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Springhill Cemetery

Springhill is located East of Charleston and West of Oakland Mississippi on Springhill Road. Off of Hwy 32 West-Northwest Direction aproximately 1/2 mile to Springhill Church and Cemetery.

Adams, Paul,Sr./age 83/died 10-20-2012
Adams, Dorothy Holt/1928/1951
Adams,Frances Holland -died -12-15-2010
Double Marker
Adams, James William/03-16-1913/03-21-1990
Adams, Frances Holland/02-11-1915/12/15/2010
Adams, John O. "Bud"/02-02-1937/08-10-1973
Double Marker
Adams, Freddie L./03-30-1907/08-15-1978
Adams, Annie A. Patterson/04-06-1869/12-17-1957
Allen, George D./age 75/died 06-11-2007/interned 06-13-2007
Double Marker
Allen, George H./11-14-1902/05-10-1991
Allen, Maifred D./12-31-1902/12-13-1987
Double Marker
Anderson, John G./09-06-1895/03-10-1967
Anderson, Muriel W./07-24-1910/03-02-1967

Double Marker
Baker, Martha E./09-25-1872/05-25-1955
Baker, Isaac Lee/01-26-1865/03-23-1946
Baker, I.J.Son of Martha & Issac/08-28-1903/08-28-1905
Barnes, Mildred Jones/age 90/died 01-04-2001
Barton, Ada Lester/07-21-1891/05-04-1970
Barton, Charles H./age89/09-16-1920/06-01-2010
Barton, H.D. Money/04-12-1883/07-19-1980
Double Marker
Barton, William LeRoy/1911/1970
Barton, Helen Womble/1914/1989
Double Marker
Bennett, James William/05-02-1910/11-14-1982
Bennett, Katie Johnson/03-18-1922/07-08-1993
Double Marker/Wed./01-27-1951
Bolen, William Roscoe, D.D.S./06-13-1924/06-13-1997
Bolen, Marie Craig/age 82/05-08-1924/04-28-2007
Brown, William "Bud"/01-24-1928/01-23-1987
Brown, Hattie Fay Ross/03-06-1934/11-29-2010
Buckner, Emilye Gooch/10-17-1875/02-09-1962
Buntin, Cori Elizabeth/04-12-1988/11-01-1992
Buntin, Eleanor McCorkle/age 92/died 01-22-2010
Buntin, Percy R., Jr./age 86/husb of Eleanor McCorkle Buntin/1913/08-17-1999
Double Marker
Burnett, Irene/1867/1932
Burnett, L.C./1853/1936
Burnett, Louise /Dau. of L.C. & Irene/10-17-1901/10-16-1902
Burnett, Sarah Frances Adams/WYF of N.J./07-11-1855/11-05-1941
Burnett, Clare E. Rowe/WYF of W.M./05-05-1884/12-15-1908
Burnett, John F./Co. B-5- Ms Cav. CSA. NO Date
Burnett, Emily Byrd/1853/1937
Burnett, John O./11-02-1884/11-09-1936
Double Marker
Busby, James Allen/09-09-1902/01-01-1985
Busby, Floride Buntin/11-18-1902/11-03-1989
Busby, Harriett Elizabeth/09-13-1895
Busby, Jas S./05-07-1870/04-26-1931
Busby, Edna Kibler/1867/1907

Case, Lou Priddy/01-19-1859/02-15-1934
Collier, Mrs. Thelma Priddy/1899/1926
Cooper, Lou S./05-24-1886/07-17-1975
Cooper, J.E./04/18/1882/12-17-1958
Cooper, Woodrow/07-18-1918/07-23-1918
Cooper, Claude Owen/05-23-1920/07-13-1931
Cox, Rev. Grover Cleveland/1926/07-12-1998
Double Marker
Criswell, James G./Sgt. Us. Army WWII & Korea/05-28-1925/06-29-1996
Criswell, Louise Guthrie/age 75/07-31-1926/01-02-2002

