Tishomingo County Historical and Genealogical Society

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1900 Tishomingo County Census. Includes names, dates of birth, gender, race, state of birth, father's state of birth, and mother's state of birth for every person living in Tishomingo County in 1900. Hardback. 204 pages. (2003) $17.50

History of Old Tishomingo County, Mississippi Territory. This limited edition book contains the history of the formation of Tishomingo County. It is abundantly filled with surnames, marriages, County administration, County officers, elections, murders, etc. Originally published 1969 by Fan Alexander Cochran; re-published 2009. Hardback. 325 pages. $35.00  

Battle of Iuka, Mississippi 150th Souvenir History.  Explore the history of The Battle of Iuka, one of the bloodiest battles in Civil War history. $10.00

Chronicles & Epitaphs. Back Issues of Chronicles & Epitaphs from the old Tishomingo County Courthouse. Each volume includes 4 issues.  

Volume 1: Message From the Founding President, How Tishomingo County Got Its Name, How Tishomingo Was Created, First Families in Tishomingo County, Old Tishomingo County Civil War Veterans (Adair–Allen), The “Immigration” Story, Queries, Scottish Rite Photo and Identifications, TCHGS Minutes, April–June 1996, TCHGS Members List, TCHGS By-Laws, TCHGS Book Donations, P. W. Hubbard Counts 133 Living Descendants, Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, List of Educable Children, Tishomingo County, R.F.D. 2, Photo of Dr. A. H. Montgomery House and Office With Story, Occupations of the Past, Marriage Bonds, 1851–1855 (Aldridge–Clamrock), Reconstructing Your Ancestor’s Neighborhood, Land Records Where They Came From–How We Got Them, Land Trust Deeds, Book A–1854, Grandma Climbed the Family Tree, Schedule of Teacher’s Warrants, 1923–1924 Term, The Sharps of Sharp’s Bottom, Genealogist’s Disease, Photo of Burnsville School Circa 1946, Instructions for Cleaning and Repairing Tombstones, The Battle of Iuka—the Union Point of View, Old Tishomingo Civil War Veterans (continued), Queries, Old Iuka Circa 1900 Photo, John Marshall Stone, 1866–1870 Colored Marriage Index, Tishomingo Riflemen Co. A, 2nd Regiment, Civil War Pension Applications, Tishomingo County Tax Rolls 1888, County Courthouses in Mississippi, Mississippi Archival Resources, Queries --Price is $7.50

Volume 2: Mineral Springs Hotel Photo and Story, African-American History in Tishomingo County, Creation of Tishomingo County, The Genealogist Psalm, Gettysburg Revisited, Headquarters Recruiting and Inducting Station, Iuka Rifles—Company A, 2nd Regiment, Liquor License Petition, 1890, Marriages of Tishomingo County, 1837–1838, Murphy’s Law of Family History, A Native American Tribute, New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery Records, Queries, Membership Roster, Tishomingo County Tax Rolls, 1888, Board of Police, 1857–1862, Polling Places, 1954, Iuka Female Institute, Personnel Roster–Camp Shelby, Mississippi, R. C. McAnally Store–Service Station Ledger, Tishomingo County Deaths, Marriage Bonds, 1850–1853, CCC History, Tishomingo County History and Families, Queries, Postal History, Owens Station School, Unknown Soldier Grave, Spraberry/Carr/Sprayberry, Bostick Family Record, Tips for Beginning Genealogists, 43rd Regiment Mississippi Infantry Volunteers, CSA, Marriage Bonds, 1850–1853, Abandoned Cemetery Report, Queries, S. N. Dewoody Diary, 1866-1870 Colored Marriages Index, Marriage Bonds, 1850–1853, The Power of a Query—Holder Family, S. N. Dewoody Diary, Lynch Family, Death Records, Queries --Price is $7.50

Volume 3: Abandoned Cemetery Report, Alcorn County License Roll Book, Circuit Court 1842–1844, Letter Book No. 2, Marriage Bonds, 1850–1853, Physicians of Old Tishomingo County, Allens Store Mail Drop, General Map of Alabama, Cemetery names, Old Tishomingo County Jurors, Queries, New Members, Palography Sample, Old Tishomingo Schools, 1856–1859, Teacher’s Warrants, 1908–1910, Obituary Clippings, Circuit Court 1842-1844, Letter Book No. 2, Tishomingo County Slave Owners, Indian Legends, Recipes, Changed his Allegiance, Queries, Roots Poem, Declaration of Intention, Teachers’ Warrants, U.S. Population Census, Queries, Iuka’s First Radio Station, Paden Consolidated School, Found Dead Due to Exposure, Our House, Identify Photo?, Coles Mill Precinct, Circuit Court 1843–1844, Letter Book No. 2, Tishomingo Schools, 1856–1859, Tishomingo County Slave Owners, Funeral Notices, Circuit Court 1843–1844, Letter Book No. 2, Teachers’ Warrants, Coles Mill Precinct, 1904–1915, Vignettes, 1870 Census Items, Census Records Abbreviations, Tracing Roots Through Religious Records, Negro Schools, Dunwoody Diary, Old Tishomingo School Records, 1856–1859 --Price is $7.50

