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SMITH CEMETERY ,Est.1875,Rosebloom-Cascilla, MS

I receives two pages of, 43 Names, updates from Linda Ruffer/June 09-2005. We appreciate all of you who give us updates to any information we have on our web site. Thanks You.

I received the note below from one of the Smith Relatives

Good morning! My aunt sent me the link to the cemetery index and I was very pleased to see this since it is my family cemetery. My father, Steven T. Ross, is the caretaker and treasurer of the cemetery. I wanted to let you know that the date that is listed for when the cemetery was established is incorrect, but there is an explanation for this. The sign that is at the entrance to the cemetery states that it was established in 1875. The actual date it was established is 1873. The original sign was made of wrought iron and was broken by vandals. A replacement sign was donated to the cemetery by a sign company and they got the date wrong (they couldn't read the handwriting of my grandfather, JD Ross, who was the caretaker at the time). My grandfather became ill during the making of the new sign and asked my father to pick it up for him. My father was appreciative of the donation so he didn't want to hurt the feelings of the donor and it was also time for the annual Memorial Day services and he wanted to have the new sign up for that day, so he hung it as it was made. Thus, we have a sign that states it was established in 1875. Daddy was very excited to learn that index was available online when I called him to verify the year of establishment. He is new to the internet, and I am going to show the site to him as soon as I get a chance. Also, I would be more than happy to provide you with the info for new additions to the cemetery. Daddy handles all the grave services and the plot records, so he is the first to know when there will be an addition. I would be obliged to send this info to you once a month, quarter or year, if you would like, so that the records could be easily updated. I would be more than happy to assist in any way that I can to keep this available and up to date. Also, if you would like photos of the cemetery, I can provide digitals. Thanks for the time and effort that you have put into this. I appreciate the time you have devoted and would love to help with this any way that I can. Stephanie R. Smith

This Cemetery indexed by Nick Denley and Helen Staten Arnold-September 1997.

It has been brought to our attention that when Smith Cemetery was establised this area was considered Rosebloom. My grandparents always spoke of it as Rosebloom, but somewhere down the line I was told that it was in Cascilla, and that is what many folks think. So to set the records straight we will list it as "ROSEBLOOM-CASCILLA." It is between Rosebloom and Cascilla and I think that is where the discrepancies have come into play.


Mr. Smith was the first person buried in Smith Cemetery
0n the rear of the Memorial Father-Rolla M. Smith-1822-1873
Mother-Susanna V. Smith-1832-1892. His childen are listed
This is what is on a large monument in the center of the cemetery.

CHILDREN of Rolla M. Smith
Mary F. Smith/1851/1880
Frances E. Smith/1893-1934/Wash Ford
James M. Smith/1855/1922/Bell Counts/1864/1959
Margaret Smith/1857/1923/John Baily/1850
Smith, Thomas Jefferson /1858/1941/Nannie Carroll/1876/1898
-------------**Ellan Kendall/1876/1958
John Smith/1860/1936/Magie Sherrill/1886/1906
-----**Annie Carroll/1880/1910
Cornelia Smith/1862/1929/W. Woolbright
--------------Howell Newton
Ephiam Smith/1864/1953/Emma Watson/1873/1950
Rolla M. Smith Jr.-1864-1888
Virginia Smith/1857/1958/James E. Kiker/1862/1911
Joseph J. Smith/1869/1941/Maggie Watson/1875/1931
--------------Lydia Hudgins

Adams, Hattie Sykes/03-13-1924/10-29-1995
Alexander, Annie L./06-23-1888/01-03-1963
Allen, Vennie N./07-07-1892/06-17-1976
Allen, George W./06-25-1890/05-29-1933
Allison, Marcellus /09-21-1885/07-24-1913
Ashmore, Vera G./Wyf of T.F./08-27-1883/10-02-1919
Ashmore, Rufus Lee/Son of T.F&U.G./11-13-1905/11-13-1905

