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Located 2.1 miles east of hwy 35 on Cascilla Road. This Cemetery completely extracted by Nick Denley and Helen Staten Arnold-1997

Double Marker
Alexander, John Lewis /03-19-1896/04-19-1959/MS PVT
Bakers & Cooks SCH QMC WWI
Alexander, Lillian/09-06-1909/06-27-1979
Allbritton, Arthur Clinton/WWII Vet./78 YO/09-18-1822/06-17-2001
Allbritton, Dorothy Winter/age 80/04-09-1929/01-10-2010
Double Marker
Allbritton, Harvey J./07-11-1898/09-11-1971
Allbritton, Eula F./03-18-1902/12-15-1981
Allison, Paul R./age 65/died 06-14-2012
Allison, Stacey/04-01-1972
Allison, Kasey Myon/02-13-1979/02-15-1979
Allison Infant Boy/05-03-1975

Baker, Alma White/04-19-1888/01-30-1972
Baker, L.O."Lee"/12-09-1889/06-30-1959
Baker, I.V. Jennings/age 97/02-16-1913/10-06-2010
Barnhardt, Janie Lee/04-25-1889/01-05-1972
Beard, Derek Jerome/Beloved Son of Jerome & Barbara/08-19-1973/01-01-1992
Beard, Darrell Lynn/age 49/04-18-1959/05-10-2008
Double Marker
Beard, Rev. Irone/12-25-1914/5-29-1986
Beard, Gladys Morgan/03-22-1920/07-25-2001/age 81
Best, John Paul/04-05-1953/09-08-1974
Best, Myrtice Scallions/1919/12-10-1999
Best, William Anthony/1916/01-11-1998
Double Marker
Brewer, Allie Beatrice/09-08-1908/07-16-1998
Brewer, Luther H./04-11-1906/02-27-1996
Double Marker
Brewer, Lula Mae S./07-23-1903/01-11-1988
Brewer, Jesse Lewis/09-09-1898/12-21-1978
Brewer, John Daniel/01-19-1933/07-27-1986
Double Marker
Brewer, Irene Allison/10-25-1914/05-22-2002
Brewer, John Barkley/09-12-1910/06-17-1988
Bridges, Rosie L./age 70/died 08-19-2006/interned 08-26-2006/Haven Rest Cemetery
Brown, Emma Belle/age 85/01-24-1921/08-21-2006/interned Fleming Cemetery Scoby Ms
Burns, Lucille H./09-24-1914/08-20-1985
Byars, Mary Elizabeth/12-24-1928/10-22-1986
Byars, Ted/10-11-1932/11-02-1991

Calder, Rachel R./Infant/10-13-1968/10-14-1968
Double Marker
Chaney, Elizabeth Kendall/06-17-1929
Chaney, Francis M./02-04-1923/04-16-1988
Coggins, Frances Elizabeth/age 75/died 05-26-2007/interned 05-30-2007
Coggins, William L./04-23-1917/10-16-1984/PFC US ARMY WWII
Double Marker
Collet, Janie S./04-23-1910/01-25-1987
Collet, Grady H./01-22-1906/04-24-1984
Collet, James Roy "Buddy"/09-09-1938/03-01-1993
Cox, David Wayne/Son of William & Ollie Cox/12-29-1946/06-13-1995.
Cox, Eugene S/age 65/11-09-1944/05-20-2010
Double Marker
Cox, William/07-22-1911/11-25-1991
Cox, Ollie/09-19-1915/12-16-1995
Double Marker
Crouch, Merrion Sanford/03-15-1951/12-29-1991
Crouch, Charles Marion/07-04-1932/05-04-1961
Crouch, Kenneth G./09-15-1955/12-27-1991

Denton, Ivy Lamar/06-25-1918/09-29-1966
Double Marker
DuBois, Ernest G./10-05-1909/07-2002
DuBois, Dorothy I. Staten/10-18-1912/07-25-1991
Double Marker
Dungan, Maudie Elma J./age 94/1907/died 04-20-2001
Dungan, Francis L./1906/1975

Foster, Elsie Trusty/age 77/died 11-13-2006/interned 11-15-2006
Foster, Eunice Hall/age 81/05-17-1922/05-03-2004
Franklin, Eula Mayford/01-31-1899/03-22-1983
Franklin, Mary Inez/09-04-1909/08-27-1981
Franklin, Luther E., Sr./09-28-1928/02-08-1996/