Denman, Myra Stewart/Age 89/09-11-1911/07-12-2001 Denman, Ne../age71/died May 28, 2002
Denman, Otha Reed "Bit D"/age 76/died 10-29-2005/interned 11-02-2005
Dollahite, Towns O./07-23-1910/07-27-1910
Dollahite, Leona Haynes/1873/1925
Dollahite, George C./02-13-1874/12-21-1967
Double Marker
Dorris, Anne Delk/1879/1961
Dorris, George Franklin/1873/1951
Double Marker
Dorris, Floy B./1903/1982
Dorris, John S./1903/1951
Dorris, George McDonald/S.C.3 US Navy-WWII/01-04-1902/05-22-1989
Dorris, John Leonard/12-25-1928/01-20-1997
Double Marker
Douglas, Joe Berry/12-26-1876/06-15-1953
Douglas, Evie Brooks/10-10-1877-?

Edwards, Myrtice Harvey/age 87/died 06-09-2007/interned 06-09-2007
Double Marker
Edwards, John Roy/08-03-1897/03-26-1965
Edwards, Nellie Daniel/01-21-1907/09-21-1989
Edwards, Charles C., Jr./Vet. WWII/age 81/died 09-23-2000
Edwards, Charles Donald/age 50/01-21-1952/06-15-2002
Double Marker
Erwin, Charles William/12-10-1874/07-10-1941
Erwin, Abbie J./08-19-1880/10-11-1965
Erwin, Mary Fannie/11-15-1915/08-30-1932

Fisher, Woodrow W., Sr./11-19-1912/12-20-1996
Fisher, Mary Ann Alford/widow of W.W/04-20-1918/05-23-2007/interned 05-26-2007
Fisher, Mr. D.W., Sr./1885/1952
Fisher, Mrs. D.W., Sr./1882/1945
Fisher, D.W.,Jr./1905/1940
Fisher, Alice Douglas/06-20-1911/04-04-1990
Double Marker
Fonda, Winnie T./1890/1975
Fonda, Anthony C./1886/1968
Ford, Rosie Lee/age 77/died 11-01-2008/interred 11-05-2008
Frizzell, Infant/ Son of Richard A & S./01-06-1976

Frizzell, Carroll DeWitt/age 67/01-19-1933/09-27-2000/husb of late Josie Marie Bowling Frizzell

See Pittman/Double Marker Sister & Brother
Gooch, Thomas T./12-08-1879/09-09-1955
Double Marker
Gooch, Samuel D./05-02-1836/05-12-1904
Gooch, Sallie J./11-21-1840/11-15-1923
Double Marker/Wed 03-15-1930
Green, Luther Fred/06-13-1905/03-23-1979
Green, Clyde/08-16-1909/01-16-1981