Bailey, John/08-05-1884/03-26-1954
Bailey, Fannie /05-18-1891/02-26-1941
Bailey, Margaret/1857/1923
Bailey, Willie P./01-09-1880/11-XX-1900
Bailey, Willie L./02-10-1909/03-10-1916
Bailey, Lola Bell/03-22-1920/03-22-1920
Bailey, J.L. Jr./04-02-1921/02-12-1923
Double Marker/Wed-04-23-1971
Ballard, Hampton Lee/04-28-1951/06-13-1996
Ballard, Nancy Louella B./11-24-1950
Double Marker
Ballard,John M./Tec 5 US Army/04-23-1913/05-21-1974
Ballard, Vera Maire T./12-18-1928/07-31-1992
Beckham, Angelina Naomi/11-28-2003/12-29-2003
Double Marker
Beckham, Cecil Lynn Sr./09-09-1902/09-19-1970
Beckham, Ruby Ross/07-24-1904/06-25-1973
Beckham, Reginel C./11-07-1928/05-09-1929
Beckham, Jessica Lynn/08-06-1985
Beckham, Patsy Morton / 10-29-1955/03-12-2002
Bloodworth, Angela/08-02-1958/08-02-1958
Bloodworth, Pauline Early/died 1997
Bloodworth, Mary Nabors/died 01-02-1997
Bloodworth, Archie/1925/1956
Bloodworth, Blanch L./1906/1929
Bloodworth, Deward Dupree/10-13-1917/02-27-1996
Bloodworth, Earl D./1880/1947
Bloodworth, Eva Pearl/01-27-1889/12-09-1956
Bloodworth, Gordon/US Army-WWII/04-09-1911/08-22-1982
Bloodworth, James William/08-09-1890/09-15-1965
Bloodworth, Jesse F./1882/1938
Bloodworth, Jesse Hubert/08-03-1923/06-30-1953
Bloodworth, Kenneth Brooks/Husb of Marie Bryant Bloodworth/Age 79/US Army Vet/08-15-1922/05-07-2002
Bloodworth, Mary E./1881/1972
Bloodworth, Modie Loree/08-14-1913/02-03-1915
Bloodworth, Pauline Early/age 88/died 01-24-2007/interned 01-26-2007
Bloodworth, Susie/Wyf of J.M./10-30-1858/12-23-1940
Bloodworth, Stanford Ray "Wimpy"/age 75/02-08-1934/05-23-2009
Bloodworth, Wayne /age 62/04-10-1948/12-28-2010/Husb of Margaret Bloodworth
S Double Marker/Wed-07-02-1947
Bloodworth, Benton Barkley/08-14-1919/10-13-1986
Bloodworth, Mary Nabors/07-10-1928
Double Marker
Bloodworth, Luther B./09-04-1894/04-17-1972
Bloodworth, Janie O./06-24-1894/07-16-1964
Double Marker
Bloodworth, Luther "Hobo"/05-19-1931/08-31-1993
Bloodworth, Grace Hankins/09-09-1932
Bradera, Nettie Newton/10-02-1894/03-01-1994
Bratton, Sandra Kay/01-21-1965/12-28-2003
Double Marker
Bratton, Loyd C./07-11-1909/02-27-1972
Bratton, Margaret E./03-06-1920/04-11-1991
Double Marker
Broach, William R./1881/1967
Broach, Mary S./1901/1968
Brown, A.B./06-25-1885/12-10-1924
Brown, Bertha/05-04-1897/05-05-1935
Brown, Christine O'Briant/12-30-1909/06-23-1971
Brown, Frances E./wyf of Paul Thomas/Wed 04-13-1945/06-30-1922/04-19-1984
Brown, Jim E./02-10-1901/01-17-1986
Brown, Paul Thomas/1925/02-03-1998
Double Marker
Brown, Jefferson L./06-14-1861/01-28-1939
Brown, Ione Tatum/07-11-1860/03-15-1932
Burt, Pauline Rounsaville/08-23-1908/06-13-1953/Wyf of WA Burt

Double Marker
Cable, James L./07-02-1940/02-112-1996
Cable, E. Joan/09-24-1940
Campbell, Alma Kathryn/08-17-1922/05-08-1997
Carroll, Icie/01-01-1872/08-23-1919
Double Marker
Chapman, Courtney Cunningham/12-24-1911/09-02-1986
Chapman, Eula Washigton/05-14-1902/04-19-1951
Chapman, Altha/1929
Chapman, Mardis/1940/1951
Chapman, Allen E "Al"/04-15-1906/03-04-1993
Double Marker
Clement, Louis Evans/11-14-1886/11-04-1962
Clement, Sallie Coleman/10-04-1894/05-01-1059
Coleman, Lula/1867/1939
Double Marker
Coleman, Cora Wilson/05-02-1890/09-02-1970
Coleman, Joe A./01-01-1889/03-14-1935
Cox, Jesse W./1St. Sgt. US Army/WWII-06-12-1918/08-29-1981
Double Marker
Cox, Betty J./04-28-1928
Cox, Johnny E./03-02-1927/04-29-1982
Double Marker
Cox, Sadie Thomas/02-24-1893/09-11-1974
Cox, Jesse James/12-06-1896/07-19-1988
Double Marker
Cox, Erma Austin/09-28-1887/11-08-1961
Cox, Bina McCord/10-15-1893/11-16-1994
Curry, Robet Lee/1900/1983

Double Marker
Dalton, Maggie Webb/05-29-1887/02-07-1919
Dalton, James/05-13-1881/03-17-1954
Davis, Sammie Wayne/05-01-1944/05-01-1944
DuBois, Austin/09-21-1887/03-30-1917
DuBois, Dan C./05-01-1913/09-17-1940
DuBois, Sadie L./12-27-1888/07-03-1969

Dungan, Susan Miller/1950/08-26-1999

Eakin, Paula Jean Howell/age 53/died 12-19-2002

Double Marker
Ferguson, Greathel Weeks/1896/1968
Ferguson, James Owen/1887/1979
Flint, John Lewis/US Army/12-24-1924/06-07-1986
Flint, Loyce Aline/08-08-1931/01-04-1999
Double Marker
Flint, Thomas Wesley/11-06-1892/04-15-1946
Flint, Lucy Kiker/03-11-1899/07-08-1986
Foster, Joseph H. Sephers/04-13-1894/11-13-1940
Franklin, Herbert O./SSgt US Army WWII/12-27-1923/01-12-1968
Franklin, Hugh H./US Army-WWI/06-06-1896/10-04-1975
Franklin, Lois Tartt/10-03-1907/10-07-1985
Double Marker
Franklin, Inez/1905/1978
Franklin, Jack/1903/1948
Ford, Frances Smith/1853/1934
Double Marker
Foster, Cordie P./1897/1973
Foster, George W./1891/1979

