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Vol. 24, No. 4 (Summer 2017)


Gibson Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church. South, 1925 Church Conference (Edwards)

Dues Notice

The 1794 Survey of the Governors Land at Natchez (Riffel)

March Program Summary/William Sanders (Dardeau)

P.D. Harrison Attends the Last Illness of His Mother, 1886 (Bowen)

Memorial Gifts

April Program Summary/Joan McLemore (Dardeau)

Samuel Leist, 1831-1920 (Boone)

Vessel Fees to Support the Natchez Hospital, 1822 (Dardeau)

Your Quarterly

Funeral Held for Mildred Lyon Bonds Farr, 1962 (Leese)

The January - June 1846 Entries of the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

McCaa Obituaries (Nevels)

Our Printer

Follow-Up on the Shooting of Captain W.F. Andrews, 1879 (Bragg)

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Contacting Your Editor

John B. Schlottman-Katie OConnell, 1893 (Dardeau)

Blood-Colored Roses Seen as Civil War Portent (Moore)

Gold Star Mothers Honored, 1947 (Price)

Murder of the Crouch Couple, 1914 (Harris)

Moving Mississippis Capital to Vicksburg, 1850 (Dardeau)

A Wedding During the Siege, 1863 (Leese)

Pear River Steamboats, 1903 (Dardeau)

“Wifely” News from Cincinnati:  An 1836 Letter to Charles Peck in Vicksburg (Dardeau)

Father Meerscharet Named Indian Territory Bishop, 1891 (Dardeau)

Rev. Zebulon Butler, D.D. (Boone)

Venezuela Asks to be Part of the American Union, 1853 (Dardeau)

My Poor Dear Mothers is Gone:  A ca. 1830s Letter to Port Gibson (Dardeau)

Yazoo City-Kosciusko Telephone Connection, 1900 (Dardeau)

A Visit to Bailey Springs, 1881 (Dardeau)

Railroad Fare to the State Democratic Convention, 1868 (Price)

VGS 2016-2017 Membership List

Reports of a Spanish Fort at Walnut Hills, 1790 (Dardeau)

May Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Dardeau)

Stanley E. Whitaker, Shockley Award Recipient, 2017

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 24, No. 3 (Spring 2017)


Bishop William Henry Elder Refuses to Pray for Lincoln, 1864 (Dardeau)

Your Quarterly

The September - December 1845 Entries of the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

Gibson Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church. South, 2nd Quarterly Conference, 1917 (Edwards)

Sexton’s Report, March 24, 1879 (Bragg)

Dickinson Couple’s Deaths, 1912 and 1922 (Leese)

December Program Summary/Glenda LaGarde (Edwards)

Grand Gulf, Mississippi, Death Notices from Various Newspapers, 1834-1901 (Moore)

Lillie Isenberg and a Spider Bite, 1898 (Riffel)

Fayette Personal Notes, 1916 (Nevels)

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Our Printer

Obituary of Ann E. Newman, 1893 (Bowen)

Vicksburg’s Winn’s Landing Regulations, 1844 (Price)

January Program Summary/VGS Members (Dardeau)

Squire Boon’s Land Grants, 1788, 1792, and 1795 (Boone)

February Program Summary/Tom Watts (Dardeau)

Purchase of Island No. 95, East Carroll Parish, 1893 (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Albert B.C. Decell, Confederate Soldier (Boone)

A Question of Inheritance:  Edward Donaldson Clark’s 1869 Letter to His Uncle (English)

Hirsch-Goldstrucker Pensacola Wedding, 1905 (Dardeau)

Axe Murders on the Mississippi River, 1845 (Moore)

Cooper’s Well Social Notes in a New Orleans Newspaper, 1887 (Dardeau)

Deposition of John Girault Regarding Supplying Beef at Walnut Hills, 1800 (Riffel)

Fred D. Miller of Vicksburg Streaks Through San Jose, California, 1909 (Dardeau)

Port Royal Habitation, Nova Scotia, 1605 (Dardeau)

Electric Lights for Vicksburg, 1886 (Bowen)

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Vol. 24, No. 2 (Winter 2016)


The Two Marriages of Mildred Lyon, 1942 and 1947 (Leese)

Early Marriages from Rodney, Mississippi, Newspapers (Moore)

Obligation Bond for Horace B. Rose to Convey David Royal Beyond the Mississippi Territory, 1811 (Riffel)

September Program Summary/Eddie Cresap (Dardeau)

From Raymond to South Carolina:  Legal Matters from the 1840s (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Our Printer

Your Quarterly

October Program Summary/Michael Logue (Dardeau)

Gibson Memorial Charge Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 3rd and 4th Quarterly Conferences, 1916 (Edwards)

November Program Summary/Marty Kittrell (Dardeau)

The Cruiser Vicksburg is Decommissioned, 1947 (Price)

“Peace” Post Office, 1916 (Nevels)

Contacting Your Editor

Verdict of the Jury Inquest, March 21, 1879 (Bragg)

Jenny Lind in Natchez, 1851 (Dardeau)

The May - August 1845 Entries of the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

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Vicksburg Siege Hero and Medal of Honor Winner Dies in Idaho, 1932 (Dardeau)

Governor William Lewis Sharkey and Civil War Claims of His Clients (Whitaker)

Mastodon Bones Found near Vicksburg, 1837 (Dardeau)

Features in and Around Vicksburg, 1933 (Price)

McGuigan-Gale 1911 Marriage, Panama Canal Zone (Dardeau)

Tallulah Social Notes, 1921 (Dardeau)

Yazoo City’s Agreement with Bootleggers, 1950 (Dardeau)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 24, No. 1 (Fall 2016)



Margaret Watts Gayoso Sells Concord Plantation Near Natchez, 1799 (Riffel)

Martin Van Buren, Francis Scott Key, and the Yazoo Land Scandal, 1824 (Dardeau)

Dues Notice

Your Quarterly

The Rise and Fall of Grand Gulf, Mississippi, and the Killing of Flood McGrew (Moore)

Contacting Your Editor

Funeral Services Set for Fulton McRae, 1965 (Bowen)

Thomas Steerer Gets Life Sentence for a Tensas Parish Murder, 1846 (Dardeau)

Washington Street Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Special Session Resolutions, 1911 (Edwards)

St. Paul Catholic Church Tornado Damage, 1953 (Price)

Memorial Gifts

Aftermath of the 1879 Green and Andrews Murders (Bragg)

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Fayette Personal Notes, 1890 (Nevels)

The January - April 1845 Entries of the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

Our Printer

President Theodore Roosevelt Visits Louisiana and Vicksburg, 1907 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg News Gleaned from an 1863 Wallpaper Edition (Leese)

William Lindsay Charged with the Murder of J.W. Long, 1889 (Dardeau)

Death of Willie E. Corban, 1917 (Leese)

Robert Crittenden Dies at Vicksburg, 1835 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg Aids Ireland, 1880 (Dardeau)

In Memoriam: Charles Alfred “Sonny” Rule

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 23, No. 4 (Summer 2016)


The September-December 1844 Entries of the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

Dues Notice

Your Quarterly

Daniel Boatwright Seeks Payment of a Debt from William Cloyd, Warren County, 1811 (Riffel)

March Program Summary/Philip James (Dardeau)

Hinds County, Mississippi, Notices and Advertisements from the Civil War Home Front (Moore)

Letters at the Tallulah Post Office, 1886 (Dardeau)

Harriston Social Notes, 1890 (Nevels)

McRae-Gains Wedding, 1943 (Bowen)

Washington Street Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 2nd Quarterly Conference, 1906 (Edwards)

Memorial Gifts

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Eliza Lawhead of Satartia Apologizes to her Niece, 1884 (Dardeau)

Our Printer

Bull Causes a Train Wreck, 1891 (Dardeau)

General Eisenhower Visits Vicksburg, 1947 (Price)

Fire Destroys Dr. Hyland’s Warren County Home, 1940 (Dardeau)

Ouachita River Steamboat Disaster, 1847 (Dardeau)

April Program Summary/Rev. Glenn D. Shows (Dardeau)

Problem with a Deed:  E. Lane’s 1824 Letter from Ouachita (Dardeau)

May Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Edwards (Dardeau)

Killing of William Lake Green and Captain W.H. Andrews, 1879 (Bragg)

Suicide of Rabbi Herman M. Bien, 1895 (Dardeau)

Two 1804 Natchez Marriages (Dardeau)

Military News, 1943 (Bowen)

Hopewood School, 1970 (Price)

Cornerstone Dedication of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 1885 and 1928 (Edwards)

The Monroe Jewish Synagogue, 1871 (Dardeau)

Indictment of Thomas J. Riley:  “Threatening to Kill,” Jefferson County, 1875 (Dardeau)

Obituary of Timothy Byrne, 1902 (Dardeau)

VGS 2015-2016 Membership List (Edwards)

Vicksburg City Hospital 1843 Yearly Report (Price)

Expedition to the Spanish Post of Natchez, 1786 (Dardeau)

Hanging Sentences Commuted to Life, 1883 (Dardeau)

Rev. Glenn Shows, Shockley Award Recipient, 2016

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 23, No. 3 (Spring 2016)


Sale of Slaves and Other Property by Thompson B. Shaw, ca. 1838 (Katzenmeyer)

Memorial Gifts

Our Printer

Your Quarterly

Deaths of Walter S. Jones and Others of Company H, 21st Mississippi, CSA (Moore)

Limerick-Conner Marriage, 1890 (Bowen)

Contacting Your Editor

Indictment of Andrew Rawlings, Jefferson County Road Overseer, 1878 (Dardeau)

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An 1829 Vicksburg Duel (Dardeau)

December Program Summary/VGS members (Dardeau)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, September 12, 1900, Conference (Edwards)

January Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Edwards)

An 1808 Request to Furnish Provisions to Troops on the Mississippi Frontier (Riffel)

Rocky Springs Items of Interest, 1898 (Nevels)

V. Blaine Russell’s Random Observations, 1932 (Price)

News from Natchez, 1731 (Dardeau)

February Summary/Dr. Emma Pauline Keulegan (Dardeau)

The May-August 1844 Entries from the Diary of Zenos Preston (Mills)

Death of Minerva Lee Montgomery, Richland Parish, Louisiana, 1873 (Dardeau)

Proposed University for Mississippi City, 1840 (Dardeau)

Manchester Becomes Yazoo City, 1839 (Dardeau)

Gibson Memorial Methodist Church, South, 3rd Quarterly Conference, 1932-1933 (Edwards)

Yazoo Valley Rail Road Meeting, 1869 (Price)

The Bean School, Jefferson County, Mississippi (Leese)

Death of Rev. Campbell at Newellton, 1879 (Dardeau)

Shaw vs. Shaw:  “A Plea of Trespass:” in Amite County, 1879 (Dardeau)

Superintendent Russell’s 1905 Salary (Leese)

Iberville Returns to France from His Third Voyage to Louisiana, 1702 (Dardeau)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 23, No. 2 (Winter 2015)


The Vicksburg Masonic Building, 1933 (Price)

Memorial Gifts

Contacting Your Editor

Status of Concordia Jail, 1892 (Dardeau)

Sale of Two Slaves to Thompson B. Shaw, 1834 (Katzenmeyer)

St. Joseph, Louisiana, Personals, 1897 (Dardeau)

Death of Mrs. Harriet Prewitt, Alto, Louisiana, 1873 (Dardeau)

Mississippi Plantations and Legal Matters, 1836 (Dardeau)

Deaths of Two Adams County Men at Harrisonburg, Louisiana, 1869 (Riffel)

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September Program Summary/Dr. Fred Briuer (Dardeau)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 4th Quarterly Conference, 1892 (Edwards)

October Program Summary/Louis P. (Pat) Cashman, III (Dardeau)

The 1877 Entries from the “General Remarks Book” of James Waterman Watson (Mills)

Greenville City News, 1930 (Dardeau)

Our Printer

Ouachita Parish Jurors, 1871 (Dardeau)

Your Quarterly

Death of Anna Hunt, 1894 (Nevels)

Vicksburg Improvement Association, 1870 (Price)

November Program Summary/Mary Anne Dotson (Dardeau)

Three 1857 Vicksburg Weddings (Bowen)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, May 9, 1894, Conference (Edwards)

Katherine Lynch Miller Shaw, 1943 (Bragg)

John Bobb and Others with Letters at the Philadelphia Post Office, 1788:  A Partial List (Dardeau)

Mississippi Territory Laws Repealed, 1800 (Dardeau)

Henry-Hicks Wedding, 1897 (Whitaker)

 Rose Dew Stanbury Sues to Break Will, 1931 (Dardeau)

Charles O’Connor Loses His Arm (Price)

Collins-Campbell 1868 Carroll County Land Sale (Dardeau)

Death of Mrs. Oliver Fitts at Warrenton, 1811 (Dardeau)

A Solemn High Mass to Dedicate and Bless the St. Paul Bells, 1888 (Price)

Two Vicksburg Suicides, 1942 (Dardeau)

A Visit to the Neshoba County Choctaw Mission, 1886 (Dardeau)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 23, No. 1 (Fall 2015)


Fayette and McNair Social Notes, 1896 (Bowen)

Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel, Pensacola, Florida (Dardeau)

An 1869 Excursion from Port Hudson to Natchez (Riffel)

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, 1888 (Price)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1890 Quarterly Conferences (Edwards)

Arrest for “Hunting on Sabbath,” 1869 (Dardeau)

The 1877 Death of Caroline G. McCollum (Nevels)

Memorial Gifts

Dues Notice

Our Printer

Your Quarterly

The 1876 Entries from “The General Remarks Book” of James Waterman Watson (Mills)

Contacting Your Editor

Residence Burned, 1899 (Nevels)

Guardianship of John B.F. Perkins, 1843 (Cole)

Death of R.L. McDermott, 1888 (Price)

Louisiana State University Football Trains at Vicksburg, 1938 (Price)

Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1900 Commencement (Whitaker)

VGS Shockley Awards, 1992-2015

A New Orleans Agent Whines to His Vermont Client About Her Mississippi Business, 1841 (Dardeau)

Catholic Knights of America 1887 Meeting (Price)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1891 Conferences (Edwards)

St. Nicholas Restaurant and Saloon, 1870 (Price)

Status of Mississippi River Lands in Louisiana, 1844 (Dardeau)

Oakland College and Alcorn University, 1871 (Price)

Lands in Chickasaw Country:  An 1837 Letter from Raymond to North Carolina (Dardeau)

Father Henry A. Picherit Retires, 1899 (Price)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)



Vol. 22, No. 4 (Summer 2015)


The 1875 Entries from the “General Remarks Book” of James Waterman Watson (Mills)

Contacting Your Editor

March Program Summary/Anne Anderson (Dardeau)

Choctaw Country in 1833 (Riffel)

Your Quarterly

April Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Dardeau)

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Dues Notice

May Program Summary/Philip James, Larry Tillman, and Lane Williams (Dardeau)

The Bicycle Craze Reaches Vicksburg (Price)

Assassination of Dr. T.S. Gibson, 1870 (Bowen)

Jarrett-Taylor Wedding, 1899 (Nevels)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1889 Quarterly Conferences (Edwards)

Limerick’s Patent Medicine Advertisements - “Great Master of Pain” (Moore)

Joseph M. Abraham and a Cigar Purchase, 1910 (Dardeau)

Death of Claudy Gibson Baskett, 1919 (Bowen)

Our Printer

A Rumor of Jenny Lind in Vicksburg (Price)

Steamboat Indiana (Price)

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Jane Worley’s Thoughts on the Future of Slave, Emily, 1844 (Dardeau)

Crystal Springs and Canton Cotton, 1870 (Price)

VGS 2014-2015 Membership List (Edwards)

Wallace District Mining Museum (Dardeau)

A Handwritten Class List in the New Testament of Knoble Oliver Anderson (Edwards)

Changes in Schedule, 1866 (Price)

Anne Anderson, Shockley Award Recipient, 2015

 VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)



Vol. 22, No. 3 (Spring 2015)


Obituary of Zada Gray and a Silver Bowl, 1958 (Edwards)

Your Quarterly

December Program Summary/VGS Members (Dardeau)

Rena Conouse’s Late 1800s Letter from Kentucky Plantation (Dardeau)

Death of Mrs. L.R. Harrison, 1886 (Bowen)

January Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Edwards (Dardeau)

Obituary of Mary Bertron Hughes, Circa 1929 (Mills)

Three Natchez Residents Seek to Relocate to the District of Concordia, 1802 (Riffel)

Appointment of Appraisers for the Jno B. Bullen Estate, 1839 (Cole)

San Salvador del Mundo Church Records (Baker)

Contacting Your Editor

Our Printer

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Partnerships Dissolved, 1899 (Nevels)

February Program Summary/Stanley E. Whitaker (Edwards)

An 1888 Ceremony to Bless the Bells of St. Paul Catholic Church (Price)

PFC Claude H. Foster:  An Apologetic Love Letter, 1945 (Romano and Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Gibson Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Stewards and Trustees, 1935-1936 (Edwards)

Warren County Civil War Pensioners, 1926 (Whitaker)

The John M. Clark Family of Issaquena County, Mississippi (English)

South Vicksburg Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Official Rolls, 1889-1891 (Edwards)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 22, No. 2 (Winter 2014)



Manuel García de Texada, Spanish Citizen of Natchez (Baker)

A Love Letter from A.T. Montgomery to Linda Watson, 1909 (Mills)

