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UNKNOWN Cemetery

This listing is being made due to letters and request we have received concerning those who died during the "Fever" epidemic. From all counts there were thousands who died and there were not enough folks to make the coffins, so they were buried in "mass graves". The "Yellow Fever" epidemic was only one of the many epidemics to hit the USA and other countries. Some statistics I have seen said that about 20 million nation wide died as a result of the yellow fever epidemic. In 1878 a Yellow Fever epidemic hit Paynes Mississippi and almost wiped it our. This probably accounts for the many unmarked graves in the cemeteries in the area.

In 1918-1919-a Flu epidemic hit the nation killing over 20 million folks. This flu epidemic hit the United States in spring of 1918. The deadliest wave came the following fall. The influenza slaughtered more soldiers of all nations than were lost in the war. According to reports I have read more than one-quarter of all Americans suffered bouts of flu. The articles stated that more than 600,000 Americans perished, 10,000 of them
Minnesotians. It is said that 1,000 died in St Paul Mn, more than 1,300 in Minneapolis, Mn., and in New York City alone 33,000 perished. Approximately two percent of the Native Americans Perished. The epidemiologist explained that the 1918 flu virus were exceptionaly "virulent". The virus underwent several dramatic mutations in structure, and these mutations can turn flu into killers because the victim's immune system do not have the antibioties they need to fight off the altered virus, and fatal pneumonia can develop rapidly. In 1957 and 1958 the same flu virus was detected that struck in 1918-1919. A national immunization campaign was launched to vaccinate as many of the Americans as possible against what they called the "Swine flu", therefore a major epidemic did not develop.

Listed below are some folks that died during the "Yellow Fever Epidemic".
This information was sent to us by Mr. Paul L. Kines of Pascagoula Ms. The information was taken from a letter Mr. Kines sent to Nick Denley, Chancery Clerk of Tallahatchie County, Charleston Mississippi.


Nick Denley

1005 West Monroe Street, Grenada, MS 38901.

Dear Mr. Denley,

I am enclosing some unmarked and unknown graves in Tallahatchie County.
The two children buried left of the Denleys in Popal Springs C, are George Porters children. He was JP in the County in 1860's.
James W. Kines-1897-1927-Popal Springs C.
John R. Kines-1899-1901-Popal Springs C.
They are at the foot and to the left of their grandmother Sarah Adcock Holton Kines.
Theodore R. Kines/1905/1911-Woodlawn C. Sumner Buried left of William E. Kines.
Purvis Kines/1907/1907/Capt. Jenkins Plantation, between Webb & Sumner Ms.
Daisy Creekmore Jenkins/1910/1943/Jenkins C., Sumner Ms
Three Morgan babies, children of Walter & Beatrice Creekmore Morgan.Ebenezer C.(sometimes known as Friendship C.) Sumner, Ms. The gravesare covered with three concrete slabs near William & Lula Creekmore.
One Creekmore baby, child of Edge & Lomey Creekmore, Ebnezer C.

Other persons buried in East Tallahatchie County Cemetery unknown
William Porch/1848
Nancy McCrary Porch/1858
John K. Porch/1874
Sarah Porch/1876
Plus a baby Porch early 1880's.

All of these died of a Fever around 1881.
Thomas Porch/cir 1820/25 died before 1850
Sarah Smith Porch Haggard/1882 around 1881
Elizabeth Porch Cole/1848/around 1881
Thomas Porch/1807 after 1860
Sarah Ann Porch/1810-before 1860
Elizabeth Smith/1798/1885
The letter is signed by Paul L. Kines-9818 Edgecliff Dr., Pascagoula Ms.
Below is a short history of Paynes Mississippi. They say that Paynes was almost wiped out by the Yellowfever Epidemic in 1878. Which probably accounts for so many unmarked graves in many of the Cemeteries in and around Paynes.

This information was sent to us by Judy Falls, Cooper Texas.
Willis "Will" Shaw/04-07-1818/10-20-1882
WYF 1- Mary Jane Wilkins/04-08-1826/06-1868
WYF 2 Martha M. Taylor/died 01-12-1874,
Children: Lucy E. Shaw Carder/02-28-1848/04-28-1901
James Nathaniel/1849/1932
Alexander Pattison Shaw/12-01-1851/10-08-1865
John Albert Shaw/01-06-1852/11-18-1915
Thomas Jefferson Shaw/01-27-1856/09-1869

This information sent to us by Wanda Henson Carlton:
Information taken from death certicicates: Henson, Robert Mathew/b-1875 in Oxberry Ms, d.02-13-1938 in Scott, Bolivar co Ms, buried 02-14-1938.Sumner, Tallahatchie County Ms.
Wife of Robert Henson, Elma Segler-b. Cir 1877 Webster Co Ms/ married 01-05-1893/she later married John David Yarbrough/11-30-1896/she is buried in Tallahatchie Co. Ms.
Brown, Martha/died 08-09-1914 at Paynes/buried in Potter's fiels some place around Charleston Ms.



All of these folks are Tallahatchians who resided out of the State or County were buried some place else. Their obits were in the Sun Sentinel.

Adams, Morris J./age 73/died 01-13-2004/internment Memorial Park Mausoleum, Collieville, Tn/US Army Vet.
Allendorger, Virginia A./age 92/Born in Charleston Ms/died 10-09-2006 Germantown Tn/interned 10-11-2006/Memorial Park Cem, Tn
Alexander, Mamie/age 77 died 02-20-2009/interred 02-22-2009 Greenlawn Cemetery Greenville Ms.
Alexander, Mary Kathryn Little/age 74/06-25-1930/06-09-2005 Fayetteville Ak/interned 06-13-2005 Friendship Cemetery, Fayetteville Ak
Alexander, Ernest Marvin,Sr./age 79/died 09-17-2011/interred 09-20-2011 Green Oaks Memorial Bark, Baton Rough La
Alford, James A. "Shot"/age 66/01-28-1942/12-14-2009/interred Tenn. State VA Cemetery W. Tn.
Allen, Charles "JAP"/age 85/05-02-1919/04-21-2005
Allbritton, B.W., Jr./age76/died 04-15-2005/Hamburg Arkansas/interned Pinewood Memorial Park, Hamburg Ak
Allison, Dr. Cecil L./age 72/05-05-1936/12-24-2008-Jacksonville Fla/interred 12-30-2008 Riverside Memoral Gardens
Allison, George T./age 76/Korean war Vet/died 06-21-2007-interned 06-23-2007 Memorial Park Cemetery Olive Branch Ms
Anderson, Dorothy Sweeney/died 03-02-2009 Macon/interred 03-04-2009 Shaqalak Cemetery
Anderson, Earl/age77/wwIi marine/10-18-1923/01-30-2001/burial Memorial Gardwen Cem/Indianola
Annis, Patty Jean Smith/age 72/12-19-1933/04-19-2006/ Sunrise Cemetery Manhattan, Kan
Armstrong, John Allen/age 84/died 03-07-2012/interred Bryant Chapel Cemetery, Pittsboro Ms
Arnold, Billy M./1943/09-10-1999/burial Memorial Garden near West Point Ms/US National Guard
Arnold, Hazel G./age 90/08-08-1917/11-26-2007interned Cole Springs Cemetery Sardis Ms
Ashford, Peter/age 71/died 07-19-2000 in Ga./Burial at Mt Moriah Church in Tucker Ga.
Ashworth, Janie Agnes/age 92/ died 02-22-2007/St Francis Hospital, Memphis Tn/interned 02-26-2007 Memorial Park Cemetery, Memphis Tn.
Attaway, Mary Frances Summers/age 95/12-31-1914/09-26-2010
Aust, Paul Clifton/age 90/died Clearwater Fl, 02-21-2009/no Cemetery listed
Austin, Virginia Boone/died 08-30-1999/Burial Jackson Ms.
Austin, Floyd "Bubba"/age 38/10-27-1963/01-01-2002/burial Philadelphia Mb., Church Cemetery St. Louis MO.
Aven, Earlene Denley/61 yo/1938/06-06-1999/Wyf of Earl Even/ Burial Forrest Memorial Park, Batesville

Aven, Betty McKenzie/age 63/02-22-1942/09-06-2005/interned Forest Memoral Park Batesville, Ms
Austin, Otis "Big"O"/age 43/died/10-11-2012/interred Philadelphia Cemetery

Bailey, Estella Miller/age 67/11-25-1937/03-21-2005/interned Haven's Rest Cemetery, Oakland Ms, 03-26-2005
Bailey, Una Mae McShane/age 40/03-09-1964/09-10-2004/NW Regional Hospital Clarksdale, Ms. Memorial Service 09-18-2004, not listed where she was interned
Baker, Edith Louise Lester/age 89/07-12-1919/08-31-2008/internment cedarlawn Cemetery Jackson MS
Baker, Walter C./age 76/died 09-30-2003/Louisville Ky/burial unk
Bankston, Lee Jr.,/05-05-1916/04-21-1999/burial Memorial Gardens/Tutwiler Ms
Banakston, Georgia Mae/age 51/died 10-23-2007/interned Whitfield Cemetery Perell Ms
Barnes,Eula Mae/age 82/02-03-1920/12-20-2002/burial Evergreen Cemetery, Chicago Ill.
Barnes, Jimmy F., Sr./Age 77/07-18-1923/04/03/2001/burial McLaurin Garden Cemetery, Duncan Ms
Barnes, James Arthur,Jr./age 63/08-23-1947/11-12-2010/Memphis Tn,/interred 11-20-2010 Shelby County Cemetery, Memphis Tn.
Barnes, Harman Sr.,/age 87/died 1-25-2007/interned 10-31-2007/ Haven Rest Cemetery Grenada Co,Ms
Barnes, Rutha Mae/age 92/02-11-1918/05-19-2010/Interred Haven Rest Near Grenada
Barton, George Moore/age 59/02-20-1952/04-11-2011 Germantown Methodist Hospital, Tn/interred Bridgeport Tn 04-15-2011 where they planned to retire
Barton, Lee Russell/age 76/died 11-14-2011 interred 11-17-2011 Fords Wells cemetery near Oakland Ms
Bass, Lena Louise/age 90/died 05-01-2009
Battest, Willie, Jr./age 23/died due to injuries sustained in Motocycle Accident./06-03-1978/07-17-2004/internment Mt, Hope Cem/Chicago Ill
Bearden, Naovis Leon/US Airforce Vet/07-10-1936/05-02-2008/interned 05-10-2008 Mount Hope Cemetery Topka Kan.