Double Marker
Gattis, Magnolia/12-19-1919
Gattis, John I./08-08-1917/11-01-1973
Grantham, Gertrude Ford/03-08-1888/10-17-1949
Greenhaw, Marie Inez/02-01-1968/08-24-1986
Double Marker/Wed-03-09-1946
Griffin, Lloyd Benford/US Army-WWII/10-05-1918/03-19-1984
Griffin, Birdie W./no date
Griffin, Birdie L./no age/died 02-28-2007/interned 03-03-2007
Groce, Annie V./09-08-1896/12-21-1984
Double Marker
Groce, Kenneth B./Sgt.US Air Force WWII/01-13-1924/02-06-1987
Groce, Peggy Sykes/12-11-1931

Hall, Inez Franklin/xx-xx-1978
Hall, Lois A./07-01-1908/01-01-1921
Hancock, Judy Ingram/12-03-1960/03-13-1995
Double Marker
Harbin, Tommy James/11-09-1920/09-19-1978
Harbin, Sadie McCammon/11-23-1927
Harbin, Bennie Lee/05-31-1961/01-10-1995
Double Marker
Harris, Clifton J. Jr./PFC-US Army WWI/08-26-1899/12-19-1972
Harris, Temperance G./02-21-1900
Double Marker
Harris, Morgan/S2 US Navy WWII/01-17-1927/06-24-1993
Harris, Juliann/11-11-1938
Double Marker
Pauline Smith/10-09-1909/02-15-1973
Willie Epps/12-09-1903/09-28-1971
Henderson, William Earl/PFC US Army-Korea/02-25-1930/11-18-1978
Hicks, Glen Shannon/04-17-1973/06-08-1973
Hicks, Florence Lacy/12-12-1894/01-03-1963
Hicks, Connie/1898/1976
Hicks, Will/1896/1940
Hicks, Sherly Lynn/1954/04-19-1998
Double Marker/Wed-12-28-1942
Hitt, Spencer/10-21-1920/05-20-1982
Hitt, Bessie Lance/11-25-1921/09-20-2010
Double Marker/wed 06-30-1963

Holland, Daniel Lee/05-27-1943/05-27-2000
Holland, Patricia Harbib/11-03-1946
Double Marker
Holladay, W.E."Dub"/09-24-1928/08-02-1978
Holladay, Mary M./03-01-1932
Holley, Stephen Ray/11-24-1986/03-29-2005
Hollis, Barbara "Sissy" Stephany/age 36/died 01-10-2011/interred 01-05-2011
Double Marker/Wed-07-20-1948
Howell, Paul Jones/07-29-1931/11-23-1993
Howell, Helen Christine/08-19-1930
CHILDREN:are listed/{Paula Jean Eakin/06-04-1949}
{Larry Howell/01-28-1952}/{Marty Howell/04-22-1956
Hunnicutt, Charles Thomas/age 73/died 04-13-2010/interred 04-16-2010
Double Marker
Hunnicutt, Cratis L./08-01-1916/11-29-1972
Hunnicutt, Mae Sykes/01-27-1915/05-21-2001
Double Marker
Hunnicutt, Billy H./11-05-1938/03-01-1982
Hunnicutt, Wilma F./07-16-1948
Double Marker
Hurdle, Edith M./08-13-1918
Hurdle, James E./01-04-1915/03-05-1974

Ingram, Benton Jay/03-23-1924/10-23-2005 Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford/interned 10-25-2005
ingram, Bonnie Jean Cole/age 77.died 06-12-2009/interred 06-15-2009
Ingram, Cora Sykes/02-03-1898/01-25-1969
Ingram, Faye Avent/06-03-1941
Ingram, Melrose Lacy/12-06-1931/10-02-1953
Ingram, Ruben/07-23-1920/11-21-1921
Ingram, Rufus Suggs/SSA2 US Navy WWII/06-29-1895/01-07-1961
Ingram, William Scott/08-18-1969/08-12-1988
Ingram, Norby Merritt, Sr./Age 74/Vet. US Navy WWII/died 04-24-2001
Ingram, Norby Marritt Jr./AN US Navy Vietnam/03-14-1956/04-29-1992
IN MEMORY OF OUR SON/Sugs & Cora Ingram
MEMORIAL TO PVT. RUFUS LEE INGRAM/34428879-HQ CO 3Rd Batalion 33 Infantry/
07-23-1920/Killed in action/03-05-1944/near Walabum Burma WWII/
Twin Brother of Ruben Ingram
Double Marker/Wed-05-03-1946
Ingram,Betty Jean Smith/03-06-1929
Ingram, Suggs, Jr./12-04-1921/08-13-1996/ Sheriff of Grenada Co/1964/1968/SSMB3-US Navy WWII
Double Marker
Ingram, Eddie M./05-25-1903/07-20-1986
Ingram, William D./06-30-1898/04-25-1973

Jakes, Carrie Lois/08-17-191/08-15-1982/Dau. Alma L. & Maude Strider Rounsaville

Kiker, J.E./04-14-1862/04-14-1911
Kiker, Meek C./01-28-1890/11-30-19957
Kiker, Newt C./08-31-1912/12-10-1973
Kiker, Virginia Lee/05-15-1867/03-11-1957