Volume 4: 1860 Heads of Household Occupations from Census, 1870 Heads of Household Occupations from Census, Indian Legends, Old Tishomingo County School Records Index, 1856–1859, Yankee Charley Grave Address, Circuit Court 1843–1844, Letter Book No. 2, Coles Mill Precinct, 1904–1915, Top Ten Names, 1900–1996, Tishomingo County Slave Owners, Chronology of Mississippi Territory, Tishomingo County Agricultural High School, 1929–1930, Queries, Tishomingo County Business Owners, 1866, Queries, Roster of Enlisted Men in Company K, Iuka Rifles, 1861–1865, Tishomingo County Historical Research Project No. 2231, Old Tishomingo County School Records Index, 1856–1859, Circuit Court 1843–1844, Letter Book No. 2, Recipes, Civil War Applications, Methodist Conference Church Minutes, 11-26-1917, Charles Oscar Rutledge, Badger Bulletin, June 14, 1862, Theaters in Tishomingo County, White’s Café, 1850 Occupations from Census Records, Tishomingo County School Records Index, 1856–1859, Recipes, Henry Isaac Wilson, Ollie Wilson Barnes, Arthur Jep Wilson, J. C. Wilson, Historical Research Project No. 2231, School History, Circuit Court 1843–1844, Letter Book No. 2, Recipes, Old Letter Written, February 2, 1865 Price is $7.50

Volume 5: Tishomingo County Cemeteries, Old Tishomingo Schools, Teachers’ Warrants, Basic Methods of Genealogy, Gallette Family, Family History Uncovered in Military Records, Surname—Researchers’ List, Queries, George William Higginbottom, Gist/Clack, Bills for Divorce—Circuit Court Book 3, 1845–1849, Look Ups, 1832–1899 Timeline for Corinth, Alcorn County, Cemetery Book Updates, Queries, Recent Researchers, Descendants of Samuel Barnes, 1998 Tishomingo County Obituaries --Price is $7.50

Volume 6: Cutshall Funeral Home Records, Jan. 1929 through Dec. 1933, Surname Research, Wright, West, Bennett, Watts, Holley, Queries, Cook Family, Don’t Ever Underestimate the Help of a Query, Sample Pedigree, Oscar Erwin Watson, Obits—M. G. M. Dancer and Toby Wing, Woodruff Relatives Reunion, WPA Document of Tishomingo County, Yellow Fever, 1878, Elimination of Yellow Fever Mosquito, Queries, Happy Holidays, By-Laws, List of Depositors of Tishomingo Bank Company, Feb. 1, 1912, Books and Announcements, McKnight Family, NSD of the American Revolution, Surnames, Burnsville & Vicinity (Vidette, April 8, 1909), Royalty Visits Iuka (Vidette, Jan. 4, 1940), Microfilm Reader vs. CDs, How to Make TCHGS Work For You and Others, Chart for Determining Approximate Birthday, 1790–1840 Census, Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldier Graves, Obituaries, Cleaning Headstone Inscriptions, Slave Database and Born in Bondage, Southern History.net, WPA Tishomingo County Assignment No. 15, Old Homes in the County, Queries, Hill Family, A Road of Tragedies (Vidette, June 24, 1909), Third Legal Execution, James McKeever Killed by Wm. H. Buse Near Booneville, Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, Certificate of Appreciation from Experience Works --Price is $15.00

