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Below is a listing of the contents of the spring 2016 issue. Back issues of this quarterly journal are available.

Last updated February 8, 2016



CONTENTS, Vol. 23, No. 3 (Spring 2016)


Sale of Slaves and Other Property by Thompson B. Shaw, ca. 1838 (Katzenmeyer)

Memorial Gifts

Our Printer

Your Quarterly

Deaths of Walter S. Jones and Others of Company H, 21st Mississippi, CSA (Moore)

Limerick-Conner Marriage, 1890 (Bowen)

Contacting Your Editor

Indictment of Andrew Rawlings, Jefferson County Road Overseer, 1878 (Dardeau)

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An 1829 Vicksburg Duel (Dardeau)

December Program Summary/VGS members (Dardeau)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, September 12, 1900, Conference (Edwards)

January Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Edwards)

An 1808 Request to Furnish Provisions to Troops on the Mississippi Frontier (Riffel)

Rocky Springs Items of Interest, 1898 (Nevels)

V. Blaine Russellís Random Observations, 1932 (Price)

News from Natchez, 1731 (Dardeau)

February Summary/Dr. Emma Pauline Keulegan (Dardeau)

The May-August 1844 Entries from the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

Death of Minerva Lee Montgomery, Richland Parish, Louisiana, 1873 (Dardeau)

Proposed University for Mississippi City, 1840 (Dardeau)

Manchester Becomes Yazoo City, 1839 (Dardeau)

Gibson Memorial Methodist Church, South, 3rd Quarterly Conference, 1932-1933 (Edwards)

Yazoo Valley Rail Road Meeting, 1869 (Price)

The Bean School, Jefferson County, Mississippi (Leese)

Death of Rev. Campbell at Newellton, 1879 (Dardeau)

Shaw vs. Shaw:ďA Plea of Trespass:Ē in Amite County, 1879 (Dardeau)

Superintendent Russellís 1905 Salary (Leese)

Iberville Returns to France from His Third Voyage to Louisiana, 1702 (Dardeau)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


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