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Union County Churches
Faith Assembly of God Myrtle, MS  38680  (662) 988-2864
Grace Assembly of God 1023 Street Highway 348,  New Albany, MS   38652  662 534-2846
Bethel Baptist Church  located in the Pinedale community, was organized in 1849 with the Rev. L. Ball as pastor.
Bethesda Baptist Church Myrtle, MS  38650  662-534-0039
Beulah Church Records show Church founded in 1848 with only 10 members, located north of Myrtle.  Myrtle, MS  38650  662-988-2446
Center Baptist Church Highway 348  New Albany, MS  38652    662-534-9606
Cornersville Baptist Church Organized and built in 1900. The members had previously met for worship with the Methodist Church in Cornersville. Pastor Rev. Isaac (Ike) Gray.
Enterprise Baptist Church 1522 State Highway W 30
New Albany, MS  38652  (662) 988-2864
First Baptist Church Reliable information reveals that the church was organized in 1843. The first church building stood on a hill west of the old part of the cemetery.   204 Main St., New Albany, MS  38652  62-534-2715
Fredonia Baptist Church was formally organized in 1875. It is believed however, that meetings existed before this time on the site of the present day Swords Cemetery.  1616 County Road 86, New Albany, MS  38652-0949  (662) 534-3435
Glenfield Baptist Church 1032 W. Bankhead St., New Albany, MS  38652-0261  (662) 534-6733
Harmony Baptist Church is located highway 30 west, three miles west of New Albany. Organized 1912 by Rev. John H. Heath in the old school.
Hillcrest Baptist Church dedicated on May 14, 1967. Located on Highway 15 South. Dr. Wayne Neal was first pastor.   216 Highway 15, S., New Albany, MS   38652-0520  (662) 534-4821
Ingomar Baptist Church a tragic fire marked what might be called the beginning of the church. The only Baptist Church in the community in 1906 wa the Fredonia Baptist Church. When the fire destroyed the building the members started meeting in the Methodist Church which stood near the present location. When planning to rebuild the Fredonia Church, there was a split, with the results of the Fredonia Church being built on the old site and Ingomar Church building at a new location. Pastor was C. W. Smith.  New Albany, MS  38652  (662) 534-4577
Jericho Baptist Church first known as Fellowship Baptist Church, organized in 1889. Located on approximately 10 acres in eastern Union County just about one mile west of the Lee - Union county line. 
Keownville Baptist Church on Oct. 4, 1964, a meeting was held for the purpose of organizing Keownville Baptist Mission into a church. Bro. Howard Huey was elected as first pastor.  Highway 30 E, New Albany, MS  38652  (662) 534-9734
Liberty Baptist Church in the conference of Pontotoc Baptist Church, June, 1838, an "Arm" was established at Liberty School for the convenience of members who lived in that community. In August, 1838, they had begun to have regular meetings each fourth Sabbath and the Saturday afternoon before. In May, 1841, it was decided to combine the church and the "Arm" to be known as Liberty Baptist Church, meeting at Liberty. In April of 1842, they decided to build a house of worship.   New Albany, MS  38652  (662) 534-6711
Locust Grove Baptist Church Organized in 1950 with 22 members. Located Highway 30 East. Rev. Frank Cox, pastor.
Macedonia Baptist Church was received into the Chickasaw Baptist Association in 1885 before a church was built. In 1886 the land for the first church and cemetery was deeded to the Missionary Baptist Denomination by Mr. S.C. Darden. The first pastor was Bro. W.P. Hutchinson with membership of 23.
Martin Baptist Church New Albany, MS  38652  (662) 534-7398
Mt. Gilead Baptist Church it is not known how old this church is but the records go back to the time of the Civil War where they had it in a small log cabin near the Reese Roberts old home place. The church was later moved to a site just across the road North of Mt. Gilead Cemetery and near the old spring that still flows from under the hill. 