Volume 7: From the Editor’s Desk, From the Hostess’ Desk, Meeting Minutes, Certificate of Eligibility for Confederate Cross of Honor to the United Daughters of Confederacy from Camp #425, United Confederate Veterans, 1890 Census, Mississippi, Web Spinnings, Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldier Graves, The Midnight Meeting and Battle in Good Springs Glen, Queries, Applications for Civil War Pensions, Tishomingo County, Mississippi, Can You Identify Where this Picture was Taken and the Occasion?, The Battle of Iuka—September 19, 1862, From the New Hostess Desk, From the Iuka Reporter of February 5, 1891, From the Editor, Publication Report, From the Editor, Histories Often Linked, Bostick, Smith, Wood, and Other Families, Glenn/Amerson/Moore History and Letters to the Readers of the Vidette, 1909, Library News, Seventeen Ways to Find a Maiden Name, District Attorney’s Docket, Old Tishomingo County 1892–1897 Index, Bills for Divorce, Old Tishomingo County 1845–1849, Fair Use Copyright Article, Hezekiah Mitchell—First Elected Probate Judge, Luther Ray Neal, Queries, Appraisements 1861–1870 Old Tishomingo County, Civil War Burials—Memphis National Cemetery (Continued), Tishomingo Precinct Poll Tax Record, 1909–1919, Dr. M. M. (Mid) Davis, First Belmont Postmaster, Cemetery Book Addition/Correction, Log Rolling in Tishomingo County 1938 (page 2 of 5), Log Rolling in Tishomingo County 1938 (page 3 of 5), Trust Deed from W. G. Bishop to John A. Browning, Pedigree Chart for Member Sybil Maxine B. Holley No. 120, Application for Pension Nancy E. Milford, Tishomingo County Books and Publications for Sale, Take a Peak at Future Issues of C&E, Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldiers Graves (Continued) --Price is $15.00

Volume 8: From the Editor, Tishomingo’s First Fair, J. N. Bingham Deed to Trustees of Sharp School, Old Graveyards and Stones Faded With Time, Early Dennis Depot, Belmont Depot, Dr. M. M. Davis—the First Belmont Postmaster, Letter to the Governor of the State of Mississippi Re Pardon, 1859, Old United Methodist Church History, Old, Old Bethel Cemetery, Queries, Corrections and Updates to Tishomingo County History and Families, Photo Gallery, Hezekiah Mitchell—First Elected Probate Judge (Continued), District Attorney’s Docket, 1892–1897 (Continued), Membership Report, Log Rolling in Tishomingo County 1938 (page 4 of 5), Membership Pedigree Chart, Membership Update, Descendants of William Clark Glenn, Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldiers Graves (Continued), Will of David Pace, 1848, Civil War Burials—Memphis National Cemetery (Continued), Rutledge Precinct Tax Roll, 1915, Hill–Stone Trust Deed, The Ways South, 1830, From the Editor, Membership Report, Photo Gallery, Industrial Data, Taps Sounded for Veteran of Lost Cause: A. M. Street, To the Membership of the M.E. Church South, Iuka, Mississippi, 1906, Macdonel Adams Obituary, Confederate Application: Thomas L. Nixon, Queries, District Attorney’s Docket, 1892–1897 Finished, Membership Pedigree Chart—Tim Cook, Civil War Burials—Memphis National Cemetery (Continued), Deed: Hill—Candler—Hyatt—Moore --Price is $15.00

Volume 9: Letter From the Editor, On Display at the Courthouse, Marriage Capital, Women of Achievement, Tishomingo County Famous and Notables, Memorials and Gifts, Member Spotlight, Genealogical Codicil, Queries, News From the Library, Chief Tishomingo, Presbyterian Church History, Bethany Presbyterian Church, The Burnsville Budget, Recalls Railroading, Chickasaw Tribal Customs, Golden Road Proposal, Poor House Committee Report, Pace Pension Application, Heritage Day Festival, Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway, 1870 Tishomingo County Census, On Display, An Overlooked Treasure, Northeast Mississippi Historical Bulletin, Story-Telling Days, Memorials and Gifts, Memberships, Spotlight, Queries, Records Room, Reunions, Pinkston Property, Announcements, News From the Director, Curator’s Corner, News in the Research Room, New Members, In Memory of, Raffle Announcement, Queries, Chief Iuka—Mineral Springs Legend, Corrections, Ribbon Cutting Officially Opens Museum, News From the Executive Director, Thanks to Local Businesses, New Members, How to Prove American Indian Ancestry, Five Steps to Native American Genealogy, Old Superstitions and Cures, Winners, Quilt Raffle, Does Your Mailing Label Look Different?, Vidette Varieties, Tishomingo WSCS to Have Bazaar, Man’s Leg Broken in Traffic Accident, Meeting of Teachers Assn Is Announcement, Special Service on Iuka Circuit Sunday, Tower Chimes to be Paid for by Donations, Final Rites Held for Mr. Goss, Mr. Enlow Dies at Age of 62, Retired Railroad Man Dies, Iuka Takes Two from Biggersville, 4-H Club Member of the Week—Eddie Edwards, Mr. Adams to be Guest Speaker at 4-H Party, Curator’s Corner, Correction, Recent Acquisitions, Newly Donated Items, Query Page, Books and Publications For Sale --Price is $15.00