Beaver, James B./age 45/12-03-1964/12-09-2009/interred Forrest Memorial Park/Batesville Ms.
Bell, Eugene/age 54/02-18-1952/12-08-2006/interned 12-16-2006
Bell, Tom/age 73/died07-10-2012/no cemetery listed
Bell, Rhoda Rosie/age 83/03-07-1920/01-13-2004
Bell, Walter Lee/age 43/04-06-1958/06-29-2001/burial Ryles Chapel M.B. Church Minter City Ms
Bellamy, Alva E (Leo)/died 08-24-2009/Atlanta GA./interred 08-30-2009/W. Tenn. Veterans Cemetery
Bennet, Alan Lynn/age 53/died 02-02-03/burial Longview Cem, Carroll Co, Ms.
Bennett, Sue Champion/age 61/09-16-1951/11-09-2012/No Cemetery listed
Bennett, Marion C., Jr./age61/died December 23,2005 Baptist Hospital Oxford, interned Sardis Cemetery, Panola County/ 12-26-2005
Bennett, Wilma/age 79/died 06-04-2007/interned 06-07-2007/Lebanon Cemetery, Olive Branch MS
Benning, James L./age 58/Husb of Mathleen Wood/died 06-24-2000/burial Friendship Cem, Kilmichael Ms
Berry, James Thomas, Jr./Husb. of Willie McGarrh/04-15-1916/03-13-1999/burial Oak Hill near Enid Ms
Benson, Lee L./age 70 died 02-10-2012/interred West Tenn. State Veterans Cemetery 02-17-2012
Berry, Louise Tull/age 92/died 12-18-2002/burial Oak Ridge Cemetery, Clarksdale Ms.
Berry, Mattie B/age 80/04-05-1925/09-08-2005/intenred St Mary's Garden of Sleep, Glendora Ms
Best, Travis Lee/age 86\WWII Vet Signalman US Navy/09-19/1924/09-24-2011/no Cemetery listed Biano, Rachael/age 78/died May 20, 2004/interned Memorial Park. New Iberia La
Bishop, Ruthie Mae/age 54/died 08-04-2004/internment Haven Rest Cemetery, Grenada Ms
Bishop, Marion F., Jr./age 46/died 07-07-2006, Manassas Va/funreal 07-`2-2006, Virginia Hills Bapitst Church/unknown where interned
Blalack, Thomas E., Jr. 06-19-1909-01-12-2004/burial Boga Chitto Cemetery/widower of Ada Mae Blalack
Bledsoe, Dessie Kendall/no date of birth or age/died 07-13-2004/Doyline La.
Booker, John Edward "Man"/age 61/06-13-1948/03-02-2010/interred Bethlehem Cem
Boudolf, Lillie Frances Bell/age 82/02-01-1924/08-10-2006/Fort Walton Beach Fla.
Bowie, Marjorie Sue Hamm/age 87/died 12-24-2011/interred 12-27-2011 Boonsville City Cemetery
Boyd, Earlene M./01-28-1948/10-07-1999/Wyf of Barry Boyd?burial Gren Goshen Cem, Coffeeville
Boyd, Perry Gilford III/58/USAF Veteran/died 11-03-2010/interred Louisville Cemetery Louisville KY
Boyer, Milton Jerry/age 69/died 03-14-2010 Odenville Ala.Interred 03-06-2010. interred Oakwood Cemetery ChicageIl.
Booker, Edmond Sr.,/age 82/05-11-1921/09-21-2003 Pieoria Ill/buial Parrish Grove cemetery near Oakland Ms
Booker, Andrew/age 46/10-18-1962/05-21-2009/interred Parish Grove M.B. Cemetery Oakland Ms.
Burns, Barbara Jean/age 76/07-13-1928/01-16-2005/wyf of Rev. Edgar E. Burns of Enid/interned Memory Gardens Cem, Memphis Tn
Bradford, Hezzie/1924/12-17-1998/burial Parish Grove MB Church Cem/Oakland Husband of Mrs. Edna Kimble Bradford.
Bradford, James Willie, Jr. Age 62/11-11-1946/11-20-2008/Grenada Ms
Bradford, Willie C. "-Dog"/age 44/01-20-1963/12-04-2007/interned 12-11-2007 Persimmon Hill MB church Cem, Enid Ms
Bradshaw, Arlene Ward/died 05-15-2010 Greenville Leflore Hospital/interred Sidon Cemetery, Sidon, MS, Leflore Co., MS
Brasher, James Howard,Sr.,/Husb of Janie Lindsey Brasher/03-07-1908/10-28-1999/Burial Marks Cemetery
Brasher, Janie Lindsey/50 Year,Past Matron Order of Eastern Star #319/age 88/06-15-1913/06-08-2002/burial Marks Cemetery
Bratbwajte, Loretta S./age 75/died 05-24-2011, Chicago Ill./interred Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Park Ill.
Brewer, Johnny Wayne/age 52/died 11-06-2000/burial Curtis Union Cemetery, Batesville Ms.
Brewer, Percy Lee, Sr./age 72/02-26-1931/01-19-2004/interned Brewer's Cemetery Sharkey Road
Brewer, Ruby /age 85/08-15-1918/11-07-2003/internment Sunnyland Community Cemetery/Mt. View Ark
Britt, Charles D./age64/died 08-12-2000/Husb of Thelma Britt/burial Longtown cem, Crenshaw Ms.
Britt, Marian Pasley/age 83/died 05-23-20012/interred Rose Hill Cemetery, Sardis Ms
Brock, Mack/1919/08-12-1998/buried in Jackson Chapel Cemetery/Grenada Ms.

Broom, Daniel/age 41/died 03-24-2012/interred 03-31-2012, St John M Cemetery (Blue Lake)
Brokaw, Clifford, Jr./US Army Vet/Graveside Forest Park West Cemetery, Shreveport, La
Brooks, Dorothy Jean/age 50/died 02-08-2009/no cemetery listed
Brooks, Meeya Brenell/age 5/died 01-26-2001/burial Mt. Pleasant MB church Cemetery
Brown, Kelvin O,/died 03-08-2010/interred 03-13-2010/Galilee Cmemetery Memphis Tn
Brown, Carl, Rev./age 72.12-07-1931/11-26-2004/interned 12-02-2004/Belmont Cemetery Darling Ms
Brown, Nolan Mary Houston/age 62/06-24-1943/03-25-2006/interned 04-01-2006Fleming cemetery near Scoby Ms
Browning,Louise/age 90/died 06-27-2011 interred Minot Cemetery 06-29-2011
Bryant, Elizabeth Rice/age 79 of Louisville Tn.died 01-11-2013/interred 01-16-2013/Grandview Cemetery MaryVille TN
Bruckner, Ruth Keib/age 78/died 02-12-2005/interned Memorial Park Cemetery, Greenwood Ms.
Bruister, Lauren Denise/age 23/died 09-01-2006/Atlanta Ga/no cemetery mentioned/services were held First Baptist Church, Tutwiler Ms
Buckley, Loraine/age 76/07-03-1931/01-06-2008/interned Batesville Cemetery, Batesville Ms
Burchfield, Presley Lee/infant/07-08-2002-07-08-2002/burial Cagle Crossing near Dublin Ms
Burnett, Forest N./age 94/died 01-03-2012 St. Francis Hospital Memphis Tn./internment Memorial Park, Memphis Tn.WWII Vet
Burnett,Mary Elizabeth, Franklin/age 84/01-01=1928/09-01-2012?interred Flower Hill Cem, Omaha Neb.
Buckley, Hattie Thomas/age 63/03-21-1941/09-12-2004/interned Carrs Chapel Church Cemetery, Oakland, Ms
Burnett, Rebecca Lois/age58/memorial service at Woodmont Church/Nashville Tn.
Burt, Elvis/1926/04-26-1999/Husb of Donna Mills Burt/WWII Veteran

Busby, Clara Calder/age 57/died 11-17-2011/no cemetery listed
Butler, Wesley C./Age 61/died 05-09-2007/interned 05-16-2007/Concord Cemetery, Batesville MS
Byford, William Earl/age 77/US Army Korea Veteran/died 05-05-2008/interned 05-07-2008 Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery Coffeeville Ms

Campbell, Albert/age 91/Master Mason, Shirner/died 06-08-2000/internment Moore's Memorial Garden, Teoc
Campbell, Bobbt Jean Colinger/ age 71/09-22-1934/07-29-2006./Died at Greenwood Leflore Hospital, Greenwood Ms/Memorial service 08-04-2006/not known where she was interned
Campbell, Sarah Grace Montgomery/Died & Buried UNknown/ first wyf of Albert Campbell
Campbell, Mildred Kent/Died & Buried Unknown/2nd Wyf of Albert Campbell
Campbell, Owen H./age 72/03-02-1931/12/12/2003 no cemetery listed
Campbell, Lois Jeanette (Jane) Fuller/04-05-1915/age 96Died 12-21-2011/no cemetery listed
Card, Lola Avada/age94/02-08-1906/08-15-2000/buried Springhill Cem near Toccopola Carvan, Gerald W./age 93/died 01-11-2001/burial Chapel Hill Cem, Pope Ms
Carlisle, Kenneth S./age 46/01-26-1959/06-26-2005/interned Flag Lake Cem., Byhalia Ms
Carmichael, Jimmy/age61/08-24-1942/04-05-2004/burial Chicago Ill
Carnahan, Delores Pfeiffer/01-01-1944/06-03-2010/interred Nixa Mo.
Carpenter, Robert L Sr./wife Wanda H. Carpenter/age 55/ died 02-07-2006/interned 02-10-2006 Coffeeville City Cemetery
Carpenter, Harvey Jr./age 67/died 01-17-2009/interred Shady Grove Cem, Cascilla Ms
Carson, Darwin Curtis/age 47/10-27-1964/died 02-08-2012/inrweews Mission Cemetery, Winona Ms
Carson. Henry L./age 78/died 09-14-2002/unknown where buried/funeral in Pearl Ms
Carter, Zeila/age 69/04-17-1938/01-12-2008/interned Waashington Memorial Gardens Homewood Ill
Castle, Wille Belle/age 96/died 07-25-2008 at her home in Tutwiler Ms, interred Greencrest Garden Cemetery in Belzoni
Chambers, Frank, Jr./age 71/03-01-1930/12-29-2000/husb of Fannie Lee/
Chambers, Ira/age 80/died 02-08-2011/interred Guest Cemetery, Oakland Ms./02-12-11
Chambers, Melvin/age 50/07-08-1955/ 07-18-2005/interned Mt. Pleasent Cemetery, near enid Ms
Champion, Owen P./age 72/04-26-1932/04-26-2004/burial Ebeneezer Methodist Cem, near Fernbank Ala
Chaney, Bobby Joe-1940/08-19-1998/US Air Force Korean Conflict/Husband of Lovell Doubleday Chaney/Father of Bobby Chaney, Stacy McDonald.

Chapman, Mrs Ozeil/age 78/died 04-01-2007/interned 04-06-2007, New Bethllehem Cemetery, Batesville Ms.
Childress, Patricia Ann Palmer/ Age 60/died 04-25-2009/interred in Lambert Cemetery Pope, Ms.
Chow, Mable Wong/age 56.02-18-1950, Canton China/Died 07-27-2006 Webb Ms.Interned 07-30-2006 Memorial Gardens Clarksdale Ms,
Clark, J.C., Jr./age 75/05-16-1926/11/13-2001/US Army WWII Veteran
Clark, James Varner "Nap"/age 82/died 07-18-2012/interred /Interred odfellow cemetery Macon
Clark, Nan Dorinda "Dodie"/age 72/died 02-11-2011/interred Greenville City Cemetery 12-13-2011
Clark, Thomas E./1911-10-28-1999/burial Parish Grove Cem., Oakland, Ms
Clement, Jerry Lee/age 75/Woodman of the World /02-02-1932/07-21-2007/interned 07-23-2007/OddFrllow Cemetery, Greenwood Ms
Cole, Mrs Cole, Angelaed Temple /August. 27, 1943 in Natchez, Ms/Jan. 14, 2012 /Garden of Memories, Florence Ms
Cole, Dr. Garald B."Jerry"/age 73/Died 07-26-2006 Oxford Ms, Services 07-28-2006/Coleman Funeral Home Oxford
Coleman, Norma deMante/age 100/died 04-23-2007 Charleston/interned Memorial Park Cemetery Memphis Tn
Colling, Barbara Jean/age 59/died 09-22-2005, Collierville Tn./interned unknown
Collins, Rodger/age 43/11-24-1962/01-19-2005/interned 01-24-2005/Piney Grove Cemetery near Cascilla
Cosby, Earl/age 52/died 03-10-2001/Burial Coffeeville Cem.
Cossar, Bill Finney, Jr/age 49died 05-22-2012 in Memphis/no Cemetery listed Cox, James Gordon/age 71/died 06-08-2010/services 06-11-2010/no cemetery he was cremated
Cox, James Morrison III/ageyy/died 08-14-2010/interred Greencrest Gardens/Belzonia Ms
Crenshaw,John Douglas "Doug"/age 90/WWII Vet/11-18-1922/01-12-2013 at his home/internment in Evergreen Cemetery North Carrilton/with full military rites
Crossley, Alma Lee/75 yo/07-07-1924/09-06-1999/burial Woodlawn Cem, Detroit Michigan
Cross, Otis Etoy/age65/03-08-1936/12-23-2000/Air Force Vet/burial Delay Baptist cemetery near Oxford Ms
Cross, Ruth Coker/age 89/died 06/30-2002/Burial unknown
Crowder, Layyt/age 55/died 02-29-2011/interred Haven Rest Memorial Garden near Grenada Ms/02-08-2011
Crowder, Walter Sr/age 95/died 05-07-2011/interred 05-14-2011 Sharkey Cemetery
Crump, Dorothy Ann/age 54/died 11-16-2012/interred Persimmon Hill Cem, near enid
Cunningham, Jerrold Lynn/age 73/05-21-1928/02-05-2002/at his home Milan Tn/He was cremated at Arrington Crematory


