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CONTENTS, Vol. 21, No. 3 (Spring 2014)


Lane, Stephens, and Richards:  Slave and Livestock Indenture, 1829 (Cole)

A Sisterly Communication:  Long Beach to Crystal Springs, 1896 (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts.

Vicksburg Base Ball Association Charter of Incorporation, 1903 (Price)

Our Printer

Dudley Curle of Natchez and a Missouri Probate, 1840 (Dardeau)

December Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Edwards (Dardeau)

The 1917 Death of George Adam Schaffer (Edwards)

Contacting Your Editor

Your Quarterly

New Vitagraph at the Lyric, 1911 (Price)

Sutton Bankes’ 1783 Petition Regarding Bradley and Harrison’s Cattle at Natchez (Riffel)

The Crane Family in Nova Scotia:  An 1807 Account (Mills)

Andrew Marschalk, Jr.:  A Memorial, 1886 (Moore)

January Program Summary/V.G.S. Members (Dardeau)

H.J. McKey of Burtonton and Veteran H.R. Eppen, 1867 (Dardeau)

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Death of Dr. Dunbar Ogden, 1952 (Nevels)

Henry Tomlinson, Marshall County Road Overseer, 1905 (Dardeau)

New Bells at St. Paul Catholic Church (Price)

Dedication of Vicksburg’s Catholic Church, 1849 (Price)

February Program Summary/Bee Byrnes (Dardeau)

Port Gibson Fire, 1903 (Leese)

R.T. Donaldson of Natchez and a Chicago Shipping Problem, 1900 (Dardeau)

Some Andrew Chess Deeds, 1830-1850 (Price)

John A. Everett’s Photo and his Doddsville Kin, 1947 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg City Hospital 1843 Report (Price)

A History of the Yellow Fever Epidemic at Vicksburg in 1847 (Riffel)

Marriages Recorded and a Funeral Clipping Found in a 1953 Minister’s Handbook (Dardeau)

Surveying the Natchez-Jackson Railroad, 1869 (Price)

William Priestly and Three Cents Postage Due, 1859 (Dardeau)

Social Security Numbers

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


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