Double Marker
Lacy, Lorene P./11-12-1921
Lacy, Boyd J./10-07-1905/08-06-1980
Double Marker
Lacy, Aubrey N./04-06-1880/06-04-1963
Lacy, Alice E./04-08-1884/08-25-1949
Lacy, Alpha/01-09-1917/12-04-1918
Lacy, George Aubry "Buck"/08-20-1904/07-06-1991
Lacy, Lucy A./1857/1920
Lacy, Lowrene/10-24-1919/10-29-1919
Lacy, Park/1860/1923
Double Marker
Lacy, Mammie Coleman/12-11-1898/02-22-1958
Lacy, William/08-13-1892/01-30-1964
Lamar, Elizabeth Allison/07-11-1885/03-01-1974
Lane, George Lamar/age 63/05-05-1946/12-24-2009/Ineerred 12-27-2009/US Army Vet
Lane, Louella/05-18-1928/09-18-1933
Lane, Ursula P./03-25-1916/08-30-1997
Lance, Barbara/1927/1927
Lance, Eva Mae Brownlee/10-09-1927/04-02-1989
Lance, Thomas Benford/08-28-1918/03-14-1975
Lance, Bobby Gene Sr./02-18-1936/09-13-1980
Lance, Lt. James W. Jr./02-303-1948/10-07-1988
Lance, Morris Leland/MS-Pvt.-Co E 323 Inft WWII/04-13-1907/05-11-1968
Lance, George W./1905/1907
Lance, Irene/1909/1909
Lance, Pamela Geneva/age 52/RPH/died 10-17-2005/Olive Branch Ms/interned 10-20-2005
Lance, Printis Leland/02-17-1944/09-13-1980
Lance, S. Hayden/1919/1941
Lance, Susie Vea Smith/05-07-1889/12-11-1963
Lance, Thomas C./12-15-1880/12-09-193
Lance, Vicky Lynn/11-03-1967/01-13-1991
Lance, Infant Boy/1908/1908
Double Marker/Wed 03-17-1972
Lance, Linda H./07-23-1950
Lance, T.B. "Tommy", Jr./09-02-1951/04-02-1997
Double Marker
Lance, Bessie Jane/07-08-1930/12-01-1996
Lance, Frank B./04-02-1931/08-20-1981
Double Marker/Wed-10-17-1941
Lance, Gordon Nolen/04-13-1918/06-11-1987
Lance, Mary R. Melton/02-13-1925
Double Marker
Lance, J.W. "Buddy"/08-25-1924/07-24-1978
Lance, Lois Patrick/02-23-1924/02-03-1989
Double Marker
Lance, Norma Geneva/11-09-1919/06-19-1993
Lance, Richard Leslie Sr./12-06-1896/07-19-1988
CHILDREN: R.L., Gary, Prentis, Pam, Bobby, Gerald, Carolyn, Hilda
Double Marker/Wed 12-20-1958
Lance, Gerald Arthur/01-14-1939/08-28-1984
Lance, Beverly Powell/10-10-1940
CHILDREN:/Greory, Morgan, Laura Lee
Double Marker/Wed-02-15-1948
Lane, Don L./10-17-1927
Lane, Margaret Joanne/08-28-1928
Lane, Dee Burnice/1814/12-12-1998
Lane, Denis/U.S. Navy/03-02-1936/10-18-1986
Lane, George Jenkins/Pvt. US Army WWI/10-24-1895/09-09-1980
Lane, Edna C./02-09-1898/10-19-1966
Lane, Knott/02-10-1904/12-25-1951
Lane, Janie/01-27-1880/02-13-1939
Lane, Kenneth R./09-26-1929/09-26-1934
Lane, William E./10-07-1873/02-25-1959
Lane, Lata Howell/09-19-1906/01-09-1981
Lane, John Bert/09-30-1919/01-28-1988
Lane, James Judd Jr./TN Pfc.Btry B-183 Field Arty WWII/12-29-1905/01-02-1963
Double Marker
Lane, Lee Andrew/07-27-1878/10-25-1971
Lane, Sallie Oliver/12-27-1880/02-23-1923
Double Marker
Lane, Lena Ophelia/10-28-1907/05-20-1985
Lane, Perry Raymond/12-04-1905/07-10-1968
Double Marker
Lane, Jim G./04-23-1912/02-04-1974
Lane, Ursula P./03-25-1916
Double Marker/Wed-07-14-1973
Lane, James "Jim" Spencer Jr./01-21-1948/12-10-1989
Lane, Sandra "Sandy" Pirani/03-13-1951
Double Marker/Wed 12-21-1940
Lane, Brewer/11-28-1910/12-22-1990
Lane, Ruby/10-25-1913/07-24-2010
Double Marker
Lane, Cora Rhew/08-12-1908
Lane, William Marshall/09-29-1899/04-12-1960
Double Marker
Lane, James Judd/07-26-1876/03-31-1962
Lane, Emma Jane/02-20-1878/05-23-1962
Double Marker
Lane, Claude M./02-16-1907/12-29-1987
Lane, Eddie H./09-13-1911/03-26-1993
Double Marker
Lane, Ira M./10-26-1898/03-13-1966
Lane, Bertha K./06-02-1899/10-10-1964
Lane, Dee/01-19-1884/10-09-1916
Loftus, Inez Rounsaville/1915/10-23-1998
Lykins, Maxine T./10-03-1925/09-08-1990

McKinney, B.A./09-15-1874/05-12-1968
McKinney, Banny Lyle/age 58/03-06-1945/06-12-2003
McKinney, Bobby Ray/age 62/died 06-08-2012
McKinney, Elizabeth W./11-16-1919/08-08-1971
McKinney, Elzada Shields/07-21-1881/07-12-1950

