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Cascilla, Mississippi
Indexed by Nick Denley, Chancery Clerk-Tallahatchie County Ms.
Indexed September 1997

Rowland Cemetery is a very old cemetery. There are several graves marked with just concrete markers without names or dates, Some have funeral home markers with the name missing.

Located at Cascilla Ms.
Directions: Take Hwy 35 South from Charleston. Go East-or Left on Camp Tallaha Road-Aprox. 2.8 miles to a gravel road with Rowland Cemetery Sign, Turn left and go aprox 1.7 miles. Cemetery is on left of road (road is called Rowland Cemetery Road).
This cemetery Indexed by Nick Denley, Chancery Clerk-Tallahatchie County Ms. Indexed September 1997.

Double Marker
     Brodnax, John H./ 1878/1957
     Brodnax, Eugeina H./1882/1968
Burnett, Annie M./Dau of E.A. & M.H./01-27-1902/04-28-1904
Burnett, Bessie Mae/age 97/died 04-13-2009/interred 04-16-2009
Burnett, Georgia Benjamine Rowland/1879/1936
Burnett, David Walter/1876/1950
Burnett, Clyde Mae /1903/1982
Burnett, Ruby Ray/1911/1947
Burnett, Albet Sidney/1907/1948
Burnett, George Herbert/1917/1962

Carithers, Dottie Alda James/12-26-1892/01-29-1978
Carithers, Dottie Christine/age 96/died 01-20-2012/interred 01-22-2012
Carithers, Blanton Edward/04-15-1890/10-17-1979
Carithers, James Louis/01-03-1902/01-08-1902

Carithers, John Edward/age 85/05-07-1922/02-03-2008
Carpenter, Dorothy Alene- 09-18-1926- 09-01-2008/ dau of Wm. Samuel & Claude Elizabeth Holland Lowery***
Double Marker
      Cooper, Mary E.-03-29-1878/02-02-1925
      Cooper, John S./07-14-1856/03-06-1924
Cooper, Clayton/10-01-1900/11-21-1953/MS-PVT Co H 154 Infantry WWII
Double Marker
     Crenshaw, Lou R. Fonda/05-05-1876/01-07-1952
     Crenshaw, Louis Pickett/12-29-1882/12-14-1968
Crenshaw, James Edward Baby/No Dates

Fonda, A.C./04-06-1818/05-20-1893
Fonda, Kate Howard/04-28-1835/04-30-1919

Graham, Bessie Lindley/11-01-1919/02-14-1984

Double Marker
Hall, Sam Houston/1848/1941
Hall, Anna J. Fonda/1857/1935
Double Marker
Hall, Samuel Homer/11-14-1888/12-22-1965
Hall, Lena Sheley/03-06-1890/01-16-1979
Double Marker
Hamblin, James K./1909/1954
Hamblin, Frances B./1907/1996
Harbin, Benjamin E./1887/1961
Harbin, Bessie E./1897/1959
Double Marker
Hearon, Grace Lee/1899/1975
Hearon, Charlie B./1894/1967
Hearon, Joe/1904/1986
Howard, J.M./PVT-08-12-1912/1 MS. Cav. CSA

Lavender, Adam S./12-25-1856/03-21-1938
Lavender, Edna/09-09-1896/02-10-1984
Lavender, Infant Son of A.S. & Kate
Lavender, Sgt. Hugh E./Co A.36 A/A Inf CSA No Date
Lavender, Jennie Louise/12-27-1907/07-08-1912
Lavender, Kate Fonda/WYF of A.S./05-30-1862/07-25-1916
Lavender, Louie R./USMC WWI/08-24-1894/10-22-1976
Lavender, Mamie E./WYF of H.E./1831/01-07-1896
Lavender, Russell D. Lavender/Husb of Sue F./09-05-1861/07-23-1909
Lavender, Sadie Lee/06-12-1890/02-28-1973
Lavender, Susie P./06-08-1902/11-21-1902
Lavender, Louise O./1889/1966
Lavender, John E./1892/1967
Double Marker
Lavender, Edna Parker/1870/1959
Lavender, Gustavus C./1866/1947
Tripple Marker
Lavender, Russell D. Jr./03-19-1903/08-15-1975
Lavender, Mary E./01-25-1906/03-26-1981
Lavender, Sue F./10-11-1874/03-31-1962
Double Marker
Lawson, Joseph W./08-26-1872/12-17-1919
Lawson, Rosa Lee/01-06-1880/10-06-1914
Lawson, Albert Perry/11-04-1913/01-08-1915
Ledford, J.H. L./05-07-1873/03-07-1939
Ledford, Infant Son of John H. & Fannie/12-27-1927
Ledford, Fannie L./06-13-1889/09-14-1978
Lindley, William L./08-12-1894/08-14-1959
Lindley, Ritte A./03-20-1898/02-03-1985
Lindley, James Arvle/06-12-1914/09-29-1982
Lindley, Samuel R./Co A 1 MS A MTD Rifles
Lindley, Susie /1900/1979
Double Markers
Lindley, Rayford J./04-27-1922/04-10-1985
Lindley, Geneva A./08-19-1926/02-19-1969
Lindley, Sarah E./1883/1963
Lindley, William P./1864/1961
Lindley, William Pete Jr./1896/1966
Lindley, Katherine C./1909
Double Marker
Little, Lucy B./02-05-1906/10-30-1989
Little, Lent R./09-06-1907/10-09-1971
Little, Mary Elvin/10-31-1931/02-20-1946
Lowery, Claude Holland/02-03-1883/09-05-1958

