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Sandy Bayou Cemetery

Sandy Bayou is located at Drew Mississippi, Sunflower County.

Our Thanks to Wanda J. Carlton for this cemetery. Her statement about it is below.
" In the Summer of 1994, my husband, grandchildren and I walked and recorded this cemetery. I recently had an inquiry about it so decided to share it with everyone. A Ms. Lamastus was involved in the clean up and recording of the cemetery at this time, as the interested group was cleaning and repositioning long buried stones. It is my understanding that it was called the "YELLOW FEVER CEMETERY".

I hope this is of help to someone".

Adams, Herley Clyde/11-21-1885/12-27-1910
Adams, Lula/Wife of R.E. Adams/10-24-1864/03-28-1899
Adams, R.E./02-20-1861/06-12-1904
Bailey, Claude R./07-24-1888/12-22-1942
Bailey, Oda/Wife of S.J. Bailey/09-25-1865/05-28-1933
Bailey, Rena V./03-14-1898/01-14-1945
Bailey, Stonewall J./10-30-1862/12-07-1944
Beeks, Clyde Agness/1870/1905
Beeks, James Terrell/10-09-1863/05-01-1935
Beeks, Margaret Dillingham/This marker placed by children of Bessie Beeks Lewis/10-22-1903
Blanchard, Hettie Lee Mitchell/04-29-1935/11-15-1996
Blanchard, Billy Blanchard/died January 2000
Brassel, Infant/Infant of Henry & L.M. Brassel/ 11-03-1904/11-03-1904
Brown, Mrs. W.E./ 09-28-1853/11-13-1929
Brown, W.E./1845/1924
Burchfield, R.L./ 1886/1933
Burks, Annie E./Wife of John W. Burks/08-12-1846/04-21-1921
Burney, W.R./04-08-1853/05-17-1911
Dillingham, Mariah Lucker/This marker placed by children of Bessie Beeks Lewis, Great Grandmother/ no dates
Dunaway, Samuel A./Son of S.M. and L.A. Dunaway/05-08-1900/03-23-1907
Fitzgerald, Annie Beatrice/1906/1908
Gibson, Arthur Thomas/10-1884/06-27-1947/no Marker
Gibson, Rosa Alice McCafferty/10-1896/10-13-1957/No Marker
Hope, Sarah Ann/Daughter of J.K. & M.A. Hope/12-01-1891/07-03-1898
Houston, Eunice/07-15-1919/09-12-1923
Houston, Marvin/08-28-1923/10-23-1925
Huffstutler, Wardy L./Son of J.G. & M.J. Huffstutler/10-01-1891/03-13-1903
Keen, Mattie Lou/xx-xx-xx/12-02-1941
Keen, Willis Blanton/04-09-1911/Date Buried
Kendrick, Frances J./03/08-1870/11-08-1943
Kendrick, G.W./07-13-1866/09-22-1922
Kinght, D.H./WOW-Woodman of World/1865/1922/WOW
Knight, Ada Katherine/01-04-1919/07-18-1919
Lamastus, Birdie H./01-31-1891/10-26-1965
Lamastus, Dan/Hand Made Marker/no dates
Lamastus, Etta/no dates
Lamastus, J.K./03-04-1864/10-23-1943
Lamastus, Peter/Hand Made Marker/no dates
Lowe, Dora G./04-22-1884/10-28-1923
Lynch, Amela T./03-11-1851/09-13-1914
Lynchard, Hattie May/Daughter of J.C. & R.L. Lynchard/01-21-1906/09-28-1906
Lynchard, Infant/ Son of J.C. & R.L. Lynchard/09-06-1904/10-13-1904
Mathews, Margaret J./Can not read inscription/06-29-1837/11-14-1910
May, Allie J./03-18-1878/02-03-1900
May, J.R./03-18-1848/09-01-1912
May, Luther Lee, Jr./1921/1921
May, Luther Lee/1889/1941
May, Mrs. S.F./Wife of J.J.R. May/02-02-1856/10-04-1906
May, Robert E./02-07-1874/01-30-1900
May, Sarah Elizabeth/Daughter of J.P. & G.M. May/02-21-1906/05-24-1906
McCafferty, Arlena/Wife of George W. McCafferty/01-17-1874/03-30-1935
McCafferty, George W./11-04-1867/12-10-1921
McCafferty, Ike/Father of Martha D. McCafferty Riddell/09-06-1841/07-28-1922
McCafferty, J.P./08-17-1869/05-05-1908
McGowen, Ora Pear/09-16-1896/10-13-1896
McVey, Franklin M./Age 76-Could not read inscription/ 07-11-1901
Mitchell, Mary Ida/10-07-1930/07-11-1931
Mitchell, Nebraska/1901/1954
Mitchell, Marceda/Infant Dau of Nebraska & Robert Earl Mitchell
Mitchell, Robert Earl/PVT. US Army WWI/04-23-1907/05-13-1986
Monahan, William F./09-05-1885/06-29-1931
Pharris, Joseph W./Son of J.W. & M.E. Pharris/10-06-1900/06-25-1904
Richardson, ???Archbie Nealy/ 02-10-1904/07-06-1919
Richardson, Bennie Valentine/ 02-14-1912/05-11-1913
Richardson, Willard F./ MS-PFC-INFANTRY/09-02-1909/04-26-1955
Ricketts, Ila Beatrice/1898/1907
Ricketts, Sabra Cook/1865/1961
Ricketts, William A./1857/1910
Riddell, Joe A. "Joseph Alexander Riddell"/07-11-1866/12-04-1943
Riddell, Mattie/Mattie D. McCafferty/w/o Joseph Alexander Riddell and d/o of Isaac McCafferty/11-04-1867/02-10-1922
Rosebrough St Louis)/I do not know what this is?/no dates
Roth, Donald Mathis/11-21-1926/01-14-1927
Roth, Ida E./Daughter of W.E. and M.E. Burney/01-04-1882/11-04-1899
Sigler, Alma/Daughter of L.A. & M.E. Sigler/09-20-1903/01-16-1912
Smith, Joe Warlie/Son of G/N? and Julia Smith/06-14-1910/06-15-1910
Standefer, Sammie Leroy/Son of James Leslie Standerfer & Mary Ann Catherine Reddel Standerfer/06/13/1897/08-07-1898
Stone Marker/No Inscription/no dates
Sudduth, Benjamin Franklin/Son of Ethel and Lillie Sudduth/1916/1916
Swann, Allie Opal/Daughter of J. & Eugenia Swann/1906/1907
Swann, Cecil/Son of J. & R.E. Swann/1896/1910
Swann, Woosy Bill/Son of J. & E. Swann/1904/1907
Sweatt, Willie Arthur/ Son of K.A. And M.J. Sweatt/10-21-1906/11-19-1906
Vance, Bessie L./ 07-22-1900/04-08-1987
Vance, Lexie L./ 01-04-1906/06-04-1981
Watson, Rafford/ 02-04-1878/06-28-1901??
Welch, G.H./05-06-1893/06-29-1942
Wilson, Marie E./ 11-16-1856/02-23-1930

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