Guy, David Eugene/age71/died 03-01-2010 interred 03-03-2010

Grantham, Tommy Wayne/age 56/07-01-1953/08-07-2009
Double Marker
Grantham, Casey L./01-20-1920/02-28-1979
Grantham, Edna E./04-06-1920

Guy, David Dewayne "Bubba"/08-03-1968/01-31-2001/age 32
Guy, Inez/age 70/died 02-25-2012/02-28-2012

Hall, Grant/1960/05-16-1998
Hall, Leonard Burns/10-17-1894/01-06-1962
Double Marker
Hall, Pryor H./09-20-1891/01-08-1939
Hall, Maggie S./03-19-1892/01-03-1965
Hankins, Claude Rhew/03-15-1905/01-26-1987
Hankins, Ollie Mae Lilly/Age 95/01-13-1906/05-25-2001 Hardy, John Wayne/1963/1963
Double Marker
Henderson, Ida Bacon/1893
Henderson, Daniel Parker/1886/1971
Henson, Wayne Powell/02-01-1937/06-16-1987

Henson, Vera Hutchinson/Wyf Clifton Henson/cir 1899/May 29, 1981
Holladay, Ollie Pearl "Dolly"/age 71/Died 09-15-2009/interred 09-20-2009

Jennings, I.V. Baker/age 97/02-06-1913/10-06-2010
Jenkins, Inez/09-09-1913/12-03-1987
Double Marker
Jones, No Given Names
Jones, Oliver G./12-13-1903/12-06-1984
Jones, Susan L./01-12-1905

Jones, Oliver Lamar/age 69/01-25-1937/11-11-2006/interned 11-13-2006

King, Amanda Lynn/01-16-1974
King, Infant Daughter of Mr.& Mrs. H.D. King Jr.
King, James "Sonny"/age 75/Korean Vet/died 07-18-2005
Kendall, Dixie Patricia/11-25-1972/04-19-1984

Kendall, Fred/husb of Louise Lewellan Kendall/age 72/10-26-1929/05-28-2002

Double Marker
Lance, Carl Burns/09-18-1917/10-10-1979
Lance,Mary Louise/age 83/died 09-14-2005/interned 09-16-2005
Double Marker
Lane, Roy/11-17-1922
Lane, Grace M Lawson/age 91/01-21-1915/03-17-2006/interned 03-20-2006
Lindley, Billy Floyd/04-06-1951/02-11-1977

M: Mullen, Joseph Eugene/1922/06-30-1999
Mullen, Lester E./04-20-1946/12-30-1990

BR> Morris, William Harold/age 70/06-04-1930/03-21-2001/husb Josie Smith Morris
Mullen, Britton E./06-20-1900/08-27-1967
Mullen, Clovis"Bunny"/age 74/01-20-1929/12-14-2003
Mullen, Jennie V./02-03-1912/09-17-1961
Mullen, Tedfred C., Jr./US Army Vet/age 59/07-20-1949/06-02-2009/interred 06-04-2009
Double Marker
Mullen, Telford C./09-04-1921/04-19-1993
Mullen, Lillian C./12-26-1920/01-17-1989

O'Bryant, James A./PVT. US ARMY WWII/08-04-1920/02-10-1996

Patterson, Stella Hall/age 84./died 08-04-2010
Powell, Kathleen Mullen/05-16-1925/11-18-1994
Pressgrove, Hal A./04-18-1884/08-04-1966

Pressgrove, Louise Allison/age 92/03-26-1912/07-11-2004


Ross, W.C., Jr./age 75 died 04-24-2011 Baptist Memorial Oxford Ms/interred 04-26-2011
There is a grave that is marked only by a big stone. I was a kid but I remember that twins were buried there in the late 1950ís.
Tonya Renay Price and Steven Laye Price. Thatís all I know about the. Our pastor Hulon Evans had met the parents at the hospital in
Grenada. I donít know if they were even from here. I oversee the cemetery so I try to keep up with everything .
Marilyn Grantham

