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Cemetery Located at Tutwiler Mississippi, Established in the late 1800's. 100% Indexed November 1997, by Nick Denley,Clerk of Chancery Court Tallahatchie County Mississippi, Charleston Ms.


In 1899 Tom Tutwiler, a Civil Engineer for the railroad made his headquarters seven miles northeast of Sumner. The town of Tutwiler was founded and named for him. When the railroad was built the first depot erected was a two story building and the town was given the top floor for a school. Captain H.B. Fitch built and operated the first store. His wife took charge of the school which begun with five pupils. In 1905 the town was incorporated and W.E. Fite was Mayor and J.O. Clay as depot agent. In 1900 the Illinois Central Railroad running from Yazoo City to Lambert, crossed at Tutwiler the company built a railroad yard there.
In 1928 a high school was built at a cost of $40,000. The town grew rapidly until 1929 when the railroad yard was moved to Clarksdale. At that time the population and business began to decline. The population in 1929 before the railroad yard was moved was 1,010 people.

Adams, Minnie Lee/1892/1969
Double Marker
Adams, Ada L./09-20-1895/09-27-1983
Adams, E.O./02-17-1887/01-12-1962
Andrews, Mary H./01-14-1899/06-01-1946
Arant, Lula W./1908/1954
Arant, Norman E./1894/1965
Ashford, Callie O.H./(Mrs. J.K.)/08-17-1867/06-01-1963
Ashford, George Lee/07-26-1897/12-05-1929
Ashford, James Knox/02-20-1863/06-21-1931
Ashford, Iris Opelia/Dau of Mr.& Mrs.J.K./08-16-1906/08-22-1981
Double Marker
Ashcord, John D./04-06-1874/01-06-1952
Ashford, Mable C./10-05-1880/03-23-1969
Austin, Addie Bush/02-05-1868/05-24-1952
Double Marker
Avent, Edward Theo/age 83/1918-03-05-2002<BR>
Avent, Opal K./1919/1987
Double Marker
Avent, John Lewis/02-04-1891/04-20-1957
Avent, Ruth Chastain/07-30-1890/07-01-1958
Baars, Blanche Brewer/11-15-1912/12-25-1957
Backstrom, Edward T./1878/1935
Backstrom, Dr. John G./12-01-1874/10-31-1961
Backstrom, Lucy Ivy/1844/1924
Backstrom, Ray Duke "Bamma"/WYF of Ed/12-06-1873/08-10-1963
Bailey, Von/03-13-1931/10-13-1970
Double Marker
Bailey, Emma W./06-08-1919/12-03-1982
Bailey, Wallace/06-03-1918/09-03-1988
Double Marker
Bailey, Arthur/07-22-1891/04-09-1959
Bailey, Irene/08-15-1897/10-13-1982
Double Marker
Bain, Fred Leon/1893/1958
Bain, Pearl McCord/1900/1979
Bardwell, Sammie Lee/11-19-1940/06-19-1969
Double Marker
Barnes, Anne/1930
Barnes, Joe Allen/CD1 US Navy/05-16-1930/11-30-1989
Barton, Minnie M./03-13-1900/06-07-1967
Bright, Sammy Ezell, Sr./age 69/USArmy Vet/01-03-1932/11-16-2001
Double Marker
Britnell, Acklee/11-16-1901/11-11-1989
Britnell, Mae Cole/06-29-1905/03-27-1980
Bruister, Carroll L.,Sr./07-12-1905/09-11-1963
Bruister, Juanita /Dau of H.L.& Vera/10-28-1909/09-23-1915
Bruister, Wilda Rice "Bitty"/09-02-1904/11-16-1971
Bruister, William B./01-10-1923/06-25-1953
Double Marker
Bruister, Hiram Lafayette/08-20-1879/12-06-1939
Bruister, Vera Bacon/08-11-1883/03-26-1954
Black, Bryce/MS Maj. CE Res WWII/12-06-1906/10-03-1956
Black, Carl/03-24-1927/08-29-1985
Black, Herbert T./Cpl US Army WWII/04-04-1914/08-05-1988
Black, Joseph/SSgt US Air Force WWII/04-20-1925/08-27-1976
Black, Ruth/US Navy WWII/07-07-1910/02-19-1985
Double Marker
Black, James Robert/09-11-1880/03-29-1962
Black, Margaret Jane/05-06-1885/11-28-1971