Hall, Hubert A./age 85/died 12-19-2000
Haynes, Jimmie B./04-10-1913/12-10-1999
Double Marker/Wed.10-01-1960
Haynes, W.H. "Harvey"/08-26-1914/02-15-2003/age 88
Haynes, Louis V./06-30-1922
Double Marker
Haynes, James I./10-26-1883/12-30-1961
Haynes, Ouida M./12-21-1889/12-13-1966
Haynes, Lota Lee/1904/1960
Haynes, John W./01-02-1943/08-16-1972
Double Marker
Helms, Serepta C./08-06-1851/06-22-1904/"FATHER"
Helms, J. W./09-05-1852/10-19-1932/"MOTHER"
Herndon, Maxine B./03-02-1026
Double Marker
Holt, Henry Herbert/01-17-1902/08-31-1970
Holt, Audrey L./08-06-1903/12-13-1984
Double Marker
Holt, Henry H.,Jr/age 84/11-02-1924/05-14-2009
Holt, Sarah C./10-08-1924
Homan, Earnest L./1909/-1977
Houston, Henry Helms/1905/1995
Double Marker
Houston, James Henry/1870/1950
Houston, Kate Helms/1877/1959
Double Marker
Houston, Robet Lee/01-23-1927/01-30-1990
Houston, Wilmer Grace/07-09-1930
Double Marker
Hughes, Paul L.,Sr./10-04-1933
Hughes, Betty Lou/03-21-1936/01-18-1997
Double Marker/Wed 06-18-1949
Hughes, Edith Lorene/01-25-1931
Hughes, James Louis/07-18-1927/03-04-1997
Double Marker
Hughes, Terry Lee/08-23-1960/12-19-1985
Hughes, Carol Elaine/01-08-1966/12-19-1985
Double Marker
Hughes, Terry Lee,Jr./07-11-1981/12-19-1985
Hughes, Tifany Paige/05-17-1983/12-19-1985
Hughes, Tony/01-04-1973/04-09-1978
Hughes, Josie Doubleday/1893/1978
Hughes, Harrison/AR Pvt. US Army WWI/04-28-1893/10-07-1973
Hughes, Goldie M./02-28-1910/02-10-1993
Johnson, Betty Mae/age 44/interred 05-28-2011
Johnson, Gayle Arthur Jr./age 58/died 112-19-2010/interred 12-23-2010
Jones, Mary Burnett/09-01-1858/04-19-1938
Jones, Jacob Sam/No Dates
Jones, Alice/1881/1966
Jones, Ella/1867/1958
Jones, Hosea E./02-03-1905/02-20-1982
Jones, Allen/son of S.T. & S.C./11-03-1903/12-10-1906
Double Marker
Jones, Sadi B./1881/1968
Jones, Samuel T./1876/1959
Jones, Blanch/06-09-1890/06-20-1976
Double Marker
Jones, Eugene/05-25-1914/12-24-1982
Jones, Dora Payne/07-26-1917-12-24-2012

Double Marker
Kerr, Chester H./04-03-1911/11-27-1976
Kerr, Agnes Hill/01-29-1915
Double Marker
Kibler, G.D./02-25-1865/07-10-941
Kibler, Amanda/01-09-1856/01-15-1929
Kibler, G. Bailey/12-31-1899/09-22-1967
Kibler, Mary Erwin/12-27-1870/11-27-1956
Kibler, Benjamin H./02-13-1869/03-09-1945
Kibler, Sallie Rebecca/Dau. of Mary E. & B.H./08-30-1895/07-20-1919
Kibler, Serepta Cathrine/Dau. of B.H. & Mary E./03-04-1905/03-03-1918
Double Marker
King, Virginia Rose/03-11-1940
King, Arthur "Buddy" /07-05-1938/04-27-1996
Kuykendall, Aiilen/age 96/died 02-15-2007/interned 02-17-2007
Kuykendall, Lilla Laughlin/08-17-1873/03-10-1957
Kuykendall, William Doak/01-07-1896/10-21-1980
Kuykendall, George Kerr/Pvt. US Army-WWII/08-03-1900/06-13-1978

Kuykendall, Evelyn Allen/age 79/died 07-22-2005
Double Marker
Kuykendall, James Walter/12-02-1897/11-05-1985
Kuykendall, Sylvia Houston/04-02-1909/05-25-1976

Double Marker
Laughlin, Walter C./11-06-1871/01-04-1947
Laughlin, Bettie K./11-20-1872/05-12-1947
Laughlin, Joe Ladd/1877/1958
Laughlin, Mary W./02-23-1908/02-03-1991
Lawson, J.D./01-08-1881/04-21-1959
Lawson, Bessie Lee/07-20-1888/06-19-1968

Double Marker/Wed 01-21-1925
McCorkle, Thomas N./03-24-1895
McCorkle, Zelma W./01-30-1904/04-16-1964
McCorkle, Thomas Neely/03-24-1895/02-05-1971
McCorkle, Roy Allen/01-06-1899/07-29-1996
McCorkle, Vera M./01-23-1905/12-23-1991
McCorkle, Eunice Massey/06-26-1901/03-12-1990
Double Marker
McCorkle, Edgar Ticer/02-17-1893/07-02-1976
McCorkle, Betty Sue Kuykendall/10-15-1890/08-25-1974
Double Marker
McDonald, Hal K./11-27-1898/-10-18-1960
McDonald, Marie L./07-18-1908/-03-09-1992
McGee, Ronnie L./07-20-1971/08-26-1992
McKinney, Bethany Danielle/05-29-1997/-05-29-1997