McKinney, James Curtis/age 48/01-06-1955/02-10-2003
McKinney, Benjamin Albert. age 93.died 12-22-2009
McKinney, Shelia Kendall/age 49/12-17-1960/10-21-2010
Tripple Marker
McKelroy, Jerry Edward/05-17-1942
McKelroy, Rachael Ingram/09-08-1948
McKelroy, Kenneth Wayne "Kenny"/06-24-1977/09-03-1992

Marter, Marlene D./1939/01-31-1998
Mason, Michael Lee/01-18-1955
Maxwell, Lillie Bell Lane/04-09-1910/06-16-1993
Mays, Burl Houston/06-22-1933/08-28-1957
Double Marker

Mays, Jesse Nile/08-29-1937/10-23-2003
Mays, Mary Ann Heath/06-11-1939
Double Marker
Mays, Sterling Edward/09-23-1911/02-27-1962
Mays, Alma Mai/07-15-1908/04-18-1963
Double Marker
Mays. Lillie McDougal/04-06-1874/08-05-1955
Mays, Henry Houston/06-17-1872/05-27-1953
Melton, Frances Pearl/07-11-1945
Mitchell, Infant Dau. Mr. Mrs. Joe I. Mitchell/02-26-1964
Mitchell, Joe I.III/03-25-1950/04-05-1950
Mitchell, Infant Dau. Mack & Ellen/11-11-1965
Mitchell, Gary Blane/02-16-1942/05-26-1965
Mitchell, Ernest Edwin/age 76/01-08-1925/12-06-2001/husb of Christine Goss Mitchell
Mitchell, James E."Skeet"/age 78/01-23-1939/08-16-2007
Double Marker
Mitchell, Drucilla/09-24-1918
Mitchell, Melton Ray/02-12-1913/03-21-1994
Double Marker
Mitchell, Ernest/02-04-1905/02-13-1972
Mitchell, Hattie Ross/02-07-1906/09-14-1983
Double Marker
Mitchell, Alberta L/04-02-1922
Mitchell, Travis L./06-07-1921/01-08-1992
Double Marker
Mitchell, Joe Ira/12-05-1893/12-01-1964
Mitchell, Sadie Whitten/04-20-1897/03-15-1991
Double Marker
Mitchell, Addie Fowler/09-03-1896/04-11-1975
Mitchell, Grover Ray/12-19-1895/04-05-1977
Mitchell, Infant Son of Ray & Addie Mitche/ll-10-08-1918
Double Marker/Wed-05-05-1943
Mitchell, Janie Kirk/07-31-1922/06/22-1993
Mitchell, Joe I./11-26-1920/09-02-1987/Sgt. US Army WWII
Double Marker
Mitchell, L. Howard/03-12-1917
Mitchell, Claudine Lane/01-16-1922/10-30-1955
Double Marker
Mitchell, Oscar Lee/12-28-1891/07-26-1953
Mitchell, Lemmie B./12-24-1892/09-07-1976
Double Marker
Mitchell, Mavis Nabors/02-09-1923
Mitchell, John Wash/F1-US Navy/04-24-1919/11-23-1985
Moore, Billie Paul/Son of G.G. & Lois/03-05-1938/07-14-1940
Double Marker/Wed 10-09-1927
Mooman, Elmer Fletcher/08-14-1897/03-30-2000
Moorman, Allie H. Huddleston/02-04-1908/01-02-1990

Double Marker
Nabors, N. Oscar/05-05-1899/07-06-1982
Nabors, Lillie Ward/09-20-1898/12-14-1980
Newton, Cornella Jane/10-05-1862/02-07-1937
Newton, Ethel Guy/1807/1971
Newton, George Lacy/01-17-1891/07-31-1933
Newton, Howell/05-05-1868/02-06-1965
Newton, Tom E./MS Pvt 327 Inf 82 Div/1894/1934
Double Marker
Newton, Tom E/USAF-WWII-Korea./09-10-1923/05-22-1985
Newton, Elizabeth V./09-07-1927/12-01-1987
Double Marker
Newton, George Lacy/06-18-1916/03-16-1982
Newton, Ina Avent/08-19-1917/12-03-1989

Payne, Rhren Thomas/09-07-1917/08-08-1971
Double Marker/WED 03-01-1950
Perry, William T./12-01-1915/05-13-1991/Pfc. US Army-WWII
Perry, Mary/02-08-1929
Pettie, Graham Bonner/age 60/husband of Berniece Lane Pettit/died 09-18-2006
Pettit, Jerry Glen/05-09-1960/05-21-1960
Double Marker
Powell, Harry Stevens/07-11-1893/10-03-1955
Powell, Daisy Mays/10-01-1894/10-25-1965
Powell, Harry Demar "Buddy"/07-14-1923/07-25-1979
Powell, DenisInf Son of Mr.& Mrs. Harry S./10-31-1921
Powell, Henry ConnorInf Son of Mr.& Mrs. Harry S./03-13-1934
Powell, Ornlando M./MS-Sgt Army Air Force WWII/04-15-1921/03-01-1955
Pyburn, Bonnie M./12-05-1936/10-05-1977

