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Sparta Cemetery is located in Grenada County, south of Highway 7, Six miles south of Holcomb, Mississippi, on Sparta Road. Sparta Cemetery has connections to Tallahatchie County.

Sparta Cemetery was indexed February 15, 1999, by Nick Denley of Charleston, Mississippi.

Atkinson, Ruth/07-06-1897/10-01-1922
Atkinson, Eugene/1935,Infant son of Edward & Pauline Atkinson
Atkinson, Ethel/02-02-1901/04-16-1988
Atkinson, Mary Loree/10-12-1895/09-04-1985
Atkinson, Eugene L./02-18-1859/07-17-1932
Atkinson, Margaret Allen Head/03-20-1865/07-02-1946/Wyf of Eugene L. Atkinson
Atkinson, Talbert Thomas/05-14-1905/01-05-1910
Double Marker
Atkinson, E.W."Jack"/10-02-1927/05-23-1994
Atkinson, Nell Ray/01-21-1927
Double Marker
Atkinson, Samuel E./01-28-1862/03-19-1939
Atkinson, Emma Bailey/04-27-1862/02-19-1948
Double Marker/Wed. 07-31-1926
Atkinson, Eugene "Jack" Walton/06-29-1903/09-18-1941
Atkinson, Betty Scales/04-15-1905/06-26-1992
Double Marker
Austin, John Bryant/07-29-1914/06-27-1968
Austin, Hazel O./08-18-1916
Allen, Clanton/10-12-1922/12-17-1996
Double Marker
Allen, Lensey Jefferson/07-26-1897/09-01-1975/Pvt U.S. Army WW II
Allen, Montora Carroll/10-01-1902/10-02-1995
Aven, Charles O./1875/1931
Aven, Lettie/04-07-1874/10-18-1954
Aven, Infant Dau. of A. M. & J.H.Aven/1932
Aven, son of C. & L.S. Aven/06-18-1904/07-21-1904
Aven, Dau./06-18-1904/07-26-1904
Bailey, Kathy C. Armstrong/09-30-1954/12-26-1990
Double Marker
Beach, George Edgar/10-04-1891/11-01-1962/MS. Pvt. 1 Veterinary Co. M.D. WW II
Beach, Velma C./10-06-1906/09-05-1990
Double Marker
Bell, William Gaston/07-25-1890/01-11-1938
Bell, Maude Edwards/06-03-1886/11-25-1970
Double Marker
Bibb, Albert F./03-02-1861/06-11-1942
Bibb, Laurae/11-22-1863/06-30-1947
Bibb, James Harvey/03-26-1915/06-09-1917/Son of Henry & Willard Bibb
Bibb, Henry E. Bibb/12-13-1884/03-04-1943
Bibb, William Lee Elliott/09-10-1885/04-19-1922/Wyf of Henry Bibb/Dau. of B.S. & R.F. Elliott
Double Marker
Blaylock, Eugene/08-30-1906/11-12-1996
Blaylock, Mary J./03-17-1916
Brown, Jesse J./06-14-1945/08-08-1945
Double Marker/Wed. 08-26-1944
Brown, James L. "Catfish Longhorn"/02-25-1925/02-23-1988
Brown, Martha Louise/01-29-1927
Boster, E.V./10-?-1873/09-09-1923
Bulter, Carl/05-21-1909/11-02-1911/Son of T.W. & Ruby Butler