Manning, Joyce Earlene/12-23-1935/11-03-1962
Double Marker
Manning, Floy Jackson/03-18-1913/08-24-2002
Manning, William Earl/02-27-1910/06-27-2009
Mayfield, Lula Helms/WYF of W.H./06-13-1879/05-05-1914
Mayfield, William Henry/02-25-1875/08-28-1922
Mayfield, Mrs. C.D./1828/1908
Meek, Ernestine Priddy/07-03-1913/08-30-1977
Meek, Jon F./07-22-1910/09-29-1996
Merritt, Eloise/09-11-1906/-05-24-1992
Moore, William Otto/California Master Electrician Air Service 03-02-1934
Morgan, Callie D./03-12-1908/11-09-1929
Morgan, Emogene Jones/05-25-1914/12-28-1978
Mullen, Betty Sue Prescott/age 58/08-18-1942/05-28-2001
Mullen, Charles Edward/Husb. of Betty Mullen/1943/01-24-1999
Double Marker
Mullen, James Walter/03-20-1896/12-09-1986
Mullen, Frances Warmack/WYF of James Walter Mullen/09-22-1913/08-08-1998
Double Marker
Musselwhite, Isaac Foman/03-24-1909/07-30-1987
Musselwhite, Nita Gresham/02-09-1916

Neely, John Albert/10-12-1879/09-12-1941
Neely, Gertrude Helms/WYF Of John ALbert/10-03-1883/06-08-1920
Neely, Mary Lou Laughlin/1877/1942
Nielson, Jo V./age 80/Wyf if Herman Nielson/08-26-1924/06-23-2005
Double Marker/Wed/05-31-1941
Nichols, Travis D./05-26-1923/07-28-1998
Nichols, Elizabeth H./03-10-1922/05-05-1994

Owens, Zula Pearl/05-10-1888/09-16-1961

Patterson, Classie/age 86/died 07-12-2000
Double Marker/PITTMAN & GOOCH
Brother & Sister
Pittman, Lizzie G./02-02-1882/03-23-1972
Gooch, Thomas T./12-08-1879/09-09-1955
Priddy, PVT. William F./03-20-1892/03-09-1966/MS US Navy WWII
Double Marker
Priddy, William S./1903/1951
Priddy, Eula B./1906/1994
Priddy, Edwin H./1889/1943
Priddy, Hugh L./1853/1940
Priddy, Mrs. Julia/1863/1929
Priddy, Ernest W./1891/1955
Priddy, Ruth Elizabeth/06-15-1893/-04-22-1987
Priddy, Mrs. Judson Hill/1857/1939
Priddy, George Marcus/1851/1904
Priddy, A3C-William Spencer, Jr.-US Air Force-Korea/1931/1976
Priddy, Lou/11-24-1853/03-14-1917
Double Marker
Pruett, Jefferson E./SFC US Army-Vietnam/02-16-1930/07-02-1988
Pruett, Elsie M./10-01-1932

Richardson, Thaxton J./age 68/husb of Janie Winters McGee Richardson/died 10-28-2000
Robertson, William Allen/11-17-1882/10-09-1942
Robertson, Zula Burnett/09-09-1879/11-14-1851
Double Marker
Rodgers, Edmond Henry/02-09-1909/07-14-1970
Rodgers, Maggil Lee/age 92/12-07-1921/12-15-2006/interned 12-17-2006
Double Marker
Ross, William Thomas ,Sr./S2 US Navy WWII/05-12-1927/02-17-1982
Ross, Dorris Fae Priddy/09-07-1933