Myrtle Baptist Church /Camp Zion in 1887 a small group of Christians met at a little school house where the town of Myrtle now stands to have a prayer meeting after which they discussed the organization of a New Testament Church. After much prayer and counsel, the decision was reached that there was a definite need for a Church to be organized in Myrtle; therefore, the group being led by the Holy Spirit, covenanted together and formed the Myrtle Baptist Church. The Reverend B.F. Whitten was called as the first pastor.  Myrtle, MS  38650  662-988-2295
New Harmony Baptist Church In 1889, a committee bought 1/2 acre of ground for the purpose of erecting a house of worship to be known as a Baptist house of worship. For some reason or other an organization was not perfected until 1897. On May 16, 1897, s small group of people met for the purpose of organizing what they called "A Baptist Church of Christ." In June, this new church elected Elder T.A.J. Beasley as its pastor.
Northside Baptist Church 782 Highway 15 N, New Albany, MS  38652-0889   (662) 534-6747
Oak Grove Baptist Church In 1873 Oak Grove Baptist Church was organized in a small community four miles south of Myrtle. The land for this church was donated by William M. Hancock in 1878. Both a school and Church were built at this site. Rev. Ike Grey was elected pastor in 1873 and served until 1878. Some early member families were: Andre, Hargrove, Dodd, Hamric, Steward, Starnes, Robbins & Swain. 
Oak View Baptist Church founded Oct. 7, 1942 and dedicated to the Lord on July 4, 1943. Rev. J. J. Pannell was first pastor.
Pleasant Dale Baptist Church Organized in 1863. The first known church was erected between the Clovis Russell home and the Union Nazarene Church in 1876. Later, a new site was chosen and a white frame building was constructed. In 1953 the present building was erected. Brother Wash Smith led as the first pastor.
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church The first recorded transaction concerning the church is a land deed dated March 18, 1867. It was first called "Split Pole" in 1843; however the name was changed to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in 1847. The present brick structure was built in 1943.   796 County Road 115, New Albany, MS  38652-0720   (662) 534-3031
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Organized Jan. 4, 1842. At that time it was in Tippah County. Located on Highway 30, thirteen miles northeast of New Albany. Elder P. Skally served as pastor from 1843 to 1846.  2045 Street Highway E 30, New Albany, MS  38652   (662) 534-6917  also one listed as:  1016 Street Highway N 370  New Albany, MS  38652  (662) 534-3605
Poolville Baptist Church Located in Myrtle, was organized Oct. 17, 1965. The first meetings were held at the homes of the members. The present building was built in 1966. Rev. Bilbo Lively was the first pastor.
Red Hill Missionary Baptist Church 1242 County Road 194, New Albany, MS  38652  (662) 534-4838
Temple Baptist Church Organized in Oct. 1948. Rev. Charles Stubblefield preached the first sermon. Rev. H.M. Collins was pastor from 1949-50.  Myrtle, MS   38650  (662) 988-2823
Wallerville Baptist Church located about five miles east of New Albany, just off Hwy. 178, was organized Nov. 17, 1854, by a group of families who had moved in the 1840's from Laurens District, SC. They named their church after the one they had left behind, Mt. Pleasant. Records of the years up to 1892 have been lost. From references in old Bibles and letters, it is believed that Rev. Martin Ball was the first pastor of Mt. Pleasant and his brother, Rev. Lewis Ball, was the second. For many years discussions of changing the church's name went on before it was officially named Wallerville in 1938.   11437 County Road 121, New Albany, MS  38652-0976  (662) 534-3777
Watson Grove Baptist Church E Bankhead, New Albany, MS  38652  (662) 534-3970
Zion Hill Baptist Church Organized in 1878, Zion Hill first met in a building also used as a school. This building was located where the old cemetery is now. This structure was replaced by a wood frame building before 1889. Missing records make knowing the exact date impossible. A brick building which still stands was built in 1948. Bro. H.G. West, then pastor, said that if they would build a nice brick building their hens would lay a lot better. There are no records from 1878-1889. These records were thought to have perished in a fire in a church clerk's home.