Ray, Martha Foster/age 62/07-22-1941/09-10-2003
Rodgers, Morgan Aaron/age 81/died 07-30-2009.interred 08-03-2009
Double Marker
Ross, Richard C./08-19-1910/02-18-1983
Ross, Pauline/10-07-1909
Double Marker
Ross, Gladys Hall/Age 86/11-22-1915/05-11-2002
Ross, William Carl/06-12-1909/02-03-1977
Double Marker
Ross, Richard C./08-19-1910/02-18-1983
Ross, Doshie Pauline Hankins/10-07-1908/03-01-1998

Double Marker
Scallions, Maybelle A./06-20-1924
Scallions, James M./01-27-1911/11-27-1973
Double Marker/Wed-10-18-1947
Scallions, Curtis S./09-18-1919/04-16-1988
Scallions, Ruby L./08-10-1930
Double Marker
Scallions, Sallie M./1881
Scallions, William U./1879-1966
Double Marker/Wed/12-21-1910
Simpson, William B./11-24-1888/12-09-1962
Simpson, Ellen M./07-26-1888/04-16-1978
Double Marker
Simpson, Sidney K./10-09-1901/12-16-1995
Simpson, Letha M./06-13-1901/08-19-1996
Smith, Gerald Arnett/12-11-1945/10-16-1983
Double Marker
Smith, Bryant/03-10-1899/05-09-1979
Smith, Leola/05-30-1914/06-20-1973
Double Marker
Smith, Louise/04-05-1919/09-17-1992
Smith, Glen/01-04-1912/09-10-1975
Smith,Betty Jean Grantham/09-29-1941/02-15-1994
Staten, Lawrence Eric/cir 1931/10-2010
Staten, Morris Russell/Son of Bud & MayBell/1l-01-30/1926-01-23-1996
Staten, Bobbie Carrol/Daugher of Bud & MayBell/09-03-1935/11-18-1975
Staten, Lucille Newton/age86/October 16, 1923/ 02-14-2010
Staten, Howard/10-15-1923/11-10-2012/interred/11-11-2012
Double Marker
Staten, Russell Eric "Bud"/Husb of May Bell White Staten/ W/10-2-1901/03-21-1997
Staten, May Bell White/Wyf of Russell Eric Staten/05-06-1905/08-15-1999
Double Marker
Staten, Andrew Redell/01-03-1878/07-28-1970
Staten, Martha Annie/04-13-1879/01-08-197

Stewart, Michael Lee/age 51/09-20-2006/from injuries in auto accident/his wife Betty Diane Grantham Stewart/was killed in the accident
Stewart, Carlton Lee/age 91/died 06-09-2010

Double Marker
Tartt, Savannah S./10-06-1875/07-13-1968
Tartt, Monroe/06-10-1883/07-27-1961
Double Marker
Tartt, Verdie Lee M/09-29-1909/04-04-1988
Tartt, Henry James/01-20-1905/01-18-1965
Tartt, Henry Jr./1930/1997
Double Marker/Wed 09-25-1933
Taylor, Jessie Newt/06-07-1915/12-23-1998
Taylor, Lillian L./05-05-1907/12-07-1995
Taylor, Curtis Dean/02-18-1950/07-30-1988
Trim, Claudine W./05-26-1931/10-30-1984
Trusty, Dorothy Lee/age 82/died 03-08-2008/interned 03-10-2008
Trusty, James Ray/age 84/01-06-1917/12-05-2001
Tyler, Forrest, Roland/Pfc US Army/PURPLE HEART/07-23-1916/04-17-1994

Winstead, Joe Donald/age 82/09-19-1929/04-21-2012 Grenad Lakes Medical Center/US NAvy Reserve Veteran/MasterMason
Double Marker
Wright, Estes Mullen/10-28-1911/12-22-1989
Wright, Loran Early "Duke"/03-10-1908/07-18-1980
Double Marker
Wright, Myrtle C./03-09-1908
Wright, Travis G./07-23-1900/03-26-1965
Wright, Betty E./05-27-1879/02-24-1961

Wright, Edward F./age 68/died 11-08-2006/interned 11-10-2006

Young, Samuel, Jr./age 53/died 01-27-2003/husb of Alice Lindley Young
Double Marker
Young, Etherlene B./11-06-1914/01-28-1992
Young, Francis Sam/08-14-1904/01-12-1983

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