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Below is a listing of the contents of the fall 2015 issue. Back issues of this quarterly journal are available.

Last updated August 10, 2015


CONTENTS, Vol. 23, No. 1 (Fall 2015)


Fayette and McNair Social Notes, 1896 (Bowen)

Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel, Pensacola, Florida (Dardeau)

An 1869 Excursion from Port Hudson to Natchez (Riffel)

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, 1888 (Price)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1890 Quarterly Conferences (Edwards)

Arrest for “Hunting on Sabbath,” 1869 (Dardeau)

The 1877 Death of Caroline G. McCollum (Nevels)

Memorial Gifts

Dues Notice

Our Printer

Your Quarterly

The 1876 Entries from “The General Remarks Book” of James Waterman Watson (Mills)

Contacting Your Editor

Residence Burned, 1899 (Nevels)

Guardianship of John B.F. Perkins, 1843 (Cole)

Death of R.L. McDermott, 1888 (Price)

Louisiana State University Football Trains at Vicksburg, 1938 (Price)

Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1900 Commencement (Whitaker)

VGS Shockley Awards, 1992-2015

A New Orleans Agent Whines to His Vermont Client About Her Mississippi Business, 1841 (Dardeau)

Catholic Knights of America 1887 Meeting (Price)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1891 Conferences (Edwards)

St. Nicholas Restaurant and Saloon, 1870 (Price)

Status of Mississippi River Lands in Louisiana, 1844 (Dardeau)

Oakland College and Alcorn University, 1871 (Price)

Lands in Chickasaw Country:  An 1837 Letter from Raymond to North Carolina (Dardeau)

Father Henry A. Picherit Retires, 1899 (Price)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)



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