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CONTENTS, Vol. 22, No. 1 (Fall 2014)


Louis D. Chacheré’s 1785 Espionage Mission to the Ohio River Basin (Dardeau)

John Smith of Coles Creek Seeks to Settle near Petit Gulph, 1800 (Riffel)

A Hinds County Fourth of July Celebration, 1841 (Price)

Dues NoticeVicksburg Fourth of July Postmarks, 1938 (Hauge)

The 1899 Obituary of James Waterman Watson (Mills)

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Hannah Giles, Eliza Smith, and Salmon P. Chase:  An 1841 Manumission (Cole)

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Henry Marschalk, New Vicksburg Editor, 1898 (Nevels)

Bishop William Henry Elder and an 1876 Letter to His Cousin (Dardeau)

Babe Ruth Plays Golf in Vicksburg, 1939 (Price

Eclectic Dramatic Club, 1883 (Price)

Arrivals on the Big Black River Between 1788 and 1796 (Moore)

State Lunatic Asylum, 1855 (Leese)

Comments by Colonel C.C. Floweree, 1883 (Price)

Vicksburg Mortuary Report, Week Ending May 19, 1883 (Price)

Sheriff Geo. W. Fogg and a Patient for the Asylum, 1901 (Dardeau)

Repair of Two Mile Bridge, 1868 (Price)

A Tribute to William A. King, 1927 (Whitaker)

The Bells of St. Paul’s Did Not Ring, 1883 (Price)

An English Davies Family, 1862 (Dardeau)

Book on S.S. Prentiss, 1883 (Price)

J.R. Bransford of D’Arbonne Writes Colt Arms Company, 1882 (Dardeau)

The Vicksburg Irish, 1933 (Price)


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Index (Edwards)


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