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1870 Federal Census of Tippah County, MS - Salem Post Office
Dennis Oconah      52 M    Ditcher              IR.   475

Martha Odle        25 F                         MS.   476
J.F.               3  M                         MS.

Jas. Oliver        14 M (B)                     TN.   477

H.A. Orman         39 M    Farm Tenant   300    NC.
Sarah              41 F    Keeps House          NC.
W.J.               17 M    Wks. on Farm         MS.
S.E.               14 F    At Home              MS.
C.C.               11 F    At Home              MS.
David              6  M                         MS.

J. Orman           40 M    Farmer    250/400    SC.
Martha             40 F    Keeps House          TN.
Jasper             17 F    Wks. on Farm         MS.
J.H.               15 M    Wks. on Farm         MS.
N.S.               l3 M    Wks. on Farm         MS.
R.J. Orman         9  F                         MS.
W.W.               7  M                         MS.
F.M.               5  M                         MS.
J.P.               2  M                         MS.

Jacob Orman        51 M    Farmer    400/600    NC.
Elizabeth          51 F    Keeps House          NC.
Margaret           28 F    At Home              TN.
Jammy              22 F    At School            MS.
Martin             18 M    Wks. on Farm         MS.
Saml.              15 M    Wks. on Farm         MS.
Annie              11 F    At School            MS.
Fannie             11 F    At School            MS.

P.C. Orman         49 M    Fanner    600/350    NC.
E.A.               39 F    Keeps House          TN.

T.J. Orman         45 M    Farm Tenant   765    TN.
N.E.               40 F    Keeps House          TN.
M.F.               16 F    At Home              MS.
S.J.               14 M                         MS.
Mary F.            10 F                         MS.
L.E.               9  F                         MS.
R.L.               6  M                         MS.
M.E.               3  F                         MS.
W.D.               1  M                         MS.

M.A. Ormand        34 M    Wks. on Farm   400   TN.
Mattie             21 F    Keeps House          TN.
M.J.E.             2  F                         MS.

Saml. Ormand       56 M    Farmer    900/600    NC.
L.                 55 F    Keeps House          NC.
L.C.               19 M    Wks. on Farm         MS.
L.C.               14 F    At Home              MS.

Jefferson Orr      58 M    Farmer    1000/720   TN.
Martha             47 F    Keeps House          AL.

Madison Orr        45 M    Fanner    300/400    AL.
Epertus            41 F    Keeps House          TN.
C.L.               9  F    At Home              MS.
G.W.               7  M                         MS.
V.A.               5  F                         MS.
Benj. F.           1  M                         MS.

Edward Orris       26 M (B) Farmer              MS.
Catherine          20 F (M) Keeps House         MS.
Wm. W.           1/12 M (M)                     MS.

J.J. Osborn        50 M    Wks. on Farm         SC.
M.A.               44 F    Keeps House          GA.
M.J.               24 F    At Home              GA.
W.S.               22 M    Wks. on Farm         GA.
Jno.               20 M                         GA.
J.A.               18 M                         GA.
Saml.              13 M    Wks. on Farm         AL.
Jno. A.            9  M                         MS.
Thos. J.           7  M                         MS.
Ella               4  F                         MS.

J.R. Owen          26 M    Farm Tenant          AL.
A.E.               26 F    Keeps House    530   SC.
D.O.               3  M                         MS.
Julia              1  F                         MS.
E.D.               20 M    Wks. on Farm         MS.

Robert J. Owen     29 M    Farmer               MS.
Donna M.           23 F    Keeps House   2500/  MS.
Olena              2  F                         MS.
B.J.             8/12 F                         MS.

Andrew Owens       43 M    Farmer   1000/300    TN.
R.J.               33 F    Keeps House          TN.
R.E.               7  F                         MS.
R.C.               4  F                         MS.
M.J.               2  F                         MS.

J.M. Owens         35 M    Wks. on Farm  100/   MS.
Clementine         23 F    Keeps House          MS.
J.D.               5  M                         MS.
Isabella           3  F                         MS.
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