Double Marker, Wed. 12-25-1950
Carpenter, Henry S./06-08-1932
Carpenter, Mary Lou/12-03-1929/11-21-1993
Double Marker
Carroll, Willie M./11-05-1870/01-20-1955
Carroll, John M./07-17-1868/02-07-1943
Carroll, Susan Elaine/06-13-1951/Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Davie B. Carroll
Double Marker/Wed. 11-18-1945
Carroll, David Bernard/07-12-1923/02-05-1991
Carroll, Odylene Martin/06-07-1929/PFC U.S. Army/WW II
Carver, Frank/09-02-1929/06-17-1996/AIC U.S. Air Force/Korea
Carver, Jasper Earl/12-19-1924/06-14-1991
Carver, Jesse H./1914/1944
Carver, Mamie Gibson/03-26-1892/03-17-1980
Carver, Robert O./09-13-1892/04-25-1918
Carver, Sarah Margaret/02-23-1918/04-03-1996
Carver, Van Alfred/05-19-1933/10-06-1935/son of Mr. & Mrs. A.D. Carver
Carver, Vernon Walton/09-04-1890/11-25-1957
Double Marker
Carver, John William/06-06-1902/04-18-1991
Carver, Almeta McCalop/12-29-1909
Double Marker
Carver, John/02-16-1877/03-06-1964
Carver, Myzara/12-27-1878/06-25-1960
Double Marker
Carver, Jesse L./02-22-1879/04-12-1963
Carver, Alma P./06-01-1892/05-14-1974
Double Marker
Carver, William S./01-23-1871/11-16-1954
Carver, Nannie H./04-27-1880/01-22-1963
Double Marker
Carver, Glen Legrone/09-16-1910/08-31-1990
Carver, Delphia Carroll/04-03-1909/12-08-1986
Double Marker
Carver, Samuel Douglas/03-13-1909/02-28-1976
Carver, Martha D./08-21-1911/12-30-1992
Double Marker
Carver, Jesse A./12-25-1848/12-26-1915
Carver, Margaret Hammon/06-28-1852/04-02-1918
Double Marker
Carver, William G./1-27-1928
Carver, Verma M. Lee/06-24-1930
Double Marker
Carver, Andy O./08-16-1907/11-04-1984
Carver, Tyza E./08-29-1905/10-02-1974
Cates, Annie Lou/03-28-1913/08-05-1946
Cates, Infant/08-05-1946/son of Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Cates
Double Marker
Cates, John C./08-02-1908
Cates, Effie M./06-22-1908/11-01-1986
Double Marker
Cates, Elizabeth R./04-11-1883/02-14-1962
Cates, Calvin A./03-16-1874/03-20-1957
Chathman, Mildred Organ/09-05-1930/04-16-1963
Chathman, Infant/08-25-1954/son of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph K. Chathman
Christian, Infant/B&D 12-15-1971/son of David S. Christian
Double Marker
Childs, Josephine/12-25-1879/11-27-1955
Childs, William Fletcher/04-09-1871/03-20-1950
Childs, Billy W./02-01-1937/01-21-1985
Childs, Mary G./1938/1950
Childs, Talmage, W./1904/1924/son of W.F. & M.J. Childs.
Clanton, Ethel Jewel/10-01-1929/01-25-1930
Double Marker
Clanton, Arie V./08-18-1896/07-04-1972
Clanton, Dewey L./9-03-1898/03-31-1993
Double Marker
Clanton, Julia Bernice/12-08-1928
Clanton, Rinford Arlis/10-30-1923/05-01-1954/MS PFC 319 Inf. Regt/WWII
Clark, Carl Wilson/08-04-1914/01-04-1997/Pvt. U.S. Army/WW II
Clark, Chester/11-22-1884/09-21-1885/son of L.H. & Hulda Clark
Clark, Cornelius C./10-07-1887/04-19-1956/MS. Pvt. Co. H. 108 Inf. WW I
Clark, Daisy/12-10-1877/10-15-1923
Clark, E. W. Eddie/07-08-1872/10-15-1923
Clark, Earl Rivers/07-30-1904/08-03-1964
Clark, G.W./12-17-1846/01-31-1926/Co. C. 5 MS. Cal. C.S.A.
Clark, Georgia H./03-25-1879/11-16-1901
Clark, J. M./07-25-1827/11-02-1884
Clark, Jessie/1851/1918/Wyf of W.H. Clark
Clark, Jessie/10-29-1869/03-21-1905/Dau. of W.H. & J.S. Clark
Clark, Lell/03-03-1856/11-14-1884/Dau. of J.M.& Mahala Clark
Clark, Maggie May/02-22-1913/08-27-1913
Clark, Mahala/11-05-1820/11-28-1905/Wyf of J.M. Clark
Clark, Mollie Hill/10-11-1875/01-25-1895
Clark, Ned Bryan/12-27-1923/11-24-1957
Clark, Robert Arthur/02-18-1872/10-12-1955
Clark, W. H./10-02-1848/12-31-1930
Clark, Wilbert E./07-10-1903/06-12-1933
Clark, William Lake/03-24-1893/09-18-1950
Clark, Elizabeth Virginia Hammons/02-08-1842/07-05-1927/Wyf of G.W.Clark
Double Marker
Clark, Bennie Lee/06-14-1919/07-08-1978
Clark, Darna/12-18-1916
Double Marker
Clark, Luther L./02-29-1881/10-23-1946
Clark, Emma G./01-22-1888/01-05-1970
Double Marker
Clark, Lloyd Darrell/06-24-1944/04-21-1986
Double Marker
Clark, Walter G./03-20-1874/02-16-1964
Clark, Bessie V./01-27-1883/06-21-1969
Double Marker/Wed. 08-26-1928
Clark, William V./11-06-1907/05-05-1978
Clark, Gladys M./04-05-1909/12-16-1993
Double Marker
Clark, Lish H./04-06-1858/07-07-1907
Clark, Hulda Elizabeth/12-20-1862/04-06-1951
Double Marker
Clark, Cary/08-07-1905/05-09-1983
Clark, Aria Corder/03-13-1910/05-20-1988
Double Marker
Coghlan, Edmond Carroll/08-26-1908/03-07-1980
Coghlan, Magnon Louise/08-22-1912/04-12-1988
Double Marker
Corder, William W./08-02-1894/01-30-1947
Corder, Leilar S./06-12-1894/02-24-1975
Double Marker
Counts, Buster H./09-13-1914/10-09-1979
Counts, Jeffie Lee/08-13-1918/07-27-1998
Double Marker
Counts, Howard L./10-30-1935/07-23-1983
Counts, Mildred R./01-26-1945
Critz, Roxanne/11-29-1882/08-16-1903
Critz, Thomas O./03-15-1886/06-22-1912
Quad Marker
Critz, P.P./07-28-1860/10-13-1931
Critz, Alice/11-23-1855/02-01-1929
Critz, F.B./03-15-1886/04-01-1891/Dau. of R.P. & M.R.A. Critz
Culley, Brenda Vernon/age 60/09-28-1950/09-01-2011
Curle, June M./05-26-1887/04-17-1911/Wyf of W.C. Curle
Curle, Ethel B./1886/1912
Double Marker
Curle, Samuel J./03-21-1854/04-13-1946
Curle, Maggie M./10-13-1861/12-06-1946

