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Exit I-55 at the Tillatoba All-American Truck, 6 miles south of the Oakland exit, right to # 51 Highway, left on # 51 to Scobey Post office, left and cemetery is on the left at I-55

Indexed by Nick Denley, Charleston Mississippi, April 11, 1998.

The directions will be Highway # 51 south of Oakland, MS to the Scobey Post Office left and Scobey Cemetery is on the left at I-55, Highway 51 north to Scobey Post Office, right and cemetery is on the left at I-55.

Scoby Cemetery is located in Yalobusha County. It is so near the Tallahatchie County line we have included it, because a lot of Tallahatchians are buried there.

Allbritton, William C./02-22-1860/02-03-1909
Allbritton, Nancy/WYF of W.C. Allbritton/06-24-1849/02-05-1904
Allison, Dorothy Loucile/09-07-1921/08-03-1931
Allison, Doris Kathelene/11-15-1931/02-06-1934
Allison, Sallie Ida Mae/06-08-1929
Double Marker/Wed-12-24-1923
Allison, Robert L./05-01-1892/02-12-1942
Allison, Robbie L./09-14-1898/05-24-1975
"our Children John R., Ida Mae, Robbie E., Howard Lee, James S."
Appling, Marshall Ruffin/10-03-1848/ 02-26-1917
Appling, Mrs. Sallie E./no dates.

Baker, Georgia McMullen/07-29-1895/08-10-1991
Baker, Mildred E./12-01-1914/02-26-1972
Baker, Edgar Arthur/05-23-1882/01-20-1946
Double Marker
Baker, James Edgar/01-16-1918/01-06-1959
Baker, Lillian Doris/02-05-1915/11-18-1969
Bacon, Milton Edgar/01-13-1885/10-10-1968
Bacon, Margaret Crenshaw/05-12-1887/10-15-1970
Best, Carrie Warren/10-09-1889/11-17-1939
Black, Roy W./07-24-1891/11-23-1918
Briscoe, Charles R./1923/1927
Briscoe, Charles R./11-11-1893/12-15-1924
Briscoe, Gwendolyn/06-26-1918/07-02-1931
Briscoe, James K./12-29-1922/01-12-1923
Briscoe, Mattie James "Jim"/11-19-1899/06-20-1921
Briscoe, Maggie Henietta/1916/1920
Double Marker
Briscoe, Virgil Owens/08-23-1918/03-25-1996
Briscoe, Edna Tubbs/09-27-1920
Double Marker
Briscoe, Guy DeWitt/09-18-1892/04-08-1974
Briscoe, Pearl Keeton/07-04-1892/07-09-1977
Double Marker
Briscoe, Carney D./12-01-1861/09-07-1947
Briscoe, Susie F./07-13-1884/07-03-1971
Double Marker
Byers, Jack B./02-08-1894/08-09-1969
Byers, Lena Wilbourn/12-20-1898/10-09-1953

Crenshaw, Charles Phillip/01-08-1879/11-13-1903
Crenshaw, Clyde Vernon/04-18-1882/11-12-1959
Crenshaw, Florence Walters/05-10-1889/12-26-1987
Crenshaw, Gideon Vardaman/02-20-1885/07-26-1958
Crenshaw, John David/12-11-1847/10-28-1917
Crenshaw, Pattie Vardaman/10-08-1854/02-02-1943
Crenshaw, Robert Payne/08-09-1880/04-15-1979
Crenshaw, Winnie Wallace/11-02-1902/01-06-1988/mother of Pattie Crenshaw
Hendricks and Nancy McSwine Dunn
Double Marker
Crenshaw, John David/12-04-1876/05-15-1948
Crenshaw, Turner Burkhalter/01-25-1883/08-27-1946
Combs, Hanna A./07-14-1856/10-08-1878/WYF of H. L. Combs.
Combs, Harrriet/10-22-1827/10-12-1878/WYF of Dr. J.L. Combs.
Clay, Mamie Tomlinson/10-24-1886/05-13-1932