Daley, Frances Mahoney/age 83/died -4-24-2012/services wee 04-27-2012/a family grave side service will be at a later date
Dameron, Betty Claire Lambert/01-03-1927/04-06-2010/Memorial Service 04-24-2010, Green Acres Chapel of light, Scottsdale AZ.
Davis, Annie Vera Harris "Bay Bay:/age 74/12-14-1929/01-23-2004/interned True Bibal Way Cemetery,Tippo Ms
Davis,Julia/age 81/02-24-1924/06-20-2005/interned Persimmon Hill MB Church Cemetery near Enid Ms
Davis, Peggy Pressgrove/age 81/05-17-1923/07-27-2004/wyf W.S. Davis/Shelby Ms
Davis, Weston Shaw/age 86/01-13-1923/06-22-2009/no cemetery listed
Daughtery, Clay/age 95/died 07-11-2003/internment Cook Cemetery.near Tillatoba Ms
Dawson, Fred Monroe/ag 82/04-19-1921/internment McLaurin Garden Near Clarksdale Ms
Dean, Tiny Silvey/age93/died 04-13-2002/burial Odd Fellow cemetery Greenwoow Ms.
Denman,Donald Evins/age 64/Died 12-05-2012/interred 12-11-2012/RoseNeath Cemetery, Benton La
Denman, Danny R./age 44/died March 10-2002/Olive Branch Ms.<BR>
deMange, R.L."Jack"/age 87/died 02-28-2001/burial Memorial Park, Memphis Tn.
Dees, Helen Gilbreath/1930/10-01-1998/burial Oakland Cemetery.
Denley, Leland Ray/age 80/died 07-16-2006/Anaheim Calif, Funeral services 07-12-2006/Hilgenfield Mortuary, Anaheim Calif
Denley, Mallie Mae/Wyf of Fred Denney/age 82/02-19-1920//04-14-2002
Denman, Dr. Sidney B./age82/died 07-26-2006/WWII Vet.
Denney, James Fred/age 83/died 08-03-2002/burial Clarkston Cemetery nearEupora
Denney, John Alton/age 66/01-30-1942/02-09-2008/interned Clarkson Cemetery, Eupora Ms.
Dietz, Lula Mae/age 84/died 11-25-2012/interred 12-01-2012/no cemetery listed
Dodd, Willie Edward, Sr./11-23-1917/09-27-2002/burial Heavenly Rest Cemetery, Tutwiler Ms Dody, Jessie Danny/age 61/died 12-31-2012 Southaven/interred -1-05-2013/No Cemetery Listed/MS. National Guard
Dody, Bruce Joel/age 59/died 02-19-2012/no cemetery listed
Dogan, Willie B./age 75/10-21-34/03-20-2010
Dogan, James Douglas/age78/06-16-1927/07-29-2005/interned Oakwood Cemetery Chicago, Ill.
Dorris, Laura Summers/1815/12-23-1998/burial Broom Cem. Coffeeville Ms.
Donaldson, Martha McGregory/age 58/07-27-1945/10-25-2003/internment Forrest Memoral Park Enid Ms.
Donahue, Vester Samuel/age 68/Navy Vet/Husb Sherile Lou Worsham Donahue/died 05-03-2001/burial Ft.Mitchell Ntl Cem/Ft.Mitchell Al.
Doubleday, Donald E., Sr./Died 10-29-2009/interred 11-03-2009/ St. George Catholic Cemetery Baton Rouge La
Douglas, Bob Wayne/age 68/10-27-1041/died 06-11-2009/Vet. US Air Force/no cemetery mentioned/probably cremated
Dowdle,Donald Leigh/age 58/06-16-1950, Charleston Ms/died 10-24-2008 Sumerville Tn/interred Somerville City Cemetery
Drinkwater, Opal Mae/age 84/07-06-1917/11-5-2001/burial Flemon Cemetery near Tillatoba

Dudley, Lorene "Rena"/age 80/died 05-21-2002/burial in Philadelphia MB Cemetery in Oakland Ms
Dungan, Linda Looney/age 54/died 11-01-2006/interned 11-03-2006/New Bethlehem Cem. Horn Lake Ms>BR> Dunn, Robert T./age 64/died March 12, 2004 Lewistown Idaho, interned Normal Hill Cemetery Lewistown, Idaho

Earnest, Laura Brooks/age 95/Died 12-18-2008/interred 1202101008/NewProvidnece Cem.m Vardaman Ms.
Edwards, Kenzerick Jataulus D./11 week old infant of Takisha Edwards/burial Parrish Grove cem, Enid
Edwards, Dollie Lee/age 69/died 10-04-2012/interred Persimmon hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery near Enid
Ellis, Ada Mae /1947/11-25-1998/Burial/Persimmon Hill Cem, Enid Ms
Ellis, Sadie Lee Butler/1923/03-03-1999/Bur. Parish Grove, Oakland Ms.
Ellison, Nancy Carol/Wyf of Jerry Martin Ellison/age 45/12-13-1958/01-13-2004/interned Memorial Garden Bruce Ms
Emerich, Celia Buntin/05-18-1931/03-01-2012/Jackson Ms/no cemetery listed
Emerson, Rena S./age 87/died 07-27-2011 Willow Bend nursing home Marion Ark/interred 07-29-2011 Forest memorial Cemetery,Batesville Ms
Emmons, Lillie/age 84/died 08-24-2004/internment Parish Grove Cemetery/Oakland Ms.
Ernest, Brad/age 42/10-19-1963/01-23-2006/interned unknown/services Marks Ms
Erwin, Jessie Morman/age83/died 05-13-2005/interned 05-14-2005/Oakwood Cemetery Tunica Ms.
Estridge, James Samuel "Sammy"/08-08-1934/01-30-2009/interred Caesar Cemetery, Caesar Ms
Eubanks, Granvy W., Jr./1919/10/1998/burial Pine Crest Memorial Garden
near Water Valley Ms. Eubanks, Christine/age 92/died 01-16-2009/interred 01-19-2009/Lee Memorial Cemetery,Carthage Ms
Eubanks, Mary Poteete/age 82/01-11-1920/11-29-2002/burial Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Batesville, Ms.
Evans, Betty Jean/age 59/died 11-5-2001/burial St Mary's cemetery near Vance Ms
Evans, Edith/1938/12-28-1998

Exson,Larry Clark/age 61/03-10-1943/05-20-2004/interned Philadelphia Cemtery Oakland, Ms.
Evans,Kaye Parnell/age 52/died 106-2012/interred 11-17-2012/no cemetery mentioned

Farris, Allysa La'Shae,age 3/11-17-2003/03-08-2007/interned Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Coffeeville, Ms.
Farris, Little Jimmy/US Army Vet/age 55/12-17-1951/03-08-2007/interned Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Coffeeville Ms.
Farris, Jerry Thomas/ age 53/03-16-2003 at UT Bowld Hospital, Memphis tn-Int unk
Farris, Louis E., Jr./age 70/US Navy Vet/05-09-1940/01-30-2011/interred Arkansaw Veterans Cemetery, Hot Springs Ark
Fedric, Eugene Chester/age 88/06-24-1917/07-01-2005/interned Odd Fellow Cemetery Greenwood Ms.
Fennell, Richmond B./Husb. of Zulla Flanagan Jackson Fennell/1929/12-20-1998
burial Calvary Cem, Carroll County.
Fillyaw, Floyd age 65/died 05-14-2012/interred 05-17-2012 Fillyaw-Johnson Cemetery Richton Fisher, Sidney Marvin/age 40/died 07-24-2001/burial in Leflore Baptist Cemetery.
Flemmons, Lou Delle Livingston/age 80/08-09-1927//12-07-2007
Flowers, Luetisha Martin/age 70/died 04-26-2011/interred Mt. Mariah Missionary Cemetery 04-30-2011
Fly, Audra McKlemurry/age 83/01-28-1924/01-02-2008/interned Goshen Cemetery near Oakland
Fly, Marion/age 56, 11-11-1948/02-23-2004/husb of Dora Beckwith Fly/burial Goshen Cem near Coffeeville
Fly,Robert Earl/age 63/died 12-24-2004/burial Goshen Cem,near Water Valley Ms, 12-27-2004
Fly, Joe A., Jr./age 57/died 09-24-2000/burial Foshen Cem, near Coffeeville
Fly, Minnie Calder/age 81/died 05-30-2006/interned 06-01-2006, Goshen Cemetery near Coffeeville, Ms
Fondren, Maxine Denley age 78/11-25-1923/01-28-2002/burial Memorial Garden Cem, Clarksdale Ms.
Fountain, Fred Liden, Jr./age 81/died 06-28-2005/interned Odd Fellow Cemetery, Greenwood Ms/WWII US navy Vet.
Fortner, Joe Edward/age 91/WWII, USARMY Vet./died 02-07-2012/interred 02-11-2012. Lambert Cemetery, Lambert Ms.
Fowler, Martha Appleton/age 73/died 12-28-2010/interred Forrest Memorial Park, 12-20-2010, near Batesville Ms.
Franklin, Mrs. Rosie/age 99/02-02-1902/07-13-2001/Burial Oaklawn Cemetery near Sumner Ms.
Freeman, Arlona Griffin/age 88/died 04-04-2007/interned 04-07-2007 Mary Springs, Closter Ms.
Freeman, Cleveland/age 66/05-15-1935/07-13-2001/burial Pine Grove cemetery near Tillatobia
Freeman, Barbara Roark/age 54/09-23-1946/10-21-2000
Freeman, Lonnie ( Leon ) /June 02, 1915/February 02, 2007/interned Mary Springs Cem. north of Gloster, Ms.
Frieson, Orange Jr./age 64/died 02-09-2013/interred 02-16-2013 in Holly Ridge Cemetery
Friga, Rita Mae/age 76/died 03-01-2010/interred Guardian Angel Cemetery Chaffee, Mo
Furgerson, William "Bill" Thornton/age 84/US Army Vet/died 12-11-2006/interned 12-14-2006 Riverside Cem, Macon Ga
Garner, Isaac/age 72/died 11-19-2005/interned 11-19-2005/Mt Hope Cemetery, Alsip, Ill
Garner, L. Lee, Sr./age 68/07-04-1935/ 05-22-2004/internment Eureka Cemetery, near Batesville
Garvin, Christine Gathing/age 72/died 07-27-2011/interred Forest Home Cemetery, Chicago, 08-04-2011
Garvin, Frances Louise/age 57/09-22-1945/11-08-2002/burial Homewood Memorial Garden, Chicago Ill.
Garvin, Harmon, Jr./age 71/04-05-1931/08-11-2002/internment Glendale Cemetery, Desmoins Ia.
Gary, Lloyd Ben/age 69/died 08-11-2011/interred Gary Memorial Cemetery Oakland Ms, 08-18-2011
Gates, Kenneth Thomas/age52/died 01-22-2013/No Cemetery listed
Gates, Michael/age 38/died 02-05-2003/burial Sharkey Cemetery near Tippo, Ms
Gates, William Weems/age 27/07-05-1975/10-17-2002/died in an auto accident
Gee, Sammie, age 68/died 08-18-2000/Veteran US Airforce/husb of Lucian/burial Lmbert Cem
Gleaton, Nora Edna/01-10-1918/05-25-1999/burial Chapel Hill Cem, Pope Ms
Glenn, Peggy Hightshoe/Wyf of Grover C. Glenn Jr./06-09-1928/04-24-1999/burial Memorial Bark Marion, Ark.
Gilmore, Thomas/age 81/05-27-1920/11-14-2001/burial Goshen Cemetery near Coffeville Ms.
Glover, Frances Sullivan/died 01-10-2013/internment to be planned by family at a later date
Goad, James Edward, USAF Ret./03-05-1940/06-02-2005/interned Byhalia Cemetery/Byhalia Ms
Goddard, Helen Tate/age 79/04-06-1928/12-16-2007
Goodnight, Lucy Garner/age 85/died 03-23-2011 Methodist North Memphis Tn.No Cemetery listed
Goliday, Hebrietta W. (Mama Jesse) age 97/died 1030-2009/interred 11-07-2009 Haven Rest Cemetery Granada Co. Ms.
Gordon, Hattie M./age 91/12-07-1917/11-22-2009 Chicago Il./Interred Washington Memorial Gardens/Chicago Il.
Goslin, Dick/Age 75/died 04-11-2007/interned Goslin Cemetery Holcomb Ms 04-12-2007
Goss, Estella Barr/age 89/04-09-1915/04-30-2004/interned Haven Rest Cemetery near Granada Ms.
Graves, Sarah/age 86/03-16-1914/10-05-2000/burial Oak Grove cem near Lexington
Graves, Jack Winston/age 74/died 11-24-2002/burial Memorial Park Cemetery, Ashville NC/US Army Vet
Gray, Lettie Little/age 92/12-29-1911/04-12-2004/interned Magnolia Cemetery, Batesville Ms
Green, Mozella Robinson/age 82/11-16-1924/01-15-2007/Springfield Il, interned 01-20-2007
Green, Percu E."gene/age 77/07-16-1931/11-27-2008/Rogers Ark/us Army Vet/Internment Benton County Memorial Park
Green, Genevia Curtis/age 83/Died 07-18-201000/interred 07-24-2010/services 07-24-2010, Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Churcn/Sharkey Ms
Greer, William G. "Bill"/age 65/died 07-02-2011 Boca Raton Fl/no other info
Gorsenger, Ronald H./1941/09-21-1998/burial Clarksdale/service at First United Methodist Church in Clarksdale,Ms.
Grammer, Catherine/age 81/died 09-01-2007/interned Lehrton Cemetery Ruleville Ms.BR> Gresham, Earline E./age94/08-26-1910/02-14-2005
Griffin, Jesso Mae Doyle/age76/12-04-1929/08-01-2006/ St Louis Mo/interned Lake Charles Park & Mausoleum/Pagedale Mo
Grimes, Carter Isaac, Jr/age 53/08-28-1950/10-30-2003 Greenville Ms/Internment not listed
Grissom, Willie A./Husb. Mary Greer Grissom/1920/12-22-1998/burial Indionala City Cem/Indianold Ms
Grubbs, William "Gene"/12-04-1924/01-26-2001/age 76/died Carmichael Calif/burial Robertsdale Ala./US Navy WWII
Grubbs, Phyllis Ane/age81/08-02-1924/12-21-2005/Citrus Heights Calif/cremated
Gunn, Bill Lee/age 70/died 04-12-1999/buried Woodlawn Memorial Park Cem, Durham NC