Double Marker
Dacus, A. H. "Dud"/11-25-1886/12-26-1965
Dacus, Josephine/08-10-1895/03-27-1982
Double Marker
Daves, Annie Laura Nolen/02-10-1867/06-18-1957/Wyf of Martin A. Daves.
Daves, Chase B./04-05-1888/11-28-1933
Daves, Edward T./07-08-1876/07-20-1954
Daves, Ida Lee/07-12-1910/09-04-1934
Daves, Jackson Eugene/08-12-1900/02-18-1971
Daves, L. Madison/04-03-1885/01-20-1957
Daves, Mary Virginia "Mamie"/01-06-1909
Daves, Percy A./01-12-1898/07-03-1970
Daves, Percy Kermet/11-23-1935/10-31-1938
Daves, Sarah Katherine/06-21-1991/06-21-1991
Daves, Steven Duane/11-18-1967/11-1-1975
Davis, Frank Allen/10-23-1926/03-24-1963/Louisiana/S1 USNR/WW II
Davis, Jerry Lee/12-16-1959/09-29-1961
Davis, Travis E./03-13-1933/06-13-1972
Double Marker/Wed. 02-21-1945
Davis, James/08-31-1924/02-19-1997
Davis, Roberta V./12-26-1924
Double Marker
Davis, Eunice/02-14-1895/05-16-1974
Davis, Lizzie Bell/05-04-1907/01-20-1968
Dunlap, John S./03-28-1911/10-13-1980
Dunlap, Lois R./09-08-1910/01-24-1991
Dunn, Acie/09-27-1874/12-11-1918
Dunn, Ethel Ruth/11-17-1917/12-20-1991
Dunn, Grover H./04-29-1910/07-23-1912
Dunn, Maud Ethel McCalop/07-01-1884/04-08-1956
Dunn, William A. Jr./05-28-1913/01-15-1962
Double Marker
Dunn, Dora L./08-02-1906/01-15-1985
Dunn, Pearl J./05-22-1869
Double Marker
Dunn, Lila Thompson/02-10-1903/02-24-1993
Dunn, Archie R./01-28-1900/03-15-1972
Double Marker
Dunn, Beulah M./09-21-1902/10-20-1986
Dunn, Robert C./04-03-1901/12-08-1961
Double Marker
Dunn, Marshall Mays/10-19-1905/02-19-1997
Dunn, Louise Vance/03-13-1910/03-30-1994
Duggins, Mary Louise Curtis/1854/1885/Wyf of J.S. Duggins.

Edwards, Bessie J./07-04-1890/12-07-1956
Edwards, Bob B./10-08-1856/02-15-1938
Edwards, Frances A./06-02-1929/06-11-1929
Edwards, Frank A./11-26-1892/11-07-1951/MS PFC Co. K. 113 Inf. WW II
Edwards, Frank A. Jr./06-02-1929/12-30-1984
Edwards, Sarah Elba/05-?-1859/02-?-1950
Edwards, Waltsy/10-03-1881/04-29-1905/Husb. of Mattie Edwards.
Eidson, J.C./03-13-1926/01-29-1927/son of Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Eidson
Elliott, B.S./09-21-1855/03-23-1933
Elliott, Rebecca Frances/12-28-1854/05-13-1953/Wyf of B.S. Elliott
Elliott, Infant of J.L. & B.M. Elliott/B&D 06-22-1929
Elliott, Ruth/11-11-1911/0-6-09-1913/Infant dau. of J.L. & B.M. Elliott
Elliott, William Archie/05-07-1889/03-06-1913/son of B.S. & R.F. Elliott
Double Marker/Wed. 11-17-1952
Estes, Jap Wade/02-03-1926/02-20-1992
Estes, Robie Eliese/05-01-1929