Dever, Michael R./10-02-1945/08-19-1985
Dogan, James H./1922
Dogan, Ned Hunter-01/07/1940/11-23-1982
Dogan, Billy H./07-18-1925/04-14-1974/MS. Pvt. U.S. Army.
Double Marker
Dogan, Hal. Y./10-30-1892/07-21-1965
Dogan, Nora Kerr/02-07-1899/05-12-1963
Dogan, Kate W./08-09-1865/02-18-1953
DuBois, Sidney Lewis/09-13-1898/05-05-1969
Duke, Blanch Hoop/01-11-1889/11-08-1957
Doyle, Leoime ?/01-14-1802/07-01-1892
Doyle, Ella Floyd/09-14-1868/10-26-1918/WYF of C.T. Doyle.
Doyle, Charles T./1865/1945
Dollahite, Cornelia/1862/1931
Dollahite, Sarah A. "Mother"/1834/1922
Dollahite, Cordelia/1862/1911
Dollahite, Ida/1864/1944
Dollahite, Jim Y./05-14-1876/02-13-1920
Dunn, Willie Henry/1883/1907

Evans, Mary C./01-20-1869/05-02-1944
Evans, James Trimsle/06-07-1807/ 06-12-1882-born in Fleming Co. Ky. and
died in Garner, MS/Husb. of Helen G. Evans.

Floyd, George H./01-24-1887/03-08-1922
Floyd, Halise/1875/1907
Floyd, Annie M./01-10-1901/ age 27 yrs./dau. of C.H. and E.A. Floyd.

Gee, Roy Edgar,/B&D 02-14-189x/son of J.E.& A. Gee.

Hill, Earline/1936/1943
Hill, Egbert H./05-27-1849/10-12-1910
Hill, Johnny/07-09-1915/09-15-1921
Hill, John Bernard/04-23-1922/03-10-1989-S2/U.S. Navy, WWII
Hill, Baby, no dates
Double Marker
Hill, Earl/02-09-1895/10-08-1979
Hill, Belle P./ 07-18-1895/07-29-1985
Double Marker
Hill, Sam C./03-12-1882/03-28-1958
Hill, Leola T./03-18-1883/01-17-1943
Hill, John Calhoun/01-07-1844/07-04-1910
Hill, Georgia Anna/04-30-1859/11-04-1939
Hall, P. M., Co. B. 5, MS. C.S. A. no dates.
Harrison, Mittie W./ 06-11-1849/05-30-1936
Harrison, Gary W./04-29-1845/05-22-1916/Co. B. 19 MS. Inf. C.S.A.
Harlow, R. J./ 03-30-1847/04-20-1886
Harlow, Alice E./11-22-1844/02-22-1880/WYF of R.J. Harlow, and dau. of J.T.and H.G. Evans.
Hoop, Prentis/ 02-22-1911/06-07-1927
Hoop, James Clark/ 01-14-1943/01-19-1996
Hoop, Gerald Lee/07-13-1941/ 12-22-1977/SP4, U.S. Army
Hoop, Rual V., Sr./ 01-11-1889/08-04-1973
Howle, Johnny/1917/1929
Howle, Frank/ 1904/1904
Howle, Harry/1902/1902
Howle, Morgan/1877/1931
Howle, Sallie J./10-10-1842/ 06-08-1918/WYF of James M. Howle.
Howle, Joseph A./ 09-10-1883 at Scobey Ms. and died at Leachville, Ark., 10-11-1918
Howle, Infant/ 01-19-1905/01-25-1905/son of J.A. and M.E. Howle.
Double Marker
Howle, J. A./11-15-1874/03-15-1930
Howle, Sallie/09-07-1877/19-xx

Jinkins, J.E./06-26-1939/04-15-1908
Jinkins, Eleanor/03-26-1898/ 12-03-1904
Jinkins, E.K./ died 03-14-1899, age 55 yrs.
Jennings, William Purdy/01-09-1897/ 03-21-1959
Jennings, Nicie L./04-02-1868/11-17-1951
Jennings, R.J./ 09-05-1868/ 05-27-1919
Jennings, Hattie/03-26-1888/07-08-1934/dau. of R.J. and N. L. Jennings.
Jennings, Lula/04-06-1891/05-04-1907
Jennings, Robert J., Jr./ 04-11-1894/01-15-1967/ MS. Pft. Co. C. 113 Engineers, WWI.
Jennings, Maude/12-28-1903/ 05-21-1962
Jones, Cordleia Crenshaw/ 05-15-1845/ 09-16-1933
Johnson, Katsie W./08-10-1888/ 08-21-1978
Double Marker
Jordan, Jason C./09-25-1906/10-16-1984
Jordan, Macel J./10-14-1908/01-02-1996
Double Marker
Jordan, George C./11-27-1873/02-23-1965
Jordan, Meda T./12-22-1882/12-12-1976