Double Marker
Blackwell, Fred/01-11-1898/09-15-1985
Blackwell, Ina Roach/01-26-1906/10-07-1983
Boling, Kenneth C./02-20-1912/11-10-1971
Box, Vivian M./1926-1947
Double Marker
Box, Buren B./1st Lt US Army WWII/06-15-1910/03-24-1988
Box, Martha T./09-19-1911/12-16-1988
Bradley, Ross E./05-09-1885/07-03-1970
Brewer, Blanch Mullen "Bubba"/03-07-1884/11-02-1972
Brewer, George Rodney/06-09-1881/07-16-1962
Bright, David Rickey/Son of Mr&Mrs.Elmer/07-14-1963/08-02-1970
Bright, Elmer/1920/1983/PFC US Army WWII
Bright, Mazelle Powell/05-27-1933/04-07-1971
Bright, T.C./US Army/12-21-1955/05-18-1985
Double Marker
Bright, Mary A./11-08-1903/08-12-1983
Bright, T.H. "Pete"/Pvt US Army/09-11-1895/02-11-1975
Brittian, John M./Co H 8th N.J. Vol Inf./1838/1926
Brittian, Leanora E./1845/1938
Brougher, Robert T./07-10-1946/08-16-1989
Brougher, William A./Lt. Col. US Marines Corps WWII/09-24-1917/07-10-1986
Brougher, Cooper/10-14-1881/11-27-1961
Brougher, Freeman/09-20-1910/07-16-1977
Brougher, Lena Whatley/01-30-1887/09-25-1955
Brown, Barney/11-26-1893/04-20-1969
Brown, Mary Catherine/09-26-1946/05-27-1999
Browning, Bessie N./08-06-1901/11-11-1969
Browning, Elmer "Dutch"/07-07-1905/07-29-1964
Browning, Olivia N./04-08-1956/11-21-1989
Double Marker
Browning, Annie B./06-27-1874/10-22-1939
Browning, Hester/08-08-1872/01-29-1939
Bruister, Hiram Worlin/02-17-1916/05-17-1982
Bruister, Kathleen B./08-02-1919/12-08-1993
Double Marker
Buckner, Emmett Farris/US Army WWII/10-06-1908/04-01-1978
Buckner, Ruth Jennings/09-30-1915/02-09-1991
Buford, Sidney Peyton/1904/1975
Burgess, Hill M./06-19-1901/04-12-1954
Burgess, Virginia H./11-17-1909/06-29-1991
Burt, E.D./08-05-1877/05-07-1929
Burton, Morris L./Cpl US Army WWII/03-31-1919/03-25-1984
Bush, William/01-16-1907/11-21-1921
Byars, Sadie J./12-12-1889/06-20-1964
Byars, Susie Cornelia/Dau of W.S.& A.J./10-22-1925/12-05-1928
Byars, Walter S./08-23-1879/05-05-1951
Callicutt, Hayward K./age 94/03-23-1913/06-05-2007
Double Marker
Carpenter, Marggie Beatrice/05-10-1935
Carpenter, Hubert Fred/01-28-1935/02-14-1980
Carter, Dennis/1932/1995
Carter, Infant Dau of Terry L. & Sadie/08-31-1910
Carter, Infant Dau of Catherine P.& Terry L.,Jr./10-02-1938
Carter, James E./1880/1944
Carter, Sarah M./07-07-1890/11-24-1969
Carter, Terry L./06-18-1885/08-26-1945
Double Marker
Carter, Dorothy W./10-18-1919/11-04-1989
Carter, Joseph O./Tec4 US Army WWII/03-14-1912/11-02-1993
Double Marker
Catledge, Louise C./05-06-1907/04-19-1971
Catledge, Orien E./05-06-1903/06-07-1962
Chatham, Albert O./Pvt US Army WWII/06-02-1910/05-10-1978
Chatham, Ophelia Everett/12-25-1911/11-02-1993
Childress, Jim A./01-10-1908/03-03-1962
Childress, Johnny H./1928/1994
Childress, Mary Ellen/08-26-1940/05-26-1951
Clay, Charles Stacy, Jr./A1c US Air Force Korea/10-19-1930/03-26-1997
Clay, Clifton Braxton /06-29-1961/05-05-1996
Clay, Dora H./1894/1981
Clay, Fannie W./WYF of J.O./05-24-1870/05-23-1912
Clay, John O, III/1924/1992
Clay, John O., Jr./1888/1960
Clay, John Oliver/11-03-1852/04-22-1928
Double Marker
Clay, Dr. Thomas F./12-25-1885/01-12-1985
Clay, Delia F./04-22-1887/01-21-1966
Clay, Little Dela, Jr./01-03-1923
Clem, Estelle B./01-23-1911/02-21-1978
Clem, Lawrence R./07-07-1909/02-21-1978
Collins, Herbert Samuel/1922/1997
Collins, Hettie Sweatt/03-26-1890/10-06-1962
Collins, Oty P./09-14-1879/08-02-1943