Double Marker
Ferguson, William D./10-21-1907/03-18-1992
Ferguson, Hazel C./05-14-1913/11-09-1996
Double Marker
Fielder, W.T. "Jack"/11-30-1911/01-27-1989
Fielder, Connie D./04-03-1912/01-02-1989
Fielder, Baby Nellie/11-10-1893/10-03-1894/son of Robert & Nellie Fielder
Fielder, H. Fostina DuBard/09-05-1833/02-28-1923/Wyf of Dr. J.R. Fielder
Fielder, Lora/12-06-1883/06-05-1920
Fielder, Nellie/10-13-1870/12-22-1898/Wyf of Robert Fielder
Fielder, Robert P./04-15-1860/02-25-1947
Fielder, Sallie Howard/11-17-1859/03-13-1897/Wyf of W. B. Fielder
Fielder, W. B./01-25-1855/02-12-1935
Fielder, Walter T./08-21-1871/12-02-1959
Double Marker
Floyd, Joe William/06-26-1918
Floyd, Margie Allen/08-02-1925/04-24-1993
Fonville, Andrew A./1884/1949
Double Marker
Frederick, Henry Ernest/04-19-1878/06-16-1967
Frederick, Velma Parham/06-01-1892/08-26-1961

Gibson, Charley F./04-02-1882/06-09-1899/son of G.D. & S.F. Gibson
Gibson, Cory M./1860/1940
Gibson, Lucile/01-30-1904/10-10-1905
Gibson, Sallie May/08-01-1901/03-26-1911
Gibson, Sallie F./10-02-1861/07-19-1913/Wyf of G.D. Gibson
Gipson, Annie Mae Teague/01-17-1907/05-?-1923
Grantham, Annie Janet/02-02-1936/07-10-1937
Grantham, Thomas Lewis/04-18-1938/07-06-1940
Grantham, Velma W./06-09-1915/01-03-1967
Grantham, Percy C./08-07-1909/12-26-1981

Halford, Angela Dickson/02-18-1967/09-06-1997
Hammons, Nellie Marie/06-03-1921/09-22-1938
Double Marker
Hammons, Marvin L./09-04-1888/04-01-1960
Hammons, Lila D./03-19-1898/03-30-1969
Hayden, Effie/11-13-1872/11-23-1903, Wyf of L.T. Hayden
Hayden, George H./B&D 1898/son of L.T. and Effie Hayden
Hayden, Leroy T./1869/1933
Hayden, L.A. /died 10-24-1905/around the age of 38 years.
Hayden, Onida/04-24-1899/11-20-1904, Dau. of L.T. & Effie Hayden
Hayden, Samuel H./B&D 11-23-1909, son of L.T. & Effie Hayden
Quad Marker
Hayden, Annie Faye/09-21-1901/09-18-1919/"Daughter"
Hayden, Mary Elizabeth/10-10-1913/06-03-1914/"Daughter"
Hayden, Daniel Wesley/1872/03-04-1917/"Father"
Hayden, Ray Talwage/07-22-1895///12-26-1913/"Son"
Double Marker/Wed. 07-06-1941
Hayles, Ernest M./05-17-1906/08-28-1984/PFC U.S. Army, WW II
Hayles, Doris/01-28-1909/05-28-1996
Hayles, James Edward "Hippie"/10-09-1947/06-17-1998
Head, Baby/10-18-1937/of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Head
Head, Clyde/06-16-1902/05-02-1965
Head, John Ebb/04-05-1876/10-06-1943
Head, Louise/04-27-1908
Head, Sue Helen/09-27-1873/12-24-1914
Double Marker
Head, Ethel T./05-03-1899/04-03-1974
Head, Clarence H./06-16-1902/10-05-1967
Heath, Nancy/no dates
Heath, Earl/no dates
Double Marker
Hendon, Walter F./08-30-1921/01-26-1988/Pvt. U.S. Army/WW II
Hendon, Marie C./06-21-1920
Hightower, Fannie/02-13-1836/03-28-1892
Hightower, Lewis Cass/12-17-1886/05-09-1959
Hightower, Nora Elliott/08-06-1891/12-11-1942
Double Marker
Hix, William Berry/11-23-1917/10-05-1986
Hix, Margaret Carver/09-26-1918
Hobgood, Randy Milton/01-25-1955/09-10-1998
Hobgood,Wesley Ross/age 32./died 12-10-2006/Grenada County
Double Marker
Hobgood, John Roy/03-14-1951/12-03-1997
Hobgood, Mary Belle/02-16-1939
Double Marker
Hobgood, Jesse M./02-27-1874/08-18-1945
Hobgood, Earstine J./03-02-1871/06-11-1935
Double Marker
Hobgood, John Wesley/02-27-1908/04-01-1980
Hobgood, Wilma Ross/07-30-1921/01-27-1996
Hodges, James "Doc"/10-30-1920
Double Marker
Holman, Warren Douglas/12-08-1875/07-11-1968
Holman, Mable H./09-26-1883/12-17-1978
Howard, Martha Gibbs/1841/1907
Howard, can't read,
Howard, Eleanor G./04-10-1896/12-28-1972
Hightower, J. T./11-24-1862/10-13-1889
Hightower, Jesse/11-16-1832/08-09-1902
Hightower, Mary Elizabeth/1846/1929
Hightower, Sarah/12-03-1843/05-?-1920
Hylander, Eula Edwards/06-23-1899/04-05-1949
Hylander, Eula Joy/02-21-1959/07-17-1959