Pyburn, Lonnie/08-02-1934/07-03-2002

Reed, Olga/Dau. of R.E. & Lela White/08-14-1910/09-21-1934
Richie, Ada Strider/09-21-1896/03-03-1974
Double Marker
Rogers, J.D./10-08-1902/11-23-1964
Rogers, Christine G./08-16-1916
Rogers, Louis J./03-08-1880/11-07-1941
Rogers, Donnie Lankford/02-14-1882/11-15-1947
Rogers, Sam Price/02-12-1910/03-17-1958
Double Marker
Ross, Mother/Mattie Lorence Lane/06-10-1889/02-28-1914
Ross, Son Edward/01-28-1914/11-04-1936
Double Marker/Wed 01-01-1940
Ross, Tom James/02-27-1903/11-30-1974
Ross, Kathleen Hunnicut/12-25-1916/06-29-2000
Double Marker
Ross, Reginold Smith/03-03-1885/05-31-1917
Ross, Jim Dave/05-31-1873/11-27-1964
Double Marker/Wed 12-21-1938
Ross, Jim Dave, Jr./05-05-1913/03-21-1997
Ross, Sarah L. Tighman/05-27-1922
On Back Of Marker/CHILDREN:{Jimmie S. Ross}
{Nancy R. Bratton}{Franklin D. Ross/Deceased}
{Charles E. Ross}{Melvin L. Ross}{Alvin C. Ross}
{Leona R. Pierce}{Wesley D. Ross}{Steven T. Ross}{Ellen R. Keene}
Ross, Franklin Douglas/12-14-1942/02-21-1953
Ross, John Henry/08-24-1915/05-18-1934
Ross, Robert Justin/age 16/died 06-08-2004/Electrocuted working on a house
Ross, Robert Justin/12-05-1987/06-08-2004
Rounsaville, Geneve H./10-07-1918/06-09-1987
Rounsaville, Infant son of AL /08-02-1922
Double Marker
Rounsaville, Alma L./12-30-1885/12-19-1980
Rounsaville, Mary Maud S./12-19-1887/02-21-1961
Rushing, Clarence Jr./01-23-1925/02-20-1989
Rushing, Della D./11-02-1896/01-27-1977

Double Marker/Wed 01-16-1883
Smith, Jack H./age76/10-29-1931/11-26-1936/son of Rolla Smith
Smith, Maggie Sherrill/age 40/1906
Double Marker
Smith, Rolly/03-08-1822/11-14-1873
Smith, Son of R. & SV Smith/10-31-1865/09-08-1888
Smith, Susannah V./Wyf of Rolla /07-27-1832/06-24-1982
Smith, Mary F. Dau. of R&SV/09-26-1851/08-08-1880
Smith, Willie B./1895/1917
Smith, John R./1883/1895
Smith, James Monerow/1855/1922
Smith, Belle Counts/1863/1959
Smith, James Henry/11-11-1898/09-09-1970
Smith, Carlene McCain/09-02-1909/04-17-1976
Smith, Sidney Earl/01-02-1930/06-12-1995
Double Marker
Smith, James W. Sr./10-11-1928/10-22-1984
Smith, Jeanett F./09-30-1936
Double Marker
Smith, George M."Pete"/01-11-1908/12-17-1978
Smith, Agnes M./01-20-1913/09-23-1976
Double Marker
Smith, Thomas E./07-11-1944
Smith, Emma Collins/01-04-1957/06-03-1996
Double Marker
Smith, Jesse E./10-06-1897/03-24-1973
Smith, Lela Mae/09-14-1902/09-14-1987
Double Marker
Smith, Winnie A./10-09-1900/05-01-1988
Smith, Joe Miles/06-13-1898/04-05-1979
Double Marker
Smith, Mary Taylor/03-12-1930
Smith, James Sherwood/07-19-1924
Double Marker
Smith, Silvia Beam/01-20-1921/10-16-2010/widow John Ernest Smith
Smith, John Ernest/SSGT-US Navy WWII/12-10-1910/12-28-1985
Double Marker
Smith, Charles Thomas/US Army WWII/09-03-1912/12-28-1985
Smith, Ruth Weeks/01-07-1925
Double Marker/Wed 11-28-1915
Smith, Haper/04-14-1895/06-27-1977
Double Marker
Smith, Burnell W./09-08-1932/-1-31-2005
Smith, Betty W./01-14-1945/
Smith, Mary O./06-09-1897/12-19-1985
Smith, Morris/infant son of Henry and Caroline/-6=-8-1937/02-03-1938
Smith, Joyce Luelda/infant dau of Henry & Caroline/06-08-1936/09-01-1936
Smith, Baby Dau of Bert & Mary/02-20-1915/10-XX-1915
Smith, Mary T./01-22-1888/01-28-1966
Smith, Bert C./01-06-1885/07-05-1960
Smith, Betty Jo/02-28-1935/01-05-1981
Smith, Ellen Kendall/02-25-1876/03-24-1958
Smith, Kenneth H./MS-Pvt. US Army WWII/09-13-1916/03-26-1967
Smith, Kenneth R./10-25-1914/04-22-1970
Smith, Landon Bert/05-12-1912/10-06-1980
Smith, Nannie C./09-21-1876/08-25-1898
Smith, Thomas J./03-26-1858/09-27-1941
Smith, Thomas J./MS-Pvt. 465-AAA AW BN CAC WWII/09-06-1898/05-02-1954
Strider, Chester M.Son of MN & MC/01-21-1894/11-10-1912
Strider, Ernest C./04-01-1900/11-21-1973
Strider, Jessie Vee/11-26-1907/10-05-1988
Strider, Janice/1940/2005
Strider, Mack/02-24-1864/12-27-1919
Strider, Infant Son of Ernest & Jessie Strider
Strider, Infant Son of Ernest & Jessie Strider
Strider, Carrie/Wyf of M.N./01-13-1868/12-02-1928
Strider, Susan Taylor/03-03-1961/07-11-1992
Double Marker/Wed-09-17-1920
Strider, Jesse B./Pvt. NOV Auto Repl Draft-WWI/01-02-1897/10-10-1957
Strider, Essie Fowler/11-23-1899/10-20-1972
Double Marker/Wed 11-24-1955
Strider, Harold Loyd/SP4 US Army-Korea/09-26-1934/06-23-1996
Strider, Dorris Bratton/04-14-1938
Double Marker/Wed-09-05-1946
Strider, Jesse A./WO1 US Army-WWII/08-01-1921/06-29-1987
Strider, Ada Mitchell/05-02-1928
Stride, infant Dau. of Jesse & Ada/05-30-1952
Sykes, Anita Faye Houston/age 64/died 05-13-2008/interned 05-15-2008
Sykes, Daniel Scot/died 08-06-2003
Sykes, Bedford Taylor/01-06-1928/10-31-2004
Sykes, Peggy Johnson/11-15-1937
Sykes, Daniel Scott/11-16-1961/08-06-2003
Sykes, Buford Taylor/age 76/husb of Peggy Johnson Sykes/01-06-1928/10-31-2004/interned 11-03-2004
Sykes, Mark Gordon/1958/1997
Sykes, Stanley "Buddy" Merritt/12-09-1925/06-17-1996
Sykes, Ruth Aline/05-07-1913/12-09-1932