McCain, Johnson/06-08-1866/02-12-1901
McClure, Mattie H./08-03-1899/10-20-1951
McClure, William Lewis/02-22-1926/02-24-1980
Miller, Eva/died 2-21-1910/Age 72
Mitchell, Lent R./09-06-1907/10-09-1971
Double Marker-Wed-11-06-1912
Mitchell, Grace T./11-06-1887/01-09-1966
Mitchell, Jim George/11-06-1887/01-09-1053
Mitchell, Martha A./08-10-1847/11-29-1916
Mitchell, Thomas B./09-09-1848/01-27-1902
Double Marker/Wed-02-14-1942
     Mullen, Fay Lindley (02-12-1924 - 7/2/2013) (per Wendy Stark Mullen74 at
     Mullen, William B./ Pvt.US ARMY WWII/02-15-1921/01-04-1991
Mullen, W.B. Mullen/10-02-1884/11-21-1933
Mullen, CPL Elvis Earl/01-16-1949/10-05-1069/Co. B-22 Inf. 25 Inf.Div-Vietanm BSM-PH
Mullen, Larce Malindy Mary Elizabeth Edith Ellen    6/30/1977 - 7/6/1992. (per Wendy Stark Mullen74 at
         Mullen, Larcy Melinda Mary Elizabeth/06-30-1977/09-06-1992
         Mullen, Edith Ellen /06-30-1977/07-06-1992
Mullen, Paul A. Sr.,   (10/26/1946 - 3/9/2004) (per Wendy Stark Mullen74 at

Neely, A.G./07-16-1867/11-23-1911
Neely, Carroll/01-xx-1867/11-23-1911

Double Marker
O'Bryant, J.M. "Doc"/1884/1937
O'Bryant, Sadie M./1894/1930

Parker, Mary P."Aunt Mollie"/1867/1963
Parker, Robert H./1864/1932
Double Marker
Parker, Susan F./08-10-1834/12-14-1893
Parker, J.T./08-10-1876/Died at age 54 Yrs.
Porter, James Norris/PVT MS US Army-Korea/02-04-1931/05-28-1957

Roberson, Edna Rowland/1850/1923
Roberson, W.H./Son of G.B./09-28-1845/12-05-1912
Roberson, John R./1861/1877
Roberson, James Elisha/11-13-1857/07-11-1909
Rowland, Addie Wiggins/06-10-1888/12-23-1954
Rowland, Avis Fonda/WYF of Benjamine T./02-25-1861/10-28-1931
Rowland, Benjamine Thomas/08-22-1853/02-24-1914
Rowland, Inf Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ben Sr./1880
Rowland, Inf Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ben Sr./1894
Rowland, James H./Co. G. 2 Ms Cav/Reserves CSA/No date
Rowland, James Frank Jr./ US Navy WWII/07-15-1927/07-16-1996
Rowland, John P./Son of James S. & Eldna H./05-20-1844/07-15-1878
Rowland, W.T./Son of James S. & Eldna /04-22-1857/02-23-1893
Double Marker
Rowland, Susie C./1902/1990
Rowland, James F./1881/1942

Sheley, Thomas "Tom" Madison/12-07-1879/02-16-1951/No Marker
Sheley, Mary Ellen Lindley/05-22-1879/08-25-1956/no marker
Sheley, Thelma/10-29-1907/04-29-1940
Sheley, Grover C./Pvt.162 Depot Brig./01-24-1925
Sheley, Dau of R.B. & E.T./01-31-1878/01-16-1916
Sheley, Son of T.P. & Eudora/01-09-1876/08-04-1900
Sheley, Sidney Albert/12-25-1875/07-14-1901
Double Marker
Sheley, Franklin Pierce/01-08-1852/02-06-1931
Sheley, Eudora Thomas/11-09-1855/02-09-1940
Double Marker
Sosebee, Lee A./1888/1959
Sosebee, Jennie M./1891/1972
Styrk, Edna Rowland/1801/1848
Swain, Julia W./03-06-1838/10-10-1912/WYF Of John Swain/& Dau.of James S.& Edna

Taber, Elsie Rae/age 80/died 09-07-2012
Thomas, Rolwene Womble/09-29-1921/12-03-1920

Whitley, Donald Audean/age 74/10-27-1930/09-10-2005 Double Marker
Wiggins, Edna H./03-25-1814/08-05-1885
Wiggins, James S. Born Grandville Co. Nc./01-25-1803/07-21-1879
Double Marker
North Carolina
Williamson. Robert Bruce/1842/1914
Williamson, Savannah Davis/1842/1900
Williamson, G.I./1874/1938
Williams, Bobby/1937/1938
Williams, Twins L&L Williams/1929
Williams, L.J./1878/1960
Double Marker
Whitley, Arlis Smith/03-21-1899/10-14-1971
Whitley, Roy C./01-22-1897/06-18-1975
Whitley, Benjamin F./08-27-1875/09-22-1956
Womble, Edward T.,Jr./09-06-1929/02-02-1982
Womble, Gloria/06-29-1920/12-03-1920
Womble, Susie Rowland/12-29-1890/03-11-1979
Womble, Edward T.,Sr./08-19-1886/10-25-1971

Young, Sarah Elizabeth/02-22-1936/05-25-1937/Infant Dau. of Thomas & Sammie Young

Zeek, John S./1890/1978

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