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Below is a listing of the contents of the summer 2016 issue. Back issues of this quarterly journal are available.

Last updated May 9, 2016


CONTENTS, Vol. 23, No. 4 (Summer 2016)


The September-December 1844 Entries of the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

Dues Notice

Your Quarterly

Daniel Boatwright Seeks Payment of a Debt from William Cloyd, Warren County, 1811 (Riffel)

March Program Summary/Philip James (Dardeau)

Hinds County, Mississippi, Notices and Advertisements from the Civil War Home Front (Moore)

Letters at the Tallulah Post Office, 1886 (Dardeau)

Harriston Social Notes, 1890 (Nevels)

McRae-Gains Wedding, 1943 (Bowen)

Washington Street Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 2nd Quarterly Conference, 1906 (Edwards)

Memorial Gifts

Contacting Your Editor

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Eliza Lawhead of Satartia Apologizes to her Niece, 1884 (Dardeau)

Our Printer

Bull Causes a Train Wreck, 1891 (Dardeau)

General Eisenhower Visits Vicksburg, 1947 (Price)

Fire Destroys Dr. Hyland’s Warren County Home, 1940 (Dardeau)

Ouachita River Steamboat Disaster, 1847 (Dardeau)

April Program Summary/Rev. Glenn D. Shows (Dardeau)

Problem with a Deed:  E. Lane’s 1824 Letter from Ouachita (Dardeau)

May Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Edwards (Dardeau)

Killing of William Lake Green and Captain W.H. Andrews, 1879 (Bragg)

Suicide of Rabbi Herman M. Bien, 1895 (Dardeau)

Two 1804 Natchez Marriages (Dardeau)

Military News, 1943 (Bowen)

Hopewood School, 1970 (Price)

Cornerstone Dedication of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 1885 and 1928 (Edwards)              

The Monroe Jewish Synagogue, 1871 (Dardeau)

Indictment of Thomas J. Riley:  “Threatening to Kill,” Jefferson County, 1875 (Dardeau)

Obituary of Timothy Byrne, 1902 (Dardeau)

VGS 2015-2016 Membership List (Edwards)

Vicksburg City Hospital 1843 Yearly Report (Price)

Expedition to the Spanish Post of Natchez, 1786 (Dardeau)

Hanging Sentences Commuted to Life, 1883 (Dardeau)

Rev. Glenn Shows, Shockley Award Recipient, 2016

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


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