Fourth of July Celebration at Burtonton, 1841 (Price)

September Program Summary/Dr. Mary Collins Landin (Dardeau)

The Steamer, Josephine Loviza, 1901 (Loviza)

Our Printer

Memorial Gifts

Nelson Gillespy’s Grave Mentioned in an 1825 Deed (Cole)

Your Quarterly

Centenarian Heard the Roar of Guns in the Siege of Vicksburg (Riffel)

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Canton’s R.M. Latimer and M.A. Patrick:  “A Disinterested Friendship,” ca. 1840s (Dardeau)

Contacting Your Editor

October Program Summary/Evangeline Cessna (Dardeau)

Birdsong-Rowan Wedding, 1899 (Nevels)

Vicksburg’s H.W. Boney Admonishes His Memphis Daughter, 1876 (Hauge)

The Supreme Court and Non-Delivery of a Telegram, 1898 (Nevels)

Blessing of the St. Paul Bells, 1888 (Price)

November Program Summary/Dr. Emma Pauline Keulegan (Dardeau)

Attorney George Barton and the “Backwood” Baptist Preachers, 1886 (Dardeau)

Gibson Memorial United Methodist Church 1952 Men’s Bible Class (Edwards)

Republican Club Meeting, 1869 (Price)

The 1951 Death of Annette Limerick Holder (Bowen)

Washington Street Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 3rd Quarterly Conference, 1905 (Edwards)

Justice E.S. Bell and a Search for a Marriage Record, 1908 (Dardeau)

Train Wreck at Bolton, 1870 (Price)

Death and Burial of Herman Mannheimer, 1940 (Leese)

The 1860-1861 Vicksburg City Directory and “Shin Plasters,” 1932 (Price)

A Winston County Hanging, 1911 (Dardeau)

Sexton’s Report, Week Ending December 14, 1854 (Bowen)

McRae-Limerick Marriage, 1882 (Bowen)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 22, No. 1 (Fall 2014)


Louis D. Chacheré’s 1785 Espionage Mission to the Ohio River Basin (Dardeau)

John Smith of Coles Creek Seeks to Settle near Petit Gulph, 1800 (Riffel)

A Hinds County Fourth of July Celebration, 1841 (Price)

Dues Notice

Vicksburg Fourth of July Postmarks, 1938 (Hauge)

The 1899 Obituary of James Waterman Watson (Mills)

Memorial Gifts

Your Quarterly

Contacting Your Editor

Hannah Giles, Eliza Smith, and Salmon P. Chase:  An 1841 Manumission (Cole)

Our Printer

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Henry Marschalk, New Vicksburg Editor, 1898 (Nevels)

Bishop William Henry Elder and an 1876 Letter to His Cousin (Dardeau)

Babe Ruth Plays Golf in Vicksburg, 1939 (Price

Eclectic Dramatic Club, 1883 (Price)

Arrivals on the Big Black River Between 1788 and 1796 (Moore)

State Lunatic Asylum, 1855 (Leese)

Comments by Colonel C.C. Floweree, 1883 (Price)

Vicksburg Mortuary Report, Week Ending May 19, 1883 (Price)

Sheriff Geo. W. Fogg and a Patient for the Asylum, 1901 (Dardeau)

Repair of Two Mile Bridge, 1868 (Price)

A Tribute to William A. King, 1927 (Whitaker)

The Bells of St. Paul’s Did Not Ring, 1883 (Price)

An English Davies Family, 1862 (Dardeau)

Book on S.S. Prentiss, 1883 (Price)

J.R. Bransford of D’Arbonne Writes Colt Arms Company, 1882 (Dardeau)

The Vicksburg Irish, 1933 (Price)


VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)



Vol. 21, No. 4 (Summer 2014)


The Tragic Death of Henry W.M. Drake, 1943 (Leese)

March Program Summary/Dr. Fitten Lamar McMillin (Edwards)

Vicksburg Health Committee Notice, 1843 (Price)

Contacting Your Editor

April Program Summary/Shelby Harriel (Dardeau)

Signatures on Natchez Oaths of Allegiance, 1788-1789 (Riffel)

Little Rock Reports on the Death of Colonel Andrew Marschalk, 1838 (Moore)

Death of Caleb S. Lobdell, 1898 (Nevels)

A New Presbyterian Manse, 1957 (Dardeau)

Waterman Crane’s 1819 and 1820 Letters from His Brother, Jonathan, in Nova Scotia (Mills)

Dues Notice

Our Printer

Richards, Armstrong, and McNutt:  Slaves as Security, 1828 (Cole)

Memorial Gifts

Your Quarterly

The Tanner Settlement of 1804 (Baker)

The Gas Stove Arrives in Vicksburg, 1930 (Price)

May Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Dardeau)

Will of Abraham Whitaker, 1837 (Whitaker)

Catholic Knights of America, 1886 (Price)

John Daniel Gorman Dies at Home, 1885 (Edwards)

The Ben Bolians and a Vicksburg Street Car Line, 1899 (Price)

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F.F. Bowen’s Letter to his Vicksburg Son, 1884 (Hauge)

The Body of J.R. Parsons, 1869 (Price)

Tillman-Welch Family Bible Record (Sims and Leese)

The Great Southern Prolific Corn, 1870 (Price)

Vicksburg, the Beautiful, 1930 (Price)

A Union Soldier in Madison Parish Shares Racist Thoughts About Black Soldiers, 1863 (Dardeau)

Bishop’s Janssens’ Sermon, 1886 (Price)

George C. “Bubba” Bolm, Shockley Award Recipient, 2014

VGS 2013-2014 Membership List (Edwards)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 21, No. 3 (Spring 2014)


Lane, Stephens, and Richards:  Slave and Livestock Indenture, 1829 (Cole)

A Sisterly Communication:  Long Beach to Crystal Springs, 1896 (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts.

Vicksburg Base Ball Association Charter of Incorporation, 1903 (Price)

Our Printer

Dudley Curle of Natchez and a Missouri Probate, 1840 (Dardeau)

December Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Edwards (Dardeau)

The 1917 Death of George Adam Schaffer (Edwards)

Contacting Your Editor

Your Quarterly

New Vitagraph at the Lyric, 1911 (Price)

Sutton Bankes’ 1783 Petition Regarding Bradley and Harrison’s Cattle at Natchez (Riffel)

The Crane Family in Nova Scotia:  An 1807 Account (Mills)

Andrew Marschalk, Jr.:  A Memorial, 1886 (Moore)

January Program Summary/V.G.S. Members (Dardeau)

H.J. McKey of Burtonton and Veteran H.R. Eppen, 1867 (Dardeau)

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Death of Dr. Dunbar Ogden, 1952 (Nevels)

Henry Tomlinson, Marshall County Road Overseer, 1905 (Dardeau)

New Bells at St. Paul Catholic Church (Price)

Dedication of Vicksburg’s Catholic Church, 1849 (Price)

February Program Summary/Bee Byrnes (Dardeau)

Port Gibson Fire, 1903 (Leese)

R.T. Donaldson of Natchez and a Chicago Shipping Problem, 1900 (Dardeau)

Some Andrew Chess Deeds, 1830-1850 (Price)

John A. Everett’s Photo and his Doddsville Kin, 1947 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg City Hospital 1843 Report (Price)

A History of the Yellow Fever Epidemic at Vicksburg in 1847 (Riffel)

Marriages Recorded and a Funeral Clipping Found in a 1953 Minister’s Handbook (Dardeau)

Surveying the Natchez-Jackson Railroad, 1869 (Price)

William Priestly and Three Cents Postage Due, 1859 (Dardeau)

Social Security Numbers

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 21, No. 2 (Winter 2013)



The 1931 Death of Mrs. Blanche Dent Frasier (Nevels)

Memorial Gifts

September Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Edwards (Dardeau)

Jonathan Crane in Nova Scotia Updates His Father in Natchez, 1786 (Mills)

Baltimore Reports on the Death of Colonel Andrew Marschalk, 1838 (Moore)

The 1923 Death of Little Frank Charles Gorman (Edwards)

Joseph Galtney Purchases the Andrew Richards Land on St. Catherine Creek, 1819 (Cole)

Death of Robert Lee Hamilton, 1923 (Leese)

October Program Summary/Peter Miazza (Dardeau)

A.B. Tissington’s Offer to Supply River Cotton, 1902 (Dardeau)

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Contacting Your Editor

Your Quarterly

Daughters of Confederate Veterans Charter of Incorporation, 1896 (Price)

Benjamin Farar’s 1787 Proposal to Improve Navigation (Riffel)

November Program Summary/Dr. Emma Pauline Keulegan (Edwards)

W.M. Pinckard‘s 1853 Letter to His Pass Christian Father (Dardeau)

A New Home for the Knights of Columbus, 1905 (Price)

Captain Silas Crane (Mills)

New Vicksburg Telephone Subscribers, 1898 (Price)

Our Printer

Angola Museum

The 1850 Census of Oakland College, Claiborne County, Mississippi (Moore)

Letter to La Grange About the Birth of a Child, 1870 (Dardeau)

George Evans and Al G. Fields Minstrels, 1911 (Price)

Vicksburg’s T.A. Marshall:  Collection of a Canton Debt, 1845 (Dardeau)

William Stonburne at Sidon, 1853:  Lands, Planting, and Slave Ownership (Dardeau)

The Civil War in Mississippi:  Two 1863 New York Reports (Dardeau)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 21, No. 1 (Fall 2013)


The Vicksburg Masons:  An Early History (Price)

Memorial Gifts

Dues Notice

Our Printer

Dr. Edward Buck:  St. Anthony’s Fire, Millerites, and The Rev. John Cumming, 1861 (Mills)

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Your Quarterly

Henry N. Martin, Cotton Broker, 1875 (Dardeau)

Spanish American War Veteran, Major James E. Gorman, Dies in Vicksburg, 1924 (Edwards)

The New Orleans Railroad Sleeper, 1900 (Price)

Captain Moses Hook Requests a Discharge for Private Cossgrove, 1808 (Dardeau)

The Lake Providence Fair, 1900 (Price)

Andrew Richards Buys Land on St. Catherine Creek, 1818 (Cole)

Charles L. Morehead, Port Gibson Native and Miami Prosecutor, 1933 (Leese)

James Wilkinson Recommends Ezekial Forman to Governor Gayoso of Natchez, 1790 (Riffel)

Milwaukee Reports on the Death of Colonel Andrew Marschalk, 1838 (Moore)

James Waterman Watson, Jr., and the Indian Head Story, 1890 (Mills)

John J. Gould’s 1874 Hubbard Plantation Lease Agreement (Rule)

Death of James Ellis, 1953 (Leese)

“The Flimsy Mississippi Steamboats”:  An 1890 Letter from Australia (Dardeau)

Roster of Company L, Mississippi 21st Regiment (Riffel)

Laying the Cornerstone, Crawford Street United Methodist Church (Price)

Vicksburg Library Association Charter of Incorporation, 1896 (Price)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 20, No. 4 (Summer 2013)


John Henderson Pleas for Leniency, 1800 (Riffel)

March Program Summary/William Sanders (Dardeau)

Private McConaughy’s Vicksburg Civil War Letter to Emily Weaver (Moore)

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Your Quarterly

Co-operative Life Insurance Association Death Report, 1880 (Dardeau)

Port Gibson Traffic Regulations, 1912 (Leese)

April Program Summary/Dr. Mary Collins Landin (Dardeau)

John James Audubon’s 1843 Missouri River Observations (Price)

Dunbar Hunt’s Thoughts on Aaron Burr, 1901 (Nevels)

May Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Dardeau)

Rev. J.R. Howorth and Mumps: A 1912 Postal Card (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Dues Notice

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John Lane, Successful Bidder on the Property of Andrew Richards, 1828 (Cole)

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The Arcades and the 1905 Baseball Season (Price)

Dr. Edward Buck Writes His Mother from Manassas, 1861 (Mills)

The Wild and Davis Case, 1868 (Dardeau)

Fred Swift Wolcott and His Rabbit Foot Minstrel Show:  A Time Line (Price)

The Death of Margaret Stuart Schaffer, 1940 (Edwards)

Almost a Collision, 1909 (Price)

Karen Frederick, 2013 Shockley Award Recipient

V.G.S. 2012-2013 Membership List (Edwards)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 20, No. 3 (Spring 2013)


John Kethley’s 1851 and 1856 Declarations and His 1860 Bounty Land Warrant (Ryan)

Mathilda Eleanor Bowie Moore Obituary, 1892 (Leese)

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James Hogatt’s 1796 Letter of Introduction to Governor Gayoso de Lemos (Riffel)

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Dearman Heirs Convey Perry County Land to T.A. Boone, 1901 (Dardeau)

December Program Summary/Virginia DuBowy (Dardeau)

An Artesian Well for Flowerree Factory, 1883 (Price)

Memorial Gifts

Andrew Marschalk, Jr., and an Old Newspaper, 1870 (Moore)

A New Belt for John S. Blough’s “Rupture Appliance,” 1915 (Dardeau)

Fines for Disturbance and Profane Language, 1883 (Price)

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January Program Summary/E.A. (Tony) Dardeau, Jr. (Edwards)

Battle of Port Gibson and Baldwin Plantation, 1863 (Moore)

Vicksburg Impressions Article

William Dunbar’s 1788 Letter to Carlos Trudeau (Riffel)

Ancestry of Ethel May Hays, 1908-1952 (Curtis)

Paul Jones Builds a Car, 1932 (Leese)

A Holly Springs-Huntsville Romance:  Walter and Corrine, 1859 (Dardeau)

Family History and Medical Risks

General Walthall’s Rail Trip (Price)

February Program Summary/Thomas (Bud) Ross and Cathi Dodgen (Dardeau)

Olivia and Colvin, N.S.C. Freshman, 1956 (Dardeau)

Sheriff’s Sale, 1883 (Price)

Chennault Aviation and Military Museum

News from Eureka Springs, 1880 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg U.S. Mail News, 1868 (Price)

K.H. Hicks and an Alcorn County Land Transaction, 1839 (Dardeau)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 20, No. 2 (Winter 2012)


Bennet Truly of Natchez Seeks to Relocate, 1801 (Riffel)

Claiborne County Young Men Depart for Camp Shelby, 1942 (Leese)

September Program Summary/Karen Frederick (Dardeau)

William H. Yeardle Files a Demurrer in Amite County, 1872 (Dardeau)

General Stephen G. Burbridge Hoists the Union Flag in Port Gibson, 1863 (Moore)

“When the Stars Fell,” 1833 (Price)

Isaac Cook of Newton County Enlists in the Union Army, 1864 (Dardeau)

Jefferson County Bank Directors, 1904 (Bowen)

October Program Summary/Betty Reed (Dardeau)

The Beauregard Tornado, 1883 (Price)

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Methodist Deaths in the Mississippi Conference, 1883 (Nevels)

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Henry C. Bonney Family Cemetery (Landin)

High Mortality Rate of Vicksburg Editors, 1860 (Riffel)

November Program Summary/V.G.S. Members (Edwards)

Mississippi and Louisiana Merchant Marine Casualties, August-October 1943 (Leese)

Our Printer

Thanks from “Mamma,” 1893 (Edwards)

John Kethley’s War of 1812 Pension Application, 1871 (Ryan)

Decoration Day, 1900 (Price)

McRaven Hinds County Land Sale, 1866 (Dardeau)

Fannie Chapman Visits Vicksburg, 1883 (Price)

Sisters of Mercy Academy Advertisement, 1885 (Price)

Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery

Death of Andrew Marshalk, Jr., 1878 (Moore)

J.A. Viser of Providence and His Difficulty in Collecting Debts, 1859 (Dardeau)

Henry Hopkins, 1847 Yellow Fever Victim:  A Query Answered (Price)

Johnson Supply Company, Tishomingo County, 1920 (Dardeau)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 20, No. 1 (Fall 2012)


Private Frank Carr and Gulfport Army Airfield, 1942 (Dardeau)

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Jacob Dyer’s 1795 Receipt at Natchez (Riffel)

Oakland College Endowment Fund Subscribers, 1830 (Price)

Explosion of the Clipper No. 1 at Bayou Sara, 1843 (Mills)

Dues Notice

Death of Jesse Cadmus Field, 1926 (Leese)

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Death and Burial of Joseph Homburger, J.P., 1911 (Edwards)

Claiborne County Probate Court Records:  Estate of Ishman Arthur (Landin)

Reganton Personals, 1891 (Nevels)

Memorial Gifts

Newman’s Grove Fire, 1916 (Price)

John Holmes Applies for a Bounty Land Warrant, 1855 (Dardeau)

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Land Grant for Mordecai Richards (Riffel)

The Providence Fire Company, No. 1, 1893 (Hamilton)

Anthony’s Ferry, 1883 (Price)

Americans Arriving at Coles Creek in the Natchez District, May 1782 (Baker)

Elks Club Picnic, 1883 (Price)

The Garifuna People (Dardeau)

Francis Marschalk, Son of the South’s “First Family” of Printing (Moore)

Vicksburg-Meridian Train Schedule, 1866 (Price)

In Memoriam:  Mary Lois Sheffield Ragland

David B. Gardner’s Federal Suit for Nonpayment, 1840 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg Mortuary Report, Week Ending May 19, 1883 (Price)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 19, No. 4 (Summer 2012)


The Colonel’s Coat:  Incident on Baker’s Creek (Moore)

