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Paynes is located five miles south of Charleston. The settlement dates back to 1830 when Robert Turnbull, an Indian, settled there and built his residence, and cleared a farm. In 1833 Turnbull sold John H. Page half a section of land. The sale was not consummated until 1838. Page took possession of the land in 1833 and by 1834 a settlement had developed. Page's home was designated as the center and as one of the places for holding the first election in the county. It was called Page's on Sculmore.
In 1835 the settlement was called Dogwood Flats and was designated a voting precinct. Between the years of 1836 and 1843 Dogwood Flats almost became the county seat.
In the early 1870's the settlement became known as Paynes for Dr. George Paynes. In 1878 the place was almost wiped out by the yellow fever epidemic.

This Cemetery Indexed by Helen E. Staten Arnold. There are many graves not marked and there is no way to tell where they are or who they are. Do not know how old this cemetery is-some dates go back to mid 1800's. This Cemetery is located up on a hill behind the old home place of Mrs. Anna Mounce .

Antone, Dit/02-19-1910/12-14-1941
Antone, Mae McDaniel/08-26-1917/04-26-1941

Bloodworth, J.N/Son of ZH&MA/11-25-1857/05-06-1904
Bloodworth, J.M/11-26-1833/05-22-1909
Bloodworth, Jimmie S./son of JM&ML/01-20-1861/08-07-1866
Bloodworth, Anna J./Dau. of JM&ML/07-05-1866/09-11-1866
Bloodworth, Joe Lent/11-01-1867/07-12-1871
Brunson, Charleene/05-14-1918/03-05-1940
Brunson, Lettie Denley/03-09-1899/05-04-1991
Brunson, Martin Gilbert, Jr./10-27-1902/08-25-1978
Brunson, Martin Gilbert/10-11-1857/01-30-1930
Brunson, Annie Shepherd/10-09-1863/10-14-1935
Brunson, Charlsie H./11-12-1919/08-18-1946
Brunson, Ruben L./07-03-1909/01-23-1958

Cox, Hugh, Leonigas/Son of C.J and M.T/09-07-1878/03-21-1883

Davis, Mayford Aleene Little/WYF of Chester William Davis, Mother
of Buddy Davis/cir 1940's No marker
Denley, Larry Douglas/ son of J.B and Bernice/12-04-1937/09-11-1940
Dunn, Ada Mullen/02-18-1909
Dunn, Willie Henry-01-23-1907/10-07-1979
Dunn, Betty Jo/01-21-1937/10-26-1954

Dunn, George W. Sr./age 76/12-07-1933/04-19-2010
Dunn, James/age 69/died 02-18-2011/interred 02-21-2011

Ellett, J .S/Died 1905
Ellett, Marial J./05-22-1833/01-11-1895
Ellett, WSE/Husb. ME-07-08-1833/10-11-1904

Farris, Pauline B./04-08-1921/02-24-1924

Felty, Peggy Elizabeth Dunn/age 67/03-01-1936/12/12-2003
Franklin, S.M./age 69/died 01-04-2008

Goodson, J S/died 1905

Milam, Lillian V./04-26-1909/01-22-1937
Milam, Infant son of A R& Lillian/01-20-1937
Milam, Emma Jean/05-26-1932/07-04-1949
Double Marker/Wed-04-01-1923
Milam, William Austin/10-9-1900/11-08-1981
Milam, Irene S./01-15-1906
Mounce, Anna A./04-27-1868/01-24-1951
Mounce, Frank M./03-13-1860/12-15-1935

Mullen, Lester Brett/husb Jean Farris Mullen/WWII Vet/12-23-1919/03-13-2002

Porter, Silas/07-01-1904/08-15-1941
Porter, John W./08-28-1906/07-12-1950
Porter, Alice Cooper/1902/1995

Porter, Esther Marie/age 69/wyf of Silas Porter/09-02-1934/01-22-2004
Porter, Silas "Boy"/age 73/died 07-04-2011 Porter, Jerry, 06-01-1939/04-30-2010
Rice, George Washington/ 1810/1847
Rice, Jane Marie Knott/1814/1850
Rice, George/son of JD&FA/08-12-1872/10-18-1873

Shaw, Myrtle Shook/age 85/05-25-1915/04-30-2001
Shaw, Mary Gene/age 49/died 12-23-2012
Shook, George Elzie/05-24-1934/07-02-1995
Shook, Josh N./Husband of Willie/01-07-1890/12-11-1925
Shook, James A./01-28-1919/08-02-1983
Shook, Annie Ruth/1919/1995
Shook, Oscar T./11-22-1890/06-08-1941
Shook, Nora S. Brown/09-23-1892/04-07-1974
Shook, Thomas H./04-04-1866/04-02-1941
Shook, Mamie Dunn/05-12-1929/02-07-1997
Shook, Phillip Powell, Jr./05-11-1929/07-08-2002
Shook, Rickey Powell/03-03-1951/11-01-1976/Wed-06-12-1971
Shook, Clemmie Mullen/dates illegible
Shook, George David/01-27-1873/10-27-1980
Shook, Dave Botto/05-67-1897/01-31-1993
Shook, David Sr./age 81/12-20-1924/05-02-2006/interned 05-04-2006
Shook, Blanch Denley/died 01-31-1993
Staten, Evelyn Lucille/Dau-Lera&James/04-23-1935/11-25-1935

Smith, Betty Gayle Shook/age 53/12-05-1954/08-01-2008

Tennison, Nora Irene/Dau of JE&Kittie/07-26-1909/03-12-1910

Vanlandingham, Ada Mullen Dunn/age 101/Died 08-08-2010

Walker, Mattie J./04-02-1877/08-18-1966
Walker, Willia B./02-20-1866/10-26-1944

Double Marker-Wed.- 07-04-1946-Tallahatchie County, MS
Wolfe, James Raleigh, Jr. "J. Raleigh" -06-18-1921-10-23-2006
Wolfe, Lettie Louise "Bill" Brunson-05-22-1925-02-09-2005
Wolfe, Billy Brunson/age 60/07-09-1949/09-01-2009
Woodall, Rose Mary (Shaw)-08-03-1949-08-29-2008/wife of V. J. Woodall/ dau of Wm W. & Myrtle L. (Shook) Shaw***

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