Zion Chapel Baptist Church 1138 Highway 30 W, New Albany, MS  38652-0740  (662) 534-0528
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Father Patrick Moran offered the first Mass in New Albany in the early Fall of 1938. In Dec. of 1939, Father Cletus Manon became pastor of St. Patrick and began having Mass in New Albany on New Year's Day of 1940. In 1949 St. Francis of Assisi Church was dedicated by the late Bishop William O'Brien of Chicago.  650 Highway 15 S, New Albany, MS  38652-0450  (662) 534-4654 
New Albany Church of Christ Though some members may have worshipped in their homes, the church as it now exists was started in the late 30s by a meeting in which Brother Hugo McCord preached. Brother Everett Day Sr. came to work with the newly formed group. 
Church on the Rock An interdenominational church of Spirit filled believers, located on Beulah Road in Union County on the Victory farm. God gave the idea to form and the instructions to start this church in the heart of Wayne and Mary Victory, the founders. The first service was in May 1984.  Myrtle, MS  38650  (662) 988-2802
Bethlehem United Methodist Church  
Beaver Dam M.E. Church 842 County Road 115, New Albany, MS  38652-0951   662-534-2759
Calvary United Methodist Church "The New Albany Circuit was formed at the first session of the North Mississippi Annual Conference at Water Valley in 1870 and placed in the Veron District." (The New Albany Gazette, May 31, 1979) in 1874 New Albany Circuit was changed to the Iuka District where it remained until 1880 when it was put in the Corinth District. It was changed to the New Albany District in 1951. A deed shows that Lebanon and Locust Grove churches combined in 1896 to become Union Hill Church. The Rev. C.L. Potts was the last pastor of the Union Hill Circuit and also the first pastor of the station church which took the name Calvary in 1961.  113 Highway 15 N.  New Albany, MS  38650-0531  662-534-5144
Friendship Methodist Church The church had its' beginnings sometime around 1860 when a small band of Christians met to worship in a schoolhouse, named Friendship School, in what is now Union Co., MS. In the early 1880's a building was erected. It was on the Old Myrtle Charge along with Old Myrtle, Cornersville, Union Hill, Bethel, Gerizam, and Ebenezer. The first pastor's name is unknown.
First United Methodist Church The early settlers held services in their homes in winter and in the shade of trees in summer, but in whose homes and under whose trees we do not know. There is no record of a Methodist Church in the early days. On April 26, 1886 the Methodist bought the lot directly across the street from the present church and the first Methodist Church in New Albany was erected. Rev. D. L. Cogdell was the preacher. 207 E. Bankhead St., New Albany, MS  38652-0390  662-534-2206 
Glenfield United Methodist Church The first church built was called Valley Church.  The building was a modest little church located on the now Pink Kitchens place near the big oak tree to the northwest of the Kitchens home.  This church was served by Methodist circuit riders and Baptist preachers.   A one-room church, considerably larger than the Valley Church, was built on the lot given by the Jones and remained in use until the new one was begun in 1948.
Ingomar United Methodist Church The area served by the New Albany circuit in the south part of Union County was approved for the purpose of building a church at Ingomar about 1886.  The first church was one large room and the pulpit, made by hand for that church is still in use today. 
Mallalieu United Methodist Church 433 Apple Street, New Albany, MS  38652-0380  (662) 534-4104
Mt. Olivet Church Established in 1854.  For 125 years and more Mt. Olivet Church has made a definite contribution, not only to the local community, but to surrounding communities as well.  The church has been the meeting place of the people, the center-point of interest for activities of this section down through the years.  From miles around people attended services here.   The first church building was a one-room log house with a dirt floor, a stick-and-dirt chimney, one door and one shuttered window opening, and split log seats with no backs.  This building was also used for a schoolroom and was badly damaged during the Civil War. 
Mt. Zion Methodist Church On October 27, 1856 Bazel Prater deeded eight acres, more or less, to J.A.W. Bradley, John S. Bartlett and Thomas J. Adams, and their successors as Trustees, for and in consideration of building a house for the purpose of a Methodist Episcopal Church South, and for a School House.  A log building was erected at this time and used as a church and school building until after many years it was destroyed by fire.  Then a plank building was erected and served as church and school house until 1924 when it was destroyed by fire.  Two more plank churches were built, with the last one town down in 1949 and a brick building was erected.  This one is still in use today.