Kenwright, Georgia E. Howle/11-10-1872/08-08-1902
Kenwright, George Ollie/01-17-1902/05-19-1929
Double Marker
Kenwright, Jack/11-14-1895/02-17-1952/MS. Pfc. Btry. F.13 Field Arty. WWI.
Kenwright, Clara Mullen/09-04-1902/04-06-1993
Double Marker
Kenwright, William B./1865/1943
Kenwright, Tenza A./1879/1956
Kerr, Ruby Wilbourn/03-28-1899/ 05-13-1946

Lippincott, Nancy Cumi Maxey /01-20-1920/10/26/2010/ Lippincott, John Duke/04-01-1902/11-15-1981
Lippincott, Lillie Duke/ 09-24-1874/09-27-1950
Lippincott, John Wesley/10-25-1871/02-07-1949
Long, H. W./05-02-1846/04-30-1905

McSwine, Griffith Lacy/1892/1929
McSwine, William Mullen/1860/1929
McSwine, Leoma?/10-27-1887/06-02-1889
McSwine, Jacqueline Davidson/1866/1925
McMullen, Rebecca H./02-23-1829/11-24-1910
McMullen, J.T., B./03-03-1857/11-24-1917/son of J.D and R.H. McMullen
McMullen, Claudie/12-28-18x3/01-29-1905/dau. of I.M. and M.S. McMullen
McMullen, Mammie E./ 05-25-1870/07-03-1918/WYF of J.M. McMullen
McMullen, Eva Ruth/07-05-1899/ can't read, dau of J.M. and N.E. McMullen
McMullen, John/1866/1950

Martin, William G./06-27-1926/10-18-1932
Morgan, Sammy D./1900/1972

O'Neal, Marshall, born in Ireland, marker broken can not read dates.

Double Marker
Scrivner, James W./11-28-1883/07-24-1961
Scrivner, Hester B./ 01-22-1887/09-24-1971
Scruggs, J.R./02-14-1849/05-04-188
Scruggs, John Hogan H./08-02-1881/07-27-1882/son of J.R. and Lou Scruggs.
Scobey, Margaret O'Neal/1835/ WYF of William W. Scobey.
Scobey, William W./1827/1870/Co. A, 3 Regt., MS. Cav. C.S.A.
Sprouse, Jessie V. Briscoe/12-15-1898/07-09-1991
Sykes, Billie/08-02-1922/1943

Thomas, Dorothy W./1956/11-02-1999
Tilghman, Maria J./09-16-1851/02-17-1919
Tomlinson, Cynthia Elvira/05-16-1848/12-27-1926
Tomlinson, Thomas B./01-31-1838/04-25-1922/Co. C 20 Regt. VA. Inf. C.S.A.
Tomlinson, Mamie Katherine/ 05-30-1920/ 09-13-1921
Double Marker
Tribble, Eugene H./03-18-1886/11-06-1964
Tribble, Jessie L./01-07-1895/05-04-1951
Tribble, M.C./10-10-1844/04-02-1928
Tribble, Mary H./age 29, died 09-30-1890/WYF of M.C. Tribble.
Tubbs, Noma Elizabeth D./08-16-1899/ 07-23-1976
Tubbs, Shirley Lester/ 09-17-1894/09-29-1951

Wade, Mary Agnes "Aunt Mollie"/10-13-1875/12-25-1958
Wallace, Monroe/03-20-1895/ 04-19-1942/CPL. MS. Med. Dept.
Wallace, James Monroe/04-29-1858/ 02-18-1940
Wallace, Annie E./08-19-1857/11-18-1933/ WYF of James Monroe Wallace.
Wallace, Mary/ 04-14-1867/10-26-1910
Wallace, Clyde C./1888/1923
Wallace, Charles Allen/11-27-1917/09-29-1992
Warren, Vernon/06-13-1884/01-21-1886
Warren, William/11-01-1877/xx-19-1xxx
Warren, Maggie Scobey/02-08-1857/04-18-1926
Wilbourn, Mary Elizabeth/09-18-1860/02-04-1916
Wilbourn, John/10-17-1845/11-22-1929
Wilbourn, Barksdale/09-17-1882/04-30-1954
Wilbourn, Ida/06-28-1896/10-24-1935
Wilbourn, Buddie/04-26-1889/01-12-1895/son of John and M.E. Wilbourn
Double Marker
Wilbourn, John F/03-03-1869/01-30-1924
Wilbourn, Lula A./11-07-1862/01-20-1940
Double Marker
Wilbourn, Henry C./1867/1949
Wilbourn, Josephine Louvenia/1870/1943

List of Cemeterys

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