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Below is a listing of the contents of the summer 2015 issue. Back issues of this quarterly journal are available.

Last updated May 13, 2015


CONTENTS, Vol. 22, No. 4 (Summer 2015)


The 1875 Entries from the “General Remarks Book” of James Waterman Watson (Mills)

Contacting Your Editor

March Program Summary/Anne Anderson (Dardeau)

Choctaw Country in 1833 (Riffel)

Your Quarterly

April Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Dardeau)

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Dues Notice

May Program Summary/Philip James , Larry Tillman, and Lane Williams (Dardeau)

The Bicycle Craze Reaches Vicksburg (Price)

Assassination of Dr. T.S. Gibson, 1870 (Bowen)

Jarrett-Taylor Wedding, 1899 (Nevels)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1889 Quarterly Conferences (Edwards)

Limerick’s Patent Medicine Advertisements - “Great Master of Pain” (Moore)

Joseph M. Abraham and a Cigar Purchase, 1910 (Dardeau)

Death of Claudy Gibson Baskett, 1919 (Bowen)

Our Printer

A Rumor of Jenny Lind in Vicksburg (Price)

Steamboat Indiana (Price)

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Jane Worley’s Thoughts on the Future of Slave, Emily, 1844 (Dardeau)

Crystal Springs and Canton Cotton, 1870 (Price)

VGS 2014-2015 Membership List (Edwards)

Wallace District Mining Museum (Dardeau)

A Handwritten Class List in the New Testament of Knoble Oliver Anderson (Edwards)

Changes in Schedule, 1866 (Price)

Anne Anderson, Shockley Award Recipient, 2015

 VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)



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