Myrtle United Methodist Church Between the years 1840 and 1870, the pioneer settlers of this community built the first church which was called Gerizim and was then on the Cornersville Circuit.  The church was moved to the present site and a new building was made in 1888, and completed in 1889.  A new circuit was formed.  The parsonage was at Old Myrtle - called the Myrtle Charge.  A new church was built by a Mr. Thompson.  The brick pillars of the foundation were built by Mr. Bridges,  who placed the history and dates of the church at Gerizim in the cornerstone.  by 1948, the old church was torn down and a new brick building was built.  The dedication was held on April 8, 1951. 
Salem Methodist Church Methodism at Salem dates back to about 1840 when the first Methodist Church was organized, according to a few existing records, and information from some of the oldest people in the community.  From this time until 1870 Salem Church was in Pontotoc County.  Today Salem Church is on the Etta-Pine Dale road in Union County.  The first church at Salem was one single room, built of logs.  The seats were made of logs split in halves with pegs driven in holes for legs.  The windows were open with wooden shutters, and the floor was dirt.  This building was used as a school for the community also.  A new church was built in 1889.  In 1948 it was rebuilt with a modern sancturay with five Sunday School Rooms. 
St. Mary United Methodist Church Street Marys Road, New Albany, MS  38652  (622) 534-8875
Union Hill United Methodist Union Hill United Methodist Church is over 100 years old.  It was used as both a church and a school.  The building was made of logs, with split logs for the benches.  This school and church went by the name of Grubtoe.  Later it was torn down and moved to Poolville land made into a schoolhouse.  Another building was built which still stands.  It is th sanctuary for Union Hill. 
West Ingomar Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Organized in 1927.  Services were held first in the Bald Hill School house, and later house to house, in tents and in brush arbors. 
Cleveland Street Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church This congregation has been meeting since January 1977.  They met in New Haven School building, the ladies building at the fairgrounds, then the Masonic Hall before getting possession of their building on Cleveland Street.  200 Cleveland St., New Albany, MS  38652-0401  662 534-9778
Hopewell Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church A group which came in 1844, almost in a body, from Old Shiloh church in Anderson County, SC, to what is now known as the Hopewell Community in Union County, MS.  Hopewell church is two miles North of Wallerville and six miles east of New Albany, both stations on the Frisco Railroad.  These settlements formerly were in Pontotoc County.  The congregation, with the help of neighbors and friends, built their first church building  in 1853.  The present church was dedicated in the summer of 1943. 
Bethesda Presbyterian Church On June 24, 1843 a meeting was held in the Tallahatchie Institute school house adjacent to the town of New Albany, Pontotoc Co., MS, for the purpose of organizaing a Presbyterian Church.  On June 25, 1843 the sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered the first time in Bethesda Church.  Later a church building was constructed in New Albany and the body became the New Albany Presbyterian Church (Southern).   During the Civil War, Union troops plundered the Town of Ripley, MS.  On June 13, 1863, they marched south to New Albany and "burned the whole town up", including all stores and the Presbyterian Church.  Only a few houses were left standing.
New Albany Presbyterian Church 605 Highway 15 S, New Albany, MS  38652-0451  (662) 534-6060
Lebanon M.E. Church Deed dated April 26, 1858. 
Locust Grove M.E. Church Deed dated April 11, 1872. 
Union Hill M.E. Church Deed dated Sept 3, 1896.
Holy Temple Church of God 1107 Moss Hill Drive, New Albany, MS  38652-0300  (662) 538-4488
Greater New Hope Church Myrtle, MS  38650  (662) 988-2939
Pine Bluff Church Myrtle, MS  38650  (662) 988-3257
Pleasant Grove Church 1010 County Road 91  (662) 534-4726
Victory Church of the Lord Jesus Christ 116 N Denton Road, New Albany, MS  38652-0320  (662) 534-9013
West Ingomar Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Bald Hill, New Albany, MS  38652  (662) 534-8584

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