04-05-1988
Double Marker
McNulty, John William/03-15-1874-/5-09-1961
McNulty, Minnie A./12-14-1871
Double Marker
McNulty, Walter E./1876/1961
McNulty, Cora A./1879/1963
McNulty, William Claude/08-04-1906/10-26-1910

Mason, Leslie McNulty/03-15-1899/09-25-1988
Ming, Mollie J.R./Dau. of J.P.& Sarah/02-27-1856/01-21-1878
Dau of J.P. & M.E. Ming/03-16-1870/02-28-1883
Miaward, John K./Co A. 42 MS Inf. C.S.A/No Dates
Minyard, Henry Fields /03-27-1875/07-xx-1934
Minyard, Edgar Kennedy/03-31-1898/10-xx-1927
Minyard, Effie Priddy/11-29-1875/08-24-1898

Neely, Charles C./Co A 38 Tenn Inf C.S.A./No dates
Neely, Mary V./12-16-1866/11-13-1867
Double Marker/Wed. 04-06-1929
Newman, Willie Bert/02-19-1900/06-26-1991
Newman, Evie Kerr/aGE 94/10-20-1908/12-28-2002

Patterson, H./Co G. 2 Miss CAV RES C.S.A./No Dates

Double Marker
Raney, Charence I. Dolph/PFC. U.S.Army WWII/08-18-1895/06-12-1977
Raney, Arlene H./11-17-1917/12-01-1993
Reed, Bettie E.Dau. W.M.& Nancy/12-25-1820/09-30-1875
Double Marker
Rice, Janie M. Driskell/08-29-1911/10-24-1976
Rice,James Knott/06-26-1906/05-12-1989
Double Marker
Rice, Maude B./1880/1959
Rice, Jas D./1874/1946
Rice, James, E./MS Pvt US Army, Kores, Vietnam/02-03-1933/02-01-1974
Rice, Janie E./01-03-1965/07-06-1975
Rice, Shirley Lou/Dau. of Mr.& Mrs. J.K. Rice/no dates

Roberts, Daniel James/age 52/died 02-03-2007/interned 02-06-2007
Roberts, Harvey Dwain / SA US Navy Korea/ 10-05-1930/ 04-25- 1998

Sanford, Norvell M./Rdm 2 US Navy WWII/07-03-1924/04-13-1996
Shankle, Tommy Mack/US Army Korea/1931/1986
Shankle, Blufford Riley/02-26-1876/11-03-1918
Shankle, Rachel Annie/08-30-1916/09-13-1927
Shankle, Mary Gay/08-01-1928/09-16-1930
Double Marker
Shankle, Charles B "Rhode"/04-23-1880/01-29-1941
Shankle, Bessie B./08-23-1898/12-05-1995
Double Marker
Shankle, Charles Byron/03-14-1927/12-09-1989
Shankle, Virginia Rodgers/10-30-1930
Simpson, Cora Lynne/age 92/07-20-1917/08-26-2009
Simpson. Hugh Edward /age 89/06-27-1913/03-20-2003
Steel, Capt. W.M./08-06-1838/10-17-1904
Steel, Martha J. Gibson/WYF of Capt W.M. Steel/09-xx-1868/09-22-1903

Steel, Julia Gibson/08-11-1869/08-12-1911
Steel, J.D./04-28-1835/07-03-1896
Steel, Adaline/WYF of J.D.Steel/11-19-1841/01-21-1875
Steel, Susie Ford/05-14-1902/05-14-1989
Steel, Robert Young "Bob"/MS Pvt 8 Co Recruit Depot WWII/10-05-1897/08-23-1960
Steel, William M./09-06-1883/11-17-1909
Suggs, Mrs. Eunice Steel/05-13-1873/03-29-1954

Taylor, Lucille/age 82/died 03-13-2003

Wilkins, Mrs. G.P/03-11-1822/10-09-1868
Wood, John H./XXX/07-16-1883
Wood, Dau of John H. & Emma/XXX/07-04-1881
Woodall, Hattie T.D./10-07-1883/08-04-1884
Worley, Earnest C./11-27-1878/12-09-1873
Double Marker
Worley, M.R./06-09-1832/02-17-1907
Worley, K.E./12-02-1836/11-20-1903
Young, Annabell/02-21-1884/10-16-1969
Young, George Ralph/11-26-1879/06-10-1956
Young, Robert Edward/09-18-1871/09-14-1937
Young, Samuel N./Hooles Co MS L. Arty/C.S.A./no Dates

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