Sykes, Janie Juanita Tribble/07-31-1929/10-28-2004/interned 10-30-2004
Sykes, John B./age 79/03-05-1929/02-21-2009/interned 02-23-2009
Double Marker/Wed 09-07-1976

Sykes, Mark Gordon/10-26-1958/05-26-1997
Sykes, Shirly Gayle/11-03-1957
Double Marker
Sykes, L.J. "Jay"/Pvt. US Army WWII/04-23-1917/07-01-1995
Sykes, Eunice Slaughter Helm/06-22-1926/01-03-2003
Tripple Marker
Sykes, William Ray/12-05-1929/10-07-1931
Sykes, Bessie B./03-08-1912/03-08-1912
Sykes, Archie L./03-08-1912/09-29-1912
Double Marker/Wed 01-31-1946
Sykes, Thomas James, Jr./04-08-1921/12-30-1997
Sykes, Louise Porter/03-02-1925/05-24-1983
Double Marker
Sykes, Thomas J./09-01-1884/06-13-1965
Sykes, Lillie S./08-28-1892/02-25-1980
Double Marker
Sykes, Lewyn W./07-29-1892/07-02-1969
Sykes, Sammie King/age 100/12-10/or 20-1902/01-30-2004

Tartt, Clyde Howard/MS-PFC-28 Airdrome Sq. AAF WWII/11-23-1919/09-21-1968/military marker at foot of his grave

Double Marker
Tartt, Clyde Howard/11-23-1919/09-21-1968
Tartt, Ruth Scallions/12-05-1922/01-30-2009
Tartt, Crystal Rena/age 41/09-18-1962/07-25-2004
Tartt, Effie Lee/Dau. of H.W.& Mary/07-23-1898/10-28-1908
Tartt, Essie B./1910/1988
Tartt, Mary F./02-22-1876/11-12-1954
Tartt, Mary R./05-02-1910/04-26-1986
Tartt, Frank W./MS Pvt. US Army WWII/11-14-1918/06-20-1958
Tartt, Yvonne/1941/1944
Tartt, Vina Scallions/04-02-1917
Tartt, Lee George/10-01-1912/02-10-1965
Tartt, Wash Warren/Son of H.W.& Mary/11-30-1915/08-18-1921
Double Marker
Tartt, Margaret Ray/01-22-1934/06-16-1934
Tartt, Earl Lee/10-01-1937/01-22-1938
Double Marker
Tartt, Bertha Costilow/02-19-1904/07-23-1990
Tartt, Willie James/03-01-1902/12-11-1966
Taylor, Albeta Witten/1885/1937
Taylor, John Wallace/1876/1945
Tatum, Infant Dau. of Mr.& Mrs.Roy/07-29-1939
Thomas, Almer Moree/11/09-1911/05-25-1970
Thomas, Annette/05-11-1939/05-21-1939
Thomas, Annie L./1862/1957
Thomas, Emmie E./10-28-1903/01-04-1993
Thomas, Ephriam R./Husb of Inez/01-10-1865/08-14-1927
Thomas, Griffin E., Jr./12-11-1896/12-30-1985
Double Marker
Thomas, Gladys Rounsaville/10-18-1906/01-01-1996
Thomas, Frank Henry/01-25-1905/12-17-1995
Double Marker
Thomas, Charlie/07-04-1907/07-19-1977
Thomas, Ethel A./04-30-1907
Double Marker
Thomas, Bessie Mae/06-18-1038/12-10-1942
Thomas, William C./11-10-1909/10-23-1943
Double Marker
Thomas, Ida Beck/03-12-1898/01-19-1981
Thomas, Jonathan/12-15-1881/12-09-1947
Tilghman, Lelia Lacy/01-13-1897/06-28-1977
Tilghman, Millard S./06-19-1894/10-13-1975
Tilghman, Ottis O./07-24-1911/09-07-1979
Tribble, Anna Belle/1904/1923