Collins, Stoke W./Us Army WWII/10-22-1912/01-23-1993
Costigan, Con Cornelius/09-01-1860/12-15-1925
Couvillion, Warren/01-23-1930
Double Marker
Couvillion, Warren A./04-30-1891/10-02-1971
Couvillion, Mary Fitch/07-30-1900/01-18-1939
Double Marker
Cozier, Martha Catherine Couvillion/01-19-1928/01-02-1978
Cozier, William Allen/05-18-1921
Double Marker
Crawford, John Anderson/09-27-1912
Crawford, Mabel Collins/05-10-1912/02-14-1962
Cribbs, Betty Mildred/1912/1988
Cribbs, Edna Hazel Guest/01-08-1926/02-18-1998
Cribbs, Ferd P./1913/1976
Cribbs, Frances C./1916/1991
Cribbs, Fred M./1875/1929
Cribbs, Lena W./1885/1975
Crow, John A./09-27-1953/12-22-1995
Double Marker
Crow, Jimmie Tubbs/11-09-1905/01-15-1958
Crow, Price Alexander/12-08-1899/09-01-1977
Daakson, Bertha Pierce/06-22-1931/11-06-1996
Daniel, Ann W./05-18-1888/01-04-1974
Daniel, John W./12-01-1888/07-02-1961
Daniel, Peggy Ann/04-15-1940/11-07-1940
Double Marker
Daniel, Flossie C./03-08-1900/06-08-1979
Daniel, Wayburn/02-09-1894/01-10-1975
Deery, Bernice Brewer/07-08-1907/07-15-1976
Deery, William Francis/07-06-1880/11-10-1961
Denton, Arthur S./1909/1930
Double Marker
Denton, Claudia S./04-05-1890-06-27-1972
Denton, H. Arthur/07-27-1882/04-27-1969
Duke, Susan R./07-31-1859/07-31-1906
Double Marker
Duke, Leonard E./11-14-1886/10-06-1965
Duke, Mary Walton/08-11-1900/03-03-1976
Double Marker
Dyess, Cleo J./09-25-1914/10-10-1972
Dyess, Richard H./Sgt US Army WWII/02-01-1917/11-12-1983
Engler, Monnie-Dau of J.& M./06-22-1908/06-22-1908
Evans, Lucille/1891/1960
Everett, Edward H./03-03-1908/04-01-1977
Everett, Jesse C./10-17-1941/11-25-1941
Everett, J. Herbert/03-28-1907/03-05-1990
Everett, Jesse Jones/05-29-1881/06-18-1964
Everett, Lula Till/05-15-1884/01-12-1964
Everett, Nell Jester/03-03-1907/08-04-1965
Everett, R. Sproles/07-31-1913/03-10-1930
Feigler, Mary Lesscells/03-06-1945/09-07-1971
Double Marker
Ferguson, Hazel Kendall/05-08-1918
Ferguson, Pete Preston/01-17-1900/07-07-1960
Fite, David W., Sr./1862/1915
Flanigan, Nora/1887/1969
Flanigan, William Edward/1867/1948
Flautt, Mary Windham/03-27-1908/07-28-1995
Flautt, William Frierson/08-11-1898/07-03-1984
Fogg, Louise D./11-24-1913/03-15-1995
Fondren, Jessie Ellis/Pvt. US Army WWII/11-02-1897/09-28-1975
Fondren, James M./1910/1974
Fondren, Pearl T./1905/1967
Double Marker
Fondern, Jesse T./02-22-1872/05-16-1930
Fondren, Ermin I./02-10-1875/10-06-1952
Foshee, Albert C./Son of F.M.& R.M./03-01-1895/07-30-1906
Frey, Charles F./03-06-1882/01-16-1956
Frey, George Matthew/03-06-1882/01-16-1956
Gibson, Addie Farris/1874/1942
Gibson, Emmett Word/1874/1940
Gibson, Mrs. Joel Wood/1887/08-11-1959
Gibson, Louise Baxter/01-10-1887/08-04-1959
Gillespie, Eugene D. "Shorty"/1901/04-10-1958
Double Marker
Gillespie, McDonald/1876/1947
Gillespie, Mary E./1866/1950
Gore, Jossie/01-31-1919/01-28-1964
Double Marker
Goss, Allie Cornelia Logan/03-26-1873/07-04-1954
Goss, James Harvy/01-16-1862/11-10-1939
Gregory, Bertha Quillian/09-04-1892/11-30-1964
Double Marker
Grissom, Loyal W./US Air Force WWII/01-10-1924/12-08-1996
Grissom, Virgie G./11-16-1924
Double Marker
Grissom, George Forrest/10-14-1900/07-15-1958
Grissom, Jimmie Ferguson/05-19-1905/09-17-1985
Guest, Lula Ward/06-11-1894/02-20-1970
Guest, Thomas Hubert/04-17-1894/10-11-1974
Gunn, Frankie M./1883/1928
Gunn, Katherine C./1906/1991
Gunn, William E./1904/1953
