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Below is a listing of the contents of the fall 2017 issue. Back issues of this quarterly journal are available.

Last updated July 13, 2017


CONTENTS, Vol. 25, No. 1 (Fall 2017)


“Court of Death,” Wintergreen Cemetery, Port Gibson, Mississippi (Moore)

Love Story of a Union Soldier and a Southern Lady During the Siege of Vicksburg (Boone)

Dues Notice

Jefferson County News, 1856 (Nevels)

Private George H. Rudy at Keesler Field, 1942 (Dardeau)

Death of Mrs. James Hughes, 1854 (Bowen)

Your Quarterly

Killing of Benjamin Roach, 1870 (Price)

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Our Printer

Possible Death of Albert Newton, 1914 (Harris.)

Vicksburgh” Lots from the Newit Vick Estate for Sale, 1823 (Dardeau)

Notices and Social Notes on R.L. Corban, 1891-1898 (Leese)

Death of William G. Benbrook of Natchez, 1922 (Dardeau)

Gibson Memorial Charge, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, First Quarterly Conference, 1935 (Edwards)

Cholera Deaths in Vicksburg, 1833 (Dardeau)

The July - December 1846 Entries of the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

Dr. Lloyd Selby of Warrenton Named Bearer of the 1844 Electoral College Ballot (Dardeau)

Suicide of Clara Haskins, Natchez Bride, 1855 (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Contacting Your Editor

The Ill-Fated Round Island Expedition of 1849 (Dardeau)

Archives of the 103d Infantry Division

A History of Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church (Cotton)

Clinton Social Notes in a New Orleans Newspaper, 1887 (Dardeau)

A 1912 Duel or a Murder? (Boone)

Letters at the Yazoo City Post Office, 1868 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg Fourth of July Celebration and Other News, 1855 (Dardeau)

Anna Kate Young Changes Her Name to Myra Y. Trim, 1964 (Sanders)

VGS Publication Price List

Index (Edwards)


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