Crops and Family News from W.T. Hamer in Salem, 1892 (Dardeau)

Jefferson County Schools End 1901 Session (Bowen)

March Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Edwards (Dardeau)

The 1947 Death and Burial of Nora Russ Mosinger Homburger (Edwards)

The Water Valley Eagle, 1868 (Price)

Burning of Prospect Hill:  A 1902 Letter to the Editor (Mills)

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1798 Inventory of Spanish Archives at Vicksburg (Riffel)

Memorial Gifts

Robert Field Obituary, 1935 (Leese)

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April Program Summary/Karen and Ed Hamilton (Dardeau)

James H. Martin, Warren County Tax Assessor, 1835-1902 (Nevels)

The A.M.E. Pastor and the Emancipation Day Celebration, 1885 (Price)

May Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Dardeau)

Hall and Bradshaw Family Cemetery (Landin)

J.H. Miner Saw Manufacturing Company:  A 1916 Letter (Dardeau)

Frank J. Fisher’s Thoughts on Removing Federal Dead from Jackson, 1901 (Price)

An 1855 Receipt from Thomas G. Clark, Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi (Dardeau)

William Henry Holtzclaw and the Utica Institute, 1906 (Dardeau)

Sgt. Ira W. Carpenter, Jr., is Commissioned, 1942 (Leese)

A Gin Stand for Tensas Parish, 1843 (Dardeau)

N.B. Scharff and Brother, 1862 (Price)

V.G.S. 2011-2012 Membership List

S. Luke Marby and an 1848 Canton Financial Matter (Dardeau)

Latricia M. Nelson-Easley, 2012 Shockley Award Recipient

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 19, No. 3 (Spring 2012)


Vicksburg Personals, 1901 (Nevels)

December Program Summary/Wayne McMaster (Landin)

Leonard Hubbard’s 1931 Perfect Attendance Certificate (Dardeau)

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January Program Summary/V.G.S Members (Dardeau)

Homburger-Stern 1917 New York Nuptials (Edwards)

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Yellow Fever at Natchez in 1823 (Riffel)

Iron Mountain Railroad to Visit Vicksburg, 1870 (Price)

February Program Summary/Anna Royston (Dardeau)

“1848 Journey to Memphis”:  William Young’s Journal (Mills)

Jefferson Davis Proposed as Railroad President, 1868 (Price)

Death of Marx Wolfe, 1918 (Edwards)

Mississippi Territory Population, 1816 (Dardeau)

John Lewis Price and a 1904 Sunday School Lesson (Leese)

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F. Francis Gildant Offers Security in Amite County Circuit Court, 1845 (Dardeau)

Holder-Limerick 1904 Nuptials (Bowen)

William Whitfield Purchases a North Carolina Slave, 1841 (Dardeau)

Condition of the Port Gibson Bank, 1841 (Moore)

Wrightsville Beach Museum of History

Catholic Church-Related Documents Filed in Claiborne County, 1861-1881 (Price)

Vandalism and Theft in the Convent Yard, 1884 (Price)

An Ill Eliza Hubbard Appeals to Her Husband in Vicksburg, ca. 1840 (Dardeau)

General Forrest at Columbus, 1869 (Price)

Wedding Congratulations, 1907 (Dardeau)

Bobb Family Marriages Recorded in Warren County Courthouse, 1830-1897 (Price)

Arrival of the Nicholas Longworth, 1869 (Price)

Virgie E. Smith and a 1912 Style Book (Dardeau)

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Index (Edwards)

Vol. 19, No. 2 (Winter 2011)


Elisha Albritton Family Bible Record (Landin)

News of the Typewriter Reaches Raymond, 1877 (Price)

A Hinds County Benedict Family, ca. 1850: A Little Chastisement (Dardeau).

Memorial Gifts

September Program Summary/Dr. David Slay (Dardeau)

D. Bullen and Company’s Claim Against the Estate of A.H. Buckels, 1857-1858 (Cole)

October Program Summary/Judy Riffel (Dardeau)

Mrs. Clara Pearson’s 1906 Holographic “Codicil” (Edwards)

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A Vicksburg Child is Killed, 1845 (Riffel)

November Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Edwards)

Resolution Concerning the Natchez Institute, 1850 (Dardeau)

Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery

“From a Native”:  1875 Recollections of Clarissa Crane Young (Mills)

Cristmas Greetings to the Price Hotel, 1922 (Leese)

Mary H. of Vicksburg Writes to Jane Jessup of Long Island, 1846 (Dardeau)

Lutz-Parker 1900 Nuptials (Price)

Louisiana Compensates James Lassley for Sale of a Runaway Slave, 1855 (Riffel)

Carroll Parish Suits Against F. Boswell and Govy Hood, 1854 (Dardeau)

Delta, Louisiana, Town Lot Sale, 1869 (Price)

The Dredge Boat Herndon and Harbor Improvements, 1883 (Price)

Edgar D. Stone’s Request for Geological Reports (Dardeau)

The Humphreys-Williams Wedding, 1901 (Nevels)

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Canton Masonic Lodge’s Resolutions of Respect, 1913 (Dardeau)

First Bale of Cotton, 1869 (Price)

Gibsland, Louisiana, Train Wreck, 1920 (Price)

Richard Griffith Dispenses Medical Advice to His Jackson Family, 1878 (Dardeau)

Change in Train Schedule, 1866 (Price)

Claiborne County Honor Pupils, June 1909 (Leese)

Grand Father’s Property”:  An 1846 Letter from Vicksburg (Dardeau)

A Benton, Arkansas, Church Bulletin, 1949 (Dardeau)

Book Reviews (Edwards and Dardeau)

Getting Married in Pontotoc:  An 1866 Letter to Bartlett (Dardeau)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 19, No. 1 (Fall 2011)


James Cotten, Amelia Montgomery, and Relocating Freed Slaves, 1859 (Mills)

Memorial Gifts

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A/C Laurence W. Dismore and Selman Field, 1943 (Dardeau)

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Prisoner Abuse at the Big Black River, 1883 (Price)

William Williams Family Bible (Landin)

Catholic Picnic, 1883 (Price)

Captain T.P. Leathers’ Natchez VII and the Pointe Coupée Oaks (Moore)

General Tilghman’s Reburial, 1901 (Price)

War Reports from Arkansas, 1863 (Dardeau)

Sale of Joseph Barnard’s Cattle, 1788 (Riffel)

“No Money Enclosed”:  J. Morrow’s 1875 Letter to Singer Manufacturing Company (Dardeau)

Reburial of Major D.W. Flowerree, 1879 (Edwards)

Abraham Whitaker and 1827 Family Matters (Leese)

Death of Merritt Williams, Last Confederate Veteran, 1937 (Edwards)

Accident at Bolton’s Depot, 1867 (Price)

Noah Plumb Sends Payment to James Surget in Natchez, 1836 (Dardeau)

Reynolds-Wiley 1840 Wilkinson County Marriage (Silverberg)

Survey of the Yazoo Valley Railroad, 1869 (Price)

Military Special Orders Affecting Mississippi, 1869 (Dardeau)

Tutorship for Frances L. Murdoch, 1861 (Riffel)

Proposed Railroad Expansion for Vicksburg, 1869 (Price)

W.S. Skellinger Enrolls His Daughter at the Sisters of Mercy Academy, 1885 (Price)

The 1853 Yellow Fever Epidemic in New Orleans and Port Gibson:  Letters to Clarissa Young (Mills)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 18, No. 4 (Summer 2011)


Medora Cotton Field, 1846-1919 (Leese)

James Cotten Frees His Slaves, 1850 (Mills)

March Program Summary/Dr. Mary Collins Landin (Dardeau)

Henry Anna Joyner’s 1859 Desoto County Power of Attorney (Dardeau)

Four Mississippi Couples Marry in Louisiana, 1869 (Price)

April Program Summary/Mary Louise Nosser (Dardeau)

An 1807 Cotton Dispute in the Mississippi Territory (Riffel)

Vicksburg Steamboat Arrivals, 1849 (Price)

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Passing of Milton Homburger, 1906 (Edwards

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Blanche Douglass Leathers, Mississippi Steamboat Captain (Moore)

May Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Dardeau)

Caleb Dawley Bonney Family Bible Records (Landin)

Train Wreck, 1866 (Price)

William L. And Minerva S. Sharkey Convey Property, 1834 (Rule)

Vicksburg National Cemetery, 1883 (Price)

A 1907 Visit to Columbus (Dardeau)

Horn-McRaven Land Transfer, 1897 (Dardeau)

VGS 2010-2011 Membership List (Edwards)

Sexton’s Report, 1842 (Price)

J. Charles Riles, 2011 Shockley Award Recipient

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 18, No. 3 (Spring 2011)


Clara A. Pearson Writes T.M. Harwood from Grand Gulf (Edwards)

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Major W.J. Sykes Addresses the Chamber of Commerce, 1870 (Price)

Our Printer

December Program Summary/James Earl (Sam) Price (Dardeau)

Steamboat Letter from Monroe to New Orleans:  Settlement of the Grayson Estate, 1846 (Dardeau)

Contacting Your Editor

Romanti Paquinet’s 1840 Fatal Accident (Riffel and Price)

Death of Quitman A. Burch, 1894 (Edwards)

January Program Summary/V.G.S. Members (Dardeau)

Dr. Hamberlin’s “Horrible Death,” 1848 (Haining)

The McGill Brothers of Big Point, 1913 (Dardeau)

Visit to the World’s Fair, 1933 (Leese)

Poverty Point State Historic Site

William Dunbar, Pioneer Scientist, 1749-1810 (Bowen)

Smedes-Bronax Marriage, 1849 (Price)

James Cotten’s 1859 Power of Attorney (Mills)

February Program Summary/Dr. Douglas Richardson (Dardeau)

East Feliciana Planter J. Smylie Montgomery’s Letter to His Amite County Mother, 1857 (Dardeau)

Louis Leyens and the Good Restaurant, 1868 (Price)

Confederate Memorial Day, 1916 (Price)

Hugh Emerson Vandiver’s News from Camp Shelby, 1918 (Dardeau)

Missing Persons Online Database

War of 1812 Records

A Serious Eye Problem, 1954 (Dardeau)

Explosion at Refuge Oil Mills, 1883 (Price)

From Winona to Selma:  A Baptist Minister’s 1901 Letter (Dardeau)

“John Chinaman”:  Chinese Railroad Workers in Vicksburg, 1870 (Price)

Failure of a New York Business:  A New Orleans Letter to James Cotten, 1846 (Dardeau)

The 1843 Pension Law (Price)

Fire at Wesson, 1868 (Price)

Book Review (Dardeau)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 18, No. 2 (Winter 2010)


Recipients of the Navy Cross, 1943 (Bowen)

Memorial Gifts

Opening of Choctaw Lands to Mississippi Citizens, 1832 (Dardeau)

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September Program Summary/John Hesselberg (Dardeau)

Confederate Philatelic Genealogy in Mississippi (Miller)

Ludke-Kappler Marriage Announcement, 1908 (Edwards)

The Dixie Overland Highway (J.E. Price)

Orphans Court Entries Related to the Estate of James Whitaker, 1820 (Cole)

October Program Summary/Sister Paulinus Oakes (Edwards)

Vicksburg Vignettes from Plaquemine Papers, 1834-1860 (Riffel)

Our Printer

Excursion Trains, 1866 (J.E. Price)

November Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Edwards (Dardeau)

Captain Isaac R. Whitaker, 1864 (Leese)

A Possible Marshall County Business Deal, 1888 (Dardeau)

James Phillips, Jr., Bible (Landin)

W.H. Hall’s Subscription Delinquency Notice, 1873 (Dardeau)

Beechwood Dance, 1870 (J.E. Price)

The William Briscoes:  Some Confusion and Clarification (P. Price)

An 1874 Pontotoc County Sharecrop Agreement (Dardeau)

Burial of Dora Russ Heiman, 1918 (Edwards)

“Adam is near Vixburg”:  War News Reaches New Jersey, 1863 (Dardeau)

Joseph A. Montgomery of Woodville and His Natchez Creditors, 1840 (Dardeau)

Rabbi Bien, Poet, 1883 (J.E. Price)

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 18, No. 1 (Fall 2010)


Mississippi and World War II:  Four Letters (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Dues Notice

Obituary of Amanda McCall Myles, 1887 (Edwards)

Your Quarterly

Waterproof Cutoff, 1884 (Price)

Marriage of William Curtis and Elizabeth Whitaker, 1819 (Cole)

 Concordia Parish Succession of Mrs Lydia Bass, 1828-1831 (Bowen)

J.S. Rogers, Jackson Land Agent, 1905 (Dardeau)

Cooper’s Well/Wells (Riffel)

Searching for Cude, Mississippi:  Do Not Give Up (Price)

The 1879 Obituary of Captain Henry Ruffner Morrison (Nevels)

A Mississippi Territory Summons for Charles M. Gram, 1817 (Dardeau)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 17, No. 4 (Summer 2010)


Natchez Residents’ 1780 Petition (Riffel)

Dues Notice

Memorial Gifts

March Program Summary/Dr. Mary Collins Landin (Dardeau)

Ice on the Mississippi River, 1831 (Dardeau)

Contacting Your Editor

Proposed Railroad from Vicksburg to Mississippi City, 1870 (Price)

Elmore-Perkins Land Transfer, 1835 (Cole)

In Memoriam, Ann R. Ferguson, 1879 (Edwards)

Cooper’s Well Accommodations and Transportation, 1866 (Price)

April Program Summary/Lamar Roberts and others (Dardeau)

Gulf Coast Hurricane, 1901 (Schultz)

Preserving Mississippi’s Oldest Records

Concordia Parish Succession of Elijah Bass, 1835-1836 (Bowen)

Our Printer

Your Quarterly

Union Soldier Joseph D. Wyman’s Letter from Ship Island, 1862 (Dardeau)

Medieval Battle Records Website

Emma Butler Marshall and a 1907 Street Car Accident (Price)

Broken Axle at Forest, 1869 (Price)

Death and Burial of Abraham Ruhman, 1893 (Edwards)

St. Aloysius Commercial College, 1885 (Price)

May Program Summary/Carole Schultz (Dardeau)

William P. Briscoe and an Issaquena County Legal Matter, 1832 (Dardeau)

Murder of John H. Bobb, 1864 (Price)

Records of A.J. Martin Marble and Granite Works

Tomatoes in Georgetown, 1912 (Dardeau)

Settling the Estate of Dr. Salmon Clapp, 1852-1854 (Dardeau)

VGS 2009-2010 Membership List (Edwards)

Appropriating Funds for the Confederate Annex (Price)

Carolyn Martin Cole 2010 Shockley Award Recipient

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Index (Edwards)


Vol. 17, No. 3 (Spring 2010)


Gibson Family Guardianship Cases, 1805 (Cole)

J.M. Crow, Oldest Ford Driver, 1931 (Riffel)

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The Vicksburg, Shreveport, and Texas Stage Line, 1868 (Price)

December Program Summary/Lamar Roberts (Edwards)

Dublin’s Catholic Archbishops, 1152-Present, and Irish Archival Sources (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Concordia Parish Succession of David Smith, 1829 (Bowen)

Fire at Pass Christian, 1869 (Price)

Death of Major James T. Coleman, 1905 (Edwards)

Deer Creek Article:  Comments and Corrections

January Program Summary/Mary Anne Dotson (Dardeau)

Will of Charles P. Bobb, 1901 (Price)

Brunswick Town, North Carolina

Cannonsburg Horse Breeder Carsons Concern for His Ill Son, 1917 (Dardeau)

February Program Summary/Richard Taylor (Dardeau)

Memories of Clara Warren Pearson (Edwards)

Our Printer

Terry’s Daily Stage Line, 1862 (Price)

A Florida Power of Attorney for James Moore, 1857 (Dardeau)

Visit of Railway Agent, Isaac Paist, 1866 (Price)

Limerick Chemical Sand, 1861-1862 (Price)

A Disturbance and Foul Language, 1883 (Price)

The 1915 Death of Louis Heiman (Edwards)

Henry O. McEnery and Cotton Gin Stands for Monroe, 1847 (Dardeau)

W.F. Price, Candidate for House Doorkeeper, 1850 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg, Meridian Railroad Manifests, June 2, 1867 (Price)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 17, No. 2 (Winter 2009)


C.W. Katzenmeyer Recalls the 1878 Yellow Fever Epidemic, 1934 (Katzenmeyer and Katzenmeyer)

September Program Summary/Peter B. Miazza (Dardeau)

Mary Hamel Schaffer, 1840-1931:  “Venerable Citizen Passes Away” (Haining)

Memorial Gifts

October Program Summary/Jim Barnett (Dardeau)

Deer Creek Planters and Employment of Freedmen and Freedwomen, 1868 (Price)

Genealogical Research and Resources in Bermuda (Dardeau)

A 1786 Land Dispute at Natchez (Riffel)

Arrest of Bishop Quinlan of Mobile, 1863 (Dardeau)

Max Homburger’s News from Kelly Field, 1918 (Edwards

Our Printer

Contacting Your Editor

Will of James Whitaker, 1820 (Cole)

A Sunken Boat and a Salvaged Cargo, 1847 (Dardeau)

E.B. Helgason Purchases a Cemetery Lot, 1912 (O’Neill)

November Program Summary/E.A. (Tony) Dardeau, Jr. (Edwards)

Death and Burial of Della Gates Benner, 1937 (Edwards)