Double Marker
Gwin, Martha Turner Bullen/11-24-1911/12-29-2002
Gwin, Mst.Sgt. Charles David/10-19-1917/06-12-1984
Haire, Bobby J./1937/1964
Haire, Mary Ellen/09-08-1934/11-29-1977
Haire, Sarah K./04-10-1900/02-03-1993
Haire, Oscar L./MS Pvt. Co F-149 Inf WWI/07-23-1896/08-25-1966
Haire, William Lee, Sr/-07-04-1925/11-08-1987
Hall, Cecil Augustus/1895/1966
Hall, Maude Simpson/1899/1979
Double Marker
Hammack, Ernestine K./01-06-1924
Hammack, Walter A./US Army WWII/12-05-1916/08-05-1995
Double Marker
Hammack, Folsom F./08-15-1890/12-16-1968
Hammack, Ruth M./03-17-1898/06-29-1976
Hamilton, baby/no date
Hamilton, Alice Clay/01-25-1891/10-16-1984
Hamilton, Samuel Davis/12-09-1899/04-23-1946
Hamilton, Samuel D.Jr./MS Lt.Col.US Air Force WWII/Korea-AM-DFC-PH/
Double Marker
Hamilton, James Totten/Capt US Army WWII/12-21-1917/12-26-1968
Hamilton, Nanette K./10-21-1921/12-06-1988
Harrison, Mattie Bush/02-17-1872/01-12-1955
Harrison, Dr. W.H./02-03-1859/03-11-1926
Double Marker
Henderson, Jessie W./05-17-1893/04-13-1984
Henderson, Haller S./05-23-1887/08-24-1963
Double Marker
Hillman, Bill/05-01-1911/01-19-1992
Hillman, Mary Frances/02-18-1916/11-11-1985
Hitt, Pearl Wells/07-22-1927/12-05-1980
Hitt, George Alton/09-09-1917/06-06-1982
Hocutt, Annie C./12-13-1933/01-31-1956
Double Marker
Hodges, Edd/08-22-1884/04-18-1940
Hodges, Alice/06-10-1881/01-27-1966
Double Marker
Houston, Elsie E./08-12-1882/04-14-1963
Houston, Sam S./11-03-1882/08-06-1968
Hood, Mary Ollie/WYF of M.W./07-20-1869/10-20-1925
Hooper, Robert D./Illegible
Hubbert, Percy/1908/1967
Double Marker
Hubbert, P.C./1873/1948
Hubbert, Kate M./1880/1948
Hudson, John R./10-10-1873/12-14-1941
Huffman, Albert W./1878/1955
Huffman, Dolores Odom/1909/1994
Huffman, Lurannie/WYF of A.W./1882/1938
Huffman, Roy A./1905/1989
Huffman, Otha Lee "Punch"/1908/1989
Hurlburt, Elvira T./1866/1928
Jackson, Joseph T./10-20-1904/10-19-1979
Double Marker
Jackson, Adron Ray/07-14-1928/01-27-1996
Jackson, Opal "Polly"/12-17-1930/09-27-1994
James, Baby/02-13-1948
Raden, 1942(dont know who-is next to James baby
Double Marker
Jeffords, Gertrude/07-10-1920/04-17-1981
Jeffords, Russell/03-16-1905/02-05-1974
Double Marker
Jeffords, Jess W./11-27-1879/01-15-1950
Jeffords, Lula/12-25-1880/09-03-1944
Jenkins, Hannah Ashford/02-28-1908/03-31-1988
Jennings, Alice G./1871/1949
Jennings, Amanda C./WYF of J.B./05-10-1856/07-27-1930
Jennings, Bruce Winter/Cpl US Army/06-27-1923/07-15-1976
Jennings, Charles M./03-05-1885/02-11-1961
Jennings, J.B./02-01-1850/11-28-1916
Jennings, John William/12-10-1904/01-01-1973
Jennings, John W./TSgt US Army WWII/12-23-1919/02-10-1987
Jennings, Mildred/05-30-1908/07-07-1986
Jennings, Ray/NC GT Co 76 Fkd Arty WWI/12-25-1894/01-26-1967
Jennings, Ruth Hodges/09-17-1905/01-15-1991
Jennings, Viola Barton/Wyf of Thomas A. "Tom"/1925/11-16-1999
Jennings, Wiley C./1872/1946
Double Marker
Jennings, David H./02-04-1876/11-17-1923
Jennings, Hattie Lou/02-01-1887/12-09-1967
Double Marker
Jennings, Hanry H/07-22-1904/10-24-1977
Jennings, Mona O./06-14-1907/06-02-1983
Double Marker
Jennings, Dave H./07-20-1910/08-28-1976
Jennings, Kathleen A./12-03-1913/06-06-1994
Johnson, Miss Carrie B./died 10-07-1963
Kellum, James Lewis/SSgt US Army WWII/09-06-1916/05-06-1995
Double Marker/Wed-06-17-1930
Kellum, J.W./1911
Kellum, Ruth W./1913/1992
Kimerer, Marion/12-28-1852/10-25-1933