Volume 10: Tishomingo County and Its History, Game of the Name, Modern Woodmen of America, Quilt Raffle Winner, Trial Reenactment, Important Dates in African American History, Tishomingo County Historical Research Project 2231, Burnsville Colored School, Iuka Black Homecoming, July 1996, African-American Biographies, Welcome to New and Renewing Members, Various Items Displayed at the Old Courthouse, How to Determine a Correct Birth Date, More Old Superstitions and Cures, Wish List, Recent Acquisitions, Poems: Eternal Springs, Voices at Mineral Springs, Wheels, Wordle, Fraternal Dead, 1874, Mississippi, WPA Assignment No. 21, Annual Awards, Help Identify Unknown Scruggs in Photo, Letter of Appreciation, October 10, 2004, Giving in Memory, Our Newest Volunteer—Stephanie Marlar, Queries, Books and Publications For Sale, Veterans Project and Lineage Charts, 1856 Notice to Tax-payers of Tishomingo County, TCHGS News: Story-Telling Days, Family Tree, Spring Membership Drive, Newly Christened John Marshall Stone Research Center, John Marshall Stone, 1st Annual Wedding Reunion, Death of Widow Recalls Vivid Career of Mississippi Leader, Historical Tidbits, The Cotton Field (poem) by Betty Sue Sherron, Letter to Gov. John M. Stone from J. J. Coman, Queries, Old Home Remedies, Museum Donations, Loans to Museum, Recent Acquisitions in Research Center, Letter by Mrs. W. W. (Emma) Anthony, Last Will and Testament of J. C. Morris, Proof of Will of J. C. Morris, W. C. Bennett vs. Mineral Springs Hotel, Chancery Court—Will Payne’s Minority Removed, Ledger from Weathers’ Store, Leedy, Mississippi, New and Renewing Members, Odd Fellows’ Dog, Wordle, 2005 Calendar of Events, 1877 Fraternal Dead, Lesson in Photographs, Membership Form, Veterans Project and Lineage Project, New Publication—Diaries of James R. Bumpass, Publications for Sale, Do You Have a Lot of Spare Time?, Membership Survey, The Civil War: An Introduction, Cause of the South’s Failure, Timeline of the Civil War, Losses in . . . Both Armies, Mississippi’s Confederate Congress, Author of Dixie, Badger Bulletin, June 1862, Sword of the Late John Marshall Stone, Loss of the Flag, “Rebel” Camel Left Footprints in Area, Last Confederate Vet in Tishomingo County Dies, “The Southern Side,” from The Gale, Civil War Battlefield Summaries, Tishomingo County Civil War Units, Regimented Officers of the Confederate Army, “Battle of Iuka,” from Confederate Veteran, Names of the Confederate Dead at Iuka, Miss, Battle of Iuka, Gallant Civil War Soldiers Fell at Iuka, 1862 Letter from Union Soldier, L. W. Wolcott, Song of the Mississippi Volunteers, The Civil War: Glossary, Letter from M. J. Lewis to his Wife, Letters Written by S. Gossen to his Father, June 1861, “Foot Calvary Chronicle,” Illustrated News, October 18, 1862, Highlights of Recent Museum Educational Programs, Schedule, Memorials, Queries, New and Renewing Members, Meet the Staff, Publications for Sale, The First Thanksgiving Proclamation, June 20, 1676, A Thanksgiving Proclamation, New and Renewing Members, Veterans from Tishomingo County, Letter to Mrs. Leona Thorne, Iuka, Miss., Fraternal Dead, 1880, Mississippi, Volunteers Represent Tishomingo Co. at Conference, Books Purchased at FGS Conference for Library, Iuka Businesses Besieged by Night Burglaries in 1976, Dan Emmett—Author of Dixie, Queries, Books and Publications For Sale --Price is $15.00

