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Below is a listing of the contents of the winter 2017 issue. Back issues of this quarterly journal are available.

Last updated November 13, 2017


CONTENTS, Vol. 25, No. 2 (Winter 2017)


Rosters of Vicksburg Camp No. 32. United Confederate Veterans, 1902-1932 (Riffel)

Nathan Levy Escapes Danger in the 1953 Vicksburg Tornado (Leese)

Memorial Gifts

September Program Summary/Patty Mekus (Dardeau)

A Question of Inheritance:  John M. Clark’s Letters to His Uncle in Noble, Illinois (English)

Missouri McLeod Sells Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, Property to W.P. Sale, 1887 (Dardeau)

October Program Summary/Dr. Emma Pauline Keulegan (Dardeau and Edwards)

The January and February 1847 Final Entries of the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

Your Quarterly

Death of Elizabeth Camelia Bellinger Bliss Crawford, 1918 (Boone)

November Program Summary/Bradley McCaa (Edwards)

General Ferdinand Leigh Claiborne of Soldiers Retreat, Natchez:  Newspaper Notices (Moore)

Rebinding Bibles and Rare Books

Natchez Matrons Club 1939 Christmas Social (Dardeau)

Contacting Your Editor

A Visit to Vicksburg City Hospital, 1843 (Price)

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Our Printer

Gibson Memorial Charge, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Second Quarterly Conference, 1935 (Edwards)

William Nixon is Hanged, 1878 (Dardeau)

Eugene S. Bullen Dies from a Traffic Accident, 1938 (Nevels)

C.C. Goza and His Kelsey Plums, 1893 (Boone)

Two Boys Give First-Hand Accounts of the 1953 Vicksburg Tornado (Leese)

French and English Publication in Opelousas of the Akenhead-Odgen Marriage in Natchez, 1853 (Dardeau)

Nett E. Fraser and a Case of Scrofula in Vicksburg, 1882 (Dardeau)

Complications in Settling the Crouch Estate, 1914-1915 (Harris)

Vicksburg Hopes to Host the Corbett-Mitchell Fight, 1893 (Dardeau)

VGS Publication Price List

Index (Edwards)


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