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CONTENTS, Vol. 22, No. 2 (Winter 2014)



Manuel García de Texada, Spanish Citizen of Natchez (Baker)

A Love Letter from A.T. Montgomery to Linda Watson, 1909 (Mills)

Fourth of July Celebration at Burtonton, 1841 (Price)

September Program Summary/Dr. Mary Collins Landin (Dardeau)

The Steamer, Josephine Loviza, 1901 (Loviza)

Our Printer

Memorial Gifts

Nelson Gillespy’s Grave Mentioned in an 1825 Deed (Cole)

Your Quarterly

Centenarian Heard the Roar of Guns in the Siege of Vicksburg (Riffel)

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Canton’s R.M. Latimer and M.A. Patrick:  “A Disinterested Friendship,” ca. 1840s (Dardeau)

Contacting Your Editor

October Program Summary/Evangeline Cessna (Dardeau)

Birdsong-Rowan Wedding, 1899 (Nevels)

Vicksburg’s H.W. Boney Admonishes His Memphis Daughter, 1876 (Hauge)

The Supreme Court and Non-Delivery of a Telegram, 1898 (Nevels)

Blessing of the St. Paul Bells, 1888 (Price)

November Program Summary/Dr. Emma Pauline Keulegan (Dardeau)

Attorney George Barton and the “Backwood” Baptist Preachers, 1886 (Dardeau)

Gibson Memorial United Methodist Church 1952 Men’s Bible Class (Edwards)

Republican Club Meeting, 1869 (Price)

The 1951 Death of Annette Limerick Holder (Bowen)

Washington Street Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 3rd Quarterly Conference, 1905 (Edwards)

Justice E.S. Bell and a Search for a Marriage Record, 1908 (Dardeau)

Train Wreck at Bolton, 1870 (Price)

Death and Burial of Herman Mannheimer, 1940 (Leese)

The 1860-1861 Vicksburg City Directory and “Shin Plasters,” 1932 (Price)

A Winston County Hanging, 1911 (Dardeau)

Sexton’s Report, Week Ending December 14, 1854 (Bowen)

McRae-Limerick Marriage, 1882 (Bowen)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)



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