Volume 11: Mineral Springs Hotel, Wordle, New and Renewing Members, Iuka's Mineral Springs Park, Legend of Bay Springs—Lover's Leap, Love Troubles in Verse, History of Old Tishomingo County—Now Available, They Loved Not Wisely, "Fire Destroys Mineral Springs Hotel," Tishomingo County News—Vidette (Iuka, Miss.), March 11, 1944, Corinth Soda Water Moves From Iuka, Museum Acquisitions, Library Donations, Poem—That Little Paden Town, Rev J. Skinner Dead, Corinth Business Owners in 1866, List of Businesses from Iuka Gazette, 1868, 1875 Congressional Convention Ball Invitation, Fraternal Dead, 1881, Mississippi, Unique Mississippi Home Remedies, Tishomingo State Park and CCC History, Civilian Conservation Corps—Camp 3497, Queries, Martin Retirement Stirs Memories of Historic Railroad Agency, Milestone in Rail Travel Reached One Century Ago, Southern Railway System Letter to Mrs. McDonald, May 2, 1955, Belmont and the Railroad, 1902 Southern Railway Train Schedule, Business Directory 1868, Iuka Merchants, 1869, Iuka Lodge, 1868-1869, TCAHM Hires Project Manager, Museum Donations, Museum Loans, Library Donations, Wordle, World War II Veterans Buried In Belgium, Queries, New and Renewing Members, Words and Phrases of Railroad Origin, Wordle, Civilian Conservation Corps--Company 3497 (continued from February 2006 newsletter), Railroad Trivia, Nicknames for Various Railroad Jobs, TCAHM Programs, Medical Association—Physicians of County Effect an Organization, Dr. Noonan Cayce Waldrep, Public Notice to Midwives, August 1923, Physicians in Old Tishomingo County, 1869, Special Service Honoring Belmont Dr. Cromeans, Tishomingo County Doctors' Bureau, Belmont, Miss., Dr. M. A. Simmons—An Advertising Magnate, Another List of Doctors, Letter Submitted to Iuka Mirror from Dr. Simmons, Dr. A. F. Whitehurst, Dr. Harry Homer Goyer, Dr. T. P. Haney, Dr. Thomas Grimke Paden, Dr. Benjamin Franklin Liddon, Dr. James Marcus Taylor, Diary of Kate, Confederate Nurse, Advertisements in The Vidette, August 1923, Misc.: Drs. Ben Hodges, Telfair, and Simmons, etc., Iuka Springs Hotel & Sanitorium Co., Local and Personal, 1860s Confederate Medicine, Health Department's Tabulation of Activities, Jan. 1943, Old Remedies May Still Be Good Advice, Ghost Towns, Recipe for Washing Clothes, Queries, New and Renewing Members, New Acquisitions to the J. M. Stone Research Library, Destroy Old Medicines, Museum Acquisitions, 1888 Fraternal Dead, New Cemetery Survey for Tishomingo County, Dr. Kelly Scott Segars, Sr., Dr. Henry James Brown, Schools of Old Tishomingo County, Mississippi, Tishomingo County Education at Jacinto, Booker School House, Eastport 1858, John A. Wheelock School, Box Spring, 1856-1857, Hopewell School and Carter's Branch School, History of Cripple Deer School, Correction to Dr. Pugh Houston, Cripple Deer School about 1942, Cotton Springs School, Central Consolidated School, 1927-1960, Lambert School, Burnsville, Mississippi, Belmont High School, Iuka Normal Institute, Calendar for 1900-1901, Tishomingo County School System, Burnsville Black School, Valley School, Hartford Musical Institute, August 1926, Tishomingo County Obituary Project, Past Events at the Courthouse Museum, News of Our Men and Women in Uniform, 1943, From a Soldier—Talmadge K. Arnold, New Library Acquisitions, John Marshall Stone Research Library Moves, New Museum Acquisitions, Queries, Preservation Measures Underway at Midway School, Educable School Children in 1894—A-C Surnames, Constitution Week Celebrated --Price is $15.00