Halfacre, Marvin Parks/husb of LeVera Biggers Halfacre/2nd wyf/age 93/Mason/died 07-20-2000/burial Brooksville Cem
Halfacre, Beatrice Smith/Wyf of Marvin Parks Halfacre/died 1998
Hall, Marvin Lester/Jr, 03-03-1933/died 02-16-2013 Campbell Texas/US Air Force Vet./
Hall, Thomas Lee/age 80/died 06-28-2012/no cemetery mentioned
Hallum, Edith Earline/age 74/died 07-09-2005/interned Greenoaks Memorial cemetery , Baton Rouge La
Hamblin, Goldie Mnez/age 84/02-02-1919/11-28-2003/burial Nebo Cemetery near Big Creek
Hankins, Lee Roy, Jr./age 58/husb of Elizabeth Hankins/died 07-01-2000/burial Mt Pleasant Missionary Baptist Cem,
Hardin, Mary Francis Fox/age92/01-21-1919/07-16-2011/interred 07-18-2011//Calhoun Ciity Cemetery Ms.
Hardy, Hazel Curtis/age 57/02-08-1947/11-15-2004/Widow of Grafton C. Curtis>BR> Hardy, Mable Kimble/Memorial service 04-19-2007/interned New Rehoboth Church Cemetery/Tillatoba, Ms.
Harmon,Shelby Dawson/06-04-1992/10-20-2012/
Harrington, Erline J./age 85/08-31-1917/01-06-2003/burial Church of Christ Cem, Bastrop, la
Harrington, James O./age 83/died 03-06-2006/interned Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Greenville Ms/03-08-2006
Harrington, Clarice Elizabeth"Betty"/age 85/died 08-0r-2009/interred 08-09-2009/ Greenland Memorial Gardens, Greenville MS
Harrington, Richard Bernard "Dick"/age 83/04-20-1917/12-31-2001/burial Christ Church Cemetery, Bastrop,La.
Harris,Latonga/age34/03-26-1971/06-26-2005 from injuries sustained in auto accident/interned Old Bethel Cem, Near Tippo Ms
Harris, Jerry Christel/age 51/died 11-21-2012
Harrison, Elizabeth Ann/age75/01-19-1926/01-23-2001/burial Lakewood Cemetery Jackson Ms.
Harpole, Mary Frances/age 80/died 10-23-2012/interred Shady Grove Methodist Cemetery
Harrison, Luther Avent Jr./age61/07-29-194508-23-2006/USAF Vet/interned Vernon Cemetery, Vernon Ala.
Havens, Willie May Houston/age 69/died 05-22-2010/no cemetery mentioned
Hayes, John B./age 91/SSgt. 503rd Fighter Sqdn.US Air Force WWII//02-06-1918/11-26-2009 Bowling Green Ky./interred Fair View Cemetery Boling Green Ky
Haywood, Tomico A./08-17-1979/10-26-2004/burial True Way Bible Cemetery/Charleston Ms
Hein, Mary F. "Pat"/1929/10-18-1999/burial Oxford Memorial Cem/, Oxford Ms
Helm, Dorothy Peters/age 57/03-23-1946/02-08-2004/interned Resthaven Memorial Park/ Russellville Ark
Henderson, A.B./age 68/died/08-14-1948/ 02-21-2008/interend Persimon Hill Cemetery Enid Ms
Henderson,, Ronado Tez Chartez/age 26/died 09-02-2012-internment Persimmon Hill Cemetrey Enid, 09-08-2012
Hentz, Larry Shane/age 36/05-07-1975/11-17-2011/interred no cemetery listed
Herndon, Maxine/03-02-1926/09-29-1998/burial Springhill Cem, near Oakland, Herron, Janice Willis/age 98/died 10-12-2001/burial Coffeeville Cemetery
Herron, Janice Kay/age 60/died 04-19-2006/interned 06-21-2006/Bethseda Cemetery, Senatobia Ms
Hickey, William Olen/age 62/died 10-17-2007/interned 10-20-2007 Shuqualak Cemetery Near Macon Ms
Hicks, Jessie B./age 48/05-19-1944/08-04-2002/burial Coffeeville Cemetery
High, Edward E./age 83/12-22-1918/02-13-2002/Burial Drew Cemetery
Hill, Katie Louise/age 79/died 11-15-2002/internment Whitehead Cemetery Glendora Ms.
Hines, Albess Byron/age 80/11-15-1930/05-30-2011/interred 06-07-2011 Hazelhurst Cemetery/Veteran
Hipp, Elizabeth (Betty Ann) Priddy/age 72/12-14-1929/01-22-2002/burial Grove Hill Cemetery Dallas Tx
Hitt, Annie Garner/1909/04-18-1998/buried at Oxford Cemetery-Oxford, Ms.
Holland, Thomas Grady/age 86/04-18-1920/01-18-2007/ Sgt. WWII Vet, Co K., 4th Regiment, U.S. Marine Corps/interned LakeWood Memorial Park, Jackson Ms.
Holland, Ms. Macie Lee/1938/03-08-1999/burial Parris Grove Cem Oakland Ms.
Holland, Mazine/age 81died12-28-2011/interred 12-30-2011-Drew Cemetery Holland, Nancy B./06-09-1917/12-11-1998/Parish Grove MB Church Cem/Oakland
Holland, Nancy/1949/09-05-1999/Wyf of Marcus Holland/burial Flora City Cemetery
Holland, Luther E./04-26-1922/02-26-2010/interred Floral Hills Cemetery, Raytown Mo.,Veteran
Holloway, Mary L./age 94/Died 07-13-2001/burial in Memphis Tn, Memorial Park
Hollingsworth, Phillip/age 84/06-04-1923/WWII Marine Corp Vet/07-20-2007/no cemetery listed
Hollinsworth, Faye Shannon/1921/09-01-1999/widow of Wilburn Hollingsworth/burial Oaklawn Memorial Cemetery, Indionapolis In
Holman, Effie Mae/1925/10-29-1998/burial Persimmon Hill near Enid Ms.
Holman, Bill/age 85/04-09-1921/07-16-2006/interned Persimmon Hill Cemetery
Horn, Jessie Lee, Jr./age 75/12-01-1930/09-30-2006 Medford/interned Eagle Point national Cem, Medford
House, David/1920/11-22-1998/Burial Mt., Pleasant Cem. near Enid Ms
House, Jessie Lee/age 73/ died 10-28-2003/internment Parish Grove MB Church Oakland Ms
House, Gracie P/age 81/06-09-1924/06-03-2005/interned 06-08-2005/Philadelphia MB Cemetery, Oakland Ms.
House, Patricia L./age 27/internment Philadelphia Cemetery, Oakland Ms
Houston, James Edwin/07-20-1920/04-14-1998-buried Methodist Church Cem-Enid.
Houston, Martha Baker/age 77/01-29-1927/04-23-2004//burial Westview Cemetery, Jessup Ga
Houston, Sally A./age 63/07-10-1943/01-03-2007/interned Pilgrim rest MB Cemetery near Batesville/01-06-2007
Howard, John Frederick/09-23-1935/07-20-1999/Korean Vet./Husb. of Sarah Howard./burial in Athens Texas
Howard, Ginger L./age 36/died 02-03-2006/Coldwater/funeral Goodman Oaks Church of Christ,Southaven ms/not shown where she was interned
Howard,Judith Hope/age 50/died 12-05-2012-Southaven Ms/interred Forest Memorial Park Cemetery Batesville Ms
Howe, Ethel Burt, Jr."E.B"/1923/09-22-1998/Goshen Cem. near Oakland Ms./Mason/US Army WWII./Husband of Mildred Howe.

Hudson, Patricia Ann/died as result of auto accident/age 32/1967/08-05-1999/burial Union Cem. Sardis Ms.
Hudson, Robert "Billy", Sr./09-04-1923/09-25-2001/burial West Veterans Cemetery, Memphis Tn.

Hunter, Bobby Gene/age 66/07-03-1944/11-19-2010
Huston, Sadie Simmons/age 82/died 03-07-2003/burial Crowder Cemetery near Batesville
Hutcheson, Luther J./age 57/09-23-1945/11-27-2002/Burial Reeds Chapel Cemetery near Eupora Ms

Irby, Jeff Carter/1931/08-26-1999/Husb of Donna J. Love/burial Oak Hill Cemetery near Enid Ms

Jackson, Kristy Ann/WYF of Johnny Jackson/1977/12-20-1998-Auto Accident/ Burial Union Cemetery/Tillatobia Ms.
Jaco, James Edward, Sr./age 62/10-09-1943/ 09-28-2005 Grenada Lake Memorial Center/interned 10-01-2005/Memorial Gardens Cemetery
James, Cary Dan/age64/died -5-24-1012/interred Memorial Park Cemetery Memphis/Retired US army
James, Josephine/age 86/died 12-14-2001/cremated, no cemetery listed/Obit SunSent
James, Rebecca W./age 69/no date of death-2003/internment Oxford Memorial Cemetery,Oxford Ms
Jenkins, Pauline M./Widow of Nowel Lee Jenkins/87 years old/1912/10-08-1999/burial Memorial Gardens, Clarksdale Ms
Jennings, James G./1922/07-29-1998/A Memorial was held at Paynes
Baptist Church for James, he was buried at Monavista Cemetery,
Almagardo NM. WWII Veteran, Us Navy. Son of Hattie Newsom Jennings and Jessie Jennings.
Jenkins/Rosia Lee Porter/age 81/died 07-16-2012/interred 07-18-2012 Emaline Stutts Cemetery, Florence Ala
Jennings, Maxine Yarborough/age 70/01-17-1934/01-13-2005/interned Memorial Garden Cemetery /Web Ms
Jennings, Verda Shannon/widow of Johnny Mack Jennings/1912/10-17-1998

Jackson, Alex Earl "Sonny"/age 64/03-15-1946/03-04-2011/interred Interred Viney Creek Cem, Sardis Ms.
Jackson, Carl Lee/age 42/Died 12-27-2008/interred 01-03-2009/Wright Cemetery Lambert Ms/
Jackson, Danny S., Sr./age 56/Husb Linda Jackson/US Army Reserve/Died 01-01-2004/interned Centerville Cemetery, Carroll Co, Ms.
Jenkins, William Jerry/age64/died 05-30-2005/interned 06-02-2005/Nettleton Cemetery, Jonesboro Ark
Johnson, Andrew Lee/age 85/WWII Army Vet/died 12-16-2010/Batesville/interred Concord MB Church Cemetery
Johnson, Annie Laura Hoskins/age79/US Army Vet/died 01-28-2011/interred 02-02-2011/Shiloh MB Church Cemetery Courtland MS.
Johnson, Bessie Mae/age 90 died 04-27-2011/interred olive Grove Cem. Oakland Ms, 05-07-2011
Johnson, Dorothy K./age 56/died 10-23-2007/interned 10-27-2007 Mt. Plealsant Church Cemetery, Enid Ms
Johnson, Dovie Lee/age 86/died 04-29-2012 Jackson Ms/interred Haven Rest Cemetery
Johnson, Werther Berry/age 90/04-07-1913/04-24-2004/interned Batesville Cemetery
Johnson, Haley Elizabeth/born&died 04-28-1999/infant dau of Virginia Johnson & Chris Scoggins

Johnson, Harry R./age 77/WWII Vet/died 11-24-2005/interned 11-27-2005/ interned Marks Cemetery, Marks Ms
Johnson, Arthur, Rochester :Bubba"/age 69/died 04-18-2011/interred 04-24-2011/Olive Grove Cem, near Oakland Ms
Johnson, Sadie Pear; Steed/age 73/09-26-1034/07-12-2008 Garland Texas/interred Marks Cemetery 07-17-2008
Johnston, Ruth Sosebee/age 78/died 04-14-2006/interned 04-17-2006/ Oakwood Cemetery, Tunica Ms.
Jones, Allen Waybe "A.J./age 51/died 12-20-2007/interned Oak Hill Cemetery
Jones, Ernest Mitchell/age 51/08-14-1954/02-18-2006/interned 02-20-2006 Union Cemetery, Tillatoba Ms
Jones, Fitzhugh Lee,Jr./age 87/husb of Helen Allen Jones/10-19-1918/01-10-2006
Jones, Leroy/age 80/09-23-1923/11-22-2003/burial Carey Springs Cemetery/amroy ms
Jones, Ocie Lee/age 79/03-09-1929/07-30-2008/interred Evergreen Cemetery Chicago Il
Jones, William P/age 64/10-22-1942/07-07-2007/US Navy Vet Vietnam/interned 07-10-2007/Parkway Cemetery Kosiusko MS
Joshlin, Sherry Lane Melton/age 61/died 02-19-2007 Enid Ms/no cemetery mentioned

Kaufler, Johnnie A./age 94/02-14-1916/07-29-2010/memorial service Paul U. Lee Funeral home, LaPorte Tx
Kantor, Hilda/age 57/died 03-02-2005/interned 03-04-2005/ Bethal Isreal Cemetery, Jackson Ms.
Kantor, Miriam I./1917/02-12-1998/Congreation Beth Israel Cem. Greenwood, Ms
Kelly, Frank L. age 82/Merchant Marine Vet of 38 Years/07-23-2922/08-14-2004
Kellum, Eva Everette/08-21-1891/03-12-1996/Tutwiler Ms
Kendrex, Eunice Faye/age 66/06-15-2011/ 02-26-2011/interred Lehrton Cem, Ruleville Ms
Kennum, Roland Wesley/husb of Yvonne McClure/1954/02-27-1999/bur.Memorial Garden, Clarksdale Ms.
Keenum, Betty Sue/age 67/died 04-10-2012/interred 04-12-2012/Oakridge cemetery
Kent, Billy J./68yo/1931/05-15-1999/burial in Drew Cemetery Kilgore, Michael T./Bethel United Methodist Ch. Enid

Kilgore, Sidney Eugene/age 63/husb of Carolyn Baker Kilgore/died 03-05-2001/burial Chapel Hill Cem. near Pope
Keyser, James Edward Jr./age 75/died 05-02-2010/interred Masonic Cemetery, Amesbury MS.
Kiihnl, Joseph Lee/age 77/memoral service Perry Fla 12-29-2007
Kimble, Florida Flowers/age 92/07-16-1912/07-13-2005/interned Persimmon Hill MB Church near Enid Ms
Kimble, H.K/age 66/12-08-1941/09-13-2008/interned Persimmon Hill MB Church Near Enid Ms
Kimmons, Liddie "Vera"/died 10-29-2012/interred 11-04-2012
Kimzey,Lawrence W./age 91/died 12-05-2003/internment Clear Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Tutwiler Ms.
King, Julie Rivers Fraham/age 77/05-06-1933/05-20-2010/interred New Garden Baptist Cemetery Coldwater MS.
Kreger, Allie B. Jr./wwII Vet/04-05-2010/memorial service 04-07-2010/interred Roanoke Va. Cemetery
Kolek, Christine Bailey/age78/06-26-1926/01-22-2005/interned Northridge Cemetery, Lockport
Kuykendall, Betty J./age 56/died 10-04-2001/Heart failure/buril Parish Grove Cemetery, Oakland Ms.