Kimerer, Vyola B./11-20-1882/05-08-1968
Kimerer, Viola A./02-19-1911/10-29-1985
Kines, Clarence N./02-10-1910/03-11-1979
King, Leslie Ann/1974/06-07-1998
King, Stella/05-14-1909/11-04-1966
Double Marker
King, Frank G./1878/1972
King, Stella A./1877/1947
Klines, Ann/03-08-1857/03-29-1933
Knight, William Donald/09-17-1912/07-20-1974
Double Marker
Knight, Ethel Bell/02-13-1886/07-26-1962
Knight, Willie Paul/01-01-1882/02-22-1972
Lane, Johnny Davis, Sr./age 89/32nd degree Mason/died 06-26-2010/interred 07-03-2010
Larkin, William/MS Pvt. 22 US Inf/03-08-1918
Double Marker
Lavender, James, Jr./1891/1965
Lavender, Lucy H./1904/1971
Lay, Jesse T./01-29-1907/10-20-1987
Lay, Marguerite W./WYF of Jesse T.01/15-1919/01-30-1959
Lay, True Murchison/WYF of Jesse T.10/23-1899/10-21-1981
Lay, Mary Ruth/WYF of W.A.Lay/12-31-1885/09-12-1938
Lay, Wallace Ames/09-25-1876/07-11-1941
Lay, Sam Carl/10-09-1911/09-01-1941
Double Marker
Lay, A. Delbert/09-02-1905/03-21-1997
Lay, Sally H./12-22-1911
Tripple Marker
Lay, "Father" John Thomas/04-01-1881/07-19-1958
Lay, "Dau") Earline "Sis"/01-29-1930/04-10-1969
Lay, "Mother" Pearl Woods/07-14-1893/12-07-1978
Lester, George Alfred/05-14-1924/04-26-1963
Lindsay, Frances Pugh/12-07-1895/01-21-1991
Lindsay, George Matthew/09-11-1890/01-08-1956
Lindsay, Joe Pugh/06-26-1925/07-22-1982
Lipe, Gwendolyn Strickland/08-04-1925/07-24-1992
Lipe, Linda Bon/01-10-1948
Lipe, Roy Edwin, Sr./10-26-1893/03-05-1949
Lipe, William Roy/02-22-1922/03-31-1977
Lipe, William Ray, Jr./07-11-1950/01-03-1951
Double Marker
Lipe, Carolyn Eugenia Pittman/04-12-1873
Lipe,Thomas Edwin,Sr./01-18-1868/08-07-1944
Livingston, Lora O./1875/1950
Double Marker
Long, Richard Loving/TN Pvt 434 Motor Truck Co-QMC WWI/ 02-03-1898/05-13-1964
Long, Virginia Lester/07-19-1902/05-01-1988
Double Marker
Luckett, James Homer/09-20-1893/04-27-1970
Luckett, Lucy Corley/03-25-1902/01-28-1987
McBride, Ola W./11-12-1909/05-07-1969
Double Marker
McFadden, James M., Sr./MS Cpl US Army WWI/03-08-1894/04-14-1974
McFadden, Sarah M./10-07-1911/09-15-1989
McKay, Christine L./07-11-1924/04-21-1997
McKee, O. Elois/1925/1966
McKee, Ophia O./1891/1958
McLaughlin, Hazel E./1915/1991
McLaughlin, S.T./12-20-1912/08-13-1986
McLaughlin, Howell/1900/1927
McLaughlin, R.Troy/07-28-1903/08-03-1963
Double Marker
McLaughlin, George/1878/1953
McLaughlin, Ella/1885/1958
McNamee, Charles T./1948
McNamee, Joe Cheirs/1953
Mabry, William Ray "Bill"/age 52/08-06-1950/01-10-2003
Double Marker
Mahan, Ora Lee/02-09-1906
Mahan, Rutherford J., Sr,/07-22-1900/04-19-1974
Manning, Evadene McLaughlin/10-24-1915
Manuel, Kenneth P./11-16-1907/11-14-1951
Manuel, Pauline/03-18-1909/01-10-1987
Martin, Ella/1890/1970
Martindale, Florence/03-11-1918/06-27-1999
Double Marker
Martindale, Agnes L./05-21-1916
Martindale, William N./S1 US Navy WWII/10-02-1917/10-30-1985
Meeks, David Lee/1890/1923
Melton, James Michael/09-21-1967/08-18-1985
Double Marker
Meyer, Merle E./1900/1979
Meyer, Goldie F./1899/1989
Mitchell, Annie Mae McNamee/1900/1993
Mitchell, Frank Leo/1899/1964
Mitchell, Myrna Keys Bruister/10-15-1916/01-06-2001
Mitchell, Will L./09-13-1883/06-27-1958
Double Marker
Mitchell, Catherine Denman/07-06-1925/08-10-1956
Mitchell, Marvin Leslie/01-25-1919/09-09-1986
Montague, John W./Co 1 TX Inf Sp Am War/03-24-1880/01-07-1940
Moore, Louyse J./03-29-1906/03-23-1985