Rev. Gordon W. White of Canebrake and Performance of a Truss, 1929 (Dardeau)

Your Quarterly

Railway Accident near Oxford, Mississippi, 1870 (Price)

A Hall Family Marshall County Land Transaction, 1879 (Dardeau)

Claiborne County Instructions to School Principals, 1882 (Edwards)

Whitaker Land Transfer, Clinton, 1889 (Dardeau)

Mention of “Frances” in Port Gibson in an 1843 Bristol Family Letter (Dardeau)

Interest in Marshall County Land, 1876 (Dardeau)

The 1863 Obituary of Francis Marion Meyers (Price)

Dr. A. Berry Opens a Raymond Dental Office, 1862 (Price)

Pre-Election News from Mississippi as Reported in New Hampshire, 1876 (Dardeau)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 17, No. 1 (Fall 2009)

An Appeal for Contributions (Dardeau)

Landlot Porter Family Cemetery (Landin)

Proposed Road from Baton Rouge to Natchez, 1785 (Riffel)

Locust Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery (Edwards)

Memorial Gifts

V. Blaine Russell Remembers Katzenmeyer's Bakery, 1942 (Katzenmeyer and Katzenmeyer)

Contacting Your Editor

Akers Family Visits Lanesville, 1902 (Dardeau)

Follow-Up Information on Ann Gibson (Cole)


Dues Notice

En Route to Kansas City, 1878, Richard Griffith Writes to His Mother (Dardeau)

In Holly Springs and Missing Shelby, Ohio, 1912 (Dardeau)

Italian Workers Stage a Railroad Strike, 1873 (Price)

Genealogical Source Materials Online

Your Quarterly

Our Printer

Death and Burial of Lieutenant Hiram H. Benner, 1878 (Edwards)

New Online Home for "Louisiana Ancestors"

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Senator John Black Conveys Jackson Property, 1841 (Dardeau)

Joseph Homburger-Nora Russ Mossinger 1885 Marriage (Edwards)

Clara A. Pearson's 1881 Teaching Certificate (Edwards)

Completing the VS&T Railroad, 1866 (Price)

Identifying Remains of Military Personnel Who Fought in Korea

Alice Routh, St. Mary's Boys' Asylum, and a Newellton Family Matter, 1891 (Dardeau)

Claiborne County Railroad Suit, 1885 (Price)

A Swimming Hole for Amite County, 1917 (Dardeau)

Sitka, Alaska's, Russian Roots (Dardeau)

Alexander Hunter-Nelson H. Graham Slave Sale Dispute, 1811 (Dardeau)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)



Vol. 16, No. 4 (Summer 2009)

Purchase of Soldiers Rest, 1867 (Keulegan)

March Program Summary/Mary Anne Dotson (Dardeau)

Anthony Hutchins Complains About Problems in Natchez, 1798 (Riffel)

N.L. Brabston Requests Help from Charlie Wallace in Railroad Case, 1911 (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

New Convent Building for the Sisters of Mercy, 1885 (Price)

Dues Notice

Death of Mrs. Rebecca Caspar Russ, 1908 (Edwards)

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Life at Camp Shelby, 1942 (Dardeau)

Katzenmeyer's Bakery (Katzenmeyer and Katzenmeyer)

Natchitoches Parish French Colonial Records

David Slay Family Cemetery (Landin)

Mrs. Coate's Leg Amputated at Brookhaven, 1869 (Price)

Heirs of William Curtis:  A Ninety-Nine Year Lease to James Snodgrass, 1833-34 (Cole)

Alcorn County Records Transfer

Your Quarterly

James Might Have Typhoid Fever:  An 1850 Letter to Carroll Parish (Dardeau)

April Program Summary/H.Grady Howell, Jr. (Dardeau)

Lottie Ohleyer Enrolls at the Sisters of Mercy Academy, 1885 (Price)

May Program Summary/Tricia Nelson-Easley (Dardeau)

Officers of the Alabama Grand Lodge, 1853:  Helion Lodge #1 is Notified (Dardeau)

Our Printer

Contacting Your Editor

Mt. Alban M.B. Church Cemetery (Edwards)

Col. John Walsh and the Knights of St. John Convention, 1885 (Price)

First Presbyterian Church, Benton, Arkansas, Membership, 1958 (Dardeau)

James Earl (Sam) Price, 2009 Shockley Award Recipient

VGS 2008-2009 Membership List (Edwards)

Madison County Court Martial of John G. Ott, 1844 (Dardeau)

Wesson's Dr. R.W. Rea and His Devon Cattle, 1883 (Dardeau)

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 16, No. 3 (Spring 2009)


Methodist Episcopal Church South Sunday School Picnic, 1885 (Price)

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Maxwell-Lipscomb Nuptials:  Congratulations from Minden, 1934 (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Porter's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery (Edwards)

Our Printer

December Program Summary/Joyce Dixon-Lawson (Dardeau)

Need for a Spanish Consul at Natchez (Riffel)

John Dugan's Mexican War Service Petition (Franks)

Joseph Leavell Family Cemetery (Landin)

"Bread and Horse Meat," 1938 (Katzenmeyer and Katzenmeyer)

Concordia Parish Succession of Rachel Groves, 1837 (Bowen)

January Program Summary/Dr. Mary Collins Landin (Dardeau)

Construction of the Confederate Annex, 1900 (Keulegan)

Demise of Mr. T. Rail, 1866 (Price)

February Program Summary/Dr. Mary Collins Landin, Dr. Emma Pauline Keulegan, and E.A. (Tony) Dardeau, Jr. (Edwards)

Will of Martin Nevals/Nevels, 1838 (Nevels)

Steamboat-Railroad Trans-Shipments, 1866 (Price)

Yazoo City's Pugh Brothers:  Funding Education in 1839 (Dardeau)

Caleb Perkins-Cyrinthia Whitaker Nuptials, 1830 (Cole)

"...Horse Killed in Battle" (Haining)

Your Quarterly

Combat Deaths of the Coleman Brothers, 1864 (Edwards)

"Some Wholesome Truths":  An 1883 Bolton Letterhead (Dardeau)

A 1921 Benoit, Mississippi, Love Letter (Dardeau)

Mississippi River Routes Needs Your Input

Mulberry Street Tracks and a Threat of Cowhide:  Three 1870 Letters to the Editor (Price)

Contacting Your Editor


VGS Publications Price List

Index (Edwards)


Vol. 16, No. 2 (Winter 2008)

Henry Folkes, "An Old and Respectable Citizen" (Haining)

An 1866 Vicksburg Baseball Game (Price)

Incident at Livingston:  The Mississippi Slave Insurrection Conspiracy of 1835 (Franks)

Your Quarterly

Possible Slave Sale to Settle a Debt in Fayette, 1844 (Dardeau)

James G. Moore of Vicksburg Files Suit in West Baton Rouge Parish, 1826 (Riffel)

Memorial Gifts

Our Printer
September Program Summary/Lamar Roberts (Dardeau)
Conflict over Moving the Louisiana Confederate Monument, 1913 (Keulegan)
A letter from New Carthage:  Settlement of an 1834 Note (Dardeau)
October Program Summary/Clay Williams (Edwards)
Annie Russ:  Untimely Death of a Young Bride-to-Be, 1904 (Edwards)
Miss Alma Lee Blocksom's Reminiscences of the Bush Family (Landin)
Vicksburg Catholic News, 1885 (Price)
Adams County Petition of Winfield S. and Sarah Perkins Gibson, 1850 (Cole)
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Mississippi War News, July 1863 (Dardeau)
New URL for Le Comité Website
St. Paul A.M.E. Church Cemetery (Edwards)
Contacting Your Editor
November Program Summary/Dr. Robert M. Wallace (Dardeau)
Trials and Tribulations of H. Enyart in 1837 Rural Ouachita Parish (Dardeau)
Examination and Entertainment at St. Aloysius Academy, 1885 (Price)
VGS Publications Price List
Index (Edwards)


Vol. 16, No. 1 (Fall 2008)


Barrett Family Bible (Romano)
S. Holder's Beer License Revoked, 1888 (Rule)
A "Seafaring" Man Assesses the Moral Climate of Natchez, 1818 (Dardeau)
Death of Little Jacob Homburger, 1892 (Edwards)
Tribute and Elergy for Malvina Norwood Folkes, 1860 (Folkes)
Hinds County Confederate Soldiers and Widows, 1911, Part 2 (Landin)
The Vicksburg Gamblers Incident, Independence Day, 1835 (Franks)
Memorial Gifts
Your Quarterly
Tribute to Duff Green, 1880 (Sharp)
Jefferson Davis and the Court Martial of Brevet Major Henshaw, 1856 (Dardeau)
Contacting Your Editor
Our Printer
Clara Harwood Purchases a Wintergreen Cemetery Lot, 1887 (Edwards)
Natchez Arrivals and Commerce, 1792 (Riffel)
Dues Increase Effective June 1, 2008
Hatching Eggs at Alcorn A&M, 1902 (Dardeau)
A Page from the Bedford Family Bible (Farr)
Death of Rev. Dr. Walter Hillman, 1894 (Edwards)
Fire on East Avenue, 1900 (Ragland)
Claiborne County Will of Ann Gibson, 1827 (Cole)
Territorial and County Taxes, Daniel Whitaker Estate, 1810-1815 (Downing)
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Book Reviews (Huval)
New Towns in Mississippi, 1836 (Dardeau)
Genealogical Adage
Report of a New Orleans Trip:  An 1839 Letter from Grand Gulf/Gulph (Dardeau)
VGS Publications Price List
Index (Edwards)


Vol. 15, No. 4 (Summer 2008)

Adams County Petition of Elizabeth McCullough, 1850 (Cole)
Sandy Creek/Second Creek Inhabitants Select William Ratcliffe Committee Man, 1797 (Riffel)
Hinds County Confederate Soldiers and Widows, 1911, Part 1 (Landin)
George P. and William F. Miller (Ferguson)
March Program Summary/Dr. Paul Richmond, Mary Anne Dotson, and Bobbie Beyers Ferguson (Dardeau)
Oglesby Brothers 1938 Land Transfer (Farr)
Death of W.A. Colley, 1900 (Ragland)
Memorial Gifts
Means Family Bible (Means)
Courthouse Clock Maintenance, 1890 (Rule)
Death of Martha A. Woodson, 1853 (Nevels)
Our Printer
April Program Summary/J.E (Sam) Price (Dardeau)
Mississippi Newspapers Prior to 1820 (Moore)
Dues Increase Effective June 1, 2008
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The Good Life in Arcadia, 1892 (Dardeau)
Administrator's Notice, Estate of Thomas Downing, Sr., 1845 (Downing)
May Program Summary/H. Grady Howell, Jr. (Ferguson)
DAR Menbership Process:  An Example Using William Lanier (Herzog)
The "Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
Jefferson County Courthouse Fire, 1901 (Dardeau)
H. Grady Howell, Jr., 2008 Shockley Award Recipient
VGS 2007-2008 Membership List (Ferguson)
Tribute to Governor Claiborne, 1803 (Dardeau)
Postal Savings System
VGS Publications Price List
Index (Ferguson)


Vol. 15, No. 3 (Spring 2008)


Dart-Davis Family Bible (Herzog)
Death of a Child, Martha Stuart Limerick, 1896 (Bowen)
J.C. Jones Estate Account, Hancock County, 1856 (Dardeau)
Courthouse Repairs and Supplies, 1888 (Rule)
Life in Byhalia, 1890:  A Letter to "Aunt Lou" (Means)
A Dentist Relocates, 1912 (Ragland)
Memorial Gifts
December Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Ferguson (Dardeau)
Natchez Arrivals and Commerce, 1791 (Riffel)
Family Issues, Crops, and Slaves in 1857 Kilmichael (Dardeau)
New VGS Evening Meeting Place
Administrators' Bond for Ambrose Foster, Deceased, 1834 (Cole)
Some Chickens for Ruston, 1911 (Dardeau)
Your Quarterly
Raymond, Mississippi, 1846 (Downing)
Contacting Your Editor
Our Printer
January Program Summary/Harry Carter Sharp (Dardeau)
Hinds County Confederate Soldiers and Widows, 1907, Supervisor's District No. 5 and Countywide Listings (Landin)
February Program Summary/Dr. Paul Richmond (Dardeau)
Mrs. Dave Edgar Temple Purchases Franklin County Land, 1942 (Farr)
Jackson Odd Fellows Reject James Plank, 1846 (Dardeau)

Mrs. C.J. Miller's 90th Birthday, 1947 (Ferguson)
"The Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
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Duel at Vicksburg, 1839 (Franks)
Prince Edward Island Genealogy
Will of Wesley Woodford Neely, 1867 (Nevels)
Clara Pearson's 1880 Teaching Certificate (Ferguson)
VGS Publications Price List

Index (Ferguson)


Vol. 15, No. 2 (Winter 2007)


C.J. Miller and the Whiskey Jug (Ferguson)
September Program Summary/Judy Riffel (Dardeau)
Sarah W. Billingslea Estate, Administrator's Sale, 1859 (Downing)
C.S.A. Private Joseph B. Johnson (Loviza)
Problems with a Hound, 1929 (Dardeau)
Our Printer
Oglesby Family Land Transfer, Franklin County, 1938 (Farr)
Authorization of a DeSoto-Vicksburg Ferry, 1866 (Riffel)
A Near-Fatal Overdose, 1900 (Ragland)
October Program Summary/Matt Atkinson (Ferguson)
A Grammar Lesson and a Garden in Satartia, 1836 (Dardeau)
Your Quarterly
Hinds County Confederate Soldiers and Widows, 1907, Supervisor's Districts Nos. 2, 3, and 4 (Landin)
November Program Summary/Sue Roberts (Ferguson)
Hudson-Means Marshall County Land Transfer, 1838-1839 (Means)
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Obituaries of John Aldridge and Jane Gustine Conner Limerick (Bowen)
Memorial Gifts
VGS Dues Increase Effective June 1, 2008
Happy 1910 from Vicksburg (Dardeau)
Impressions of a Vicksburg Visitor, 1856 (Franks)
Newellton High School's 1928 Graduation (Dardeau)
Thomas Goode and Zaccheus Aills Family Cemetery (Landin)
Contacting Your Editor
C.S.A. Sergeant Chas. E. Hutchison's Letters Home and the Muster Roll of His Unit, 1863-1864 (Roberts)
Passing of Robert E. Hoagland
VGS Publications Price List
Index (Ferguson)


Vol. 15, No. 1 (Fall 2007)

Sergeant Chas. E. Hutchinson's 1863 Diary of a Confederate Soldier in the Army of Northern Virginia (Roberts)
Dr. George Stuart:  Two 1904 Obituaries (Bowen)
Tragedy of the Packet Bulletin, 1855 (Franks)
Your Quarterly
The "Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
Please Register or Update Your E-Mail Address
Births Recorded in the Benjamin Means Bible (Means)
Funeral Notice of Daniel Searles, 1900 (Ragland)
F.B. Billingslea Estate, Final Settlement, 1857 (Downing)
New VGS Evening Meeting Site
Hinds County Confederate Soldiers and Widows, 1907, Supervisor's District No. 1 (Landin)
Dues Notice
Americans Request Permission to Settle in the Natchez District, 1787 (Riffel)
The 1817 Obituary of Anna Eliza Virginia Claiborne (Moore)
C.S.A Sergeant John Alexander Harris (Loviza)
Will of Francis Burroughs, 1866 (Ferguson)
Pinckneyville Tornado, 1806 (Dardeau)
Our Printer
Some Lockhart, Mississippi, Letters, 1892-1906 (Dardeau)
Memorial Gifts
In Memoriam:  Grady Webster Leese
VGS Publications Price List
Index (Ferguson)


Vol. 14, No. 4 (Summer 2007)


Hinds County Registered Voters, Supervisor's District No. 3, 1891 (Landin)
Two 1929 Burials:  Emil Meyer and Mrs. Josie B. Snyder (Ragland)
March Program Summary/Bobbie Beyers Ferguson, E.A. (Tony) Dardeau, Jr., Ruthie Beard, and James Beard (Roberts)
Will Willing and Miss Lutie:  Two 1888 Love Letters (Dardeau)
Dues Notice
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Francis B. Billingslea, 1790-1852 (Downing)
Kitty Foot, Free Woman of Color, 1845 (Rule)
Eva Barnard's Fair Adventures (Means)
Contacting Your Editor
Our Printer
Your Quarterly
April Program Summary/Betty Bullard (Dardeau)
Benjamin Belk's 1782 Petition for Land at Natchez (Riffel)
Murder of Dr. Chamberlain, 1851 (Franks)
John Joseph Loviza's 1921 Naval Disharge (Loviza)
May Program Summary/Lamar Roberts (Dardeau)
Isabella Charlotte Hutchins Claiborne (Moore)
Reunited Courtesy of the Post, 1936 (Ferguson)
Juanita Limerick McRae Obituary, 1936 (Bowen)
Masonic Grand Masters of Mississippi, 1818-1919 (Leese)
The Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
VGS 2006-2007 Membership List (Ferguson)
Monroe County 1885 Taxes for Bernard Karthe (Dardeau)
Complimentary Genealogical Forms
Judy Riffel, 2007 Shockley Award Recipient
VGS Publications Price List
Index (Ferguson)

Vol. 14, No. 3 (Spring 2007)