LaMastus, Arlas Annette Dickson/03-08-1941/interred 06-16-2011/Drew Cemetery
Lancaster, Mzarcele Morgan/age 93/died 01-27-2007/interned indianola Cemetery
Lance, Jamie, Sr./age 74/12-09-1933-02-05-2008/interned Memorial Gardens Cem, Clarksdale Ms
Lane, Loyce Kendall/age 6904-17-1924/02-24-2004/N. Ft. Myers Fla/internment Lee Memorial Park Cemetery
Lane, Talmadge Howell/age 73/husb of Mary Dean Holland Lane/died 03-22-2006/services 03-25-2006/Longview Heights Baptist Church. Olive Branch Ms
Lang, Glen Howard/age 47/died 01-03-2013/interred 01-06-2013 Lang Cemetery
Langford, Lillian Crosby/age 91/02-22-1909/10-23-2000/burial Persimmon Hill Cem, Enid Ms.
Latham, Harvey Earl./age 76/died 12-24-2011 in Oxford Ms
Laws, Burnell/age78/died 03-22-2012/interred Lincoln Cemetery, Chicago Il. 03-26-2012
Lay, Dr. Adron, St./age 78/08-13-1932/Sumner Ms/06-15-2011 Bay Springs Ms/Died 06-25-2011/US Army Vet
Leak, James Arthur/age69/he was a Master Mason and member of the Church of England/born in Derby England/a memorial service to be held Later
Lee, Annie M./age 85/died 01-11-2013/internment Memorial gardens
Lee, Robert Wails/age 89/died 05-19-2005/interned 05-22-2005/
Lee, Robert "Bud"/age 82/died 08-15-2008/interred Shiloh Cemetery Batesville Ms
Leard, Wayne E.Sr./age 74/Died 12-07-2012/Hospital In Southaven/He was a shriner and of the Baptise Faith/He was a Veteran
Legg, Herman Doyle/age67/died 04-14-2010/interred 04-17-2020, Leland-Stoneville Cemetery, Leland Ms.
Leland, Charles Watson, "C.W."/age 78/died 12-31-2010/interred, 01-06-2011, Bethlehem Baptist Church Batesville Ms
Levy, Billie Jean/age 54/11-10-1947/01-24-2002
Levy, David Asher,Jr./Age 81/died 09-23-2011/interred 09-25-2011 St. Peter Cemetery Oxford Ms
Lewellen, Gladys Beaird/age 85/09-25-1917/10-26-2002/burial Bethel United Methodist Cem/Enid Ms
Lewis, William Nixon/age 82/12-12-1926/10-28-2009/interred Memorial Park Cemetery, Batesville Ms.
Lewis, George Mark/age 42/died 11-15-2002/Atlanta Ga
Lewis, James Russell/age 73/11-07-1929/04-04-2003/WWII vet & Korea/internment Rose Hill Cemetery near Sardis Ms.
Lindley, Beatrice McGarity/age 89/08-24-1913/12-28-2002/burial Lehrton Cem., Ruelville Ms.
Little, James Perry, Sr./age 88/Died 08-02-2009/interred Woodlawn Cemetery, Grenada, Ms
Luckett, William Marshall "Will"/age 16/died 10-19-2002/Cause of Death Auto Accident/burial Memorial Gardens Cemetery,Clarksdale Ms Liggins, Bettie Mae/age 65/08-28-1938/02-08-2004/burial Mount Hope Cemetery Chicago Ill
Liles, Patricia Mae/age 60/04-20-1945/12-31-2005/interned 01-03-2006, Clear Springs Baptist Church Cemetery/ Coffeeville Ms
Lilley, Don/age 56/01-23-1955/interred jn teh Columbrum at St Marys Episcopal Church,Memphis, Tn
Little, Ollie M./age 89/03-28-1913/03-23-2002/burial Salusberry Cemetery, Memphis Tn>BR> Little, Ruth Chapman/age 90/died 05-23-2006/interned 05-26-2006, Calvery Cemetery Carroll County Ms
Little, Virginia Jennette/Burial/Crowder cemetery near Batesville/1912/11-26-1998

Livingston, Harol Thomas/age 67/11-24-1942/05-06-2010/interred LehrtonCemetery, Ruleville Ms.
Livingston, Mary Estelle/age 92/died 01-18-2013/interred 01-21-2013/ Lehrton Cemetery, Near ruleville Ms
S Locke, Aubrey Watts/age 98/died 12-06-2009/interred Winona Garden of Memory/Winona Ms.
Locke, Aubrey Watts/age 98/died 12-06-2009
Logan, Roy Wilton "Buddy"/age 69/01-21-1938/08-06-2007/W. Memphis Ark/interned Drew Cemetery

Lomineck, louise W./01-28-1914/10-17-1999/Interned Snowdown Cemetery in Iuka, MS.
Long, Billy Joe/1927/08-12-1999/WWII US Navy

Long, Betty/age 77/died 08-20-2005/in Oxford Ms/interned Little Prairie Cemetery/Caruthersville Mo.
Long, Charles Frank/age 51/died 09-12-2009 Houston Tx/services Braggaadocia Baptist Church/No Cemetery listed
Lott, J.W."Shine"/Minister/age 81/Mason/died May 01, 2002/burial DeQuincy La
Lott, Manessa Campbell/age 31 died 10-09-2012 due to injuries she received in an auto acident
Lowery, Leafy Mullins/age 90/12-14-1911/03-27-2002
Love, Lillie Mae Hunt/age 49/07-13-1954/08-20-2003/burial Holly Grove Cemetery in Philipp Ms
Love, Willie Tyrone/age 54/died 04-14-2008
Lovelace, Charlotte Grace/age 52/died 03-27-2009/interred 03-30-2009 Pine Bluff Cemetery near Oxford Ms
Lloyd, Katrina K./age 36/died 04-27-2009/interred Olive Ray cemetery,Batesville Ms.
Lyons, Mary Beatrice "Babee"Garner/age 72/Died 01-09-2003 Chicago Ill. Internment Restvale Cemetery Alsip Ill.

Macon, Jesse Williams, age 1 died 02-18-2004-Burial in Old Bethany Cemetery Near Slate Springs, Ms
Mayhew,Ervin/age 68/died 06-11-2011/interred Guest Cemetery Oakland Ms/06-16-2011
Maholm, Linda Gurner/age 55/10-24-1919/07-01-2005/interned Hillcrest Cemetery near Holly springs Ms.
Marftin, Rev. Sarah Avanne/age 62/died 12-26-2010/interred 01-01-2011, Johnson Chapel Cem, Courtland Ms.
Mask, Japer/age 81/05-20-1924/01-07-2006/interned 01-14-2006, full military honors/Beal Memorial Cemetery, Navarre, Fl.
Matthews, William Sr."Jake/age 68/died 11-27-2011/interred 11-30-2011 Forrest Memorial Cemetery near Batesville, Ms.
Mayhan, James Howell/age 83/US Army vet WWII/died 11-02-2004/interned MtZion Cemetery, Eupora, Ms
Maynor, Odell Mathis/09-16-1922/04-15-2012/interred Oakhill Cemetery, Water Valley Ms
Makamson, Daisy Lee Byars/age 81/died 11-20-2005/interned 11-22-2005 Odd Fellow Cemetery Greenwood Ms,
McAdams, Lillian Ruth "Boots" Holland/age 69/11-21-1932/burial December 22, 2001 Burlington, Nc.
McCaskill, Lila/Widow of John H. McCaskill/1906/08-04-1998/New Park Cemetery/Forest Hill Ill.
McCartney, Andrew Glen/age 73/09-06-1928/11-23-2001/Suncentinal Obit, no Cemetery listed
McCachren, Charlotte Carlisle/45 yo/died 04-14-1999/burial Longtown Cem, Crenshaw MS
McCaskill, Claude E. Sr./age 53/09-15-1949/12-14-2002/burial Veterans Memorial Cemetery Cem, Riverside California
McClintock, Rubye Dodson/age 94/died 05-15-2008/interned 05-18-2008 Stonefield Cemetery Leland Ms
McCullough, Barbara Ellen Steele/age 67/04-27-1943/07-19-2010/interred 07-22-2010/Wright Ferguson Parkway Cem., Ridgeland Ms.
McCullough/Lorene McFerrin/age 85/widow of Marvin McCullough/01-02-1919/07-29-2004
McCullough, Thelma/age 92/died 10-08-2012/interred Friendship Ch of God of Propecy
McCoy, Elain Dickson/age 74/02-10-1936/04-20-2010 Longview Tx. Hospice/interred 04-23-2010 Rosewood Park Cemetery, Longview, Tx
McDaniel, Shirley Dean McKee/age 65/03-14-1940/06-25-2005/not know where interned Pine Bluff Ark.BR> McDonald, Sharon Mize/age 62/died 03-22-2008 Ms. Baptist Centre Jackson Ms/interned 03-25-2008, no Cemetery Mentioned
McGhee, Leonard/age 71died 07-04-2010/interred Shiloh Cemetery, Courtland Ms
McKay, Omega White/age 91/07-10-1916-02-19-2008/interned Brush River Memorial Gardens, W. Columbus SC.
McKey, Chester Earl, /age 64/06-21-1942/01-28-2007,Borger Terxas, interned 02-01-2007, Westlawn Cemetery, Boger Texas
McKinley, Ella Sutton/Widow of Eddie McKinley/02-06-1904/04-02-2001/age 97/Burial Evergreen Memorial Park, Hobart, Indiana
McLendon, Elizabeth Tillman/age 77/Died 07-16-2006/interned Union Cemetery, Tillatoba Ms
McNulty, Jerry Walter "Di Di"/age 63/02-06-1937/Florence Ky/burial Greendale Cem in Ky
McSwine, Ermon Ray/age 66/12-01-1941/06-2-2008/enterred/ 06-28-2008 Hammond Hill MB Churh Cemetery Senatobia Ms.
Martin, Donald T., Jr/age 31/died 07-16-2004/Cleveland Ms
Maydum, Neita Dailey/age 45/08-1956/07-25-2002/burial /burial Chicago Il
Manus, George Richard/age 46/died 04-16-2002/burial Tunica Ms, funeral @ Little Texas Baptist Church there

Manning,McNutt, Mary Elizabeth/1905-10-17-1999/burial Odd Fellow East Cem/Greenwood Ms
Martin, Granville Mays, Jr./78 yo/TechSgt WWII, US Army/husb of Hazel White Martin/1921/05-24-1999/Burial Odd Fellow Cemetery Greenwood,Ms.
Martin, Hubert Lee/1908/12-05-1998/burial Bethesda Cem. Senatobia Ms
Martin, James Edward/1920/07-1999/hysb of Marie Martin/burial Mt Carmel Cem/Noxapater
Mason, J.C./age 73/02-25-1930/07-11-2003/died at Meadowview Reginal medical, Maysville Ky, Vet US army Korea
Matthews, Sue Gore/age69/died 10-13-2010/interred 10-16-2010/Glen Allen Cemetery, near Glen Allen Ms
Maxey, William Edward/WWII vet/Mason/adge 80/died 02-22-2001/burial Forrest Memorial Park, Batesville Ms
Maxey, Hugh Irby/Husb. Regina Newsom Newsom/Seaman US Navy/Age 60/04-09-1942/07-11-2002/burial Maxey Memorial Garden, Murphreesboro Ms
McKinnon, John Earl/age 79/Mason/Scottish Rite/Veteran/died 10-28-2003/intrernment Memorial Park Cemetery, Memphis, Tn