Double Marker
Moore, Edna D./10-16-1874/01-23-1952
Moore, Robert H./02-25-1872/11-15-1954
Double Marker
Moore, Ossie K./02-21-1906/02-11-1982
Moore, Henry Thomas, Sr./US Navy WWII/02-24-1913/12-27-1993
Double Marker
Moore, Ella Horne/10-04-1903/09-01-1993
Moore, John W./10-28-1895/11-01-1974
Double Marker
Morris, Ollie Mae/10-19-1891/02-21-1973
Morris, Robert M./02-03-1884/04-22-1926
Moss, Anita Slater/12-19-1892/02-01-1965
Mullins, Florence Roberson/06-30-1890/02-18-1987
Murphree, Autis LaVerne/05-15-1922/01-01-1997
Murphree, Henry W./11-03-1915/07-12-1986
Murphy, Charles Adair/09-14-1910/01-18-1963
Myers, Mary M./10-18-1854/10-19-1916
Double Marker/Wed.-12-13-1924
Nabors, Kate M./10-01-1907
Nabors, Leonard L./07-10-1904/10-19-1993
Nelson, Chester F./01-25-1903/10-31-1978
Nelson, Conner Mae/10-28-1906/09-21-1972
Nickle, John Thomas/1844/1919
Nickle, Mary E. Young/1862/1919
Nunn, Joe C./10-18-1882/01-14-1953
Nunn, Joseph C., Jr./Sgt US Army WWII/11-14-1919/06-04-1975
Nunn, Joe Z./MS Pvt 60 Inf Med Det WWII/02-11-1923/06-18-1944
Nunn, Zella M./12-29-1890/12-14-1967
O'Brian, Judy C./05-23-1954/07-07-1962
Odom, Charles Allen/06-xx-1946
Odom, (Father) Edgar G./1875/1947
Odom, Elbert, Son of E.G.& R.h. Odom/08-16-1904/05-21-1931
Odom, (Mother) Roxie Hitt/1887/1967
Odom, David Howard/A2c 72 Air Police Sq AF/10-16-1936/04-04-1958
Odom, Leon/08-21-1902/09-14-1981
Odom, Lillian West/08-21-1896/11-23-1981
Double Marker/Wed-06-04-1934
Odom, Nona Jenkinsage 92/05-04-1914/09-17-2006
Odom, Trob B., Sr./06-13-1907/09-13-1978
Orman, Infant Son of Sam & Jerry/12-30-1955
Orman, Vera Leslie/09-10-1954
Orman, Sam/age 83/US Navy Vet WWII/Died 02-28-2011/interred 03-04-2011
Double Marker
Ousley, Rev. Jacob A./12-04-1884/12-11-1953
Ousley, Mary L./09-26-1899/10-17-1985
Pate, Dr. C.M./1885/1940
Pate, Mary B./1893/1976
Pate, Harold F./09-29-1948/10-10-1948
Pate, Jerry C./11-02-1949/11-03-1949
Double Marker
Pegg, John Allen/1846/1932
Pegg, Rebecca Barry/1842/1934
Perdue, H.C., Jr./03-03-1863/12-14-1816
Perdue, Lady Belle/07-25-1866/10-16-1946
Double Marker
Pharis, Mark C./01-12-1971/01-13-1971
Pharis, Monroe C. Jr./03-20-1963/12-06-1970
Double Marker
Pharis, Berrnice B./05-11-1905
Pharis, James E./01-24-1891/03-06-1969
Pittman, Ethel P./02-26-1922/09-29-1974
Pond, Louella Mitchell/Camp-Pond/1895/1978
Powell, James H./05-16-1912/01-19-1969
Double Marker
Powell, Nellie Manning/02-20-1910/03-24-1980
Powell, Theodore Bethel/09-01-1908/03-23-1987
Double Marker
Price, Ula R./1894/1950
Price, Virgie Reed/1893/1975
Double Marker
Pullen, Zenia P./09-06-1893/07-04-1974
Pullen, Zeb N./11-20-1891/12-29-1967
Ray, Edna Powell/06-19-1914/07-25-1966
Ray, Ammie Dearnold/MS Pvt 14 Co 153 Depot Brigade WWI/02-18-1892/02-11-1963
Double Marker
Ray, Ethel Houston/1880/1971
Ray, Patterson Felbert/1874/1947
Reed, Martha Jean/no date
Reed, Presly Gerald/SSMB 1 US Navy WWII/06-24-1911/03-03-1984
Reed, Sandra Lynn/10-06-1953
Rickles, Carl C./10-08-1907/03-04-1972
Robards, A.T./11-20-1869/08-12-1941
Robards, Mrs. Katie Johnson/Died 10-07-1963
Robertson, Michael Boyd, Jr./07-30-1971/07-31-1971
Double Marker
Robertson, Charles W./1916/1995
Robertson, Sandi P./1923/1970
Roebuck, Ann Stephens/01-02-1879/12-24-1954
Roebuck, Billy J./02-09-1944/01-04-1967
Roebuck, James B., Jr./10-04-1930/04-20-1976
Roebuck, Terry Wayne/08-01-1940/02-15-1981