Dr. Stephen Duncan, Issaquena County's Absentee Cotton Nabob (Franks)
The Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
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Oak Ridge School, 1922 (Ragland)
Y&MV Railway Company Seniority List, 1930 (Leese and Leese)
Memorial Gifts
December Program Summary/Michael Wright (Dardeau)
An Appeal for Settlers:  Theodore Goodlet's 1850 Letter from Ouachita Parish (Dardeau)
Trimble-Downing 1856 Bill of Sale for Slave Morris (Downing)
Fidelity Oaths at New Madrid, 1790 (Riffel)
January Program Summary/Dr. Daniel P. Edney (Dardeau)
David Servis-Ransaler Birch 1857 Power of Attorney (Hoagland)
Washington-on-the-Brazos, the Birthplace of Texas
Eva Barnard's 1928 Letter from Venezuela (Means)
Mississippi River Commission 1944 V-Mail:  A Letter from F.P.O. San Francisco (Dardeau)
Josephine Johnson Baptismal Certificate, 1860 (Loviza)
Our Printer
Mississippian Charles Hillman Brough Becomes Governor of Arkansas, 1916 (Ferguson)
Warren County Sheriffs (Rule)
Contacting Your Editor
Your Quarterly
February Program Summary/Libby Hollingsworth (Dardeau)
Mary Patterson Claiborne Stanford, Claiborne County Poet and Author (Moore)
Steamer Ben Hur Sinks, 1916 (Roberts)

Catholic Sacramental Records of Military Service Personnel

VGS Publications Price List

Index (Ferguson)


Vol. 14, No. 2 (Winter 2006)


Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Gunmen in Adams County, 1815 (Moore)
Nash and Ewing:  Two August 1852 Canton Deaths (Downing)
Chapel Hill School, Hinds County (Loviza)
The Louisiana Legislature Grants Ferry Privileges on the Mississippi at Vidalia, 1871 (Riffel)
Requiem for Corporal Robert Paul Platzer (Ferguson)
F.B. Ernest and Some Cribs for Natchez, 1851 (Dardeau)
September Program Summary/Geneva Williams (Ferguson)
Life and Death of Colonel Alexander K. McClung, 1855 (Franks)
Duncan McBryde Campbell Funeral, 1876 (Nevels)
Pupils at Oak Ridge School, Hinds County, 1919-1940 (Landin)
Memorial Gifts
Your Quarterly
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October Program Summary/Charlie Mitchell (Ferguson)
Adams-Shields Tallulah Nuptials (Means)
Contacting Your Editor
Our Printer
November Program Summary/E.A (Tony) Dardeau, Jr. (Ferguson)
John W. Head Becomes a Presbyterian, 1935 (Rule)
The "Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
Calendar Website
Personal News from 1900 (Ragland)
Naturalization Papers for Michael Bourkenagis, 1847 (Downing)
A Little Scheming Among Natchez and New York Lawyers, 1844 (Dardeau)
Free USPS Publication
Vicksburg 1869 Sexton's Reports (Cotton)
High Prices in Biloxi, 1919 (Dardeau)
Oscar Simmons in Carroll Parish:  1866 News from His Minnesota Wife (Dardeau)
Ellen Servis Writes Her New Jersey Cousin, William, 1884 (Hoagland)
Prices from Head House, Crystal Springs, 1895 (Dardeau)
VGS Publications Price List
Index (Ferguson)


Vol. 14, No. 1 (Fall 2006)


Farr Family Bible (Farr)
Dues Notice
Memorial Gifts
William Barnard:  Returning from Okinawa, 1945 (Means)
Religious News from Liberty:  An 1852 Letter to Yokena (Rule)
Death of Fannie Sparrow Ashbridge, 1929 (Ragland)
Pupils at Newman Consolidated School, Hinds County, 1919-1931 (Landin)
Missouri Birth and Death Records Website
Samuel Stamps and the Sale of a Monticello Wagon and Team, 1828 (Dardeau)
Orphans Court Order for the Estate of Daniel Whitaker, 1809 (Downing)
E-Mail Registration

Nancy Quine and Martha Lott, Two Nineteenth-Century Mississippi Women Planters (Dardeau)
George Rapalje Accepts Transfer of Hutchins Slaves, 1782 (Riffel)
Young Parkman Nuptials at Bolton's Depot, 1872 (Cotton)
Your Quarterly
Two Sisters:  A Marriage and a Suicide, 1911 (Ferguson)
The Steamboat Volant Burns, 1853 (Franks)
Our Printer
A Parole for C.S.A. Private J.C. Pierce (Loviza)
A Marshall County Guardianship Receipt, 1870 (Dardeau)
Hiram McCaskey Writes His Mother from Holly Springs, 1898 (Dardeau)
Jefferson and Varina Davis and the Winchester-Leathers Invitation, 1880 (Moore)
Contacting Your Editor
The "Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
Proposed 1861 and 1867 Carroll Parish-Issaquena County Boundary Changes (Riffel)
Area Deaths and a Marriage Reported in Port Gibson, 1894 (Nevels)
Missing Irene of Shreveport:  Two 1925 Letters from Brookhaven and Natchez (Dardeau)
Joseph Thomas Reilly Baptismal Certificate, 1910 (Loviza)
VGS Publications Price List
Index (Ferguson)


Vol. 13, No. 4 (Summer 2006)


Inventory of the Effects of Louis Déchenne, 1797 (Riffel).
Collection of Taxes in "Insurrectionary Districts":  A Tallahatchie County Example, 1866 (Dardeau)
Burial of Robert M. Baum, 1917 (Ferguson)

March Program Summary/Paul Richmond (Dardeau)
An 1811 Tuition Receipt:  Further Evidence of a Downing-Whitaker Marriage Date (Downing)
Memorial Gifts
Contacting Your Editor
Your Quarterly
Eva Barnard's Friend, Georgia Howell, Writes from Springhill, 1932 (Means)
Some 1846 Deaths (Ragland)
April Program Summary/Glenda Tilson (Dardeau)
Herring-Farr Marriage Proposal and Rejection, 1849 (Farr)
Almost a Duel, 1871 (Cotton)
May Program Summary/Jane J. Williams, C.G. (Ferguson)
Vicksburg's First Presbyterian Church Membership, 1872-1899 (Nevels)
Dues Notice
News from Big Black:  Deaths of Two Young Men and Settlement of an Estate, 1836 (Dardeau, Rule, and Ragland)
Johnson-Reilly Wedding Invitation, 1904 (Loviza)
Claiborne County Influences on the 1884 Creation of Mississippi University for Women (Leese)
Reply to a 1912 Wedding Invitation (Rule)
Pupils at Duke School, Hinds County, 1918-1931 (Landin)
Our Printer
E-Mail Registration
The "Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
Dr. Mary Collins Landin, 2006 Shockley Award Recipient
R.P. Smiley, Amite County Grand Juror, 1866 (Dardeau)
VGS 2005-2006 Membership List (Rule)
St. Mary Basilica, Natchez, Mississippi (Dardeau)
VGS Publications Price List
Index (Ferguson)


Vol. 13, No. 3 (Spring 2006)


Murff Family Papers, 1866-1877 (Dardeau)
Your Quarterly
December Program Summary/Nellie Caldwell (Dardeau)
Vicksburg's First Presbyterian Church Membership, 1833-1871 (Nevels)
Americans and Others Arriving at the Spanish Post of Nogales, 1795 (Riffel)
Claiborne-Hutchins Family Funeral Notices (Moore)
Memorial Gifts
January Program Summary/Emma Keulegan (Dardeau)
Eva Barnard's 1932 Automobile Raffle (Means)
Thomas Downing's Receipt, 1811 (Downing)
Jim Fagan and Bessie O'Cavanagh: Business and Family, 1913-1915 (Snyder)
February Program Summary/Dr. William Ashley Vaughan (Ferguson)
Pupils at Ross School, Hinds County, 1919-1930 (Landin)
Our Printer
Funeral of Jacob Frederick Baum, 1891 (Ferguson)
Southern Argus, 1845 (Ragland)
Will of Mary R.B. Townsend, 1867 (Rule)
Contacting Your Editor
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 13, No. 2 (Winter 2005)


Richard Claiborne's "Penelope" Letters:  Letter 3 (Moore)

E-Mail Registration

September Program Summary/Daniel K. Fordice, III (Dardeau)

Stone County Teachers' Contracts, 1917-1924 (Baylot)


John Lewis Requests a Natchez Land Grant, 1798 (Riffel)

Eva O'Cavanagh Cross Obituary, 1901 (Snyder)

Your Quarterly

First Baptist Church, Monroe, Christmas Letter, 1944 (Dardeau)

Memorial Gifts

Contacting Your Editor

Abstracts of Early Hinds County Court Cases:  Cases 224-246 (Landin)

Recommended Textbooks, 1876 (Rule)

October Program Summary/Mary Weaver (Dardeau)

Daniel Whitaker's Note, 1809 (Downing)

Our Printer

November Program Summary/Dr. F. Lamar McMillin, Jr. (Dardeau)

Four Sexton's Reports, 1846 (Ragland)


Death and Burial of Walter Baum, 1906 (Ferguson)


Bird Dogs and a Train Ride:  Emilius Barnard Goes to College, 1929 (Means)

A Good Resource

The 1903 Obituary of Louisiana Judge William Gillespie Wyly (Wyly)

Guilford-Boatmen Land Sale, Harrisonburg, 1888 (Dardeau)

St. Aloysius College 1915 Commencement (O'Neill)

Book Reviews (Huval)

Mississippi Mutual Burial Association:  A 1935 Invoice (Dardeau)

VGS Publications Price List



Vol. 13, No. 1 (Fall 2005)


Yokena and Mississippi State's Dean H.C.F. Simrall, 1912-2003 (Rule)

Dues Notice
Some "Old Post Files" from 1929 (Ragland)
Obituary Resolutions for Reuben Newman Downing, 1853 (Downing)
Memorial Gifts
Contacting Your Editor
Our Printer
The Toutin Brothers:  Three 1790 Documents (Riffel)
E-Mail Registration
Your Quarterly
Passing of Dr. John David Miles, 1916 (Ferguson)
Richard Claiborne's "Penelope" Letters:  Letter 2 (Moore)

A Mother's Notes on Her First-Born, 1887 (Snyder)
The Smithhart-Daniel Lineage:  Some Daniel Probate Documents (Smith)
A Confederate Veteran at the 1917 Vicksburg Reunion (Leese)
An 1899 Communication from Mississippi Conference, L.D.S. (Dardeau)
Abstracts of Early Hinds County Court Cases:  Cases 180-223 (Landin)
"My Little Darling" in Enterprise, 1867 (Dardeau)
Some Newspaper Reports of 1846 Marriages (Ragland)
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 12, No. 4 (Summer 2005)


Funeral Notices Between the Pages of the Harrell Family Bible (Leese)
Dues Notice
The United States Assumes Possession of Public Buildings at Villa Gayoso, 1798 (Riffel)
Memorial Gifts
Contacting Your Editor
Abstracts of Early Hinds County Court Cases:  Cases 125-179 (Landin)
March Program Summary/Peggy Carter (Dardeau)
Fannie Downing Writes to Her Nephew, Ed Downing, 1926 (Downing)
An 1884 Moore and Berry Letterhead from Delhi, Louisiana (Dardeau)
April Program Summary/Nancianne Parkes Suber (Dardeau)
Captain John Loviza and "Little Cap" (Loviza)
E-Mail Registration
The 1830 Rodney Post Office Controversy (Dardeau)
Your Quarterly
Our Printer
Final Illness and Burial of Fannie/Fanny Baum Brough, 1929 (Ferguson)
The "Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
Townsend-McFerrin Marriage, 1826 (Rule)
May Program Summary/Martin Pace (Dardeau)
Closing of Cherry Street and Pleasant Green Schools, 1885 (Ragland)
A West Virginia Confederate Veteran and the 1917 Vicksburg Reunion (Dardeau)
Mamie "Granny" McIntyre's 1916 Letter and Her 1939 Obituary (Snyder)
Some 1912 Hotel Guests (Ragland)
Richard Claiborne's "Penelope Letters":  Letter 1 (Moore)
Clinton Genealogical and Historical Society
Include Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelopes
Centennial Cutoff, 1876 (Dardeau)

VGS 2004-2005 Membership List

Calvin and Lizzie Gibbs:  A 1922 Golden Anniversary (Ragland)

The Baptists Meet in Clinton:  An Invitation to Rev. L.O. Dawson, 1900 (Dardeau)

VGS Publications Price List



Vol. 12, No. 3 (Spring 2005)


Estate of Gabriel Griffing, Big Black District, 1796 (Riffel)
Memorial Gifts
Contacting Your Editor
Death and Funeral of Mrs. Ellen Chambers, 1885 (Ferguson)
December Program Summary/Carl Huval (Dardeau)
A 1904 Mississippi Medical License for Dr. Bernice Rodney Clark (Leese)
Abstracts of Early Hinds County Court Cases:  Cases 79-124 (Landin)
January Program Summary/Gordon A. Cotton (Dardeau)
A Michigan Man's Thoughts on the Fall of Vicksburg, 1863 (Dardeau)
An 1883 Congratulatory Letter (Snyder)
John Loviza Quit Claims Land to His Wife, Josephine, 1910 (Loviza)
Northeast Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society (NEGHS)
Rolling Fork 1929 News (Ragland)
E-Mail Registration
Your Quarterly
Establishment of Sharkey County, 1876 (Rule)
Our Printer
February Program Summary/Dr. Florent Hardy, Jr. (Dardeau)
Life in Anguilla in Fall 1932 (Means)
The 1773 to 1780 Travels of Captain Matthew Phelps (Patout)
Mr. Sinclair's Accident, 1888 (Ragland)
A Bitter Man in Opelousas:  W.L. Stanley's 1877 Letter to His Cousin in Raymond (Dardeau)
Ann Newman Whitaker Downing's 1815 Tuition Receipt (Downing)
Presidential Libraries
VGS Publications Price List


 Vol. 12, No. 2 (Winter 2004)

Vicksburg High School, 1917 (Ragland)
E-Mail Registration
Your Quarterly
George N. Reagan, Concordia Parish, Territory of Orleans, Seeks Help for His Son from Francis N. Bynum, 1811 (Riffel)
James Drury, 1823-1907:  His Life and the Search for His Grave (Haining)
Dorothy Jacobs Harz
September Program Summary/Shelly Ashley-Palmertree (Dardeau)
Christmas in Moorhead, Mississippi:  Alice G. Puddle's 1893 Letter to Ohio (Dardeau)
Contacting Your Editor
Websites and Addresses of Catholic Dioceses
Abstracts of Early Hinds County Court Cases:  Cases 32-78 (Landin)
October Program Postponed/Mary Weaver
Leon Davis, Champion Newellton Speller, 1921-1922 (Dardeau)
Spanish Troops in Natchez (Miles and McElligott)
Memorial Gifts
Port Gibson Collegiate Female Academy Faculty and Boarders, 1860 (Leese)
James S. Greenlee Obituary, 1925 (Curtis)
Planning for Lafayette's 1825 Visit to Natchez (Price)
Our Printer
A Really Big Family Tree
McDermott Family Bible (Canizaro)
Daniel Whitaker's Account with Hezekiah Kibbee, 1807 (Downing)
Louis Botto Letterhead, Natchez, 1884 (Dardeau)
Loviza-Johnson 1878 Marriage License (Loviza)
No Life Memberships Available
James O'Cavanagh:  A Tribute, 1908 (Snyder)
Will of James Simrall, IV, 1913 (Rule)
November Program Summary/Professor Carol C. West (Dardeau)
Obituary and Burial of Ellen Baum, 1907 (Ferguson)
Book Review (Huval)
VGS Publications Price List

Vol. 12, No. 1 (Fall 2004)

Joseph A. Montgomery in New Orleans:  An 1848 Letter to his Wife in Amite County, 1848 (Dardeau)
A 1927 "Baby Division" Certificate from Drew Methodist Church (Hughey)
Vicksburg News from 1851 (Ragland and Cotton)
The 1899 Will of Charles Parmentier Bobb (Wood)
Dues Notice
Bienville Parish Automobile Crash Kills Irma Catherine Farr Dunn, 1937 (Farr)
Memorial Gifts
Edwin Bennett Helgason Obituary, 1922 (O'Neill)
A 1926 Methodist Episcopal Church Letter (Ryan)
Will of Alexander Covington, 1845-1848 (Rule)
Abstracts of Early Hinds County Court Cases:  Cases 1-31 (Landin)
Excerpts from the Journal of Benjamin Means, 1861-1862 (Means)
Contacting Your Editor
Natchez Catholic School Banquet, 1931 (Snyder)
Reuben Newman's Note, 1815 (Downing)
Grading and Terracing the Courthouse Square, 1868 (Rule)
Death and Burial of Frederick Chambers Baum, 1892 (Ferguson)
Vidalia High School 1930 Commencement Exercises (Dardeau)
Brashear Female Academy Faculty and Boarders, 1860 (Leese)
Robert Edward Lee Hamilton Obituary, 1923 (Curtis)
Our Printer
Book Review (Ballard)
Your Quarterly
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 11, No. 4 (Summer 2004)