Jackson, Lon/03-29-1881/02-25-1924
Jackson, Susie/11-?-1908
Double Marker
Jessee, William R./09-05-1899/07-02-1989
J essee, Dora Ann/07-21-1900/04-04-1971
Jolliff, Elizabeth/06-12-1842/03-07-1888
Jolliff, Maggie E./01-18-1861/06-05-1904
Jolliff, W. Clarence, M.D./06-16-1866/08-29-1925
Double Marker
Jolliff, Della T./10-23-1884/02-11-1965
Jolliff, Eugene E./03-14-1862/09-29-1935
Double Marker
Jones, Clifford W./07-09-1897
Jones, Draxie Allen/10-19-1916/05-06-1970
Double Marker
Jones, Curtis E./01-05-1908/06-30-1988
Jones, Delores M./09-03-1919
Double Marker
Johnson, Earl Fletcher/08-13-1908/04-17-1989
Johnson, Wilkie Mullen/02-12-1910/10-15-1988
Double Mrker
Johnson, Cecil Ballard/10-06-1901/06-14-1971
Johnson, Georgia Clark/11-13-1901/07-04-1986

Kent, Jeff Henry/04-04-1905/04-14-?
Kent Robert Thurman/11-20-1892/11-05-1897/son of J.D. & M. L. Kent
Kent, Sarah Louise/01-16-1895/12-09-1911
King, Mrs. L.J./01-13-1886/8-?-1900
Knight, D. M. 09-10-1848/07-14-1911
Knight, Marguerite Bibb/07-13-1917/03-31-1963
Knight, Nancy/05-07-1868/03-06-1963

Latham, Bessie Ray/06-06-1880/07-14-1969
Latham, Chester/11-28-1915/05-11-1955
Latham, Eula Hortense/09-13-1914/05-14-1997
Latham, John Richard/1874/1954
Latham, Lester/11-28-1915/07-05-1962
Latham, Malcolm Grady/05-16-1913/08-24-1993
Latham, Thomas/01-24-1910/06-07-1911
Double Marker
Latham, Richard Thomas/06-01-1846/02-19-1925
Latham, Mildred Jane Gibson/07-14-1854/01-10-1900
Double Marker
Latham, Onnie Young/09-27-1907
Latham, Essie Lloyd "Hoggie"/02-26-1911/12-19-1991
Double Marker
Latham, Buford Hall/07-09-1889/07-23-1972
Latham, Omar Bell/02-09-1887/09-22-1968
Double Marker
Latham, Silas B./12-18-1896/03-26-1970/MS. Pvt. Co. H. 331 Inf. WW I
Latham, Eloise C./09-19-1905/04-01-1992
Double Marker
Latham, Winfred Hall/11-20-1909/03-06-1993
Latham, Mary Lee Beach/09-21-1922
Double Marker
Latham, Honor Lee/01-15-1887/05-14-1971
Latham, Lucy Moore/06-14-1891/01-14-1970
Lawrence, Shanky Booth/08-22-1896/09-23-1903
Lawrence, Infant-
Lawrence, Infant-
Double Marker
Lawrence, Jack Phillip/12-02-1894/07-06-1973/MS. Sgt. U.S. Army/WW II
Lawrence, Mary Carver/11-28-1904/09-19-1980
Lester, Julia Edwards/03-12-1921/06-11-1967
Lindsey, Viola/1893/1911
Long, Grady Elizabeth Daves Woodard/02-27-1895/12-27-1963
Loden, Charles Dean "Buddy"/06-18-1954/06-02-1998
Loden, Eugene/08-02-1923/06-06-1945/MS. PFC 184 Inf. 7 Div. WW II
Loden, J.E. 02-16-1919/02-26-1940
Loden, Mark T. /03-30-1936/09-08-1976/Pvt. U.S. Army/
Korea. Double Marker
Loden, Jake Eugene/1880/1962
Loden, Ella Lott/1891/1978
Double Marker/Wed. 12-17-1945
Loden James F./10-23-1920/02-27-1984/PFC U.S. Army, WW II
Loden, June D./04-15-1928/
Double Marker
Loden, Little Jake/10-20-1917/12-14-1973
Loden, Thelma Malone/05-19-1917/10-20-1980
Lott, Baby/06-29-1949, son of Mr. & Mrs. Homer Lott
Lott, Larry Noble/04-04-1943/04-11-1997
Double Marker
Lott, Helen Mullen/01-17-1860/09-14-1921
Lott, Edgar Edwin/04-15-1858/03-01-1937
Double Marker
Lott, Opal E./08-07-1923
Lott, H.L. "Pete"/08-28-1919/05-03-1998/SSgt. U.S. Army Air Corps/WW II/> Purple Heart.