Roebuck, William B., Jr./US Army Korea/12-17-1928/10-28-1994
Double Marker
Roebuck, Belton Kelcy/03-05-1901/01-27-1955
Roebuck, Jessie Cloninger/02-09-1909
Double Marker
Roebuck, James B., Sr./09-09-1909
Roebuck, Ettie S./11-11-1911/05-20-1973
Double Marker
Roebuck, William Bruce, Sr./01-09-1898/11-09-1957
Roebuck, Nora Cloninger/08-09-1902/12-27-1982
Ross, Charles C./02-17-1912/01-20-1990
Ross, Charles C.,III/1945/1983
Ross, Martha C./05-18-1916/07-23-1995
Double Marker
Rowe, Jeanette Robinson/1882/1953
Rowe, John Thomas/1882/1953
Russell, Agness, K./12-22-1915/02-25-1982
Russell, Graham/10-17-1912/02-08-1975
Russell, Donnie/01-08-1876/09-11-1962
Russell, Jerry C./02-14-1942/10-27-1971
Russell, Sandra Ellen/07-01-1957/11-23-1957
Russell, William Dewey/04-13-1933/08-26-1948
Double Marker
Russell, W. Dewey/01-17-1908/05-06-1983
Russell, Estell S./11-14-1913
Rylee, Andrew Jackson/in Memory of
Rylee, August A. Hatie/Dau of A.J.& Hattie C./01-21-1895/07-26-1917
Sanders, Andrew A./1895/1946
Double Marker
Schmitz, Millie W./12-19-1892/01-04-1984
Schmitz, Thomas L./10-15-1896/11-23-1971
Schoonover, Charles W./Son of O.R.& Ida/08-25-1914/01-27-1918
Schoonover, Herman R./1CMG US Navy/01-07-1900/10-26-1980
Schoonover, Owen R./08-17-1870/02-24-1949
Schoonover, Ralph L./07-30-1907/08-06-1977
Scott, John Percy/1872/1944
Double Marker
Sessums, Henry Olaf/07-22-1895/12-17-1956
Sessums, Prather Dyess/10-26-1904/04-08-1985
Double Marker
Shaw, Louise Hervey/04-13-1911/11-26-1978
Shaw, Oscar Hugh/01-01-1909/05-15-1985
Double Marker/Wed. 06-06-1926
Shields, Clemon C./09-13-1902/01-12-1985
Shields, Gertrude H./06-21-1903/07-251986
Smith, Ide Ethel/1902/1952
Double Marker
Smith, Clarice Mae/1913/1960
Smith, Robert Edward/1907/1989
Smithers, Ernest L./1900/1947
Simpson, William T./Inf. son of Mr.& Mrs.W.T./B&D-09-18-1916
Double Marker
Simpson, Hattie Turner/07-16-1883/06-17-1974
Simpson, John Dixon/10-04-1883/02-14-1936
Slater, Bertie Ann/09-21-1890/10-12-1964
Slater, Luciene E./10-11-1900/12-19-1952
Double Marker
Sorrels, C.D./1904
Sorrels, Mary F./1905/1964
Double Marker
Sorrels, Otis Hebert/01-23-1908/04-13-1975
Sorrels, Louise Beam/11-24-1912/02-23-1997
Double Marker
Spinosa, Rudolph Vince/04-12-1912/05-04-1984
Spinosa, Eva Nell Ousley/08-05-1921/01-21-1988
Double Marker
Spinosa, Concetta/06-30-1885/01-20-1973
Spinosa, John/06-01-1871/12-06-1965
Stauffer, Dacey/Son of Mr.& Mrs. J.F./06-26-1914/09-26-1920
Stauffer, John F./03-21-1879/06-16-1950
Stauffer, Kate R./11-01-1883/07-24-1973
Double Marker
Steadman, Dewey E./08-14-1898/11-25-1962
Steadman, Louis E./08-13-1906/10-22-1984
Steel, Pauline Backstrom/08-21-1876/02-26-1963
Double Marker/Wed-08-25-1937
Steel, Mary Aldlaide Anderson/age 92/died 12-15-2006/interned 12-17-2006
Steel, Woods Montgomery/09-30-1900/10-14-1995
Stillions, Edna Bruster/age 81/12-12-1924/10-08-2006
Stillion, Richard Harlan/1st Lt US Army WWII/11-15-1917/07-13-1977
Double Marker
Stovall, J. Fred/10-08-1913/05-04-1971
Stovall, Mary F./05-29-1923/01-11-1965
Stribling, Mary Lucille/11-13-1916/08-07-1964
Sturdevant, Lawrence E., II/04-07-1960/07-31-1993
Sturdevant,Mary Alice/age 79/died 11-11-2003
Double Marker
Summeville, Joseph A./11-22-1887/01-01-1969
Summerville, Sarah I./10-29-1890/09-15-1968
Double Marker
Tankersley, John E., Jr./09-12-1913/02-11-1995
Tankersley, Mary Sue Avent/08-09-1927/03-27-1993