Excerpts from the Journal of Benjamin Means, 1857 and 1859-1860 (Means)
William Franklin Hayes Obituary, 1927 (Curtis)
March Program Summary/Robbie Smith (Dardeau)
St. Paul Catholic Church Interments, 1907-1908 (McGing and White)
E-Mail Registration
William L. Sharkey's 1869 Letter to his Wife, Minerva (Rule)
Memorial Gifts
Dues Notice
April Program Summary/H. Grady Howell, Jr. (Dardeau)
Thomas Downing Distributes Money from Daniel Whitaker's Estate, 1821 (Downing)
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Raymond, Mississippi (Dardeau)
Adah Hawkins Family Bible (Wood)
May Program Summary/Nancy Bounds (Edwards)
Death and Burial of Businessman, Knight Milton Brough, 1931 (Edwards)
Envelope from a Mississippi Confederate Soldier (Dardeau)
Closure of Helgason Brothers, ca. 1917 (O'Neill)
William Wallace Stevens:  His 1920 Oklahoma Will (Leese)
Passing of Joseph Antomarchi, 1912 (Ragland)
Two Wisconsin Historical Society Projects
News from Pennsylvania, 1881 (Snyder)
Your Quarterly
Sarah Catherine Dilley Smith:  A 1929 Memorial (Smith)
Death and Funeral of Thomas Armisted Stowers, 1902 (Edwards)
An 1850 Inventory and Appraisal of John H. Farr's Estate (Farr)
Contacting Your Editor
Sore Feet and Timber:  John Beauchamp Chapman's 1901 Letter to His Sister, Belle (Barland)
E-Mail Address Correction
Our Printer
Public School No. 1 Commencement, Pensacola, Florida, 1894 (Dardeau)
Boy Scout Troop 7 (Nassour)
VGS 2003-2004 Membership List (Rule)
Lonesome in Greenwood, 1934 (Dardeau)
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Vol. 11, No. 3 (Spring 2004)


Nicolas Chatelin:  The Quintessential Coureur de Bois in 1786 (De Ville)

E-Mail Registration
Your Quarterly
December Program Summary/Nancianne Parkes Suber (Dardeau)
Oaths of Allegiance, 1798-1799 (Williams)
Sallie Vaughan Wheatley Funeral, 1940 (Curtis)
Will of Minerva Ann Ross, 1880 (Ragland)
January Program Summary/Emma Pauline Keulegan (Dardeau)
The Baums Celebrate Their Silver Anniversary, 1883 (Edwards)
The Notre Dame Archives:  Records of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas
Ann Newman Whitaker Downing Obituary, 1855 (Downing)
Contacting Your Editor
St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Nassau, Bahamas (Dardeau)
Daniel Snyder's Letters to Little Elizabeth, 1915 (Snyder)
Determining Widows and Orphans Eligible to Receive Funds, 1868 (Rule)
Mary Miller Moran Doran Bolian (O'Neill)
New Genealogical Journal
Mrs. L.S. Nolley Funeral Notice, 1901 (Ragland)
Oakland College Faculty and Students, 1860 (Leese)
Vicksburg Battlefield Museum
Radio Programs, Crops, and Family in 1937 Anguilla (Means)
Memorial Gifts
St. Paul Catholic Church Interments, 1905-1906 (McGing and White)
Our Printer
February Program Summary/Mary Landin (Dardeau)
Book Review (Ballard)
Funeral of Maria Ap. Barnett, 1846 (Ragland)
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Vol. 11, No. 2 (Winter 2003)


Sexton's Reports, November-December 1870 (Cotton)
Memorial Gifts
September Program Summary/Gerald Patout (Dardeau)
Tony Calvin Jackson:  Two 1934 Letters (Graves)
1798 Hunting Permits for Ouachita (Riffel)
Will of Agnes Spengler, 1911-1912 (Ragland)
Confederate Annex Patients, 1901 (Nevels)
October Program Summary/Joe Loviza (Dardeau)
Mississippi Roads in 1792 (Dardeau and De Ville)
England-Bullin Marriage, 1808 (Cole)
November Program Summary/Lamar Roberts and Emma Keulegan (Dardeau)
Some Post-Thanksgiving Sentiments, 1933 (Means)
Appointment of Grand Jurors, 1868 (Rule)
Adaesanos Foundation (Cox)
Assignment of Missionary Priests, 1724 (de Berardinis)
New Orleans Notarial Archives
St. Paul Catholic Church Interments, 1903-1904 (McGing and White)
Your Quarterly
Ruby:  Death of a Child, 1892 (Downing)
Proud Grandparents, 1913 and 1916 (Snyder)
Our Printer
Contacting Your Editor
A Hinds County 1837 Chattel Mortgage:  Charlton, Horn, and Charlton (Garrett)
Some Personal News from 1885 (Ragland)
Chamberlain-Hunt Academy Students, 1900 (Leese)
Lottie Emrick Obituary, 1934 (Curtis)
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Vol. 11, No. 1 (Fall 2003)


Creole vs. American:  A Poem for Louisiana in 1804 (De Ville)
Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum
Ouachita Slave Report, 1801 (Riffel)
Dues Notice
Sexton's Reports, September-October 1870 (Cotton)
David Holden's Shiloh Report (Katzenmeyer)
Warren County Board Receives 1880 Census Data (Rule)
An 1835 Carroll Parish Purchase (Dardeau)
Reuben White's Last Will and Testament (Ragland)
Aftermath of a Long 1933 Delta Bus Ride (Means)
Death of Mrs. John Evans, 1917 (Ragland)
St. Paul Catholic Church Interments, 1901-1902 (McGing and White)
Fannie Downing's 1908 Invitation to Utica (Downing)
John W. Emrick Obituary, 1923 (Curtis)
Last Days of B.B. Cross/Guardianship of His Children, 1905-1906 (Snyder)
Memorial Gifts
Our Printer
Your Quarterly
E-Mail Registration
The 1726 French Census of Pointe Coupée, Tunica, and Black River (de Berardinis)
A Family Inquiry, 1918 (Snyder)
News from 1901 (Nevels)
Fun in Simpson County, 1937 (Dardeau)
John Bullin and Cowles Mead:  An 1810 Land Transaction (Cole)
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Vol. 10, No. 4 (Summer 2003)

The 1726 French Census of Natchez and Vicksburg (de Berardinis)
March Program Summary/Peggy Carter (Dardeau)
Louis Marcel Rambin writes from Bovina, Mississippi, 1866 (Means)
Dues Notice
Sexton's Reports, July-August 1870 (Cotton)
Thomas-Carter Wedding Announcement, 1917 (Ragland)
Past State Deputies, Knights of Columbus, Mississippi Jurisdiction (Dardeau and Chady)
Simeon Gibson's Adams County Probate Papers, 1840-1841 (Snyder)
Memorial Gifts
Our Printer
Your Quarterly
April Program Summary/Anne Anderson (Dardeau)
St. Paul Catholic Church Interments, 1898-1900 (McGing and White)
Include Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelopes
Thomas Downing Obituary, 1845 (Downing)
Missing Bettie's Birthday:  A 1915 Promise of Gold (Snyder)
Some 1888 Scholars (Rule)
Land for Tobacco:  The Pipes-Bullin 1791 Transaction (Cole)
Will of Samuel Beard, 1809 (Ragland)
Amelia Ann Rale Young Obituary, 1900 (Curtis)
The "Fifty-Year Rule" - A Reminder
VGS 2002-2003 Membership List (Butler)
May Program Summary/Tony Dardeau (Edwards)
Book Review (Ballard)
Request for Yearbooks and Directories
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Vol. 10, No. 3 (Spring 2003)

Downing Slave Sale, 1844 (Downing)
Memorial Gifts
Our Printer
Your Quarterly
Pointe Coupée Enlisted Pay and Muster Rolls for July Through November  1764 and the August 1765 Muster Roll (de Berardinis)
St. Paul Catholic Church Interments, 1893-1897 (McGing and White)
New Levee Inspector, 1859 (Rule)
Huey Long on the Mississippi Airwaves:  More on the Barnard Family (Means)
Correcting an Assessment Error, 1868:  Davis and Montgomery (Rule)
Petition of Mary Ann Herring, 1849 (Farr)
Mary Lake Green:  Reports of her 1897 Death (Edwards)
December Program Summary/Kathleen S. Hutchison (Dardeau)
Goodrum Family Inscriptions on Some 3-x-5 Cards (Curtis)
Some Thoughts on Influenza (Leese)
Swett's Battery:  A Glimpse of a Confederate Artillery Unit (Barnes)
January Program Summary/Lamar Roberts (Dardeau)
Death of Confederate Veteran, "Bob" Stricker, 1919 (Ragland)
Louisiana Creole Heritage Center
Balthazar Devilliers:  A Correction (Riffel)
E-Mail Registration
St. Joseph's Award Program, 1880 (Snyder)
Death of Benjamin Hardaway, 1892 (Nevels)
Publications Postage Increase
February Program Summary/Dan Richardson (Dardeau)
Two Epinet Marriages, 1839-1840 (Dardeau)
Library and Archives of Canada
Some 1917 News (Ragland)
Duplantier Reunion
Legajos of the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba at Alexandria, Louisiana (Tracy)

Wisconsin Civil War Resources (Edmonds)

de Berarardinis at DGS Summer Institute

Book Review (Ballard)

Emma E. Cosgrove Funeral Notice, 1869 (Snyder)

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Vol. 10, No. 2 (Winter 2002)

Mary McFatter Westrope Murders Her Children, 1902 (Edwards)

Riley-Haynes Wedding, 1925 (Curtis)
Pointe Coupée Enlisted Pay and Muster Rolls for January Through June 1764 (de Berardinis)
E-Mail Registration
September Program Summary/Walter and Jean Duncan (Dardeau)
Ouachita Marriage Contracts, 1787-1800 (Riffel)
One of Louie Barnard's Last Letters as a Single Woman:  "Adventures in Vicksburg" (Means)
St. Paul Catholic Church Interments, 1886-1892 (McGing and White)
Correction of an E-Mail Address
Last Will and Testament of William Scott, 1823 (Ragland)
October Program Summary/Bobbie Edwards (Dardeau)
Needs at Natchez in 1725 (Lafleur)
An Affidavit Wanted, 1896 (Edwards)
The Downing Brothers:  Replacing a Lost Slave Sale Bill 1851 (Downing)
Appointment of a Road Overseer, 1872 (Rule)
Your Quarterly
Selected Succession Papers of Simeon L. Gibson, 1847-1848 (Snyder)
St. Paul Marriages:  An Addition
Memorial Gifts
Claiborne County Petitions for a Justice of the Peace (Williams)
Our Printer
A Natchez Recital (Snyder)
Change in Publication List
A Bayou Bartholomew Land Transfer, 1828 (Dardeau)
Auction of a Big Black River Tract, 1814 (Snyder)
Clyde Vernon Ratcliffe Obituary, 1952 (Curtis)
Recent Ouachita Parish Library Genealogy Room Acquisitions (Middleton)
The Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Conference
de Berardinis to Address LGHS Conference
November Program Summary/Sonny Rule (Edwards)
Please Do Your Part
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Vol. 10, No. 1 (Fall 2002)

Natchez Welcomes Bishop Janssens, 1881 (Snyder)
Time Line for Dr. John Shaw (Moore)
E-Mail Registration
Memorial Gifts
Richard and Elizabeth Hawkins (Ragland)
Our Printer
Your Quarterly
Petition to Exonerate Lieutenant Welch, 1814 (Williams)
Mississippi University Archives Online
Pointe Coupée Enlisted Pay and Muster Rolls for July Through December 1760 (de Berardinis)
Louisiana University Archives Online
Thomas Downing Settles an Account, 1818 (Downing)
S.C. Beck, Federal Veteran (Edwards)
Another Letter from Louie Barnard to her Sister, Eva, in Shreveport (Means)
Keeper of the Poor House, 1848 (Rule)
Mrs. Laura C. Campbell Obituary (Curtis)
Dues Notice
St. Paul Catholic Church Marriages, 1866 - Early 1868 (McGing and White)
Jersey Settlers
A Splendid Monument, 1896 (Edwards)
A Spectator Sport?
Trouble on the Big Black River, 1790 (Dardeau)
Book Review (Keulegan)
Deaths of Two Marshall Children, 1845 (Ragland)
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Vol. 9, No. 4 (Summer 2002)

Silas Dinsmoor, Choctaw Agent:  The Plight of Patience West, 1811 (Williams)
Jefferson Davis Academy's 1929 Commencement (Rule)
Your Quarterly
Pointe Coupée Enlisted Pay and Muster Rolls for January Through June 1760 (de Berardinis)
Graduating Exercises at Main Street School, 1885 (Ragland)
St. Paul Catholic Church Marriages, 1864-1865 (McGing and White)
Passing of Edna Gibson Bullen, 1839 (Leese)
Postcards from Greenwood, 1908-1913 (Dardeau)
E-Mail Registration
Memorial Gifts
Our Printer
Death of Annie Lake Green, 1892 (Edwards)
Mount Alban Tavern, 1847 (Rule)
March Program Summary/Beverly Davidson (Dardeau)
Statement Concerning James M. Downing's Civil War Service Record, 1932 (Downing)
Letter from Eva O'Cavanagh to Papa, 1883 (Snyder)
Bellewood Seminary Students and Professor Morrison's Obituary, 1890 (Curtis)
Culkin Academy Graduation, 1936 (Ragland)
April Program Summary/Charles Riles (Dardeau)
Irving-Cade Marriage, 1860 (Cotton)
May Program Summary/Jane J. Williams (Dardeau).
Cross-O'Cavanagh Nuptials, 1885 (Snyder)
Some 1846 Marriages (Ragland)
Will of James Carmichael, Jefferson County, Mississippi Territory, 1807 (Ragland)
Dues Notice
David Greenaway Hardaway:  His 1851 Obituary and Related Notes (Nevels)
The "Fifty Year Rule" - A Reminder
Louie Barnard Writes to Her Sister, Eva, in Shreveport (Means)
Harry Fife Murders His Oldest Son, 1902 (Edwards)
Shaw-Griffing Bible Record (Moore)
John P. McIntyre's Suicide, 1891 (Curtis)
Contacting Your Editor
VGS 2001-2002 Membership List
New Levee Inspectors, 1847 (Rule)
Book Review (Ballard)
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Vol. 9, No. 3 (Spring 2002)


Two Letters from Confederate Private Sugg, 1863-1864 (Curtis)
E-Mail Registration
December Program Summary/Claire May (Dardeau)
Mississippi Territorial Voters Petition Acting Governor Cato West (Williams)
Memorial Gifts
Our Printer
January Program Summary/Jeff Giambrone (Dardeau)
Pointe Coupée Muster Rolls for July Through December 1757 (de Berardinis)
View from Newellton, 1928 (Means)
Marriages in a Deed Book:  Two More Examples (Williams)
Your Quarterly
Bond of Tutorship, 1821 (Dardeau)
Part of J.Q. Arnold's Sexton's Journal, 1849-1876 (Cotton)
February Program Summary/Debra McIntosh (Dardeau)
"Anecdote of General Taylor," 1847 (Downing)
Marguerite Cross, 1887-1890:  Documentation of a Short Life (Snyder)
St. Paul Catholic Church Marriages and Baptisms, 1861-1863 (McGing and White)
Mississippi Adoption Reunion Registy (Leese)
Poor Young Mrs. St. Leon, 1887 (Peppers)
Natchez Cathedral School Students, 1915 (Snyder)
Will of Josiah Cox, Deceased, 1844-1848 (Ragland)
Arkansas Post 1787 Liquor Investigation (Dardeau)
The Library of Virginia Website
Will of William Erwin, Senior, 1811 (Worley)
Murder of Charles Foster, 1846 (Ragland)
Robert Urie Estate Sale, 1840 (Rule)
Killing of T. Muir Vaughan, 1909 (Curtis)
"Medley of Talents" (Snyder)
Book Review (Ballard)
Death of Albert J. Quitman, 1845 (Ragland)
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Vol. 9, No. 2 (Winter 2001)


Rev. W.T. Woodward: "Methodist from the Crown of My Head to the Souls of My Feet" (Haigh)
September Program Summary/Gerald Patout (Dardeau)
Rations Issued to Vicksburg's Destitute Citizens, 1863 (Cotton)
E-Mail Registration
Election of Officers for a Volunteer Company, 1808 (Williams)
Power of Attorney, 1888 (Snyder)
Adarena Hamilton Leicht Family Bible and Obituary and Jacob Leicht Naturalization (Curtis)
Pointe Coupée Muster Rolls for January Through June 1757 (de Berardinis)
Relief for Widows and Orphans, 1868 (Rule)
Inventory of Maps and Plans, 1804 (Dardeau)
Memorial Gifts
Our Printer
Charter Members of Meridian Council 803, Oldest Knights of Columbus Entity in Mississippi, 1903 (Leo)
St. Paul Catholic Church Marriages, 1859-1860 (McGing and White)
Holmes-Dudley Wedding, 1900 (Curtis)
Your Quarterly
Silas Stephenson and Family:  On the Move (Doty and Baxter)
Henry Williamson Disappears, 1885 (Ragland)
October Program Summary/Peggy Price (Dardeau)
Bellewood Seminary Students, 1888 (Curtis)
Courthouse Improvements, 1868 (Rule)
November Program Summary/Betty Couch Wiltshire (Edwards)
Some Natchez District Marriages, 1799-1804 (Cole)
Internet Site (Holler)
Anguilla Mother's 1939 Letter to Her Daughter in Shreveport (Means)
Burial Location Found in Deed Book (Cole)
O'Cavanagh Bible (Snyder)
Be a Proud American!
Hamilton-Williams Family Bible (Fenley)
THNOC Symposium
Book Reviews (Keulegan and Ballard)
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Vol. 9, No. 1 (Fall 2001)