Double Marker
McClain, Cyrus Binford/03-09-1885/11-18-1980
McClain, Velma/03-19-1903
Double Marker, Wed. 01-15-1938
McCalop, James "Jim" Glenn/09-09-1916/10-29-1993
McCalop, Ruby Clanton/06-12-1922
McCalop, Mary Emma Kirby/11-23-1858/06-08-1949
McCalop, Annie Fay/11-09-1936/11-09-1936
McCluskey, D.L. /11-06-1936/05-24-1972
McDaniel, J.A. "Joe"/11-15-1880/01-11-1963
McDaniel, Sarah Townsend/1873/1957/Wyf of Joe McDaniel.
Double Marker, Wed. 07-09-1948
McMahan, Francis Carl "Dick"/05-08-1922/10-27-1992
McMaham, Topsy Lee/06-08-1918/07-12-1996

Double Marker
Mabry, Mary Lee Hood/03-05-1937
Mabry, Raymond Lynbruch/08-14-1931/03-21-1996/Cpl U.S. Army/Korea.
Mainelli, Vivian Carver/03-11-1013/08-25-1998
Double Marker, Wed. 12-22-1934
Mangrum, John Oliver/10-09-1907/01-29-1996
Mangrum, Mable Lucille/01-11-1917
Manley, Billy Joe/08-18-1940/01-22-1942
Manley, Myrtle Faye/12-29-1938/01-18-1939
Manley, Infant- Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Leo F. Manley
Double Marker
Manley, Leo F. /12-14-1925
Manley, Mavis H./06-07-1925/05-23-1985
Double Marker
Manley, Thomas L./09-03-1891/09-17-1975
Manley, Myrtle D./05-03-1900/04-26-1987
Double Marker
Martin, Luther/1880/1943
Martin, Ora/1885/1953
Double Marker
Martin, Clifton A./12-31-1903/03-25-1973
Martin, Sue Hellon/11-13-1909
May, Thomas E./09-20-1889/04-17-1967
May, James W. /09-02-1966
Double Marker
May, Tommy Warren/02-25-1925
May, Sarah Whitten/09-04-1929
Mays, Frank/05-06-1906/05-24-1906
Mays, Marshall/05-06-1906/05-21-1906
Meeks, L.V./05-11-1922/03-31-1924
Melton, Mary Loden/06-30-1952/04-11-1979
Minyard, J.M. "Bud"/1885/1951
Minyard, Oner/08-20-1907/01-05-1986
Double Marker, Wed. 04-02-1988
Mixon, J. Kenneth/10-28-1935
Mixon, Julie Carroll/04-05-1947
Moen, Dale C./05-18-1926/07-08-1941
Moore, George William/10-10-1855/04-29-1927
Moore, Louella F./10-27-1867/05-20-1931
Moore, May/1899/1906
Moore, Walter/01-09-1903/08-06-1922
Montgomery, Herman L. /03-21-1894/04-22-1978
Montgomery, Sally C. /08-21-1898/10-26-1979
Mullen, Alstona/06-25-1882/04-28-1892, son of W.C. & S. Mullen
Mullen, Annie B./06-30-1880/10-21-1898, Wyf of Eddie Mullen
Mullen, Bernhgardt/01-19-1903, son of W.C. & Dora A. Mullen
Mullen, C.W./10-?-1915/03-?-1929, son of J.W. &C.A. Mullen
Mullen, Cecil Winfred/10-30-1915/10-06-1916, son of H. H. & Ruby Mullen
Mullen, Ella S. Howard/12-16-1854/03-04-1899/Wyf of W.C. Mullen
Mullen, Felix/1852/1917
Mullen, Frank A./01-09-1907/11-01-1996/in memory of my beloved Wyf of 54 years and mother of our 2 sons. Marie I. Mullen.
Mullen, Hulda Elizabeth/12-07-1849/07-20-1907
Mullen, Infant/03-28-1909/03-31-1909, of Mr. & Mrs. W.T. Mullen
Mullen, Infant/1900, son of F.L. & M. E. Mullen
Mullen, Lamar/1895/1912
Mullen, Marie/08-13-1873/10-08-1892, Dau. of J.W. & C.A. Mullen
Mullen, Marvin C./05-17-1880/07-07-1958
Mullen, Nicholas Rebuen/09-12-1848/01-15-1909
Mullen, Samuel Titus/05-01-1876/07-26-1902
Mullen, Spencer/05-10-1898/01-30-1899, son of E.C. & E.B. Mullen
Mullen, W.C./09-17-1854/06-08-1928
Double Marker
Mullen, Edward Graham/09-10-1875/03-29-1960
Mullen, Birdie Clark/05-31-1877/05-08-1961
Double Marker
Mullen, Washington Ramsey/11-21-1846/02-?-1924
Mullen, Maggie Lott/09-16-1853/04-06-1917
Double Marker
Mullen, Bernard B./02-13-1891/02-23-1960
Mayo, Dorris Mullen/10-15-1912/12-25-1948
Double Marker
Mullen, Marcus Mosely/07-02-1878/10-17-1962
Mullen, Josiephine Dilworth/11-29-1882/02-11-1969
Double Marker
Mullen, Henry Benjamin/11-13-1858/03-08-1930
Mullen, Isabella Fostana/04-27-1866/12-19-1927
Double Marker
Mullen, J.W./12-06-1844
Mullen, Chase/11-22-1849/04-17-1914
Double Marker
Mullen, Arnzie W./09-24-1891/12-26-1958
Mullen, Susie C. /12-09-1897/12-03-1986
Double Marker
Mullen, Robert D./07-23-1910/06-11-1969
Mullen, Nannie M. Glaser/09-08-1912/07-19-1996
Double Marker, Wed. 10-29-1961
Mullen, James Robert/12-16-1935
Mullen, Gondyne Freeman/11-02-1940