Melton, Gary/age 48/09-17-1954/12-08-2002/burial Logan City Cemetery, Logan Utah
Merriwether, Johnnie/age 64/died 09-19-2003/burial Holly Grove Cemetery
Meyers, Dorothy Scheer/age 98/died 11-07-2006/interned 11-09-2006/Friars Point Ms, Cemetery
Milam, Edgar"Tootsie" Powell/age 78/07-14-1923/01-29-2002/Huntsville Ala/Graveside services 01-30-2002 Bradley Ala.
Milam, Joseph Hunter/age 78/05-28-1932/09-03-2010 Enterprise Alabama/full Military honors/ Milam, William Harvey Jr./age 88/died 01-01-2008/interned 01-04-2008 Memphis memorial Gardens Memphis Tn.
Miller, Charles H./age 77/died 05-05-2011/interred 05-07-2011, Broadstreet Cemetery. near Coffeeville
Miller, Melvin Pinkston/age 73/12-10-1930/07-15-2004
Mize, Jimmy Thomas,/age 71/died 11-04-2005,interned New El Bethel 11-06-2005
Montgomery, Christie Tribble/1918/04-21-1999/burial West Cemetery/Durant
Morgan, Lloyd/age 79/WWII Navy Vet/08-29-1925/02-03-2006/services St Johns Catholic Church/did not state what cemetery
Morgan, Max A."Jap"/age 77/US Army Vet Korean Conflict/died 10-21-2007/buried Woodlawn cemetey, Grenada Co. Ms.
Moody, Louis Warwick/06-21-1903/01-22-1998-Calvary Memorial Cem-memphis Tn.
Moore, Grace Murphy/age 93/1910/08-23-2003/Gainsville Florida
Moore, Swariny Sharvae/age 10/09-20-1991/08-02-2002/Burial Carr's Chapel Cemetery, Oakland Ms
Moore, Velma Genise/age 33/12-26-1970-04-22-2003/burial Tylertown East Sunny Hill MB church Cem
Morris, Homer D., Jr/age 81died 07-27-2011/interred 07-30-2011 Drew Cemetery/US army Vet, US National Guard
Morris, Hosie Bailey "H.B.Jr./age 81/12-27-1927/12-27-2009/interred Chickasaw Memorial Gardens Oklona
Morrow, William Hitt/age 85/USAF Vet 1941/US Navy Vet/died 08-24-2001/burial Oakwood Cemetery near Winona Ms
Mosier Ranny K./age 76/died 10-31-2002/burial Monte Vista Burial Park, Johnson City Tn.
Mounce, John Marvin/10-15-1908/01-26-1998/Green Hill Memorial Garden, Sapulpa Ok.

Morrison, Alsynee L/1908/11-10-1999/burial Pine Grove Cem, Near Tillatoba Ms.

Morrow, Annie Laurie "Dink"/died 12-21-2012/burried 12-29-2012/no cemetery listed
Morrow,James Hart,"Choctaw"/age 90/WWII Veteran/died 08-29-2012/interred Oak Wood Cemetery Winona with Militery Honors
Moss, Clyde Foard/age 96/11-20-1912/02-21-2009/celebration of her life will be in Euporia Ms, when the Daffodills are in Bloom
Moss, Archibald Raney/husb of Clyde Foard Moss/died 1983
Mullen, Yvonne Taylor/age 89/05-19-1921/06-01-2010/no cemetery mentioned
Mullen, Oliver G./age 73/died 03-09-2004 Cypress Texas, Burial Cypress Texas
Mullen, Vince Shannon/age 72/01-25-1937/09-05-2009/interred Hickory Hill Cemetery Inverness Ms. 09-08-2009
Murphree, Judy H./age 61 died 12-31-2007/Grenada Ms/No cemetery listed

Murrell, Janie./age 74/02-13-1928/12-10-2002/burial Memorial Garden Cem, Clarksdale Ms
Muse, James F./WWII Vet. US Army/age 81/03-19/1928/05-24-2009
Myer, Joy Sumner/08-29-1933/02-14-2013/cremated her ashes will be spread in the Delta

Nabors, Lila Vance/age 91/12-29-1910/05-20-2002/burial Beulah Cemetery Cleveland Ms.
Napier, Jody Adams-age 30-died 01-07-2001/burial PineHill cem, Adamsville Tn
Nasah, Phoebe Elizabeth Aline Rowe/age 107/10-26-1901/12-29-2008/interred 01-02-2009 Indianola Cemetery, Indianola MS
Nelson, Bonnie Grace Thornton/04-16-1921/07-02-2008/interred Black Jack Cem,Vaughan Ms
Nelson, Charles C., Jr./1916/1-01-1999/husb of Bonnie Nelson/burial Black Jack Cem Vaughan Ms/Obit from Paper
Nelson, Earl Raymond/age 49/died 10-20-2008/interred 10-22-2008/Elam Cemetery Near Coffeeville Ms
Nelson, Earl Raymond, III/09-12-1978/06-12-2011/interred 06--17-2011/Elam Cemetery near Coffeeville Ms
Nelson, William "Bear"/age 55/died 10-07-2011/interred 10-11-2011/no cemetery listed
Newman, Richard M./03-21-1931/11-11-2002/internment Roselawn Memorial Park, Seagonile Tx.
Newsom, William Mac/age 67/03-25-1936/09-15-2003 Reno Nevada, No Cemetery Listed
Nichols, James Scottie/age 63/01-17-2010
Nowlin, George G./1927/10-31-1998/burial Memorial Park, Memphis Tn

Oliver, N.C.age 63/died 08-07-2006 St Louis Mo./interned 08-12-2006 St. Peters Cemetery
O'Neal/Carolyn died 12-19-2007/Northside Plaza Arlington Texas
O'Quin,Donald/age 73/Vienam, US Navy/interment Greenville Cemetery, Greenville Ms.
Orr, Gloria Brown/died 08-24-2009 Memphis TN./interred Galilee Memorial Gardens
Ousley, Betty Ruth/age 75/02-02-1932/02-19-2007/interned 02-22-2007 Roselawn Memorial Park, Denton Texas
Ousley, Ellen Elizabeth/age 8./died 01-29-2003/burial Double Oaks Texas
Ousley, Ira A./age 78/died 01-03-2010/interred Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, Denton Tx
Overman, Laura/age 77/died 02-24-2009/Newsome Funeral home had charge of her services. No Cemetery Listed
Owens, James Leslie/age 81/03-04-1921/02-22-2003/interment Crowder Cemetery
Owens, Grapel I./age 62/died 03-04-2008/interned 03-06-2008

Page, Michael, Jr./age 21/11-08-1980/04-05-2002/burial Mt Pleasant Cemetery Milwaukee Wi
Parish, Tandy B./age65/04-18-1942/06/16-2008/Mesa Az/no cemetery listed
Parker, Lucille/age 73/08-29-1921/05-08-2003/interned National Cemetery Jefferson Barracks Mo.
Parsons, Richard Lynn/Husb of Carlisle T. Parsons/age 56/04-11-1947/02-16-2004, Vance Ms, funeral Presbyterian church in Sumner, no Cemetery listed
Patterson, Classie/age 96/died 07-12-2000/burial Springhill Cem Water Valley Ms
Patterson, John Wesley//age 52/died 0004-06-2001/burial Mt. Pleasant cemetery, Enid Ms
Patton, Ryan Lee/age 16/04-21-1991/02-23-2007/interned Roselawn Burial Park, Collinsville Va
Payton, Anne Rea Carter/age 80/02-28-1929/06-22-2009/interred Hudson Park Cemetery
Pearson, Wayne/age 60/doed 09-20-2012 in Tupelo Ms/interred in Pearson Cemetery near Stewart Ms.
Pegram, Billy M./age 74/died in Charleston Ms, 03-21-2009/no Cemetery listed
Perry, Alice T/age 85/died 08-18-2010/interred McLauren Cemetery near Clarksdale Ms
Perry, Cleo C., Jr. Age 80/08-14-1927/07-16-2008 Memphis Tn, interred Forest Park Cemetery
Pennington, Nell Marie/widow of Bo Pennington/1905/08-24-1999
Perry, Teresa Helen "Terri"McNatt/age43/10-15-1958/12-22-2000/burial Hinds Chapel Cemetery Near Walls Ms.
Pettit, Thomas Edward/age 58/04-07-1949/06-19-2007/SRMSGT USAF Retired/interned Natchez Trace Memoral Park Cemetery
Poindexter, Jimmy H./age 58/03-15-1950/05-08-2008 Toledo Ohio/no cemetery listed
Powell, Zuella E./Age 92/died 09-27-2000/burial Westlawn Cem, Cleveland Ms
Powell, T.J., Jr/age 55/11-24-1945/01-04-2001/burial Sharkey cemetery

Powell, Patricia Earline/age 80/08-12-1928/12-04-2008/interred 12-06-2008 Hollywood Cemetery Summit Ms.
Pullen, Billy Harold/age 78/died 02-22-2008 Greenwood Leflore Hospital/interned 02-25-2008 Oakridge Cemetery

P:>BR> Peacock, Noel William/age 61/03-05-1946/12-23-2007/Derma Ms
Pearson, Naida Gresham Manning/age 98/02-16-1908/02-06-2007/interned Lambert Cemetery
Peters, III, Reason Leonard "Rel"/age 68/died 08-05-2012-private service by family 08-17-2012/no Cemetery Listed
Pittman, Charles/age 52/died 05-25-2012/Chicago Il/internment followed in Mt.Hope Cemetery
Polson, Lillian Ruth Logan/age 74/12-11-1934/-1-20-2009/interred Elkio Nev
Porter, Earnest Lee/age 48/died 11-01-2006/Batesville Ms, interned 11-08-2006 Shiloh Cemetery
Porter, Richard Wilkinson, Sr./age 73/died 01-03-2012/interred 01-05-2012 Wilkinson Cemetery near Teasdale Ms
Pressgrove, Guy A."Bubba"/age 70/09-27-1945/12-25-2011/interred Lakewood Memorial Park/Brandon Ms
Pressgrove, Lois/age 91/died 12-17-2012/Memorial Gardens Memphis Tn
Pride, Robert Anderson/age 32/died 09-14-2012/interred Concord Cem, Batesville Ms.
Pryor, Lynn S./age 50/died 04-21-2003/interned Pinelawn Cem. Cikumbiana Al
Pryor, Minnie Lee/age 96/dued 09-28-2003/burial Calhoun Church Cemetery, Oxford Ms
Pressgrove, Major Edgar Hey/07-20-1928/11-30-2010/interred Midway Cemetery Heber City Utha
Pressgrove, Paul Brion/age 45/Died 10-08-2002/burial Indianola Cemetery, Indianola Ms/Native of Tallahatchie County Ms.
Prevost, Arlene M./Age 87/died 03-08-2002/Elizabethtown Memorial Garden/Elizabethtown Ky.<BR>

Quisenberry, Mrs Charlsie Anderson/91yo/1st."Miss Ole Miss"/1908-05-01-1999/Burial Private Bronxville Mass