Black Citizens Purchasing Lots in Cedar Hill Cemetery Before 1940 (Cotton)
Dues Notice
E-Mail Registration
Pointe Coupée 1759 Pay Lists (de Berardinis)
Including Addresses on Queries
Mr. Gordon's Trip to Beauvoir, 1909 (Edwards)
Carney Property Transfer, Pickering County, Mississippi, Territory, 1799  (Ragland)
Marriages and Deaths, June 1845 (Ragland)
St. Paul Catholic Church Marriages, 1856-1858 (McGing and White)
Catholic Marriage Requirement, 1793 (Cole)
Louis Epinet Continues to Annoy Spanish Authorities, 1791 (Dardeau)
Family Bible of Hannah Ann Hamilton Williams (Fenley)
Virginia H. Field Obituary, 1899 (Curtis)
B.B. Cross, Agent, Rodney, Mississippi, 1880-1883 (Snyder)
Trip to Louisville, 1883 (Snyder)
Warren County, Mississippi, Candidates, 1843 (Nevels)
Annual Library Donation
Old Court House Museum Website
A Coed's Letter Home, 1927 (Means)
Memorial Gifts
Our Printer
Bridge at Baldwin's Ferry, 1850 (Rule)
Reported Suicide of John Decker, 1885 (Ragland)
Anna E. Hamilton Davis Family Bible (Curtis)
Sexton's Report, February 1846 (Ragland)
A 1798 Ouachita Post Sex Scandal:  William Dawson Confronts His Accusers (Dardeau)
Mitochondrial DNA and Missing Servicepersons (Leese)
Letter from Eva O'Cavanagh to "Miss Henrietta" in Rodney, Mississippi (Snyder)
Book Review (Keulegan)
The Hunts Vacate Rodney, 1883 (Snyder)
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Vol. 8, No. 4 (Summer 2001)


Children of School Age, Jefferson Davis Academy, 1923 (Rule)
E-Mail Registration
Saline River Tragedy, 1787 (Dardeau)
Bible and Military Record of Zach Wardlaw (Cotton)
Memorial Gifts
March Program Summary/Charles (Sonny) Rule (Dardeau)
St. Paul Catholic Church Marriages, 1852-1855 (McGing and  White)
Dues Notice
April Program Summary/Ella McCaleb Young (Dardeau)
The 1723 French Census of Natchez (de Berardinis)
Catholic Fair, 1845 (Ragland)
Will of Richard Harrison, Pickering County, Mississippi Territory, 1800 (Ragland)
Governor Henry and the Governor of Louisiana, 1777-1778 (Dardeau)
Clock Repair Contract, 1868 (Rule)
Additional Authority for Keeper of the Court House Grounds, 1874 (Rule)
Family Bible of John N. And Mary Elizabeth Carr Fenley (Fenley)
Louisiana Murders, 1845 (Ragland)
Card Writer's Visit, 1858 (Rule)
Two Barnard Men of Sharkey County, Mississippi (Means)
The "Fifty-Year Rule"
May Program Summary/Gordon A. Cotton (Edwards)
St. Paul Catholic Church Dispensations, 1858 (McGing and White)
Steamboat Passengers, 1885 (Ragland)
Our Printer
Book Review (Ballard)
Ellis Island Records
Letter from Daniel Snyder to His Niece, 1885 (Snyder)
VGS 2000-2001 Membership List
Contacting Your Editor
Charles Derious Hamilton Memorial, 1869 (Curtis)
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Vol. 8, No. 3 (Spring 2001)


Natchez Enlisted Men's Pay List, 1760 (de Berardinis)
Charter for Anthony's Ferry, 1856 (Rule)
Yellow Fever Deaths, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1858 (Cotton)
E-Mail Registration
Memorial Gifts
December Program Summary/Lora D. Peppers (Edwards)
Vicksburg Genealogical Society:  A Retrospective (Williams)
A Deed Indeed!:  Information on Henry G. Newcomb Surfaces (Cole)
A Mother's Concern, 1927 (Means)
St. Paul Catholic Church Baptisms, 1856, and Back-of-the-Book Slave Entries (McGing and White)
Our Printer
Howard Gibson/Henry Dixon, Yazoo City Native, Dies in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, 1906 (Boudreaux)
New Publication Offering - Dr. Colletta's Book
Mysterious Disappearance (Ragland)
St. Aloysius Graduates, 1883-1915 (O'Neill)
January Program Summary/Milton Myers (Dardeau)
Will of Cowles G. Mead, 1849 (Ragland)
Maddux Family Bible (Fenley)
A Letter from Governor Jefferson to Governor Gálvez, 1779 (Dardeau)
February Program Summary/Gwen Green (Edwards)
John Turnbull and His Illegitimate Offspring, 1798-1803 (Ragland and Dardeau)
Whig Delegates, 1845 (Ragland)
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Vol. 8, No. 2 (Winter 2000)


Athanarius Martin Deed:  Reaffirmation of a 1777 British Grant (Ragland)
Compensation for Medical Services, 1852 (Rule)
Jewish "Strangers:"  A Little-Known Source Brought to Light (Colletta)
The City Hospital, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1858 (Cotton)
A Question of Some Captured Vessels, 1778 (Dardeau)
St. Paul Catholic Church Baptisms, 1855 (McGing and White)
Our Printer
THNOC Symposium, January 20, 2001
Felix Robertson Turley's St. Patrick's Day Toast (Turley)
E-Mail Registration
Anguilla High School News, 1927 (Means)
Indigent Families of Confederate Soldiers (Ragland)
Williams Family Bible (Fenley)
Name and Marriage Date Correction (Edwards)
A Letter from Attala County, Mississippi, to Georgia, 1854 (Griffith and Means)
Washington County, Mississippi Territory, Officers, 1810 (Williams)
September Program Summary/Dot McGee (Dardeau)
Selected Estate Documents of Malinda L. Allen Breeden, 1863 (Sherry)
Fatal Affray, 1846 (Ragland)
October Program Summary/Charles Riles (Edwards)
Beck Family Bible (Curtis)
Memorial Gifts
Ouachita Parish Public Library, Monroe, Louisiana, Acquisitions Since June 1, 2000 (Middleton)
November Program Summary/Jim Ballard (Dardeau)
Horn-Pennisi Marriage Notification, 1919 (McGing and White)
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Vol. 8, No. 1 (Fall 2000)


Utica, Mississippi, Area's Spanish-American War Soldiers (Landin)
A Word of Thanks
Officers in an 1807 Mississippi Territory Regiment (Williams)
Payne-Truly 1800 Marriage Certificate (Ragland)
Natchez in 1758 (de Berardinis)
Memorial Gifts
Long Family Bible (Curtis)
St. Paul Catholic Church Baptisms, 1854 (McGing and White)
An Illinois Rebel at Gettysburg, Part 2 (Giambrone)
Louis Epinet and the Caddo Nation, 1787 (Dardeau)
Courthouse Livestock Order, 1853 (Rule)
Bible of Emma Lee Pickel Wilks (Ragland)
Our Printer
The River Gives Up Its Dead (Turley)
Shilling to Harper Land Sale, District of Coles Creek, 1798 (Ragland)
Wills of William Allen and William Allen, Jr. (Sherry)
Dues Notice
E-Mail Registration
Ellen M.W. Hyland Obituary (Rule)
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Vol. 7, No. 4 (Summer 2000)


Natchez 1759 Pay List (de Berardinis)
Early Southwest Hinds County Churches/Landin (Dardeau)
St. Paul Catholic Church Baptisms, 1852-1853 (McGing and White)
An Illinois Rebel at Gettysburg, Part 1 (Giambrone)
Song Bird Petition, 1908 (Rule)
Utica, Mississippi's, Three American Legion Posts (Landin)
Covington-Vanderwall 1800 Marriage Certificate (Ragland)
Mississippi Territorial Records/Williams (Dardeau)
Sister M. Bridget and the Convent Graveyard (Edwards and Ragland)
New Newspaper (Ragland)
Mississippi Department of Archives and History Update/Bounds (Edwards)
Yokena School (Rule)
Martha Washington's Bible (Leese)
E-Mail Registration
St. Mary's Catholic Church:  Early First Communicants (Boykins)
The Red House (Ragland)
Dues Notice
Spain Takes Possession of the East Bank of the Mississippi River, 1780 (Dardeau)
Compensation for Courthouse Landscaping, 1869 (Rule)
VGS 1999-2000 Membership List
Letter from Laura C. Newman (Ragland)
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Vol. 7, No. 3 (Spring 2000)


Mildred Barnard:  Love and the Summer of 1933 (Means)
Story-Marchant 1800 Marriage Certificate (Ragland)
A Public Auction, 1782 (Dardeau)
Vicksburg 1858 Business Directory (Ragland)
Migration Routes to North Louisiana/Ballard (Dardeau)
St. Mary's Catholic Church, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Early Baptismal Records, Part 2 (Boykins)
Our Printer
Confederate Research/ Roberts (Edwards)
"The Shaker Tract," Bayou Bartholomew, Louisiana (Williams)
Corrections to "Margots" Article
Freeman Bible (Ragland)
Published Ouachita Parish Tax Lists
Edward Parker Family Bible (Davidson)
A Union Soldier's Letter to Vermont, 1863 (Steen)
Forgotten Heroines:  Ladies of the Siege of Vicksburg/Myers (Dardeau)
Memorial Gifts
Port Gibson Presbyterian Church, 1890 (Nevels)
Mr. Wickerham/Wickham Dies at the Poorhouse (Edwards)
Crosses of Honor (Edwards)
Open-Ended Genealogy (Leese)
Letter from R.E. King to Thomas Downing (Ragland)
Book Reviews (Ballard)
Ruth Land Hatten
Letter from Sarah A.E. Whitaker to Her Grandmother (Ragland)
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Vol. 7, No. 2 (Winter 1999)


A 1795 Letter from Ecores aux Margots:  The Beginnings of Memphis, Tennessee (De Ville and Dardeau)
Power of Attorney, 1816 (Ragland)
St. Mary's Catholic Church, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Early Baptismal Records, Part 1 (Boykins)
Mrs. Regan Remembers (Curtis)
The Davidsons of Oak Ridge, Mississippi (Davidson and Davidson)
Tracking a Family Through Vicksburg and the Delta (Dardeau)
Two Baptismal Certificates from an Old Church (Rule)
Manumission of Ellen (Ragland)
Mattie Breeden Smith Family Bible (Sherry)
Guice Bible (Ragland)
Subscribers from "Coles' Creek" Methodist Circuit, 1834 (Nevels)
Teddy and Hillary:  New York Senate Seats (Leese)
Research in Our Nation's Capital (Dardeau)
A Forgotten Marriage License (Edwards)
Wills of John and Hester Booth:  Status of Their Daughter, Elizabeth (Worley)
Will of John J. Bowie, Chicot County, Arkansas, 1853 (Williams)
Scott-Bruin 1800 Marriage Certificate (Ragland)
Warren County Diaries (Dardeau)
E-Mail Registration
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 7, No. 1 (Fall 1999)


Submissions to Mississippi River Routes:  Suitability (Editorial Board)
Dix Family Bible (Curtis)
St. Mary's Catholic Church: History, First Marriages and Funerals (Boykins)
Yellow Fever Deaths of Natchez Catholics, 1853 (Camp)
Teachers in Adams County Schools, 1921 (Cole)
A 1792 Petition from the People of Cole's Creek (Dardeau)
Union:  Proposal for a Mississippi Territory Town, 1799 (Ragland)
Death of an Aged Citizen (Ragland)
Tyre M. Davidson Family Bible (Davidson)
Murder, Foul Murder (Edwards)
Deed Book A (Ragland)
Mystic Will of Bridget H. Ferguson, Carroll Parish, Louisiana, 1855 (Williams)
Our Printer
"Old Vicksburg Courthouse" (Leese)
Carroll Parish, Louisiana, Wills of John J.B. Johnson and Emily Susan Gayle Johnson (Williams)
Baillio Reunion, Kent Plantation House
Another Letter to Ann Eliza Meux Terry (Marquis)
Introduction to the Allen and Breeden Families (Sherry)
Death of Willie D. Muir, 1938 (Curtis)
Rholin Breeden and Malinda Allen:  1839 Marriage Bond (Sherry)
O'Quin/O'Quinn Family Bible (Ragland)
Book Reviews (Ballard)
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Vol. 6, No. 4 (Summer 1999)


Carlos de Grand-Pré:  Three 1788 Natchez Documents (DeVille, Rivera-Carrasquillo, and Dardeau)
Will of Sarah Lavenia Cooper, Carroll Parish, Louisiana, 1858 (Williams)
Death of John T. Markham (Edwards)
W.A. Killingsworth Family Bible (Curtis)
Obituary of Dr. Henry John Peck, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, 1881 (Haigh)
Issaquena County Land Transfer, 1848 (Ragland)
Yellow Cab Company's History Contest, ca. 1927 (Leese and Edwards)
Natchez/Adams County Research (Dardeau)
Port Gibson, Mississippi, 1899 (Nevels)
Will of Jones Wrenn, Warren County, Mississippi, 1832 (Roberts)
Status of John Howell, Confederate Prisoner of War (Marquis)
Amendment to VGS Bylaws
Americans Arrive at Natchez, 1788 (Dardeau)
Phillips-Christmas 1852 Marriage Contract  (Ragland)
Online Newspaper Search
Will of Simeon Newman, Jefferson County, Mississippi, 1825 (Duval)
Bible of William and Louisa Guice Freeman (Ragland)
Dues Notice
Mississippi Delta Genealogy (Dardeau)
Davidson/Davison-West Marriage Contract (Ragland)
38th Mississippi (Dardeau)
VGS 1998-1999 Membership List


Vol. 6, No. 3 (Spring 1999)


Mrs. Waterman and Her "Boys": Confederate Dead in Wisconsin (Haigh)
The Port Gibson, Mississippi, Post Office: Postmasters and Mail During the Stampless Period (Hudson)
Pastors, Elders, and Deacons: Yokena Presbyterian Church (Rule)
Deaths, Baptisms, and Marriages: Yokena Presbyterian Church (Rule)
Different Research Approaches (Dardeau)
Douglass Family Bible (Curtis)
Fisher Funeral Home Records of Blacks Buried in Beulah Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi (Ragland)
Abram Beach Reading (Leese)
Old Soldiers Meet, 1918 (Edwards)
All Saints' Episcopal School (Dardeau)
Two West Carroll Parish, Louisiana, Letters (Williams)
Addition to VGS Editorial Board
Confederate Letters to Ann Eliza Meux Terry (Marquis)
Louisiana Roots/Fort DeRussy (Dardeau)
Bourbon County, Georgia, and Louis Chacheré's 1785 Espionage Mission (Dardeau)
Book Review (Ballard)
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 6, No. 2 (Winter 1998)


Bethel A.M.E. Church, Vicksburg, Mississippi (Metcalf)
Judge Fredric Speed (Ragland)
Dickerson-West Marriage, 1833 (Dardeau)
Expansion of the Warren County Milita, 1816 (Williams)
Sisters of Mercy (Dardeau)
Wright Family Bible (Curtis)
Vicksburg's Jewish History (Dardeau)
The Mississippi Genealogy Project (Holler)
Epinet-Loubercaze Land Transfer:  Ouachita, 1829 (Dardeau)
Captain H.P. Smith:  Heroism at Sea (Leese)
Natchez-Area Manuscript Collection
Lovelace Family Bible (Haigh)
Shaifer and Related Families (Edwards)
Louisiana and Mississippi Vital Records
Cotton Processing for West Florida: A Mississippi Territory Initiative (Dardeau)
Our Editorial Board
Sale in Bankruptcy, 1843 (Ragland)
E.A. Watson Obituary (Curtis)
Book Review (Ballard)
Our Printer
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 6, No. 1 (Fall 1998)


Early History and First Graduates of St. Francis Xavier Academy (Harper)
Knights of Columbus Charter Members:  John T. Savage Council 848, Jackson, Mississippi (Kajdan)
Research Policy
John Vick's Petition for Land in Louisiana:  1799 (De Ville)
Last Will and Testament of Newet Vick (Ragland)
Records of the Mississippi Territory (Williams)
Wilkinson County Militia, 1813 (Williams)
Obituary of Mrs. William Young, 1912 (Curtis)
Alexandre Molinare:  A 1789 Cattle Mutilation (Dardeau)
The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board
Races and Nationalities of Vicksburg, 1936  (Williams and Ragland)
A 1918 Letter from France (Edwards)
Contributions to Mississippi River Routes
Utica Chapter #223, Order of Eastern Star, 1923 (Price)
Regan-Lum Family Bible/Joseph Regan Obituary (Curtis)
Ouachita Parish Slave Sale, 1809 (Dardeau)
William Elbridge Taylor, Confederate Veteran (Leese)
The Museum and The Marketplace
Russum Journal Entries:  1832 Through 1871 (Curtis)
Bylaws, Vicksburg Genealogical Society, Inc., Vicksburg, Mississippi
Civil War Photographs
Book Reviews (Ballard)
Correction - Neely Article
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 5, No. 4 (Summer 1998)