Thomas, Charles Edward/1857/1938
Thomas, Hattie B./WYF of C.E./03-17-1863/07-12-1928
Thomas, Gladys Opal/12-28-1902/10-12-1918
Thomas, Milbrea Estell/08-31-1905/10-07-1918
Tomlin, John Wayne/07-22-1940/01-27-1978
Double Marker
Tomlin, Al L./12-29-1913/09-02-1973/Other side Blank
Tranum, Bertha A./12-30-1876/07-20-1961
Tranum, Laura Spinosa/01-09-1906/10-04-1970
Tranum, R.W./1874/1947
Double Marker
Trussell, R. Mack/12-26-1874
Trussell, Mable W./09-11-1885/08-30-1944
Tune, Marion K./10-10-1909
Turner, Modena/05-05-1950/06-14-1957
Double Marker
Truner, Dorothy Cammack/10-27-1880/01-12-1955
Turner, Ruloff Pelham/03-02-1881/02-14-1963
Double Marker
Turner, Evelyn B./07-25-1911
Turner, Trochu S./12-08-1908/03-22-1979
Double Marker/Wed-06-19-1932
Turner, Lorene Oittman/03-13-1911
Turner, R. Pellam, Jr./11-24-1910/10-20-2002

Vaughn, Clyde E./1925/1989
Double Marker
Vaughn, Coleen Moore/02-08-1930
Vaughn, Henry Thomas Sr./US Navy WWII/02-24-1913/12-27-1993
Double Marker
Vaughn, William E./11-08-1893/06-18-1963
Vaughn, Mae Vickery/08-12-1897/10-31-1978
Wade, Dr. J.M./1846/1927
Waller, James D., Jr./Fl.TSgt US Air Force WWII/07-18-1916/04-07-1968
Double Marker
Waller, James D./06-19-1890/03-30-1967
Waller, Marguerrite Armstrong/10-04-1894/10-17-1967
Double Marker
Waller, Irven H./06-20-1893/04-11-1957
Waller, Ruth A./02-15-1897/02-14-1978
Double Marker
Weatherall, N. Rollin/04-19-1904/03-23-1988
Weatherall, Hazel Pittman/age 87/07-21-1914/02-23-2002
Double Marker
Wells, Carl Green/07-31-1897/02-07-1973
Wells, Iona Phillips/10-20-1900/02-28-1978
Whatley, Augustus W./10-07-1867/01-15-1936
Whatley, (Mother) Annie R./09-28-1867/06-18-1937
Wheeler, Flossie May Huffman/1903/1931
Wheeler, George P./10-04-1882/12-26-1958
Wheeler, Kelly/Son of M.H.& Kate/12-19-1907/09-25-1926
Wheeler, Pearl/11-07-1907/08-02-1991
Double Marker
Wheeler, Earnest Evens/12-01-1913/03-19-1991
Wheeler, Mary Byer/05-19-1913/06-22-1986
Wherry, Billy/08-28-1920/08-10-1936
Wherry, Marion F./09-25-1924/04-05-1963
Double Marker
Wherry, Hugh Earl/08-07-1882/08-07-1959
Wherry, Mary Brower/09-07-1891/02-15-1962
Double Marker/Wed.-01-15-1946
Wherry, Hugh A./05-14-1916/10-09-1982
Wherry, Mary "Teet" Williams/12-07-1919/11-15-2004
Double Marker
Williams, Gordon/1893/1979
Williams, Rose/1906/1962
Willis, A. Wilton/11-19-1883/10-14-1950
Willis, Edna Lorene/1916/1934
Willis, Elizabeth H./11-12-1885/10-06-1971
Willis, Charles L./07-12-1882/04-05-1957
Willis, Maye W./05-28-1891/02-06-1966
Willis, Ralph/1914/1937
Willis, Vester E./09-23-1902/07-16-1935
Wilson, Dr. B.F., Sr./06-17-1837/11-02-1912
Wilson,Mary J./04-04-1841/01-15-1929
Double Marker
Windham, John Calhoun/11-16-1874/12-15-1960
Windham, Mary Evans/05-13-1874/12-16-1960
Woolsey, Wilda/1896/1928
Double Marker
Wright, Thelma Knighton/07-17-1923
Wright, William Edward/SSgt US Army WWII/10-06-1918/04-13-1981
Double Marker
Wright, Albert A./01-26-1881/12-23-1942
Wright, Tiny B./06-19-1896/09-28-1971
Yarbrough, Ervin W./05-15-1891/09-17-1955
York, Gilbert E./09-20-1907/05-11-1973
York, Kathryn B./10-23-1909/02-18-1962
Double Marker
York, James Wesley/09-28-1881/09-18-1969
York, Jane Summerville/08-05-1908
Double Marker
Youngblood, Charles E./08-17-1879/03-26-1971
Youngblood, Susie V./09-28-1880/06-13-1963

List of Cemeterys

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