Volume 13: Upcoming Events, African-American History Month, African-American Research Workshop, Woodall Mountain Market, $20 Reward—The Union (Jacinto, Miss.), March 1851, Slave Laws, Belmont’s Colored First Baptist Church, Blind Tom—Negro Fortune Teller, Photo—Burnsville’s Colored School, Hopewell School, Photo—Carter’s Branch (African-American) School, 1936 African-American Occupations and Organizations, Editor’s Genealogy Corner, African-American Research at the John Marshall Stone Research Library, New Officers & Board Members for 2008, New Leadership in 2008 for County’s Archives & History Museum, Restoration of Historic Courthouse Begins, Online Genealogy’s Hottest New Trend, Yellow Fever Remedy, Ruby Camp—Newest Out-of-Town Volunteer, NARA Records Increase in Price, Randall Thurman—Obituary and Funeral Notice, John D. James’ Funeral Notice, Monetary Donations, Midway News, February 1944, Condolences, Circuit Court Proceedings, January Term 1927, Museum Donations and Loans, Patsy C. Pace Collection, Library Acquisitions, New and Renewing Members, Advantages of Society Membership, Martin Sprouse Bible (27 March 1828 to 1 Jan 1914), Marriages from the Martin Sprouse Bible, Queries, Clement Cemetery, Natchez Trace—Jourdan Hill Cemeteries, Honors Bestowed on Historic Courthouse Museum, Historical Courthouse’s Renovations, African American Research Workshop Held, 2nd Annual Family History Fair, Where was Bulford Murdered? Tishomingo County’s First Hanging in 1845, Cleaning Tombstones is Fun, Find No Trace of Two Bandits, Man Confesses Part in Robbery, Two Prominent Iuka Citizens Meet Sudden Deaths, A Landmark Being Razed, Notice of Business Change, Browsing Old Cemeteries, 2007 Awards, Meet the Board of Directors, Senator Cecil L. Sumners Collection, New Web Address, Museum Donations & Loans, Museum’s Wish List, Fish Fall From the Sky, Library Acquisitions, New & Renewing Members, Genealogy Poem, Queries, 1907 Statistics, In Memory of . . ., Cutshall Funeral Home Death Records, 1929-1938, Shug Marlar's Story, What is a First Cousin, Twice Removed?, Christina Goss Promoted, Memberships, Museum Donations, Museum Loans, Donations for Gift Shop Sales, Library Donations, Queries, Poem Sponsored by Old Maids of Memphis, Photo, 1919-1920 TCAHS Student Council, 1912-1916 Death Records, 1845 Territorial and State Census for County, Senator Cecil Lamar Sumners, Photograph - Golden, Miss, Street Scene, 1940 Electric Bill of Samuel L. Sumners, 1894 Final Exam Results from Memphis Medical College - O.A. Kennedy, Card Announcing S. L. Sumners' Candidacy, Photograph - Cecil Sumners as School Boy, Photograph - Cecil Sumners as Baby, Brief Family Trees, Recipes from Pat Sumners' Cook Book, Did You know? Memorabilia from Sumners Collection, Memberships, Cecil Sumners' Letter to Tishomingo County, Museum Donations, Library Donations, Thanks to Rayco, Inc. of Corinth, Miss., Dousing to Find Unmarked Graves, Queries, New Columns for C&E in 2009, Photograph - Historic Museum Renovation, Woodall Mountain Market Gift Shop --Price is $15.00

Volume 14: Tishomingo County in 1909, Storm Swept - Town of Dennis Ravaged by a Cyclone, Iuka - Poor Divided, Distressed Little Town, Working Roads by Contract, Tishomingo City, An Ordinance --Iuka Springs Park Amusement Co., County Business News in 1909, Classified Ads in 1909, Reunion at Belmont, All Day Singing, Dinner on the Ground, Personal Items of Interest, Miscellaneous: Bitten by a Cotton Mouth, Fire, Geology Deposits, Fire in North Iuka, Joe Keenan Back, Baptizing Sunday at Ellington Spring, For Stealing Corn, Great Sun Bros. Show, Grand Barbeque and Public Speaking, Museum Donations, Library Donations, Charter of Incorporation of Iuka Mineral Springs Hotel, Avon Whitfield, Local World War II Vet, Finds Closure, Upcoming Events in May, Adams Family Info, Pittsburg Cemetery Warranty Deed, Donations to Museum and Library, Specific Donations, Memberships, Brick Memorial Project, Sumners Collection, History and Genealogy Projects, New Web Site Address, Director's Corner, Tishomingo Connections, Queries, Excerpts from The Belmont Times, January 1, 1926, Past Events Held, Obituaries, Queries, Artifact Showcase, Tishomingo County in the News, An Indian Legend, ShopforMuseums.com, GenoTecho, Director's Corner, Memberships, Tishomingo's 1913 Tornado, Chancery Court held in October, 1915 Rules for Teachers, Blue Hills of Tishomingo-poem, GenoTecho by Christina Goss, Director's Corner by Jan, Queries, Mildred Osborn Aday Collection, Coln Family History, Museum Donations, Newly Acquired Photos, Library Donations, DAR Activities, Midway School's Reunion, Midway School Photograph, 7th Grade, 1929, Midway School Photograph, 8th Grade, 1929, Midway Song, Woodall Mountain Market --Price is $15.00