Nail, Infant/03-11-1972 of Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Nail
Neal, Alba Mattox/08-12-1866/11-06-1904, Wyf of W.E. Neal.
Neal, Barbie/1886/1890
Neal, Caleb-- can't read dates.
Neal, Gayden/03-03-1898/06-02-1901/Dau. of M.E. & A. Neal.
Neal, Millington E./1855/1931
Neal, S.T. /12-13-1857/03-24-1884
Neal, Victoria Jones/1881/1955
Double Marker
Neely, Leland Gray Sr./05-02-1893/04-04-1958/PFC Army/WW II
Neely, Fannie Sue/02-05-1899/02-27-1984
Double Marker
Neely, Leland Gray Jr./08-21-1926/01-14-1986/PFC U.S. Army/WW II
Neely, Christine Nail/09-11-1924
Norman, Wiliam A./11-28-1909/03-19-1991
Norman, Versie W./03-07-1891/02-02-1985

Organ, A. H./no date
Organ, Amanda Jackson/08-18-1895/12-27-1950
Organ, Arthur Lee/08-24-1890/10-08-1960
Organ, Bobbie Wayne/10-01-1946/son of Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Organ
Organ, Edward Louis/05-10-1925/11-08-1983/Cpl U.S. Marine Corps/WW II
Organ, George Jr. /10-23-1890/04-07-1973
Organ, Joel Franklin/05-24-1871/01-12-1939
Organ, Joel T./01-23-1921/06-08-1972/MS. Tec 5 33 Inf. WW II
Organ, Keith/11-24-1949/01-12-1962
Organ, Kittie Jackson/02-10-1898/12-25-1972
Organ, Lillian/09-20-1927
Organ, Mary Elizabeth/08-27-1901/04-09-1926
Organ, Mattie Jean/10-26-1871/03-20-1957
Organ, Patty Lynn/08-12-1970
Organ, Sudie Lou/12-16-1872/03-20-1926/Wyf of A. H. Organ.
Organ, Thomas F./09-29-1895/05-01-1949/Cpl 114 Eng. 29 Div./WW I
Organ, Winston Dewitt/09-09-1912/07-12-1978
Double Marker
Organ, George W./01-12-1876/07-10-1950
Organ, Jennie Holman/02-11-1871/11-08-1951
Double Marker
Organ, Wilton D./09-07-1906/02-18-1976
Organ, Elma C./01-01-1907/10-14-1962
Overstreet, Robert Allen Jr./05-17-1973/05-19-1973

Parham, Benjamin Edgar/12-23-1886/03-12-1958/MS. Pvt. 162 Depot Brigade/WW II
Parham,Charlie/no date
Parham, Maggie Mae Marguerite/08-11-1892/12-15-1990
Parham, Narciss/no date
Double Marker
Parham, John T. /1851/1898
Parham, Sallie/1861/1938
Double Marker
Parham, Occie Redditt/no date
Parham, James Monroe/no date
Perkins, Dudley/03-21-1860/01-22-1913
Double Marker
Pierce, Joe Martin/08-10-1848/08-12-1945
Pierce, Callie Burleyson/12-26-1879/08-05-1948
Prather, Perry A./08-07-1952

Ratliff, Clyde/1916/1943/Wyf of .
Real, Barbara Jean/02-17-1973/02-03-1957
Real, John Lewis/06-03-1919/06-09-1992/PFC U.S. Army/WW II
Rocha, Donna Jean Counts/04-20-1960/01-21-1995
Rogers, Mary Ethel Dunn/02-05-1935/09-04-1971
Rice, James A./12-22-1876/05-17-1940
Rice, Verna Clark/09-08-1883/08-11-1954