Rayburn,Sarah/age 78/died 12-30-2012/internment Ford Well Cemetery
Reed, Henry L II/age 38/02-12-1970/03-15-2008
Reed, Master Dalton Michael/died 06-12-2012/interred 06-17-2012 Bethel Cem, Carroll Co Ms.
Reese, Willie Lee/age 55/12-12-1948/09-12-2004/interned Oakland Cemetery, Oakland Ms
Reinemann, George William/age 58/died 01-23-2013 oxford Ms.,/interred pilgrim's Rest Cemetery Watervalley Ms.
Reynolds, Sarah Jane Goad/06-29-1916/07-14-1990/buried Stonville/Leland Ms
Reynolds, Willis Burl/died/08-10-1991/buried Stonville/Leland Ms/he and Sarah were married June 12, 1935/Tallahatchie Co Ms.
Rice, Bette Mahoney/age 86/08-09-1924/08-08-2011/no cemetery listed
Rice, Herbert Lent,Sr./age 76/04-19-2006/interned 06-18-2006/Beloxi National Cemetery
Rice, Joel Dean/age 63/08-14-1940/08-30-2003/burial Griffin Leggett Rest Hills Memorial Park,North Little Rock Ark
Rice, Thomas Earl/11-08-1927/funeral services 10-15-2007 Glenshaw Pa
Richardson, Mary M. Davis/age67/07-18-1937/05-06-2005/interned Booker Cemetery, Tutwiler Ms
Rideout, Detonia F./age 43/died 03-31-2004/interned New Hope Cemetery, Grenada, Ms
Ridgeway,Sudie Gilmore Crocker/ae 85/Died 07-25-2008/interred 07-31-2007/Salem Cemetery Water Valley Ms
Richter, Minnie Fox/01-27-1922/S08-21-2011/interred Odfellow Cemetery, Greenwood Ms, 08-18-2011
Riggs, Annie Mae/age88/10-25-1921/09-06-2010/interred Oak Hill Cemetery, Water Valley Ms
Riley, Ormon Riley Jr./age 57/died 09-22-2003/burial Oak Lawn Sumner Ms
Rippee, Lina Ray/1912/10-30-1998/burial-Memorial Gardens Near Clarksdale Ms.
Rippee, Lloyd Edwin/age 71/Husb Dorothy Rippee/died 10-01-2005/interned Memorial Gardens, Memphis Tn
Robersin, Mrs Bettye/age 58/21-04-1943/12-22-2001/burial Forrest Memorial Park near Batesville, Ms.
Roberson, Patricia G. Sprouse/age 50/12-28-1949/11-09-20-/burial Rena Cemetery near Water Valley Ms.
Roberson, James Edwin/age 69/Husb Pamela Stubbs Roberson/06-16-1935/07-15-2004/Interned Vista Memorial Park New Albany, Ms
Roberson, Roger Will, age 88/died 07-22-2006/no cemetery mentioned
Robinson, Albert Raymond "Pinky"/age 59/died 08-29-2008/interred 09-03-2008/no cemetery listed
Robinson, Samuel/age 52/05-11-1953/02-09-2006/Elkhart Ind./interned Pearl street Cemetery/02-18-2006/Elkhart, Ind.
Robertson, Charles J./age 42/04-14-1965/He was found deat 11-11-2007 So. of Lexington Neb/He was cremated
Roberts, Cellerstine/age 60/died 10-28-2011 interred 11-05-2011/memphis Tn, no cem listed
Rogers, James T., III, age 50/11-07-1955, New Orleans La/died 12-12-2005. interned Drew Cemetery, Drew Ms
Ross, Clinton "O.B"/02-21-1955/12-05-2007/interned Bayson Chapel Church Cemetery Water Valley Ms
Ross, Joel Dean/age 63/08-14-1940/08-30/2003/burial Chicago Illk
Ross, Jimmy D./age65/12-23-1939/05-10-2005/interned True Bible Way Cemetery, Tippo Ms
Ross,Robert Louis/age 52/interred Olive Grove Cemetery 07-13-2011
Rochester, Neal Jr./age 60/07-28-1941/burial 09-29-2001/no death date
Roebuck, Terry Wayne, Jr./age 47/died 08-11-2011/interred 08-13-2011 Sherman Cemetery, Pontotoc, Ms
Rowe, Eddie Leon/age 75/Husb of Ruth Rowe/Died 05-16-2002/burial Huntsville Memory Garden, Huntsville Al

Rowe, Pauline/age 91/died 12-27-2009/interred Shiloh Cem, Duckhill, Grenada Co Ms.
Rudd. Bobbie Blackburn/11-02-1958/-5-28-2010/interred Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Memphis Tn.
Rush, Janie Morgan/age 80/died 03-03-2004/Biloxi Ms, internment Biloxi National Cemetery
Russell, Dorothy Helen/1928/03-14-1999/burial Houston Texas
Sabravat, Deborah Kay/age 50/died 09-16-2009 Jackson Ms/no Cemetery Listed
Sallis, Clara Jane/age 100/10-03-1901/12-06-2001/widow of William C. Sallis/burial Garden of Memories Cemetery, Wataloo Iowa
Sallis, Latisha Harvey/age 87/died 03-12-2012/interred 03-17-2012/Mt. Hope Cemetery Chicago Il.
Salmon, Grace M. Walton/age 90/07-20-1918/07-03-2009/interred Rose Hill cemetery Sardis, Ms.
Samples, Sarah Frances Sheley/age 91/12-25-1918 Charleston Ms./01-01-1010 Brunswick Ohio,
Sandefer, Betty Jean Staten/age 69/ 12-14-1936/02-09-2006/interned 02-13-2006, Laurel Oaks Memorial Park Mesquite Texas.
Sandefer, Charles N./Husband of Betty Staten/03-04-2007/interred Laurel Oajs Memorial Cemetery, Mesquite Texas Sargent, Gene Lerone/age 55/08-27-1947/07-15-2003/internment Homewood Memoral Gardens, Homewood Ill.
Satterwhite, Hazel Dorothy Davis/age 87/died 04-29-1011 Greenwood Leflore Hospital, Greenwood Ms. Funeral laer in Baltimore Md
Sayles, Carey Ford./age 71/Died 07-17-2011/in cemetery listed
Sargent,Yvonne Brown/age 81 died 10-10-2012/interred in J&D Cemetery
Scarborough, Della B./age 94/died 10-29-2001/burial Harrisville Cemetery
Schultz, Charles Segrest "Charlie", Jr./age 61/died 08-10-2002/burial Greenlaws Memorial Park/Natchez Ms
Scoggins, Jacquelinnne Ann "Jackie"/age 72/died 04-15-2012/rivate memorial service was conducted by Rev. Harold Spaberry
Self, Lou Ann White/08-05-1962/08-09-1999/Wyf of Malcom "Bobo: Self/burial Crowder Cemetery
Seymore, Aubrey D./age 81/07-04-1922/03-28-2004/WWII Veteran/interned Oakridge Cemetery Clarksdale Ms
Serio, Mary Hargett/1921/12-27-1998/burial Greenville Cem/Greenville Ms
Shannon, James Willie/age 67/04-18-1939/10-12-2006/interned Mt. Plesant Cemetery/Enid Ms
Sharp, Lauara Caldwell/age 89/died 06-20-2012/Ruston La/interred pines Memorial Cem, La
Shaw, Raymond Carrol/age 81/04-29-1903/interned NOrth Union Cemetery Bellefontain Ms
Shearer, Lurene Lowe Stallings/ age 88/died 06-26-2007/Vicksburg Ms/no cemetery listed.
Shegog,Perry/age 54/03-28-1954/09-22-2008
Shepherd,Albert Dwight/age 83/died 11-12-2011/interred 11-16-2011 Winona Garden of Memory
Shorty,Synthia Jones/age 37/died 02-21-2010/interred W. TN VA Cemetery
Simmons, Esther A./age 90/09-13-1913/03-27-2003/interned at Oak Woods Cem, Chicago Ill.
Simmons, Elizabeth Crowder/age 91/03-07-1914/11-07-2005-Chicago Il, interned 11-12-2005/Hazel Rest Cemtery, Grenada
Simmons, James Clinton/age 98/retired Tallyman/10-02-1911/02-27-2010
Skelton, Barbara Louise Reed/age 76/died 09-14-2012/No cemetery mentioned
Slaton, Herberty Montey, Sr./age 91/WWII Vet./10-14-1917-07-02-2009/interred Midtown Forrest Hill cemetery, Memphis Tn.
Smith, Marie Lillian (Bonner)-08-28-1918/02-06-2009/widow of Wiley L. Smith/ interment in Lambert Cemetery, Lambert, MS, Quitman Co., MS She was born 08-28-1918 in Enid, MS to the late C. A. and Viola Robinson Bonner
Smith, Elizabeth W./age 78/died 03-26-2011/interred 04-02-2011/Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church Enid Ms.
Smith, Allie Logan/age 69/died 12-12-2002/burial Resthaven Memorial Park, Evendale Ohio
Smith, Agene/husb of Conelious Smith/master Mason lodge #6A/10-12-1922-05-03-1999
Smith, Jerry Arthur/age 76/US Airforce Vet/died 01-29-2013/ the family plan to gather at a later date for a "Celebration of Life" Ceremony
Smith, Leonard/age 55/07-14-1955/08-20-2010/interred Parish Groove MB Church Cemetery.Oakland Ms
Smith, Nathaniel/age 90/09-09-1913/12-12-2003/internment Persimmon Hill Cemetery near Enid Ms
Smith, Richard Adams/age 66/US Air Force Vet/died 05-06-2008/no Cemetery listed
Smith, Terry R./age 48/08-22-1957/03-30-2006/Greenwood Leflore Hospital, Greenwood Ms./no cemetery listed Smith, O.C./03-29-1950/09-11-2003/Burial Oakland Memory Lane Cemetery Dolton Ill.
Smith, Wheeler Cole "Smitty"/age 76/01-12-1926/08-11-2002
Sosebee,Ralph Edwin, Sr./age 83/died 11-26-2008-Austell Ga/internment Sawbee View Gardens Cummings Ga.
Spencer,Parry Wayne " Paynes"/died 01-----31-2013/No Cemetery listed
Spier, Catherine Sharp/age 82/died 03-23-2001/burial Odd Fellow Cem. Greenwood Ms
Stafford, Patrick D./age 41/12-08-1966/08-11-2008/Services Calvary Bap Ch, Parchman, No Cem Listed
Stamps, Anita Rogers/age54/died 04-18-2005-Memphis Tn, interned 04-20-2005, Memorial Park Cemetery Memphis Tn
Stanford, Dorothy Nell/age 83/died 08-09-2004/internment Jacobs Chapel Cemetery, Ripley Ms
Stanford, Thomas lee/age87/Vet. US Army AirCorp./Husb of Dorothy Stanford/Died 11-12-2003/Internment Jacobs Chapael Cem,Ripley, Ms.
Stanton, Walter/age 44/01-28-1960/-1-25-2004/interned Oak Grove Cemetery near Crowder Ms
Staten, Cletus H./age 70/02-06-1930/01-26-2001/Internment Twinn Oaks Memorial Garden, Southaven Ms.
Smith, Gregory Lamar/age 41/died 01-03-2011/interred Parish Grove Missionary Baptist Ch. Cem. Oakland Ms.
Stevenson, Fannie Mae/1910/10-25-1998-burial Memorial Garden-Clarksdale Ms
Stevenson, Daniel Benton "Snooks"/age76/died 11-09-2012/Veteran/No Cemetery listed
Staten, Lera Brunson/04-20-1908/01-04/2003/Greenwood Ms, Burial Odd Fellow Cemetery, Greenwood
Staten, James Andrew/08-08-1912/12/23/1979/Greenwood Ms, Burial Odd Fellow Cemetery ,Greenwood
Steadmen, James/age 87/Veteran/died 11-01-2012/interred 11-03-2012
Steed, Mary Frances Hutchinson/age 71/died 09-21-2010/no cemetery listed
Street,Nell "Maxine"/age 74/died 02-15-2011/interred 02-19-2011 Oak Hill Cemetery, Enid Ms
Strong, Willie Mae/age 66/Died 06-09-2010/interred Johnson Chapel Cemetery, Courtland Ms./06-15-2010
Stroud, Daniel W, rev./age 92/died 12-29-2012/interred 12-31-2012/Memorial Gardens,Clarksdale Ms
Stubberfield, Ethel G./age 95/died 06-30-2003 internment Lakewood Memoral Park, Jackson Ms
Sturdivant, Mike P/age 84/Korean War Vet U.S.Army/09-10-1927/05-01-2012/interred Oakridge Cemetery, Clarksdale Ms.
Suggs, Minnie Lee/age 60/04-11-1947/07-30-2007/interned 08-04-2007 Persimmon Hill Cemetery, near Enid Ms.
Sullivan, Clemmie Lott/age88/02-20-1916/12-06-2004/interned Ora Cemetery Collins Ms.
Sumlin, Susie Mae/02-16-1939/08-10-2001/burial Lighthouse Church Of Christ near Oxford, Ms
Summers, nRobert R./age 86/died 05-13-2009/interred Houston VA cemetery, Houston, Texas
Tatum, Teresa Lipe/age 52/died -7-29-2000 West Plains Mo/burial Wells Chapel Cem in Mo
Taveney, Mildred Elizabeth/age 87/05-01-1919, Tallahatchie Co Ms/02-16-2007 Magee Ms/interned Methodist Cemetery ub Morton Ms
Taylor, Jack /age 88/died 01-14-2013 Cleveland Ohio/interred Evergreen Memorial Park,Cleveland Ohio
Taylor, Johnnie Mae/age 73/04-29-1930/01-01-2013/Chicago Ill.
Taylor, Virginia/02-13-1920/07-30-2010 Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis Tn/Memorial service at Parkview 08-08-2010
Taylor. Christie A./age 55/09-22-1954/01-06-2010/no cemetery mentioned
Taylor, Luannie Pitts/09-23-1923/03-26-2001/burial Evergreen Memorial Park, Bedford Heights, Ohio
Taylor, James Ivory/age59/12-08-1949/08-02-2009/interred Shiloh MB Church Cemetery, Courtland Ms
S Tellis, Irene Frances/age 63/05-15-1942/04-07-2007/interned Persimmon Hill Cemetery, 03-11-2006
Tellis, Michael Arlando/age 35/died 10-07-2011, no funeral services announced
Tellis,Henry Lee/age 54/died 11-10-2012/No Cemetery listed
Tenhet, Hilda Brand/age 77/died 09-28-2008/interred 09-30-2008 Oakridge Cemetery, Clarksdale Ms
Tennyson, Jesse/3-21-1914/Husb of Wilma Martin/WWII Vet.U.S. Navy/03-21-1914/11-0-19999/burial Oak Ridge Tn.