Volume 15: Gunboats and Calvary: A History of Eastport, Miss. Chapter 8: Riverboat Town, Woodall Mountain Market, Gunboats and Calvary: A History of Eastport, Miss. Chapter 9: “I Remember Eastport”, Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Martin Cook, Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Joseph W. Browning, Some Eastport History, Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: William Adair Paden, Memberships, Brick Memorial Project, Director’s Corner, Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Joseph Thomas Barnett, Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Richard Henry Lee Barnett, Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Robert James Barnett, Mildred Aday Collection, Mary E. Ahlstrom Collection, Library Donations, Rosecrans Meets Price, “Old Abe” Comes to Iuka, Old Douglas—“Rebel” Camel, Man’s Leg Broken in Traffic Accident, Bold Robbery Occurs: Iuka Has First Such Daylight Crime, Coles Mill Men Registered for Military Service, 1917, List of Confederate Soldiers that Turned to the Union Cause, Errata Summers at the Eastside Superette, Monies for Byram Family, 1903, Gallant Civil War Soldiers Fell at Iuka, 1862 Civil War Letter to Mother from Laurens, 1842 Summary of Assessment Roll for Tishomingo County, New Acquisitions in Library, Woodall Mountain Market, James W. Hiett Family History, Hiett Wagon Co. Daybook, Gunboats and Cavalry, Rosecrans Meets Price, How to Keep Cider Sweet, Hiett General Merchandise Store, Donations, More Donations to Mary Ellen Ahlstrom Collection, GenoTecho by Christina Goss, Southern Claims, Old Files, Woodall Mountain Market, Director’s Corner, Brick Memorial Project, Monetary Donations, Woman Writes Letter to Son in the Army, Collection Centers Named, 1929 Belmont News, Re-Connect Long Distance Lines, Build Ice House, Buy Electric Gin, New Buildings Under Construction at Golden, Belmont School Sets Mark for County, 1923 News of Belmont: Tishomingo, Charter of Incorporation—Tishomingo State Bank, Belmont Tidbits, Gunboats and Cavalry: A History of Eastport, Miss., Dr. Ben Kitchens’ Book Signing, Tishomingo-Styled Tourism, Annual Meeting Announced, New Library Additions, Mary E. Ahlstrom’s Donations, New Library Additions, Archivist’s 10 Commandments, Museum Donations, 1923 Classified Ads, Dennis in Earlier Days (photo), Lela Clark’s Donations by Janette Clark Pike, Monetary Donations, Christina Goss Says --Price is $15.00

Volume 16: Rep. John Allen Mills, Judge R.A. Hill, Henry Tyndall “Dick” Merrill, Charles & Delyla Byram, Byrams: Sharing Their History, Charles & Delyla Byram Collection, TCHGS Wins Walker Wish, 1917 Motorcycle Gang, Memberships, McDonald Home, Confederate Soldiers: Martin Cook and James Minter Riddle, 15th Annual Meeting of County Historical Society, Library Donations, Museum Donations, Miscellaneous News, Queries, Civil War Ancestry, Iuka's Civil War History, September 19, 1862: Battle of Iuka, Burnsville's African-American One-Room Schoolhouse, TCHGS Attends Federal Technical Assistance Workshop, Burnsville B-4: Group Partners with ACLP to Obtain Grant, Things You May Never Need to know --(1) How to Keep Ice, (2) How to Spark, and (3) How to Exercise, Civil War Letter; Map of 1894 --Original Four Counties of Northeast Mississippi, "Rebel" Camel.  --Price is $15.00

Volume 17: Sesquicentennial of the Battle of Iuka, John Marshall Stone’s Letters, Insolvencies of 1904, A Place Called Belmont Will Be Reprinted, TCHGS 16th Annual Society Meeting, Brick Memorial Walkway, Confederate Soldiers' Graves, Old Tishomingo County, Queries, Insolvencies,1905, O.A. Wright Barber Shop, Chancer Court 1445 -- Adoption of Biddie Carlton, Rosa Grammer, and Little May Grammer, Minors, Sands Cafe, Tishomingo Concrete Gravel Company, Vital Records -- Holcut, Miss., Registration District No. 9516, Battle of Iuka's Sesquicentennial, Mass Grave at Shady Grove: Confederate Killed in Action at Battle of Iuka, Byram Brothers Visit Museum, Confederate Soldiers' Graves, Confederate Memorial, Service in Two Armies: The Diaries of Henry Little, Photos of Iuka's 150th, One Special Volunteer--Martha Wallace, Unique Visitors, Ederge Cemetery, Museum Audio Tour, Historic Iuka Audio Tour, Third Annual Tri-County Genealogy Fair Held at Jacinto, School Yearbooks on CD, Poems by Patsy Clark Pace: Distant Kin and Tishomingo Hills. --Price is $15.00

Cutshall Funeral Home Records. Contains name of deceased, parents, cause of death, and other relevant facts.