Double Marker
Tribble, Eugene Shirley/Tec 4 US Army WWII/07-06-1912/09-06-1994
Tribble, Ray Cecil/09-09-1919/01-28-1979
Double Marker
Tribbla, Samuel P./1877/1939
Tribble, Sallie J./1870/1940

Vance, Lottie Hilda/infant dau of Lottie T & Lee/1929/1929
Vance, William Gilbert/11-01-1938/09-30-1997

Double Marker
Vance, Sam C./01-31-1924
Vance, Bessie M./02-25-1929/10-13-1976
Double Marker
Vance, Eva Dale Owens/1927/1964
Vance, Doyle C./1821

Ward, O.T./06-09-1927/06-28-1982
Westberg, Olga Mays/05-09-1939/07-18-1987
White, Robert E./12-29-1873/05-03-1931
White, Lela Ross/09-25-1877/10-29-1958
White, Leland Stanford/Son of R.E.& Lela /11-04-1904/07-21-1936
Double Marker
Whitten, John Leslie/10-03-1912/02-21-1987
Whitten, Frances Louise Brown/03-02-1927/01-04-1983
Double Marker
Whitten, Malcom J. "Ted"/10-23-1911/02-26-1981
Whitten, Gertrude Bratton/12-19-1918/10-27-1975
Double Marker
Whitten, Joyce Knighton/08-02-1941
Whitten, William Clayton Sr./11-25-1940/09-19-1994
Double Marker
Whitten, Rubye Glenn Rounsaville/Dau. of Alma & Maud Strider Rounsaville/04-22-1910/04-26-2007
Whitten, William Raulston/Son of John Issac& Effie Hughes/07-11-1904/11-23-1974
Double Marker/Wed 01-15-1918
Whitten, Effie Lane/01-05-1887/08-01-1976
Whitten, Allen Henry/10-05-1897/04-04-1995
Whitten, Bobby J./1939/Murdered 11-03-1999/husb of Faye Beckham Whitten/ Whitten, Winnie Irene/06-05-1906/04-24-1997/Minister for 60 Years
Whitten, Leland C./01-06-1908/12-12-1990
Whitten, Frances T./12-20-1915/07-10-1975
Whitten, Cecil Eric/10-29-1949/06-03-1987
Whitten, Joseph Blake/age 15/01-26-1989/04-08-2004
Whitten, Lindsey Noel/Pvt US Army WWII/08-25-1913/10-07-1976
Whitten, Lawrence/Son of Mr.& Mrs.A.H./01-29-1920/09-25-1947/MS-Pfc 254 Inf. WWII
Whitten, Linda Louise/Inf Dau. of Lindsey & Beulah /11-12-1962/05-20-1965
Whitten, J.M./11-29-1845/03-02-1924/Age 78 Yrs.
Whitten Fannie E./Wyf Of J.M./04-29-1844/08-17-1921

Whitten, Samuel Joseph/age 42/01-12-1961/03-02-2002<BR>
Wilks, Clifford David/Son of Mr.& Mrs. W.L./01-01-1922/01-20-1922
Williams, Francis Winters/age66/died 08-17-2007/interned 08-20-2007
Wilkes, Joseph David/no dates
Williams, John Kevin/11-17-1975/01-14-2004
Double Marker/Wed 03-09-1932
Williams, Sadie Mithchell/01-04-1915/09-29-1978
Williams, Albert Lewis/08-10-1909
Williamson, C.S./1885/03-XX-1969
Williamson, Dorothy Flemmons/04-20-1932/06-02-1998
Williamson, Myrtle Strider/02-14-1892/11-26-1958
Williamson, Thomas Malcom/06-06-1925/10-02-1993
Williamson, Infant Son of Ivy/1946/1946
Williamson, Lottie T./06-18-1925/03-26-1991
Double Marker
Williamson, Ivy/Pfc US Army-WWII-05/31-1923/06-02-1983
Williamson, Mary C./10-08-1922
Wilson, H.A./C.S.A/02-01-1834/03-24-1924
Wilson, Martha A./Wyf of Henry.A./08-09-1832/11-25-1904
Wilson, James William/05-21-1861/08-29-1925
Wilson, Martha Jane Johnson /01-06-1854/11-05-1921
Wilson, Helen Elizabeth Sheley Roberson/Wyf of Henry/09-24-1875/01-20-1945/Her Marker
placed by:07-1998/ Helen Staten Arnold& Her husb Dusty Arnold
Winters, Charles Albert "Buddy"/Husb of Thelma Louise/1940/buried 03-11-1999
Winters, Farrist Emmons/age 74/Wyf Edwin Winters/01-15-1931/05-01-2004
Winters, Judy Hurdle/11-28-1945/04-03-1995
Winters, Judy Lynn/09-12-1972/04-25-1997
Wolfe, Arrah M/1869/1944
Wolfe, Farris Hill/10-01-1936/11-25-1942
Wolfe, Laura E./12-16-1843/07-17-1917
Double Marker
Wolfe, James Henry/08-07-1890/06-05-1960
Wolfe, Annie Mae Allison/10-08-1893/06-02-1969
Double Marker
Wolfe, Chester Herbert/age 86/11-19-1914/09-20-2001
Wolfe, Pauline R./02-08-1917/05-15-1994
Woods, Martha M./09-25-1889/12-29-1980
Woolbright, Rohl D./04-14-1887/08-30-1969

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