Nogales to Concordia: An 1801 Relocation (De Ville, Rivera-Carrasquillo, and Dardeau)
Voters in Mobile County, Mississippi Territory, 1813 (Williams)
Schedule of Slaves of Mrs. Elizabeth Cammack (Ragland)
Louisiana and Mississippi Confederate Veterans Deep in the Heart of Texas (Dardeau)
Vicksburg National Military Park Records (Dardeau)
Bellewood Seminary Students, 1886 (Curtis)
Two Fielding M. Haining Family Bibles (Haining)
Oak Ridge #123, Free and Accepted Masons (Price)
Windsor:  A History (Leese)
Baptist Records (Dardeau)
Death of Mr. W.E. Green (Barnes)
Obituary of Mrs. Mary A. Sugg (Curtis)
Rawlings-Duckett-Wright Family Bible (Curtis)
Mr. Lavecchia Did Not Break Promise (Ragland)
Circuit Clerk's Records (Edwards)
Wesley Woodford Neely Obituary (Nevels)
Arthur Robert Campbell Obituary (Curtis)
News from the 40th Anniversary Edition of The Vicksburg Evening Post (Ragland)
Dues Increase
VGS 1997-1998 Membership List
Back Issues
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Vol. 5, No. 3 (Spring 1998)


St. Aloysius Academy's Pupils of 1879-1880 (Pikul)
Membership Database
A Concordia County, Louisiana, Land Claim (De Ville)
Claiborne-Jefferson Genealogical Society
John Hyland Grave, Hinds County, Mississippi (Price)
C.W. Diary, Cpl. John Bond, Co. C, 27th Louisiana Regiment, Part 1I (Ederington)
Campbell Swamp Road, 1917 (Rule)
Physicians' Licenses, Warren County, Mississippi, Part II (Ragland)
VGS Website
Beginning Genealogy (Dardeau)
Corrections - Cotton Article
The Rodney Incident, 1863 (Leese)
1998-1999 Dues Increase
The Tucker Rose (Edwards)
Tombstone Restoration (Dardeau)
Revolutionary and Military Service Pensioners in Arkansas at the Time of the 1840 Census (Dardeau)
Warren County Election Appointments, 1845 (Rule)
Verna Campbell Stevenson Bible (Curtis)
Owen Land Donation, Ouachita Parish, Territory of Orleans, 1807-1809 (Dardeau)
Book Review (Ballard )
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 5, No. 2 (Winter 1997)


An Early Cotton Family, Pickering County, Mississippi Territory (Cotton)
Morhouse-Derby/Darby Land Sale, Mer Rouge Prairie, 1808-1809 (Dardeau)
Physicians' Licenses, Warren County, Mississippi, Part I (Ragland)
Medical Facilities and Physicians in Nineteenth-Century Shreveport (Dalrymple)
Angella Cooper, Guardian of Willie Walker (Edwards)
Two Louisiana Websites
Royal Pace and Family, Warren County, Mississippi (Rule)
Southern Claims Commission (Dardeau)
Epinet, Ballergon, and Bonaventure: An 1829 Ouachita River Land Transaction (Dardeau)
Peck Family (Dardeau)
Levi Stephens Bible Record/A.C. Stephens Letter (Leese)
Tax, Land, and Census Records (Dardeau)
Civil War Diary; Cpl. John Bond, Co. C, 27th Louisiana Regiment, Part I (Ederington)
Book Reviews (Ballard and Brown)
Membership Database
Beginning Genealogy
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 5, No. 1 (Fall 1997)


Old List Names More Confederate Soldiers Buried in Vicksburg (Cotton)
General Probate Court Docket, 1810-1830, Warren County, Mississippi (Ragland)
The Juan Mason Incident: Mississippi Territory, 1804 (Velazquez, Velazquez, Rivera, and Dardeau)
Recollections of James E. Old, Lake Providence, Louisiana, 1887 (Ross)
Concordia County, Territory of Orleans, Southern District Tax List, 1806 (Dardeau)
Mississippi Catholic Archives, Colonial Period (Dardeau)
Charter Members, Knights of Columbus, Bishop R.O. Gerow Council 1034, Natchez, Mississippi (Warren)
District 3 Road Tax Delinquents, Warren County, Mississippi, 1908 (Rule)
Membership Database
John A. Hamberlin Obituary, 1930 (Nevels)
William Bosley, Sexton (Edwards)
Elias Price Indenture, 1930 (Templeton)
Six Natchez-Concordia Area Duels, 1806-1841 (Dardeau)
Bolls Family Bible (Worley)
Grave Registrations, Warren County, Mississippi (Ragland)
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 4, No. 4 (Summer 1997)


The Adger Family: Ninteenth-Century Louisiana Red River Plantation Life (Dalrymple)
Last Will and Teastament and Probate Papers of John Burney (Ragland)
U.D.C. Convention of 1924 (Edwards)
Officials in Warren County, Mississippi, 1860 (Bragg and Rule)
Vicksburg Campaign Trail (Dardeau)
Ninety-Nine 1860 Plantations in Warren County, Mississippi (Bragg and Rule)
Methodist History and Records (Dardeau)
Peter Luke Murray-Elizabeth Ketteringham Family Bible (Shumway)
Confederate Annex: The Answer to a Query, Part II (Edwards)
Sections, Townships, and Ranges (Dardeau)
Early Mississippi Mail (Hudson)
Book Reviews (Ballard and Edwards)
Mississippi Websites of Genealogical Interest
VGS 1996-1997 Membership List
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 4, No. 3 (Spring 1997)


Vicksburg's Response to Pancho Villa (Cotton)
Vicksburg Churches in 1860 (Bragg and Rule)
The Pierre Clément Laussat Papers of the Historic New Orleans Collection (Dardeau)
Steamboats in the Vicksburg Trade, 1895 (Bragg and Rule)
Ouachita Post, 1803 (Dardeau)
Selected Colonial and Territorial Materials in The Historic New Orleans Collection (Dardeau)
Slave Certificates (Ragland)
Seniors of Chatham High School, 1936 (Edwards)
Confederate Annex: The Answer to a Query, Part I (Edwards)
American State Papers (Leese)
Spanish-American War of 1898, Volunteers from Warren County, Mississippi (Ragland)
Water Transportation in Vicksburg, 1860 (Bragg and Rule)
Index to Will Book A, Tensas Parish, Louisiana, January 1849-July 1882 (Ragland)
John Dart's Mexican War Letter, 1846 (Edwards)
Ord. Sgt. William Jasper Bellamy's Civil War Letters (Coleman)
Family Bible of William Kendall Ketteringham (Shumway)
Mississippi Genealogical Society Publications
New State Archives Facility (Dardeau)
VGS Publications Price List
A Final Thought (Dardeau)


Vol. 4, No. 2 (Winter 1996)


The Arkansas Post Garrison, October 1763 (Brasseaux)
Mississippi's Congressional Medal of Honor Members Remembered at Patriot's Grove (Hill)
Louisiana Genealogy/History Internet Sites (Dardeau)
Pastors of Hopewell and Bethel/Redbone Methodist Churches, Warren County, Mississippi, 1799-1964 (Ragland and Cotton)
Warren County Chancery Court Records (Edwards)
Canal Street Confederates (Roberts)
Vicksburg Church of Christ (Ragland)
Jefferson County, Mississippi, 1898 Confederate Pensioners (Nevels)
Papers of Two Throckmorton Men (Anonymous)
Louisiana Land Records (Dardeau)
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Vol. 4, No. 1 (Fall 1996)

Submissions to Mississippi River Routes (Dardeau)
Walter Lee Salassi
Elizabeth Hyland Jones Bible (Ragland)
Don't Rely On One Source (Edwards)
Early Baptism Records from Parish Records of Christ Church (Episcopal), Vicksburg (Ragland)
Internet Sites of Genealogical Interest (Dardeau)
Mississippi Confederate Naturalizations (Ragland)
John Benjamin Wright Bible (Ragland)
Ancestry of Captain Joseph E. Regan and Some of His Descendants (Curtis)
Past Grand Knights, Knights of Columbus, Vicksburg Council 898 (Dardeau)
After-Death Promations: A Vicksburg Example (Dardeau)
Civil War Records at the Old Court House Museum (Dardeau)
Lake Providence, Louisiana, Yellow Fever Deaths (Cotton)
Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor (Ederington)
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Vol. 3, No. 4 (Summer 1996)


Revolutionary Soldiers, Who Lived in Jefferson County (Brown)
Some Information on the James Kelly Family of Red Lick and Stonington, Mississippi (Brown)
Will of James Kelly (Brown)
Some Information of Whitfield Brown (Brown)
Profiles of Claiborne County Married Women (Williams)
Will of Joel H. Willis (Anonymous)
John W. Andrews: Deed, Newspaper Article and Obituary (Edwards)
Bible of J.W. Humphries (Brady)
How to Conduct an Oral History (Brown)
How to Conduct an Interview (Brown)
Oral Interview Form (Brown)
Mississippi River Comission History Center (Sassone)
1846 Letter from Mary M. Cameron (Nowell)
1947 Obstetrical Record, The Johnston Clinic, Vicksburg, Mississippi (Sassone)
VGS 1995-1996 Membership List
A Letter from the Editor (Ragland)
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 3, No. 3 (Spring 1996)


Civilian Conservation: The Soil Soldier (Edwards)
Louisiana Notes, Mississippi Sources, Part 2 (Cotton)
Irwin Family of Jefferson County, Mississippi (Leese and Ragland)
Irwin Bible (Leese)
The Ironclad Cairo and Its Crew (Edwards)
Nuncupative Will of Mary Currie (Anonymous)
Nothing Like Reporting It All (Anonymous)
Louisa Nailer Barnes (Anonymous)
Students, Who Attended Jefferson College, Washington, Mississippi, Part 3 (Leese and Cole)
When I am an Old Woman (Anonymous)
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Vol. 3, No. 2 (Winter 1995)


John Templeton and Rosannah Mackie (Templeton)
How to Do Research in Virginia Without Going to Richmond (Ederington)
Letter from William Bridgers McIntyre (Curtis)
McIntyre Family Bible (Curtis)
Will of Columbus Redman Hull (Nichols)
A Postal History of Territorial Mississippi River Routes Counties (Price)
Louisiana Notes, Mississippi Sources, Part 1 (Cotton)
Students, Who Attended Jefferson College, Washington, Mississippi, Part 2 (Leese and Cole)
Sugg-Young Family Bible (Curtis)
Abstract of Milton Duty's Will, Warren County, Mississippi (Anonymous)
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 3, No. 1 (Fall 1995)


Inquiry Leads to Wealth of Information (Cotton)
Deaths from Port Gibson, Mississippi, 1888-1894 (Nevels)
German Emigration to Russia/Historic Research on WES Property (Briuer)
Newspaper Obituaries, Etc., from Early Warren County, Mississippi (Anonymous)
Jett Family Bible and History (Newell)
Spencer Plant Site (Anonymous)
Richard Foote Bible (Hoggatt)
Hayward Foote Bible (Hoggatt)
Students, Who Attended Jefferson College, Washington, Mississippi, Part 1 (Leese and Cole)
Maria, A Mulatto (Anonymous)
Henderson Bible Records (Newell)
Henderson Cemetery (Newell)
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 2, No. 4 (Summer 1995)


David Hunt, Early Settler of the Mississippi Territory (Curtis)
Introduction to CD ROM (Ederington)
Emerick/Emrick Family Bible (Curtis)
Trevilion Family Bible (Curtis)
Bible Record of Watson-McCall Family (Curtis)
Search for the Terry Family (Leese)
William Franklin Hays (Curtis)
Nathan Howard of Warrenton: His New York Connection (Dardeau)
Warren County Circuit Court Records, Old Court House Museum, Vicksburg, Mississippi (Anonymous)
Probate of Tobias Adams (Anonymous)
1789 Letter from Elizah Leonard (Ragland)
James Harmon Will (Anonymous)
Will of Mary Oliver (Beard)
Book Review (Dardeau)
Balfour Bible (Biedenharn)
The Balfours of "Little England" (Anonymous)
VGS 1994-1995 Membership List
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 2, No. 3 (Spring 1995)


Armenia (Keulegan)
A Reminiscence (Keulegan)
Sisters of Mercy (Ederington)
Peter Bruin (Clark)
Ada Rosie Lee Cooper Hagan Bible (Edwards)
How-To Lesson (Ederington)
Pickett Family (Price)
Charter Members, Knights of Columbus, Vicksburg Council 898 (Dardeau)
To Be Remembered (Leese)
Autograph Book of Katie Marie Schwartz (Robinson)
Osburn Bible (Cotton)
R.V. Booth's Papers (Ragland)
Book Review (Hatten)
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 2, No. 2 (Winter 1994)


Chickasaw Bayou with Marion B. Bragg (Williams)
Mississippi Volunteers, First Regiment of Infantry, Mustered at Jackson, May 26, 1893 (Nevels)
Waterloo for Sale (Anonymous)
Gabriel Winter Rabb Bible (Clark)
The Lebanese Come to Vicksburg (Leese)
Where Did the Gold Go? (A Civil War Tale) (Salassi)
Wiley Bible (Whitfield)
Bonney Family Bible (Hintson)
Diary of Mrs. Sidney Rundell (Ragland)
Will of John Buell (Anonymous)
Our Scottish Ancestors (King)
Saloons of Warren County, Mississippi (Anonymous)

VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 2, No. 1 (Fall 1994)


Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers and Widows, Warren County, 1911 (Anonymous)
Last Will and Testament of Volney Stamps (Anonymous)
Daniel M. Bondurant Bible (Clark)
George R. Williams Bible (Anonymous)
To California in 1849 Via Overland Route (By Hon. E.C. Thrash) (Holifield)
Strealy Bible (Salassi)
Marks Sokolosky (Sokolosky-Wixon)
Book Review (Dardeau)
Tips of Writing More Effective Queries (Anonymous)
VGS Publications Price List


Vol. 1, No. 4 (Summer 1994)


Yellow Fever Deaths Among Mississippi Catholic Priests and Sisters, 1878 (Dardeau and Price)
Plea for Help During 1878 Yellow Fever Epidemic (King)
Windows of the Church of the Holy Trinity (Leese)
Death Notice of William Neely (Nevels)
Your Confederate Ancestors (Hill)
Roster of Company B, Corps of Scouts and Guards, Army of the Confederate States, Commanded by Maj. J.D. Bradford (Ragland)
Masons and Masonic Records (Dardeau)
Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi (Masonic) (Brown)
Index to Naturalization Records of Mississippi Courts, 1798-1906 (Anonymous)
William and Harriet Alston Hoxie Bible (Hoxie)


Vol. 1, No. 3 (Spring 1994)


Know Nothings in Warren County, Mississippi (Ragland)
Birth Records, Claiborne County, Mississippi, January 26, 1888 - July 24, 1932 (Ragland)
Jordan's Chapel Cemetery, Tensas Parish, Louisiana (Cotton)
Beard/Baugh Genealogy (Beard)
Milliken's Bend Academy (Cotton)
Jefferson County, Mississippi, Records Preservation (Anonymous)
Descendants of James McClure, Sr., and List of Heirs from His Estate File (Stockton)
Orsini Archives (Foster)
Seizure and Sale of Devillièr’s Goods, 1783-5:  Earliest Ouachita Post Document (Dardeau)
Family Bible of the Charles Reynolds Clarke Family (Mortensen)
Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers and Widows, Yazoo County, Mississippi, 1909 and 1911 (Williams)
Early Jefferson County African-Americans (Anonymous)


Vol. 1, No. 2 (Winter 1993)


Some French Arrivals at Natchez in 1795 (De Ville)
Christmas During the Great Depression (Otis)
A Successful Reunion (Leese)
Salassi Family Reunion (Salassi)
Some Notes on a Lost Cemetery (Salassi)
The First Choctaw Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry (Hatten)
The Indian Nation Attached to Simpson County, 1830 Federal Census (Hatten)
Mary Green's Bible (Barnes)
Postmasters of Warren County (Anonymous)
Newman Bible (Barnes)
Inventory and Appraisment of the Personal Estate of James Steele, Deceased (Anonymous)
To Masons and Carpenters, April 6, 1826 (Anonymous)
Deed of Emancipation of James Norris (Anonymous)
Concordia Parish, Louisiana, Succession Record of Warren Buford, Deceased, #428, 1809 (Anonymous)
Vicksburg Genealogical Society, Inc., Bylaws


Vol. 1, No. 1 (Fall 1993)

Louisiana Ownership and Boundary Evolution: The Northeast River Parishes (Dardeau)
Eliza Ann Warnock of the Old Natchez District (Anonymous)
The Journal of Dr. Jeremiah Chamberlain (Newell)
Divorce in the Cotton Family (Cotton)
The 1920 Census: Anticipation and Disappointment (Edwards)
William Steele Hyland Bible (Anonymous)
Crouch Cemetery (Brooks)
Young Cemetery (Brooks)
Index to Naturalization Records, Mississippi Courts, 1798-1806, Issaquena and Sharkey Counties (Anonymous)
Freedmen's Marriage Records, Issaquena County, Mississippi (Ragland)
Nancy Watts's Will: A Free Woman of Color (Anonymous)
Emeline Douglas Bland: Claiborne County, Mississippi, and Tensas Parish, Louisiana (Anonymous)
Probates and Estates (Hatten)
Clues for Computer Use at Clinton LDS Family History Center (Harz)

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