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Educable School Children. These files list the names and ages of children aged 5 to 18 and, beginning in 1885, their parents or guardians. Some families who were missed by the state or Federal census taker may be listed on the enumeration of educable children. Dates available or these records are currently as follows:

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Gunboats & Cavalry: a history of Eastport, Mississippi, with Special Emphasis on Events of the War Between the States—Book on the history of Eastport, Miss., and its role in the Civil War. Full of history and genealogical information. (paper; 263 pages. $17.00. 

Obituaries of Tishomingo County, Volume 1: A-B Surnames. Contains obituaries of surnames beginning with A and B. These obits were transcribed from local newspapers ranging from 1845-1999. 588 pages. (2011) $25.00. Add $6.50 shipping.

Rosecrans Meets Price: the Battle of Iuka, Miss.—Story of the savage but brief and indecisive battle that occurred in Iuka on September 19, 1862, and the events leading up to it. 303 pages

Service in Two Armies:  The Diaries of Henry Little. Biographical information on General Henry Little obtained from never published diaries passed down through descendants. 104 pages. (2012) $14.95

Tishomingo County Agricultural High School: A History. Contains information on the village of Tishomingo and its agricultural high schools, such as Tishomingo High School 1908-1914; and the Tishomingo County Agricultural High School 1914-1924 (which includes the Nettles era from 1918-1923.) 168 pages. $10.00 [Available on CD for $10.00]

Tishomingo County Agricultural High School: Pictorial History. Contains pictures of the village of Tishomingo as well as Tishomingo schools from 1908-1913. Includes pictures of the Tishomingo County Agricultural High School from 1914-1933. Also contains pictures of the Tishomingo Grammar School. 112 pages. $14.95 [Available on CD for $10.00]

Tishomingo County Pictorial History. Contains a brief history of Tishomingo County and pictures of veterans, businesses, historic homes, landmarks and buildings, clubs and organizations, sports, education, and family and friends. Hardback. 224 pages. (2000) $35.00


Tishomingo County Educable School Children. Lists names of the children, parents or guardians, age, sex, and township and range. Booklets also contain a full-name index. CDs are $10.00 each and are available for the following years: 1906, 0908, 1912, 1923, 1929, 1931, 1935, and 1941.

Cutshall Funeral Home Records. Contains name of deceased, parents, cause of death, and other relevant facts. CDs are $10.00 each and are available for the following years:  1929-38, 1974-76, 1976-79, 1979-81, 1981-83, 1983-85, 1985-88, 1988-90.

Tishomingo County History & Families. Includes the history and development of old and new Tishomingo County, churches, schools, written histories, and photographs of Tishomingo County families. (1998). This out-of-print book has been scanned and placed on CD. 614 pages, including a 94-page index. $34.99


Allen Chapel $10.00 Hebron $10.00
Belue $4.95 Holder $10.00
Bethelhem Bap. $10.00 Jackson Camp $10.00
Bishop $4.95 Liberty $10.00
Boggs Chapel $4.95 Moore (Belmont) $10.00
Burgess (Belmont) $4.95 Mount Moriah $10.00
Carpenter $10.00 Mount Pleasant $10.00
Carpenter/Nunley $10.00 Natchez Trace/Jourdan Hill $10.00
Carter's Branch MB $10.00 Palestine $10.00
Chapel Hill Methodist $10.00 Pleasant Hill UMC $10.00
Clausel Hill $10.00 Providence Baptist $10.00
Cotton Springs $10.00 Sardis, Parsons, & McNeil $12.95
Forked Oak $10.00 South Crossroads $10.00
Friendship $10.00 Spring Hill $10.00
Harmony $10.00 Tishomingo African American $10.00
Harmony Hill Bap and Possum Trot $12.95 Vaughn $10.00


$10.00 each

Belmont: 1939, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1969, 1981, 1986, 1989

Burnsville: 1949-50, 1952, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1973, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991

Dennis: 1956

Glendale Sparkplug: 1952

Holcut: 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960

Iuka Grammar: 1949-1950

Iuka: 1941, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1981

Midway: 1955

Mississippi Heights Academy, Blue Mountain, Miss.:  1917

Northeast Mississippi Junior College, Booneville, Miss.: 1954

Paden: 1954, 1958

Pleasant Ridge School: 1946-1947, 1953

Sheffield, Ala., Demitasse:  1959

Tishomingo High School: 1912-1913, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990

Tishomingo County Agricultural High School:  1915-1920, 1920-1925, 1925-1930, 1930-1934

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