Shaw, John Talmadge "Tebo"/age 52/05-21-1947/06-01-1999/Father of Stephanie and Terry
Shumate, Joe/07-16-1841/03-11-1914
Shumate, Murphey /1882/1927
Shumate, P.L. /10-21-1838/05-21-1885
Skelton, Giles G.-B&D 11-16-1928
Skelton, J.W. /02-17-1863/09-20-1913
Double Marker
Skelton, John W./08-23-1901/01-04-1984
Skelton, Maude S./01-12-1905/01-01-1969
Smith, Belton M./05-07-1902/11-02-1979/Pvt. U.S. Army/WW II
Smith, Lowell David/11-09-1952/04-03-1982
Smith, Marvin Carl/09-28-1912/12-05-1992/PFC U.S. Army
Double Marker/ed. 08-23-1941
Smith, Margarer Jackson/08-14-1923
Smith, Melton Earl/08-26-1920/03-22-1998/Tec 5 U.S. Army, WW II
Spears, James Isacc/03-06-1886/03-28-1937
Springston, Lisa/age 45/06-20-1967-08-10-2012
Sprugeon, June "Sissie" Loden/11-16-1939/01-28-1997
St. Clair, Margaret Hobgood/05-15-1906/03-18-1981
Stage, Baby/04-07-1979/04-07-1979

Taylor, Glen Alan/09-27-1964/12-30-1989
Teague, Minnie Mullen/1877/1931
Double Marker
Tharp, Pervin/06-15-1912/06-21-1989
Tharp, Marie Vance/04-27-1912/03-28-1992
Townsend, Annie/1878/10-10-1907
Townsend, Emma F. /12-12-1852/09-11-1899/Wyf of J. D. Townsend
Townsend, James David/03-17-1850/12-28-1932
Tindall, Barbara F./01-26-1884/01-03-1968
Tindall, Bertha H./09-14-1916/05-20-1969
Tindall, Charley Russell/01-30-1907/12-19-1958
Tindall, James Rufus/1912/1974/PFC U.S. Army
Tindall, James Otis/11-28-1936/08-27-1991
Tindall, Johnnie W. Jr./04-24-1909/06-28-1933
Tindall, William B./01-16-1905/07-16-1984/Pvt. U.S. Army/WW II
Double Marker/Wed. 11-07-1946
Thigpen, Lavel Seth/12-11-1916
Thigpen, Sadie Mabry/09-16-1925/10-05-1998

Vance, Betty Mullen/11-11-1850/11-11-1925
Vance, Elizabeth/01-03-1886/07-30-1889/Dau. of J.E. & E.V. Vance
Vance, James Monroe "Jim"/1851/1930
Vance, Nora May/11-04-1881/04-02-1883
Vance, Vinson Alonzo/07-06-1855/09-30-1928
Vance, Walter T./04-13-1871/11-20-1944
Double Marker
Vance, George M./04-20-1891/06-06-1979
Vance, John T./10-26-1881/02-08-1965
Double Marker
Vance, John D./1829/1897
Vance, Elizabeth A./1832/1910
Double Marker
Vance, Jeff Davis/05-29-1860/03-22-1939
Vance, Elizabeth Gates/01-20-1854/07-03-1937
Double Marker, Wed. 11-04-1939
Vernon, Minnie L./08-30-1915/11-06-1995
Vernon, George O./03-05-1916/01-15-1978

Ward, Bessie K./08-26-1891/11-23-1975
Ward, Thomas E. /02-15-1863/04-17-1952
Double Marker
Welch, Edgar S./02-10-1922/09-20-1979/PFC U.S. Army/WW II
Welch, Elizabeth/04-17-1930
Whitten Marshall B./12-15-1920/11-22-1982
Whitten, O.W. "Dolly"/10-13-1923/07-18-1981
Double Marker
Whitten, Oleah Burns/07-26-1889/03-23-1976/U.S. Army/WW II
Whitten, Sarah Elizabeth/08-24-1899/11-12-1961
Woodard, Ernie E./10-31-1933/12-15-1988
Woodard, Parker "Bill"/04-23-1910/05-22-1986
Double Marker
Woodard, Billie W./06-29-1887/09-09-1979
Woodard, Alice E./03-29-1874/07-11-1942
Double Marker
Wilson, Buster/06-15-1925/02-13-1991/U.S. Army/WW II
Wilson, Nancy Lou/09-23-1926
Double Marker, Wed. 07-29-1942
William, Rosa Vernell/12-03-1923
William, Robert Fel/03-12-1923/12-27-1997
Double Marker
Williams, H. B. /09-23-1910/11-19-1980
Williams, Pauline/09-16-1914/04-19-1973
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