Terrell, Carey/age 89/died March 01,2002/burial Haven Rest Cem, Grenada Ms<BR>
Thames, Edna Mae McEwen/age 91/died 04-21-2012. TriLakes Medical center Batesville, she was interred in Forest Memorial Park, Batesville 04-26-2012
Tharpe, Lillian "Dimple" Grant/age 89/10-29-1921-09-18-2011/interred 09-21-2011 Gore Springs Cemetery, ore Springs Ms.
Thomas, Charles Edward/09-07-1953/58/died 02-20-2012/no cemetery listed
Thomas, Verdale/age 23/02-20-1981/01-06-2005/interned Sinclair Church Cemetery Glendora Ms.
Thomason, Marcella Bradley/age 83/12-13-1919/11-25-2003/internment Lake Memorial Park Cemetery in
Thompson, Virginia Lynn/age 56/died 04-03-2012/interred 04-14-2012/ Church of Apostolic faith, Tippo Ms Tidwell, Billy W. /age 73/ died 07-06-2003/burial Forrest Memoral Park Cemetery Batesville, Ms.
Tinnon, Geraldine Molthead/aage 73/died 12-06-2012 interned 12-15-2012 Piney Grove Cemetery Scoby Ms
Toole, Janie Lee McCullar/age 97/09-13-1913/ 03-18-2011/interred Oak Hill Cem, Enid Ms.
Tolbert, Charles "C.P."/age 77/06-28-1926/04-11-2004/interned Pine Grove MB Cemetery/Oakland, Ms
Tolbert, Roosevelt/age 88/01-19-1918/09-23-2006/interned 09-30-2006
Tolbert, Charles Jr./age 59/died 09-29-2012/interred Carr Chapel Cem near Oakland
Tolbert, Sam I./1916/12-03-1998/burial Pine Grove cem. Near Tillatoba, Ms.
Townes, Hattie/age85/12-15-1919/10-21-2005, Chicago Ill,/interned Mount Hope Cemetery, Chicago ILL, /10-29-2005
Towns, James Andrew/age78/10-26-1931/09-21-2010/interred Graceland Cemm, Milwaukee Wisc
Townes, Mary A. Fedric/08-26-1946/08-24-1999/burial Palo Alto Plantation Near Minter City
Townes, Rosetta C./age 92/08-31-1910/01-26-2003/bruial True Bibal Way Cemetery/Tippo Ms.
Tribble Peters Helen Ruth/04/17/1936/12-31-2003/Memory Hill Gardens/ on Germantown Parkway, Bartlett, TN.
Tubbs, Bufor D., Jr./Age 75/died 04-24-2001/husb Lyllian Marion Tubbs/US Navy WWII/Burial Odd Fellow Cem, Greenwood Ms.
Tubb, Wilmer Lee Owen "Granny"/age 93/09-20-1914/03-02-2008/interned Durant Memorial Cemetery, Amory Ms
Truitt, James Sharkey/1936/07-24-1998/burial West Ms., Downer-Hill Cem.
Tucker, J.E., Jr./age 78/05-13-1930/04-18-2007/Loma Linda Calif/interned 04-19-2007 Riverside National Cemetery
Turman, Ashley Dawn/age 21/died 03-31-2011,from injuries sustained in auto accident/interred 01-03-2011 Crowder Cemetery, courtland Ms.
Turner, Henry Arnold/age 85/died 04-11-2001/burial Beth Israel Cem., Clarksdale Ms

Turner, James Clifton/age 70/died 09-03-2006 Tippo Ms/interned 09-10-2006
Turner, Fred Lloyd/ age 84 of Linn Ms, 12-06-1922/ December 22, 2006/services Linn United Methodist Church Cemetery Linn Ms
Turner, Sarah Sellers/age77/01-20-1931/05-03=3008
Tyson, James Lee/age 40/died 08-19-2007 Motorcycle accident/ Palestine Texas/No Cemetery listed
tyson, Johnny L./Age 65/died 08-12-2011/interred unknown.
Turner. Nancy Mae/age 67/11-03-1939/07-23-2007/Tri-Lakes Medical Center in Batesville/interned 07-29-2007 Persimmon Hill Cem, near Enid

Vance, Maude Laurene Horn/age 91/05-22-1921/died 05-27-2012/intrerred oddfellow cemetery Greenwood
Vanlandingham,Sr., James Robert/age 69/died 08-05-2012
Vinson, Anna "Annie" Mary Toy/age 87/died 11-22-2011 interred 11-25-2011/Oxford Memorial Cemetery

Walker, Ruby M/age 76/02-14-1929/09-22-2005 Chicago Il., interned Restdale Cemetery,
Wallace, Laura Lee/age 70/died 11-24-2008 Indianola/interred 12-03-2008 Black Bayou Cemetery Glendora Ms.
Ward, Sarah Bradford/age 88/died 03-22-2009/interred 03-28-2009 in Persimmon Hill MB Church Cemetery/Tallahatchie Co. Ms.
Warden,, James Harold"Jimmy",/ age 64/died 06-24-2012 Morgan City La./his body donated to medical research, at Tulane university/US army Vet>BR> Warner, Bardrel Inez/age 84/11-22-1920/06-12-2005 at her home in Crowder Ms/interned 06-14-2005 Crowder Cemetery
Warren, Bobby Dean, Sr./age 73/11-30-1936/03-12-2010/Greenwood Leflore Hospital Greenwood Ma/interred Shelby Cenetery

Watson, Ivory " Buddy"/age 95/08-14-1907/05-10-2003/interned McLaurin Memorial Garden, Tutwiler Ms
Walker, Bob/age 63/died 03-22-2001/burial Lehrton Cem, Ruleville Ms
Walker, Hamp/11-16-1915//11-20-2000/burial Forest Hill Cem, Livingston Tx/US Navy WWII
Wallesch, Bruce G.Sr.,/age 58/09-23-1946/11-27-2004/interned 12-01-2004/Allen Texas
Wammack, W.L. Jr./age 81 died 07-08-2011/interred 07-11-2011/Fords Wells Cemetery
S Ward, Linda Lane/age 54/01-19-1947/11-23-2001/burial Oakwood Cem, Near Tunica Ms
Ware, Montinne Hutchins/age 83/died 11-18-2000/burial Marshalville Ga, Cemetery
Ward, Bobby Lee/age 77/Us AiAirforce Vet/3-31-1934/ 12-07-2011-interred 12-10-2011 Georgetown Texas
Watson, Mae Ella/age 75/died 12-09-2012/Interred 12-15-2012/Springhill ASA, MB Church Cemetery, Courtland Ms.
Weatherly, Dean/age86/died 07-14-2009/no cemetery listed
Weaver, Hope Ann, a few minutes old/09-26-2001, and Megan Elizabeth, 2 days old/09-28-2001/Burial Crittenden Memorial Park Cem. Marion Ark.
Weeks, W.C./age 47/08-15-1956/12-03-2003 St Louis Mo,no cemetery listed
Weeks, Norma Williams/09-03-1928/10-17-2012/afer her funeral service she was to be burried at sea
Westbrook, Drew/age 82/died 03-08-2008 interned Williams Family Cemetery
Westbrook,Barbara Coleman/age 58/died 03-06-2012/interred Gould Cemetery, Brandon Ms
Weston, Albert H./age 70died 03-07-2010/interred 03-13-2010 Forest Home Cemetery Chicago Il.
Wheatley, Lizzy Be Dodd/age 66/12-04-1939/09-09-2006/interned Rose Hill Cemetery Sardis Ms
Whitten, Gordon Thaxton/age 59/03-19-1952/died 08-15-2011/no cemetery listed
Whitten, Lt. Col.Charles E. "Sap"/age 85/08-07-1922/09-14-2007
Wiggins, Floy Dean Wesley/age 40/09-14-1965/09-26-2005/interned Smith & David Cemetery/Glendora Ms
Williams,Wesley J, Mclain/U.S.Army/Died 06-13-2010/interred Veterans Memorial Cemetry Memphis Tn
Wilkinson, Jawandah Maxing/age 64/06-02-2943/02-04-2008/interned Wilkinson Cemetery near Charleston
Williams, Addie B./age 73/died 03-05-2007/interned 03-10-2007/Springhill Asa Cemeteru Batesville Ms.

Williams, Claude/age 87/11-19-1921. Scoby Ms/09-10-2009 interred W. Tn. VA Cemetery Memphis Tn
Williams, Gerald Eugene "Midnight"/age 67/11-17-1927/06-25-2005/interned Broom Cem. near Coffeeville Ms.
Williams, John Wright "Buzz:/age 76/03-09-1933/01-23-2010/7th Dividion,Co. 1.31st RCT N. Korea Battle of the Chosen Resercoir, Purple heart
Williams, Martha Caroline Ray/age 69/died 05-14-2009/interred in Greenville City Cemetery, Greenville Ms
Williams, Mary/1916/12-18-1998/Widow of Velpo Williams/burial Drew Cem.
Williams, Robert Clifton/Age 54/10-07-1948/05-04-2003/ burial Forest Hill Cemetery, Memphis Tn
Williams, Thelma Smith/age 81/12-16-1929/05-03-2011/most likely interred Long Branch Cemetery
Willis, Emma B./age 56/01-23-1953/11-03-2009/Chicago Il.
Williamson, Rube/age 86/WWII Vet/died 01-07-2006/interned Evergreen Cemetery North Carrollton Ms
Williamson, Robert/age 80/died 10-06-2011 Lake Village Ark/interred 10-10-2011 Wortham Cemetery near Tillatoba Ms
Williamson, Betty/age 70/died at her residence June 09-2010 at her residnece in Philadelphia Pa., burial followed in Eastlawn Cemeterh in Pa.
Willis, Melvin Dewayne/age 27/died House fire 07-03-2001
Willis, Robert Edward/age 77/died 12-21-2008/interred 12-24-2008/Culpeper National Cemetery, Va.
Winters, Anner H./age 80/04-15-1926/12-24-2006/Chicago Ill, interned 12-30-2006 Bur Oak Cem, Alsip Il.
Winters, Zenoba "Nobee"/age 83/09-06-1923/04-23-2007/interned Chicago Burr Oak Cemetery/Chicago Il
Winters, Billy Joe/age64/02-25-1941/07-10-2005/interned Oakridge Cemetery, Clarksdale Ms

Winters, Mark Anthony/age 46/died 06-26-2011/interred Joel Cemetery, Dennis Ms
Wolfe, Marie Cox/age 99/09-14-1905/05-16-2005/interned 05-18-2005/Memorial Gardens Clarksdale Ms
Wolfe, Tommy Joe/1948/04-19-1998/buried Oakwood Cem-Winona?
Wood, William R., Jr./age 89/died 03-06-2008 Solomons Isl. Md/interned Old Fields Episcopal Church Cemetery
Woods, Jooe W./age 67/08-18-1942/06-14-2010 Adrian Ohio
Wood, Sarah Herbert/age 95/Died 01-17-2011 Solomon Nursing Center Solomn Md/interred02-22-2011/no mention of Cemetery
Wooten, Shelby B./101 years old/1897/10-27-1998/Buried Belzona City Cemetery.
Worley, H. Boyd/age 89/died 08-31-2007/interned 09-02-2007/US Army Vet. WWII/interned Marks Cemetery, Marks Ms.
Worsham, Opal O./age 90/died 12-14-2011/interred 12-17-2011 Sylvia Rena Cemetery near Water Valley
Wright, George E./age 83/died 05-28-2009/interred Barkman-McManus cemetery Covington Ms
Wright, Shelly/age 58/08-09-1844/09-16-2002/burial Persimmon Hill Cemetery/Oakland Ms
Wulff, Mary Margaret Dickson/age 86/07-29-1924 Drew Ms/04-28-2011 Mt. Healthy Christian Home, Cincinatti Ohio./No cemetery listed
Y:>BR> Yeoman, Ethel Cutts/age 83/died 05-27-2007/interned 05/30/2007
Young, Albert S., Sr/age 60/died 10-24-2008/interred 10-26-2008 Sardis Lake Baptist Church Cemetery
Young Lillie Mae/age 71/died 08-21-2006 at home/interned 08-27-2006/Holly Ridge Cemetery
Young, Donna Faye Rawls/age 82/05-08-1927/12028-2008/interred DeWitt Cemetery, Dewitt Ark.
Zurhorst, Thomas E./1941/03-06-1998/Virginia Beach Va.
02-17-1999 Deaths out of County & State
Green, David Bardwell/died 02-02-1999/burial Ft. Worth Tx
Tellis, LaSharn Renaye/1975/02-05-1999


Paynes is located five miles south of Charleston. The settlement dates back to 1830 when Robert Turnbull, an Indian, settled there and built his
residence, and cleared a farm. In 1833 Turnbull sold John H. Page half a section of land. The sale was not consummated until 1838. Page took possession of the land in 1833 and by 1834 a settlement had developed. Page's home was designated as the center and as one of the places for holding the first election in the county. It was called Page's on Sculmore.

In 1835 the settlement was called Dogwood Flats and was designated a voting precinct. Between the years of 1836 and 1843 Dogwood Flats almost became the county seat.In the early 1870's the settlement became known as Paynes for Dr. George Paynes. In 1878 the place was almost wiped out by the yellow fever epidemic.

If you have family that died during one of these epidemics and they are in unmarked graves and you do not know where please advise us. If you know where they are buried, but the grave is unmarked, please advise us of this also and they will be placed in the proper cemetery.
Thank you, Helen Staten Arnold, & Nick Denley

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