Scogin, Baby/Infant of Mr. & Mrs. John H. Scogin/06-08-1936
Slay, Velma Priddy/10-22-1892/02-20-1987
Slay, Ruby Baker Williams/09-28-1896/09-17-1991
Scott, Marjorie Mae/1922/1934
Scott, PVT. William H./MS-1 Marine Div-WWII/01-15-1926/05-21-1945
Double Marker
Scott, Kenneth Powell /09-09-1927/-12-17-1978
Scott, Martha Elizabeth /02-07-1929
Double Marker
Scott, Elmer Brown/MS. PVT. Co. C.323 Machine Gun BN WWI/
Scott, Edna Mae/03-08-1903/10-22-1985
Double Marker
Shields, William Fred/01-15-1909/12-30-1965
Shields, Floy Ralston/04-07-1911
Double Marker
Slaughter, John Ernest/08-06-1905/02-18-1986
Slaughter, Rena Woodall/11-26-1909/12-24-1996
Double Marker
Slaughter, James M./04-14-1890/11-28-1980
Slaughter, Jennie M./03-16-1900/02-29-1988
Double Marker
Smith, Wiley M./01-09-1891/10-22-1951
Smith, Bessie M./09-27-1900
Smith, W.M./1891/1951
Stewart, Emma D./02-05-1879/01-31-1962

Tatum, Lucy Elizabeth/Dau of J.F. & Jennie/03-06-1913/07-18-1916
Tatum, Lucy V./05-14-1862/09-30-1913
Tatum, Leroy J./03-12-1857/01-27-1940
Thompson, Mattie B. Howell/10-26-1894/-10-26-1985
Double Marker
Troutt, Jennie/06-16-1885/11-10-1976
Troutt, J.R. "Jack"/09-27-1870/01-18-1946
Troutt, Esther Blaylock/WYF of Nat Z./1906/1949
Troutt, Nathaniel Z./11-07-1901/07-17-1976
Troutt, Linda Sue/Infant Dau. of Bill & Nina/08-05-1952/08-06-1952
Troutt, Nina Box/age 72/01-31-1931/06-03-2003
Troutt, William Z./05-16-1927/06-28-1975

Waldrup, Etter Louise/02-24-1904/11-04-1906
Waldrup, Infant/Dau. of J.T. & Etta /04-04-1906
Walker, Clara A./03-03-1889/07-03-1980
Walker, George W., sr./Mason/Husb of Winnie Massey Walker/10-11-1913/04-27-1999
Walker, Winnie Massey/age 94/widow of George W./03-29-1913/04-01-2007
Walker, Hamp W./04-04-1881/11-26-1963
Double Markers
Walker, Julia/04-05-1925/06-03-1925
Walker, Jewell/04-05-1925/04-11-1925
Walin, Sam B./1877/1954
Walters, Lloyd Nelson, Sr./age 76/usnavy Vet/died 07-15-2007/interned 07-18-2007
Warrick, Dorothy J./04-27-1914/09-05-1981
Watkins, Bertha Beard/Wyf of James Henry Watkins/03-16-1877/12-01-1960
White, Viola B./10-28-1911/03-21-1967
White, Howard B./01-15-1913
Double Marker
Wiggins, Alyene B./03-16-1932
Wiggins, William J./01-13-1923/03-27-1987
Wiggins, Benny Joe/02-07-1953/09-01-1976
Williams, Ethel D./07-04-1921/03-24-1978
Williams, Billie K./MSgt. US Army WWII/08-21-1922/11-22-1994
Wolfe, Dora Mae Brown/age 77/06-16-2010/09-10-2010
Double Marker
Williams, Beuna Vista/01-29-1890/07-07-1980
Williams, Luther K./03-09-1885/12-23-1966
Womble, Sarah/Mother of J.M. Wallace/12-18-1840/12-10-1902
Womble, Joe Charles/1911/10-12-1997
Double Marker
Womble, Joe C./05-21-1881/-01-22-1964
Womble, Hattie J./07-29-1884/-07-28-1965
Triple Marker
Womble, Mattie/03-07-1906/-01-25-1987
Womble, Joe ,Jr./06-08-1911
Womble, Juanita/03-06-1924/-06-15-1983
Double Marker
Wyllie, John Frank/1908/1951
Wyllie, Nobie/1906/1971

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